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Polling Booth in Rasulabad Assembly Constituency

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Rasulabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Rasulabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rasulabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Praimari Pathsala Mirjapur Lakothiya871Mirjapur Lakothiya
2Panchayat Ghar Fattehpur Bakothiya830Fattepur Bakothia
3Prathmic Pathsala Rewri408Reori
4Prathmic Pathsala Maiju Samastpur857Maijusamaspur
5Prathmic Pathsala Samastpur Nyoraj1135Samaspur Nyoraj
6Purwa Madhyamic Vidyalaya Sikandarpur Billhaur752Sikandarpur Bilhaur
7Prathmic Pathsala Naila Uatari Kash1389Naila
8Prathmic Pathsala Naila Dachidi Kashh837Naila
9Prathmic Pathsala Naila Madhya Kashh736Naila
10Prathmic Pathsala Gadaipur799Gadaipur
11Prathmic Pathsala Laghpurwa Majra Gadanpur Rasulabad333Gadanpur Rasoolabad
12Prathmic Pathsala Gudar Majra Tisah444Tishah
13Prathmic Pathsala Khiriya500Kheria
14Prathmic Pathsala Ghaghu719Bahuraj
15Prathmic Pathsala Antta1342Anta
16Prathmic Pathsala Gudaila599Gudaila
17Prathmic Pathsala Niwada Ani785Niwada Ani
18Prathmic Pathsala Rampur Taluka632Rampur Taluka
19Prathmic Pathsala Malhpur719Malhpur
20Prathmic Pathsala Paliya Banskheda1416Paliya Banskhera
21Prathmic Pathsala Gopalpur Taluka1246Gopalpur Taluka
22Prathmic Pathsala Murra928Murra
23Prathmic Pathsala Dharmupur675Dharmupur
24Prathmic Pathsala Barigaun1219Baragaon
25Prathmic Pathsala Rasulpur Rasulabad927Rasoolpur Rasoolabad
26Prathmic Pathsala Nauhanauganw Utari Kachh996Nauha Naugaon
27Prathmic Pathsala Nauhanauganw Dachili Kachh1098Nauha Naugaon
28Prathmic Pathsala Mahboobpur408Mahboobpur
29Prathmic Pathsala Kasmada Uttari Kachh842Kasmara
30Prathmic Pathsala Kasmada Dachidi Kachh884Kasmara
31Purwa Madhyamic Vidyalaya Virhun1337Birhun
32Purwa Madhyamic Vidyalaya Virhun Pachimi Kachh1496Birhun
33Prathmic Pathsala Baheliyanpurwa Majra Birhun883Birhun
34Prathmic Pathsala Barapur659Barapur
35Prathmic Pathsala Munavvarpur Rasulabad645Munauwarpur Rasoolabad
36Prathmic Pathsala Lalabhagat1146Lala Bhagat
37Prathmic Pathsala Jagammanpur Dheer804Jagammanpur Dhir
38Prathmic Pathsala Lalu Majra Indalpur Lalu860Indalpur Lalu
39Prathmic Pathsala Lalu Majra Indalpur Lalu Atirikt Kachh723Indalpur Lalu
40Prathmic Pathsala Alipur Ramahar1190Alipur Ramhar
41Prathmic Pathsala Rampur Majra Bairisal508Rampur Majra Bairisal
42Prathmic Pathsala Sisahi1212Sisahi
43Prathmic Pathsala Gambheera1150Gambhira
44Prathmic Pathsala Parsaura672Parsaura
45Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Ajanpur Indauti Uttari Kachh790Ajanpur Idauti
46Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Ajanpur Indauti Dachhidi Kachh750Ajanpur Idauti
47Prathmic Pathsala Brahaman Ganw Majra Ajanpur Indauti727Ajanpur Idauti
48Prathmic Pathsala Dhakpurwa650Dhakpurwa
49Prathmic Pathsala Lalganw947Lalgaon
50Prathmic Pathsala Sithaumatana1347Sithau Matana
51Prathmic Pathsala Karerampur470Kare Rampur
52Prathmic Pathsala Maujampur1149Maujampur
53Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Puranpurwa Uattari Kachh1091Puran Purwa
54Purwa Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Puranpurwa Dachhidi Kachh1009Puran Purwa
