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Polling Booth in Safipur Assembly Constituency

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Safipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Safipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Safipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primari School Dalkheda M. Navabad Grun748Nawabad Garant
2Primari School Gaoriya Kala1265Gaoria Kalan
3Samu.Vi.Bh.Gaoriya Kala798Gaoria Kalan
4J.H.School K.No.1 Gaoriya Kala1228Gaoria Kalan
5J.H.School K.No.2 Gaoriya Kala548Gaoria Kalan
6Primari School Dholaova1116Asrfabad
7Primari School Pidana956Pirna
8Primari School Sikandarpur419Sikander Pur
9Primari School Sherpur Kala Purva1269Sher Pur Kalan
10Primari School Sherpur Kala Paschim522Sher Pur Kalan
11Primari School Sadabad966Sadabad
12Primari School Kanhau875Kanhao
13Primari School Peshari1169Pesari
14Primari School Nigohi Uttar800Nigohi
15Primari School Nigohi Daxin729Nigohi
16J.H.School Nigohi Uttar803Nigohi
17J.H.School Nigohi Daxin815Nigohi
18Primari School Tandamita757Tanda Meeta
19Primari School Pataoli Daxin1091Pataoli
20Primari School Nasirpur477Nasir Pur
21Primari School Tikana1287Tikana
23Primari School Barithana1283Bari Thana
24J.H.School Barithana Uttar1264Bari Thana
25J.H.School Barithana Daxin1482Bari Thana
26Primari School Mohiuddinpur803Muhiuddeen Pur
27Primari School Khevarai1109Khevrae
28Primari School Matlabpur795Matlab Pur
29J.H.School Tikara300Tikara
30Primari School Munda Uttar1367Munda
31Primari School Gurdhari909Gurdhari
32Primari School Atvamohal Osiya700Atwa Mohal Osia
33J.H.School Osiya Purva766Osia
34J.H.School Ekal Kacch Osiya700Osia
35J.H.School Osiya Paschim778Osia
36Primari School Osiya561Osia
37Primari School Raiyamau888Raiya Mao
38Primari School Mavailal825Birjpapl Pur
39Primari School Brijpalpur718Birjpapl Pur
40Primari School Mavaibhan1181Mavaibhan
41Primari School Pikhi Purva1474Pikhi
42Primari School Pikhi Paschim1181Pikhi
43Primari School Ajigavan535Ajgawan
44Primari School Salheypur Purwa670Salhe Pur Purwa
45Primari School Dakauli492Dakoli
46K.G.M.G. Intter Collage Safipur K.No.181213Safia Pur
47K.G.M.G. Intter Collage Safipur K.No.19524Safia Pur
48K.G.M.G. Intter Collage Safipur K.No.16958Safia Pur
49K.G.M.G. Intter Collage Safipur K.No.7947Safia Pur
50Vikaskhand K.N.Safipur Sahari Paschim1348Safipur (NP)
51Vikaskhand K.N.Safipur Sahari Purva1081Safipur (NP)
52Vikaskhand K.N.Safipur Sahari Uttar1096Safipur (NP)
53Ashutosh J.V.H.H.S.School K.No3 Safipur714Safipur (NP)
55Ashutosh J.V.H.H.S.School K.No1 Safipur1282Safipur (NP)
56Primari School Safipur Sahari Uttar711Safipur (NP)
57Primari School Safipur Sahari Daxin814Safipur (NP)
58Primari School Safipur Purva1095Safipur (NP)
59Primari School Daxin Baramda Safipur Sahari627Safipur (NP)
60Primari School A.K.Safipur1201Safipur (NP)
61Shanti S.N. Safipur Sahari Uttar1239Safipur (NP)
62Shanti S.N. Safipur Sahari Daxin1385Safipur (NP)
63New Public Sarang School K.No.1 Safipur Sahari1070Safipur (NP)
