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Polling Booth in Ramkola Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ramkola

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ramkola Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Shahpur1266Shahpur
2Primary School Mahuawa Bujurug984Mahuwa Bujurg
3Primary School Ghurahupur810Ghurahupur
4Primary School Mansoorganj Room No.-11223Mansoor Ganj
5Primary School Mansoorganj Room No.-21010Mansoor Ganj
6Primary School Bhiswa646Bhiswa
7Primary School Laxmipur Room No.-11135Laxmipur
8Primary School Laxmipur Room No.21192Laxmipur
9Primary School Harpur Machagar Room No.-1894Harpur Machhagar
10Primary School Harpur Machagar Room No.-2758Harpur Machhagar
11Primary School Harpur Machagar Room No.-31266Harpur Machhagar
12Primary School Bhisawa Urf Visunpur433Bhiswa Urf Bishanpur
13Primary School Basantpur1394Basantpur
14Primary School Badhara Naga1091Badaraha Naga
15Primary School Mujdiha1176Mujdiha
16Primary School Raghunathpur811Raghunathpur
17Primary School Lakhima1497Lakhima
18Primary School Tavakkalpur453Sohrauna
19Primary School Pakdi1158Pakari
20Primary School Sohrauna968Sohrauna
21Primary School Bhatgawa544Bhat Gawan
22Primary School Partawal1253Partawal
23Primary School Holiya Room No.-1767Holia
24Primary School Holiya Room No-2843Holia
25Primary School Holiya Room No.-3202Holia
26Primary School Magdiha1310Mujdiha
27Primary School Khurhuriya895Khurhuriya
28Primary School Rampurmafi793Rampur Misri
29Primary School Denduriya Vishunpur Room No.-1909Sinduria Bishunpur
30Primary School Senduriya Vishunpur Room No.-21025Sinduria Bishunpur
31Primary School Jagdishpur Room No.-11111Jagdishpur
32Primary School Jagdishpur Room No.-2973Jagdishpur
33Panchayat Bhawan Mujahna712Jagdishpur
34High School Bardiha1293Bardiha
35Primary School Mahuawa Khurad967Mahuawa Khurd
36Primary School Barwa Kotava Room No.-1719Barwa Kotwa
37Primary School Barwa Kotava Room No.-2878Barwa Kotwa
38Primary School Vishunpura941Bishunpura
39Primary School Gidhachak Bairiya1113Gidha Chak Bairiya
40Primary School Belwa Urf Bairiya313Gidha Chak Bairiya
41Primary School Awarahi Kritpura Room No.-11054Awarahi Kritpura
42Primary School Awarahi Kritpura Room No.-2841Awarahi Kritpura
43Primary School Awarahi Kritpura Room No.-31203Awarahi Kritpura
44Primary School Padkhori234Patkhauli
45Primary School Agaya780Agya
46Primary School Kundur Room No.-11061Kundur
47Primary School Kundur Room No.-21094Kundur
48Primary School Gagrai Room No.-1823Gangrai
49Primary School Gagrai Room No.-21447Gangrai
50Primary School Bhaluhi Room No.-1738Bhaluhi
51Primary School Bhaluhi Room No.-2806Bhaluhi
52Primary School Ghoghara Room No.-11480Ghogharaha
53Primary School Ghoghara Room No.-21155Ghogharaha
54Primary School Sekhpurwa1403Shekhpurwa
55Primary School Mathiya Room No.-11171Mathiya
56Primary School Mathiya Room No.-2882Mathiya
57Primary School Mohan Mundera748Mohan Munddra
58Primary School Devkali Urf Chakiya853Deokali Urf Chakiya
59Panchayat Bhawan Paduli794Padauli
60Primary School Bodarwar Room No.-1743Bodarwar
61Primary School Bodarwar Room No.-2847Bodarwar
62Primary School Bodarwar Room No.-3763Bodarwar
63Primary School Bodarwar Room No.-4807Bodarwar
