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Polling Booth in Sambhal Assembly Constituency

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Sambhal Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sambhal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sambhal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pri. School Ratupura Room-1805N/A
2Pri. School Ratupura Room-2785N/A
3Ju. Hi. School Ratupura Room-1817N/A
4Ju. Hi. School Ratupura Room-2825Ratupur
5Pri. School Nagla Needar986N/A
6Pri. School Khaimpur675N/A
7Pri. School Sevapur888N/A
8Pri. School Bhaisoda1185Bhasoda
9Pri. School Bhaisoda Room-2939Bhasoda
10Ju. Hi. School Gumsani Room-11361Gumsani
11Ju. Hi. School Gumsani Room-21104Gumsani
12Kisan Seva Kandra Gumsani Room-1764Gumsani
13Kisan Seva Kandra Gumsani Room-2868Gumsani
14Pri. School Dhak Shaheed673Dhak Shahid
15Pri. School Kamalpur Kafoorpur1260Kamalpur Kafoorpur
16Pri. School Saidpur Jairam1400Saidpur Jayram
17Pri. School Seedal Mafi1123Sidal Mafi
18Pri. School Machhari732Machhari
19Pri. School Buknala Room-11128Buknala
20Pri. School Buknala Room-2947Buknala
21Pri. School Dhondi804Dondi
22Pri. School Dehri Jaggu975Dehri Jaggu
23Pri. School Harthala Room-1954Harthala
24Pri. School Harthala Room-2811Harthala
25Pri. School Saindhri Room-11211Saindhri
26Pri. School Saindhri Room-21096Saindhri
27Pri. School Bataua984Battva
28Pri. School Shahpur Chamaran Room-11357Shahpur Chamaran
29Pri. School Shahpur Chamaran Room-21019Shahpur Chamaran
30Pri. School Khabri Bhola1042Khabri Bhola
31Pri. School Tatarpur Majra Batoa1054Tatarpur Majra Bataua
32Pri. School Fattehulla Ganj Room-1868Fatehulla Ganj
33Pri. School Fattehulla Ganj Room-2625Fatehulla Ganj
34Ch. Antram Singh Memo. Inter College Atora743Ataura
35Ju. Hi. School Atauri460Atauri
36Pri. School Vahauddinpur880Bahauddinpur
37Pri. School Mukarrabpur Room-1850Muqarrabpur
38Pri. School Mukarrabpur Room-2861Muqarrabpur
39Pri. School Mukarrabpur Room-3642Muqarrabpur
40Pri. School Rajjakpur669Razakpur
41Pri. School Betla Room-11110Betla
42Pri. School Betla Room-2986Betla
43Pri. School Nawada1235Nawada
44Pri. School Harsingh Pur892Har Singhpur
45Pri. School Sisauta Room-1772Sisota
46Pri. School Sisauta Room-2764Sisota
47Pri. School Barahi Room-1878Barahi
48Pri. School Barahi Room-2796Barahi
49Pri. School Barahi Room-3924Barahi
50Pri. School Barahi Room-4841Barahi
51Pri. School Pota Room-11050Pota
52Pri. School Pota Room-2914Pota
53Pri0 School Rehtaul Room-11143Rehtol
54Pri. School Rehtaul Room-21242Rehtol
55Pri. School Milak Sirsi Room-1871Siroli
56Pri. School Milak Sirsi Room-2888Sirso Notis Fide Area
57Ju. Hi. School N.Pan. Sirsi Room-11023Sirsi (NP)
58Ju. Hi. School N.P. Sirsi Room-2979Sirsi (NP)
59Ju. Hi. School N.Pan. Sirsi Room-3861Sirsi (NP)
60Ju. Hi. School N.P. Sirsi Room-4901Sirsi (NP)
61Ju. Hi. School N.P. Sirsi Room-5988Sirsi (NP)
62J.Lal. Memo. Inter College Sadak Sarai Room-1715Sirsi (NP)
63J.Lal. Memo. Inter College Sadak Sarai Room-2835Sirsi (NP)
64Kaniya J. High School Room-1773Sirsi (NP)
65Kaniya J. High School Room-2744Sirsi (NP)
66Kaniya J. High School Room-31439Sirsi (NP)
67Pri. School Sharki Room-1917Sirsi (NP)
68Pri. School Sharki Room-2914Sirsi (NP)
69Pri. School Sharki Room-31035Sirsi (NP)
70Pri. School Sharki Room-4926Sirsi (NP)
71Pri. School Ginnauri Room-1801Sirsi (NP)
72Pri. School Ginnauri Room-2697Sirsi (NP)