55Prathmic Pathsala Sihunabheera475Sihua Bhira
56Jagewswar Prasad Inter Collage Kathara923Kathara
57Prathmic Pathsala Gahilu1166Ghaghoo
58Purwa Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Rana Itaha1048Rana Itha
59Prathmic Pathsala Usri Uttari Kachh1161Usari
60Prathmic Pathsala Usri Dachhidi Kachh1134Usari
61Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Bilha1046Bilha
62Prathmic Pathsala Sajawarpur940Sajawarpur
63Prathmic Pathsala Dabhari Majra Jot502Jot
64Prathmic Pathsala Jot Uttari Kachh1119Jot
65Prathmic Pathsala Jot Dachidi Kachh699Jot
66Prathmic Pathsala Bairisal Uttari Kachh1141Bairisal
67Prathmic Pathsala Bairisal Dachhidi Kachh1108Bairisal
68Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Chitai Chaube Urf Matera410Chitai Chaube Urf Matera
69Prathmic Pathsala Amrohiya1197Amrohiya
70Prathmic Pathsala Malkhanpur Jamthar1258Malikhanpur Jamthar
71Prathmic Pathsala Bichauliya Majra Dundamahuwa713Duda Mahua
72Amar Saheed Raja Dariyav Chand Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.11395Rasulabad (NP)
73Amar Saheed Raja Dariyav Chand Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.21368Rasulabad (NP)
74Amar Saheed Raja Dariyav Chand Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.31022Rasulabad (NP)
75Amar Saheed Raja Dariyav Chand Inter Collage Rasulabad Atirikt Kachh483Rasulabad (NP)
76Amar Saheed Raja Dariyav Chand Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.41332Rasulabad (NP)
77Rajendra Prasad Sarvjanik Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.11501Rasulabad (NP)
78Rajendra Prasad Sarvjanik Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.21356Rasulabad (NP)
79Rajendra Prasad Sarvjanik Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.31475Rasulabad (NP)
80Rajendra Prasad Sarvjanik Inter Collage Rasulabad Room No.41281Rasulabad (NP)
81Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Rasulabad Purvi Kachh1354Rasulabad (NP)
82Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Rasulabad Pachhmi Kachh1238Rasulabad (NP)
83Prathmik Pathsala Dewganw Chakkar Urf Nibhu1409Devgaon Chakkar Urf Nibhoo
84Prathmik Pathsala Meghjal784Meghjal
85Prathmik Pathsala Sennay Mohammad Nagar622Sennay Muhammadnagar
86Prathmik Pathsala Tipatiya945Tipatiya
87Gandi Faijeaam Inter Collage Asalatganj Purvi Kachh889Asalatganj
88Gandi Faijeaam Inter Collage Asalatganj Atirikt Kachh786Asalatganj
89Gandhi Faijeaam Inter Collage Asalatganj Pachhimi Kachh889Asalatganj
90Gandhi Faijeaam Inter Collage Asalatganj Atirikt Kachh662Asalatganj
91Prathmik Pathsala Asalatganj Purwi Kachh1116Asalatganj
92Prathmik Pathsala Asalatganj Pachimi Kachh1020Asalatganj
93Prathmik Pathsala Bahadurpur Purvi Kachh888Bahadurpur
94Prathmik Pathsala Bahadurpur Pachimi Kachh1009Bahadurpur
95Prathmik Pathsala Kewlepur385Kevlepur
96Prathmik Pathsala Heekepur1059Hikepur
97Prathmik Pathsala Daheli955Daheli
98Prathmik Pathsala Malka Purwa Uttari Kachh949Mal Ka Purwa
99Prathmik Pathsala Mal Ka Purwa Uttari Kachh796Mal Ka Purwa
100Prathmik Pathsala Gopalpur Majra Malkapurwa Dachhidi Kachh885Mal Ka Purwa
101Prathmik Pathsala Gopalpur Majra Malkapurwa Atirikt Kachh713Mal Ka Purwa
102Prathmik Pathsala Itaili1245Itaili
103Prathmik Pathsala Manawa Rasulabad1467Manava Rasoolabad
104Prathmik Pathsala Mau597Mau
