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Polling Booth in Saidpur Assembly Constituency

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Saidpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Saidpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Saidpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Naseerpur1071Nasirpur
2P.V. Maudha (E.Wing)1361Makrsan
3P.V. Maudha (W.Wing)921Makrsan
4J.H.S. Maudha (W.Wing)1396Modha
5J.H.S. Maudha (N.Wing)886Modha
6J.H.S. Maudha (S.Wing)1049Modha
7P.V. Nayakdih (E.Wing)1180Nayakdih
8P.V. Nayakdih (W.Wing)1224Nayakdih
9P.V. Soniyapar1437Soniyapar
10P.V. Kudhanalambi1370Kudhalambi
11P.V. Laulaha (K.N.1)967Lolha
12P.V. Laulaha (K.N.2)654Lolha
13P.V. Mathsaraiya1030Mathiya
14P.V. Kodari1122Kodri
17P.V. Sauna (E.Wing)828Kathwliya
18P.V. Hariharpur515Harihar Pur
19J.H.School Tarav Urf Taraye (N Wing)851Taraw
20J.H.School Tarav Urf Taraye (S Wing)829Taraw
21P.V. Tarachha388Taraw
22P.V. Jabaranpur524Jabranpur
23P.V. Singarpur (E.Wing)1085Sigarpur
24P.V. Singarpur (W.Wing)479Sigarpur
25P.V. Gahira1085Gahira
26P.V. Belhari No. 1 (N.Wing)1196Belhari
27P.V. Belhari No 1 (S.Wing)738Belhari
28P.V. Belahari No . 2 (E Wing)1077Belhari
29P.V. Belahari No 2 (W Wing)476Belhari
30P.V. Baheri (N Wing)1313Baheri
31P.V. Baheri (S Wing)1090Baheri
32P.V. Ahladpur1065Ahladpur
34P.V. Kalwari517Belhari
35J.H.School Newada (N. Wing)681Nevada
36J.H.School Newada (S. Wing)749Navada
37P.M.V. Gadanpur (E.Wing)236Tilkhara Khurd
38P.M.V. Gadanpur (W.Wing)1196Gadanpur
39P.V. Gorkha975Gorkha
40P.M.V.Gauri (E. Wing)661Gorry
41P.M.V.Gauri (W. Wing)623Gorry
42P.V. Bhujari (E.Wing)781Bhujari
43P.V. Bhujari (W.Wing)775Bhujari
44P.V.Bahura (N.Wing)1036Bharua
45P.V.Bahura (W.Wing)914Bharua
46P.V. Tetarpur (E.Wing)1326Tatarpur
47P.V. Tetarpur (W.Wing)296Tatarpur
48P.V. Gaurahat493Gorhet
49P.V. Amehata (E. Wing)1422Amehta
50P.V. Amehata (W. Wing)998Amehta
51P.V. Pathkhauli S. Gram Alimapur763Alimapur
52P.V. Alimapur991Alimapur
53P.V. Sidhauna (E Wing)1177Sidhauna
54P.V. Sidhauna (W Wing)1103Sidhauna
55J.I.School. Babhanauli Rampur (N Wing)1362Babhnoli Kala
56J.I.School. Babhanauli Rampur (S. Wing)951Babhnoli Kala
57P.V. Faridahan (E Wing)860Fardiha
58P.V. Faridahan (W Wing)951Fardiha
59P.V. Ichval901Echwal
60P.V. Bahdiya (E Wing)1243Bahediya
61P.V. Bahdiya (W. Wing)295Dhamawal
62P.V. Teliyani688Taliyani
63P.V. Naikot575Aaikot
64P.V. Tiyara (E.Wing)405Tiyara
65P.V. Tiyara (W.Wing)930N/A
66P.V. Vijhaval929Bijhwal
67P.V. Saraisultan839Sarai Sultan
72P.V. Jaminsandal691Jameen Asandal
73P.V. Tadwa728Tarawn
74P.V. Laulehara727Laulehara
75P.V. Dinaura689Dinoora
77P.V. Ameda (E Wing)1401Ameda
78P.V. Ameda (W Wing)1137Ameda
79P.V. Darabepur (E Wing)1038Darbepur
80P.V. Darabepur (Ex Room)528Darbepur
81P.V. Darabepur (W Wing)505Dadra
82P.V. Itaha1360Itaha
83P.V. Anauni (N Wing)1406Andhokhar
84P.V. Anauni (S Wing)924Dhundhpur
85P.V. Pokhara414Pokhra
86H.P.V. Mathraphipur U. Shivdaspur878Mathrfipur Ufe Siwadaspur