73Pri. School Ginnauri Room-31008Sirsi (NP)
74Pri. School Ginnauri Room-4974Sirsi (NP)
75Pri. School Ginnauri Room-5934Sirsi (NP)
76Pri. School Haratnagar Gari Room-1772Hazratnagar Garhi
77Pri. School Haratnagar Gari Room-21097Hazratnagar Garhi
78Pri. School Haratnagar Gari Room-3811N/A
79Kaniya Ju.Hi. School Hajratnagar Gari Room-1805N/A
80Kaniya Ju.Hi. School Hajratnagar Gari Room-2882N/A
81Kaniya Ju.Hi. School Hajratnagar Gari Room-3838N/A
82Kaniya Ju.Hi. School Hajratnagar Gari Room-41113N/A
83Pri. School Timanpur625N/A
84Pri. School Handalpur1249N/A
85Pri. School Mithauli Room-11087N/A
86Pri. School Manganpur470N/A
87Pri. School Mithauli Room-2791Mitholi
88Pri. School Mithauli Room-3783Mitholi
89Pri. School Firozpurroom-11307Firozpur
90Pri. School Firozpur Room-2963Firozpur
91Pri. School Chimyawali Room-1764Chimiyawli
92Pri. School Chimyawali Room-2736Chimiyawli
93Pri. School Fulsingha Room-1978Phul Singh
94Pri. School Fulsingha Room-21041Phul Singh
95Pri. School Mohd. Pur Malni Room-`891M. Pur Malani
96Pri. School Mohd. Pur Malni Room-2829M. Pur Malani
97Pri. School Dheemar Khedi509Dhimar Kheri
98Pri. School Sehriya Abdalnagar646N/A
99Pri. School Makhdumpur480Makdoompur
100Pri. School Shehbajpur Shuranagla1218N/A
101Pri. School Bichhauli1466Bicchouli
102Pri. School Kasampur1319N/A
103Ju. Hi. School Chhachhera Room-11070N/A
104Ju. Hi. School Chhachhera Room-21078N/A
105Pri. School Arola Mafi1370N/A
106Pri. School Bhartal Mandapur Room-1798Bhartalmandapur
107Pri. School Bhartal Mandapur Room-2708Bhartalmandapur
108Pri. School Rajabhood617Hafizpur
109Pri. School Hafijpur1292Hafizpur
110Pri. School Isapur Sani385Esapur Sani
111Pri. School Mau751N/A
112Pri. School Mubarakpur486N/A
113Pri. School Khanpur Urf Alampur1145N/A
114Pri. School Engra902N/A
115Pri. School Kareli911Kareli
116Pri. School Shekhupur Gadi395Shekhapur Madi
117Pri. School Dhakari Nikat Khanpur Sarai422Dhakari Nikat
118Pri. School Tigri699Tigree
119Pri. School Bhavanipur Room-11278Bhawanipur
121Pri. School Jogipur840Jogipur
122Pri. School Hindauli1172N/A
123Pri. School Dehli888Daheli
124Pri. School Mo. Pur Tanda1100Mohammadpur Tanda
125Pri. School Fattehpur Sarai Room-1824Fatehpur Sarai
126Pri. School Fattehpur Sarai Room-2804Fatehpur Sarai
127Ju. Hi. School Sikandarpur Sarai Room-1919Sikander Pur Sarai
128Ju. Hi. School Sikandarpur Sarai Room-2920Sikander Pur Sarai
129Pri. School Chandayan817Chandayan
130Pri. School Haibatpur Room-1946Haibatpur
131Pri. School Haibatpur Room-2983Haibatpur
132Pri. School Hasanpur Munjabta Room-1676Hasanpur Munjawta
133Pri. School Hasanpur Munjabta Room-2824Hasanpur Munjawta
134Pri. School Hasanpur Munjabta Room-3739Hasanpur Munjawta
135Pri. School Hasanpur Munjabta Room-4712Hasanpur Munjawta
136Pri. School Fattehpur Uttma Room-1897Fatehpur Utma
137Pri. School Fattehpur Uttma Room-2855Fatehpur Utma
138Pri. School Sihauri716Sihori
139Pri. School Mehmood Pur Imma1257Mahmoodpur Emma
140Pri. School Akhtyarpur Thilupura1183Akhtyarpur Thilupura
141Pri. School Mabai Thakuraan1035Mawai Thakuran
142Pri. School Sadiranpur Room-1719Sadhiranpur
143Pri. School Sadiranpur Room-2745Sadhiranpur
144Pri. School Baripur Bhamraua Room-11084Baripur Bhamraua
145Pri. School Baripur Bhamraua Room-21411Baripur Bhamraua
146Pri. School Katauni768Katauni
147Pri. School Nasarpur423Nasarpur
148Ju. Hi. School Bhawanch863Bhawanch
149Pri. School Kadhera1035Momanpur Kathora
