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Polling Booth in Ramnagar Assembly Constituency

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Ramnagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ramnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ramnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.S. Daulatpur Room No- 11109Daulatpur
2J.H.S. Daulatpur Room No- 2681Daulatpur
3J.H.S. Manjhari Room No- 1877Manjhari
4P.S. Ballopur Room No 1847Balloopur
5P.S. Ballopur Room No 2909Balloopur
6P.S. Durgapur Naubasta Room No 11313Durgapur Naubasta
7Panchayat Bhavan K Yotli Room No 1707Kyontali
8P.S. Chhangepur Room No 1637Chagepur
9P.S. Dhakhava Room No 1566Dhakwa
10P.S. Pipari Ghat Room No 1839Pipari Ghat
11P.S. Jhanjhara Room No 1909Ghangri
12P.S. Jigani Room No 1557Jigni
13Anganvadi Ken Dra Utravan Room No 1771Utrawan
14P.S. Khadehra Room No 1986Khadehara
15P.S. Matehna Room No 1602Matehna
16P.S. Kasaunja Room No 11130Kasaunja
17P.S. Marauchaish Wri Singh612Maraucha Ishwari Singh
18P.S. Richhla1051Richhala
19P.S. En Daura590Indaura
20P.S. Suratganj Room No.1827Suratganj
21P. S. Suratganj Ati. Kaksh841Suratganj
22P.S. Suratganj Ati. Kaksh1299Suratganj
23J.J.H.S. Suratganj Room No.11290Suratganj
24J.J.H. S. Suratganj Room No. 2721Suratganj
25J.J.H.S. Suratganj Room No. 2784Phoolpur
26P.S. Bairanamau Room No.11221Birana Mau
27P.S. Bairanamau Room No.21135Birana Mau
28P.S. Kajiyapur866kajiapur
29P.S. Basantpur Manjhara1008Basantpur Manjhara
30P.S. Chandra Sihali1320Chandra Sihali
31P.S. Babhnawa375Bamhanwa
32P.S. Salpur514Salpur
33P.S. Masuriha768Musariha
34P.S. Gova Manjhara969Govamanjhara
35P.S. Gova694Gova
36P.S. Lalpur Karauta Room No.11414Lalpur Karauta
37P.S. Lalpur Karauta Room No.2594Kutalupur
38J.H.S. Lalpur Karauta1490Dashwantpur
39P.S. Harakka1134Harakka
40P.S. Batnera Room No.11186Batnera
41P.S. Batnera Room No.2534Batnera
42J.H.S. Hetmapur Majre Udhiya647Udhiya
43P.S. Sarasanda895Sarkanda
44P.S. Jamka657Jamka
45P.S. Khujhi691Khujhi
46P.S. Madarha Majre Dihuwa638Dihuwa
47P.S. Tulsipur Majre Parvatpur1210Parbatpur
48P.S. Akauna31Akauna
49P.S. Ballopur899Ballupur
50P.S. Vijhla Room No.11221Bichhalkha
51P.S. Vijhla Room No.2461Bichhalkha
52P.S. Goda723Gonda
53P.S. Mohadwa890Mohandwa
54P.S. Basantpur Room No.1475Basantpur
55P.S. Basantpur Room No.2373Basantpur
56P.S. Bhaerampur Room No.1809Bhairampur
57P.S. Bhaerampur Room No.2603Bhairampur
58P.S. Ibrahimpur1386Ibrahimpur
59P.S. Mathura852Mathura
60P.S. Jaitpur860Jaitpur
61P.S. Bhitauli1004Jaitpur
62P.S. Karmullapur662Karmullapur
63P.S. Ratanpur1263Ratanpur
64P.S. Madhvajlalpur1401Madhawa Jalalpur
65P.S. Banarki1086Banrki
