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Polling Booth in Sandi Assembly Constituency

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Sandi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sandi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sandi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2K.J.H.S. Akhvelpur Malva1067Akhwailpur Malwa
3P.P. Tilmai Kheda M. Akhbelpur Malba688Akhwailpur Malwa
4P.P. Sadullapur1244Sadullapur
5P.P. Kherva Amjadpur440Kherwa Amjadpur
6P.P. Gausapur M. Saetiyapur503Saintiapur
7Saitayapur P.P. R.N. 11210Saintiapur
8Saitayapur P.P. R.N. 2679Saintiapur
9J.H.S. Sagaichamau1378Sagaicha Mau
10P.P. Semra M. Sagaichamau642Sagaicha Mau
11P.P. Pirhathiya M. Jajwasi748Jajwasi
12P.P. Jajwasi1339Jajwasi
13P.P. Amlaukha502Jajwasi
14P.P. Baghrai R.N. 2958Bagh Rai
16P.P. Murauligwal684Murauli Gwal
17J.H.S. Lahouripurwa M. Saidapur898Saidapur
18P.P. Saidapur477Saidapur
19P.P. Adampur R.N.1888Adampur
20P.P. Adampur R.N.2832Adampur
21P.P. Extra R. Adampur930Adampur
22K.P.P. Chhitepur M. Aadampur347Adampur
23P.P. Santosshanpurwa M. Koilai381Koilaee
24P.P. Koilai609Koilaee
25P.P. Odra697Odara Kadim
26P.P. Rasoolpur Aima657Rasoolpur Aima
27P.P. Mirzapur465Mirzapur
28P.P. Bhaourajpur538Mirzapur
29J.H.S. Sandi N.P.P.R.N. 1940Sandi (NPP)
30J.H.S. Sandi N.P.P.R.N. 2917Sandi (NPP)
31J.H.S. Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 3576Sandi (Rural)
32P.P. Khalsa Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 1814Sandi (NPP)
33P.P. Khalsa N.P.P. Sandi Extra. Room837Sandi (NPP)
34P.P. Khalsa Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 21278Sandi (NPP)
35P.P. Khirkiya N.P.P. Sandi643Sandi (NPP)
36P.P. Nababganj Sandi N.P.P. R.N.11065Sandi (NPP)
37P.P. Nababganj Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 2986Sandi (NPP)
38B.K. Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 1792Sandi (NPP)
39B.K. Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 21061Sandi (NPP)
40K.P.P. Naoushahra Sandi N.P.P.1353Sandi (NPP)
41K.J.H.S. Naoushahra Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 11317Sandi (NPP)
42K.J.H.S. Naoushahra Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 21386Sandi (NPP)
43Vishwabandhu I.C. Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 1494N/A
44Vishwabandhu I.C. Sandi N.P.P. R.N. 21161Sandi (NPP)
45Ka.N.P.P. Sandi R.N. 1767Sandi (NPP)
46Ka.N.P.P. Sandi R.N. 2930Sandi (NPP)
47P.P. Behti Chiragpur614Behti Chiragpur
48P.P. Bhikhpur630Bhikhpur
49P.P. Parsapur729Parsapur
