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Polling Booth in Salempur Assembly Constituency

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Salempur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Salempur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Salempur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2P.S. Barhara830Barhara
3P.S. Musaila Khurd728Musaila Khurd
4Sarvoday U.M.V.Musaila Bujurg494Musaila Buzurg
5P.S. Bhaluani395Bhaluani
7P.S. Tilauli Urf Dehari R.N.1719Tilouli Urf Dehari
8P.S. Tilauli Urf Dehari R.N.2679Parsia Bhandari
9J.H.S.Tilauli Urf Dehari At Dhobi518Dhobi
10J.H.S.Mahanpur Bujurg465Mahanpur Buzurg
11P.S. Parsiya Banshi807Parsia Banshi
12Panchayat Bhawan Pipra Urf Musaila378Chak Bibi Hajam Urf Shampur
14Nav Yuvak U.M.V.Puraina1110Puraina
17P.S.Pipra Bhanmati706Pipra Bhanmati
18P.S. Jamui R.N.1759Jamui
19P.S. Jamui R.N.2716Jamui
20P.S. Parsiya Abhilash329Parsia Abhilash
23P.S.Dumwaliya R.N.11370Dumwalia
24P.S.Dumwaliya R.N.21450Dumwalia
25P.S.Matiyara758Pakari Ojha
26Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Mahuawa Pandey358Mahuawa Pandey
28P.S.Siswa Dixit370Siswa Dixit
30Bhikham Prasad Smarak Dalit I.C. Mahadahabag346Maharha Bagh
31P.S.Siswa Pandey893Siswa Pandey
32Panchayat Bhawan Chakbandi Urf Bigahi675Chakbandi Urf Bimahi
33P.S. Rajdiha (Dhanpurwa)726Dhan Purwa
34P.S. Madhawapur R.N. 11129Madhwapur
35P.S.Madhawapur R.N-2641Madhwapur
36P.S. Madhawapur R.N.3645Madhwapur
37P.S.Rampur Bujurg1234Rampur Buzurg
38J.H.S.Rampur Bujurg976Rampur Buzurg
40P.S. Chordiha1231Chordiha
41P.S. Parsiya Khap449Parsia Khap
43P.S.Khakhari R.N. 1686Khakhari
44P.S. Khakhari R.N.2950Khakhari
45P.S. Parasiya Bhagauti R.N.21355Parsia Bhagouti
46P.S.Parsiya Bhagauti R.N 2918Mathia
47Isalamiya P.S.Balepur Kala R.N.1964Balepur Kala
48Islamiya P.S.Balepur Kala R.N.21158Balepur Kala
49J.H.S. Chero R.N. 11398Chero
50J.H.S. Chero R.N. 21385Chero
51Baba Shobha Mani L. M.V.Barthi555Barthi
52J.H.S.Chakra Gosai R.N.1845Chakra Gosai
53J.H.S.Chakra Gosai R.N.2883Chakra Gosai
54J.H.S.Bartha Babu362Bartha Baabu
55P.S.Karauta R.N.11285Kairouta
56P.S.Karauta R.N.2476Kairouta
58P.S.Thakur Gauri1413Thakur Gouri
60P.S.Parsiya Tara1032Parsia Tara
61P.S. Ithua Chandauli1072Ithua Caanpouli
62P.S. Pakari1051Pakri Lala
63P.S. Chandpaliya900Chandpalia
64P.S. Banjariya1166Banjaria
65Bapu Maha.V.I.C.Salempur R.N.1486Devpar
66Bapu Maha.V.I.C.Salempur R.N.21031Salempur (NP)
67Bapu Maha.V.I.C.Salempur R.N.31472Salempur (NP)
69Sri Sarwar Adarsh Sanskrit Maha.V R.N.1976Salempur (NP)
70Sri Sarwar Adarsh Sanskrit Maha.V R.N.2844Salempur (NP)
71Sri Sarwar Adarsh Sanskrit Maha.V R.N.31306Salempur (NP)
72P.S.Ichauna Salempur R.N.11228Salempur (NP)
73P S Ichauna Salempur R.N.21488Salempur (NP)
74Mata Astbhuji S.S. Salempur R.N.11021Salempur (NP)
