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Polling Booth in Sahaswan Assembly Constituency

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Sahaswan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sahaswan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sahaswan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1B.D.O.Offoce Islamnagar Room No.11309Islamnagar (NP)
2B.D.O.Office Islamnagar Room No.21292Islamnagar (NP)
3Jr.H.School Islamnagarroom No.11043Islamnagar (NP)
4Jr.H.School Islamnagarroom No.2904Islamnagar (NP)
5Jr.H.School Islamnagarroom No.3615Islamnagar (NP)
6Jr.H.School Islamnagarroom No.41235Islamnagar (NP)
7Pr.School Islamnagar Room No. 11032Islamnagar (NP)
8Pr.School Islamnagar Room No. 21064Islamnagar (NP)
9K.M.I.College North Part Islamnagar Room No.11277Islamnagar (NP)
10K.M.I.College North Part Islamnagar Room No.2950Islamnagar (NP)
11K.M.I.College North Part Islamnagar Room No.3839Islamnagar (NP)
12K.M.I.College South Part Islamnagar Room No.4866Islamnagar (NP)
13K.M.I.College South Part Islamnagar Room No.5823Islamnagar (NP)
14K.M.I.College South Part Islamnagar Room No.61244Islamnagar (NP)
15Navin Pr.School Islamnagar Room No. 11316Islamnagar (NP)
16Navin Pr.School Islamnagar Room No. 2848Islamnagar (NP)
17S.S.Samiti Nagar Khas Islamnagar776Islamnagar (NP)
18Pr.School Urdo Midiyam Islamnagar Room No.11501Islamnagar (NP)
19Pr.School Urdo Midiyam Islamnagar Room No.21016Islamnagar (NP)
20Pr.School Urdo Midiyam Islamnagar Room No.3837Islamnagar (NP)
21Pr.School Urdo Midiyam Islamnagar Room No.4844Islamnagar (NP)
22Navin Pr.School Kundawali Musiya Nagla Room No.11013Kundavali Mukhy Marg
23Navin Pr.School Kundawali Musiya Nagla Room No.2767Kundavali Musia Nagla
24Pr.School Rapur Raushan Nagar Room No.1736Rajpur Roshannagar
25Pr.School Maye Kala Room No.1011Maikalan
26Pr.School Maye Khurd Room No.1629Maikhurd
27Nehru Inter College Rudayan Room No.11493Rudayan (NP)
28Nehru Inter College Rudayan Room No.21497Rudayan (NP)
29Nehru Inter College Rudayan Room No.3798Rudayan (NP)
30Nehru Inter College South Part Rudayan Room No.4800Rudayan (NP)
31Nehru Inter College South Part Rudayan Room No.51499Rudayan (NP)
32Pr.School Gandhrauli Room No.1862Gandhrauli
33Pr.School Gandhrauli Room No.2703Gandhrauli
34Pr.School Govindpur Shivnagar Room No.11238Govindpur Shivnagar
35Pr.School Chani Room No.1822Chani
36Pr.School Chani Room No.2807Chani
37Pr.School Sadaruddin Nagar Room No.11071Sadruddin Nagar
38Pr.School Ratanpur Kot Room No.1917Ratanpur Kot
39Pr.School Firozpur Room No.11065Firozpur
40Pr.School Kot Room No.11161Kot
41Pr.School Swarooppur Room No.11498Svaroop Pur
42Pr.School Paliya Room No.1635Paliya
43Pr.School Saraira Room No.11144Sarera
44Pr.School Dharampur Majra Saraira Room No.1935Dharmpur Majra Sarera
45Pr.School Cchiwao Kala Room No.11175Chhivukalan
46Pr.School Sudeshpur Room No.1752Svadeshpur
47Pr.School Cchiwao Khurd Room No.1348Chhibau Khurd
48Pr.School Budhnagar Room No.1480Buddha Nagar
49Pr.School Naagar Pukhra Room No.1821Nagar Pukhra