64New Public Sarang School K.No.2 Safipur Sahari575Safipur (NP)
65New Public Sarang School K.No.3 Safipur Sahari1167Safipur (NP)
66Nagar Panchayat S.K. Safipur Sahari704Safipur (NP)
67Primari School Roshan Nagar614Roshan Nagar
68Primari School Mahmoodpur1113Roshan Nagar
69J.H.School Mau Mansoorpur Uttar1059Mao Mansur Pur
70J.H.School Mau Mansoorpur Daxid465Mao Mansur Pur
71Primari School Shahnagar768Sahapur
72Primari School Chhohi1241Chhuhi
73J.H.School Daolatyarpur602Daolatyar Pur
74Primari School Rampur410Ram Pur
75Primari School Raipur785Ray Pur
76Primari School Jamuniha Kach1237Jamuniha Kachchh
77Primari School Rooppur Chandela1007Rooppur Chandela Ahatmali
78Primari School Dadalha815Dadlaha
80Primari School Khairichandela439Khairi Chandela
81J.H.School Aitbarpur707Atbarpur
82Primari School Sherpur M. Jamal Nagr E.871Jajamao Ahatmali
83J.H.School Ibrahimabad766Ibaraheema Bad
84Primari School Katiyamau431Katia Mao
85Primari School Ghauli436Gaholi
86Kanya Primari School Sakahan Rajpootan1348Sakhan Rajputan
87Bal Primari School Sakahan Rajpootan325Sakhan Rajputan
88Primari School Sakahan Musalmanan817Sakhan Musalmanan
89Primari School Shahadatnagar571Sahadat Nagar
90Primari School Devganmau954Devgan Mao
91J.H.School Mirjapur Uttar719Mirja Pur
92J.H.School Mirjapur Daxin903Mirja Pur
93Primari School Nyamatpur601Niyamatpur
94Primari School Sarai Sakahan921Sarai Sakhan
95Primari School Sarai Sakahan Daxin678Sarai Sakhan
96Primari School Muradpur697Murad Pur
97Primari School K.No.2 Jamalnagar G.E.855Jaja Mao Gair Ahatmali
98Primari School A.K. Jamalnagar G.E.756Jagat Nagar Gair Ahatmali
99Panchayat Ghar Jamalnagar G.E.1266Jagat Nagar Gair Ahatmali
100Primari School Salheypur Khalilnagar689Salepur Khaleel Nager
101Primari School Hasnapur573Hasana Pur
103Primari School Pava1260Pawa
104Primari School Atha822Atha
106Primari School Mustafabad1220Mustafabad
107Primari School Fazilpur967Fajil Pur
108Primari School Bahauddinpur760Bahauddeen Pur
109J.H.School Kusaila1417Kusela
110J.H.School Jatpurwa1391Jat Purwa
111Primari School Naobatpur898Naobat Pur
112Primari School Sherpur Khurd753Sherpur Khurd
113Primari School Fattepur776Fateh Pur
114Primari School Unvan1156Unwan
116J.H.School Unvan1187Unwan
118Primari School Narharpur574Narhar Pur
119Primari School Belravan579Belrawan
120Primari School Aojharpur793Barbhaola
121Primari School Khokhapur682Rukana Pur
122J.H.School Bakhtaorikheda M. Firojpur Kala1267Firoj Pur Kala
123Primari School Bhadni576Bhadni
124Primari School Methitikur Purva816Methi Tikur
125Primari School Methitikur Purva K.No.2708Methi Tikur
126Primari School Methitikur Paschim994Methi Tikur
127Primari School Methitikur Paschim K.No.3702Methi Tikur
128Panchayat Ghar Methitikur1068Methi Tikur
129Primari School Umar807Umer
130Primari School Atva1134Atwa
131Primari School Jamaluddinpur1101Jamaluddeen Pur
132Primari School Gopalpur414Gopal Pur
133J.H.School Bamhana1257Bardhae
134Primari School Badadev Uttar Salhenagar Karaondi923Salhenagar Karaondi