150Pri. School Khanpur Khummar1321Khanpur Khummar
151Ju. Hi. School Mandlai Room-1739Mandlai
152Ju. Hi. School Mandlai Room-2894Mandlai
153Pri. School Paltha903Paltha
154Pri. School Neemkhera Bajheda624Naharther
155Pri. School Naharther1351Naharther
156Pri. School Laudhi Sarai Room-1775Lodhi Sarai
157Pri. School Laudhi Sarai Room-2748Lodhi Sarai
158Pri. School Laudhi Sarai Room-3824Lodhi Sarai
159Pri. School Hatim Sarai Kalan792Hatim Sarai Kalan
160Pri. School Shehjadi Sarai Room-1812Shahzadi Sarai
161Pri. School Shehjadi Sarai Room-2842Shahzadi Sarai
162Pri. School Saif Khan Sarai Room-11427Saif Khan Saray
163Pri. School Saif Khan Sarai Room-2762Saifkhan Saray
164Pri. School Saif Khan Sarai Room-3718Saifkhan Saray
165Pri. School Saif Khan Sarai Room-41404Saifkhan Saray
166Pri. School Nuriyo Sarai Room-1810Nooryon Sarai
167Pri. School Nuriyo Sarai Room-2818Nooryon Sarai
168Pri. School Nuriyo Sarai Room-3869Nooryon Sarai
169Pri. School Nuriyo Sarai Room-4942Nooryon Sarai
170Pri. School Sher Khan Sarai Room-1850Sher Khan Sarai
171Pri. School Sher Khan Sarai Room-2830Sher Khan Sarai
172Pri. School Sher Khan Sarai Room-3947Sher Khan Sarai
173Pri. School Sher Khan Sarai Room-41079Sher Khan Sarai
174Pri. School Alam Sarai1369Alam Sarai
175Pri. School Govindpur Room-1878Govindpur
176Pri. School Govindpur Room-2939Govindpur
177Pri. School Turtipur Ilaha Room-11358Turtipur Elha
178Pri. School Turtipur Ilaha Room-21285Turtipur Elha
179Pri. School Turtipur Ilaha Room-3727Jalalpur Mohammadbad
180Pri. School Imadul Mulk787Imadul Mulak
181Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-1816Sambhal (NPP)
182Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-2843Sambhal (NPP)
183Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-3717Sambhal (NPP)
184Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-4752Sambhal (NPP)
185Gandhi Memo Degree College Room-51404Sambhal (NPP)
186Gandhi Memo Degree College Room-6302Sambhal (NPP)
187Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-7866Sambhal (NPP)
188Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room-8797Sambhal (NPP)
189Saini Dharmshala Ladamsarai1524Sambhal (NPP)
190Panchayat Ghar Hallu Sarai Room-11230Sambhal (NPP)
191Panchayat Ghar Hallu Sarai Room-21063Sambhal (NPP)
192A.Mu.H.Inter College Room-11022Sambhal (NPP)
193A.Mu.H.Inter College Room-21174Sambhal (NPP)
194A.Mu.H.Inter College Room-31414Sambhal (NPP)
195A.Mu.H.Inter College Room-41243Sambhal (NPP)
197Ju. Hi. School Kot Garvi Room-1828Sambhal (NPP)
198Ju. Hi. School Kot Garvi Room-2893Sambhal (NPP)
199Ju. Hi. School Kot Garvi Room-31409Sambhal (NPP)
200Ju. Hi. School Kot Garvi Room-41101Sambhal (NPP)
201Ju. Hi. School Kot Garvi Room-51039Sambhal (NPP)
202Kaniya Ju. Hi. School Room-1767Sambhal (NPP)
203Kaniya Ju. Hi. School Room-2712Sambhal (NPP)
204Kaniya Ju. Hi. School Room-31439Sambhal (NPP)
205Seh. Beej Bhandar Near Old Police Station Nakhasa Room-11402Sambhal (NPP)
206Seh. Beej Bhandar Near Old Police Station Nakhasa Room-21361Sambhal (NPP)
207Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-1808Sambhal (NPP)
208Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-2862Sambhal (NPP)
209Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-3792Sambhal (NPP)
210Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-4751Sambhal (NPP)
211Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-51000Sambhal (NPP)
212Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta Inter College Room-61157Sambhal (NPP)
213Besic Pri. Pathsala Room-1757Sambhal (NPP)
214Besic Pri. Pathsala Room-2750Sambhal (NPP)
215Hind Inter College Room-1908Sambhal (NPP)
216Hind Inter College Room-2968Sambhal (NPP)
217Hind Inter College Room-31168Sambhal (NPP)
218Hind Inter College Room-4731Sambhal (NPP)
219Hind Inter College Room-5846Sambhal (NPP)
220Hind Inter College Room-6872Sambhal (NPP)
221Hind Inter College Room-7801Sambhal (NPP)
222Madrsa Anjumanmujebul Islam Nakhasa Room-1805Sambhal (NPP)
223Madrsa Anjumanmujebul Islam Nakhasa Room-2825Sambhal (NPP)
224Madrsa Anjumanmujebul Islam Nakhasa Room-31447Sambhal (NPP)
225Madrsa Anjuman Mujebul Islam Nakhasa Room-4971Sambhal (NPP)
226Alhuda Public School1350Sambhal (NPP)
227H.N.M.Public School Room-11140Sambhal (NPP)
228H.N.M.Public School Room-21132Sambhal (NPP)
229S.N.M. Public School Hindupura Khera Room-11162Sambhal (NPP)
230S.N.M. Public School Hindupura Khera Room-21083Sambhal (NPP)
231Pri. School Hindupura Khera858Sambhal (NPP)
232Pri. School Hindupura Khera Room-21461Sambhal (NPP)
233Pri. School Hindupura Khera Room-31531Sambhal (NPP)
234Ju. Hi. School Timardas Sarai Room-11172Sambhal (NPP)
235Ju. Hi. School Timardas Sarai Room-2616Sambhal (NPP)
236Ju. Hi. School Timardas Sarai Room-3982Sambhal (NPP)
237Azad Girls Ju. Hi School Room-1782Sambhal (NPP)
238Azad Girls Ju. Hi School Room-2751Sambhal (NPP)
239Madrsa Khalilul Uloom Ju. Hi. School Room-1686Sambhal (NPP)
240Madrsa Khalilul Uloom Ju. Hi. School Room-21220Sambhal (NPP)
241Madrsa Khalilul Uloom Ju. Hi. School Room-31096Sambhal (NPP)
242Madrsa Khalilul Uloom Ju. Hi. School Room-4743Sambhal (NPP)
243Seh. Beej Godown Hatim Sarai Room-1858Sambhal (NPP)
244Seh. Beej Godown Hatim Sarai Room-2862Sambhal (NPP)
245Rajaram Siksha Nikeran Ju. Hi. School Room-1642Sambhal (NPP)
246Rajaram Siksha Nikeran Ju. Hi. School Room-2826Sambhal (NPP)
247Ju. Hi. School Nawabpura Room-11196Sambhal (NPP)
248Ju. Hi. School Nawabpura Room-2975Sambhal (NPP)
249Ju. Hi. School Nawabpura Room-3625Sambhal (NPP)
250Ju. Hi. School Nawabpura Room-4929Sambhal (NPP)
251Kaniya Pathshala Miyan Sarai Room-11031Sambhal (NPP)
252Kaniya Pathshala Miyan Sarai Room-21310Sambhal (NPP)
253Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room-1726Sambhal (NPP)
254Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room-2754Sambhal (NPP)
256Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room-41327Sambhal (NPP)
257Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room-5765Sambhal (NPP)
258Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room-6710Sambhal (NPP)
259Shobharam Dharmshala Room-1982Sambhal (NPP)
260Shobharam Dharmshala Room-2618Sambhal (NPP)
261Bal Vidya Mandir Room-11032Sambhal (NPP)
262Bal Vidya Mandir Room-2560Sambhal (NPP)
263Bal Vidya Mandir Room-31136Sambhal (NPP)
264Bal Vidya Mandir Room-41236Sambhal (NPP)
265Bal Vidya Mandir Room-5851Sambhal (NPP)
266Bal Vidya Mandir Room-6793Sambhal (NPP)
267Ju. Hi. School Shehjadi Sarai Room-1775Sambhal (NPP)
268Ju. Hi. School Shehjadi Sarai Room-2936Sambhal (NPP)
269Old Building N.P.P. Sambhal Room-1965Sambhal (NPP)
270Old Building N.P.P. Sambhal Room-21191Sambhal (NPP)
271New Building N.Pa.P. Sambhal1367Sambhal (NPP)
272Birjratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room-11132Sambhal (NPP)
273Birjratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room-2907Sambhal (NPP)
274Birjratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room-3739Sambhal (NPP)
275Birjratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room-4834Sambhal (NPP)
276Dayanand Bal Vidya Mandir Room-1839Sambhal (NPP)
277Dayanand Bal Vidya Mandir Room-2805Sambhal (NPP)
278Dayanand Bal Vidya Mandir Room-31129Sambhal (NPP)
279Rashtriya Kaniya Inter College Room-11449Sambhal (NPP)
280Rashtriya Kaniya Inter College Room-2837Sambhal (NPP)
281Rashtriya Kaniya Inter College Room-3774Sambhal (NPP)
282Umedrai Inter College Room-1780Sambhal (NPP)
283Umedrai Inter College Room-2701Sambhal (NPP)
284Umedrai Inter College Room-31451Sambhal (NPP)
285Umedrai Inter College Room-41212Sambhal (NPP)
286Umedrai Inter College Room-5914Sambhal (NPP)
287Umedrai Inter College Room-6817Sambhal (NPP)
288Dr. Ambedkar Bal Vidyalay Room-1977Sambhal (NPP)
289Dr. Ambedkar Bal Vidyalay Room-2960Sambhal (NPP)
290Faiz Girls Inter College Nakhasa Room-1864Sambhal (NPP)
291Faiz Girls Inter College Nakhasa Room-2797Sambhal (NPP)
292Faiz Girls Inter College Nakhasa Room-31485Sambhal (NPP)
293Faiz Girls Inter College Nakhasa Room-4243Sambhal (NPP)
294Uwais Ju. Hi .School Room-1662Sambhal (NPP)
295Uwais Ju. Hi .School Room-2705Sambhal (NPP)
296Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-11312Sambhal (NPP)
297Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-2777Sambhal (NPP)
298Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-3729Sambhal (NPP)
299Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-41183Sambhal (NPP)
300Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-5474Sambhal (NPP)
301Jiya Ululoom Arabika And Parsiyan College Room-6906Sambhal (NPP)
302Jiya Ululoom Inter College Pakka Baag Room-11313Sambhal (NPP)
303Jiya Ululoom Inter College Pakka Baag Room-21235Sambhal (NPP)
304Jiya Ululoom Inter College Pakka Baag Room-3821Sambhal (NPP)
305Jiya Ululoom Inter College Pakka Baag Room-41190Sambhal (NPP)
306Muslim Public Ju. Hi. School Room-11054Sambhal (NPP)
307Muslim Public Ju. Hi. School Room-21213Sambhal (NPP)
308Muslim Public Ju. Hi. School Room-31206Sambhal (NPP)
309Muslim Public Ju. Hi. School Room-41132Sambhal (NPP)
310Ju. Hi. School Old Building973Sambhal (NPP)
311Ju. Hi. School New Building880Sambhal (NPP)
312Kaniya Pathshala Chakli979Sambhal (NPP)
313Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room-11056Sambhal (NPP)
314Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room-21287Sambhal (NPP)
315Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room-31308Sambhal (NPP)
316Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room-4841Sambhal (NPP)
317Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room-5810Sambhal (NPP)
318Ju. Hi. School Bhale Baj Khan Room-11099Sambhal (NPP)
319Ju. Hi. School Bhale Baj Khan Room-2917Sambhal (NPP)
320Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-11387Sambhal (NPP)
321Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-2928Sambhal (NPP)
322Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-3794Sambhal (NPP)
323Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-4784Sambhal (NPP)
324Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-5752Sambhal (NPP)
325Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room-6587Sambhal (NPP)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014