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Polling Booth in Rudauli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Rudauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rudauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps Patranga Room No.1716Patranga
2Ps Patranga Room No.2896Patranga
3Ps Sultanpur1261Sultan Pur
4Ps Ghoswal475Ghoswal
5Ps Baba Ka Purwa Majre Noorpur Room No.1932Noorpur
6Ps Baba Ka Purwa Majre Noorpur Room No.2694Noorpur
7Ps Nagra1040Nagara
8Ps Makhdoompur Room No.11483Makhdoom Pur
9Ps Makhdoompur Room No.2770Makhdoom Pur
10Ps Gajkari657Gajkari
11Ps Pure Kamgar Majre Pachlo Room No.1876Pachalo
12Ps Pure Kamgar Majre Pachlo Extra Room836Pachalo
13Ps Pure Kamgar Majre Pachlo Room No.21407Pachalo
14Ps Dullapur778Dullapur
15Ps Manapur456Manapur
16Ps Mairamau843Mirmau
17Ps Pure Kaji Majre Babupur Room No.1685Baboo Pur
18Ps Pure Kaji Majre Babupur Room No.21247Baboo Pur
19Ps Lakhnipur447Lakhanipur
20Ps Bibipur903Bibipur
21Jhs Basaurhi Room No.1948Basaurhi
22Jhs Basaurhi Room No.21185Basaurhi
23Jhs Basaurhi Room No.3879Basaurhi
24Jhs Ranimau Room No.11133Ranimau
25Jhs Ranimau Room No.21181Ranimau
26Jhs Ranimau Room No.31277Ranimau
27Ps Ashrafpur Gangrela Room No.1879Asharf Pur Gangrela
28Ps Ashrafpur Gangrela Room No.2682Asharf Pur Gangrela
29Ps Kushahri Room No.1701Kusha Hari
30Ps Kushahri Room No.21328Kusha Hari
31Ps Amirpur497Amirpur
32Ps Dhanauli438Dhanauli
33Ps Manjanpur901Manjanpur
34Ps Hunhuna1294Hunhuna
35Ps Bartara Extra Room698Bartara
36Ps Ashraf Nagar1230Ashraf Nagar
37Ps Mohammadpur Daudpur1276Mohammadpur Daudpur
38Ps Dilwal1486Dilwal
39Ps Holupur1217Holupur
40Ps Karaundi692Karaundi
41Ps Barauli Room No.11268Barauli
42Ps Barauli Room No.2535Barauli
43Ps Newajpur Room No.1815Newajpur
44Ps Newajpur Room No.2346Kamapur
45Ps Rasoolpur Nevada738Rasoolpur Newada
46Ps Jaisukhpur Room No.11218Jai Sukhpur
47Ps Jaisukhpur Room No.2898Jai Sukhpur
48Jhs Nevra Room No.11398Neora
49Jhs Nevra Room No.21122Neora
50Jhs Nevra Room No.31468Neora
51Ps Kondra Room No.11086Kondra
52Ps Kondra Room No.2550Kondra
53Ps Rajanpur753Rajanpur
54Ps Sandwa Room No.1989Sandwa
55Ps Sandwa Room No.2491Sandwa
56Ps Sipahiya Kotwa Room No.11104Sipahiya Kotwa
57Ps Sipahiya Kotwa Room No.2889Sipahiya Kotwa
58Jhs Mawai Room No.11378Mawai
59Jhs Mawai Room No.21475Mawai
60Jhs Mawai Room No.31320Mawai
61Ps Sevrahra Room No.1934Sheodhara
62Ps Sevrahra Room No.2863Sheodhara
81Ps Ohramau-Sahjana801(Ohlamau) Sahjana
82Jhs Kachhiya537Kachhiya
83Ps Naurojpur Bagheri1378Naurozpur Bagheri
84Ps Dwarikapur1200Duwarika Pur
85Ps Sherpur1351Sherpur
86Jhs Bhatmau Narainpur Room No.11025Bhatmau Narainpur
87Jhs Bhatmau Narainpur Room No.2818Bhikhari Sarai
88Ps Ratanpur1191Ratanpur
89Ps Naugawan984Naugawan
90Ps Hansrajpur1541Hansraj Pur
91Ps Devait1251Devait
92Ps Rampur Janak1220Amauni
93Ps Rechh Room No.1??
