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Polling Booth in Purwa Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Purwa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Purwa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primari School Sonik686Sonik
2Primari School Alagangarh799Algangarh
3Primari School Sarayan Katiyan Purv948Sarai Katiyan
4Primari School Sarayan Katiyan Paschim871Sarai Katiyan
5Primari School Murtajanagar1327Murtazanagar
6J.H. School Murtajanagar1339Murtazanagar
7J.H. School Orhar1446Orhar
8Primari School Orahar Purv766Orhar
9Primari School Orahar Paschim827Orhar
10Primari School Raypur Bujurg Purv881Raipur Bujurg
11Primari School Raypur Bujurg Paschim914Raipur Bujurg
12J.H. School Jamuka Uttar1162Jamuka
13J.H. School Jamuka Dakshin879Jamuka
14J.H. School Jamuka Madhya997Jamuka
15J.H. School Badaura1406Badaura
16Primari School Aderuva Purv1058Aderwa
17Primari School Aderuva Paschim602Aderwa
18Primari School Shivpur Grant402Shivpur Grant
19Primari School Bandikhera594Gohna
20Primari School Mohaddinpur1099Mohiuddeenpur Khas
21Primari School Nevrana Uttar804Neverna
22Primari School Nevrna Dakshin917Neverna
23J.H. School Nevarna Purv1260Neverna
24Kanya Primari School Nevrna701Neverna
25J.H School Nevarna Paschim730Neverna
26Inter Collage Padrikala Purv705Padri Kalan
27Inter Collage Padrikala Madhya640Padri Kalan
28Inter Collage Padrikala Paschim808Padri Kalan
29Primari School Padrikala916Padri Kalan
30Primari School Patnahankhera Purv773Padri Kalan
31Primari School Patnahankhera Paschim663Padri Kalan
32Primari School Padrikhurd Purv809Padri Khurd
33Primari School Padri Khurd876Padri Khurd
34Kanya Primari School Padarikhurd978Padri Khurd
35Primari School Gaurishankarpur514Padri Khurd
36Primari School Jagvakhera Purv957Targaon
37Primari School Jagvakhera Paschim799Targaon
38Primari School Pakara1452Targaon
39Primari School Gaura1146Targaon
40Primari School Targaon1260Targaon
41J.H. School Targaon1052Targaon
42Primari School Maita622Maita
43Pu.Ma.V. Barigava951Lalpur
44Primari School Ajrailkhera830Gondwa Vishunpur
45Primari School Bhandi615Bhandi
46Sadhan Sah. Samiti Ichhauli1344Ichhauli
47Primari School Dakauli1217Atesua
48Primari School Kuithar Uttar816Kuithar
49Primari School Kuithar Dakshin1108Kuithar
50Primari School Sakran1045Sakran
51Primari School Bichiya1452Bichhiya
52Primari School Ghoorkhet1330Ghurkhet
53Primari School Badlikhera1087Badlikhera
54Primari School Jargaon Uttar988Jar Gaon
55Primari School Jargaon Dakshin1279Jar Gaon
56Primari School Tiwari Khera484Jagetha
57Primari School Jagetha1211Jagetha
58Mahatma Gandhi Inter Collage Taura935Taura
60Kanya Ha.Se. School Taura Uttar914Taura
61Kanya Ha.Se. School Taura Dakshin1170Terwa
62Primari School Atrasa841Atarsa
63Primari School Mausultanpur Purv928Mau Sultanpur
64Primari School Mausultanpur Paschim981Mau Sultanpur
65Primari School Chetra1001Chaitra
66Primari School Surjapur1256Surja Pur
67Primari School Medpur715Maidpur
68Primari School Raseedpur806Rashidpur
69Primari School Toorichhavinath924Turichhabinath
70Kanya Primari School Raypur332Raipur
71Primari School Kudikapur441Kudikapur
72Primari School Behta1073Behta
73Primari School Sumhri Khurd648Sumbhari Khurd
74Primari School Mangatkhera1144Mangat Khera
75Primari School Manjhkhoriya1127Majhkuriya
76Primari School Langarpur1154Langarpur
77Primari School Unchagaon Kila1433Uncha Gaon Killa
78Primari School Mirjapur Sumhari Purv1026Mirzapur Sumhari
79Primari School Mirjapur Sumhari Paschim768Mirzapur Sumhari
80Primari School Taragarhi1079Taragarhi
