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Polling Booth in Shikohabad Assembly Constituency

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Shikohabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shikohabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shikohabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S Kakrau1205Firozabad (NPP)
2P.S.Lalau R.N.1757Lalau
3P.S. Lalau Room No. 2919Lalau
4P.S. Bendi669Lalau
5P.S. Khangarai R.N.1849Khangararai
6P.S.Ma.Kashiram Sahari Avasiya Gadi Chatrapati R.N.1729Khangararai
7P.S.Ma.Kashiram Sahari Avasiya Gadi Chatrapati R.N.2863Khondai
8P.S.Gadi Bhupal398Khangararui
9P.S.Bhikanpur Sadhasukh770Bhikanpur Sadasukh
10P.S.Jalopura R.N.11166Jalopura
11P.S.Jalopura R.N.2601Jalopura
12P.S.Alampur Jarkhi958Aalamapur Jarakhi
14P.S.Raja Ka Tal Near Jain Temple R.N.1979Alinagar Kenjra
15P.S.Nagla Shala R.N.1880Alinagar Kenjra
16P.S.Raja Ka Tal Near Jain Temple R.N.21048Alinagar Kenjra
17P.S.Raja Ka Tal Near Jain Temple R.N.3671Alinagar Kenjra
18Janta V. Alinagar Kenjara R.N.11107Alinagar Kenjra
19Janta V. Alinagar Kenjara R.N.21067Alinagar Kenjra
20Janta V. Alinagar Kenjara R.N.3491Alinagar Kenjra
21P.S. Nagla Gola686Alinagar Kenjra
22P.S. Hiran Gaon491Hirangaon
23R.C.J.H.S. Khemkaranpur441Khamkaranpur
24P.S. Laturra551Latura
25P.S. Mehari595Latura
27Panchayatghar Kupa1071Kurrikupa
28P.S. Nagla Girdhari R. No. 1950Kurrikupa
29P.S. Nagla Girdhari R. No. 2859Kurrikupa
30P.S. Sujatgad1027Kurrikupa
31P.S. Vasdevpur1125Basudeopur
32P.S. Rupaspur909Rupaspur
33P.S. Vajidpur Kutukpur1041Bazidpur Kutubpur
34P.S. Gudau853Gudun
35P.S. Nagla Dansahay642Gudun
36Girls P.S. Nagla Tikait R. No. 1697Gudun
37Girls P.S. Nagla Tikait R. No. 2667Gudun
38J.H.S. Nagla Tikat693Gudun
39P.S. Nagla Sadasukh915Gudun
40P.S. Nagla Bhajan877Gudun
41P.S. Datauji Khurd1387Firozabad (NPP)
42P.S. Datauji Kala983Firozabad (NPP)
43P.S. Dholpura R. No. 11158Firozabad (NPP)
44P.S. Dholpura R. No. 2956Firozabad (NPP)
45P.S. Shankarpur1060Shankarpur
46P.S. Aladipura671Shankarpur
47P.S. Ramdaspura844Shankarpur
48P.S. Usmanpur1067Usmanpur
49P.S. Nagla Gokul756Chandwar
50P.S. Nagla Shekh R. No. 1589Chandwar
51P.S. Nagla Shekh R. No. 21012Chandwar
52P.S. Nagla Chura R. No. 1946Chandwar
53P.S. Nagla Chura R. No. 2562Chandwar
54P.S. Gadi Tivari R. No. 11116Chandwar
55P.S. Gadi Tivari R. No. 2895Chandwar
57Indra Memorial School Vasath R. No. 1774Firozabad (NPP)
58Indra Memorial School Vasath R. No. 21115Firozabad (NPP)
59Navyug I.C.Durgesh Nagar1331Firozabad (NPP)
60P.S. Mustavad748Firozabad (NPP)
61P.S. Phulvadi689Firozabad (NPP)
62P.S. Sofipur R. No.1994Sufipur
63P.S. Sofipur R. No.2913Sufipur
64J.H.S. Moda R. No. 11206Mondha
65J.H.S. Moda R. No. 2834Mondha
66J.H.S.Muhammadpur Biharipur1456Muhammadpur Biharipur