50P.P. Murauli Katheriyan R.N. 1835Murauli Katheria
51P.P. Murauli Katheriyan R.N. 2709Murauli Katheria
52P.P. Nekpur Hatimpur782Nekpur Hatimpur
53P.P. Bhaerampur632Bhairampur
54P.P. Chaoudhariyapur R.N. 1864Chaudhariapur
55P.P. Chaoudhariyapur R.N. 2839Chaudhariapur
56P.P. Masoodpur576Masoodpur
57P.P. Bhaupurwa M. Sakheda424Sakherha
58P.P. Mitmitpur761Mitmitpur Pansala
59P.P. Ganjari622Ganjari
60J.H.S. Kuwariyapur792Kaeemau Kuvariapur
61P.P. Kaimau801Kaeemau Kuvariapur
62P.P. Sakheda1308Sakherha
63J.H.S. Dhondhi R.N. 11275Dhondhi
64J.H.S. Dhondhi R.N. 2431Dhondhi
65P.P. Naupurwa M. Dhondhi414Dhondhi
66P.P. Aliyapur M. Siraichmau888Aliapur
67P.P. Hasnapur R.N. 11280Hasnapur
68P.P. Hasnapur R.N. 21077Hasnapur
69P.P. Samjalpur806Sanjalpur
70P.P. Jaraoulikalan R.N. 1914Jarauli Kalan Pansala
71P.P. Jaraoulikalan R.N. 22816Jarauli Kalan Pansala
72P.P. Dhandhamau1038Dhandhamau
73P.P. Azmatnagar1388Azmat Nagar Pansala
74P.P. Rampur Majhiyara1134Rampur Maghiyara
75J.H.S. Dharampur M. Rampur Majhiyara688Rampur Maghiyara
76P.P. Terwa Chandpur603Terwa Chandpur
77P.P. Nekpur Newada1002Nekpur Newada
78P.P. Panura352Panthora
79P.P. Dhansari576Dhansari
80P.P. Siraichmau300Siraichmau
81P.P. Aalapur448Alapur
82P.P. Behta Bujurg R.N. 11015Behta Bujurg
83P.P. Behta Bujurg R.N. 2756Behta Bujurg
84J.H.S. Durgaganj R.N. 11214Durgaganj
85J.H.S. Durgaganj R.N. 21197Durgaganj
86P.P. Saraouna M. Durgaganj442Durgaganj
87P.P. Dhondhpur955Dhondhpur
88Panchayatghar Hasaouliya805Hansaulia
89P.P. Sahoriya R.N. 11047Sahora
90P.P. Sahora R.N. 2326Sahora
91P.P. Madara778Madara
92P.P. Nababganj M. Pindari672Pindari
93P.P. Daghelapurwa M. Pindari446Pindari
94P.P. Jatpura623Jatpura
95J.H.S. Pindari R.N. 1934Pindari
96J.H.S. Pindari R.N. 2866Pindari
97P.P. Teriya894Teria
98P.P. Paraounchi965Parauchi
99P.P. Chachrapur1494Chachrapur
100P.P. Majhiya458Manjhia
101J.H.S. Rasoolpur Goa942Rasoolpur Goa
102P.P. Khutehna650Khutehna
103P.P. Gandhi M. Khutehna654Gandhi
104P.P. Ullamau905Ullamau
105P.P. Dateli M. Kakedi381Kakerhi
106P.P. Kakedi R.N. 2885Kakerhi
108P.P. Akhnapur700Akhnapur
109P.P. Madhaoupur1091Madhopur
110P.P. Sathra R.N. 11104Sathra
111P.P. Sathra R.N. 21117Sautera
112P.P. Peng R.N. 11149Peng
113P.P. Peng R.N. 2818Peng
114P.P. Sarra R.N. 1774Sarra
115P.P. Sarra U. Bhag 1785Sarra
116P.P. Sarra U. Bhag 2853Sarra
117P.P. Jura1051Joora
118P.P. Ratnapur M. Jura1401Joora
119A.K.I.C. Bhadaicha R.N. 11065Bhadeicha
120A.K.I.C. Bhadaicha R.N. 2887Deoriya
121P.P. Bhadaicha R.N. 1915Bhadeicha