50Pr.School Naagar Pukhra Room No.2876Nagar Pukhra
51Pr.School Eakh Khera Room No.11172Eekh Khera
52Pr.School Gopalpur Majra Eakh Khera Room No.1428Eekh Khera
53Pr.School Allipur Chachipur Room No.1968Allipur Chachipur
54Pr.School Allipur Chachipur Room No.2883Daranagar
55Pr.School East Part Ughaiti Garvi Room No.11256Udhaiti Patti Garbi
56Pr.School East Part Ughaiti Garvi Room No.2900Udhaiti Patti Garbi
57Pr.School West Part Ughaiti Garvi Room No.3889Udhaiti Patti Garbi
58Jr.H. School Ughaiti Garvi Room No.1885Udhaiti Patti Sharki
59Jr.H. School Ughaiti Garvi Room No.2890Udhaiti Patti Sharki
60Pr.School Pipri Room No.11162Pipri Raghunathpur
61Pr.School Raypur Khurd Room No.1469Raipur Khurd
62Pr.School Dharaira Room No.1933Dharera
63Pr.School Raghunathpur Room No.1946Pipri Raghunathpur
64Sidhbaba Inter College Sharah Barauliya Room No.11257Sharahbarauliya
65Sidhbaba Inter College Sharah Barauliya Room No.21419Sharah Barauliya
66Pr.School Behta Gusai Room No.11450Behtagusain
68Adarsh Uchtar Pr.School Behta Gusai Room No.11332Behtagusain
69Adarsh Jr.H.School Behta Gusai Room No.21237Behtagusain
70Pr.School Ccholayan Room No.1326Chholayan
71Pr.School Kesarpur Majra Sirtaul Room No.1512Sirtaul
72Pr.School Sirtaul Room No.11134Sirtaul
73Pr.School Sirtaul Room No.2848Sirtaul
74Pr.School Sertol Aterekt Kach881Sirtaul
75Pr. School Daloo Room No.11157Nagla Dallu
76Pr.School Daloo Room No.2502Nagla Dallu
77Pr. School Dadomar Room No.1852Dhadoomar
78Pr.School Nagla Taruo Room No. 1778Nagla Tarau
79Pr.School Fataynagla Room No.1624Fateh Nagla
80Pr.School Banre Dakpura Room No.1786Barnidhakpur
81Pr.School Banre Dakpura Room No.2552Barnidhakpur
82Pr.School Dakpura Room No.1547Barnidhakpur
83Pr.School Badnumee Room No.1837Badrauni
84Pr.School Badnumee Room No.2829Badnaumi
85Pr.School Pindaul Room No.11082Pindaul
86Pr.School Pindaul Room No.21061Pindaul
87Pr.School Pendol Room No.2837Karanpur
88Pr.School Sarha Baghule Room No.11396Sarah Baghauli
89Pr.School Sarah Baghauli Room No.21000Sarah Baghauli
90Pr.School Rampurya Magra Sarha Bagholi Room No. 1442Sarah Baghauli
91Pr.School Naranye Room No. 1426Naraini
92Pr.School Ragbroleya Room No.11214Raj Baraulia
93Janta Adars Entar Kalag Kehtora Kundan Room No.11430Khitaura Kundan
94Janta Adars Entar Kalag Kehtora Kunda Room No. 21512Khitaura Bhagwant
95Jr.H.School Khitaura Bhagwant Room No.1823Khitaura Bhagwant
96Jr.H.School Khitaura Bhagwant Room No.2724Khitaura Bhagwant
97Pr.School Mahloli Room No.11167Mahlauli
98Pr.School Rafatpur Banjra Room No.11117Rafatpur Banjra
99Pr.School Riyonai Dalai Room No.11510Reonae Dalae
100Pr.School Riyonai Dalaei Room No.2846Reonae Dalae
101Pr.School Riyonai Dalai Extra Room1027Reonae Dalae
102Uch.Pr. School Riyonai Kundan Room No.1747Reonae Kundan
103Pr.School Kuvri Majra Saray Sanwal Room No.1513Kubri Majra Sarai Sanwal
104Pr.School Saray Sanwal Room No.1730Sarai Sanwal
105Pr.School Sraya Sabal Room No.2595Sarai Sanwal
106Pr.School Bala Kishanpur Room No.11280Balakishanpur
