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Polling Booth in Raniganj Assembly Constituency

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Raniganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Raniganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raniganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S Poore Mohan876Pure Mohan
2P.S. Auwar1047Auwar
4P.S. Namak Sayer756Namaksayar
6P.S Poore Hiraman1108Pure Hiraman
7P.M.V Poore Hiraman633Pure Hiraman
8P.S Bhuidaha1342Bhuidaha
9P.S Jamuari462Jamuri
10P.S. Bhagesara Class R-1953Bhagesara
11P.S. Bhagesara Class R-2745Bhagesara
12P.S Rajapur1195Rajapur
13P.S Ghatampur1314Ghatampur
14P.S Nasirpur764Naseerpur
15P.S Pooran Pur Pathkhan Class R 11056Puranpur Pathkhan
16P.S Pooran Pur Pathkhan Class R 21004Puranpur Pathkhan
17P.S Sipahmaheri1344Sipahmaheri
18P.S Naubasta1236Naubasta
19P.S Sansarpur1402Sansarpur
21P.S Kusfara Class 11433Kusfara
22P.S Kusfara Class 2492Kusfara
23P.S Kharvai Class R 1901Kharwanie
24P.S Kharvai Class R 21037Kharwanie
25P.S Kharvai Class R 31045Kharwanie
26P.S Changhaipur Class 1958Chaghaipur
27P.S Changhaipur Class 2945Chaghaipur
28P.S Purila Class R 11063Purela
29P.S Purila Class R 2779Purela
30P.S Barsanda684Barsanda
31P.S Kalani788Kalyani
32P.S Saray Raja733Sarai Raja
33P.S Malhupur1288Malhupur
34P.B . Bhagwanpur Mufreed896Gyanpur
35P.B. Khalispur596Nabhapur
36P.S Halamai668Halamai
37P.S Chhitpal Garh Class R 1941Chhitpalgarh
38P.S Chhitpal Garh Class R 2936Chhitpalgarh
39P.S Jaddupur413Jaddupur
40P.S Divaini Class 1923Divaini
41P.S Divaini Class 2781Divaini
42P.S Pipari Khalsa Class985Pipari
43P.S Pipari Khalsa Class 21230Pipari
44P.S Rakhaha Class 1940Rakha
45P.S Rakhaha Class 2881Rakha
46P.S Shrinathpur904Sirnathpur
47P.S Amarpur588Amarpur
48P.S Mauraan879MAROOAAN
49P.S Gangpatti460Gavan Pati
50P.S Saray Ganai1330Dadupur Mufarid
51P.S Ganideeh992Saray Ganai
52P.S Shivsat Class 11098Shivsat
53P.S Shivsat Class 2701Shivsat
55P.S Poore Durban644Purey Dukhan
56P.S Chandi Patti1073Chandi Patti Sidharpatti
57P.S Dilippur Class R 1763Dileeppur
58P.S Dilippur Class R 2942Dileeppur
60P.S Kothiyahi Class 1541Kothiyari
61P.S Kothiyahi Class R 21193Kothiyari
62P.S Dwarikapur442Dauarikapur
63P.S Rasoiya689Rasuiya
64P.S Karmajeetpur541Krmajeetpur
65P.S Ratanmai Class R 11382Ratanmai
66P.S Ratanmai Class R 2907Ratanmai
67P.S Basirpur Class 1973Basirpur
68P.S Basirpur Class 21270Basirpur
69New Bhawan Gopalpur956Gopalpur
70P.S Chalakpur Kurmiyan903Chalakpur Kurmiyan
72P.S Nauhar Husenpur747Navhar Husenpur
73U.S Sigathi Khalasa1159Sighati Khalsa
74Janta Inter Collage Jagnipurclass 1935Bichhur
75Janta Inter Collage Jagnipur Class 21005Bichhur
76P.S Poore Bichhor1117Purey Bichhur
77P.S Chhanapaar1173Chhanapur
78P.S Pandey Tara929Pareytara
79P.S Jagdishpur897Jagdishpur
80P.S Bhojemau Class 11088Bhojeymau