66J.H. S. Shahpur1162Shahpur
67P.S. Mallapur676Mallapur
68P.S. Garri1024Garri
69J. H.S. Chandipur520Chandipur
71P.S. Bindaura Paraspur648Bindaura Paraspur
72P.S. Lain948Lain
73P.S. Mahadeva Majre Lodhaura Room No.11259Lodhaura
74P.S. Mahadeva Majre Lodhaura Room No.2798Lodhaura
75P.S. Manjhauni803Majhoni
76P.S. Juraunda1432Jaraunda
77P.S. Amraigao Room No.1758Amraigaon
78P.S. Amraigao Room No.2P.V. Amraigao Room No.2937Amraigaon
79Panchayt Bhavan Mahar Majre Piprimahar1190Pipri Mahar
80P.S. Piprimhar1185Pipri Mahar
81P.S. Maraucha Mishri Singh401Maraucha Mishri Singh
82P.S. Raniganj Majre Rahta1011Rahta
83P.S. Akohra606Akohara
84P.S. Semrai1202Semarai
85P.S. Saidanpur292Saidanpur
86P.S. Rampur Teliyani632Rampur Teliyani
87P.S. Harsauli383Harsauli
88P.S. Gaurachak1092Gaurachak
89P.S. Mahmudpur Room No.1641Mahmoodpur
90P.S. Mahmudpur Room No.2510Sultanpur
91P.S. Budhgaura941Burhgaur
92P.S. Kandaravalkhurd1205Kandarwal Kalan
93P.S. Hathoiya1146Hathoya
94P. S. Kutlupur Pargana Ramnagar533Kutloo Pur
95P.S. Kudilwa886Mukauli
96P.S. Bikepur431Beekepur
97P.S. Mausandi1370Mohsandi
98P.S. Ainuddinpura670Ainuddin Pur
99P.S. Braiyya Room No.11063Baraiya
100P.S. Braiya Room No.2666Baraiya
101P.S. Ruhera Room No.1826Ruhera
102Sa. Sh. Sa. Sudhiyamau Stith Bikpurva804Ruhera
103P.S. Gagaura460Gagaura
104P.S. Telway678Telway
105P.S. Nandaupara545Nandaupara
106P.S. Nandaupara Ati. Kaksh439Salempur
107P.S. Miramau477Telway
108P.S. Mirpur Room No.11149Mir Pur
109P.S. Mirpur Room No.21292Mir Pur
110P.S. Allapur1499Allapur Ranimau
111P.S. Mohari720Mohari
112P.S. Gopalpur1092Gopalpur
113P.S. Sudhiyamau Room No.11225Surihamau
114J.H.S Sudhiyamau Room No.2793Surihamau
115J.H.S. Sudhiyamau Room No.2796Surihamau
116P.S. Karandha669Karandha
117P.S. Shekhpur Alipur Room No.11137Shekhpur Alipur
118P.S. Shekhpur Alipur Room No.2610Shekhpur Alipur
119P.S. Khadra302Khadra
120P.S. Saidan Pur535Saidanpur
121P.S. Baruwa Majre Vahabpur507Wahabpur
122P.S. Shahpur Chakabherwa1385Shahpurchak Baherwa
123P.S. Naharawal1348Naharwal
124P.S. Jafarpur Room No.1891Jafarpur
125P.S. Khalispur Majre Jafarpur1238Jafarpur
126P.S. Bilkhiya Room No.1924Bilkhya
127P.S. Bilkhiya Room No.21202Bilkhya
128J.H. S. Amoli Kala Room No.11263Amaulikalan
129J.H.S. Amoli Kala Room No.21210Amaulikalan
130Panchayt Bhawan Manaura471Manaura
131P.S. Telwari804Telwari
132P.S. Amoli Kiratpur1333Amoli Kiratpur
133P.S. Dewsani603Deosani
134P.S. Kishunpur809Kishunpur
135J.H.S. Gondaura846Gondaura
136P.S. Kumharwa1189Kumyrawa
137P.S. Baruwa Nrendrapur566Barwa Narendra Pur
138P.S. Aganpur950Aganpur
139P.S. Burwal1010Aganpur
140P.S. Burwal Shugr Mil584Burhwal
141P.S. Dewli627Deoli
142P.S. Bariyarpur1232Bariyarpur
