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Polling Booth in Shivpur Assembly Constituency

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Shivpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shivpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shivpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Sarsawa R.No.1734Sarswan
2P.P. Sarsawa R.No.2766Sarswan
3P.P. Sarsawa R.No.31064Ahmadpur
4P.P. Lorhan1288Ahmadpur
5P.P. Kanudih R.No.11523Kanudih
6P.P. Kanudih R.No.- 2489Kanudih
7P.P. Dandupur R.No 11557Dandoopur
8P.P. Ganeshpur R.No. 21038Ganeshpur
9P.P. Ganeshpur R.No.- 2826Ganeshpur
10P.P. Holapur R.No.-1787Holapur
11P.P. Holapur R.No.-2727Holapur
12P.M.V. Chuppeypur Dehat R.No.-11331Chuppepur
13P.M.V. Chuppeypur Dehat R.No.-2737Chhatripur
14P.M.V. Chuppeypur Dehat R.No.-3758Chhitauni
15B.P.P. Bansdeopur824Basdevpur
16P.P. Hatiya1097Hatiya
17B.P.P. Pisaur R.No.- 11408Pisaur
18B.P.P. Pisaur R.No.- 21399Pisaur
19P.P. Bhawanipur R.No.- 11114Bhawanipur
20P.P. Bhawanipur R.No.-2951Bhawanipur
21B.P.P. Daniyalpur R.No.-11165Daniyalpur
22B.P.P. Daniyalpur R.No.-2961Bhawanipur
23B.P.P. Airhey R.No.-1783Aire
24B.P.P. Airhey R.No.-2740Aire
25Jila Gramya Vikas Sansthan Parmanandpur R.No.-11148Parmanandpur
26Jila Gramya Vikas Sansthan Parmanandpur R.No.-21094Parmanandpur
27Jila Gramya Vikas Sansthan Parmanandpur R.No.-3908Parmanandpur
28Rameshwar Mahadeo U.M.Vidhyalay Chandmari R.No.11111Lallapur
29Rameshwar Mahadeo U.M.Vidhyalay Chandmari R.No.21402Bazar Kalika
30Rameshwar Mahadeo U.M.Vidhyalay Chandmari R.No.3983Mirapur
31Rameshwar Mahadeo U.M.Vidhyalay Chandmari R.No.41000Lalpur
32P.P. Ramduttapur (Hasimpur) R.No. 1775Lalpur
33P.P. Ramduttapur (Hasimpur) R.No. 2860Hasimpur
34P.P. Ramduttapur (Hasimpur) R.No. 31159Ram Datt Pur
35J.H. School Ramduttapur R.No. 1945Ram Datt Pur
36J.H. School Ramduttapur R.No. 2738Ram Datt Pur
37P.P. Soyepur R.No.-11054Soyepur
38P.P. Soyepur R.No.-21068Soyepur
39J.H. School B.V. Marhawa R.No.-1872Marhawa
40J.H. School B.V. Marhawa R.No.-2694Marhawa
41P.P. Marhawa Lamahi953Lamhi
42P.P. Rasulpur1074Rashulpur
43P.P. Majhamitiya586Majhmitiya
44Sardar Patel I.C. Bawanbigha Harballabhpur1178Har Ballabhpur
45P.P. Banwaripur562Banwaripur
46P.P. Baniyapur592Baniyapur
47P.P. Chandapur R.No.-11059Chandapur
48P.P. Chandapur R.No.-2777Chandapur
49Panchayat Bhawan Udaipur1291Udaypur
50P.P. Udaipur1026Bahoranpur
51P.P. Adampur R.No. 11297Adampur
53P.P. Tarapur446Adampur
54P.P. Hridaipur R.No.-11407Adampur
55P.P. Hridaipur R.No.-2380Hasanpur
56P.P. Rajanahiya766Rajnahiya