81P.S Bhojemau Class 2858Bhojeymau
82P.S Kewara Kala1298Kevara Kala
83P.S Kewara Khurd953Kevara Khurd
84P.S Avdhanpur Class 11053Sandaura
85P.S Avdhanpur Class2525Audhanpur
86P.S Haripalmau Class 1961Harparmau
87P.S Haripalmau Class 4782Harparmau
88P.S Sandaura Class 1756Sandaura
89P.S Sandaura Class 2919Sandaura
90P.S Sandaura Class 3806Sandaura
91P.S Sandaura849Sandaura
92P.S Budhaura Kumbhapur1260Budha Kumbhapur
93P.S Thahipur762Budha Kumbhapur
94P.S Saray Jamuniclass 1871Sarai Jamuni
95P.S Saray Jamuni Class 2954Sarai Jamuni
96P.S Garapur959Ramdava Patti
97P.S Ramdev Patti1306Chandelepur
98P.S Dhanaupur Class 11020Dhanaupur
99P.S Dhanaupur Class 21022Dhanaupur
100Ray Badri Pal Singh Inter College Birapur Class 11194Beerapur
101Ray Badri Pal Singh Inter College Birapur Class 21384Beerapur
102P.S Jamtali1070Jamtali
103J.H.S Jamtali Class 1861Jamtali
104J.H.S Jamtali Class 4809Jamtali
105J.H.S Jamtali Class 2744Jamtali
106J.H.S Jamtali Class 31202Jamtali
107P.S Basaha760Basha
108P.S Chandipur787Chandipur Govindpur
109P.S Saray Sher Khan Class 11256Sarai Sher Khan
110P.S Saray Sher Khan Class 2337Sarai Sher Khan
111P.S Mau657Mau
112P.S Rampur Adharganj850Rampur Adharganj
113P.S Shivgarh Class 1852Shiv Garh
114P.S Shivgarh Class 2613Shiv Garh
115P.S Daher Kala688Daherkala
116P.S Prajapatipur456Prajapatipur
117P.S Sachauli882Sanchauli
118U.S Najiyapur850Najiyapur
119U.S Najiyapur Class R 2724Najiyapur
120P.S Jariyari1390Jariyari
121P.S. Adar811Arar
122P.S. Misiddhipur859Mishrudeenpur
123P.S. Imalidand Class R 11164Manha Kalipur
124P.S. Imalidand Class R 2416IMALIDAD
125P.S. Bijemau Class R 1813Bhojeymau
126P.S. Bijemau Class R 21249Purey Saval
127P.S. Kuradeeh982Kura Deeh
128P.S. Tiwaripur Other Class Room748Tiwaripur
129P.S. Tiwaripur800Tiwaripur
130P.S Poore Charan442Purey Charan
131P.S. Shripur1310Sripur
132P.S. Parasrampur840N/A
133Islamiya School Medauli Kala992Medhauli Kala
134Ps. Chaksara1081Chaksara
135P.S Saray Bharatray1432Gambherpur Patti
136P.S Rajapur Kharhar837Rajapur Kharhar
137P.S Khatanpur1316Khatanpur
138P.S. Dandupur Class Room 11399Dadupur Mufarid
139P.S Dandupur Class Room 21020Dadupur Mufarid
140S.S.S Kayasthpatti Room 1820Kayasth Patti
141P.S Kharhar Room 11087Khar-Har
142P.S Kharhar902Khar-Har
143P.S Kharhar Room 2953Khar-Har
144P.S Harnaahpur679Harinathpur
145P.S Gopalpur435Gopalpur
146P.S Ramgarh Room 11054Ramgarh
147P.S Ramgarh Room 21029Ramgarh
148P.S Raini Satkhariya1328Rainipur Sakhariya
149P.S Ugaipur1253Ugaipur
150P.S Dewasa1110Dewasa
151P.S Kaseruaa Room 11190Kaseruva
152P.S Kaseruaa Room473Kaseruva
153P.S Kaseruaa Room 21290Kaseruva
154U.S A Narharpur1022Dauarikapur
155P.S Banwarpur1021Banvarpur
156P.S Mahothari1370Mahothari
157P.S Khampur Dube Patti1292Khampur Dubey Patti
158P.S Bansi1305Basi Adhar Ganj
159P.S Gulra503Gulra
160P.S Delhupur1466Delhupur
161P.S Pawarpur Class Room 1880Bikhanapur
