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Polling Booth in Pipraich Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

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Pipraich Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pipraich

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pipraich Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.Vid. Karmaura Room No11208Karmaura
2P.Vid. Karmaura Room No2888Karmaura
3P.Vid . Tikariya Room No.11323Tikaria
4P.Vid . Tikariya Room No.2986Tikaria
5P. Vid Raghunathapur Room. No.11229Raghunath Pur
6P.Vid Raghunathpur Room No.21381Raghunath Pur
7P.Vid. Manglapur Room No.11223Mangalpur
8P.Vid. Manglapur Room No.2503Mangalpur
9P.Vid. Manglapur Room No.3708Mangalpur
10Sankul Bhawn Manglapur1089Mangalpur
11P.Vid. Badhani Room.No 11019Barhni
12P.Vid. Badhani Room.No 2583Barhni
13P.Vid Siyarampur Room No.11097Siyarampur
14P.Vid. Siyarampur Room No.2442Siyarampur
15P.Vid. Siyarampur Room No.31439Siyarampur
16Pu. Ma. Vid. Mahrajganj Room No.11024Mahrajganj
17Pu. Ma. Vid. Mahrajganj Room No.2773Mahrajganj
18Pu. Ma. Vid. Mahrajganj Room No.3978Mahrajganj
20P.Vid. Thakurapur N0 2 Tola Room.No.11180Thakurpur N0.2
22P.Vid. Thakurapur N0 1 Tolasewi Room.No.11121Thakurpur No.1
23P.Vid. Thakurapur N0 2 Tolasawi Room No.2624Thakurpur No.1
24Garm Sachi. Ja.Dumari No 1 Room No11341Jangl Dumri No1
25Garm Sachi. Ja.Dumari No 1 Room No2611Jangl Dumri No1
26P. Vid. Jan. Dumari No. 1 Room No.1689Jangl Dumri No1
27P.Vid. Jan. Dumari No.1 Room No.21064Jangl Dumri No1
28Parishadiy Ju. High Sch. Jan.Dumari No.1 Room No.11268Jangl Dumri No1
29Parishadiy Ju. High Sch. Jan.Dumari No.1 Room No.2598Jangl Dumri No1
30Bhimraw A. Inter.K. Jan. Dumari No.1Room No.1615Jangl Dumri No1
31Bhimraw A. Inter.K. Jan. Dumari No.1Room No.21116Jangl Dumri No1
32Sa. Vid. Kendr Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur Room No.1838J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
33Jsa. Vid. Kendr Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur Room No.2990J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
34P.Vid. Tola Kajipur Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur Room No.3644J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
35P. Vid. Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur1355J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
36P. Vid.Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur R.N.2452J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
37Pu. Ma. Vid Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur1125J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
38Pu. Ma. Vid. Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur825J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
39P.Vid.Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Jainapur Room.No.31327J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
40P.Vid. Jan. Dumari No.1 Bagla Tola Room No.11011Jangl Dumri No2
41P. Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Bagla Tola Room No.2814Jangl Dumri No2