87P.V. Bhujahua (N. Wing)847Bhuzhuvan
88P.V. Bhujahua (S. Wing)1324Bhuzhuvan
89P.V. Nasiruddinpur398Nasiruddin Pur
90P.V. Bhuvarpur (E.Wing)1199Bhuwarpur
91P.V. Bhuvarpur (W.Wing)1201Bhuwarpur
92Panchayat Bhawan Amadahi599Amadahi
93P.V. Patti Garib U. Mai (R.N.1)1071Pattigaribpur Alias Mai
94P.V. Patti Garib U. Mai (R.N.2)863Chatura Pur
95P.V. Khijirpur1261Kkidirpur
96P.V. Malaura1356Malora
97J.H.S. Mangari (E. Wing)908Nathupur
98J.H.S. Mangari (W. Wing)685Dalipray Patti
99P..V. Mangari (E Wing)1486Mangari
100P..V. Mangari (W Wing)1369Mangari
101P..V. Mangari (C Wing)550Kuvati
107P.V. Nagaura556Nagora
108P.V. Badaganw (E. Wing)1141Baraganw
109P.V. Badaganw (Ex Room)583Baraganw
110P.V. Badaganw (W. Wing)1291Baraganw
112J.H.S. Makhdumpur (N. Wing)1356Makhdum Pur
113J.H.S. Makhdumpur (S. Wing)886Bashi
114P.V.Jagdishpur (W. Wing)906Jagdishpur
115P.V.Jagdishpur (S. Wing)1004Jagdishpur
116P.V. Ikara (N. Wing)833Iakra
117P.V. Ikara (S. Wing)913Iakra
118P.V. Gaura (N Wing)1098Gorry
119P.V. Gaura (S Wing)883Gorry
120P.V. Kaneri (E Wing)1290Kaneri
121P.V. Kaneri (W Wing)1278Kaneri
122Kanya P.V. Pipnar (E Wing)938Pipnar
123Kanya P.V. Pipnar (W Wing)650Pipnar
125P.V. Barvakalan1189Borvan Kalan
126P.V. Varva Khurd727Baravan Kalan
127P.V. Muturajipur760Muturjipur
128Janta J.H.S. Harsingh Patti460Harsinghpatti
129Dudhnath U.M.V. Badanpur612Baranpur
130P.V. Khajura (W Wing)1476Khajura
131P.V. Khajura (E Wing)575Khazura
132P.V. Baurava (E Wing)1297Bairwa
133P.V. Baurava (W Wing)835Bairwa
134P.V. Baurava (New Bhavan)697Bairwa
135P.V. Parsani Kalan (N.Wing)1126Parsani Kala
136P.V. Parsani Kalan (S.Wing)529Parsani Kala
137P.V. Mahmudpur Atikulla733Mahmudpur Atiulla
138P.V. Hiranandpur (Ex Room)992Hiranarpur
139P.V. Mahpur943Mahpur
142P.V. Kaithvaliya (S.Wing) Ex Room1192Kathwliya
143P.V. Kaithvaliya (N.Wing) Ex Room1043Kathwliya
145P.V. Khajurhat1048Khazurhat
146P.V. Bhimapar (W Wing)1368Bhimapar
147P.V. Bhimapar (E Wing)1392Bhimapar
148P.V. Ramdaspur906Barah Pur
149P.V. Mahurasa660Mahuarsa
150P.M.V. Vijarva892Bhuzhuvan
151P.V. Semraul (N. Wing)1445Semraula
152P.V. Semraul (S. Wing)448Risti
153P.V. Barahpar Nasratpur (N.Wing)818Barahpar Bhojurai
154P.V. Barahpar Nasratpur (S.Wing)750Barahpur
155P.M.V. Uchauri (N.Wing)1134Uchori
156P.M.V. Uchauri (S.Wing)1294Uchori
157P.V. Uchauri (N Wing)1114Bharopur
158P.V. Uchauri (S. Wing)373Kathwliya
159P.V. Mathuchauri745M. Uchouri
162P.V. Masudpur1428Jainpur
163Shree Khedu Singh I.C. Ramcharanpur1335Ramcharn Pur
164P.V. Bhawanipur (E.Wing)956Aalampur
165P.V. Bhawanipur (W.Wing)610Paharpur
166P.V. Hiradharpur496Hiradhar Pur
167P.V. Vikrampur (N.Wing)953Vakarmpur
168P.V. Vikrampur (Ex Room)590Vakarmpur
169P.V. Vikrampur (S.Wing)1085Vakarmpur
171P.V. Madhiya (N.Wing)823Mathiya
172P.V. Madhiya (S.Wing)1112Tulsipur
173P.V. Dadhval758Madhuban
174P.V. Chilauna Kalan1233Chakiya Newaj
175P.V. Bhabhaura (S. Wing)1035Bhabhaora
176P.V. Bhabhaura (N. Wing)658Garatholi
177P.V. Rasulpur Lohasad278Rasulpur Lohsad