143P.S. Biknapur328Bikanapur
144P.S. Sadharnpur413Sadharanpur
145P.S. Katiyara661Katiyara
146P.S. Utkhara1017Utakhara
147P.S. Thalkhurd778Thal Khurd
148J. H. S. Ashokpur653Ashokpur
149S. S.Samiti Khetaura293Khadra
150P.S. Churauliya523Churaulia
151P.S. Purejbar Room No.1580Pure Jabar
152P.S. Purebhagaee839Pure Bhagyai
153P.S. Amlora1071Amlora
154P.S. Kajipur771Kazipur
155P.S. Nijampur650Nijampur
156P.S. Gagiyapur744Gagiyapur
157P.S. Pyarepur701Pyarepur
158P.S. Tilokpur Room No.11344Tilokpur
159P.S. Tilokpur Room No.21264Tilokpur
160B.P.Shukla Inter College Tilokpur855Tilokpur
161P.S. Kurthra Majre Tilokpur1061Tilokpur
162P.S. Achhaichha1333Achhaichha
163P.S. Beriya1029Baraiya
164P.S. Datauli1115Datauli
165P.S. Datauli Ati0 Kaksh593Datauli
166P.S. Budheda1218Budhera
167P.S. Dadiyamu1282Dadiya Mau
168P.S. Jolhamu727Jolhwamau
169P.S. Nahamau Room No.1883Nahamau
170P.S. Nahamau Room No.21077Nahamau
171P.S. Masudmau483Masood Mau
172P.S. Roti Gao Room No.1939Roti Gaon
173P.S. Rotigav Room No.21038Roti Gaon
174J. H. S. Shahpur Bhikha259Birauli
175P.S. Bindaura417Bindaura
176P.S. Birauli619Birauli
177P.S. Malauli Room No.11270Malauli
178P.S. Malauli Room No.21063Malauli
179P.S. Dedhdua Majre Malauli1227Malauli
180P.S. Bahamu331Bahamau
181P.S. Kinhauli1307Kinhauli
182P.S. Hasanpur Pahadapur1045Hasanpur Paharpur
183P.S. Rampur Khargi688Rampur Khargi
184P.S. Manhgoopur Majre Rampur Khargi737Rampur Khargi
185P.S. Ashokpur Chachusarai1092Ashokpur Chanchusarai
186P.S. Teliyani997Telyani
187P.S. Dalsarai1137Dalsaray
188P.S. Chandana Pur705Chandanapur
189P. S. Bithaura1087Bithaura
190P.S. Dadaura831Dadaura
191J. H. S. Surwari1261Surwari
192P.S. Lalupur735Lalupur
193P.S. Dhaukhriya1290Dhaukharia
194P.S. Kanp Fatehullapur796Kaphtehpur Ullapur
195P.S. Kanp Fatehullapur Ati0 Kaksh758Rampur Hulsa
196P.S. Bichhlkha Room No.11158Bichhalkha
197P.S. Bichhlkha Room No.21265Bichhalkha
198Vikas Khand Karyalya Ramnagar1336Ramnagar (NP)
199P.S. Dwitiya Ramnagar Room No.11052Ramnagar (NP)
200P.S. Dwitiya Ramnagar Room No.21379Ramnagar (NP)
201J.H.S. Ramnagarroom No.1919Ramnagar (NP)
202J.H.S.Ramnagar Ati0 Kaksh590Ramnagar (NP)
203J.H. S. Ramnagar Room No.2726Ramnagar (NP)
204P.S. Paratham Ramnagar Room No.11166Ramnagar (NP)
205P.S. Paratham Ramnagar Room No.21020Ramnagar (NP)
206Digri Collge Ramnagar1003Ramnagar (NP)
207P.S. Kila Ramnagar55Ramnagar (NP)
208P.S. Rampur Mahasingh1090Rampur Mahasingh
209P.S. Maraucha495Maraucha
210P.S. Silauta1113Silota
211P.S. Sirkauli628Sirkali
212P.S. Bharasawa654Bharsawan
213P.S. Surjupur671Sarjoopur
214P.S. Lohti Pasai373Lohati Pasai
215P.S. Lohti Jai828Lohati Jai
216P.S. Mitpur929Meetpur