122P.P. Bhadaicha R.N. 2752Bhadeicha
123P.P. Asheyuli1303Aseulee
124P.P. Devariya811Deoriya
125P.P. Khajurahra R.N. 11335Khaju Rahrn
126P.P. Khajurahra R.N. 21228Khaju Rahrn
127K.J.H.S. Barha M. Khajurahra R.N. 1847Khaju Rahrn
128K.J.H.S. Barha M. Khajurahra R.N. 2667Khaju Rahrn
129J.H.S. Khajurahra R.N. 21416Khaju Rahrn
130J.H.S. Khajurahra R.N. 31243Khaju Rahrn
131J.H.S. Khajurahra R.N. 4703Khaju Rahrn
132P.P. Sathri M. Khajurahra R.N. 1852Khaju Rahrn
133P.P. Sathri M. Khajurahra R.N. 2941Khaju Rahrn
134P.P. Sursa R1296Sursaa
135P.P. Newada752Nevada
136P.P. Odranevaliya U. Bhag1153Oeranevliya
137P.P. Odranevaliya D. Bhag1129Oeranevliya
138P.P. Dholiya R.N. 11060Dholiya
139P.P. Dholiya R.N. 2459Dholiya
140P.P. Malihamau689Malihamau
141P.P. Bausra1438Bausra
142J.H.S. Husiyapur R.N. 1998Husiyapur
143J.H.S. Husiyapur R.N. 2928Husiyapur
144J.H.S. Sugwan R.N. 11174Sugwan
145J.H.S. Sugwan R.N. 2879Sugwan
146P.P. Ramapur398Ramapur
147P.P. Fathiyapur R.N. 1988Fatiyapur
148P.P. Fathiyapur R.N. 2884Fatiyapur
149P.P. Fathiyapur Extra Room802Fatiyapur
150P.P. Virahimpur1040Vira Himpur
151P.P. Mohkampur484Mohakampur
152P.P. Kamrauli940Kam Rauli
153P.P. Bhith512Mohakampur
154J.H.S. Turtipur R.N. 11296Turteepur
155J.H.S. Turtipur R.N. 21120Turteepur
156P.P. Rampur M. Umrapur Pu. Bhag1004Umrapur
157P.P. Rampur M. Umrapur P. Bhag1263Umrapur
158P.P. Bahraiya778Bahraiya
159P.P. Sarsaiya1365Sarsaiya
160P.P. Ichhnapur M. Myouni882Mayoni
161P.P. New Myouni R.N. 1995Mayoni
162P.P. New Myouni R.N. 21185Mayoni
163P.P. Khutehna M. Tikri1372Tikari
164Panchayatghar M. Dhinnitusaoura883Tikari
165P.P. Kairmair452Kairmar
166P.P. Bhateura823Mayoni
167P.P. Badaoua1486Bardaua
168P.P. Bhainamau R.N. 1890Maina Mau
169P.P. Bhainamau R.N. 21437Maina Mau
170P.P. Sindhuamau R.N. 1744Singhua Mau
171P.P. Sindhuamau R.N. 2954Singhua Mau
172P.P. Abdulpur518Abdulpur
173P.P. Keharmau1081Keharmau
174J.H.S. Pachkohra R.N. 1981Pachkohra
175J.H.S. Pachkohra R.N. 2804Pachkohra
176P.P. Karahi1228Karahi
177J.H.S. Punniyan R.N. 1826Punniya
178J.H.S. Punniyan R.N. 2878Punniya
179J.H.S. Fareedapur R.N. 1884Fareedapur
180J.H.S. Fareedapur R.N. 2808Fareedapur
181P.P. Fareedapur R.N. 11095Fareedapur
182P.P. Fareedapur R.N. 2634Fareedapur
183P.P. New Wallipur1317Balleepur
184P.P. New Barradal Singh M. Wallipur1022Balleepur
185P.P. Purana Gaurpur M. Wallipur884Balleepur
186P.P. Ainua664Anua
187P.P. Vaishpur327Baishpur
188P.P. Jarera526Jarera
189P.P. Danmandi550Danmandi
190P.P. Daudpur697Daudpur