57Sri Sankat Mochan I.C. Singhpur R.No. 1645Singhpur
58Sri Sankat Mochan I.C. Singhpur R.No. 2738Singhpur
59P.P. Goithaha R.No. 11175Singhpur
60P.P. Goithaha R.No. 21259Goithaha
61P.P. Nawapura R.No.-11352Nawapur
62P.P. Nawapura R.No.-21122Balua
63P.V. Sathawa R.No.- 1796Sathawan
64P.V. Sathawa R.No.- 2822Sathawan
65P.V. Sathawa R.No.- 3585Mishirpur
66P.V. Dhooripur1255Mishirpur
67P.P. Hiramanpur R.No.-1948Hiramanpur
68P.P. Hiramanpur R.No.-21076Hiramanpur
69P.P. Hiramanpur R.No.-31247Hiramanpur
70P.P. Shapur Dehati R.N0-1950Ashapur
71P.P. Ashapur Dehati R.No.21172Ashapur
72P.P. Ashapur Dehati R.No.3666Ashapur
73U.M.K.V.Ashapur R.N0.11017Ashapur
74U.M.K.V.Ashapur R.N0.2830Ashapur
75Chaturanan Bramhchari Sewashram Ashapur Tilmapur R.No. 1912Tilmapur
76Chaturanan Bramhchari Sewashram Ashapur Tilmapur R.No. 21253Tilmapur
77B.P.P. Salarpur R.N0.11307Salarpur (CT)
78B.P.P. Salarpur R.N0.21086Salarpur (CT)
79B.P.P. Salarpur R.N0.3996Salarpur (CT)
80B.P.P. Salarpur R.N0.41007Salarpur (CT)
81V.Bihar J.H. School Salarpur R.No.11107Salarpur (CT)
82V.Bihar J.H. School Salarpur R.No.2658Salarpur (CT)
83P.P. Raghunathpur R743Raghunathpur
84P.P. Raghunathpur R.No.2734Raghunathpur
85P.P. Rasulgarh R1424Raghunathpur
86P.P. Rasulgarh R.N0. 2758Rasulgarh
87P.P. Rasulgarh R.N0. 3759Rasulgarh
88P.P. Lerhupur R.No.11270Lerhupur (CT)
89P.P. Lerhupur R.No.21174Lerhupur (CT)
90P.P. Lerhupur R.No. 3857Lerhupur (CT)
91P.P. Lerhupur R.No.4788Lerhupur (CT)
92P.P. Rustampur R.No. 1906Rustampur
93P.P. Rustampur R.No. 2898Rustampur
94P.P.Rustampur R.No.31224Rustampur
95P.P. Sandaha R.No. 11225Sandaha
96P.P. Sandaha R.No. 2979Sandaha
97P.P. Sandaha R.No. 3836Sandaha
98P.P. Faridpur932Faridpur
99B.P.P. Sultanpur1141Sultanpur
100Panchayat Bhawan Chiraigaon1322Sultanpur
101P.P. Chiraigaon R.No.11044Chiraigaon
102P.P. Chiraigaon R.No.2950Chiraigaon
104B.P.P. Deenapur R.No. 21266Dinapur
105B.P.P. Saraimohana R.No.11249Sarai Mohana (CT)
106B.P.P. Saraimohana R.No.21068Sarai Mohana (CT)
107B.P.P. Saraimohana R.No.31068Sarai Mohana (CT)
108B.P.P. Tatepur1126Sarai Mohana (CT)
109Dharmasala Khalishpur R.No.11088Khalispur
110Dharmasala Khalishpur R.No.21085Khalispur
111P.P. Kotawa R.No. 1891Kotwa (CT)
112P.P. Kotawa R.No. 2643Kotwa (CT)
113P.P. Kotawa R.No. 31304Kotwa (CT)
114P.P. Kamauli R.No. 11476Kamauli
115P.P. Kamauli R.No. 2784Kamauli
116P.P. Kamauli R.No. 3650Kamauli
117P.P. Tarya1344Taraya
118J.H.School Puranpatti925Puran Patti
119J.H.School Khargipur1108Kharagaipur
120Panchayat Bhawan Piyari1258Piyri
121P.P. Ramgarhwa951Ramagharwan