135Primari School Badadev Daxin Salhenagar Karaondi847Salhenagar Karaondi
136Primari School Makhadoomnagar927Makhdoom Nagar
137Primari School Salind858Saleed
138Primari School Abdullapur491Abdulla Pur
139Primari School Gaori1059Gaori
140Primari School Darabnagar764Darab Nagar
141Primari School Nihalpur493Nihal Pur
142Primari School Bhaisahara508Bhaishara
143J.H.School K.No.1 Devgao855Dasgawan
144J.H.School K.No.2 Devgao927Dasgawan
145Primari School Devgao926Dasgawan
146Primari School Ambahara808Jagdeesh Pur
147Primari School Lahbarpur1023Lahber Pur
148Primari School Najirpur520Najir Pur
149Primari School Khargaora Uttar984Khargaora
150Primari School Khargaora Daxin905Khargaora
151Primari School Meernagar598Meernagar
152Primari School Baraonki874Baraoki
153Primari School Gosaikheda Uttar M. Kursat Gramin1051Kursath Rural
154Primari School Bahadurkheda M. Kursat Gramin640Kursath Rural
155Primari School U. Anvarkheda M. Kursat Gramin962Kursath Rural
156Primari School D. Anvarkheda M. Kursat Gramin656Kursath Rural
157J.H.School K.No.1 Kursat Gramin1265Kursath Rural
158J.H.School K.No.2 Kursat Gramin1083Kursath Rural
159J.H.School K.No.3 Tikara M. Kursat Gramin1345Kursath Rural
160Primari School Pipari M. Kursat Gramin1035Kursath Rural
161Primari School Ganeshkheda M. Saraibadri851Saray Badri
162Primari School K.No.1 Dipwal1235Dipwal
163Primari School K.No.2 Dipwal863Dhakhia
164Primari School Dhanmau Chharehati619Dhanmoo Chharehati
165J.H.School K.No.1 Poorachand1136Purachand
166J.H.School K.No.2 Poorachan1401Purachand
167Primari School Bisval1363Biswal
168Primari School Laharu691Lahru
169Primari School Rampur Khanjhadi917Rampur Khanjhari
171Primari School Bahadur Pur999Bahadurpur
172Primari School Talhi426Talhee
173Primari School Aldao1014Aldao
174Primari School Kabroi846Kabroee
178Primari School Utara769Utra Dhukaoli
179Primari School Parsahara1172Parshhra
180Rajkiy Inter College Inayatpurbarra549Enayatpur Barra
182Primari School Subhankheda602Subhankhera
183Primari School Adampur1081Adampur Faijula Nagar
184Primari School Mohammadpur Chaksunaora999Mohmmadpur Chak Sunora
185Primari School Poorankheda1400Himmat Khera
186Primari School Tiyar961Durga Gadhi
187Primari School Bhagatkheda M Tikara680Tikara
188Primari School Galrapur1200Shyampur
189Primari School Arsena483Arsena
190Primari School Nevaraudai900Newra Udai
191Primari School Rampurrai742Rampur Rai
192Primari School Alipur Michalaola1104Alipur Michlaola
194Primari School Badhavakola955Badhwa Kola
195Primari School Naipalpur794Nepalpur
196Primari School Darihat569Darihat
197Primari School Ahamadpur Taktaoli655Ahamadpur Taktauli
198Primari School Rajapur368Rajapur
199Primari School Fakharuddinmau589Fakhruddeenmau
201Primari School Sundharikhurd599Sundhari Khurd
202Primari School Sahijana Jargar364Sahijana Jargar
203Primari School Avagojha738Awagojha
204Primari School Pathakpur819Pathakpur
205Primari School Malhaoli Sardarnagar869Malholi Sardarnagar
206Primari School Barhakala1208Barha Kalan
