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Polling Booth in Shahjahanpur Assembly Constituency

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Shahjahanpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shahjahanpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shahjahanpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School1048Satwan Khurd
2Primary School Satwan Khurd Room No.2529Satwan Khurd
4P. School Chinour East Room1350Chinaur
5P. School Chinour West Room893Chinaur
6P. School1085Chinaur
8Junior High School806Niyamatpur
9Junior High School Paina Bujurg Room No. 1791Paina Bujurg
10Junior High School Paina Bujurg Room No. 21056Paina Bujurg
11P. School. Adampur326Aadampur
17Junior High School Badawan1188Bhargawan
21Ramdutt Inter Collage1194Bhawal Khera
37Cantoment P. School722Shahjahanpur (CB)
38Office Electric Vibhag Baibagh Hidil718Shahjahanpur (CB)
39Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 1 Cantonment Board1361Shahjahanpur (CB)
40Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 2 Cantonment Board479Shahjahanpur (CB)
41Factory Hi.Sec. School North Room Of South Part Cantonment Board590Shahjahanpur (CB)
42Factory H618Shahjahanpur (CB)
43Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 4 Cantonment Board551Shahjahanpur (CB)
44Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 5 Cantonment Board653Shahjahanpur (CB)
45Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 6 Cantonment Board616Shahjahanpur (CB)
46Factory Hi.Sec. School Room No. 7 Cantonment Board408Shahjahanpur (CB)
47Junior High School First Room Maukhalsa696Mau Khalsa
48Junior High School Second Room Maukhalsa784Mau Khalsa
49P.P. Mau Vasak1144Mau Khalsa
50Pri. P. South Room Vasuliya1033Basulia
51P. P. Bilariya408Basulia
54P. School Boys1108Hathoura Bujurg
58South Hall Of The Secondary School Hathora Bujurg1325Hathoura Bujurg
59Pri. P. Girls North Room Hathora Bujurg671Hathoura Bujurg
60Pri. P. Atsaliya490Hathoura Bujurg
61Junior High School Room No.-1 Balliya1468Ballia
62Junior High School Room No.-2 Balliya1289Ballia
63Junior High School Room No.-3 Balliya1389Shahjahanpur (NPP)
64Pri. P. Balliya Extra Room New Building736Shahjahanpur (NPP)
65Pri. P. Balliya New Building Room No.-11031Shahjahanpur (NPP)
66Pri. P. Balliya New Building Room No.-2986Shahjahanpur (NPP)
67Roza Railway Pri. P. Boys Room No. 1656Shahjahanpur (NPP)
68Roza Railway Pri. P. Boys Room No. 21037Shahjahanpur (NPP)
69Rosa Girls School Room No.-11161Shahjahanpur (NPP)
70Rosa Girls School Room No.-2676Shahjahanpur (NPP)
71Government Sugarcane Research Institute Room -3 Lodhipur1446Shahjahanpur (NPP)
72Government Sugarcane Research Institute Of The Western Part Of The Northern Corridor Lodhipur1333Shahjahanpur (NPP)
73Government Sugarcane Research Institute East Room Lodhipur1073Shahjahanpur (NPP)
74Government Sugarcane Research Institute South Room Lodhipur1158Shahjahanpur (NPP)
75Nagar Palika'S Eastern Corridor Of The Girls School Hathithan1085Shahjahanpur (NPP)
76Nagar Palika'S Middle Corridor Of The Girls School Hathithan1065Shahjahanpur (NPP)
77M.H. Inter College Hathithan Hall Room1236Shahjahanpur (NPP)
78Sri Chetram Manav Sudhar Sansthan984Shahjahanpur (NPP)
80Nagar Palika'S Girls School1450Shahjahanpur (NPP)
82Ramchandra Rathore Sarswati Sishu Mandir Room No-1 Emanzai Jalalnagar1250Shahjahanpur (NPP)