75Mata Astbhuji S.S. Salempur R.N.21264Salempur (NP)
76Kanya P.S.Haraiya R.N.1823Salempur (NP)
77Kanya P.S.Haraiya R.N.21328Nadawar
78Mahajan L.M.V.Nadawar897Salempur (NP)
79P.S.Pran Chhapra755Paran Chapara
82P.S. Barsipar R.N.11164Barsipar
83P.S. Barsipar R.N.2412Barsipar
84J.H.S. Barsipar R.N.11375Barsipar
85J.H.S. Barsipar R.N.2244Barsipar
86P.S. Harnahi313Harnahi
87P.S.Chakrwa Bahordas935Chakarwa Bahordas
88D.W.C.R.Bhawan Gumtahi604Gumathi
89P.S. Nadawar Ghat Majhauliraj1400Majhauliraj (NP)
90P.S.Bhagra Bhawani Majhauliraj R.N.11288Majhauliraj (NP)
91P.S.Bhagra Bhawani Majhauliraj R.N.21343Majhauliraj (NP)
92T.A.Office Majhauliraj1083Majhauliraj (NP)
93P.S. Matkorwa Majhauliraj R.N.11146Majhauliraj (NP)
94P.S. Matkorwa Majhauliraj R.N.21321Majhauliraj (NP)
95Hamidiya Balika V.Majhauliraj R.N.11080Majhauliraj (NP)
96Hamidiya Balika V.Majhauliraj R.N.2346Majhauliraj (NP)
97B.N.I.C.Majhauliraj R.N.11396Majhauliraj (NP)
98B.N.I.C.Majhauliraj R.N.21014Majhauliraj (NP)
99B.N.I.C.Majhauliraj R.N.3639Majhauliraj (NP)
100J.H.S. Shankar Nagar Majhauliraj R.N.1744Majhauliraj (NP)
101J.H.S. Shankar Nagar Majhauliraj R.N.2805Majhauliraj (NP)
102J.H.S.Rahmat Nagar Deoria Urf Shampur741Deoria Urf Shampur
103Md.Husain I.C.Deoria Urf Shampur R.N.1810Deoria Urf Shampur
104Md.Husain I.C.Deoria Urf Shampur R.N.21160Deoria Urf Shampur
105Md.Husain I.C.Deoria Urf Shampur R.N.3981Deoria Urf Shampur
106Islamiya P.V.Deoria Urf Shampur1482Deoria Urf Shampur
108P.S. Nadghat R.N. 11187Nad Ghat
109P.S. Nadghat R.N. 2460Nad Ghat
110P.S.Kauriya Kaji930Kauria Kazi
111J.H.S.Salempur Kasba R.N.1654Salempur Kaswa
112J.H.S.Salempur Kasba R.N.2665Salempur Kaswa
113J.H.S.Salempur Kasba R.N.31080Salempur Kaswa
114P.S. Salempur Kasba1425Salempur Kaswa
115P.S. Birajbhar1017Birajbhar
116P.S. Thoka Banshi825Thoka Banshi
117P.S. Tilauli R.N.1647Tilouli
118P.S.Tilauli R.N.2682Tilouli
120P.S. Bachhaur R.N.11165Bachhaur
121P.S.Bachhaur R.N. 2308Tekanpura
124P.S.Lohrauli Dhamaur864Lohrauli Dhamaur
125P.S.Lohra Babhanauli740Lohra Babhanouli
126P.S.Dhanauti Rai R.N.11140Dhanouti Rai
127P.S.Dhanauti Rai R.N.21352Dhanouti Rai
128Gautam I.C. Pipra Ramdhar R.N.11233Pipra Ramdhar
129Gautam I.C. Pipra Ramdhar R.N.2836Pipra Ramdhar
130P.S. Mishrauli362Mishrouli
132J.H.S.Parsiya Ali471Parsia Ali
133P.S.Bartha Lala675Barthalala
134P.S. Akauna926Akauna
135P.S. Pipra Pathak755Pipra Pathak
136P.S. Kapuri436Kapuri
137P.S. Bishauli Mafi379Bisouli Maphi
141P.S.Pipra Bandh R.N. 1742Pipra Bagh
142P.S.Pipra Bandh R.N. 21015Pipra Bagh
143P.S.Babhniyanw R.N.1990Babhaniyaw
144P.S.Babhniyanw R.N.2653Pipra Sravan
145P.S.Pipra Mishra R.N.11447Pipra Misra
146P.S. Pipra Mishra R.N1209Pipra Misra
147P.S.Pipra Mishra R.N.3381Bhatouli
148P.S.Pipra Mishra R.N.41064Bhatouli
150P.S.Dighara Sumali824Dighara Sumali
151P.S. Dighara Janubi637Dighara Januwi