94Ps Rechh Room No.21304Raichh
95Ps First Umapur Room No. 11047Umapur
96Ps First Umapur Room No. 21231Umapur
97Jhs Baba Bazar Majre Bhawanipur Room No.11447Bhawanipur
98Jhs Baba Bazar Majre Bhawanipur Room No.21295Bhawanipur
99Ps Ganeshpur Room No.11125Ganeshpur
100Ps Ganeshpur Room No.21305Ganeshpur
101Ps Sunba Room No.11179Sunwa
102Ps Sunba Room No.2944Sunwa
103Kanya Ps Kasari Room No.11287Kasari
104Kanya Ps Kasari Room No.21306Kasari
105Ps Bihara Room No.11050Bihara
106Ps Bihara Room No.21047Bihara
107Jhs Saidpur Room No.11324Saidpur
108Jhs Saidpur Room No.21212Saidpur
109Jhs Saidpur Room No.31371Saidpur
110Ps Naiyamau Majre Saidpur Room No.11006Saidpur
111Ps Naiyamau Majre Saidpur Room No.21456Saidpur
112Ps Saimsi Room No.11410Saimshi
113Ps Saimsi Room No.21176Saimshi
114Ps Saimsi Room No.3??
115Ps Chandramau Manga Room No.1953Chandramau Manga
116Ps Chandramau Manga Room No.2792Chandramau Manga
117Ps Raseed Patti1209Rasid Patti
118Ps Chandramau Bairam1150Chandramau Bairam
119Ps Ter Room No.11025Ter
120Ps Ter Room No.2951Ter
121Ps Paharpur Room No.11281Paharpur
122Ps Paharpur Room No.2835Paharpur
123Ps Paharpur Extra Room697Paharpur
124Ps Matha Nevada Room No.1928Mathanewada
125Ps Matha Nevada Room No.21130Mathanewada
126Ps Lodhaura649Lodhaura
127Ps Amraigaon Room No.11393Amraigaon
128Ps Amraigaon Room No.2816Amraigaon
129Ps Amraigaon Extra Room735Amraigaon
130Ps Banmau932Banmau
131Ps Bhainsauli Room No.1867Bhaisauli
132Ps Bhainsauli Extra Room 1657Bhaisauli
133Ps Bhainsauli Room No.2676Bhaisauli
134Ps Bhainsauli Extra Room 2858Bhaisauli
135Ps Mirmau Room No.11158Mirmau
136Ps Mirmau Room No.21046Mirmau
137Ps Mahmoodmau Room No.1755Mahmud Mau
138Ps Mahmoodmau Room No.2869Mahmud Mau
139Ps Talgaon Room No.1814Talgaon
140Ps Talgaon Room No.2994Talgaon
141Ps Badela924Barela
142Ps Faridpur624Faridpur
143Satyanami Vidya Peeth Umv Narauli Room No.1754Narauli
144Satyanami Vidya Peeth Umv Narauli Room No.2813Narauli
145Satyanami Vidya Peeth Umv Narauli Room No.3888Narauli
146Satyanami Vidya Peeth Umv Narauli Room No.4693Narauli
147Satyanami Vidya Peeth Umv Narauli Room No.51484Narauli
148Ps Hariharpur Kayasthan Extra Room590Hariharpur Kayasthan
149Ps Pakariya Gaon919Pakriya Gaon
150Ps Tanda Sufi640Tanda Sufi
151Jhs Bahras Room No.11170Baharas
152Jhs Bahras Room No.21338Baharas
153Ps Vikawal792Bikawal
154Ps Tikar Room No.1811Teekar
155Ps Tikar Room No.2630Newajpur
156Ps Sulempur372Sulem Pur
157Ps Kutubjamapur Majre Fattapur Khurd1040Fattapur Khurd
158Jhs Saraitha Room No.11422Saretha
159Jhs Saraitha Room No.21176Saretha
160Ps Tanda Khulasa1415Tanda Khulasa
161Ps Purain Room No.11326Purain
162Ps Purain Room No.21393Purain
163Ps Matauli799Matauli
