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Polling Booth in Shahganj Assembly Constituency

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Shahganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shahganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shahganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P S Surapur East Side865Surapur
2P S Surapur Middle Side896Surapur
3P S Khetapur633Khetapur
4P S Balmitpur356Balmeetpur
5P S Shekhpur1168Shekhpur
6P S Deeh Asharafabad North Side1037Deeha Asharfabad
7P S Deeh Asharafabad West Side870Deeha Asharfabad
9P S Ashokpur Khurd East Side482Ashokpur Khurd
10P S Ashokpur Khurd Middle Side132Poorabechu
11P M V Ashokpur Kala611Ashokpur Kalan
12P S Denuwa496Denua
13P S Zunedpur674Junedpur
14P S Rahimapur799Rahimapur
15Umv Amari West Side1213Amari
16P S Pura Asalat Khan Middle Side1237Pura Ashalat Khan
17P S Pura Sambhal Shah712Pura Sambhal Shah
19Pmv Misirpur402Misirpur
20Beej Godam Bhiwaraha270Bheorahan
21P S Mayari538Mayari
22P S Piparaul934Piparaul
23Jhs Sawayan North Side1220Sawain
24Jhs Sawayan South Side998Sawain
25Jhs Sawayan Middle Side656Sawain
26P S Sonara580Sonara
27P S Chilbili East Side1006Chilbili
28P S Chilbili West Side497Benipur Sarahara
29P S Gangauli1216Gangauli
30P S Badauna535Barauna
31P S Sari Jahangirpatti East Side964Sari Jahangir Patti
32P S Sari Jahangirpatti1074Sari Jahangir Patti
33P S Jainpur346Jainpur
35P S Ramnagar1179Ram Nagar
36P S Katghar East Side961Katghar
37P S Katghar833Katghar
39P S Kusiya Bahar441Kushiya Bahar
40P S Khanpur South Side1042Khanpur
41P S Ekdala814Ekadla
42P S Suithakala East Side1228Suetha Kalan
43P S Suithakala West Side666Suetha Kalan
44P S Suithakala1063Suetha Kalan
48P S Chhitampatti1012Chhitam Patti
49P S Dakaha422Dakaha
50P S Sarpataha774Sarpatha
51P S Rudhauli West Side316Rudhauli
53P S Rudhauli824Rudhauli
54P S Lalapur825Lalapur
55P S Kammarpur North Side1171Kammarpur
56P S Kammarpur South Side998Kammarpur
57P S Sukarna Kala814Sukarana Kalan
58P S Sukarna Kala South Side973Chiliram
59Jhs Bhaisauli1208Bhaisauli
60Jhs Bhaisauli West Side861Bhaisauli
62P S Biraili South Side1039Biraili
63Jhs Usrauli West Side986Usrauli
65Gandhi Smarak Inter College Samodhpur East Side1107Samodhpur
66Gandhi Smarak Inter College Samodhpur Middle Side871Samodhpur
67Gandhi Smarak Inter College Samodhpur West Side1424Samodhpur
68P S Lauda Middle Side1250Ledrahi
69P S Shahmau734Kishunpur
71P S Jamauli507Unchgaon
72P S Unchgaon North Side1146Unchgaon
74P S Bhela1366Mela
75Jhs Basauli East Side1035Basauli
77Jhs Dumduma1081Dumduma
78P S Amawa Khurd East Side914Amawan Kalan
79P S Amawa Kala East Side1075Paharajapur
80P S Amawa Kala802Ameraythua
81N I C Patti Narendrapur906Patti Narendrapur
82N I C Patti Narendrapur North Side804Patti Narendrapur
83N I C Patti Narendrapur Middle Side1323Patti Narendrapur
84N I C Patti Narendrapur South Side1230Patti Narendrapur
86P S Bhagasa East Side1253Bhagasa
87P S Bhagasa Middle Side1010Ahiyai
88T Smarak U M V Ishapur East Side1258Ishapur
89T Smarak U M V Ishapur Middle Side1082Ishapur
90P S Karimpur Bind852Kareempur Bind
91P S Paliya1444Paliya
92P S Shekhahi741Sheikhahi
93P S Adanpur681Arhanpur
95P S Bansgaon630Bansgaon
96P S Basupur North Side800Kuiripur
97P S Bagharwara757Bagharwara
99P S Hamjapur1268Khan Barepur
100Jhs Budupur East Side534Burhapur
101Jhs Budupur West Side997Burhupur
102Jhs Budupur Middle Side1173Burhupur
103P S Jahiruddinpur876Jahiruddinpur
104P S Sarai Mohiuddinpur1469Sarai Mohiuddenpur
105P S Kohada East Side554Gauspur
106P S Kohada West Side1094Kohra
107P S Kajipur605Kazipur
108P S Baragaon West Side1333Baragaon
109P S Baragaon Middle Side801Baragaon