162P.S Pawarpur Class Room 2857Bikhanapur
163P.S Bhikhanapur959Bikhanapur
164P.S Tawankalpur Class Room 11003Sujanpur
165P.S Tawankalpur Class Room 21300Tavankalpur
166P.S Muaar Adharganj Class Room 11218Muar Adhar Ganj
167P.S Muaar Adharganj Class Room 21333Muar Adhar Ganj
168P.S Muaar Adharganj497Muar Adhar Ganj
169P.S Poore Ram Sahay966Purey Ram Sahaya
170P.S Kaulapur Nandpatti Class Room 1970Kaulapur Nand Patti
171P.S Kaulapur Nandpatti Class Room 2952Kaulapur Nand Patti
172P.S Bhanpur Dasiya Class Room 1771Bhanpur Dasiya
173P.S Bhanpur Dasiya Class Room 2922Bhanpur Dasiya
174P.S Shahpur1289Shekhupur
175P.S Shahpur Class Room 11211Shekhupur
177P.S Shahpur Class Room 2434Shahpur
178P.S Mansaram Ka Poora504Sandila
179Devgarh Kamasin Class Room 11074Deva Garh Kamasin
180Devgarh Kamasin Class Room 2750Deva Garh Kamasin
181P.S Sandila Class Room 11312Sandila
182P.S Sandila Class Room 2795Sandila
183P.S Babupatti781Babu Patti
184P.S Saray Setray694Sarai Shetrai
185P.S Poore Bhaiyaji444Mathura
186P.S Singahi728Sigahi
187P.S Husenpur Class Room 1794Husenpur
189P.S Jayrampur Class Room 11403Jairampur
190P.S Jayrampur Class Room 2973Jairampur
191P.S Mirjapur Chauhari Class Room 1810Mirjapur
192P.S Mirjapur Chauhari Class Room 2737Mirjapur
193P.S Dariyapur Class Room 11172Dariyapur
195P.S Bhagipur Class Room 11421Bhagipur
196P.S Bhagipur Class Room 2977Dariyapur
197P.S Bhagipur Class Room 3478Bhagipur
198P.S Aashipur968Ashipur
199P.S Bithalpur1316Bithalpur
200P.S Rastipur1413Rastipur
201S. K. Degree College Raniganj Poore Goliya Class Room 11390Pure Goliya
202S. K. Degree College Raniganj Poore Goliya Class Room 21079Pacharas
203P.S Vishnupur Class Room 1877Khemaipur
204P.S Vishnupur Class Room 21173Bisunpur Kala
205P.S Dariyapur938Dariyapur
206P.S Balipur912Balipur
207P.S Lachchhipur Class Room 11279Lachhipur
208P.S Lachchhipur Class Room 21362Lachhipur
209P.S Bhaisauna Class Room 1790Bhaisauna
210P.S Bhaisauna Class Room 2933Bhaisauna
211P.S Aamapur Berra Class Room 11231Amapur Bori
212P.S Aamapur Berra Class Room 2608Amapur Bori
215P.S Saray Sultani1405Sarai Sultani
216P.S Barahada988Barahda
217P.S Rupipur917Roopipur
218P.S Khushhalgarh666Khushal Garh
219P.S Raipur385Raipur
220P.S Meerpur Class R 1379Meerpur
221P.S Meerpur Class R 2692Meerpur
222P.S Thariya Class R 1943Kodar Deeh
223P.S Thariya Class R 2792Thariya
224P.S Kaulapur Nandpatti1236Kaulapur
225P.S Dhanuha Class R 11127Dhanuha
226P.S Dhanuha Class R 21061Dhanuha
227P.S Poore Basahu570Purey Basau
228U.S Nari689Nari
229Rajkiya Inter Coll Ege Shekhupur Class R 11202Shekhupur
230Rajkiya Inter Coll Ege Shekhupur Class R 2425Shekhupur
231P.S Lapkan493Lapkan
232P.S Ramnagar1085Ram Nagar
234P.S Tikaita1106Tikaita
235P.S Sujaha Class R 1468Atri
236P.S Sujaha Class R 21004Sujha
237P.S Jajapur773Jajapur
238P.S Damdam968Damdam
239P.S Ghinapur Damdam1416Damdam