105Prathmik Pathsala Gopalpur Gadriya432Gopalpur Gadaria
106Prathmik Pathsala Makrand Pur Majra583Makrandpur Majra
107Prathmik Pathsala Jitai Ka Purwa461Jitai Ka Purwa
108Prathamik Pathsala Sahbajpur1080Shahbajpur
109Purwa Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Barra Tharra1308Barra Tharra
110Purwa Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Akudiya Majra Sunasi Uttari Kachh772Sunasi
111Purwa Madhyamik Vidyalaya Akaudiya Majra Sunasi Dachidi Kachh896Sunasi
112Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Bhavanipur Majra Sunasi1262Sunasi
113Prathamik Pathsala Surajpur481Surajpur
114Prathamik Pathsala Tisti Uttari Kachh1130Tisti
115Prathamik Pathsala Tisti Dachidi Kachh902Tisti
116Prathamik Pathsala Kheda Kursi Dachidi Kachh988Khera Kursi
118Prathamik Pathsala Majhganwa Majra Thanhamirpur912Thana Hamirpur
119Prathamik Pathsala Aurangpur Gahdewa1014Aurangpur Gahdeva
120Prathamik Pathsala Bheeti Kursi840Bhiti Kursi
121Prathamik Pathsala Bheetar Ganw1402Bhitargaon
122Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Torna591Torna
123Vinay Kumar Hayar Sekendry School Dalikpur Maharaj Pur Uttari Kachh717Dalikpur Maharajpur
124Vinay Kumar Hyar Secondry School Dalikpur Maharajpur Dachidi Kachh800Dalikpur Maharajpur
125Prathamik Pathsala Oriya1253Amrohiya
126Prathamik Pathsala Singh Pur Shivli1012Singhpur Shioli
127Prathamik Pathsala Niwada Kurmi389Nawada Kurmi
128Prathmik Vidhyalay Niwada Dewray867Niwada Deoray
129Prathmik Vidhyalay Atirikt Dewray689Niwada Deoray
130Prathamik Pathsala Karom Uttari Kachh790Karom
131Prathamik Pathsala Asni Purwa Majra Karom904Karom
132Prathamik Pathsala Mavaiya1056Mavaiya
133Prathamik Pathsala Kailei1097Kailai
134Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Rawatpur991Rawatpur
135Purw Madhymik Vidhyalay Jaitpur Shivli1178Jaitpur Shioli
136Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Aurangabad1047Aurangabad
137Prathamik Pathsala Bhewan1197Bhevan
139Prathmik Pathsala Kadri780Kadari
140Prathmik Pathsala Marhamtabad876Marhamtabad
141Purwa Madhymik Vidhylay Kashipur Uttari Kachh1248Kashipur
142Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalay Kashipur Dachidi Kachh1242Kashipur
143Prathmik Pathsala Kashipur744Kashipur
144Prathmik Vidhyalay Bahalpur Majra Kashipur Uttari Kachh1473Kashipur
145Prathmik Vidhyalay Bahalpur Majra Kashipur Dachidi Kachh1368Kashipur
146Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Bannapur Majra Waranpur Kahinjhari Uttari Kachh1067Baranpur Kahijari
147Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Bannapur Majra Waranpur Kahinjhari Dachhidi Kachh869Baranpur Kahijari
148Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Raypur Majra Waranpur Kahinjhari1064Baranpur Kahijari
149Prathmik Pathsala Ramgad305Ramgarh
150Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalay Bariyan Niwada Majra Jaswantpur814Jaswantpur
151Prathmik Vidhyalay Nunari Bahadurpur Uttari Kachh1031Nunari Bahadurpur
152Prathmic Vidyalay Nunari Bahadurpur Dachidi Kachh861Nunari Bahadurpur
153Prathamik Vidhyalay Panchampurwa Majra Nunari Bahadurpur240Nunari Bahadurpur
154Prathmik Vidyalay Badaganw846Baragaon
155Prathamik Vidhyaly Khalakpur1019Khalakpur
156Prathmik Pathsala Bagwantpur Majra Mitrasenpur Kahinjhari1082Mitrasenpur Kahinjari
