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Polling Booth in Pratapgarh Assembly Constituency

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Pratapgarh Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pratapgarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pratapgarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps. Lohangpur1222Ghoraha
2Bpsranjeetpur Chilbila Kot R.N.011056Ranjitpur Chilbila
3Bpsranjeetpur Chilbila Kot R.N.02517Ranjitpur Chilbila
4Bps Barachha Ranjeetpur Chilbila W. R.1228Ranjitpur Chilbila
5Fci789Ranjitpur Chilbila
6Ps Ranjeetpur Chilbila R.N011372Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
7Ps Ranjeetpur Chilbila R.N021226Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
8Hps Chibila Naya Hanuman Madir R.N.011223Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
9Hps Chibila Naya Hanuman Madir R.N.02963Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
10Bps Mahuli R.N.01979Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
11Bps Mahuli R.N.02572Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
12Ps Saray Veer Bhadra R.N.01652Aadampur
13Ps Saray Veer Bhadra R.N.02863Sarai Beerbhadra
14Bhps Pure Keshv Ray R.N.1956Pure Keshav Rai
15Bhps Pure Keshv Ray R.N.2651Pure Keshav Rai
16Bhps Pure Keshv Ray R.N.3937Pure Keshav Rai
17Bps Pure Madhav Singh1096Pure Madho Singh
18Ps Karaudi913Karaundi
19Ps Rupapur R.N.1842Roopapur
20Ps Rupapur R.N.21132Roopapur
21S.S.Samiti Sagra1418Sagra
22Ps Sagra R.N.11203Sagra
23Ps Sagra R.N.2773N/A
24Ps Pure Ojha800Pure Ojha
25Ps Chakbantod898Chakvan Tod
26Bps Taunga R.N.011425Teunga
27Bps Taunga R.N.021105Teunga
28Bps Taunga R.N.03997Teunga
29Bps Taunga R.N.04678Teunga
30N.M.Training Centure R.N.011197Jogapur
31N.M.Training Centure R.N.02735Jogapur
32Pt Traing Centure Karanpur R.N.11225Karanpur (CT)
33Pt Traing Centure Karanpur R.N.2447Karanpur (CT)
34Pt Traing Centure Karanpur R.N.31240Karanpur (CT)
35Pb Karanpur R.N.011432Karanpur (CT)
36Pb Karanpur R.N.021483Karanpur (CT)
37N.T.Garvara Court1271Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
38N.T.City Court439Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
39Ps Purana Mal Godam Road R.N.01720Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
40Ps Purana Mal Godam Road R.N.021134Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
41Puranamalgodam Road655Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
42Abdul Kalam Inter Collage R.N.11261Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
43Abdul Kalam Inter Collage R.N.2697Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
44Abdul Kalam Inter Collage East Room1007Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
45Abdul Kalam Inter Collage R.N.3874Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
46Abdul Kalam Inter Collage R.N.41129Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
47Abdul Kalam Inter Collage R.N.5946Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
48G.I.C. East Room933Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
49Ps Begam Ward1082Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
50K.P.Collage R.N.01825Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
51K.P.Collage R.N.02769Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
52Ps Polic Line R.N.1443Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
53P.S. Police Line R.N.-1841Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
54P.S. Police Line R.N.-3729Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
55G.I. College W.R.865Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