42P. Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Bagla Tola Room No. 3826Jangl Dumri No2
43P. Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Bagla Tola Room No.4630Jangl Dumri No2
44P.Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Koiripur Room No.11228Jangl Dumri No2
45P.Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Koiripur Room No.2990Jangl Dumri No2
46P.Vid. Jan. Dumari N0 2 Koiripur Room No.31140Jangl Dumri No2
47P. Vid. Jan. Sakhni Room. No.11250Jangl Sakhani
48P. Vid. Jan. Sakhni Room. No.2939Jangl Sakhani
49P.Vid. Jan. Harpur Room No.11410Jangl Hapur
50P.Vid. Jan. Harpur Room No.2665Jangl Hapur
51P.Vid. Jan. Harpur Room No.3941Jangl Hapur
52P.Vid. Bhairwa1149Bhairwa
53P.Vid. Awadi Sakhni Room No.1939Abadi Sakhani
54P.Vid. Awadi Sakhni Room No.2711Abadi Sakhani
55P. Vid. Pipari Tarkulva1460Pipari
56P.Vid. Jan. Maghi964Jangl Maghee
57P.Vid. Jan. Jainul Avdin Urf Semra662J. Janul Abden Urf Jainpur
58P.Vid Jan. Mohabbatbarva886Jangl Mohammad Barwa
59P. Vid Mohaddipur809Mohiuddin Pur
60Panchayat Bhvan Parsauna1266Parsauna
61Islamiya School Tarkulha Room No.11182Tarkulaha
62Islamiya School Tarkulha Room No.2512Tarkulaha
63P. Vid. Bjaha1425Bajaha
64P.Vid. Shyamdeurva Urf Lalkarauna498Shyam Durwa Urf Lal Karana
65P.Vid. Sirasiya Gadai Urf Bargdahi Room.No.11487Sirsia Gadai urf Bargadhi
66P.Vid. Sirasiya Gadai Urf Bargdahi Room.No.21218Sirsia Gadai urf Bargadhi
68P.Vid.Chak Khan Mohammad1225Chakkhan Mohammd
69P.Vid. Karmaha Bu.1123Karmaha Buzurg
70Pu. Ma. Vid. Karmaha Bu. Room No.1662Karmaha Buzurg
71Pu. Ma. Vid. Karmaha Bu. Room No.3993Karmaha Buzurg
72Pu. Ma. Vid. Karmaha Bu. Room No.21135Karmaha Buzurg
73P. Vid. Pipara Churaman560Pipra Churaman
74P.Vid Phulawriya Room No.1975Phulwaria
75P.Vid Phulawriya Room No.2656Phulwaria
76P.Vid. Phulawriya Second923Bakharaijee
77P.Vid. Asharphapur Room No.1536Asarphpur
78P.Vid. Asharphapur Room No.2950Asarphpur
79P.Vid. Mugalan Sirsiya Urf Bhrwaliya506Muglan Sirsia
80P.Vid. Langdi Gulriha Room No.11473Langadi Gulharia
81P.Vid. Langdi Gulriha Room No.2950Langadi Gulharia
82P. Vid. Budhadiha Room No.11033Budadeeh
83P. Vid. Budhadiha Room No.2568Budadeeh
84P.Vid. Hafiznagar1128Haphij Nagar
85P.Vid. Rasulapur Jhungiya640Rasoolpur Gonia
86P.Vid. Rampur Bu.1173Rampur Buzurg
87P.Vid. Karmha Khurd1026Karmaha Khurd
88P. Vid. Islampur992Isalampur
89P.Vid. Jamuniya Room No.1839Jamunia
90P.Vid. Jamuniya Room No.2505Khiria
91P.Vid. Bhiswa777Bhiswa
92P.Vid. Chiutaha791Chiutaha
93P.Vid Vanchra1008Banchara
94P.Vid. Bhaluhi1244Bhaluhi
95P.Vid. Amva Room No.1478Mirapur
96P.Vid. Amva Room No.21283Amwa
97Patel Smarak Inter C. Bhatahat Room No.1678Bhatahat
98Patel Smarak Inter C. Bhatahat Room No.2831Bhatahat
99Patel Smarak Inter C. Bhatahat Room No.3967Bhatahat
100Patel Smarak Inter C. Bhatahat Room No.4979Bhatahat
101Patel Smarak Inter C. Bhatahat Room No.5695Bhatahat
102P.Vid. Araji Chilbilwa Room No.11168Arazi Chilbilwa
103P.Vid. Araji Chilbilwa Room No.2560Arazi Chilbilwa
104P.Vid.Atrauliya Rroom No.11021Ataraulia
105P.Vid.Atrauliya Rroom No.2560Ataraulia
106P.Vid. Chakiya1131Chakia