107Pr.Brvara Room No.1725Barvara
108Pr.Ghansoli Room No.1925Ghansauli
109Pr.Kangaba Room No.1732Kangawan Gugauwa
110Pr.Gogooaya Room No.1808Kangawan Gugauwa
111Pr. Tetole Room No. 1779Titauli
112Pr.Mahanagar Room No.11194Mahanagar
113Pr.School Lotahar Room No.1705Lothar
114Pr. School Mable Room No.1962Mevali
115Pr.School Mevli Room No.2962Mevali
116Pr.School Damminagar Majra Khandua Room No.1516Khandua
117Pr.School Masoodpur Majra Khandua Room No.1575Khandua
118Janta High School East Part Khndua Room No.1857Khandua
119Janta High School East Part Khandua Room No.2838Khandua
120Janta High School West Part Khandua Room No.3899Khandua
121Janta High School West Part Khandua Room No.4765Khandua
122Uch. Pr.School Bhawanipur Majra Khandua Room No.1486Khandua
123Pr.School Basantnagar Majra Khandua Room No.1589Khandua
124Pr.School Amanabad Majra Khandua Room No.1824Khandua
125Pr.Sckool Guritha Room No.11116Guritha
126H.Pr.School Sorha Room No.11429Sorha
127H.Pr.School Sorha Room No.2400Sorha
128Purv Madyamic School Kariyamae East Part Room No.1817Kariyamai
129Purv Madyamic School Kariyamae East Part Room No.2888Kariyamai
130Purv Madyamic School Kariyamae West Part Room No.3803Kariyamai
131Purv Madyamic School Kariyamae West Part Room No.4963Kariyamai
132Pr.School Udaypur Room No.1297Udaipur
133Pr.School Firozpur Gumrah Room No.1753Firozpur Gumrah
134Pr.School Bharatpur Room No.1347Bharatpur
135Pr.Shool Khushhalpur Room No.11242Khushalpur
136Pr.School Purdalpur Room No.1966Purdalpur
137Pr.School Agras Room No.11080Agras
138Navin Pr.School Kohra Room No.1813Kohra
139Pr.School Gari Khanpur Room No.11310Garhikhanpur
140Pr.School Surahi Room No.11176Surahi
141Pr.School Kisaira Ibadullanagar Room No.11477Kiserai Ibadulla Nagar
142Pr.School Sunder Nagar Room No.11085Sundar Nagar
143Pr.School Lashkarpur Oiya Room No.11171Lashkar Oiya
144Pr.School Lashkarpur Oiya Room No.21187Lashkar Oiya
145Pr.School Sadatpur Nachni Room No.11113Sadatpur Nachani
146Pr.School Naugawan Room No.1603Naugawan
147Pr.School Naderi Room No.11001Nanderi
148Pr.School Achalpur Room No.11064Achalpur
149Pr.School Bhagwantnagar Room No.1400Bhagwant Nagar
150Pr.School Chhitarpur Mehrola Room No.1902Chhitarpur Mahrola
151Pr.School Maujuddi Nagar Room No.1787Maujuddin Nagar
152Pr.School Sadatnagar Room No.1550Sadat Nagar
153U.Pr.School Rajthal Room No.11276Rajthal
154Pr.School Jasupur Room No.1831Jasupur
155Pr.School Vanjhagi Room No.1864Bajhangi
156Pr.School Saifulla Gunj Sagar Saray Room No.1681Saifullaganj Sagar Saraya
157Pr.School Patisa Majra Saifulla Gunj Sagar Saray Room No.11271Saifullaganj Sagar Saraya
158Pr.School Mauhsanpur Room No.1965Mohsanpur
159Pr.School Dajrampur Room No.1783Dajrampur
160Janta Inter College East Part Noorpur Pinauni Room No.1909Noorpur Pinauni
161Janta Inter College East Part Noorpur Pinauni Room No.2886Noorpur Pinauni
162Janta Inter College Wes Part Noorpur Pinauni Room No.3918Noorpur Pinauni
163Pr.School Vijaypur Room No.1560Vijaypur
164Pr.School Sakatpur Room No.11396Sakatpur