57G.G.I.College S.R.890Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
58G.G.I.College M.H.1230Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
59H.S.G.S. G.G.I.College.757Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
61H.Ps Pandey Ka Purva R.N.-1922Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
62H.Ps Pandey Ka Purva R.N.-21182Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
63H.Ps Pandey Ka Purva R.N.-31348Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
64H.Ps Pandey Ka Purva R.N.-4730Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
65Zill Prishd Hall W. R.888Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
67H.G.P.S. Dhilamau N.R.1462Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
69G.P.S. Mehta Paathshala R.N.-11487Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
70G.P.S. Mehta Paathshala R.N.-21310Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
71Tilak Kolege K0 181086Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
72Tilak Kolege K0 201105Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
73Tilak Kolege K0 21418Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
74Ps Sadar Bazar K0 S0 11028Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
75Ps Sadar Bazar K0 S0 2891Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
76Ps Sadar Bazar K0 S0 31344Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
77Bps Ajit Nagar1076Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
80Setunigam Karyalay K0S0 1752Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
81Setunigam Karyalay K0S0 2735Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
82Ps Padav K0 S0 1830Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
83Ps Padav K0 S0 2622Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
84Ps Jiriyamau1183Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
85Ps Belhabhat1437Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
86Ps Sahodarpur K0 S0 1886Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
87Ps Sahodarpur K0 S0 21134Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
88Ps Sahodarpur R.N. 3763Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
89Ps Sahodarpur Ii M.K.460Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
90Ps Dahilamu Dehat K.S. 11127Dahilamau (CT)
91Ps. Dahilamau Dehat Ks. 21065Dahilamau (CT)
92Bps Dahilamau Dehat Ks. 1823Dahilamau (CT)
93Bps Dahilamau Dehat Ks. 2796Dahilamau (CT)
94Bps Pure Ishwarnath Ks. 1945Pure Ishwarnath
95Bps Pure Ishwarnath Ks. 21394Pure Ishwarnath
96Ps. Kadipur937Kadipur
97Sa.S.S.U.K. Achalpur Ks. 11486Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
98Sa.S.S.U.K. Achalpur Ks. 21220Bela Pratapgarh (NPP)
99Ps Kishundaspur1006Kisundaspur
100Ps Bhangava Pu.K.1389Bhangwa
101Ps Bhangava Pk.1047Bhangwa
102Ps Mahuar Ks. 1891Mahuar
103Ps Mahuar Ks. 2675Mahuar
104Ps Parasurampur1275Parasrampur
105Ps Gopalapur782Gopalapur
106Ps. Khajurni Ks. 11121Khajurni
107Ps. Khajurni Ks. 21098Khajurni
108Ps. Rampur Gauri1474Rampur Gauri
109Ps. Saray Baheliya1270Sarai Baheliya
110Ps. Shrikantpur963Pure Bachhil
111Ps. Kusami954Kusumi
112Ps. Jahnaipur1046Jahnaipur
113Ps. Bhupiyamau Ks. 1800Bhupiyamau
114Ps Bhupiyamau Ks. 2845Bhupiyamau
115Ps. Badanpur1180Badanpur
116Ps. Kamaipur484Kamaipur
117Ps. Bahlolpur Ks. 11166Bahlolpur
118Ps. Bahlolpur Ks. 2994Sarai Sagar
119Ps. Baburaha399Baburaha
120Bpms. Dagaita Bahlolpur912Dharupur
121Ps. Naubasta568Naubasta
122Hps Kataramedaniganj Ks. 11475Katra Medniganj (NP)
123Hps Kataramedaniganj Ks. 2769Katra Medniganj (NP)