67P.S. Kheda Ganeshpur R. No.11065Khera Ganeshpur
68P.S. Kheda Ganeshpur R. No.2582Khera Ganeshpur
69P.S. Vajirpur Jehalpur R. No. 1920Wazirpur Jihalpur
70P.S. Vajirpur Jehalpur R. No. 2409Wazirpur Jihalpur
71P.S. Alampur Kanaita1010Alampur Kaneta
72P.S. Akalpur Damodarpur873Aquil Pur Damodarpur
73P.S. Rasidpur Kanaita1196Rasidpur Kaneta
74P.S. Nagla Shroti503Rasidpur Kaneta
75P.S. Daukeli R. No. 11297Donkeli
76P.S. Daukeli R. No. 21305Donkeli
77Janta Vidhyalay Daukeli R.N.11180Donkeli
78Janta Vidhyalay Daukeli R.N.2485Donkeli
79Balvant Singh I.C. Jamalpur R. No. 1901Jamalpur
80Balvant Singh I.C. Jamalpur R. No. 2558Jamalpur
81P.S. Gajipur1073Gajipur
82P.S. Varkatpur R. No. 1973Barkatpur
83P.S. Varkatpur R. No. 21023Barkatpur
84P.S. Khanjapur R.N.11057Barkatpur
85P.S. Khanjapur R.N.21412Barkatpur
86P.S. Pahadpur R.N.1785Paharpur
87P.S. Pahadpur R.N.2723Paharpur
88P.S.Nagla Udi752Nasirpur
89P.S. Nasirpur694Nasirpur
90P.S. Jahangirpur544Jahagirpur
91P.S. Vilhana1442Bilahna
92P.S. Nai Tor805Bilahna
93P.S. Vasai Mohammadpur R. No. 11091Basaimohammadpur
94P.S. Vasai Mohammadpur R. No. 21030Basaimohammadpur
95P.S. Nagla Bina547Basaimohammadpur
96P.S. Ante Ki Madaiya608Basaimohammadpur
97P.S. Madua819Mandua
98J.H.S. Anandipur Karkauli R. No. 1890Anandipur Karkauli
99J.H.S. Anandipur Karkauli R. No. 2189Anandipur Karkauli
100P.S. Agarupura599Anandipur Karkauli
101P.S. Pura Mishri623Anandipur Karkauli
102P.S. Nurpur Kutukpur476Nurpur Kutubpur
103P.S. Fatehpur Anandipur412Fatehpur Anandipur
104P.S. Valchandpur495Balchandarpur
105P.S. Nagla Mulla R. No.1910Naglamulla
106P.S. Nagla Mulla R. No.2413Naglamulla
107P.S. Ladupur Chakarpur586Ladupur Chakarpur
108P.S. Gadiya355Ladupur Chakarpur
109P.S. Kharsuli650Kharsoli
110P.S. Matamai R. No. 1810Matamai
111P.S. Matamai R. No. 2517Matamai
112P.S. Sargavan977Saragawan
113P.S. Nagla Darua605Saragawan
114P.S. Nagla Mavasi818Vijaypurnagla Bhavesingh
115Panchayatghar Vijaypur674Vijaypurnagla Bhavesingh
116P.S. Nagla Bhav Singh R. No. 1928Vijaypurnagla Bhavesingh
117P.S. Nagla Bhav Singh R. No. 2520Vijaypurnagla Bhavesingh
118P.S. Baramai694Baramai
119P.S. Sadamai828Saramai
120P.S. Hamirpura598Hamirpura
121P.S. Dera Banjara446Hamirpura
122P.S. Udhani996Undani
123P.S. Matsaina R. No. 11008Matsena
124P.S. Matsaina R. No. 2623Matsena
125P.S. Fulayachi892Matsena
126J.H.S. Kinharpur716Kinharpur
127P.S. Luhari719Lohari
128P.S. Prempur Anandipur507Prempur Anandipur
129P.S. Pilua536Pilua
130P.S. Jalalpur744Jalalpur
131J.H.S. Jalalpur623Jalalpur
132P.S. Gadi Chhipi1145Jalalpur
133J.H.S Kishandaspura1036Jalalpur
134P.S. Dhakpura705Jalalpur
135P.S. Sikhara Hardaspur R. No. 1864Sikahra Hardaspur
136P.S. Sikhara Hardaspur R. No. 21026Sikahra Hardaspur