157Prathmik Pathsala Bagwantpur Majra Mitrasenpur Kahinjhari Dachhidi Kachh1027Mitrasenpur Kahinjari
158Prathmik Pathsala Makrandpur Kahinjhari Uttari Kachh1238Mitrasenpur Kahinjari
159Prathmik Pathsala Makrandpur Kahinjhari Dachhidi Kachh1081Mitrasenpur Kahinjari
160Kanya Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Bheekhdev Uttari Kachh897Bhikhdev
161Kanya Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Bheekhdev Atirikt Kachh632Bhikhdev
163Prathmik Pathsala Apuna1158Apauna
164Prathmik Pathsala Bhaunra1475Bhaura
165Prathmic Pathsala Vijaipur641Bijaypur
166Prathmic Pathsala Simramau Uttari Kachh1053Simara Mau
167Prathmic Pathsala Simramau Dachhidi Kachh1005Simara Mau
168Prathmic Pathsala Nigohiya712Niguhiya
169Ram Vilas Siriwastav Ucchtar Madhyamic Vidhyalay Uttari Kachh1304Kaprahat
170Ram Vilas Siriwastav Ucchtar Madhyamic Vidhyalay Dachhidi Kachh1385Kaprahat
171Prathmic Pathsala Sitaupurwa Uttari Kachh929Sithau Matana
172Prathmic Pathsala Sithaupurwa Dachhidi Kachh723Sithau Matana
173Prathmic Pathsala Kisunpur447Kakishunpur
174Prathmic Pathsala Kahinjhari Khurd Uttari Kachh1036Kahinjari Khurd
175Prathmik Pathsala Kahinjhari Khurd Dachhidi Kachh1041Kahinjari Khurd
176Purw Madhyamik Vidhyalay Atiyaraipur Uttari Kachh746Atiya Raipur
177Purwa Madhyamik Vidyalay Atiyaraipur Dachhidi Kachh910Atiya Raipur
178Prathmik Pathsala Angadpur593Angadpur
179Prathmik Pathsala Sujanpur609Sujanpur
180Purwa Madhyamic Vidyalay Pahadipur896Paharipur
181Purwa Madhyamic Vidhyalay Bujhwa Majra Pahadipur1305Paharipur
182Prathmik Pathsala Powa536Pova
183Prathmik Pathsala Manpur Gajen853Manpur Gajen
184Prathmik Pathsala Fattehpur Rasulabad514Fatehpur Rasoolabad
185Prathmik Pathsala Samau Purvi Kachh894Samayun
186Prathmik Pathsala Samau Pachhimi Kachh882Samayun
187Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Ratanpur Purvi Kachh1378Ratanpur Khas
188Purw Madyamic Vidhyalay Ratanpur Khas Pachhimi Kachh1275Ratanpur Khas
189Prathmik Pathsala Shahpur Majra Ratanpur Khas1480Ratanpur Khas
190Prathmik Pathsala Dharmupur Majra Ratanpur Khas1324Ratanpur Khas
191Prathmik Pathsala Dhusramau313Dhusramau
192Prathmik Pathsala Daya1301Daya
193Puraw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Salempur Mahera Uttari Kachh843Salempur Mahera
194Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Salempur Mahera Dachhidi Kachh741Salempur Mahera
195Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Salempur Mahera Atirikt Kachh356Shahpur Rasoolabad
196Prathmik Pathsala Dashara Sujanpur1456Dashahara Sujanpur
197Prathmik Pathsala Bahinsaya Uttari Kachh1417Bhaisayna
198Prathmik Pathsala Bharamau Uttari Kachh1082Bhaisayna
200Prathmik Pathsala Bharamau Dachhidi Kachh931Rampur Majra Bharamau
201Prathmik Pathsala Narkhurad Uttari Kachh1110Nar Khurd
202Prathmik Pathsala Narkhurd Dachhidi Kachh896Nar Khurd
203Prathmik Pathsala Tajpur Majra Tajpur Tarsuli Pachhimi Kach1324Tajpur Tarsauli
204Puew Madhyamik Vidhyalay Tarsuli834Tajpur Tarsauli
205Prathmik Pathsala Narkhas1087Nar Khas
206Prathmik Pathsala Bhavanpur Uttari Kachh896Bhavanpur
207Prathmik Pathsala Bhawanpur Dachhidi Kachh934Bhavanpur
208Prathmik Pathsala Kathika732Kathika
209Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Alampur Kheda937Alampur Khera