165Pr.School Kuraishpur Room No.1890Kureshpur
166Pr.Schooldanpur Room No.1836Danpur
167Pr.School Danpur Room No.21084Danpur
168Pr.School Sultanpur Tappa Farid Nagar Room No.1496Sultanpur Tappa Farid Nagar
169Jr.H.School Diyori Imrat Room No.1372Deori Amrit
170Pr.School Kotha Room No.11224Kotha
171Pr.School Kotha Room No.2593Kotha
172Pr.School Mohammad Gunj Gobra Room No.1856Mohammadganj Gobra
173Uch.Pr. School Nadha Room No. 11431Nadha Chauraha Purvi Mohalla
174Uch.Pr.School Nadha Room No. 21157Nadha
175Pr.School Afzalpur Bughauti Room No.1936Afzalpur Budheti
176Pr779Kubri Kam Sahai
177Pr.School Khirakwari Bhood Room No. 1595Kharakwari Bhurh
178Pr.School Mirzapur Mohsanpur Room No.1666Mirzapur Mohsanpur
179Pr.School Arifpur Bhagta Nagla Room No. 11172Arifpur Bhagta Nagla
180Pr.School Shadipur Room No.1677Shadipur
181Pr. School Malikpur Vichaula Patti Maharam Room No.11313Malikpur Bicholapatti Khagi
182Pr.School Shikarpur Room No. 1816Shikarpur
183Pr.School Ibraheempur Gari Room No.1871Ibrahimpur Garhi
184Pr.School Dudhwan Room No.1540Doodma
185Pr.School Salawatpur Bhoor Room No.1591Salawatpur Bhoorh
186Pr.School Bhagtanagla Surji Room No.1502Bhagta Nagla Surji
187Pr.School Badauli Sagarpur Room No. 11291Badhauli Sagarpur
188Pr.School Kyawali Room No.1921Kyawali
189Pr.School Daulatpur Room No.1628Daulatpur
190Pr.School Hamopur Bhoor Room No.1407Hamupur
192Pr.School Bhoor Khitaura Room No.11256Bhoorh Khitaura
193Pr.School Sultanpur Tappa Ahmad Nagar Room No.11125Sultanpur Tappa Ahmadnagar
194Pr.School Zahidpur Ghansuliya Room No.11126Jahidpur Ghansoli
195Pr.School Chandeshi Room No. 1502Chandesi
196Pr.School Tigra Room No. 1610Tigra
197Pr.School Hasanpur Lodha Urf Nagla Hari Room No.1928Hasanpur Lodha Nagla Hari
198Pr.School Behwalpur Room No.1955Bahvalpur
199Pr.School Gahlol Room No.1351Gahlaul
200Pr. School Hotipur Room No.1598Hotipur
201Pr. School Allipur Tappa Haveli Room No.1609Allipur Tappa Haveli
202Pr. School Tehara Room No.11003Tahra
203Pr.School Bhagatpur Room No.1652Bhagatpur
204Pr.School Saadpur Room No.11099Sadhpur
205Pr.School Jarara Room No.1576Jarara
206Pr.School Bhamori Room No.11377Bhamori
207Jr.H.School Kamaalpur Jallunagar Room No.11049Kamalpur Jallu Nagar
208Pr.School Shahnagar Patparagunj Room No. 1989Shahnagar Patparaganj
209Pr. School Rafatpur Mauru Janoovi Room No.11183Rafatpur Maur Janoobi
210Pr. School Majholra Room No.11095Majholra
211Pr. School Sirsaul Room No.11131Sirsaul
212Pr.School Chandpura Room No. 1351Chandpura
213Pr.School Nawabgunj Vehtani Room No.1507Nawabganj Batni
214Pr.School Gulariya Room No. 1643Guladia
215Pr.School Lauharpura Room No.1731Loharpura
216Pr.School Shamaspur Malik Fatta Room No.11342Shamspur Malik Fatta
217Pr.School Thanpur Room No. 1641Thanpur
218Pr.School Wazeerpur Room No.1649Wazirpur
219Pr.School Ambiyapur Room No.1537Ambiapur
220Jr.H.School Aadampur Room No.1382Adampur
221Pr.School Bhojipura Pawai Room No.11002Bhojipura Pavai
222Pr.Schoolbastoi Sikri Room No.1793Bastoi Sikri
223Pr.School Bastoi Sikri Room No.2722Bastoi Sikri