83Ramchandra Rathore Sarswati Sishu Mandir Room No-2 Emanzai Jalalnagar1341Shahjahanpur (NPP)
84Ramchandra Rathore Sarswati Sishu Mandir Room No-3 Emanzai Jalalnagar504Shahjahanpur (NPP)
85Ramchandra Rathore Sarswati Sishu Mandir Room No-4 Emanzai Jalalnagar1102Shahjahanpur (NPP)
86Ramchandra Rathore Sarswati Sishu Mandir Room No-5 Emanzai Jalalnagar445Shahjahanpur (NPP)
87Prabha New Montessori Higher Secendory School Room No.-1 Emanzai Jalalnagar895Shahjahanpur (NPP)
88Prabha New Montessori Higher Secendory School Room No.-2 Emanzai Jalalnagar635Shahjahanpur (NPP)
89A.Z. Khan Inter College Room No.-1 Tarin Jalalnagar1325Shahjahanpur (NPP)
90A.Z. Khan Inter College Room No.-2 Tarin Jalalnagar1293Shahjahanpur (NPP)
91A.Z. Khan Inter College Room No.-3 Tarin Jalalnagar1073Shahjahanpur (NPP)
92Pri. P. Boys South Room Tarin Jalalnagar1194Shahjahanpur (NPP)
93Pri. P. Boys North Room Tarin Jalalnagar1392Shahjahanpur (NPP)
94Pri. P. Boys Middle Room Of The Bramden Tarin Jalalnagar491Shahjahanpur (NPP)
95City High School Room 2 Emanzai Jlalnagr Islamian1459Shahjahanpur (NPP)
97Municipal School East Room Dilajak1358Shahjahanpur (NPP)
98Municipal School South Room Dilajak1295Shahjahanpur (NPP)
99Municipal School Extra Roomdilajak250Shahjahanpur (NPP)
100Municipal School Centre Room Dilajak1294Shahjahanpur (NPP)
101Municipal School North Hall Dilajak718Shahjahanpur (NPP)
102House Room 1 Dilajak Ramnagar Colony Khalsa Child Education662Shahjahanpur (NPP)
103House Room 2 Dilajak Ramnagar Colony Khalsa Child Education626Shahjahanpur (NPP)
104House Room 3 Dilajak Ramnagar Colony Khalsa Child Education1098Shahjahanpur (NPP)
105House Room 4 Dilajak Ramnagar Colony Khalsa Child Education438Shahjahanpur (NPP)
106House Room 5 Dilajak Ramnagar Colony Khalsa Child Education1000Shahjahanpur (NPP)
107Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil Hindi Pustakaliy Manoranjan Sadan Ka Uttari Bhag Mahmand Jalannagar1244Shahjahanpur (NPP)
108Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil Hindi Pustakaliy Manoranjan Sadan Ka South Bhag Mahmand Jalannagar1010Shahjahanpur (NPP)
109Subhash Bal Vidhya Mandir743Shahjahanpur (NPP)
111A Behind The Empty House Veranda Rail Dispensri Mahmnd Jalalnagar677Shahjahanpur (NPP)
112Naihru Navodey Vidhyalimahmnd Jlalnagr1079Shahjahanpur (NPP)
113A Behind The Empty House Veranda Rail Dispensri Mahmnd Jlalnagr1364Shahjahanpur (NPP)
114A Behind The Empty House Purvi Veranda Rail Dispensri Mahmnd Jlalnagr1522Shahjahanpur (NPP)
115Nehru Mantasri School Uttari Room788Shahjahanpur (NPP)
116Nehru Mantesri School South Room Mahmnd Jlalnagr619Shahjahanpur (NPP)
117Shanker Bhagban Jr. High School Room 1 Mahmnd Jlalnagr1279Shahjahanpur (NPP)
118Shanker Bhagban Jr. High School Room 2 Mahmnd Jlalnagr274Shahjahanpur (NPP)
119Shanker Bhagban Jr. High School Room 3 Mahmnd Jlalnagr860Shahjahanpur (NPP)
120Farmers Pbilk Charij Room 1 Bibiji Haddf847Shahjahanpur (NPP)
121Farmers Pbilk Charij Room 2 Bibiji Haddf1381Shahjahanpur (NPP)
122The Northern Part Of The Corridor Peshawari Baduji Ahmdulla King Jr. High School1217Shahjahanpur (NPP)
123The South Part Of The Corridor Peshawari Baduji Ahmdulla King Jr. High School1440Shahjahanpur (NPP)
124Shri Nandev Bal Vidhya Mander Room No 1 Tarin Tikli1269Shahjahanpur (NPP)
125Shri Nandev Bal Vidhya Mander Room No 2 Tarin Tikli1197Shahjahanpur (NPP)