152P.S.Srinagar R.N. 11020Sri Nagar
153P.S. Srinagar R.N.2802Thakur Gouri
154S.C.P.V. Sohnag298Jogapur Maphy
155Purb M.V. Sohnag1309Sohanag
157P.S.Thegwal Dubey759Tengawal Dubey
158P.S.Dhanauti Lala930Dhanouti Lala
159P.S.Dhangara1360Dhan Gara
160P.S. Tetri Hardo586Tetari Hardo
161J.H.S. Bardiha Dalpat R.N.1924Bardiha Dalpat
162J.H.S.Bardiha Dalpat R.N.2784Bardiha Dalpat
163J.H.S.Bardiha Dalpat R.N.3991Bardiha Dalpat
166J.H.S. Malkauli1317Malkauli
167P.S.Ahirauli R.N.1937Ahirouli
168P.S.Ahirauli R.N.21001Ahirouli
169P.S.Ahirauli R.N.3950Ahirouli
173J.H.S. Vishunpura1140Bishunpura
175P.S.Chamukam Ali489Chakmukam Ali
176J.H.S Atrauli570Atrauli
178P.S.Bhatwa Pandey883Bhatwa Pandey
179P.S.Dol Chhapra R.N.1786Dol Chhapra
180P.S.Dol Chhapra R.N.2678Dol Chhapra
186Kanya P.S.Madhopur519Madhopur
190J.H.S.Rawatpar Amethiya R.N.1825Rautpar Amethia
191J.H.S.Rawatpar Amethiya R.N.21137Rautpar Amethia
192P.S.Rawatpar Amethiya R.N.1662Rautpar Amethia
194P.S.Rawatpar Raghen R.N.11025Rautpar Raghen
195P.S.Rawatpar Raghen R.N.21116Rautpar Raghen
196P.S.Ramnagar R.N. 11074Ram Nagar
197P.S.Ramnagar R.N. 21222Ram Nagar
198P.S.Ramnagar R.N. 31131Ram Nagar
199P.S.Matiyara Jagdish R.N.11220Matiara Jagadish
200P.S.Matiyara Jagdish R.N.2689Matiara Jagadish
201P.S.Dogari Mishra867Dogari Misra
203P.S.Parasi Chaklal R.N.11211Parasia Chak Lal
204P.S.Parasi Chaklal R.N.2226Parasia Chak Lal
205P.S.Gaura Pandey359Goura Pandey
206P.S. Ropan Chhapra R.N. 11259Ropan Chhapra
207P.S.Ropan Chhapra R.N.21113Ropan Chhapra
208P.S.Ratanpur R.N. 1841Ratanpura
209P.S.Ratanpur R.N. 2661Ratanpura
210J.H.S. Balua Gauri R.N.11099Balwa Gouri
211J.H.S.Balua Gauri R.N. 21185Balwa Gouri
212P.S.Thakur Gauri R.N. 1502Thakur Gouri
213P.S.Thakur Gauri R.N. 21100Thakur Gouri
214P.S.Pipra Lar707Lar (NP)
215P.S.Harijan Basti Lar1241Lar (NP)
216P.S.Koiri Tola Lar R.N.11086Lar (NP)
217P.S.Koiri Tola Lar R.N.2979Lar (NP)
218P.S.Koiri Tola Lar R.N.31222Lar (NP)
219P.S.Dhawariya Lar R.N.1734Lar (NP)
220P.S.Dhawariya Lar R.N.2810Lar (NP)
221Chandrashekhar Giri Balika V..Math Lar R.N.11428Lar (NP)
222Chandrashekhar Giri Balika V Math Lar R.N.21434Lar (NP)
223Chandrashekhar Giri Balika V .Lar R.N.3828Lar (NP)
224Chandrashekhar Giri V Balika V Math Lar R.N.4789Lar (NP)
225J.H.S.Near Dak Bangla Lar R.N.1710Lar (NP)
226J.H.S.Near Dak Bangla Lar R.N. 2691Lar (NP)
227P.S.Gayagir Lar1148Lar (NP)
228P.S.J.H.S.Near Lar R.N.1869Lar (NP)
229P.S.J.H.S.Near Lar R.N.2870Lar (NP)
230P.S.J.H.S.Near Lar R.N.31154Lar (NP)
231P.S.J.H.S.Near Lar R.N.41086Lar (NP)
232Kanya J.H.S.Lar1043Lar (NP)
233Kanya P.S. Lar R.N.1982Lar (NP)
234Kanya P.S. Lar R.N.21191Lar (NP)
235Panchayat Bhawan Barari307Barari
238P.U.L.M.V. Bathaya Hardo1127Babhania Hardo
239Panchayay Bhawan Rawatpar Pandey967Rautpar Pandey
241P.S.Bardiha Parshuram R.N.11258Bardiha Prasuram