240P.S Dighwat Class R 1998Dighvat
241P.S Dighwat Class R 21073Dighvat
242P.S Khakhapur Class R 11000Khakhapur
243P.S Khakhapur Class R 2926Khakhapur
244P.S Borra Class R 1912Borra
245P.S Borra Class R 2839Borra
246P.S Sultanpur1430Sultanpur
248P.S Bhawanigarh1212Bhavani Garh
249P.Bhawan Viraipur605Biraipur
250P.S Ramapur Class R 11396Ramapur
251P.S Ramapur Class R 2954Ramapur
252P.S Ramapur Class R 31463Ramapur
253P.S Rahetua Parasrampur Class R 11078Rahetu Rampur
254P.S Rahetua Parasrampur Class R 2983Rahetu Rampur
255P.S Parsamau1178Parsa Mau
256P.S Amarai893Amari
257P.S Chandpur1185Chandpur
258P.S Nirbhay Patti552Nirbhay Patti
259P.S Basant Patti388Basant Patti
260Junier H. School Padhwa Class R 1574Padhva
261Junier H. School Padhwa Class R 2475Padhva
263P.S Kothara1131Kothhara
264P.S Silaudhi Class R 11224Silaudhi
266P.S Pathatiya Khurd865Pathariya Khurd
267P.S Koyam1246Koyam
268P.S Sand1304Sandh
269P.S Narayanpur Khurd1093Narainpur Khurd
270P.S Tardeeh1083Basiraha
271P.S Kailideeh Room No 11101Kaili Deeh
272P.S Kailideeh Room No 2847Kaili Deeh
273P.S Haripur Saudh1095Harpur Soudh
274P.S Jagatpur Room No 1912Jagatpur
275P.S Jagatpur Room No 2704Jagatpur
276P.S Aashapur684Ashapur
277P.S Mahamadpur706Mohammadpur
279P.S Roh Khurd Kala Room No 11073Rohakala Khurd
280P.S Roh Khurd Kala Room No 21031Rohakala Khurd
281P.S Naudera1356Naudera
282P.S Naudera Room No 11426Naudera
283P.S Naudera Room No 2426Naudera
284P.S Naudera Other Room1263Naudera
287P.S Fatanpur Room No 11308Pathari Kala
288P.S Fatanpur Room No 2673Pathari Kala
289P.S Masauli1181Pathari Kala
290P.S Gaura Poore Badal1443Gaura Purey Badal
292P.S Behdaul Kala Room No 1789Behdaul Kala
293P.S Behdaul Kala Room No 21051Behdaul Kala
294P.S Behdaul Khurd1370Behdaul Kala
295P.S Kahala1199Bhujaini
296P.S Meduwadeeh1309Meruva Deeh
297P.S Suraamishrapur Room No 11189Surva Misirpur
298P.S Suraamishrapur Room No 21110Surva Misirpur
299P.S Suraamishrapur1332Surva Misirpur
300P.S Naikot1129Nai Koat
301P.S Shivgadha540Shivgarh
302P.S Karka1162Karka
303P.S Bairampur Room No 11018Bairampur
304P.S Bairampur Room No 2984Bairampur
305P.S Suwansa1103Suvansa
306P.S Dhari391Dhari
307P.S Poore Gosai Room No 11240Purey Gosain
308P.S Poore Gosai Room No 2515Purey Gosain
309P.S Nai Kot Room No 11067Nai Koat
310P.S Nai Kot Room No 2446Nai Koat
311P.S Kalimuradpur Room No 1897Kali Muradpur
312P.S Kalimuradpur646Kali Muradpur
313P.S Kalimuradpur Room No 21240Kali Muradpur
314P.S Bhit Room No 1993Bhiti
315P.S Bhit Room No 21026Bhiti
316P.S Kanewara Poore Khushhali Room No 11253Kanevra Purey Khushali
317P.S Kanewara Poore Khushhali Room No 21175Kanevra Purey Khushali
318Panchayat Bhawan Naryanpur Kala Room No 11027Kanevra Purey Khushali
319Panchayat Bhawan Naryanpur Kala Room No 2564Narainpur Kala
320P.S Kamasin764Kamasin

Last Updated on December 19, 2014