81J.H. School Baigaon961Baigaon
82Primari School Baigaon1143Baigaon
83Primari School Nathikhera637Mawaiya Ramae Khera
85Primari School Badakhera469Bara Khera
86J.H. School Adgaon Pasakhera Uttar1100Argaon Pansa Khera
87J.H. School Adgaon Pasakhera Dakshin1021Argaon Pansa Khera
88Primari School Adagaon Pasakhera295Mada Khera
89Primari School Himmat Khera566Himmat Khera
90Primari School Navao750Nabab
91Primari School Atav612Atwa
92Primari School Gadorava396Bhulemau
93Primari School Bhoolemau469Bhulemau
94Primari School Bholaganj322Bhulemau
95Primari School Kataon775Kataun
96Primari School Palhari868Palhari
97Primari School Unchaon Sani Purv1296Unchagaon Sani
98Primari School Unchaon Sani Paschim487Unchagaon Sani
99Primari School Harikhera619Hari Khera
100Primari School Barvat474Barwat
101Primari School Sarso819Sarson
102Primari School Tikariya350Tikria
103Jaykisan Purv Ma. Vi. Chamiyani Kamara No.11050Chamiani
104Jaykisan Purv Ma. Vi. Chamiyani Kamara No.21236Chamiani
105Jaykisan Purv Ma. Vi. Chamiyani Kamara No.3333976Chamiani
106Jaykisan Purv Ma. Vi. Chamiyani Kamara No.4955Chamiani
107Jaykisan Purv Ma. Vi. Chamiyani Kamara No.5525Chamiani
108Primari School Anganuvakhera499Chamiani
109Primari School Dhirjikheda1060Dhirji Khera
110Panchayat Ghar Tikarkhurd730Tiker Khurd
111Primari School Chakjamalpur386Chak Jamalpur
112Primari School Achalkhera399Achalkhera
113Primari School Semarimau738Semri Mau
114Primari School Ramaamrapur1028Ramavmrapur
115Primari School Kasraur Purv1104Kasraur
116Primari School Kasraur Paschim735Kasraur
117Primari School Bachaurali754Bachhrauli
118Primari School Kakaunha327Kakauha
119Primari School Karauli590Karauli
120Primari School Dhaurahara617Dhaurhara
121Primari School Dhannipur485Dhannipur
122Primari School Bhadin Purv912Bhadin
123Primari School Bhadin Paschim811Bhadin
124Primari School Manikapur597Manika Pur
125Primari School Bachhaura1138Raiker
126Primari School Ati. Kachchh444Bachhaura
127Primari School Sarainya Navin997Sariya
128Primari School Narshinghpur552Narsingh Pur
129Primari School Shivsingh Khera1166Kantha
130Primari School Kantha Purv1079Kantha
131Primari School Kantha Ati. Kachchha499Kantha
132Primari School Kantha Paschim1224Kantha
133Javaharlal In.Co. Kantha Ro.No. 1795Kantha
134Javaharlal In.Co. Kantha Ro.No. 21121Kantha
135Javaharlal In.Co. Kantha Ro.No. 3811Kantha
136Primari School Mahipat Khera456Kantha
137Primari School Lalakhera M. Shahabad Grant966Sahabad Grant
138Primari School Bikamau853Bikamau
139Primari School Sahrawan Ro.No. 11081Saharawan
140Primari School Sahrawan Ati. Kachchh573Saharawan
141Primari School Sahrawan Ro.No. 2975Saharawan
142Kanya School Sahrawan1482Saharawan
143Primari School Datauli617Datauli
144Primari School Kyona545Keoni
145Primari School Kyoni686Keoni
146Primari School Darsavan Uttar965Darsawan
147Primari School Darsavan Dakshin1238Darsawan
148Primari School Dau Purv910Daun
149Primari School Dau Paschim851Daun
150Primari School Asavar Uttar1140Asawar
151Primari School Asavar Dakshin591Asawar
152Primari School Mirrikala Purv730Mirri Kalan
153Primari School Mirrikalan Paschim575Mirri Kalan
154Primari School Mirrikala Ati. Kachchha1037Mirri Kalan
155Kanya Primari School Mirrikala1144Mirri Kalan
156Primari School Abhusha983Chhavinath Khera
157Primari School Jhakvasa706Jhakwasa
158Primari School Ratvasiya Namdarpur873Ratwsiyana Madarpur
159Primari School Majhigava Sadku1126Majhgawan Sadqu
160Primari School Madarpur Narainpur1058Madarpur/ Narainpur
161Primari School Mohammadpur494Madarpur/ Narainpur
162Primari School Ajaypur374Ajaipur
