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Polling Booth in Sevapuri Assembly Constituency

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Sevapuri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sevapuri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sevapuri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
3P.P.Jagatipur1181Jagati Pur
4P.P. Rasulaha R.No.11105Rasulaha
5P.P.Rasulaha R.No 2737Mdela
6P.P.Kapsethi R.No 1963Kapsethi
7P.P. Kapsethi R.No.2787Kapsethi
8B.P.P. Hittapur811Birapur
9P.P. Banauli R.No.1554Banauli
10P.P. Banauli R.No.2843Banauli
12P.P. Majhiyar784Majhiyarpur
13P.P. Baradih R.No.11115Bara Dih
14P.P.Baradih R. No.2975Bara Dih
15K.P.P.Kalika Bazar1188Bazar Kalika
16Panchyat Bhawan Haribhanpur1289Harbanspur
17P.P. Odarha658Anoli
18P.P. Domaila R.No.1714Domaila
19P.P. Domaila R.No.2719Domaila
20P.P. Chhaterimanapur R.No.11226Chhateri Manapur
21P.P.Chhaterimanapur R.No.21055Chhateri Manapur
22Nayay Panchayat Thathara Ka Bhawan1033Chhateri Manapur
23P.P. Chitrasenpur R.No 11222Chitarsenpur
24P.P..Chitrasenpur R. No.21385Chitarsenpur
25J.H.School Thathara R.No.11267Tatehara
26J.H.School Thathara R.No.21106Tatehara
27J.H.School Thathara R.No.3911Tatehara
28J.H.School Thathara R.No41045Tatehara
29J.H.School Thathara R.No5936Tatehara
30J.H.School Thathara R.No.6918Tatehara
31P.P. Bherhaha (Kataiya)914Bhadwan
32P.M.J.H.School Biharha R847Bihara
35P.P. Gudiya1462Guria
36P.P. Lalpur R.No 11230Lalpur
37P.P.Lalpur R.No.2843Ledwai
38P.P. Kansraipur884Kansraipur
39P.P. Mankaiya R.No.11390Bhorkala
40P.P.Mankaiya R.No.2671Bhorkala
41P.P.Newdiya R.No11354Newada
43P.P. Jogiyapur1003Birapur
44P.P. Khalispur R.No.1979Khalishpur
45P.P. Khalispur R.No .2884Khalispur
46P.P.Adamapur R.No.1953Adampur
47P.P.Adamapur R.No.2731Adampur
48P.P. Amini R.No.11094Adampur
49P.P. Amini R.No.21312Amini
50P.P.Amini R.No.3655Amini
51P.P. Banshipur867Badipur
52J.H.School Nahwanipur1314Nahwanipur
54P.P. Belawa R.No.1845Belwa
55P.P. Belawa R.No.2664Belwa
56P.P. Suilara550Suilara
59K.J. H.School Khandhak641Khandakh
61P.P.Barki R.No.11282Barki
62P.P.Barki R.No.21370Barki
63P.P. Rampur Pratham R.No.11809Rampur
64P.P.Rampur Pratham R.No.2428Rampur
65P.P. Sakalpur1234Rampur
66P.P.Loharadih R.No.1833Rampur
67P.P.Loharadih R.No.2851Lohara Dih
68Panchayat Bhawan Barsata514Barsata
69Panchayat Bhawan Bharhariya1234Bharharia
70B.V. Purshiv1145Amini
71P.P. Bhikhampur R.No.11236Bhikhampur
72P.P.Bhikhampur R.No.21420Bhikhampur
74Aganbadi Kenda Arjunpur594Arjunpur
75P.P. Dilawalpur R.No1812Dilavalpur
76P.P.Dilawalpur R.No.2754Dilavalpur
77P.P. Matuka R.No.11493Matuka
78P.P. Matuka R.No.2963Matuka
79P.P. Ramdih965Ramdih
80P.M.J.H.School Sirihara R.No.11144Sirhira
81M.P.J. H. School Sirihara R. No.2511Chaklola
82P.P. Gajepur1157Gajepur
83P.P. Samudayik Milan Kendra Newada842Newada
85P.P. Raghunathpur1263Raghunathpur
86P.P. Daulatiya R. N0.1594Raghunathpur
87P.P.Daulatiya R.No.2816Daulatiya
88P.P.Daulatiya R.No.3661Mokarwan
89P.P. Gajapur531Gajapur
91P.P. Bankat1064Bankat
92P.P.Uparwar R.No.11164Bankat
93P.P.Uparwar R.No.2640Khillupura
94P.P. Ghiosila894Ghosila
95J.H.School Gosila710Dubepur
97P.P. Besahupur R.No.11364Dandoopur
98P.P. Besahupur R.No.21112Beshupur
99P.P.Pachwar Ke Baundi Ke Andar R.No1667Pachwar
100P.P.Pachwar Ke Baundi Ke Andar R.No.2920Pachwar
101P.P. Sonbarsa907Sonbarsa