111P S Bara Gaon East Side1078Baragaon
113P S Husenabad East Side1145Husenabad
114P S Husenabad West Side1308Husenabad
115Panchayat Bhawan Khanuwai North Side370Khanuwai
116Panchayat Bhawan Khanuwai South Side1026Khanuwai
117P S Pura Sarwan553Purasarwan
118P S Chetaraha690Chetrahan
119P S Mittupur369Mittupur
120P S Pura Dariyaon474Poora Dariyaw
121S Salempur846Salempur
122Jhs Baraud South Side831Baraud
123Jhs Baraud East Side504Mustafabad
124P S Jangipur878Zagipur
125P S Bhatauli565Bhatauli
126P S Bumkaha1294Bumkaha
127P S Bhusaudi795Bhusaundi
129Kisan Pmv Arasiya1237Arsiya
133P S Arsiya Sh Side639Bigadharia
134P S Basiraha868Basiraha
135P S Madawal550Mandwal
137P S Bandhgaon East Side1082Bandhgaon
138P S Bandhgaon West Side724Bandhgaon
139P S Sansarpatti941Sansar Patti
141P S Asaithapatti Baljor869Asaitha Patti Baljor
142Panchayat Bhawan Asaithapatti Naurang866Asaitha Patti Navrang
143Rambujharat Singh I C Gairwah East Side1215Gairwah
146Jhs Gairwah North Side989Gairwah
147Jhs Gairwah South Side757Gairwah
148P S Gairwah1103Gairwah
149P S Gairwah West Side494Gairwah
150Jhs Rampur East Side1400Rampur
151Jhs Rampur North Side1162Rampur
152P S Dhuripur783Dhuripur
153P S Godbadi870Gorabari
154P S Atardiha1215Atardeeha
155P S Argupur Kala Middle Side922Argoopur Kalan
157P S Argupur Kala West Side1467Argoopur Kalan
158K P S Argupur Kala1157Argoopur Kalan
161P S Danapur1014Danapur
162P S Latifpur West Side1392Lateefpur
163J H Kopa343Umariya
164P S Patti East Side653Purahariwansh
165P S Patti West Side1279Pura Airam
167P S Jamdara East Side1170Jamdara
168P S Chakesar372Chakesar
169P S Kopa North Side290Jainagara
170P S Kopa West Side709Kopa
172P S Mujaffarpur421Muzaffarpur
173P S Parasin North Side1006Golhagaor
175P S Parasin Middle Side259Parasin
176P S Parasin South Side1291Parasin
177P S Chhabawa1025Chhabawan
178P S Godila East Side666Kuriyari
180P S Argupur Khurd798Argoopur Khurd
182P S Barauna1225Barauna
183P S Kachhara386Kachhara
184P S Pakhanpur975Pakhanpur
185P S Takha Purab East Side1305Takha (East)
186P S Takha Purab West Side1278Takha (East)
187P S Takha Paschim West Side985Takha Mariyam (West)
190K P S Madawa Mohiuddinpur525Pathkhauli Pureaazam
192P S Shahganj East Side878Suirish
193P S Shahganj Middle Side707Suirish
194P S Shahganj West Side921Suirish
196Jhs Shahganj1276Bhadi
201P S Kaudiya East Side1001Kauriya
202P S Kaudiya South Side1465Kauriya
203P S Natauli1314Natauli
205K U M S Shahganj1124Shahganj (NPP)
208Shahganj Tehsil Office East Side934Shahganj (NPP)
210Shahganj Tehsil Office West Side964Shahganj (NPP)
211Shahganj Tehsil Office Middle Side1530Shahganj (NPP)
213P S Machharhatta805Shahganj (NPP)
215Nagar Palika Office Shahganj North Side1295Shahganj (NPP)
216Nagar Palika Office Shahganj South Side744Shahganj (NPP)
218Nagar Palika Office Shahganj890Shahganj (NPP)
220Balika I C Shahganj825Shahganj (NPP)
226Sir Saiyad I C Sabarhad1197Sabarahad
228P S Sabarhad North Side1336Sabarahad
229P S Sabarhad South Side1035Sabarahad
230P S Sabarhad Middle Side1180Sabarahad
231P S Newada959Newada
232P S Newada North Side621Bakuchi
233P M V Bharauli1269Jamdamipur
234P M V Bharauli South Side1059Bharauli
235Islamiya School Rafipur North Side1424Rafipur
236Islamiya School Rafipur South Side837Molanapur
237P S Dadsauli767Dandsawli
238Madrasa Islamiya Parakamal East Side1207Parakamal
239Madrasa Islamiya Parakamal North Side1295Parakamal
240P S Arand933Arand
244Panchayat Bhawan Asharafpur Usarahata1214Asharafpur Usarahata
246P S Majdeeha1145Majdeeha
247P S Domanpur East Side1399Majdeeha
248P S Sidhai959Sidhai
250P S Sahabe West Side1049Saefepur
251P S Sahabe Middle Side940Sahwai
252P S Dhadhwara Kala1267Dhadhwara Kalan
