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Polling Booth in Shekhupur Assembly Constituency

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Shekhupur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shekhupur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shekhupur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pr. School Gurai R.No. 11042N.A
2Pr. School Badarpur R.No. 1431N.A
3Pr. School Lauda Baheri R.No. 1951N.A
4Sehkari Beej Bhandar Ka Hall Lochi Nagla Bahar Chungi1156N.A
5Sehkari Beej Bhandar Ka Hall Lochi Nagla Bahar Chungi Room No.11245N.A
6Pr. School Meera Saray R.No. 1 North Part815N.A
7Pr. School Meera Saray R.No. 2 North Part748N.A
8Pr. School Meera Saray R.No. 3 South Part809N.A
9Pr. School Meera Saray R.No. 4 South Part842N.A
10Pr. School Jahanabad R.No. 11251N.A
11Pr. School Jahanabad R.No. 2756N.A
12Pr. School Ghoncha M. Maujampur R.No. 1357N.A
13Pr. School Shekhupur R.No. 1 North Part832N.A
14Pr. School Shekhupur R.No. 2 North Part788N.A
15Pr. School Shekhupur Extra Room R.No. 1 South Part832N.A
16Pr. School Shekhupur Extra Room R.No. 2 South Part800N.A
17Girls Jr. High School Shekhupur R.No. 11349N.A
18Girls Jr. High School Shekhupur R.No. 21399N.A
19Jr. High School Shekhupur East Part R.No. 1774N.A
20Jr. High School Shekhupur East Part R.No. 2734N.A
21Jr. High School Shekhupur West Part R.No. 3838N.A
22Jr.High School Shekhupur West Part R.No.4759N.A
23Pr. School Shekhupur New Building West Part R.No. 1908N.A
24Pr. School Shekhupur New Building West Part R.No. 2729N.A
25Pr. School Rahimuddin Nagar R.No. 1770N.A
26Pr. School Naushera R.No. 11097N.A
27Pr. School Naushera R.No. 2868N.A
28Pr. School Wajidpur Gunaura R.No. 1373N.A
29Pr. School Jajpura R.No. 1613N.A
30Pr. School Jirauli R.No. 1722N.A
31Pr. School Gathauna R.No. 11415N.A
32Pr. School Gangaura R.No. 1633N.A
33Jr. High School Basoma R.No. 1 North Part822N.A
34Jr. High School Basoma R.No. 2 North Part757N.A
35Jr. High School Basoma R.No. 3 South Part1219N.A
36Pr. School Adhauli R.No. 1953N.A
37Pr. School Adhauli R.No. 2931N.A
38Pr. School Narau R.No. 2800N.A
39Pr. School Achaura R.No. 1800N.A
40Pr. School Vari Ka Nagla R.No. 1924N.A
41Pr. School Gadaura R.No. 1423N.A
42Pr. School Kuandanda R.No. 1958N.A
43Pr. School Raipur R.No. 1854N.A
44Pr. School Raipur R.No. 2800N.A
45Pr. School Paliya Pukhta R.No. 1632N.A
46Pr. School Nanakhera R.No. 11446N.A
47Jr. High School Nanakhera R.No. 1801N.A
48Jr. High School Nanakhera R.No. 2852N.A
49Pr. School Dhaurera R.No. 11430N.A
50Pr. School Laluiya Nagla R.No. 1433N.A
51Pr. School Bondri R.No. 1846N.A
52Ramkali Uchchtar Madhyamik School Bhuda Bhadraul R.No. 1 East Part776N.A
53Ramkali Uchchtar Madhyamik School Bhuda Bhadraul R.No. 2 East Part892N.A
54Ramkali Uchchtar Madhyamik School Bhuda Bhadraul R.No. 3 East Part503N.A
55Ramkali Uchchtar Madhyamik School Bhuda Bhadraul R.No. 4 East Part1089N.A
56Pr. School Teliya Nagla Majra Indrai R.No. 1678N.A