64Primary School Bodarwar Room No.-5602Bodarwar
65K.J.H. Badhara Room No.-1901Badaraha
66K.J.H.S. Badhara Room No-2775Badaraha
67K.J.H. Badhara Room No.-31032Badaraha
68Primary School Belbhddar Chapara928Belbhadra Chhapra
69J.H.S. Sudhiyani Room No.-1827Sudhiyani
70J.H.S. Sudhiyani Room No.-21421Sudhiyani
71Primary School Shakhopar Room No.-1958Sakhopar
72Primary School Shakhopar Room No.-2902Sakhopar
73Primary School Amdiha Room No.-1754Amadaria
74Primary School Amdiha Room No.-2809Amadaria
75Panchayat Bhawan Mundera720Mundera
76Primary School Somali Room No.-1938Somali
77Primary School Somali Room No.-2829Somali
78Primary School Somali Room No.-3988Somali
79Primary School Somali Room No.-4762Somali
80Primary School Pemali Room No.-11196Pemali
81Primary School Pemali Room No.-2960Pemali
82Primary School Sukrauli685Sukrauli
83Primary School Barwa Jamuni Room No.-1956Barwa
84Primary School Barwa Jamuni Room No.-2842Barwa
85Kulkula Devi L.M.V. Dhaura643Dhaura
86Primary School Barwa Khas Room No.-1941Barwa Khas
87Primary School Barwa Khas Room No.-21147Barwa Khas
88Primary School Rampur Room No.-11250Rampur
89Primary School Rampur Room No.-21127Rampur
90Primary School Barwakala436Barawa Kala
91Primary School Sumhakhor Room No-1773Sumha Khor
92Primary School Sumhakhor Room No-2772Sumha Khor
93Primary School Siswa1314Siswa
94Primary School Karitin Room No.-1905Karitin
95Primary School Karitin Room No.-2871Karitin
96Primary School Bhadsar Narayan1183Bharsar Narain
97Primary School Bhadsar Khas Room No.-1851Bharsar Narain
98Primary School Bhadsar Khas Room No.-21048Bharsar Narain
99P.M.V. Bhadsar Khas Room No.-11399Bharsar Narain
100P.M.V. Bhadsar Khas Room No.-21395Bharsar Narain
101Primary School Sohani Room No.-1899Sohani
102Primary School Sohani Room No.-2867Sohani
103Primary School Indarpur Room No.-11214Indarpur
104Primary School Indarpur Room No.-21008Indarpur
105Primary School Gajra Room No.-1951Gajara
106Primary School Gajra Room No.-2477Gajara
107Primary School Dumdumawa1424Dumdumawa Urf Majhila
108Primary School Bhiura472Bhiura
109Primary School Hasanganj625Bhiura
110Primary School Kotawa Room No.-1491Kotwa
111Primary School Kotawa Room No.-2995Kotwa
112J.I.C. Kaptanganj Room No.-1854Kaptanganj (NP)
113J.I.C. Kaptanganj Room No.-2860Kaptanganj (NP)
114J.I.C. Kaptanganj Room No.-3899Kaptanganj (NP)
115J.I.C. Kaptanganj Room No.-4918Kaptanganj (NP)
116J.I.C. Kaptanganj Room No.-51184Kaptanganj (NP)
117S.S.S. Kaptanganj Room No.-1809Kaptanganj (NP)
118S.S.S. Kaptanganj Room No.-2982Kaptanganj (NP)
119S.S.S. Kaptanganj Room No.-3833Kaptanganj (NP)
120S.S.S. Kaptanganj Room No.-41224Kaptanganj (NP)
121Primary School Near Block Kaptanganj Room No.-11054Gajara
122Primary School Near Block Kaptanganj Room No.-2746Kaptanganj (NP)
123Primary School Near Block Kaptanganj Room No.-3830Kaptanganj (NP)
124Primary School Near Block Kaptanganj Room No.-4855Belwa Urf Bairiya
125P.M.V. Kaptanganj Room No.-11341Kaptanganj (NP)
126P.M.V. Kaptanganj Room No.-21052Kaptanganj (NP)
127K.P.M.V. Kaptanganj Room No.-11415Kaptanganj (NP)
128K.P.M.V. Kaptanganj Room No.-21421Kaptanganj (NP)
129K.P.M.V. Kaptanganj Room No.-3653Kaptanganj (NP)
130Primary School Patkhauli1430Patkhauli
131Primary School Mehada Room No.-1775Mehda