164Jhs Ganauli Room No.1954Ganauli
165Jhs Ganauli Room No.2796Ganauli
166Jhs Ganauli Room No.3705Ganauli
167Ps Sulemanpur Majre Ganauli Room No.1980Sulemanpur
168Ps Sulemanpur Majre Ganauli Room No.21034Sulemanpur
169Ps Jarayal Khurd453Jarayal Khurd
170Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.1860Pure Shah Lal
171Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.2760Pure Shah Lal
172Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.3655Pure Shah Lal
173New Ps Sithauli Room No.11140Sithauli
174New Ps Sithauli Room No.21028Sithauli
175Ps Jakhauli Room No.11280Jakhauli
176Ps Jakhauli Room No.21223Jakhauli
177Ps Khedipur1039Khedipur
178Ps Palpur794Palpur
179Kanya Ps Khurdaha600Khurdaha
180Ps Diwali557Diwali
181Jhs Seewan Room No.11491Seewan
182Jhs Seewan Room No.21012Seewan
183Jhs Seewan Room No.3787Seewan
184Ps Geraunda Room No.1573Geraunda
185Ps Geraunda Room No.21395Geraunda
186Ps Bahorikpur797Bahorikpur
187Ps Zunedpur723Zunedpur
188Ps Muradabad406Muradabad
189Ps Dafiyapur1070Dafiyapur
190Jhs Bhitaura1251Bhitaura
191Ps Amrauti373Amrauti
192Ps Sarai Ahmad829Sarai Ahmad
193Ps Sahni714Sahni
194Kanya Jhs Raujagaon Room No.11096Raujagaon
195Kanya Jhs Raujagaon Room No.21098Raujagaon
196Kanya Jhs Raujagaon Room No.3633Raujagaon
197Ps Ichauliya1323Ichauliya
198Ps Gogawan1453Gogawan
199Ps Jalilpur Room No.1475Jalilpur
200Ps Jalilpur Room No.2836Jalilpur
201Ps Gulchappa Khurd475Gulchappa Khurd
202Ps Kurha Sadat1364Kurha Sadat
203Ps Saraipir689Saraipir
204Ps Sidhauna490Sidhauna
205Ps Firojpur Pawaran Room No.11012Firojpur Pawaran
206Ps Firojpur Pawaran Room No.2812Firojpur Pawaran
207New Ps Bangawan1253Bangawan
208New Ps Dashrathmau Room No.1945Dashrathmau
209New Ps Dashrathmau Room No.2961Dashrathmau
210Jhs Shujaganj Room No.11335Shujaganj
211Jhs Shujaganj Room No.2611Shujaganj
212Ps Ahemdabad613Ahemdabad
213Ps Meenapur803Meenapur
214Ps Kotra756Kotra
215Ps Hayat Nagar Room No.11105Hayat Nagar
216Ps Hayat Nagar Room No.2578Hayat Nagar
217Ps Khand Pipra Room No.11006Khand Pipra
218Ps Khand Pipra Room No.2927Khand Pipra
219Ps Parsau990Parsau
220Ps Kopepur Room No.11422Kopepur
221Ps Kopepur Room No.2858Kopepur
222Ps Hasnamau1093Hasnamau
223Ps Aither Room No.1952Aither
224Ps Aither Room No.2468Aither
225Ps Bichala913Bichala
226Ps Pasta1070Pasta
227Ps Sarai Nasir523Sarai Nasir
228Ps Barai657Barai
229Ps Kaithi851Kaithi
230Ps Udhraura1326Udhraura
231Ps Jaithari534Jaithari
232Ps Mahangu Ka Purwa Majre Sandri1006Mahangu
233Ps Akhtiyarpur Room No.1996Akhtiyarpur
234Ps Akhtiyarpur Room No.21493Akhtiyarpur
235Ps Haiderganj (Sahbazpur)732Haiderganj
236Ps Felsanda518Felsanda
237Bahuuddeshiya Samudaik Kendra Alhwana1287?