122P.P. Bikapur943Bikapur
123Panchayat Bhawan Parwatpur520Parwatpur
124P.P. Khutahana R.No.1596Khetalpur
125P.P. Khutahana R.No.21052Khuthan
126B.P.P. Narayanpur R.No.11238Narayanpur
127B.P.P. Narayanpur R.No.2817Narayanpur
128B.P.P. Narayanpur R.No.3618Narayanpur
129Rajnandan Sahu I.C. Narayanpur1146Narayanpur
130P.P. Narpatpur R.No.11094Narayanpur
131P.P. Narpatpur R.No.2775Narpatpur
132P.P. Chuharpur484Chunarpur
133P.P. Dubkiya1137Dubkiya
134P.P. Paharia954Pahriya
135Shri Gandhi I C College Gaurakala Chiraigoan R.No.11333Gaura Kala (CT)
136Shri Gandhi I C College Gaurakala Chiraigoan R.No.21293Gaura Kala (CT)
137B.P.P. Seeo R.No. 11250Shivbon
138B.P.P. Seeo R.No. 21193Shivbon
139P.P.Shankarpur R.No. 1`1163Shankarpur
140P.P.Shankarpur R.No. 2824Shankarpur
141P.P.Shankarpur R.No. 3654Shankarpur
142P.P. Madhani451Shankarpur
143P.P. Babhanpura R.No.11009Babhanpura
144P.P. Babhanpura R.No.2691Babhanpura
145P.P. Babhanpura R.No.31264Raipura
146P.P. Singhwar866Singhpur
147B.P.P. Newada R.No.1876Singhpur
148B.P.P. Newada R.No.2770Newada
149Sri Khandeshwari Baba I Coolege .Chandpur Mushtafabad R.No.11046Chadpur
150Sri Khandeshwari Baba I Coolege .Chandpur Mushtafabad R.No.2993Chadpur
151B.P.P. Tohfapur1301Tofapur
152B.P.P. Milkopur R.No. 1679Kochi
153B.P.P. Milkopur R.No. 21034Milkipur
154B.P.P. Pacharao R.No. 11406Pacharon
155B.P.P. Pacharao R.No. 21044Pacharon
156B.P.P. Foolpur1227Foolpur
157B.P.P. Bankat R.No. 11345Bankat
158B.P.P. Bankat R.No. 2363Bankat
159P.P. Bhagwanpur558Bankat
161B.P.P. Panihari R.No. 11121Kodopur Khurd
162B.P.P. Panihari R.No. 21387Panihari
163P.P. Gaurdih954Gaurdiha
164B.P.P. Sonbarsa R.No. 1699Sonbarsa
165B.P.P. Sonbarsa R.No. 2916Sonbarsa
166B.P.P. Sonbarsa R.No. 3524Vyaspur
167B.P.P. Bartharakala R.No.1924Barthara Kala
168B.P.P. Bartharakala R.No.2910Barthara Kala
169B.P.P. Bartharakala R.No.3796Barthara Khurd
170B.P.P. Jhajhupur893Barthara Khurd
171B.P.P. Kadipur Khurd1148Kadipur Khurd
172B.P.P. Ukathi R.No. 11214Kadipur Khurd
173B.P.P. Ukathi R.No. 21042Ukthi
174Panchayat Bhawan Ukathi915Rampur
175P.P. Chukaha R.No.11207Chukha
177P.P. Muridpur1302Paranapur
178Panchayat Bhawan Mustafabad (Naikot)1306Mustafabad
179B.P.P. Mustafabad New Bhawan R.No. 11137Mustafabad
180B.P.P. Mustafabad New Bhawan R.No. 21106Mustafabad
181P.P. Mustafabad (Retapar)1168Mustafabad
182B.P.P. Chhitauna New Bhawan R.No. 1660Chhitauni
183B.P.P. Chhitauna Naya Bhawan R.No.-2844Chhitauni
184B.P.P. Chhitauna Naya Bhawan R.No.-3586Chhitauni
185B.P.P. Chhitauna Naya Bhawan R.No.-4842Chhitauni