132Primary School Mehada Room No.-2868Mehda
133Primary School Pipramafi Room No.-11258Pipra
134Primary School Pipramafi Room No.-2948Pipra
135Kanya Primary School Bauliya Room No.-11239Baulia
136Kanya Primary School Bauliya Room No.-21347Baulia
137P.M.V. Rajmandir1057Rajmandir
138Primary School Khabharabhar Room No.-11049Khabharabhar
139Primary School Khabharabhar Room No.-2863Khabharabhar
140Primary School Khabharabhar Room No.-3763Khabharabhar
141Primary School Khabharabhar Room No.-4768Khabharabhar
142Primary School Sighadi433Singhari
143Primary School Ghambhirpur Room No.-11269Gamhirpur
144Primary School Ghabhirpur Room No.-2982Singhana
145Primary School Bahuaas Room No.-1820Bhiswa
146Primary School Bahuaas Room No.-2793Bhiswa
147Primary School Sirsiya Room No.-11007Sirsia
148Primary School Sirsiya Room No.-21170Sirsia
149Primary School Pakdi Madraha1159Pakadi Madaraha
150Primary School Mudila Room No.-11085Mudila
151Primary School Mudila Room No.-2626Mudila
152Primary School Lohepar Room No.-11009Lohipar
153Primary School Lohepar Room No.-2800Lohipar
154Primary School Lohepar Room No.-31064Lohipar
155Primary School Lohepar Room No.-4662Lohipar
156Primary School Lohepar Room No.-5335Lohipar
157Primary School Fardaha Room No.-1762Fardha
158Primary School Fardaha Room No.-2756Fardha
159Primary School Fardaha Room No.-3998Fardha
160Primary School Ranipur Urf Haraiya996Mathiya Urf Akataha
161Primary School Matauli Room No.-11443Matheli
162Primary School Matauli Room No.-21479N/A
163Primary School Matauli Room No.-31451Matheli
164K.U.M.V. Mathauli1488Matheli
165Primary School Mathiya Urf Akatha Room No.-1709Mathiya Urf Akataha
166Primary School Mathiya Urf Akatha Room No.-2881Mathiya Urf Akataha
167Primary School Mathiya Urf Akatha Room No.-31223Mathiya Urf Akataha
168K.L.M.V. Laximipur Room No.-11384Laxmipur
169K.L.M.V. Laximipur Room No.-21361Laxmipur
170K.L.M.V. Laximipur Room No.-31350Laxmipur
171Primary School Narayanpur Room No.-1772Narainpur
172Primary School Narayanpur Room No.-2764Narainpur
173P.M.V.Narayanpur Room No.-1888Narainpur
174P.M.V.Narayanpur Room No.-21021Narainpur
175Primary School Deurawa Room No.-1650Deurwa
176Primary School Deurawa Room No.-2774Deurwa
177Primary School Pachar Room No.-11121Pachar
178Primary School Pachar Room No.-21134Pachar
179P.M.V. Pachar1073Pachar
180Primary School Semara1013Semara
181Primary School Malukahi Room No.-1912Malukahi
182Primary School Malukahi Room No.-21303Malukahi
183Primary School Sidhawat Room No.-11196Sidhawat
184Primary School Sidhawat Room No.-2943Sidhawat
185Primary School Badharababu Room No.-11454Badahara
186Primary School Badharababu Room No.-21372Badahara
188Primary School Rampur Bagha Room No.-1739Rampur Bagaha
189Primary School Rampur Bagha Room No.-2810Rampur Bagaha
190P.M.V.Rampur Bagha Room No.-11471Rampur Bagaha
191P.M.V.Rampur Bagha Room No.-21475Rampur Bagaha
192Primary School Bagha Khurad Room No.-1730Rampur Bagaha
193Primary School Bagha Khurad Room No.-2468Rampur Bagaha
194Primary School Dhodharahi Room No.-1919Deo Kali
195Primary School Dhodharahi Room No.-21012Deo Kali
196Primary School Deoriababu Room No.-1848Deurwa
197Primary School Deoriababu Room No.-2884Deurwa
198P.M.V. Deoriababu Room No.-1816Deurwa