224Pr.School Khanua Nagla Room No.1691Khanwa Nagla
225Pr.School Aslaur Room No.1552Aslaur
226Pr.School Bhgajit Nagariya Room No.11312Bhogajit Nagariya
228Pr.School Rasoolpur Kalan Room No.11109Rasoolpur Kala
229Pr.School Rasoolpur Kalan Room No.2652Rasoolpur Kala
230Uch.Pr.School North Part Rasoolpur Kalan Room No.1845Rasoolpur Kala
231Uch.Pr.School North Part Rasoolpur Kalan Room No.2825Rasoolpur Kala
232Uch.Pr.School South Part Rasoolpur Kalan Room No.3942Rasoolpur Kala
233Pr.School Ismailpur Kothra Room No.1871Ismailpur Kothra
234U. P. R. School East Part Jareefnagar Durgpur Room No. 1859Zarif Nagar Durgpur
235U.Pr.School East Part Zarifnagar Durgpur Room No.2852Zarif Nagar Durgpur
236U. P. R. School Weast Part Jareefnagar Durgpur Room No. 3792Zarif Nagar Durgpur
237U.Pr.School East Part Gareefnagar Durgpur Room No.4814Zarif Nagar Durgpur
238Pr.School Dandra Room No.11489Dandra
239Pr.School Nainol Bagwala Room No.11038Nainaul Bagwala
240Pr.School Nainolbagwala Room No.21127Nainaul Bagwala
241Pr.School Vastuiya Room No.1376Vastuiya
242U.Pr.School Kariyavain Room No.1956Karia Bain
243U.Pr.School Kariyavain Room No.21086Karia Bain
244Pr.School Dhowar Kheda Room No.1904Dhobar Khera
245Pr.School Usmanpur Room No.1713Usmanpur
246Pr.School Usmanpur Room No.2963Usmanpur
247Pr.School Mustafabad Jaraitha Room No.11374Mustafabad Jaretha
248Pr.School Kankasi Room No.1881Kanksi
249Pr.School Kandasi Room No.2706Kanksi
250Pr.School Chandanpur Room No.1568Silhari
251Pr.School Nagla Choi Room No.11034Nagla Choie
252Pr.School Nagla Choi Room No.21005Nagla Choie
253Pr.School Parsauna Room No.1942Parsauna
254Pr.School Kahrpur Kahrati Room No.11064Khairpur Khairati
255Pr.School Michona Ke Madaeya Majra Khaipur Khairati Room No. 1848Khairpur Khairati
256Pr.School Mohammadpur Udha Room No.1694Mohammadpur Uda
257Pr.School Fatanpur Tappa Haveli Room No.1947Fatanpurya Tappa Haveli
258Pr.School Kolhar Room No.1869Kolhar
259Pr.School Kolhar Room No.2690Kolhar
260G.Uch.Pr.School Kaswa Patti Yakin Mohammad Room No.1890Sahaswan (NPP)
261G.Uch.Pr.School Kaswa Patti Yakin Mohammad Room No.2972Sahaswan (NPP)
262K.U.Pr.School K. Patti Yakeen Mohammad Room No.31482Sahaswan (NPP)
263K.U.Pr.School K. Patti Yakeen Mohammad Room No.4920Sahaswan (NPP)
264Neharu Vall Niketan Muhiuddinpur Room No.1829Sahaswan (NPP)
265Neharu Vall Niketan Muhiuddinpur Room No.2777Sahaswan (NPP)
266Neharu Vall Niketan Muhiuddinpur Room No.31432Sahaswan (NPP)
267Pr.School Kazi Mohalla Room No.11131Sahaswan (NPP)
268Pr.School Kazi Mohalla Room No.21245Sahaswan (NPP)
269Jalkal Sansthan N.P.P.Sahaswan Room No.11114Sahaswan (NPP)
270Jalkal Sansthan N.P.P.Sahaswan Room No.2892Sahaswan (NPP)
271G.G.I.C.Sahaswan Room No.11427Sahaswan (NPP)
272G.G.I.C.Sahaswan Room No.2703Sahaswan (NPP)
273G.G.I.C.Sahaswan Room No.3941Sahaswan (NPP)
274Munsifi Sub Rajistrar Office Room No.11288Sahaswan (NPP)
275Munsifi Sub Rajistrar Office Room No.21357Sahaswan (NPP)
276Munsifi Cainteen Building Sahaswan Room No.31279Sahaswan (NPP)