217P.S. Gobrha1204Gobaraha
218P.S. Sohai949Baranpur
219P.S. Badanpur Room No.21031Baranpur
220Shicha Prsar Samit Badanpur Room No.11134Baranpur
221P.S. Nijamuddinpur415Nizamuddinpur
222Narmal School Ganeshpur1436Ganeshpur
223P.S. Durgapur361Durgapur
224P.S. Tapesipah587Tapasipah
225P.S. Sisaunda1133Sisaunda
226P.S. Harinarayanpur Majre Madna1070Madna
227P.S. Lahadra1013LEHDRA
228P.S. Bahlolpur435Bahlolpur
229P.S. Namipur Sirauli536Namipur Sirauli
230G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 11187Sadatganj
231G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 2853Sadatganj
232G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 3866Sadatganj
233G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 4915Sadatganj
234G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 5781Sadatganj
235G.P.I.C.Saadatganj Room No 61397Sadatganj
236P.S. Saadadtganj First Room No 1751Anoop Ganj
237P.S. Dadiyamau Room No 1527Anoop Ganj
238P.S. Anoopganj Room No 11154Anoop Ganj
239P.S. Anoopganj Room No 21258Anoop Ganj
240P.Bhavan Mallpurarsanda Room No 1778Malpur Arsanda
241P.S. Gahrela Room No 1439Gahrela
242P.S.Darveshpur Room No 1755Darvesh Pur
243P.S. Mo.Pur Bahun Room No 11181Mohammadpur Bahun
244P.S. Kishundashpur Room No 1692Kishundas Pur
245P.S. Banauk Room No 1466Banwook
246M.I.A.Uloom Rampurbhawanipur Room No 11160Rampur Bhawanipur
247M.I.A.Uloom Rampurbhawanipur Room No 2326Rampur Bhawanipur
248J.H.S.Rampurbhawanipur Room No 11429Rampur Bhawanipur
249J.H.S.Rampurbhawanipur Room No 21347Rampur Bhawanipur
250J.H.S.Rampurbhawanipur Room No 31399Rampur Bhawanipur
251P.S..Rampurbhawanipur Room No 11183Rampur Bhawanipur
252P.S.Peri Room No 1505Bhaisuria
253P.S.Aurela Room No 11129Aurela
254P.S.Chaukhandi Room No 1989Chaukhandi
255P.S.Chaukhandi Room No 2727Chaukhandi
256P.S.Bikauli Room No 11113Bikauli
257P.Sadullapur. H/O Akbarpur Saidanpurroom No 1994Akbarpur
258P.S.Pyarepur Room No 1768Piarey Pur
259P.S.Chakdahepur Room No 1524Chakdhe Pur
260J.H.S.Saidanpur. Room No 11490Saidanpur
262J.H.S.Saidanpur. Room No 31246Saidanpur
263P.S.Haminpur H/O Saidanpur Room No 11068Saidanpur
264J.H.S. Maulabad Room No 1622Maulabad
265P.S.Bechukapurwa H/O Peri Room No 1419Paeri
266J.H.S.Mailarayganj Room No 11318Maila Raiganj
267J.H.S.Mailarayganj Room No 2164Maila Raiganj
268P.S..Mailarayganj First Room No 11078Maila Raiganj
269P.S..Mailarayganj Room No 2415Maila Raiganj
270P.S.Ramsahayan Room No 1740Ramsahai
271P.S.Kashipurwa Room No 1812Ramsahai
272P.S.Bharthipur Room No 1760Bharthi Pur
273P.S.Tarapurguman Room No 1740Tarapur Guman
274P.S.Kandhaipur Room No 1561Kandhai Pur
275P.S.Rajapur Room No 1605Rajapur