199P.M.V. Deoriababu Room No.-2760Deurwa
200P.M.V. Deoriababu Room No.-31362Deurwa
201Primary School Pagar Mishrauli Room No.-11474Pagar
202Primary School Pagar Mishrauli Room No.-2736Pagar
203P.M.V. Pagar Mishrauli839Pagar
204Primary School Pagar Chapara Room No.-11257Pagar
205Primary School Pagar Chapara Room No.-21498Pagar
206Primary School Pagar Chapara Room No.-31038Pagar
207Primary School Kasichapara Khotahi Room No.-11425Khotahi
208Primary School Kasichapara Khotahi Room No.-2796Khotahi
209Primary School Kasichapara Khotahi Room No.-3877Khotahi
210Primary School Parsiya Khotahi Room No.-1752Khotahi
211Primary School Parsiya Khotahi Room No.-2808Khotahi
212Durga U.M.V. Khotahi Room No.-1772Khotahi
213Durga U.M.V. Khotahi Room No.-2809Khotahi
214Durga U.M.V. Khotahi Room No.-31473Khotahi
215Durga U.M.V. Khotahi Room No.-41208Khotahi
216Durga U.M.V. Khotahi Room No.-5894Khotahi
217Primary School Fulwariya Magriv1502Phulwaria Magarib
218Primary School Shivpur Mathiya726Shivpor Mathiya
219P.M.V. Diuliya Maniya Chapara Room No.-11416Deulia Maniya Chhapra
220P.M.V. Diuliya Maniya Chapara Room No.-21307Deulia Maniya Chhapra
221P.M.V. Diuliya Maniya Chapara Room No.-31107Deulia Maniya Chhapra
222Primary School Tarkulawa1167Tarkulwa
223Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-11103Lala Chhapra
224Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-2978Lala Chhapra
225Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-3868Lala Chhapra
226Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-41096Lala Chhapra
227Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-5921N/A
228Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-6950Lala Chhapra
229Hareram I.C. Lala Chapara Room No.-71036Lala Chhapra
230Primary School Sapaha Room No.-11160Sapaha
231Primary School Sapaha Room No.-21483Sapaha
232Primary School Sapaha Room No.-31272Sapaha
233Primary School Paroraha Room No.-11052Paroraha
234Primary School Paroraha Room No.-2585Paroraha
235Primary School Ahirauli Kusmahi Room No.-1876Ahirauli Kusumhi
236Primary School Ahirauli Kusmahi Room No.-2944Ahirauli Kusumhi
237Primary School Chandarpur Room No.-1830Chandarpur
238Primary School Chandarpur Room No.-2770Chandarpur
239Primary School Chandarpur Room No.-31085Chandarpur
240Primary School Chandarpur Malgaha Room No.-11255Chandarpur
241Primary School Chandarpur Malgaha Room No.-21211Chandarpur
242Primary School Barwa Sthan522Barawa
243Primary School Kusamaha Room No.-11105Kusumha
244Primary School Kusamaha Room No.-2694Kusumha
245Primary School Kusamaha Room No.-3906Kusumha
246Primary School Kusamaha Room No.-4788Kusumha
247Primary School Kusamaha Room No.-51114Kusumha
248J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-1818Kusumha
249J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-2846Kusumha
250J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-31100Kusumha
251J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-4680Kusumha
252J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-51056Kusumha
253J.H.S. Raganganj Kusmaha Room No.-6884Kusumha
254Primary School Rajpur Room No.-1866Rajpur
255Primary School Rajpur Room No.-2999Rajpur
256J.H.S. Narayanpur1020Nayapur
257Primary School Bartha Room No.-11058Bartha