186B.P.P. Ramchandipur R.No.-11050Chhitauni
187B.P.P. Ramchandipur R.No.-21078Ramchandipur
188B.P.P. Ramchandipur R.No.-3573Ramchandipur
189P.P. Rampur Dhab570Rampur Dhanb
190J.H. School Gobaraha R.No.-1854Gobrha
191J.H. School Gobaraha R.No.-2864Gobrha
192B.P.P. Mokalpur R.No.-1734Mokalpur
193B.P.P. Mokalpur R.No.-2880Mokalpur
194B.P.P. Sarsaul1445Sarswan
195B.P.P. Mishrapura R.No.-1840Misripura
196B.P.P. Mishrapura R.No.-2723Misripura
197P.P. Dhobahi842Dhobahi
198B.P.P. Luthakhurd756Looth Kala
199B.P.P. Shivdasa R.No.-11076N/A
200B.P.P. Shivdasa R.No.-2793N/A
201B.P.P. Siristi R.No.-1757Srithi
202B.P.P. Siristi R.No.-2742Srithi
203P.P. Bhagatua R.No.-1902Amauli
204P.P. Bhagatua R.No.-2697Raimala
205P.P. Amauli1093Amauli
206J.H. School Chhitauni1183Chhitauni
207B.P.P. Deoria464Dharadhar
208P.P. Gangapur (Bakaini)344Gangapur
209Panchayat Bhawan Kukudha1247Kukraha
210B.P.P. Amba703Amba
211P.P. Jallhupur Pratham R.No.-11430Jalhupur
212P.P. Jallhupur Pratham R.No.-21299Jalhupur
213P.P. Jallhupur Pratham R.No.-3905Jalhupur
214P.P. Jallhupur Pratham R.No.-4632Jalhupur
215P.V. Ramana R.No.-1969Ramna
216P.V. Ramana R.No.-2902Ramna
217P.V. Vishunpura918Bisunpura
218P.V. Girdharpur (Saraiya)359Saraiya
219I.C. Bariyasanpur R.No.-1885Bariyasanpur
220I.C. Bariyasanpur R.No.-2922Bariyasanpur
221P.P. Khanpur958Khanpur
222B.P.P. Umaraha R.No.-11227Umarha (CT)
223B.P.P. Umaraha R.No.-21219Umarha (CT)
224B.P.P. Umaraha R.No.-31442Umarha (CT)
225P.P. Barai R.No.-1879Barai
226P.P. Barai R.No.-2626Barai
227P.P. Barai R.No.-31161Barai
228Sidharth K.P.P. Chhahi R.No.-11105Damodarpur
229Sidharth K.P.P. Chhahi R.No.-21120Biparjepur
230B.P.P. Chhahi1357Chahi
231B.P.P. Paterwa R.No.-11234Bhaisauri
232B.P.P. Paterwa R.No.-21176Bhaisauri
233B.P.P. Saraiya No.-2 R.No.-1879Saraiya Ii
234B.P.P. Saraiya No.-2 R.No.-2885Saraiya Ii
235P.P. Jairampur (Mathiya) R.No.-1886Jiyaram Pur
236P.P. Jairampur (Mathiya) R.No.-2694Jiyaram Pur
237P.P. Jairampur (Mathiya) R.No.-3988Jiyaram Pur
238P.P. Jairampur (Mathiya) R.No.-4814Jiyaram Pur
239P.P. Goppur R.No. 1905Goppur
240P.P. Goppur R.No.21241Goppur
241P.P. Allopur1208Allopur
242P.P. Saraiya No.-1771Saraiya I
243P.P. Ailee1194Aili
244P.P. Imiliya624Imiliya
245P.P. Amarpatti749Amar Patti
246B.P.P. Lohatakhas R.No.-11297Lohta (CT)
247B.P.P. Lohatakhas R.No.-2636Lohta (CT)
248B.P.P. Lohatakhas R.No.-3729Lohta (CT)
249B.P.P. Lohatakhas R.No.-41370Lohta (CT)
250Madarsa Faijul Ulum V. Lohatakhas R.No.-1629Lohta (CT)
251Madarsa Faijul Ulum V. Lohatakhas R.No.-2672Lohta (CT)
252Madarsa Faijul Ulum V. Lohatakhas R.No.-3863Lohta (CT)