208Primari School Firojpur Ramai384Firojpur Ramai
209Primari School Basokha Mohammadpur655Basorwa Mohmmdpur
210Primari School Naohaikhurda1146Naohai Bujurg
211Primari School Sindhurnevati Kheda805Sindhoor Niwatir Khera
212Primari School Binaika693Binaika
213Primari School Dalkheda789Chakberser
214Primari School Malhimau563Malheemau
215Primari School Makdoompur Shahsafi547Makhdampur Sahasafi
216J.H.School Ainikhurd1495Barela
221Primari School Subhanikheda411Sumani Khera
222Primari School Muravvatpur564Mujaffarpur Sarra
223Primari School Mujaffarpur Sarra1340Mujaffarpur Sarra
224Primari School Khanpur Pirali533Khanpur Peer Ali
225Primari School Asivantaraf Kadirpur1058Asiwantraph Kadirpur
227Primari School Uttar K.No 1 Kanigao788Kanigaon
228Primari School Uttar K.No 2 Kanigao851Kanigaon
229Primari School Daxin K.No. 4 Kanigao1418Gobri
230Primari School Gaorakala1202Gaura Kalan
231M.V.K.No1 Haidrabad1487Hyderabad (NP)
232M.V.K.No2 Haidrabad1292Hyderabad (NP)
233M.V.K.No3 Haidrabad276Haiderabad
234M.V.K.No4 Haidrabad1388Hyderabad (NP)
235M.V.K.No5 Haidrabad541Hyderabad (NP)
236Primari School Parasaifpur745Parasaifpur
237V.D.T. Inttar College K.No.1 Miyaganj795Miyanganj
238V.D.T. Inttar College K.No.2 Miyaganj892Miyanganj
239V.D.T. Inttar College K.No.3 Miyaganj800Miyanganj
240V.D.T. Inttar College K.No.4 Miyaganj731Miyanganj
241Primari School Miyaganj794Miyanganj
243Kanya Primari School Miyaganj636Miyanganj
244Primari School Asivantaraf Jarullanagar1402Asiwantaraph
245Primari School Asivantaraf Lokman1479Asiwantraph Lokman
246Primari School Jamalapur656Jamalpur
247Primari School Asivantaraf Siddhanath1067Asiwantraph Sidhnath
248Primari School Asivantaraf Naibasti965Asiwantraph Nai Basti
249J.H.School Asivantaraf Paschim956Asiwantraph Pashchim
251Primari School Asivantaraf Paschim970Asiwantraph Pashchim
252Primari School Saramba1019Saramba
253Primari School Shahpur Sidhaora687Shahpur Sindhora
254Primari School Purv Mahendra952Mahendra
255Primari School Paschim Mhendra660Kotrha
256Primari School Rampurkala1060Rampur Kala
257Primari School Mirjapur Bhabhau507Mirjapur Bhamau
258Primari School Acchepur Kirmili788Acchepur Kir Mili
259Primari School Pnapur Khurd738Panapur Khurd
260Primari School Khairabad528Khairabad
262Primari School Hilalmau591Hilalmau
263J.H.School K.No.1 Saraimalkadim1348Saraimalkadim
264J.H.School K.No2 Saraimalkadi640Saraimalkadim
265Primari School Pamedhiya1093Pamedhiya
266Primari School Kayampur Nibarvara1246Kayampur Nibkhara
267Primari School Uttar Khanpur Suraoli635Mirapuramarocha
268Primari School Daxin Khanpur Suraoli764Khanpur Surauli
269Primari School K.No.1 Munshiganj M. Sakatpur988Sakaltpur
270Primari School K.No.2 Munshiganj M. Sakatpur964Sakaltpur
271J.H.School K.No.1 Rasoolabad T.E.1456Rasulabad (NP)
272J.H.School K.No.2 Rasoolabad T.E1391Rasulabad (NP)
273J.H.School K.No.3 Rasoolabad T.E.1295Rasulabad (NP)
274Primari School Rasoolabad T.E.1357Rasulabad (NP)
275Primari School Kamlapur434Kamalpur
276Primari School Lacchakheda394Bhitwa