277G.U.Pr.School Room No.11182Sahaswan (NPP)
278K.U.Pr.Schoolnasrullaganj Room No.21164Sahaswan (NPP)
279Samudaiyk Vikas Kendr Karyalaya Nagar Palika Parisad Sahaswan Room No.1839Sahaswan (NPP)
280Samudaiyk Vikas Kendr Karyalaya Nagar Palika Parisad Sahaswan Room No.2727Sahaswan (NPP)
281Pr.School Akbarabad Room No.11221Sahaswan (NPP)
282Pr.School Akbarabad Room No.21324Sahaswan (NPP)
283Shivhari K.U.Pr School Akbrabad Room No.11173Sahaswan (NPP)
284Shivhari K.U.Pr School Akbrabad Room No.21156Sahaswan (NPP)
285Panna Lal I.C. Sahaswan East Part Room No.61313Sahaswan (NPP)
286Panna Lal I.C. Sahaswan East Part Room No.71064Sahaswan (NPP)
287Panna Lal Inter College East Part Sahaswan Room No.8927Sahaswan (NPP)
288Panna Lal I.C. Midile Part Sahaswan Room No.91459Sahaswan (NPP)
289Panna Lal Inter College Midil Part Sahaswan Room No.111478Sahaswan (NPP)
290Pramod Inter College West Part Room No.3936Sahaswan (NPP)
291Pramod I.C. West Part Room No.4919Sahaswan (NPP)
292Pramod I.C. West Part Room No.51318Sahaswan (NPP)
293Pramod I.C. West Part Room No.6591Sahaswan (NPP)
294Pramod I.C. East Part Room No.151055Sahaswan (NPP)
295Pr.School Prmood Enter Kalej East Part Room No. 16785Sahaswan (NPP)
296Pramod Inter College East Part Room No.17840Sahaswan (NPP)
297Pramod Sanskrat Maha Vidhyalay Wast Part Room No.11502Sahaswan (NPP)
298Pramod Sanskrat Maha Vidhyalay Wast Part Room No.2988Sahaswan (NPP)
299Pramod Sanskrat Maha Vidhyalay Wast Part Room No.31007Sahaswan (NPP)
300Pr. School Hardatpur Room No.1917Hardattpur
302Sahkari Godown Badshahbad Majra Hamopur Chamarpura1052Hamupur Chamarpura
303Pr.School Hamopur Chamarpura Room No.11241Hamupur Chamarpura
304Pr. School Hamupur Chamarpur Room No.2647Hamupur Chamarpura
305Pr.School Khair Pur Balee Room No. 11097Khairpur Balli
306Pr. School Gamalpur Peereroom No.1551Jamalpur Piri
307Pr.School Bhamaneepur Kharuo Room No.11043Bhawanipur Kheru
308Pr.School Bhawanipur Khairu Room No.21129Bhawanipur Kheru
309Pr.School Bhawanipur Khairu 11034Bhawanipur Kheru
310U.Pr.School Bhawanipur Khairu Room No.2997Bhawanipur Kheru
311Pr.School East Part Bhawanipur Khalli Room No.11021Bhawanipur Kheru
312Pr.School East Part Bhawanipur Khalli Room No.21082Bhawanipur Kheru
313Pr.School West Part Bhawanipur Khalli Room No.31149Bhawanipur Kheru
314Pr.School West Part Bhawanipur Khalli Room No.41082Bhawanipur Kheru
315Pr.School Hindoor Room No.11063Hindor
316Pr.School Hindoor Room No.21144Hindor
317Pr.School Alhadadpur Dhowae Room No.11062Alehadadpur Tappa Masai
318Pr.School Alhadadpur Dhowai Room No.2885Alehadadpur Tappa
319Pr.School Sujawali Room No.11041Sujawali
320Pr.School Sujawali Room No.21011Sujawali
321Pr.School Nsirpur Tappa Malsai Room No.1733Nasirpur Tappa Malsai
322Pr.School Rasoolpur Tappa Malsai Room No.11204Rasoolpur Tappa Malsai
323Pr.School East Part Nadayal Room No.1847Nadail
324Pr.School East Part Nadayal Room No.2859Nadail
325Pr.School West Part Nadayal Room No.3780N/A
326U.Pr.School Nadayal Room No.1761Nadail
327U.Pr.School Nadayal Room No.21441Nadail