242P.S.Bardiha Parshuram R.N.21104Bardiha Prasuram
243Kanya P.S. Bardiha Prashuram R.N 11184Bardiha Prasuram
244Kanya P.S. Bardiha Prashuram R.N 2759Bardiha Prasuram
245P.S. Parari Gajraj769Padri Gajarat
248P.S.Itahura Mishra1095Itahua Misra
249P.S. Itahura Hajam437Itahu Hajam
250J.H.S. Kundauli R.N.11133Kundouli
251J.H.S. Kundauli R.N.21181Kundouli
253P.S.Kundawal Hari1131Kurawal Hari
254P.S.Kundawal Tara912Kurawal Tara
257Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Raksa823Raksa
258P.S.Sarkara R.N.1289Palia
259P.S.Sarkara R.N.2802Sarkara
260P.S. Daini1081Daini
262P.S.Babhanauli Pandey R.N.11390Babhanuli Pandey
263P.S.Babhanauli Pandey R.N.2849Babhanuli Pandey
265P.S.Sajanw R.N.1955Sajaw
266P.S.Sajanw R.N.2962Sajaw
267P.S.Sajanw R.N.31154Sajaw
270P.S.Bawanpali Basdev860Bawanpali Basdev
271P.S.Ajana R.N. 11006Ajana
272P.S.Ajana R.N. 2888Ajana
273Shree Gandhi Adarsh I C Rewali R.N.11010Rewali
274Shree Gandhi Adrash I C Rewali R.N.2997Rewali
278P.S.Israuli1056Bhanwan Pura
280K.J.H.S.Dharmer R.N.11424Dharmer
281K.J.H.S.Dharmer R.N.21450Dharmer
282P.S. Isaru R.N.11100Isaru
283P.S.Isaru R.N.21131Isaru
284P.S.Baliya Uttar1400Balia Uttar
285P.S.Baliya Dakhin R.N.1798Balia Dksin
286P.S.Baliya Dakhin R.N.2753Balia Dksin
287Shree Jawahar Lal H.S.Jiraso R.N. 11015Jiraso
288Shree Jawahar Lal H S Jiraso R.N.2932Jiraso
289P.S. Dewkali944Devkali
291P.S.Sahiya R.N.1803Sahia
292P.S.Sahiya R.N.2718Sahia
293P.S.Nema R.N.11045Nema
294P.S.Nema R.N.21029Nema
295J.H.S. Dharhara1117Takia Dharhi
296P.S.Takiya R.N.11265Takia Dharhi
297P.S.Takiya R.N.21336Takia Dharhi
299P.S. Dumari R.N.11171Dumari
300P.S.Dumari R.N 2812Dumari
302P.S.Bawanpali Gosani760Bawan Pali Gosai
303P.S. Dhamauli1011Dhamouli
304P.S. Jamasra R.N.1863Jamasara
305P.S.Jamasra R.N.2888Jamasara
306Kanya J.H.S. Pindi R.N.11176Pindi
307Kanya J.H.S. Pindi R.N.21213Pindi
308Kanya J.H.S. Pindi R.N.31153Pindi
309P.S. Kohara R.N.11292Kohara
310P.S. Kohara R.N.2479Kohara
312P.S.Chaumukha R.N.11242Chamukha
313P.S.Chaumukha R.N.2655Chamukha
315P.S. Sutawar1290Sutawar
318P.S.Ukina Khas800Ukina Khas
319P.S.Patana R.N.1930Patna
320P.S.Patana R.N.2777Patna
321P.S. Meharauna R.N.11211Mahurao
322P.S. Meharauna R.N.21186Mahurao
323P.S.Gadhawa Khas R.N.11170Garhwa Khas
324P.S.Gadhawa Khas R.N.2904Garhwa Khas
326P.S. Mathil Upadhyay728Mathila Upadhyay
327J.H.S. Khemadei R.N.11076Khemadei
328J.H.S. Khemadei R.N.21263Khemadei
329J.H.S. Khemadei R.N.3990Khemadei
330P.S. Kausar R.N.11001Kausar
331P.S.Kausar R.N.2878Kausar
332P.S.Nadauli R.N.11115Nadouli
333P.S.Nadauli R.N.21108Nadouli
334P.S.Nadauli R.N.3480Nadouli
337P.S. Churiya R.N.11416Churia
338P.S.Churiya R.N.2658Churia
339P.S.Churiya R.N.31174Churia
340P.S.Churiya Bhagat Tola824Chouthia
342P. S. Adarsh Nagar R.N.1613Mahal Manjharia
343P.S. Adarsh Nagar R.N.2735Mahal Manjharia

Last Updated on November 15, 2014