277Primari School Budhanpur389Budhanpur
278Primari School K.No. 1 Panpur Kala963Panapur Kala
279Primari School K.No.2 Panapur Kala546Sahajanpur
280Primari School Ahmadpur586Bhakhra Khera
281Primari School Tajpur581Tajpur
282Primari School Sirsakanhar503Siras Kanhar
283Primari School Sirsacheri466Siras Chere
284Primari School Mavaibramhanan1211Mawai Brahamnan
285Primari School Laglesara780Laglaisra
286Primari School Ariyarkala632Ariyar Kala
287Primari School K.No.1 Ariyarkhurd481Ariyar Kala
288Primari School K.No.2 Ariyarkhurd630Naugawan
289Primari School Kuremau548Kuremu
290Primari School Mirjapur Kala1195Mirjapur Kala
291Primari School Ajmatnagar922Nurulla Nagar
292Primari School Noorullanagar718Nurulla Nagar
293Primari School Birampur977Birampur
294Panchayat Ghar Gaorakhurd651Gaora Khurd
295Primari School Aorai328Aorai
296Primari School Jakhaila618Jakhaila
297Primari School Ravatpur1085Saraoha
298Primari School Hamirpur680Hamirpur
299Primari School Virugadhi995Biru Gadhi
300Primari School Amoiya628Amoiya
301Primari School Jagdishpur507Jagdishpur
302Primari School Uttar Mustafabad875Mustafabad
303Primari School Daxin Mustafabad837Kharehra
304Primari School Konai482Konai
305Primari School Nisabhi422Konai
306Primari School Saraichandan488Sarai Chandan
307Primari School Ahradadiya944Ahra Dandiya
308Primari School Bhavanipur379Bhawanipur
309Primari School Dipagadhi964Dipa Gadhi
310Primari School Ogarapur316Ograpur
311Primari School Champatpur770Chhitepur
312Primari School Jareliya419Jareliya
313Primari School Bhademu587Balhaumao
314Primari School Jalalpur454Jalalpur
315Primari School Raipurgadhi1296Raipur Gadhi
316Primari School Paschim Raipurgadhi574Raipur Gadhi
317J.H.School Birsinghpur1224Birsingh Pur
318Primari School Navin Birsinghpur1448Birsingh Pur
319Primari School Chitaoli1190Birsingh Pur
320Primari School Amethangadhi655Amethan Gadhi
321Primari School Uttar Parenda1292Parenda
322Primari School Daxin Parenda272Parenda
323Primari School Bhaduva552Bhaduha
324Primari School Bajehara706Bajehra
325Primari School Pamakheda771Hari Gadhi
326Avseriprasad Ramratan J.H. School Otara1313Jangal Jahanabad
328Primari School Uttar Purwa951Purwa
329Primari School Daxin Purwa825Purwa
330Primari School Uttar Salempur1222Salempur
331Primari School Daxin Salempur293Salempur
332Primari School Naya Jodhakheda M. Korarikhurd936Kaorari Khurd
333Primari School Ranagadhi504Rana Gadhi
334J.H.School K.No.1 Korari Kala887Korari Kala
335J.H.School K.No. 2 Korari Kala1157Korari Kala
336Primari School Para M. Korarikala624Korari Kala
337Primari School Tenai622Tenai
338J.H.School K.No. 1 Ambarkheda M. Makhi813Makhi
339J.H.School K.No.2 Ambarkheda M. Makhi821Makhi
340Primari School Purva Makhi1026Makhi
341Primari School Uttar K.No. 2 Makhi832Maholiya
342Primari School Uttar K.No2 Makhi645Makhi
343Primari School Uttar K.No.3 Makhi1309Makhi
344Kanya Primari School Makhi1040Makhi
345Primari School Bedandkheda M. Makhi731Makhi
346Primari School Belsi M. Makhi805Makhi

Last Updated on November 15, 2014