253Madarsa Faijul Ulum V. Lohatakhas R.No.-4725Lohta (CT)
254Gautambudh B.V. Koiran Lohata R.No.-1753Lohta (CT)
255Gautambudh B.V. Koiran Lohata R.No.-2946Lohta (CT)
256Gautambudh B.V. Koiran Lohata R.No.-31424Lohta (CT)
257Gautambudh B.V. Koiran Lohata R.No.-41007Lohta (CT)
258Madarsa Talimul Islam Bhora Talab Lohata R.No.- 11268Lohta (CT)
259Madarsa Talimul Islam Bhora Talab Lohata R.No.- 2828Lohta (CT)
260Madarsa Talimul Islam Bhora Talab Lohata R.No.- 3955Lohta (CT)
261P.P. Ghamahapur R.No.- 1880Ghamhapur
262P.P. Ghamahapur R.No.- 2690Ghamhapur
263J.H. School Sent Jons Dhannipur R.No.- 11121Dhannipur
264J.H. School Sent Jons Dhannipur R.No.- 21556Dhannipur
265B.P.P.Bhatthi R.No.- 11264Bhatti
266B.P.P. Bhatthi R.No.-21183Bhatti
267P.V. Mahmoodpur R.No.-11410Mahamudpur
268P.V. Mahmoodpur R.No.-2848Mahamudpur
269P.V. Mahmoodpur R.No.-3784Mahamudpur
270B.P.P. Maheshpur R.No.- 1962Mahesh Pur
271B.P.P. Maheshpur R.No.- 21060Mahesh Pur
272B.P.P. Maheshpur R.No.- 3944Mahesh Pur
273B.P.P. Maheshpur R.No.- 41062Mahesh Pur
274Ma Saraswati I.C. Chandpur R.No.- 11064Chadpur
275Ma Saraswati I.C. Chandpur R.No.- 21488Chadpur
276Ma Saraswati I.C. Chandpur R.No.- 3860Chadpur
277Ma Saraswati I.C. Chandpur R.No.- 4875Chadpur
278B.P.P. Bhitari R.No.- 1939Bhitari
279B.P.P. Bhitari R.No.- 21022Bhitari
280B.P.P. Bhitari R.No.- 31483Bhitari
281B.P.P. Kerakatpur R.No.- 1943Kerakatpur
282B.P.P. Kerakatpur R.No.- 2617Kerakatpur
283B.P.P. Phoolwaria R.No.- 1982Phulwaria (CT)
284B.P.P. Phoolwaria R.No.- 2867Phulwaria (CT)
285B.P.P. Phoolwaria R.No.- 3866Phulwaria (CT)
286B.P.P. Phoolwaria R.No.- 4705Phulwaria (CT)
287B.P.P. Pahalukapura (Phoolwaria) R.No.-1758Phulwaria (CT)
288B.P.P. Pahalukapura (Phoolwaria) R.No.-2899Phulwaria (CT)
289B.P.P. Pahalukapura (Phoolwaria) R.No.-31301Phulwaria (CT)
290P.K.M.V. Phoolwaria R.No.-1681Phulwaria (CT)
291P.K.M.V. Phoolwaria R.No.-2725Phulwaria (CT)
292P.K.M.V. Phoolwaria R.No.-3807Phulwaria (CT)
293P.K.M.V. Phoolwaria R.No.-4858Phulwaria (CT)
294P.K.M.V. Phoolwaria R.No.-5853Phulwaria (CT)
295Panchayat Bhawan Phoolwaria R.No.-11024Phulwaria (CT)
296Panchayat Bhawan Phoolwaria R.No.-2980Phulwaria (CT)
297Rastriya Beez Anusandhan And Prashikshan Kendra Varanasi Churamanpur R.No.- 11087Churamanpur
298Rastriya Beez Anusandhan And Prashikshan Kendra Varanasi Churamanpur R.No.- 21069Churamanpur
299Rastriya Beez Anusandhan And Prashikshan Kendra Varanasi Churamanpur R.No.- 3799Churamanpur
300P.P. Churamanpur (Chandapur)1369Chadpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014