104P.P.Barani R.No.11093Sonbarsa
105P.P.Barani R.No.2752Barai
107P.P. Khargupur680Kahrgupur
108P.P.Deipur R.No.11143Deipur
109P.P.Deipur R.No.2991Deipur
110P.P.Deipur R.No.3404Deipur
111P.P. Sarangpur840Sarang Pur
112P.P. Heerapur R.No.11011Badora
113P.P.Heerapur R.No.21117Hirapur
114P.P. Nonkhara1033Nonkharan
115P.V. Purandarpur R. No.1892Sumerapur
116P.V. Purandarpur R. No.2773Purandarpur
117P.P.Khemapur1333Kama Pur
118Panchayat Bhawan Gorai1208Gorai
119P.P.Kardhana R.No.1818Kardhana
120P.P.Kardhana R.No.21402Kardhana
121P.P.Kardhana R.No.3514Kardhana
122P.P.Kardhana R.No.4541Kardhana
123P.P.Kapsethi R.No.51371Kardhana
124P.P.Kardhana R.No.61062Kardhana
125P.P.Kardhana R.No.71275Kardhana
126P.P. Jalalpur1078Jalalpur
127P.P.Jalalpur R. No.2926Naipur Kala
128Purva M.Kanya Vidyalay Jansa1033Jansa
132Panchayat Bhawan Kurusato1305Rakhi
134P.P. Sattanpur R.No.1899Sattanpur
135P.P. Sattanpur R.No.21199Sattanpur
136J.H.School Khamauna560Khamauna
138B.P.P.Newada R.No.1736Newada
139B.P.P.Newada R.No.2890Lachhipur
141B. P.P. Tenduee R. N0. 1967Tendui
142B. P.P. Tenduee R. N0. 2551Tendui
143B. P.P. Tenduee R. N0. 3635Tendui
144B. P.P. Tenduee R. N0. 41217Tendui
145Panchayat Bhawan Chaukhandi1109Cokhndi
147Shri Laxminaryan B.V. Hariharpu616Cokhndi
148P.P. Sato528Cokhndi
149P.P. Khadaura R. No.1988Kothila
150P.P. Khadaura R. No.2746Khdora
151I. C. Hathi R. No .11127Khdora
152I. C. Hathi R. No .21094Hathi
153I. C. Hathi R. No .31037Hathi
154Panchayat Bhawan Maniyaripur895Maniyari Pur
155Panchayat Bhawan Amripur709Amripur
156P.P.Kundariya R.No.1939Kundriya
157P.P.Kundariya R.No.2864Kundriya
158P.P.Kurauna R.No.1865Kurauna
159P.P.Kurauna R.No.2751Kurhua
160Panchayat Bhawan Parmandapur1379Parmanandpur (CT)
161P.P. Parmandapur R.No1672Parmanandpur (CT)
162P.P. Parmandapur R.No.2859Parmanandpur (CT)
163P.P.Jawaharnagar Deendaspur R.No.1934Dindaspur (CT)
164P.P.Jawaharnagar Deendaspur R.No.21064Dindaspur (CT)
165P.P.Jawaharnagar Deendaspur R.No.31253Dindaspur (CT)
168B.P.P.Benipur R.No.1947Benipur (CT)
169B.P.P.Benipur R.No.2769Benipur (CT)
170B.P.P.Benipur R.No.31007Benipur (CT)
171K.P.P.Benipur R.No.1995Benipur (CT)
172K.P.P.Benipur R.No.2878Benipur (CT)
173K.P.P.Benipur R.No.3957Benipur (CT)
174K.P.P.Benipur R.No.4978Benipur (CT)
175K.P.P.Benipur R.No.5844Benipur (CT)
176P.P.Pratappur R. No.11418Pratappur
177P.P.Pratappur R. No.2590Pratappur
178J.H.School Mirzamurad690Bhikhipur
181P.P. Khajuri R. No. 11120Khajuri
182P.P.Khajuri R.No.2780Khajuri
183P.P.Khajuri R.No.3697Khajuri
184Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.1902Gora
185Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.2998Gora
186Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.3972Gora
187Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.41173Gora
188Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.5913Gora
189Kisan I.C. Mirzamuradpur Gaur R.No.6820Kosara
190P.P. Pure R. No.11050Pure
191P.P.Pure R.No-21269Pure
192P.P.Pure R.No-31176Pure
195Panchayat Bhawan Gurudaspur609Gurudaspur
196P.P. Daddupur433Jalhupur
197P.P.Pilori R.No.1936Pilori
198P.P.Pilori R.No.2887Pilori
199P.P. Ashadh609Ashar
200P.P. Rajpur684Rajpur
202P.P.Kallipur R.No-1769Kallipur (CT)
203P.P.Khajuri R.No.-2907Kallipur (CT)
204P.P.Kallipur R.No-3797Kallipur (CT)
205P.P.Kallipur R.No-41039Kallipur (CT)