126Shri Nandev Bal Vidhya Mander Room No 3 Tarin Tikli1204Shahjahanpur (NPP)
127Shri Nandev Bal Vidhya Mander Room No 4 Tarin Tikli928Shahjahanpur (NPP)
128Cane Development Council1052Shahjahanpur (NPP)
130Cane Development Counsil1247Shahjahanpur (NPP)
131Amna Mem. Pub. School1306Shahjahanpur (NPP)
132Nagar Palika Parishad Office983Shahjahanpur (NPP)
135S.P. Collage ?????? ???????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
137Arya Mahila Inter Collage ??? ?????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
139Nagar Palika School ????? ????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
141Rifle Club Hall913Shahjahanpur (NPP)
143Dr. Sudama Prasad Bal Vidhya Mandir973Shahjahanpur (NPP)
145Govt. Inter Collage696Shahjahanpur (NPP)
149Electric Spot Billing Centre556Shahjahanpur (NPP)
151Islamia Inter Collage ????? ?????????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
155Nagar Palika Pri. School898Shahjahanpur (NPP)
159Arya Kanya Inter College1131Shahjahanpur (NPP)
161Vishwanath H. Secondry School1279Shahjahanpur (NPP)
162Primary Girls School1312Shahjahanpur (NPP)
164Avon Montessory School1026Shahjahanpur (NPP)
167Naveen Kanya P. Madhyamic School1397Shahjahanpur (NPP)
173Malik Mon. Jr. High School950Shahjahanpur (NPP)
179National Girls Inter Collage1434Shahjahanpur (NPP)
183Don And Dona School1266Shahjahanpur (NPP)
187Kanya Jr. High School836Shahjahanpur (NPP)
190Devi Prasad Inter Collage1015Shahjahanpur (NPP)
191Dr. G.L. Kannoujiya Kanya Inter Collage670Shahjahanpur (NPP)
196Office Of Chief Medical Officer1385Shahjahanpur (NPP)
197Harishchandra Bal Vidhya Mandir1377Shahjahanpur (NPP)
200Animal Hospital1022Shahjahanpur (NPP)
202Takshila Public School819Shahjahanpur (NPP)
206N.H. Jr. High School1496Shahjahanpur (NPP)
209Rai Bishun Dayal Inter Collage1238Shahjahanpur (NPP)
215Primary School For Boys979Shahjahanpur (NPP)
216Ab Rich Inter Collage971Shahjahanpur (NPP)
220Mohandas Secondry School838Shahjahanpur (NPP)
222Chitragupt Jr. High School959Shahjahanpur (NPP)
225All Saint School1213Shahjahanpur (NPP)
229Tehsil Bhawan1063Shahjahanpur (NPP)
232Devi Prasad Balika H. Sec. School800Shahjahanpur (NPP)
233Saraswati Shishu Mandir1217Shahjahanpur (NPP)
237St. B.N. Public School778Shahjahanpur (NPP)
240Maharshi Vidhya Mandir978Shahjahanpur (NPP)
241Janta Inter Collage599Shahjahanpur (NPP)
244Govt. Girls Inter Collage943Shahjahanpur (NPP)
247J.P. International School ????? ??????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
248Dr. Shakti Ahuja Mem. Public School1048Shahjahanpur (NPP)
250Insurance Office1342Shahjahanpur (NPP)
252Basic Primary Kanya School898Shahjahanpur (NPP)
254Baburam Dharamshala949Shahjahanpur (NPP)
256Sadhan Sehkari Samiti1290Shahjahanpur (NPP)
258Devi Sampad Inter Collage1336Shahjahanpur (NPP)
260Adarsh School ????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
263Parishadiya Pri. School ???????Shahjahanpur (NPP)
267Km. Jyoti Prasad National Pub. School1362Shahjahanpur (NPP)
271Rehmaniya Jr. Highschool921Shahjahanpur (NPP)
272Mangalsen Inter Collage1405Shahjahanpur (NPP)
279City Montessory School486Shahjahanpur (NPP)
283Green Vally Pub. School750Shahjahanpur (NPP)
285Manokaran Jr. Highschool749Shahjahanpur (NPP)
286Secondry Schoo888Shahjahanpur (NPP)
288Gandhi Jr. High School890Shahjahanpur (NPP)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014