124Hps Kataramedaniganj Ks. 31202Katra Medniganj (NP)
125Ps. Kataramedaniganj Ks. 11259Katra Medniganj (NP)
126Ps Kataramedaniganj Ks. 2610Katra Medniganj (NP)
127Digri Colege Uk.788Pratapgarh City (NP)
128Digri Colege Dk.1119Pratapgarh City (NP)
129Inter Colege Pu.K.1469Pratapgarh City (NP)
130Inter Colege P.K.1091Pratapgarh City (NP)
131Bpspp. City1492Pratapgarh City (NP)
132Pbdcbped Ks. 11026Pratapgarh City (NP)
134Psp City Ks. 21112Pratapgarh City (NP)
135Bps Bhualpur Kila Ks. 1617Bhuvalpur Kila
136Bps Bhualpur Kila Ks. 2876Bhuvalpur Kila
137Ps Naya Bhavan Mahakani989Bhuvalpur Kila
138Ps. Katara Indrakuvar1353Katra Indra Kunwar
139Ps Bhadohi Ks. 11258Bhadohi
140Ps Bhadohi Ks. 2313Bhadohi
141Ps. Khajohari1365Khajohri
142Ps. Jalalpur627Jalalpur
143Kps. Katakamanapur1229Katka Manapur
145P.Bh. Tiwaripur446Tiwaripur
146Ps. Madhavpur1200Madhopur
147Ps. Bajhan U.K.1288Bajhan
148Ps. Bajhan900Bajhan
149Ps. Kolbazardih1091Kol Bazardeeha
151Ps. Adharpur Ks. 1957Bhairopur
152Ps. Adharpur Ks. 21110Adharpur
153Ps. Adharpur Ks. 31022Adharpur
154Inter Colege Sandvachandrika Ks. 11420Sandwa Chandika
155Inter Colege Sandvachandrika Ks. 21341Sandwa Chandika
156Inter Colege Sandvachandrika Ks. 31026Adharpur
157Ps Hanuman Pa. Ka Purva Nk.1155Sandwa Chandika
158Ps. Jogipur1171Jogipur
159P.Bh. Kamaluddinpur852Kamaluddinpur
160Ps. Misarauli531Misrauli
162Hps. Antu Bazar Nk.1282Antu (NP)
163Hps Antu Bazar Sk.1459Antu (NP)
164T.A. Karyalay Antu Bazar686Antu (NP)
165Hps. Babuganj Ks. 1934Antu (NP)
166Hps. Babuganj Ks. 2955Antu (NP)
168Hps. Babuganj Ks. 3756Antu
169Ps. Umari Ks. 11059Umari
170Ps. Umari Ks. 21223Umari
172Ps. Rampur Umari1279Rampur Umari
173Ps. Parahamidpur Nk.933Para Hamidpur
174Ps. Parahamidpur Wk.886Para Hamidpur
175Ps. Parahamidpur Mk.866Para Hamidpur
176Ps. Dadupur Daulat755Dandupur Daulat
177Ps. Saruanva Ks. 11253Saruanwa
178Ps. Saruanva Ks. 21276Saruanwa
179Ps. Upadhyaypur1103Gopalapur
180Ps. Chaubepur1227Chaubepur
181Ps. Bansi1471Bansi
182Ps. Lohangpatti1307Lohang Patti
183Hps. Govari Ks. 11158Gobari
184Hps. Govari Ks. 21381Gobari
185Ps. Saraydali820Pure Pitambar
186Ps. Sangrampur988Sangrampur
187Ps. Kamas816Kamas
188Ps. Sonanva1165Sonava
190Ps. Gonda Ks. 11003Rampur
191Ps. Gonda Ks. 21040Gonda
192Hps. Gonda Ks. 11178Gonda
193Hps. Gonda Ks. 21144Gonda
194Ps. Dangari1365Dangari
195Ps. Jaitipur Kathar1082Jaitipur Kathar
197Ps. Baghumar1064Badhumar
198Ps. Saray Mahima1048Sarai Mahima
199Ps. Ammau582Aammau
200Ps. Patulki704Patulki
201Ps. Setapur1347Setapur
202Ps. Chaukhad1228Chaukhad
203Sukhnandan Prasad Pandey Sarvjanik I.C. Purvi Kacksha789Bhojpur
204Sukhnandan Prasad Pandey Sarvjanik I.C. West Kacksha698Bhojpur
205Ps. Pure Hudha488Pure Hudha
206P.S. Bhojpur1107Gidhara
207P.S. Kuaa686Gadwara
208P.S. Kuaa R.N. 1505Chauri (Chaura)
209P.S. Shukulpur R.N. 11315Shukulpur
210P.S. Shukulpur R.N. 2289Pure Garibdas
211Ps Bhadausi R.N. 11128Bhadausi
212P.S. Bhadausi R.N. 2863Bhadausi
213P.S. Garvara R.N. 1857Gadwara
214P.S. Garvara R.N. 21104Gadwara
215Panchayat Bhawan Gaurvari R.N. 11357Khaira Gaurbari
216Panchayat Bhawan Gaurvari R.N. 2270Buknapur Taraul
217P.S. Behda436Behda
218P.S. Raivirajanipur535Raivi Rajanipur
219P.B. Shivrajpur1122Shivrajpur
220P.S. Shivrajpur1129Shivrajpur
221P.S. Rampur Pran716Rampur Pran
222P.S. Rajapur Kala789Rajapur Kala
223P.S. Mahmdapur1214Mahamdapur
224P.S. Pure Bhaiya1271Pure Bhaiya
225P.S. Domnipur423Domanipur
226H.Ps Ramnagar R.N. 11319Ram Nagar
227H.Ps Ramnagar R.N. 2522Bandadeeh Sakat
228Ps Gadia Chak Deiya1087Gadai Chakdeya
229P.B. Saray Kalyandev647Sarai Kalyan Dev