137P.S. Hardaspur Nisfi661Hardashpur Nisfi
138Panchayatghar Khaderiya473Hardashpur Nisfi
139J.H.S. Saingai R. No. 1636Sengai
140J.H.S. Rupvas R. No. 1749Sengai
141J.H.S. Saingai R. No. 2346Sengai
142P.S. Itaura1279Itora
143P.S. Gidhaura403Itora
144P.S. Lekhrajpur511Itora
145P.S. Kaulamai934Kolamai
146P.S. Jendamai756Alampur Anandipur
147P.S. Nanapi Pithani675Nanpi Pithani
148P.S. Nagla Pransukh520Nanpi Pithani
149P.S. Alampur Anandipur562Jaindamai
150P.S. Vijaypur Bhikanpur805Bijaipur Bhikanpur
151P.S. Ranipura R.N. 1656Ranipur
152P.S. Ranipura R. No. 2326Ranipur
153J.H.S. Datavali R.N. 1865Datauli
154J.H.S. Datavali R. No. 2824Datauli
155J.H.S. Datavali R. No. 3565Datauli
156P.S. Nargapur1028Nargapur
157P.S. Alehdadpur R.N.11083Allahdadpur
158P.S. Alehdadpur R.N.21065Allahdadpur
159P.S. Faraul Nagariya432Pharaul Nagaria
160P.S. Remja Ka Pura610Pharaul Nagaria
161Panchshil H.S. Sailai R.N.11445Firozabad (NPP)
162Panchshil H.S. Sailai R.N.2778Firozabad (NPP)
163Panchshil H.S. Sailai R.N.3814Firozabad (NPP)
164C.L.C.H.School.Salai R.N.1995Firozabad (NPP)
165C.L.C.H.School.Salai R.N.2683Firozabad (NPP)
166C.L.C.H.School.Salai R.N.3838Firozabad (NPP)
167C.L.C.H.School.Salai R.N.41344Firozabad (NPP)
168P.S. Thar Pootha R.N.1984Firozabad (NPP)
169P.S. Thar Pootha R.N.2859Firozabad (NPP)
170P.S. Thar Pootha R.N.31279Firozabad (NPP)
171P.S. Nagla Gulariya R.N.11205Firozabad (NPP)
172P.S. Nagla Gulariya R.N.2902Firozabad (NPP)
173P.S. Nagla Gulariya R.N.3865Firozabad (NPP)
174J.D.Convent School Ambe Nagar Santi Road R.N.11024Firozabad (NPP)
175J.D.Convent School Ambe Nagar Santi Road R.N.21219Firozabad (NPP)
176P.S. Lalpur595Firozabad (NPP)
177P.S. Asfabad R.N.11025Firozabad (NPP)
178P.S. Asfabad R.N.2643Firozabad (NPP)
179P.S. Asfabad R.N.31230Firozabad (NPP)
180P.S. Asfabad R.N.41320Firozabad (NPP)
181Panchayatghar Asfabad R.N.1876Firozabad (NPP)
182Panchayatghar Asfabad R.N.2941Firozabad (NPP)
183P.S. Nagla Pachiya R.N.1786Firozabad (NPP)
184P.S. Nagla Pachiya R.N.2875Firozabad (NPP)
185J.H.S.Nagla Pachiya1330Firozabad (NPP)
186P.S. Nagla Moti1154Firozabad (NPP)
187P.S. Rahna R.N.1978Firozabad (NPP)
188P.S. Rahna R.N.21521Firozabad (NPP)
189P.S. Itauli993Itauli
190P.S. Asdeomai Noorpur730Asdeomai Nurpur
191P.S. Divayachi1419Diwaichi
192P.S. Dakhinara R.N.11328Dakhinara
193P.S. Dakhinara R.N.21147Dakhinara
194P.S. Mohanipur795Mohinipur
195P.S. Naukta545Dakhinara
196P.S. Mohammadpur Labhaua R. No.1896Mohammadpur Labhaua
197P.S. Mohammadpur Labhaua R. No.2540Mohammadpur Labhaua
198P.S. Latumai418Latumai
199P.S. Nagla Balua982Nagla Balua
200P.S. Maiyamai859Maiyamai
201P.S. Nagla Man Singh1133Rupaspur
202P.H.C. Rupaspur1369Rupaspur
203P.S. Mohanipur R. No. 11101Mohinipur
204P.S. Fulrai517Mohinipur
205P.S. Darigapur826Dargapur Mohanipur