210Purw Madhyamic Vidhyalay Alampur Kheda Atirikt Kachh580Keshipur
211Prathmik Pathsala Dewra307Devra
212Prathmik Pathsala Singwanar664Singwanar
213Prathmik Pathsala Mitrasenpur Gajen400Mitrasenpur Gajen
214Prathmik Pathsala Gajenkhas603Gajen Khas
215Prathmik Pathsala Sundarpur Gajen1359Sunderpur Gajen
216Prathmik Pathsala Mulhi815Mulhi
217Prathmik Pathsala Biriya Rasulabad983Jalalpur Rasoolabad
218Prathmik Pathsala Gaupur1109Gaupur
219Prathmik Pathsala Malganw Purwi Kachh782Malgaon
220Prathmik Pathsala Malganw Pachimi Kachh934Malgaon
221Prathmik Pathsala Jaitipur Majra Malganw Uttari Kachh968Malgaon
222Prathmik Pathsala Jaitipur Majra Malganw Dachhidi Kachh982Malgaon
223Prathmik Vidyalay Prathviraj Gadhiya Majra Kishoura810Kishunpur
224Prathmik Vidyalay Manglapur Majra Kishoura1043Kishaura
225Prathmik Vidyalay Kishoura Uttari Kaksh653Kishaura
226Girls Prathmik Vidyalay Kishoura825Kishaura
227Prathik Vidyalay Kishoura South Room767Kishaura
228Prathmik Vidyalay Vichouli Majra Kishoura1039Kishaura
229Prathmik Vidyalay Rampur Tappevan1052Rampur Tappewan
230Prathmik Vidyalay Bhatsara469Bhatsara
231Prathmik Vidyalay Jagdishpur753Jagdishpur
232Prathmik Vidyalay Pipri Patarhar959Pipari Pitarhar
233Prathmik Vidyalay Pradhanpur395Pradhanpur
234Prathmik Vidyalay Luxmanpur Pilakh902Lakshmanpur Pilakh
235Prathmik Vidyalay Luxmanpur Pilakh Room No-2796Lakshmanpur Pilakh
236Prathmik Vidyalay Luxmanpur Pilakh Room No-31133Lakshmanpur Pilakh
237Prathmik Vidyalay Maltipur463Malatipur
238Prathmik Vidyalay Khanpur Rasulabad392Khanpur Rasoolabad
239Prathmik Vidyalay Kisvapur338Kishaura
240Prathmik Vidyalay Tejpur1098Tejpur
241Prathmik Vidyalay Dabouli567Dabauli
242Prathmik Vidyalay Rajpur822Rajpur
243Prathmik Vidyalay Sadhramau Purvi Kaksh743Sadharamau
244Prathmik Vidyalay Sadhramau Paschimi Kaksh790Sadharamau
245Prathmik Vidyalay Jistamau740Jenda Mau
246Prathmik Vidyalay Ranepur Rasulabad Uttari Kaksh1040Ranepur Rasoolabad
247Prathmik Vidyalay Ranepur Rasulabad Dakshini Kaksh1113Ranepur Rasoolabad
248Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Purvi Kaksh Ban Bajar1308Ban
249Girls Prathmik Vidyalay Pashchimi Kaksh Ban Bajar861Ban
250Prathmik Vidyalay Ban1401Ban
251Prathmik Vidyalay Bamhaiya Majra Ban267Ban
252Prathmik Vidyalay Parjani Uttari Kaksh835Parjani
253Prathmik Vidyalay Parjani I Dakshini Kaksh1030Parjani
254Prathik Vidyalay Khitari Majra Shahpur Derapur746Salempur Derapur
255Uchch Prathmik Vidyalay Purvi Kaksh Shahpur Derapur795Salempur Derapur
256Uchch Prathmik Vidyalay Paschimi Kaksh Shahpur Derapur623Salempur Derapur
257Prathmik Vidyalay Chirkhiri1437Chirkhiri
258Prathmik Vidyalay Sunatha Majra Gadhi Mahera1416Garhi Mahera
259Prathmik Vidyalay Chhatarsa851Chhatrasa
260Prathmik Vidyalay Kariyajhala973Kariya Jhala
261Prathmik Vidyalay Nahili1145Nahili
262Gandhi Vidyalay Jhinjhak Inter Collage Jhinjhak Room No-51051Jhinjhak (NP)
263Prathmik Vidyalay (Boys) Purvi Kaksh Jhinjhak1133Jhinjhak (NP)
264Prathmik Vidyalay (Boys) Paschimii Kaksh Jhinjhak1043Jhinjhak (NP)
265Old Prathmik Vidyalay Jhinjhak1048Jhinjhak (NP)
266Prathmik Vidyalay (Boys) Ekal Kaksh Jhinjhak757Jhinjhak (NP)
267Girls Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Room No-1 Jhinjhak754Jhinjhak (NP)