163Primari School Jafarkhera1209Bhupati Pur
164Primari School Bhagatkhera852Talhauri
165Primari School Suikhera443Fatehganj
166Primari School Fatehganj563Fatehganj
167Primari School Bhoopatipur Purv736Bhupati Pur
168Primari School Bhoopatipur Paschim1227Bhupati Pur
169M.R.R.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 51312Purwa (NP)
170M.R.R.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 6227Purwa (NP)
171M.R.R.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 41134Purwa (NP)
172Primari School Daligarhi Purv1014Purwa (NP)
173Primari School Daligarhi Paschim1036Purwa (NP)
174Primari School Daligarhi Uttar581Purwa (NP)
175M.R.R.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 81206Purwa (NP)
176M.R.R.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 7983Purwa (NP)
177B.A.A.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 11486Purwa (NP)
178B.A.A.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 21401Purwa (NP)
179B.A.A.S. Inter Collage Purwa Ka.No. 31403Purwa (NP)
180Primari School Paschimtola Purwa Purv1216Purwa (NP)
181Primari School Paschimtola Purwa Paschim1144Purwa (NP)
182Kanya Primari School Vajirganj Uttar1073Purwa (NP)
183Kanya Primari School Vajirganj Dakshin1041Purwa (NP)
184Kanya Primari School Vajirganj1278Purwa (NP)
185Primari School Katra Paschim1113Kasraur
186Primari School Chandi Gadhi501Chandi Garhi
187Primari School Tikarkala799Tiker Kalan
188Primari School Bhadnang Purv1365Bhadnag
189Primari School Bhadnang Paschim796Bhadnag
190Primari School Vadekhera467Vade Khera
191Primari School Banigaon1373Banigaon
192J.H. School Banigaon893Banigaon
193Primari School Tusaraur Purv872Tusraur
194Primari School Tusaraur Paschim689Basnoha
195Primari School Aseharu849Asehru
196Primari School Chhulamau742Chhulamau
197Primari School Dela510Daila
198Primari School Trilokpur602Tilokpur
199Primari School Dharampur539Dharampur
200Primari School Rahmanpur Jagdishpur490Rahimanpur Jagdishpur
201Primari School Mubarakpur582Mubarkpur
202Primari School Joracarganj Purv941Jorawarganj
203Primari School Joravarganj Paschim679Jorawarganj
204J.H. School Gosaikhera873Goshain Khera
205Primari School Garhikarmali750Gadhi Karmali
206Primari School Pathakpur Purv1280Pathak Pur
207Primari School Pathakpur Paschim955Pathak Pur
208Primari School Asoha Purv1542Asoha
209Primari School Asoha Paschim1170Asoha
210Primari School Asoha Ati. Kachchh462Ajaipur
211Primari School Islamnagar657Newada
212Primari School Bhaumau1079Bhao Mau
213Primari School Saraiya779Gumapur
214Primari School Gomapur847Gumapur
215Primari School Pahadpur762Pahar Pur
216Primari School Barha425Barha
217Primari School Gyanpur636Gyanpur
218Primari School Darehta Anchali1299Darheta Mahant
219Primari School Lachchhipur583Lachhi Pur
220Primari School Ogarapur1060Ograpur
221Primari School Chilauli1024Chilauli
222Primari School Dudiyathar560Dundiyathar
223Primari School Bilaura1286Bilaura
224Primari School Udetkhera631Chaupai
225Primari School Chaupai938Chaupai
226Primari School Majhariya720Majharia
227Primari School Nimtikar685Nim Tikar
228Primari School Semari890Semri
229Primari School Semari Ati Kachh881Semri
230Primari School Utaura920Utraura
231Primari School Jabrela1358Jabrela
232Primari School Shankarbaks Khera486Jabrela
233Primari School Muktemau624Muktey Mau
234Primari School Chhiyatikur668Chhiyantikur
235Uchch Prathmik Vidyalay Beru494Beru
236Primari School Servaiya1163Serawiya
237Seed Stor Shivghar280Sheo Garh
238Kanya Primari School Samadha Purv988Samadha
239Kanya Primari School Samadha Paschim1108Samadha
240Primari School Madarikhera960Ismail Pur