178P.V. Karampur (W Wing)977Karampur
179P.V. Karampur (E Wing)943Karampur
180Markandey Prasad J.H.School Bhadaila (W Wing)1454Bhadaula
181Markandey Prasad J.H.School Bhadaila (E Wing)428Ushraha
183P.V. Kanhaipur688Kanhaipur
185P.V. Dadhi Badhi517Dihiya
186P.V. Mahmudpur1319Mahmoodpur Pali
188P.V. Rampur (W Wing)1026Rampur
189P.V. Hathauda (E Wing)1382Rampur
190P.V. Hathauda (W Wing)1451Rampur
191P.V. Ishopur805Rampur
192P.V. Kharauna (E.Wing)787Rampur
193P.V. Kharauna (W.Wing)826Rampur
194P.V. Gopalpur (W. Wing)883Rampur
195P.V. Gopalpur (E. Wing)1011Rampur
196P.V. Patana1082Rampur
197P.V. Sadibhadi729Rampur
198P.M.V. Aurihar Kalan (E Wing)1350Rampur
199P.M.V. Aurihar Kalan (W Wing)378Rampur
200P.V. Shekhpur776Rampur
201P.M.V Chakiya Newada (E Wing)941Rampur
202P.M.V Chakiya Newada (W Wing)1348Rampur
204P.M.V Tajpur Molna641Rampur
205P.V. Kotisa1295Kotiya
206P.V Bhadrasen904Bhadsen
207P.V. Ludipur890Ludipur
208P..V. Dahra Kalan (E Wing)1362Dahra Kala
209P..V. Dahra Kala (W Wing)721Dahra Kala
210P.V. Hasanpur1398Hasanpur
211P.V. Rafipur638Rafidpur
212P.V. Dharmmarpur1387Dhargarpur
213P.V. Narayanpur Kakarahi (W. Wing)780Naraynpur Kakarhi
214P.V. Narayanpur Kakarahi (E. Wing)772Naraynpur Kakarhi
215P.V. Daulatpur1447Daulatpur
216P.V. Singhpur788Shankhpur Urf Singhpur
217Mata Ram Dulari Prabhawati I.C. Malikpur867Malikpur
218P.M.V. Dahara Khurd612Dahra Khurd
219P.M.V. Vishunpur Mathura750Bishunpur Mathura
220P.M.V. Bhataula661Bhatauli
221P.V. Ramrepur712Ramarepur
222Dr. Bhim Ro Ambedkar Besik P.V.Rastipur916Rastepur
223P.V. Sharifpur703Sharifpur
224P.V. Tarvaniya (W Wing)1340Saidpur (NP)
225P.V. Tarvaniya (E Wing)900Saidpur (NP)
226P.V. Tarvaniya (Ex. Room)604Saidpur (NP)
227P.V. Jauharganj1294Saidpur (NP)
228Ta.N.I.C. Saidpur (E Wing)1016Saidpur (NP)
229Ta.N.I.C. Saidpur (W Wing)1294Saidpur (NP)
230Kanya P.V. Saidpur1355Saidpur (NP)
231Ra.Ba.I.C. Saidpur (S Wing)1179Saidpur (NP)
232Ra.Ba.I.C. Saidpur (N Wing)1136Saidpur (NP)
233P.V. Saidpur No.1 (N Wing)1078Saidpur (NP)
234P.V. Saidpur No.1 (S Wing)883Saidpur (NP)
235P.M.V. Saidpur (N Wing)1273Saidpur (NP)
236P.M.V. Saidpur ( S. Wing)582Saidpur (NP)
237P.V. Saidpur No.31299Saidpur (NP)
238Dayanand Bal Vidya Mandir Saidpur1094Saidpur (NP)
239P..V. Jiyanchak703Janichak
240P.V. Dahan1449Dahen
242P.V. Chakraju ( W Wing)1009Chak Raju
245P.V. Badihari834Brihari
246P.V. Khojanpur1103Khojanpur
247P.V. Raval1222Raval
248P.V. Alayachak803Alaichak
249P.V. Raispur1203Raispur
251P.V. Fulwari Kalan1024Nawchak
252P.S. Holipur (E Wing)867Holipur
253P.V. Holipur (W Wing)798Enamipur
254P.V. Mirpur Tirwah876Mirpur Tirwah
255P.V. Phulwari Khurd1037Fulwari Khurd
256P.V.Sehmalpur998Sehamal Pur
257J.H.S. Kanauli Nasirpur702Kanali
259P.V. Basupur756Basu Pur
260P.V. Sadkuchak1050Sikandar Chack Hatim
261P.V. Mahuliya1287Mahuliya
262P.M.V Mudiyar (N. Wing)1287Mudiar
263P.M.V Mudiyar (S. Wing)366Mudiar
264P.V. Mudiyar668Budhauli
265P.V. Paharpur Haldhar588Paharpur