230Ps Jagdeshpur678Jagdishpur
231Ps Chadauka R.N. 21032Chandauka
233Ps Kandharpur1094Kandharpur
234Ps Sujangarh1209Sujan Garh
235Ps Saray Shankar R.N. 1947Saray Shankar
236Ps Saray Shankar R.N. 2861Saray Shankar
237Ps Malak662Malak
238Ps Gangapur544Gangapur
239Ps Hathsara738Hathsara Baburaha
240Ps Mangapur R.N. 11066Mangapur
241Ps Pithapur R.N. 2427Pithapur
242Ps Padumpur960Umar
243Ps Aurangapur926Aurngabad
244Ps Pure Chandi616Pure Chandi
245Ps Purab Patti R.N. 1902Aurngabad
246Ps Purab Patti R.N. 2902Purab Patti
247Ps Satevar706Satewar
248Ps Narharpur R.N. 11017Narharpur
249Ps Narharpur R.N. 2987Narharpur
250Ps Narharpur R.N. 31112Narharpur
251Ps Shivpur Kala R.N. 1497Shivpur Khurd Kala
252Ps Shivpur Kala K S 2470Shivpur Khurd Kala
253Pb Shahpur R.N. 1934Shahpur Khas
254Ps Narayanpur955Chak Gutuli
255Ps Gahrauli R.N. 1842Gaharoli
256Ps Gahrauli R.N. 2703Gaharoli
257Ps Loli Pokhatakham R.N. 1926Lauli Pokhta Khan
258Ps Loli Pokhatakham R.N. 2834Lauli Pokhta Khan
259Ps Ramapur R.N. 11370Ramapur
260Ps Ramapur R.N. 21283Ramapur
261Bps Dharauli Madhupur1201Dharauli
262Ps Sonbarsa316Son Barsa
263Pb Dhannipur541Dhanipur
264Ps Pure Chhama1135Pure Chhama
265Ps Naduraraniganj1392Madura
266Ps Basupur840Basupur
267Ps Bhawapur1320Bhawapur
268Hps Kohraud R.N. 11129Kohdaur
269Hps Kohraud R.N. 2934Kohdaur
270Ps Kohraud617Barauli
271Ps Parasrampur786Parasram Pur
272Ps Lakhipur675Lakhnipur
273Ps Shankarpur627Bhitikala
274Ps Sundarpur768Sundarpur
275Ps Pure Kolahal638Pure Kolahal
276Ps Suryagarh Jagannath1298Surajgarh Jagannath
277Ps Barasray937Bara Saray
278Ps Tiwaripur Kurd895Tiwaripur Khurd
279Ps Mandaha1087Mandah
280Ps Kapamadhupur R.N. 1812Kapamadhupur
281Ps Kapamadhupur R.N. 2504Patawa
282Bps Phenha R.N. 1918Fenda
283Bps Phenha R.N. 2821Fenda
284Ps Padri Jabar R.N. 1836Padari Jabar
285Ps Padri Jabar R.N. 2612Jafarpur
286Ps Thakthaiya R.N. 11070Takathaiya
287Ps Kandharpur Madhupur1368Kanhi Madhupur
288Hps Kandhai Madhupur1235Kanhi Madhupur
289Ps Bhawan Kandhai Madhupur 1704Kanhi Madhupur
290Ps Naya Bhawan Kandhai Madhupur R.N. 2949Kanhi Madhupur
291Ps Naya Bhawan Kandhai Madhupur R.N. 31127Kanhi Madhupur
292Ps Naya Bhawan Kandhai Madhupur R.N. 41045Kanhi Madhupur
293Ps Korra929Pure Musai
294Ps Isipur Bhausiya R.N. 1474Bhausiya
295Ps Isipur Bhausiya R.N. 2390Esipur
296Ps Sarauli R.N. 1951Sarauli
297Ps Sarauli R.N. 2924Sarauli
298Ps Uska801Usaka
299Ps Parsupur R.N.11019Ktari
300Ps Parsupur R.N.21021Parsupur
301Ps Atarsand R.N. 1994Attarsand
302Ps Atarsand R.N. 2704Attarsand
303Ps Atarsand Purana Bhawan R.N. 1986Attarsand
304Ps Atarsand Purana Bhawan R.N. 2751Attarsand
305Hps Atarsand R.N. 1651Antpur
306Hps Atarsand R.N. 21130Attarsand
307Ps Saray Rajai R.N. 11076Saray Rajai
308Ps Saray Rajai R.N. 21127Saray Rajai
309Ps Chanduadeeh R.N. 11029Chanduadiha
310Ps Chanduadeeh R.N. 2527Chanduadiha
311Bachcha Sahu Jhs Madafarpur1262Madafarpur
312Ps Kanjas1163Salhipur Kanjash
313Ps Salhipur Kanjas768Salhipur Kanjash
314Ps Rajmalpur562Rajmalpur
315Ps Pritamsaray Koni1070Chak Ramchandrapur
316Jhs Pritamsaray Koni1002Koni
317Ps Miranpur R.N. 1928Miranpur
318Ps Meeranpur R.N. 2589Rampur Kurmiyan
319Ps Tala R.N.11084Salhipur Kanjash
320Ps Tala R.N.1438Tala
321Ps Tala R.N.3665Tala
322Ps Tala R.N.2675Khamapur
323Ps Khabor929Khabhor
324Ps Khabor 2888Khabhor
325Ps Ojhla778Ojhala
326Ps Chak Majhanipur R.N. 1628Chak Majhanipur
327Ps Chak Majhanipur R.N. 2607Rajapur Mufrid
328Ps Chak Majhanipur R.N. 31027N/A
329Ps Chak Majhanipur R.N. 4707Hardattpur
330Ps Chaukhra586Chaukhara

Last Updated on December 19, 2014