57Pr. School Kurkhera R.No. 1405N.A
58Pr. School Jaitpur Pukhta R.No. 11086N.A
59Pr. School Majra Gangvarar R.No. 11066N.A
60Pr. School Bhakora R.No. 11209N.A
61Pr. School Ghatiyari R.No.1868N.A
62Pr. School Birautiya R.No. 1398N.A
63Pr. School Bamnausi R.No. 11222N.A
64Pr. School Phulasi R.No. 1925N.A
65Pr. School Chetu Nagla R.No. 1259N.A
66Pr. School Sukatiya R.No. 1491N.A
67Pr. School Chudiya R.No. 1477N.A
68Pr. School Patparaganj R.No. 1442N.A
69Pr. School Malikpur R.No. 1575N.A
70Pr. School Fatehpur R.No. 1909N.A
71Pr. School Tehra R.No. 1878N.A
72Pr. School Vangawan R.No. 1756N.A
73Pr. School Ranau R.No. 1935N.A
74Pr. School Nasrullapur R.No. 1798N.A
75Pr. School Nasrullapur R.No. 2808N.A
76Pr. School Dhamei R.No. 11261N.A
77Pr. School Sarki R.No. 1764N.A
78Pr. School Sarki R.No. 2804N.A
79Pr. School Sainjani R.No. 1661N.A
80Pr. School Dabrai R.No. 1801N.A
81Pr. School Sirsa R.No. 1639N.A
82Pr. School Mujahidpur R.No. 1636N.A
83Pr. School Paliya Mehndi R.No. 1794N.A
84Pr. School Firozpur Iklehri R.No. 1508N.A
85Kunwar Rukum Singh Vaidik Inter College Nagla Sharki R.No. 21067N.A
86Kunwar Rukum Singh Vaidik Inter College Nagla Sharki R.No. 41316N.A
87Shiv Shakti Bal Niketan School Budaun R.No. 11153N.A
88Shiv Shakti Bal Niketan School Budaun R.No. 21257N.A
89Pr. School Padaua R.No. 11163N.A
9066 R.D.M. Jaseva Public School A- Adarsh Nagar Near Mandi Samiti R.No. 1947N.A
9166 R.D.M. Jaseva Public School A- Adarsh Nagar Near Mandi Samiti R.No. 2890N.A
92Pr. School Budhwai R.No. 21012N.A
93Jr. High School Mallahpur R.No. 1827N.A
94Jr. High School Karauliya R.No. 11106N.A
95Pr. School Kathra Khagei R.No. 11051N.A
96Jr. School Machlai R.No. R.No. 11022N.A
97Jr. School Machlai R.No. R.No. 21087N.A
98Rastriya Inter College Gulariya R.No. 11222N.A
99Rastriya. Inter College Gulariya R.No. 21188N.A
100Rastriya Inter College Gulariya R.No. 31284N.A
101Pr. School Gidhaul R.No. 11409N.A
102Jr. School Gidhaul R.No. 1736N.A
103Pr. School Punau M. Gidhaul R.No. 1573N.A
104Pr. School Bada Parsura Majra Gidhaul R.No. 11029N.A
105Pr. School Kamalpur R.No. 1453N.A
106Pr. School Mahora R.No. 11089N.A
107Pr. School Rooppur R.No. 1849N.A
108Pr. School Salempur R.No. 1843N.A
109Pr. School Vamni R.No. 1547N.A
110Pr. School Gurgaon R.No. 11333N.A
111Pr. School Gurgaon R.No. 2807N.A
112Pr. School Alipura Majra Gurgaon R.No. 1436N.A
113Pr. School Sundar Nagar No. 1546N.A
114Pr. School Dara Nagar R.No. 11025N.A
115Pr. School New Building Khiriya Rehlu R.No. 1934N.A
116Pr. School New Building Khiriya Rehlu R.No. 2915N.A
117Pr. School Naithu No. 1888N.A
118Pr. School Naithu No. 2899N.A
119Pr. School Bibipur R.No. 11157N.A
121Pr. School Pachtaur R.No. 1632N.A
122Pr. School Harnathpur Urf Talgaon R.No. 11163N.A
123Pr. School Unaula R.No. 1520N.A
124Pr. School Unaula R.No. 21170N.A
125Pr. School Bucha Nagla R.No. 1481N.A
126Pr. School Jakheli R.No. 11405N.A
127Pr. School Islamganj R.No. 11126N.A