206P.S. Nagla Raghol585Naoli
207Panchayatghar Navali898Naoli
208P.S. Indumai1060Indumai
209P.S. Adhampur374Adhampur
210P.S. Gagai1049Gagai
211P.S. Angadpur1167Angadpur
212P.S. Govindpur932Govindpur
213Girls J.H.S. Makkhanpur R. No.1918Makhanpur (CT)
214Girls J.H.S. Makkhanpur R. No.3967Makhanpur (CT)
215Girls J.H.S. Makkhanpur R. No.21458Makhanpur (CT)
216Panchayatghar Makkhanpur R.N.1723Makhanpur (CT)
217Panchayatghar Makkhanpur R.N.2824Makhanpur (CT)
218J.H.S. Jijauli R. No. 11073Jijauli
219J.H.S. Jijauli R. No. 21312Jijauli
220P.S. Mohammadpur Navada R. No 11309Mohmmadpur Nadai
221P.S. Mohammadpur Navada R. No 21497Mohmmadpur Nadai
222P.S. Rajpur Valai R. No. 11093Rajpur Balai
223P.S.Rajpur Balai R.N.2605Rajpur Balai
224P.S. Kirthara Mohammadpur800Kirthara Mohammedpur
225P.S. Kishanpur Armarajat628Kishanpur Armarajat
226P.S. Jevada R. No. 11436Jeora
227P.S. Jevada R. No. 2777Jeora
228P.S. Jevada R. No. 3807Jeora
229P.S. Sadupur R. No. 1669Saruppur
230P.S. Sadupur R. No. 2823Saruppur
231P.S. Nihalpur460Nihalpur
232P.V. Chamrauli884Chamrauli
233P.S. Jafaravad R. No. 1839Jafrabad
234P.S. Jafaravad R. No. 2865Jafrabad
235P.S. Armarajat1147Armarajat
236P.S. Nagla Vajdar689Naglabajdar
237P.S. Vahoranpur472Bahoranpur
238P.S. Galamai1201Galamai
239J.H.S. Aronj R. No.11045Aronj
240J.H.S. Aronj R. No.2793Aronj
241P.S. Nagla Prabhu657Aronj
243P.S. Dikhtauli1302Dikhtauli
244P.S. Rahachati1445Rahchati
245P.S. Vidarakha1149Bidarkha
246P.S. Shahajalpur1233Shaihajalpur
247M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 1996Firozabad (NPP)
248M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 21018Firozabad (NPP)
249M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 3904Firozabad (NPP)
250M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 41092Firozabad (NPP)
251M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 5768Firozabad (NPP)
252M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 6768Firozabad (NPP)
253M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 14795Firozabad (NPP)
254M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 71020Firozabad (NPP)
255M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 81085Firozabad (NPP)
256M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 91336Firozabad (NPP)
257M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 10558Firozabad (NPP)
258M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 11926Firozabad (NPP)
259M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 121246Firozabad (NPP)
260M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 131212Firozabad (NPP)
261M.A.V. Shikohabad R. No. 151247Firozabad (NPP)
262A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.1726Firozabad (NPP)