266P.V. Sarai Kasim (E Wing)899Saray Kasim
267P.V. Sarai Kasim (W Wing)820Rajanpur
268P.V. Rajmalpur837Rajmalpur
269A.I.C. Siyava1328Siyawa
270P.V. Kandar1023Kandar
271P.M.V. Akawaspatti S. Gram Bhikhaipur766Bhikhaipur
272Mulayam Singh Yadav Shikshan Sansthan U.M.V. Akawaspatti794Akawas Patti
273P.V. Pahla Tola943Pahalatola
274P.V. Dhuvarjun (W Wing)595Durjanpur
275P.V. Dhuvarjun (E Wing)1109Durjanpur
276P.V. Dhuvarjun (Ex. Room)427Durjanpur
277P.V. Vishunpur Kala536Bishunpur Kala
278P.V. Vishunpur Junardar602Bishunpur Zunadar
279P.V. Kolwar1419Kolwar
280P.V. Pauta (W Wing)1363Kolwar
281P.V. Pauta (E Wing)1058Sammanpur Newada
282P.V. Rajapur U. Agapur1453Rajapur Urf Alampur
284Dr.Sai.M.I.C. Bhitari (N Wing)985Bhitari Taraf Sadur
285Dr.Sai.M.I.C. Bhitari (C Wing)885Bhitari Taraf Sadur
287Dr.Sai.M.I.C. Bhitari (S Wing)1113Rasulpur
288P.V. Budhanipur946Budhanipur
289P.V. Wasipur U. Piyari (E Wing)579Chak Budhsen
290P.V. Wasipur U. Piyari (W Wing)1209Basipur Urf Piari
291P.V. Mahmudpur Hathini (N Wing)859Mahmud Hathini
292P.V. Mahmudpur Hathini (S Wing)927Mahmud Hathini
293P.V. Chitaura854Chitora
294P.V. Vishunpura1172Bisun Pura
295P.V. Devchandpur (E Wing)1398Dewachandpur
296P.V. Devchandpur (C Wing)744Dewachandpur
297P.V. Devchandpur (W Wing)820Dewachandpur
298P.V. Mahaicha826Dewachandpur
299P.V. Malikshahpur982Malik Shah Pur
300Hari.P.V. Dharvan1266Dharawa
301J.H.S.Jeval S612Khankah Khurd
302P.V. Dubaitha1001Dubaitha
303P.V. Chakeri1025Chakeri Upraw
304P.V. Jeval1371Jeval
305P.V. Bhavanipur (E Wing)548Nindopur
306P.V. Bhavanipur (W Wing)1175Bhavanipur
307P.V. Taranv (E Wing)641Tarawn
308P.V. Taranv (W Wing)1124Tarawn
309P.V.Sonhavali (E Wing)962Sonhwali
310P.V.Sonhavali (W Wing)657Sonhouli
311Hanuman Singh I.C. Devkali (E Wing)1054Deokali
312Hanuman Singh I.C. Devkali (C Wing)484Deokali
315Hanuman Singh I.C. Devkali (W Wing)555Rasulabad
316P.V.. Sarvar Nagar461Kathghara Khadman
317P.V. Kurban Sarai1497Kasem Saray
318P.V. Sagra296Sagara
319P.V. Kundhachavar1425Kudhachawar
320P.V. Pachrasi (W Wing)1388Pacharasi
321P.V. Pachrasi (E Wing)1146Rasulpur Pachrasi
322P.V. Turana989Turana
323P.V. Hakimpur (W Wing)1118Hakimpur
324P.V. Hakimpur (E Wing)456Barhta
325P.V. Saichana859Saichana
326P.V. Badepur951Badepur
328J.H.S. Madpa610Mahpur
329H.S.S Maupara784Mupar
330P.V. Mahmudpur Pali ( E Wing)1006Mahmoodpur Pali
331P.V. Mahmudpur Pali ( W Wing)589Rahimpur Urf Musalimpur
332P.V. Kunwarpur469Kunwarpur
333P.K.M.V. Katghara Khadiman769Kathghara Khadman
334P.V Basuchak (S Wing)1326Basuchack
335P.V Basuchak (N Wing)994Basuchack
336P.V. Dhanaipur910Dhaipur
337P.V. Pahadpur Kalan (E Wing)1250Paharpur Kala
338P.V. Pahadpur Kalan (C Wing)338Paharpur Kala
339P.V. Pahadpur Kalan (W Wing)1025Paharpur Kala
340P.V. Budauli419Burauli
342H.S.S. Manjha (C Wing)1090Rampur
344H.S.S. Manjha (E Wing)1030Majha
346P.V. Horilpur735Horilpur
347P.V. Chhapra860Chhapara
348P.V. Manjhari723Manjhari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014