241Primari School Bhatpura581Bhat Purwa
242Primari School Shahpur1455Shah Pur
243Primari School Gilsahamau495Gilshah Mau
244Primari School Barvakhurd495Barwa Khurd
245Primari School Bhavaliya1468Bhawalia
246Primari School Sandauli571Sandoli
247Primari School Anvarpur451Anwarpur
248J.H. School Sarwan Uttar1437Sarwan
249J.H. School Sarwan Dakshin1262Sarwara
250J.H. School Bhavaniganj Purv1047Gunamau
251J.H. School Bhavaniganj Paschim1084Gunamau
252Primari School Tedhava Bamhana1494Terhwa Babhna
253Primari School Barauli585Baraoli
254J.H. School Pipari1193Pipri
255Primari School Devmai Uttar1230Deomai
256Primari School Devmai Dakshin1093Deomai
257Primari School Kherva1441Kherwa
258Primari School Valiya874Balia
259Primari School Sagauli Purv1194Sagauli
260Primari School Sagauli Paschim653Asri Khera
261Primari School Chandankhera M. Barvakala1003Barwa Kalan
262Primari School Jamboorpur1401Jamburpur
263Primari School Muraita1081Muraita
264Primari School Darehta Ka. No. 11046Darheta
265Primari School Darehta Ka. No. 2607Darheta
266Primari School Kodara873Kodara
267Primari School Nayagaon551Nawa Gaon
268Primari School Topara Ka. No. 11187Topra
269Primari School Topara Ati. Kachh478Topra
270Primari School Bevalmansha Khera1158Bewalmansa Khera
271Primari School Bhitauli1119Bhatauli
272Primari School Chandrasena778Chandrasena
273Primari School Muhiuddinpur1489Mohiuddinpur
274Kanya Primari School Muhiuddinpur681Mohiuddinpur
275Primari School Pinjara Uttar1020Pinzra
276Primari School Pinjara Dakshin820Asgar Ganj
277B.K.H.R. Inter Collage Mauravan Ka.No. 1802Maurawan (NP)
278B.K.H.R. Inter Collage Mauravan Computer Room K Pass953Maurawan (NP)
279B.K.H.R. Inter Collage Mauravan Ka.No. 21113Maurawan (NP)
280Primari School Naveen Mauravan426Maurawan (NP)
281B.K.H.R. Inter Collage Mauravan Ka.No. 41372Maurawan (NP)
282K.N.P.N. Inter Collage Mauravan Krida Sthal K Pass993Maurawan (NP)
284K.N.P.N. Inter Collage Mauravan Ka.No. 31142Maurawan (NP)
285K.N.P.N. Inter Collage Mauravan Ka.No. 4394Maurawan (NP)
286Primari School Mauravan Prachin Ka.No.11199Maurawan (NP)
287Primari School Mauravan Prachin Ka.No.2958Maurawan (NP)
288Primari School Sanjarkhera1411Rasul Pur
289Primari School Mauravan Prachin Ka.No.31070Maurawan (NP)
290Primari School Baraula885Baraoli
291Primari School Jera Uttar999Jera
292Primari School Jera Dakshin722Jera
293C.Be. Vidyala Patyoladasi819Patola Dasi
294Sailja J.H. School Pathai Purv783Akohari
295Sailja J.H. School Pathai Paschim911Akohari
296J.H. School Akohari Purv945Akohari
297J.H. School Akohari Paschim610Akohari
298Samudaik V. Bhavan Akohari Ka.No.1709Akohari
299Samudaik V. Bhavan Akohari Ka.No.2401Akohari
300Primari School Bhavani Nagar509Akohari
301Kanya Primari School Akohari1327Akohari
302Bal Primari School Akohari1166Akohari
303J.H. School Pachamman Khera983Akohari
304Primari School Koratganj E. Lotana Uttar 1920Lotna
305Primari School Koratganj E. Lotana Dakshin622Lotna
306Primari School Jaysingh Khera411Jaisingh Khera
307Primari School Narichak1332Narichak
308Primari School Ahesa Uttar1188Ahesha
309Primari School Ahesa Dakshin446Ahesha
310Primari School Indaura698Indaura
311Primari School Chaudharikhera M. Lachchhikhera1396Lachhi Khera
312Primari School Mirjapur787Kuri
313Primari School Mahranikhera Uttar796Maharani Khera
314Primari School Mahranikhera Dakshin932Maharani Khera
315Primari School Dundapur762Dund Pur
316Primari School Bachaura Uttar911Bachhaura
317Primari School Bachhaur Dakshin711Bachhaura
318Primari School Kudra1140Bachhaura
319Primari School Pinduri1342Pinduri