263A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.2769Firozabad (NPP)
264A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.3820Firozabad (NPP)
265A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.8896Firozabad (NPP)
266A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.4746Firozabad (NPP)
267A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.5841Firozabad (NPP)
268A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.61162Firozabad (NPP)
269A.J.V. Shikohabad R.No.71125Firozabad (NPP)
270R.V. Bye Pass Road1123Firozabad (NPP)
272Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.3893Firozabad (NPP)
273Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.4927Firozabad (NPP)
274Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.5856Firozabad (NPP)
275Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.61316Firozabad (NPP)
276Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.71263Firozabad (NPP)
277Rastriya Vidhyalay By Pass Road Shikohabad R.N.81015Firozabad (NPP)
278P.S. Shikohabad R.N.11080Firozabad (NPP)
279P.S. Shikohabad R.N.21252Firozabad (NPP)
280Girls J.S. Moh.Garhaiya R.N.1840Firozabad (NPP)
281Girls J.S. Moh.Garhaiya R.N.3915Firozabad (NPP)
282Girls J.S. Moh.Garhaiya R.N.2917Firozabad (NPP)
283B.D.M.Inter College618Firozabad (NPP)
287Pali Inter College979Firozabad (NPP)
293Narayan Inter College790Firozabad (NPP)
307Narayan Degree College739Firozabad (NPP)
314Adarsh Krishna I.C.1245Firozabad (NPP)
319P.S. Madhoganj R.N.1974Firozabad (NPP)
320P.S. Madhoganj R.N.5732Firozabad (NPP)
321P.S. Madhoganj R.N.2638Firozabad (NPP)
322P.S. Madhoganj R.N.3657Firozabad (NPP)
323P.S. Madhoganj R.N.41486Firozabad (NPP)
324Co-Operative Society808Nivkheria
325P.S. Chhichhamai630Chhichhamai
326P.S. Muhabbatpur Ahir1052Mohabbataheer
327P.S. Uvati1015Ubati
328P.S. Aavari R. No. 1883Aamari
329P.S. Aavari R. No. 2885Aamari
330P.S. Aavari R. No. 3235Aamari
331P.S. Nagla Javahar451Aamari
332P.S. Nagla Umar586Nagla Umer
333P.S. Jahangirpur Gailarai1188Jhangirpurgalrai
334P.S. Dhaurau Himmatpur1124Dharau Himmatpur
335P.S. Vadanpur Karkha823Badanpur Karkha
336P.S. Salempur Variyarmau579Salempur Bariar Mau
337P.S. Ghaghau1038Dhadhau
338P.S. Rasulpur984Rasulpur
339P.S. Variyarmau Kutukpur634Bariyarmau
340J.H.S. Mevali565Meoli
341J.H.S. Harganpur R. No.1795Harganpur
342J.H.S. Harganpur R. No.2875Harganpur
343P.S. Rajopura386Rajopura
344P.S. Sikandarpur674Sikanderpur
345P.S. Nagla Sitaram366Harganpur
346P.S. Abbaspur R. No. 1945Abbaspur
347P.S. Abbaspur R. No. 2844Abbaspur
348J.H.S. Hariha1058Hariha
349P.S.Kadamkhandi Hariha915Hariha
350P.S. Nagla Piprani1417Hariha
351P.S. Rahal629Rahal
352P.S. Sunderpura615Hariha
353P.S. Nagla Bari(Mubarakpur Khas)1165Mubarakpur Khas

Last Updated on November 15, 2014