276P.S.Madhawapur Room No 1710Madhwapur
277P.S.Shafipur Room No 1459Safipur
278P.S.Amra Room No 1626Amra
279P.S.Dadrauli Bhawanipur Room No 11351Dadrauli Bhawanipur
280P.S.Panjrauli Room No 1886Panjrauli
281P.S.Khoraitmadpur Room No 1592Khore Almadpur
282P.S.Khajuriha Room No 11037Khajuria
283P.S.Sahri Room No 11238Sahri
284P.S.Sahri Room No 21240Sahri
285P.S.Durjanpur Room No 11399Durjan Pur
286P.S.Karora Room No 1813Karaura
287P.S.Chaila Room No 1714Chaila
288P.S.Dhusediya Room No 1628Dhasariya
289P.S.Kasrailadeeh Room No1479Kasraila
290P.S.Sirauligauspur Room No 1973Sirauli
291P.S.Pithapur Room No 1582Peethapur
292P.S.Khurdmau Room No 1913Khurdmau
293P.S.Dargapur Room No 1740Dargapur
294J.I.C.Badosarayan Room No 11150Badosarai
295J.I.C.Badosarayan Room No 21289Badosarai
296J.I.C.Badosarayan Room No 31284Badosarai
297P.S.Rasoolpur Room No 1970Rasulpur
298P.S.Markamau Room No 1843Markamau
299P.S.Markamau Extra Room No 1924Markamau
300P.S.Markamau Room No 21310Tikri
301P.S.Bardari Room No 1886Bardari
302P.S.Bardari Room No 2625Bardari
303J.H.S.Katka Room No 1772Katka
304J.H.S.Katka Room No 2706Katka
305P.S.Seehamau Room No 1674Seehamau
306P.S.Seehamau Room No 21006Seehamau
307P.S.Bhaisuriya Room No 1710Bhaisuria
308P.S.Lodhpurwa Room No 1419Lodhpurwa
309P.S.Sondhwa Room No 1592Sondhawa
310P.S.Sondhwa Room No 2451Danapur
311P.S.Alinagr Room No 11126Alinagar
312G.P.S..Hajratpur Room No 1881Hazaratpur
313G.P.S.Hajratpur Room No 2857Hazaratpur
314G.J.H.S..Kintur Room No 11116Kintoor
315G.J.H.S..Kintur Room No 21055Kintoor
316G.J.H.S..Kintur Room No 31021Kintoor
317P.S..Kinturroom No 11295Kintoor
318P.S..Kintur Room No 21294Kintoor
319P.S.Barauliya Room No 11159Baraulia
320P.S.Barauliya Room No 2697Baraulia
321P.S.Meerapur Room No 1773Meerapur
322P.S.Meerapur Room No 2751Meerapur
323P.S. Adra Room No 1973Adra
324P.S.Tahsipur Room No 1775Tahasi Pur
325P.S.Amaniyapur Room No 1540Amania Pur
326J.H.S.Kotwadham Room No 1768Kotwa Dham
327J.H.S.Kotwadham Room No 2930Ariya Mau
328P.S.Mardarpur Room No1756Madarpur
329P.S.Maraucha Room No 1822Maraucha
330P.S.Maraucha Room No 2785Maraucha
331P.S.Sahnimau Room No 1330Amra Katehra
332J.H.S..Amrakatehra Room No 1432Amra Katehra
333P.S.Sekhpurtutru Room No 1903Shekh Pur Tutaru
334P.S.Sirauligung Room No 1878Sirauli Gung
335P.S.Parsa Room No 1829Parsa
336P.S.Dhakwamafi Room No 1367Dhakhwamafi
337J.H.S..Para Room No 11263Para
338J.H.S..Para Room No 2771Para
339P.S.Behata Room No 11025Behta
340Majharaypur Bandh1322Manjha Rampur
341P.S.Mudiyadeeh Room No 1934Mudiyadih
342P.S.Sanawaroom No 1689Sanawan
343P.S.Telwari Room No 1511Telwari
344P.S.Karoni Room No 11186Karauni

Last Updated on December 19, 2014