253P S Dhadhwara Khurd1139Dhadhwara Kalan
254P S Ranimau North Side830Ranimau
255P S Ranimau Middle Side886Ranimau
257P S Baddopur1252Baddopur
258P S Sethuapara1270Bchhopur
260P S Nijampur East Side990Nijampur
261P S Nijampur733Nijampur
262Panchayat Bhawan Samaisa484Samaisa
264P S Rasulpur976Rasoolpur
265P S Chhataikala1282Chathai Kalan
266P S Chhataikala Middle Side1018Chathai Kalan
267P S Malhaj New Building1077Chhatai Khurd
268P S Dipaipur972Dipaipur
269P S Aharpur611Aharpur
270Gajraj Singh I C Jamuniya North Side1076Jamuniya
271Gajraj Singh I C Jamuniya South Side1147Hissamuddinpur
272K P S Samsuddinpur512Shamshuddinpur
273P S Khartabpur978Khartappur
274Jhs Dehari West Side746Ngahara
275Jhs Dehari East Side1373Dehari
276P S Sultanpur Ghughuri Khand-11419Sultanpur Ghughuri
278P S Kadirapur1116Kadirpur
279P S Dhirauli Nankar1259Dhiraolli Nankar
280K P S Pataila1362Patayla
281P S Banahara West Side1154Banhara
282P S Makhdoompur New Building1389Makhadumpur
283Panchayat Bhawan Samsipur460Samshipur
284P S Mahmoodpur429Mahmoodpur
285P S Habibpur New Building1229Habibpur
286P S Kutubichak1068Kutubeechak
287P S Lakharaiya West Side429Lakhraiya
288P S Fatehgarh West Part803Ramraipur
289P S Fatehgarh West Side811Fateh Garh
291P S Bhiwrahan Kala611Bheurha Kalan
292P S Lakhraiyan446Upadhyapur
293I C Rasulpur Khand-1 East Side1423Rasoolpur
294I C Rasulpur Khand-2 South Side1269Rasoolpur
296Darul Ulum Hanafiya School Khwajapur1007Khwajapur
297P S Akbarpur West Side1171Akabarpur
298P S Firojpur953Firojpur
299P S Puradala546Udopatti
300P S Uchawadeeh657Uchwadeeha
301P S Loniyapatti1173Loniya Patti
302P S Banuwadeeh947Banuadeeh
304P S Darna North Side493Rampur
305P S Darna West Side1097Darana
307Jhs Bhagmalpur South Side1105Bhagamalpur
308P S Chak Besahudas Mafi Alias Gosaipur1158Chak Bisahudasa Maphi
309P S Suitha Khurd North Side870Suitha Khurd
310P S Suitha Khurd South Side1066Suitha Khurd
311P S Vishunpur North Side299Bishunpur
312P S Malookpur943Malookpur
313P S Sauraiyapatti West Side887Sauraeya
314P S Sauraiyapatti Middle Side1164Sauraeya
316P S Kanamau1020Shahabuddinpur
317P S Panauli North Side1255Panauli
318P S Panauli South Side1098Panauli
319P S Lawayan Middle Side1472Lavayen
320P S Lawayan South Side1034Lavayen
321P S Khalsapatti1047Khalasa Patti
323P S Sherpur West Side988Sherpur
324P S Sherpur1196Sherpur
325P S Asharafgarh408Asharafpur
326P S Saghanpur766Sadhanpur
327P S Kapasiya730Kapsiya
328Jhs Dihiya North Side1208Deheya
329Jhs Dihiya Khand-21495Deheya
330Jhs Dihiya Middle Side739Haiderpur
331P S Oina West Side1116Oena
332P S Rustampur708Rustampur
333P S Birampur West Side1102Birampur
334P S Birampur Middle Side1015Birampur
335P S Shahabuddinpur North Side877Shabuddinpur
336P S Usrauli1151Usraully
337P S Udaipur Dipi1223Udaipur Dipi
338P S Sherapatti1083Sherapatti
339G V Inter College Khutahan1240Kairadeeha
342P S Pilkichha Second Sthit Daulatpur788Pilkichha
344G V I C Khuthan1239Pilkichha
345P S Pilkichha First714Pilkichha
348P S Gobaraha654Gobaraha
349P S Tisauli1168Tisaulli
350P S Khutahan West Side1145Khutahan
351P S Khutahan Middle Side1323Khutahan
353P S Jamaluddinpur1171Jamaluddinpur
355Panchayat Bhawan Marhat East Side1288Marhat
356Panchayat Bhawan Marhat974Chakbarna
357P S Tighara Middle Side657Jaukabad
358P S Tighara North Side1393Tighara
359P S Gauspur1060Gauspur
361P S Mojipur West Side1237Mojipur
362P S Mubarakpur West Side1431Mubarakpur
363P S Mubarakpur Middle Side422Mubarakpur
364P S Anguli South Side832Anguli
367P S Khanpur1000Khanpur
368P S Gulara1028Gulara
369P S Shekhpur Sutauli East Side992Shekhpur Sutauli
370P S Shekhpur Sutauli994Shekhpur Sutauli

Last Updated on November 15, 2014