128Pr. School Kharkholi Khurd R.No. 1976N.A
129Pr. School Hayat Nagar R.No. 1185N.A
130Pr. School Jagat North Part R.No. 11288N.A
131Pr. School Jagat North Part R.No. 2815N.A
132Pr. School Jagat West Part R.No. 3758N.A
133Jr. High School Jagat R.No. 11375N.A
134Jr. High School Jagat R.No. 2799N.A
135Pr. School Behta Eman R.No. 1562N.A
136Pr. School Isapur R.No. 1535N.A
137Pr. School Kundeli R.No. 1978N.A
138Pr. School Patsa R.No. 1989N.A
139Pr. School Patsa R.No. 2614N.A
140Pr. School Dalwa Shaheeda R.No. 1272N.A
141Pr. School Dalwa Shaheeda R.No. 1 East Part894N.A
142Jr. High School Bhasrara R.No. 2 East Part784N.A
143Jr. High School Bhasrara R.No. 1 West Part1450N.A
144Pr. School Kupri R.No. 1774N.A
145Pr. School Gudhni R.No. 1451N.A
146Pr. School Sakhanu R.No. 11400N.A
147Pr. School Sakhanu R.No. 21234N.A
148Pr. School Sakhanu R.No. 3919N.A
149Pr. School Sakhanu R.No. 4827N.A
150Girls Jr. High School Sakhanu R.No. 1817N.A
151Girls Jr. High School Sakhanu R.No. 2792N.A
152Nagar Panchayat Office Sakhanu1309N.A
153Pr. School New Contstucted Building Hasanpur Huriyai R.No. 1712N.A
154Pr. School Aaspur R.No. 1457N.A
155Pr. School Ikri R.No. 11500N.A
156Pr. School Vasiyani R.No. 11142N.A
157Pr. School Kharkholi Bujurg R.No. 1555N.A
158Pr. School Kundan Nagla R.No. 1329N.A
159Pr. School Gabhiyai R.No. 11516N.A
160Pr. School Nagla Majra Gabhiyai R.No. 1969N.A
161Pr. School Kutrai R.No. 11308N.A
162Pr. School Jhandpur R.No. 1662N.A
163Pr. School Surajpur R.No. 1622N.A
164Pr. School Roopapur R.No. 1637N.A
165Pr. School Udmai R.No. 1609N.A
166Pr. School Kulchaura R.No. 11133N.A
167Pr. School Rasoolpur Bilhari R.No. 11106N.A
168Pr. School Rasoolpur Bilhari R.No. 2884N.A
169Pr. School Narau Bujurg R.No. 1989N.A
170Pr. School Dauri Nirottampur R.No. 11446N.A
171Pr. School Simariya R.No. 11007N.A
172Pr. School Upraila R.No. 1919N.A
173Pr. School Upraila R.No. 2838N.A
174Pr. School Mai Boochan R.No. 1933N.A
175Pr. School Ughaini R.No. 11350N.A
176Pr. School Katinna Varchau R.No. 11479N.A
177Pr. School Varchau R.No. 11414N.A
178Pr. School Mugarra Jarasi R.No. 1874N.A
179Pr. School Kalpiya R.No. 1498N.A
180Pr. School Gauramai R.No. 1 East Part797N.A
181Pr. School Gauramai R.No. 2 East Part859N.A
182Pr. School Gauramai R.No. 3 West Part872N.A
183Pr. School Gauramai Extra Room824N.A
184Pr. School Pasei R.No. 11440N.A
185Pr. School Antuiya R.No. 1730N.A
186Pr. School Sadather R.No. 11189N.A
187Pr. School Barachirra R.No. 1410N.A
188Pr. School Barachirra R.No. 21187N.A
189Pr. School Pemi Nagla Majra Barachirra R.No. 1653N.A
190Pr. School Sakri Jangal R.No. 1 East Part951N.A
191Pr. School Sakri Jangal R.No. 2 East Part837N.A
192Pr. School Sakri Jangal R.No. 3 West Part820N.A
193Pr. School Sakri Jangal R.No. 4 West Part767N.A
194Pr. School Ahirwara R.No. 1752N.A
195Pr. School Ahirwara R.No. 2753N.A
196Pr. School Nagla Tayyadpur R.No. 1695N.A
197Jr. High School Burra Fareedpur R.No. 11225N.A