268Kanya Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Room No-2 Jhinjhak1076Jhinjhak (NP)
269Girls Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Room No-3 Jhinjhak1405Jhinjhak (NP)
270Gandhi Vidyalay Inter Collage Room No-1 Jhinjhak1582Jhinjhak (NP)
271Gandhi Vidyalay Inter Collage Room No-6 Jhinjhak1231Jhinjhak (NP)
272Gandhi Vidyalay Inter Collage Room No-2 Jhinjhak605Jhinjhak (NP)
273Gandhi Vidyalay Inter Collage Room No-3Jhinjhak399Jhinjhak (NP)
274Gandhi Vidyalay Inter Collage Room No-4 Jhinjhak924Jhinjhak (NP)
275Naveen Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Uttari Kaksh Jhinjhak331Jhinjhak (NP)
276Naveen Purv Madhyamik Vidyalaymadhya Kaksh Jhinjhak1188Jhinjhak (NP)
277Naveen Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Dakshini Kaksh Jhinjhak1542Jhinjhak (NP)
278Old Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Purvi Kaksh Jhinjhak721Jhinjhak (NP)
279Old Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Paschimi Kaksh Jhinjhak971Jhinjhak (NP)
280Old Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Madhya Kaksh Jhinjhak628Jhinjhak (NP)
281Prathmik Vidyalay Sandupur427Sandupur
282Prathmik Vidyalay Lagartha676Lagartha
283Prathmik Vidyalay Lalpur490Lalpur
284Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Nasirpur Majra Aurangabad Dalchandra829Aurangabad Dalchand
285Prathmik Vidyalay Anantpur Dhoukal783Anantpur Dhaukal
286Prathmik Vidyalay Aurangabad Heeramansha690Aurangabad Heeramansha
287Prathmik Vidyalay Ganeshganj Majra Aurangabad Heeramansha368Aurangabad Heeramansha
288Prathmik Vidyalay Aurangabad Bholahulas1362Aurangabad Bhola Hulash
289Prathmik Vidyalay Parahuli1023Parhuli
290Prathmik Vidyalay Sikahila859Sikahila
291Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Bhutha Majra Sikahila814Sikahila
292Prathmik Vidyalay Purvi Kaksh Kudouli Madouli864Kudauli Madauli
293Prathmik Vidyalaypaschimi Kaksh Kudouli Madouli660Kudauli Madauli
294Prathmik Vidyalay Sabalpur1292Sabalpur
295Prathmik Vidyalay Mangalpur Room No-1914Mangalpur
296Prathmik Vidyalay Mangalpur Room No-2878Mangalpur
297Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Room No-1 Mangalpur959Mangalpur
298Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Room No-2 Mangalpur1044Mangalpur
299Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Room No-3 Mangalpur676Mangalpur
300Prathmik Vidyalay Mankapur Derapur695Mankapur Derapur
301Prathmik Vidyalay Chandrakura479Chandkura
302Babu Dasrath Singh Inter College Aurangabad Jhada992Aurangabad Jhara
304Prathmik Vidyalay Malikpur Akoudiya473Malikpur Akaurhiya
305Prathmik Vidyalay Gouri474Gauri
306Prathmik Vidyalay Uttari Kaksh Medera Kinner Singh882Mudera Kinnar Singh
307Prathmik Vidyalay Dakshini Kaksh Mudera Kinner Singh1169Mudera Kinnar Singh
308Prathmik Vidyalay Purvi Kaksh Khamhaila868Khamhaila
309Prathmik Vidyalay Paschimi Kaksh Khamhaila654Khamhaila
310Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Purvi Kaksh Khamhaila860Khamhaila
311Purv Madhyamic Vidyalaya Paschimi Kaksh Khamhaila735Khamhaila
312Girls Prathmik Vidyalay Khamhaila683Khamhaila
313Prathmik Vidyalay Thenamau603Thena Mau
314Prathmik Vidyalay Ghusti302Ghusti
315Prathmik Vidyalay Gadhiya Derapur457Gadhiya Derapur

Last Updated on December 19, 2014