191P.P. Masit M. Karimnaagar Saidapur R.N. 1909Karim Nagar Saidapur
192P.P. Masit M. Karimnaagar Saidapur R.N. 2841Karim Nagar Saidapur
193P.P. Karimnaagar Saidapur R.N. 11226Karim Nagar Saidapur
194P.P. Karimnaagar Saidapur R.N. 2732Karim Nagar Saidapur
195P.P. Karimnaagar Saidapur R.N. 3851Karim Nagar Saidapur
196P.P. Keshwan1167Kesvan
197P.P. Kaimau R.N. 11119Kaimau
198P.P. Kaimau R.N. 21083Kaimau
199P.P. Saripur Hiralal1008Saareepur Heeralal
200P.P. Kasmandi1294Kasmandee
201P.P. Samrehta M. Kasmandi1226Kasmandee
202Panchayatghar Madhiya M. Thokmadhaou R.N. 1931Fareedapur
203Panchayatghar Madhiya M. Thokmadhaou R.N. 2853Thok Bandho
204J.H.S. Viktoriyaganj1265Victoriya Ganj
205P.P. Viktoriyaganj R.N. 11287Victoriya Ganj
206P.P. Viktoriyaganj R.N. 21370Victoriya Ganj
207P.P. Lokwapur1222Lokwapur
208P.P. Bhhithadan R.N. 11243Behta Chand
209P.P. Bhhithadan R.N. 2779Bhitha Dan
210P.P. Wyourapur448Umrapur
211P.P. Hasbaraouli1234Hans Barauli
212P.P. Gowardhanpur R.N. 11185Govardhanpur
213P.P. Gowardhanpur R.N. 21041Govardhanpur
214P.P. Shuklapur M. Dighiya1092Dudhiya
215P.P. Hoosepur R.N. 11149Husepur
216P.P. Hoosepur R.N. 21025Hunsepur
217P.P. Thok Kaboolpur1182Thok Kaboolpur
218P.P. Katka1069Katka
219P.P. Majhigaawan Ramguulam652Majhigawan Ramgulam
220J.H.S. Ahiri R.N. 1906Ahri
221J.H.S. Ahiri R.N. 21447Ahri
222P.P. Athaoua1228Athaua
223A.B.S.A.K.A. Ahirori1492Ahirori
224J.H.S. Ahirori R.N. 1895Ahirori
225J.H.S. Ahirori R.N. 2972Ahirori
226J.H.S. Ahirori R.N. 3611Ahirori
227P.P. Ahirori1089Ahirori
228J.H.S. Kot724Kot
229P.P. Sahulpur1389Sahulpur
230P.P. Mangola Pur R.N. 1786Mangolapur
231P.P. Mangola Pur R.N. 21423Mangolapur
232P.P. Shital Ganj M. Bhudiya682Muthiya
233J.H.S. Atwa Kataiya R.N. 11355Atwa Kataiyn
234J.H.S. Atwa Kataiya R.N. 2761Atwa Kataiyn
235J.H.S. Atwa Kataiya R.N. 3778Atwa Kataiyn
236P.P. Badaouli R.N. 1781Badauli
237P.P. Badaouli R.N. 2814Badauli
238P.P. Baksapur1266Baksapur
239P.P. Maahinkund1203Maheen Kund
240P.P. Akbarpur407Akbarpur
241P.P. Baruar963Baruar
242P.P. Hasnapur332Hasanapur
243P.P. Raoutapur659Raotapur
244P.P. Karimnagar Jalalpur978Karem Nagar Jalalpur
245P.P. Jalalpur M. Karimnagar300Karem Nagar Jalalpur
246P.P. Jamuniya909Jamuniya
247P.P. Sonaoua893Sonoiya
248P.P. Pattipur650Patteepur
249P.P. Dhaprapur575Dhafrapur
250P.P. Sadiyapur575Sadiapur
251P.P. Nayagaean Dewariya1069Naya Gaon Deoriya
252P.P. Kherwa Kamalpur969Kherwa Kamalpur
253P.P. Basen R.N.11046Basen
254P.P. Base R.N. 2746Basen
255P.P. Umrapur Ka. Bramda1439Umrapur
256P.P. Palpur Bairagi Kheda1266Palpur Baragi Khera