320Primari School Mardanpur914Mardanpur
321Primari School Subaskhera585Subas Khera
322Primari School Paschimgaon1187Pachhim Gaon
323Primari School Pankunvarkhera Purv1058Pankunwar Khera
324Primari School Pankunvarkhera Paschim523Pankunwar Khera
325Primari School Sarayan Thakuri366Sarai Thakuri
326Primari School Chittakhera899Para
327Seed Stor Para1076Para
328J.H. Para1048Para
329Primari School Para Ka.No. 11432Para
330Primari School Para Ka.No.2263Para
331Primari School Bahva1153Bahwa
333Primari School Kanchanpur1352Behta
334P.L.K.P. Inter Collage Kalukhera1065Behta
335Primari School Pahasa900Behta
336Primari School Malihagadha863Maliha Garha
337Primari School Musandi Uttar927Musandi
338Primari School Musandi Dakshin990Musandi
339Primari School Bhatankhera867Bhatan Khera
340Primari School Bakshpur1111Bakspur
341Primari School Rampur1270Rampur
342Primari School Soho1056Soho
343Primari School Lohli817Khajuha
345Primari School Pansariya1172Gunjauli
346Seed Stor Nirahikhera1411Gunjauli
347Primari School Tisandha1188Tisendha
348Primari School Asarenda Uttar1189Asrenda
349Primari School Asarenda Dakshin1094Asrenda
350Primari School Drigpalganj385Asrenda
351Primari School Ranijaydei Khera1035Hardi
352Primari School Lauva Singhan Khera996Lauwasingan Khera
353Primari School Lauva Singhan Khera Paschim1060Lauwasingan Khera
354J.H. School Lauva Singhan Khera1439Lauwasingan Khera
355Primari School Udhauganj750Lauwasingan Khera
356Primari School Kaluikhera Uttar851Lauwasingan Khera
357Primari School Kaluikhera Dakshin679Lauwasingan Khera
358Primari School Hilauli Purv991Hilauli
359Primari School Hilauli Paschim842Hilauli
360J.H. School Hilauli Uttar1393Hilauli
361J.H. School Hilauli Dakshin1112Hilauli
362Kanya Primari School Hilauli Purv852Hilauli
363Kanya Primari School Hilauli Paschim888Hilauli
364Kanya Primari School Hilauli914Hilauli
365Primari School Madakhera907Hilauli
366Primari School Bardaha Uttar868Hilauli
367Primari School Bardaha Dakshin983Bardaha
368Primari School Shivrajkhera Uttar986Sandana
369Primari School Shivrajkhera Dakshin1075Sandana
370Primari School Sandana868Sandana
371Kanya Primari School Sandana939Sandana
372Primari School Mohgavan346Moh Gawan
373Primari School Kardaha954Kardaha
374J.H. School Kardaha1283Kardaha
375Primari School Shivnathkhera1115Chak Saraiyan
376Primari School Chandakhera Diglahai772Chandakhera Digalhai
377Primari School Lohramau764Lohra Mau
378Primari School Rajvada Uttar730Rajwara
379Primari School Rajvada Dakshin985Rajwara
380Primari School Khanpur940Khanpur
381Primari School Saray Mubarak1020Sarai Mubarak
382Primari School Galibpur Purv592Chhipipur
383Primari School Galibpur Paschim932Galibpur
384Primari School Mavai Purv880Mawai
385Primari School Mavai Paschim948Mawai
386Siniar Be. V. Mavai513Mawai
387Primari School Patedha1055Mawai
388Primari School Naikaha1045Mawai
389Primari School Pahadpur Khurd1037Mawai
390Primari School Hemikhera Purv959Mawai
391Primari School Hemikhera Paschim867Mawai
392Primari School Inthbandh844Mawai
393Primari School Bisara915Bisara
394Primari School Bisara Ati. Kachchh631Bisara
395Primari School Gulariha Purv893Gulriha
396Primari School Gulariha741Gulriha
397Primari School Badi Bahutiya Dakshin1348Gulriha
399Kanya Primari School Gulariha116Gulriha
400Primari School Bhoopkhera Purv888Gulriha
401Primari School Bhoopkhera Paschim910Gulriha
402Primari School Badi Bahutiya Uttar731Gulriha
403J.H. School Gulariha Paschim342Gulriha
404Primari School Sangram Khera355Gulriha

Last Updated on June 13, 2020

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