258Primary School Bartha Room No.-2880Barawa
259Primary School Bartha Room No.-3624Barawa
260Primary School Basdila1125Basdila
261Primary School Motipakad1495Moti Pakar
262Primary School Amawa Bazar Room No.-1826Amawa Bazar
263Primary School Amawa Bazar Room No.-2747Amawa Bazar
264Primary School Amawa Bazar Room No.-3708Amawa Bazar
265Primary School Amawa Bazar Room No.-4776Amawa Bazar
266Primary School Dhanauji Khas1253Dhanauji Khas
267Primary School Bhatahi Khurd984Bathi Khurd
268Primary School Urdaha Room No.-1926Urdaha
269Primary School Urdaha Room No.-2997Urdaha
270New Primary School Urdaha1390Urdaha
271J.H.S. Ramkola Room No.-11002Urdaha
272J.H.S. Ramkola Room No.-2875N/A
273J.H.S. Ramkola Room No.-31091Ramkola (NP)
274Primary School Ramkola Room No.-11336Ramkola (NP)
275Primary School Ramkola Room No.-21266Ramkola (NP)
276Primary School Ramkola Room No.-3351Ramkola (NP)
277J.I.C. Ramkola Room No.-1945Ramkola (NP)
278J.I.C. Ramkola Room No.-2572N/A
279J.I.C. Ramkola Room No.-3956Ramkola (NP)
280J.I.C. Ramkola850Ramkola (NP)
281Primary School Pidari Room-1881Pindari
282Primary School Pidari Room-2876Pindari
283Primary School Morwan Room-11009Morwan
284Primary School Morwan Room-2741Morwan
285Primary School Morwan Room-3845Morwan
286Primary School Morwan Room-4868Morwan
287Kanya Primary School Morwan1335Morwan
288Primary School Bairiya Room-11390Bairia
289Primary School Bairiya Room-2834Bairia
290Primary School Dharmauli480Dharmauli
291Primary School Dhuwatikar Room-11161Dhuan Tikar
292Primary School Dhuwatikar Room-2870Dhuan Tikar
293Primary School Bihuli Sumali Urf Hanumanganj1348Bihuli Nisfi
294Primary School Bihuli Nisfi1324Bihuli Nisfi
295Primary School Papaur Room-11275Papaur
296Primary School Papaur Room-2409Papaur
297Primary School Pharana Room-11161Farna
298Primary School Pharana Room-2586Farna
299Primary School Dharamsamada724Dharm Samda
300Primary School Indarshenawa1278Inder Senwa
301Primary School Pakdi Bantir Sumali Urf Mehdiganj394Pakari Bantir Urf Mehndiganj
302Primary School Kusmahi1276Kusumahi
303Primary School Pakdi Bangar Room-11098Pakari Bangar
304Primary School Pakdi Bangar Room-2650Pakari Bangar
305Primary School Pakdi Bantir Urf Saunaha1053Pakari Bantir Saunha
306Primary School Bishunpura555Bishunpura
307Primary School Chakabdul Islam546Chak Abdul Islam
308Primary School Soharauna1261Sohrauna
309Primary School Barwa Mahdewa1494Barwa Mahadewa
310Primary School Padri724Padari
311Primary School Saneramal Chapara1316Saneramal Chhapra
312Primary Schol Parasauni Room-11138Parsauni
313Primary School Parasauni Room-2451Parsauni
314Primary School Amdaria Room-1810Amadaria
315Primary School Amdaria Room-21081Amadaria
316Primary School Dhanauji Mafi617Dhanauji Mafi
317Primary School Bhathahi Buzurug1027Bhathahi Buzurg
318Primary School Sihuliya Mathiya632Sihulia Mathia
319J.H.S. Manderay Room-1800Mandey Rai
320J.H.S. Manderay Room-2763Mandey Rai
321Primary School Khairatawa Room-1746Khairatawa
322Primary School Khairatawa Room-2408Khairatawa
323Primary School Patharadewa860Pathar Dewa
324Primary School Adrauna Room-1727Adrauna
325Primary School Adrauna Room-2846Adrauna
326Primary School Ahirauli828Ahirauli

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