198Pr. School Pataura R.No. 1580N.A
199Pr. School Nizampur Majra Shekhupur R.No. 1313N.A
200Pr. School Allapur Chamari R.No.11218N.A
201Pr. School Mausampur R.No. 11227N.A
202Pr. School Khiriya Bakarpur R.No. 11200N.A
203Pr. School Khiriya Bakarpur R.No.2546N.A
204Pr. School Mallamai R.No. 1746N.A
205Pr. School Akhtamai R.No. 1736N.A
206Pr. School Cheelpura R.No. 1406N.A
207Pr. School Asrasi R.No. 11395N.A
208Pr. School Ismailpur R.No. 11238N.A
209Jr. High School Sakri Kasimpur R.No. 11360N.A
210Jr. High School Sakri Kasimpur R.No. 21010N.A
211Pr. School Bhadasiya Bhamuyya R.No. 11315N.A
212Pr. School Bhadasiya Bhamuyya R.No. 2899N.A
213Pr. School Bhamuyya Majra Bhadasiya Bhamuiya R.No. 11248N.A
214Pr. School Bhadrauliya R.No. 1603N.A
215Jr. High School Ramzanpur East Part R.No. 1887N.A
216Jr. High School Ramzanpur East Part R.No. 2903N.A
217Jr. High School Ramzanpur West Part R.No. 31489N.A
218Jr. High School Ramzanpur West Part R.No. 41477N.A
219Pr. School Ramzanpur R.No. 11207N.A
220Pr. School Midhauli Mirzapur R.No. 1904N.A
221Pr. School Midhauli Mirzapur R.No. 2535N.A
222Pr. School Sisaura R.No. 1327N.A
223Pr. School Lohather R.No. 11233N.A
224Jr. High School Kundeli Badullaganj R.No. 1928N.A
225Jr. High School Kundeli Badullaganj R.No. 21140N.A
226Pr. School Behta Dambar Nagar R.No. 11380N.A
227Pr. School Behta Dambar Nagar R.No. 21280N.A
228Pr. School Muhammaganj R.No. 11048N.A
229Pr. School Muhammaganj R.No. 21121N.A
230Pr. School Dhanupura R.No. 11184N.A
231Pr. School Bhojpur Narayanpur R.No. 11023N.A
232Pr. School Noorpur R.No. 11167N.A
233Pr. School Noorpur R.No. 2894N.A
234Pr. School Kachaura R.No. 1434N.A
235Pr. School Kachaura R.No. 21022N.A
236Pr. School Kaithuliya R.No. 1617N.A
237Pr. School Chaudera R.No. 11026N.A
238Pr. School Nizampur Majra Midhauli R.No. 1390N.A
239Pr. School Nagla M. Sisayya R.No. 1592N.A
240Pr. School Bichaula R.No. 1497N.A
241Pr. School Nizamabad R.No. 1927N.A
242Pr. School Lalua Nagla Majra Jalalpur R.No. 11143N.A
243Pr. School Jalapur R.No. 11271N.A
244Pr. School Jalapur R.No. 21223N.A
245Pr. School Reva R.No. 1788N.A
246Pr. School Nidhanpura R.No. 1619N.A
247Pr. School Surkha R.No. 11182N.A
248Pr. School Lakhupura R.No. 1538N.A
249Pr. School Kuda Shahpur R.No. 11187N.A
250Pr. School Kuda Shahpur R.No. 21058N.A
251Pr. School Nagla Majra Gadiya Gangwarar R.No. 11327N.A
252Pr. School Durjan Nagla Majra Baraura R.No. 1158N.A
253Pr. School Laxman R.No. 11305N.A
254Pr. School Jori Nagla M. Sundrayan R.No. 11423N.A
255Pr. School Kadarwadi Majra Sundarayan R.No. 1963N.A
256Pr. School Kadarwadi Majra Sundrayan R.No. 2933N.A
257Pr. School Kashi Nagla Majra Sundarayan R.No. 1818N.A
258Pr. School Gangi Nagla Majra Sundrayan R.No. 11130N.A
259Pr. School Kakora East Part R.No. 11405N.A
260Pr. School Kakora East Part R.No. 2861N.A
261Pr. School Kakora West Part R.No.3810N.A
262Jr. High School Kakora Room No. 11155N.A