206B.S.N.N.U.M.V. Mubarakpur941Mubarakpur
208P.M.V.Mehadiganj R. No.-1914Mehandiganj
209P.M.V.Mehadiganj R. No.-2855Mehadiganj
210P.M.V.Mehadiganj R. No.-31507Mehadiganj
211P.P.Mehadiganj R.No-11328Mehadiganj
212P.P.Mehadiganj R.No-2740Mehadiganj
214Janta I.C. Khochawa557Khochwa
215P.P. Khochawa1441Khochwa
216P.P.Ramsinghpur R. No-1718Ramsinghpur
217P.P.Ramsinghpur R. No-21049Atarsuia
219P.P. Mogalaveer1130Moglabir
221P.P. Rupapur1207Rupapur
222P.P.Madhukarshahpur1320Madhukar Shahpur
223P.P. Danghariya1359Daghariya
224P.P.Nayapur R. No-1932Nawapur
225P.P.Nayapur R. No-2792Todarpur
226P.P. Kharagrampur1160Tribhuvanpur
227P.P.Rakhauna R.No-11085Rakhauna
228P.P.Rakhauna R.No-21061Rakhauna
229P.P. Bhikharipur R.No-1330Bhikharipur
230P.P.Bhikharipur R.No_21368Bhikharipur
232P.P.Verbhanpur R.No-21329Bairwan
234P.P.Verbhanpur R.No-3735Berbhanpur
235P.P.Verbhanpur R.No-4965Berbhanpur
236P.P.Harsos R. No-11198Harsos
237P.P.Harsos R. No-21309Harsos
238P.P.Harsos R. No-3844Harsos
239P.P.Harsos R. No-4913Harsos
240P.P.Harsos R. No-51362Harsos
241P.P. Ganjari R. No.-21220Ganjari
242P.P.Ganjari R.No-2889Ganjari
243P.P.Ganjari R.No-3904Ganjari
244P.P.Dhadhorpur R.No.1789Todarpur
245P.P.Dhadhorpur R.No.2870Todarpur
246P.P. Kshishnadattapur R. No-1528Krasndattpur
247P.P.Krishandattapur R. No-2784Khemaipur
248P.P. Mangwar776Krasndattpur
249B.P.P. Gajapur R. No. 1933Gajapur
250B.P.P.Gazapur R.N-21158Bhikhampur
251B.P. P.Belaudi942Bhikhampur
252Panchayat Bhawan Meerawan Belaudi900Mirawan
253B.P.P.Narsara R. No-1690Narsara
254B.P.P.Narsara R. No-2993Narsara
255Chamela Devi B.V. Veersinghpur R.No-155592Birsinghpur
256Chamela Devi B.V. Veersinghpur R.No-2379Birsinghpur
257B.V.J.H.School Milkipur634Birsinghpur
258B.P.P.Maruee R.No-11061Birsinghpur
259B.P.P.Maruee R.No-21092Mureri
260B.P.P.Maruee R.No-3810Mureri
261B.P. P.Marui R. S.-4803Mureri
262Rishi Naryan J. H.School Jamunipur705Tilanga
263I.C.Jakkhani R.No-11106Tilanga
264I.C.Jakkhani R.No-21203Jakhini
265I.C.Jakkhani R.No-3445Ramaipur
266I.C.Jakkhani R.No-5687Barikpur
267P.P. Pachai888Pachai( No2 )
268P.P.Sihorawa R.No-1882Shihorwa
269P.P.Sihorawa R.No-2833Shihorwa
270J.H.School Shahanshahpur729Sahansapur
271J.H.School Shahanshahpur-2761Sahansapur
272J.H.School Shahanshahpur-3730Sahansapur
273J.H.School Shahanshahpur-4844Sahansapur
274J.H.School Shahanshahpur-5849Sahansapur
275J.H.School Shahanshahpur-6850Sahansapur
276B.P.P.Paniyara R. No.11389Paniyara
277B.P.P.Paniyara R. No.21267Dhanapur
278P.P.Singhahi R.No-1409Singhai
279P.P.Singhahi R.No-2760Singhai
280P.P. Chandapur R.No-1943Chandapur
281P.P.Chandapur R. No-3775Chandapur
282P.P. Chandapur R.No-3997Chandapur
283P.P. Jayapur R. No-11052Chandapur
284P.P.Jayapur R.No-21031Jayapur
285P.P. Kachahariya814Kachhariya
286B.V. Harinampur731Harnampur
287P.P. Mahagaon R.No.11407Mahgoan
288P.P.Mahagaon R. No-21644Mahgoan
290Dharmshala Bhimchandi R.No-1716Gobindpur
291Dharmshala Bhimchandi R.No-2643Gobindpur
292P.P. Deepapur R. No-21254Depapur
293P.P. Budhapur986Burapur
294P.P. Harpur1452Harpur
295P.P. Aswari R. No-11061Aswari
296P.P.Aswari R.No-2902Aswari
297Panchayat Bhawan Ranibazar1125Ranibazar
298P.P.Kachanar R.No-1868Kachnar (CT)
299P.P.Kachanar R.No-2675Kachnar (CT)
300P.P. Kachanar R. No-3869Kachnar (CT)
301P.P. Kachanar R. No-4644Kachnar (CT)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014