238Ps Jahangirabad1344Jahangirabad
239New Ps Halim Nagar Room No.11304Halim Nagar
240New Ps Halim Nagar Room No.21289Halim Nagar
241Ps Rahimganj974Rahimganj
242Ps Dhaurahra592Dhaurahra
243Jhs Bhelsar Room No.1864Bhelsar
244Jhs Bhelsar Room No.2705Bhelsar
245Jhs Bhelsar Room No.3?Bhelsar
246Jhs Bhelsar Room No.4951Bhelsar
247Ps Bhelsar Room No.1800Bhelsar
248Ps Bhelsar Room No.2990Bhelsar
249Ps Khairanpur1473Khairanpur
250Ps Jalalpur1346Jalalpur
251Ps Kadirpur609Kadirpur
252Ps Karimpur1021Karimpur
253Ps Kopakap930Kopakap
254Sadhan Sahkari Kray-Vikray Samiti Rudauli Room No.1857Rudauli
255Sadhan Sahkari Kray-Vikray Samiti Rudauli Ka Baramda855Rudauli
256Sadhan Sahkari Kray-Vikray Samiti Rudauli Room No.2597Rudauli
257Sadhan Sahkari Kray-Vikray Samiti Rudauli Room No.3821Rudauli
258Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.3796Rudauli
259Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.41320Rudauli
260Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.6977Rudauli
261Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.7733Rudauli
262Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.9814Rudauli
263Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.81263Rudauli
264Kanya Jhs Rudauli Room No.11078Rudauli
265Kanya Jhs Rudauli Extra Room468Rudauli
266Kanya Jhs Rudauli Room No.21082Rudauli
267Kanya Jhs Rudauli Room No.3637Rudauli
268Kanya Ps Rudauli Room No.11171Rudauli
269Kanya Ps Rudauli Room No.2959Rudauli
270Kanya Ps Rudauli Extra Room748Rudauli
271Jhs Kila Rudauli Room No.11016Rudauli
272Jhs Kila Rudauli Room No.2532Rudauli
273Ps Kila Rudauli1372Rudauli
274National Higher Secondary School Rudauli Room No.11142Rudauli
275National Higher Secondary School Rudauli Room No.2881Rudauli
276National Higher Secondary School Rudauli Room No.31050Rudauli
277National Higher Secondary School Rudauli Room No.4796Rudauli
278Ps Nayaganj Room No.11155Nayaganj
279Ps Nayaganj Room No.21067Nayaganj
280Madarsa Tabligul Kuran Tipai Room No.1861Tipai
281Madarsa Tabligul Kuran Tipai Room No.2595Tipai
282Madarsa Tabligul Kuran Tipai Room No.31276Tipai
283Ram Bari Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Rudauli Room No.11205Rudauli
284Ram Bari Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Rudauli Room No.2790Rudauli
285Ram Bari Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Rudauli Room No.31066Rudauli
286Ps Bhouli Room No.11031Bhouli
287Ps Bhouli Room No.21059Bhouli
288Ps Bhouli Room No.3483Bhouli
289Kanya Jhs Shuklapur620Shuklapur
290Ps Muhamidpur594Muhamidpur
291Ps Firojpur Makhdoomi Room No.11072Firojpur Makhdoomi
292Ps Firojpur Makhdoomi Room No.21102Firojpur Makhdoomi
293Ps Firojpur Makhdoomi Extra Room796Firojpur Makhdoomi
294Ps Lohti Saraiya Room No.11519Lohti Saraiya
295Ps Lohti Saraiya Room No.2901Lohti Saraiya
296Ps Lohti Saraiya Extra Room902Lohti Saraiya
297Ps Amahta Room No.1912Amahta
298Ps Amahta Room No.2659Amahta
299Ps Pure Kalhans399Pure Kalhans
300Ps Barawan1075Barawan
301Ps Malna Ka Purva554Malna
302Ps Kolwa785Kolwa
304Ps Bari Extra Room No.11128Bari
305Ps Bari Extra Room No.21241Bari
306Ps Birhar962Birhar
307Ps Laluapur1300Laluapur
308Ps Parsauli1125Parsauli
309Ps Sarai Hamid844Sarai Hamid
310Ps Jamuniyamau1124Jamuniyamau
311Ps Sarai Mughal935Sarai Mughal
312Ps Nevti Room No.1923Nevti
313Ps Nevti Room No.2722Nevti
314Ps Gauriyamau1427Gauriyamau
315Ps Mujaffarpur723Mujaffarpur
316Ps Misa Room No.11339Misa
317Ps Misa Room No.21298Misa
318Ps Gauhanna1058Gauhanna
319Ps Hariharpur Balaiya Room No.1951Hariharpur Balaiya
320Ps Hariharpur Balaiya Room No.2997Hariharpur Balaiya
321Ps Ramsaran Daspur592Ramsaran Daspur
322Ps Bijri544Bijri
323Jhs Aihar Room No.11240Aihar
324Jhs Aihar Room No.21375Aihar
325Jhs Aihar Room No.31258Aihar
326Ps Mangi Room No.11043Mangi
327Ps Mangi Room No.21004Mangi
328Ps Rasoolpur Khurd617Rasoolpur Khurd
329Ps Betauli673Betauli

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