263Pr. School Garauliya Majra Kakora Room No. 1754N.A
264Pr. School Sivaya Hamidpur Room No. 11128N.A
265Jr. High School Kadarchowk East Part Room No. 1818N.A
266Jr. High School Kadarchowk East Part Room No. 2842N.A
267Jr. High School Kadarchowk West Part Part Room No. 3935N.A
268Jr. High School Kadarchowk West Part Room No. 4921N.A
269Girls Pr. School Kadarchowk Room No.1558N.A
270Pr. School Gangpur Pukhta Room No.1325N.A
271Pr. School Raisi Nagla Majra Simra Room No. 1891N.A
272Pr. School Simra Majra Labhari Room No.1559N.A
274Pr. School Labhari Room No. 2725N.A
275Girls Pr. School Labhari Room No.11189N.A
276Pr. School Gadiya Mutalika Noorpur Room No.1496N.A
277Pr. School Tatarpur Room No.11325N.A
278Pr. School Mamurganj Room No.11270N.A
279Pr. School Nauli Fatuabad Room No.11107N.A
280Pr. School Bachi Room No.1913N.A
281Pr. School Jhanjhrau Room No.11069N.A
282Pr. School Barikheda Majra Bachi Jhanjhrau Room No.11272N.A
283Pr. School Ishwari Nagla Room No.11340N.A
284Pr. School Viriya Danda Room No.134N.A
285Pr. School Chandbarai Room No.1534N.A
286Pr. School Gauramai Room No.11451N.A
287Pr. School Gauramai Room No.2210N.A
288Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala East Part Room No.161017N.A
289Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala East Part Room No.15994N.A
290Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala East Part Room No.14847N.A
291Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala East Part Room No.13844N.A
292Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North East Room No. 12783N.A
293Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North East Room No. 11923N.A
294Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North East Room No. 101196N.A
295Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North East Room No. 9420N.A
296Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North West Room No. 81157N.A
297Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North West Room No. 7526N.A
298Girls Jr. High School Kakrala Room No.11174N.A
299Girls Jr. High School Kakrala Room No.2465N.A
300Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North West Part Room No.6757N.A
301Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala North West Part Room No.5837N.A
302Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala West Part Room No.41011N.A
303Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala West Part Room No.3767N.A
304Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala West Part Room No.2891N.A
305Nagar Palika Inter College Kakrala West Part Room No.1920N.A
306Pr. School Police Chowki West Part Room No.1780N.A
307Pr. School Police Chowki West Part Extra Room812N.A
308Azad Jr. Highschool West Part Room No.7987N.A
309Azad Jr. Highschool West Part Room No.6540N.A
310Azad Jr. Highschool West Part Room No.51159N.A
311Azad Jr. Highschool South Part Room No.4996N.A