328Pr.School Wajidpur Room No.1851Wajidpur
329Pr.School Bhoyas Room No.11136Bhoyas
330Pr.School Bhoyas Room No.2928Bhoyas
331Pr.School Silhari Room No.11218Silhari
332Pr.School Madarpur Room No.11089Madarpur
333Pr.School Jatki Room No.11435Jatki
334Pr.School Shamaspur Kuvri Room N0.11028Shamaspur Kunvari
335Vikas Khand Baithak Room Dehgawan767Dahgawan
336Vikas Khand Pichda Warg Nidhi Room974Dahgawan
337Bilok Risors Center Navin Bhavan Dehgawan763Dahgawan
338Asharfilal Inter College East Part Dehgawan Room No.11406N/A
339Asharfilal Inter College East Part Dehgawan Room No.2834Dahgawan
340Asharfilal Inter College West Part Dehgawan Room No.3915Dahgawan
341Asharfilal Inter College West Part Dehgawan Room No.41350Dahgawan
342Pr.School Mohammadpur Koodai Room No.11183Mohammadpur Kudai
343Pr.School Sobhanpur1184Somanpur
344Pr.School Dharampur Tappa Vaish Room No.11465Dharampur Tappa Bais
345Pr.School Aantar Room No.11424Antar
346Jr.H School Serai Urf Vijay Gari Room No.1982Serai Urf Vijay Garhi
347Pr.School Bhimpur Dostpur Room No.1488Bheempur Dostpur
348Pr.School Sirsa Khurd Room No. 11217Sirsa Khurd
349Pr.School Shekhupura Room No.11074Shekhupura
350Pr.School Padariya Room No.11140Padariya
351Pr.School Rampur Tappa Vaish Room No. 11263Rampur Tappa Vais
352Pr.School Dhel Room No. 1584Dhail
353Pr.School Bairpur Manpur Room No.1971Bairpur Manpur
354Pr.School Sonboori Room No.1585Sone Boorhi
355Pr.School Kunwarpur Chandan Room No.1998Kunwarpur Chandan
356Pr.School Hasanpur Tappa Baish Room No.1797Hasanpur Tappa Vais
357Pr.School Kerai Serai Room No.1784Kerai Sarei
358Pr.School Diyora Shekhpur Room No.11208Dayohara Shekhpur
359Pr.School Diyora Shekhpur Room No.2666Dayohara Shekhpur
360Pr.School Malpur Tatera Mustehkam Room No.11499Malpur Tatera Mustahkam
361Pr.School Malpur Tatera Mustehkam Room No.2829Malpur Tatera Mustahkam
362Pr.School Malsai Yosufpur Mustehkam Room No.1834Malsai Yusufpur Mustahkam
363Pr.School Malsai Yosufpur Mustehkam Room No.21370Malsai Yusufpur Kham
364Pr.School Totpur Karsari Room No.1988Tontpur Karsari
365Pr.School Sithauliya Pukhta Room No.11104Sithaulia Pukhta
366Pr.School Dakara Pukhta Room No.1882Dakara Pukhta
367Pr.School Basauliya Room No.1900Basaulia
368Pr.School Basoolya Room No.21059Basaulia
369Pr.School Dakara Kham Basauliya Room No.1372Basaulia
370Pr.School Baazpur Room No.1834Bajpur
371Pr.School Baazpur Room No.2828Bajpur
372Pr.School Baazpur Extra Room Room No.2977Bajpur
373Pr.School Shahpur Taharkhera Room No.11471Shahpur Tahirpur Khera
374Pr.School Abhanpur Room No.11297Abhanpur
375Pr.School Mudari Sidharpur Room No.11209Mudari Sidharpur
376Pr.School Gadauliya Patti Tasaul Room No.1886Gadholiya Patti Tasol
377Pr.School Gadauliya Patti Tasaul Room No.2865Gadholiya Patti Tasol
378Pr.School Rasoolpur Vela Room No.1839Rasoolpur Bela
379Pr.School Rasoolpur Vela Room No.2826Rasoolpur Bela
380Pr.School Dhapar Room No.1686Nagala Baran
381Pr.School Nagla Varan Room No.11108Nagala Baran

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