257P.P. Palpur Bairagi Kheda Ka. Bramda657Palpur Baragi Khera
258P.P. Jasu1319Jasoo
259P.P. Neebhi649Neebhi
260Panchayatghar Gopar R.N. 1877Gopar
261P.P. Gopar R.N. 1910Gopar
262P.P. Gopar R.N. 2902Gopar
263P.P. Devgan491Devgan
264P.P. Dhirjakhera M. Godadhar R.N. 11014Gorda Dhar
265P.P. Dhirjakhera M. Godadhar R.N. 2813Gorda Dhar
266P.P. Baghaouli R.N. 1909Baghauli
267P.P. Baghaouli Extra Room996Baghauli
270J.H.S. Baghaouli R.N. 1833Baghauli
271J.H.S. Baghaouli R.N. 2864Baghauli
272P.P. Gadan Pur R.N. 11130Gadanpur
273P.P. Gadan Pur R.N. 2961Gadanpur
274P.P. Kamoliya905Kamolia
275P.P. Pipona1348Pipona
276P.P. Bamhnakheda971Bamhna Kherda
277P.P. Dhatankheda M. Khajurmai R.N. 11150Khajur Mai
278P.P. Dhatankheda M. Khajurmai R.N. 2836Khajur Mai
279P.P. Hathiyayaee813Hathiyai
280P.P. Hadha1337Hardha
281P.P. Goswa M. Adangapur R.N. 1917Arongapur
282P.P. Goswa M. Adangapur R.N. 2687Arongapur
283P.P. Gangapur1256Gangapur
284P.P. Rawbahadurpur1220Rao Bahadur
285P.P. Lodhi R.N. 11283Lodhi
286P.P. Lodhi R.N. 21018Lodhi
287P.P. Adilapur M. Bhelawan R.N. 1803Bhelawau
288P.P. Adilapur M. Bhelawan R.N. 2903Bhelawau
289P.P. Matua826Matua
290P.P. Bannapur948Bannapur
291P.P. Rghunathpur M. Bannapur1224Bannapur
292P.P. Sahoriya Bujurg R.N. 11261Sahoriya Bujurg
293P.P. Sahoriya Bujurg R.N. 2872Sahoriya Bujurg
294P.P. Sahoriya Bujurg Extra Room878Sahoriya Bujurg
295J.H.S. Pahuntera R.N. 1723Pahnutera
296J.H.S. Pahuntera R.N. 2761Pahnutera
297P.P. Pahuntera R.N. 11033Pahnutera
298P.P. Pahuntera R.N. 2704Pahutera
299P.P. Achhramau1123Achra Mau
300J.H.S. Beekapur R.N. 11204Beekapur
301J.H.S. Beekapur R.N. 21084Beekapur
302P.P. Marsa R.N. 11360Marsa
303P.P. Marsa R.N. 2869Marsa
304P.P. Paouthepurwa M. Mahurakalan1318Mahura Kalan
305P.P. Saountera R.N.1832Sautera
306P.P. Saountera R.N.2845Sautera
307J.H.S. Saountera R.N.11122Sautera
308J.H.S. Saountera R.N.2779Sautera
309J.H.S. Odra Pachlai1292Odra Pachlai
310J.H.S. Chettapurwa M. Odrapachlai R.N. 1801Odra Pachlai
311J.H.S. Chettapurwa M. Odrapachlai R.N. 2848Odra Pachlai
312P.P. Itkeriya M. Aichamau1134Achra Mau
313P.P. Dahiti Salkupur R.N. 11276Dahti Salukpur
314P.P. Dahiti Salkupur R.N. 2642Dahti Salukpur
315P.P. Dahigawan769Dahigawan
316P.P. Dalelpur1296Dalelpur
317P.P. Tundval R.N. 11236Tundwal
318P.P. Tundval R.N. 21021Tundwal
319P.P. Andharra R.N. 1767Andhara
320P.P. Andharra R.N. 2964Andhara
321J.H.S. Mona R.N. 11259Mona
322J.H.S. Mona R.N. 2692Mona
323P.P. Lalauli603Lalolee

Last Updated on November 15, 2014