312Azad Jr. Highschool West Part Room No.21442N.A
313Azad Jr. Highschool South Part Room No.3900N.A
314Azad Jr. Highschool South Part Room No.2647N.A
315Azad Jr. Highschool South Part Room No.11002N.A
316Pr. School Room No.1923N.A
319Pr. School Atharra Kuniya Room No.1785N.A
320Pr. School Chitaura Dhanaura Room No.11409N.A
321Pr. School Gyonti Dharampur Room No.11401N.A
322Pr. School Roopamai Urf Ramnagar Room No.11087N.A
323Pr. School Vishunpuri Room No.11199N.A
324Pr. School Chaudera Shikarpur Room No.1492N.A
325Pr. School Abhiyasa Majra Miyaun Room No.1885N.A
326Pr. School Miyaun South Room No.11076N.A
327Pr. School Miyaun East Room No.4789N.A
328Pr. School Miyaun South Room No.21027N.A
329Pr. School Miyaun North Room No.5978N.A
330Pr. School Miyaun East Room No.31045N.A
331Pr. School North Part Extra Room681N.A
332Jr. High School Miyaun Room No.11062N.A
333Pr. School Dhaka Majra Miyaun Room No.11211N.A
334Pr. School Giltaiyya Room No.1619N.A
335Pr. School Kotha Room No.11260N.A
336Pr. School Visharat Nagar Room No.1891N.A
337Pr. School Bilhari Room No.11232N.A
338Pr. School Bilhari Room No.21024N.A
339Pr. School Katiya Room No.1829N.A
340Pr. School Nawada Majra Alapur Room No.1696N.A
341Pr. School Chandi Nagla Room No.1828N.A
342Pr. School Uraoliya Room No.11341N.A
343Pr. School Uraoliya Room No.2619N.A
344Pr. School Saidpur Room No.11046N.A
345Pr. School Gudhana Room No.11132N.A
346Pr. School Vavai Bhatpura Room No.1777N.A
347Pr. School Masoodpura Room No.11069N.A
348Pr. School Tarsura Room No.1374N.A
349Pr. School Kakraua Room No.1366N.A
350Pr. School Bhasundra Room No.11476N.A
351Pr. School Bhasundra Room No.21089N.A
352Pr. School Diyoriya Asguna Room No.1797N.A
353Pr. School Diyoriya Asguna Room No.2728N.A
354Pr. School Mirjapur Bichaula Room No.1729N.A
355Pr. School Mirjapur Bichaula Room No.2692N.A
356Pr. School Saranmai Room No.1155N.A
357Pr. School Tikra Room No.1694N.A
358Pr. School Tikra Room No.2841N.A
359Pr. School Mirjapur Atiraj Room No.1534N.A
360Pr. School Naugawan Nasir Nagar Room No.1702N.A
361Pr. School Naugawan Nasir Nagar Room No.2808N.A
362Pr. School Keshopur Room No.1566N.A
363Pr. School Kon Ka Nagla Majra Diyokali Kham Room No.11028N.A
364Pr. School Ajrau Room No.1818N.A
365Pr. School Tikri Pukhta North Room No.1606N.A
366Pr. School Tikai Pukhta North Room No.2419N.A
367Pr. School Harendi Room No.11311N.A
368Pr. School Gadiya Hardopatti Room No.11328N.A
369Pr. School Gadiya Hardopatti Room No.2377N.A
370Pr. School Rasoolpur Nagla Room No.11078N.A
371Pr. School Sareli Pukhta Room No.11373N.A
372Pr. School Mirjapur Basant Room No.1605N.A
373Pr. School Ahmadnagar Vachaura Room No.1805N.A
374Pr. School Asmaya Rafatpur Room No.1899N.A
375Pr. School Lalomai Room No.1991N.A
376Pr. School Aktuiyya Kalan Room No.11080N.A
377Pr. School Ghasnagla Room No.1631N.A
378Pr. School Bhundi Room No.11099N.A
379Pr. School Mugariya Nagla Room No.1944N.A

Last Updated on November 15, 2014