107P. Vid Pokharbhinda1417Pokharbhinda
108P.Vid. Bailo Room No.1640Bailo
109P.Vid. Bailo Room No.2924Bailo
110P.Vid. Bailo Room No.31418Bailo
111P.Vid. Bailo Room No.41027Bailo
112P.Vid. Samdar Bu. Room No.1682Samdar Buzurg
113P.Vid. Samdar Bu. Room No.2845Samdar Buzurg
114P.Vid. Samdar Khurd1318Samdar Khurd
115P.Vid. Mahri1092Mahri
116P. Vid. Niyamtapur Sirasiya1075Niyamatpur
117P.Vid. Tarkulha Urf Pokhrabhinda1191Tarkulahee
118P.Vid. Ghodadeur1266Ghora Deur
119P.Vid. Chakjlal856Chakjalal
120Pu. Ma. Vid Chiuradih565N/A
121P. Vid. Sohsa1050Sohasa
122P. Vid. Rampur Gopalpur Room.No.11389Rampur Gopalpur
123P. Vid. Rampur Gopalpur Room.No.2779Rampur Gopalpur
124P. Vid. Rampur Gopalpur Room.No.31292Rampur Gopalpur
125P. Vid. Rampur Gopalpur Room.No.41227Rampur Gopalpur
126P. Vid. Parmeshvarpur Room No.11337Parmeshwarpur
127P. Vid. Parmeshvarpur Room No.21039Parmeshwarpur
128Sankul Parmeshvarpur Room No.11155Parmeshwarpur
129Sankul Parmeshvarpur Room No.21044Parmeshwarpur
130P.Vid. Devipur Room No.11024Devipur
131P.Vid. Devipur Room No.2519Devipur
132P.Vid. Devipur Room No.31037Devipur
133Ju. High Sch. Devipur437Devipur
134P.Vid. Vishunapur Marvani Kothi Room No.11221Bisunpur
135P.Vid. Vishunapur Marvani Kothi Room No.2783Bisunpur
136P.Vid. Vishunapur Marvani Kothi Room No.3804Bisunpur
137I.I.Co.P. U. Balapar Room No.1902Balapar
138I.I.Co.P. U. Balapar Room No.2915Balapar
139P. Vid. Sonbarsa Room No.11022Sonbarsa
140P. Vid. Sonbarsa Room No.2934Sonbarsa
141P.Vid. Baijnathpur Room.No.11276Baijnathpur
142P.Vid. Baijnathpur Room.No.21147Baijnathpur
143P.Vid. Baijnathpur Room.No.3361Baijnathpur
144P.Vid. Rahmatpur710Rahmat Nagar
145P.Vid. Maniram Room No. 1842Maniram
146P.Vid. Maniram Room No. 2723Maniram
147P. Vid. Siktaur Beldari Tola1443Siktaur
148P. Bhawan Siktaur Budh Bazar1491Siktaur
149P. Vid. Siktaur855Siktaur
151P. Vid. Jan. Nandalal Singh Room No.1977Jangal Nandlal Singh
152P. Vid. Jan. Nandalal Singh Room No.2732Jangal Nandlal Singh
153P. Vid. Jan. Nandalal Singh Room No.3819Jangal Nandlal Singh
154Pu. Ma. Vid. Rampur Chak Room No.11090Rampur Chak
155Pu. Ma. Vid. Rampur Chak Room No.2378Rampur Chak
156P.Vid.Nuruddinchak1198Nooruddin Chak
157P.Vid. Jan. Bahaur Ali Room No.11236Jangl Bahadur Ali
158P.Vid. Jan. Bahaur Ali Room No.2667Jangl Bahadur Ali
159Pu. Ma. Vid. Jan. Bahaur Ali1059Jangl Bahadur Ali
160P.Vid. Sanjhae670Sanjhai
161P.Vid. Mirjapur1113Mirzapur
162P. Vid. Narayanpur No.2 Room No.1946Narainpur No.2
163P. Vid. Narayanpur No.2 Room No.2822Narainpur No.2
164P.Vid. Karmha Urf Kamhriya832Karmaha Urf Kamhria
165P.Vid. Amwa Room No.11465Amwa
166P.Vid. Amwa Room No.2594Daulatpur
167P. Vid. Bangae Room No.11474Bangai
168P. Vid. Bangae Room No.21256Bangai
169P. Vid. Bangae Room No.3724Bangai
171Mahatmurav Smark Inter C. Room No.11265Jangl Hakeem No 2 (CT)
172Mhatmurav Smark Inter Co.Room No.21103Jangl Hakeem No 2 (CT)
173Mhatmurav Smark Inter Co.Room No.31363Bangai
174Panchayt Bhan Jaurhar862Jaurhar
175P.Vid. Parsiya620Parsia
176P. Bhavn Jan. Eakla N0. 1533Jangl Ekla No 1
177Pan. Bhavn Nahrapur Chhavni Tola919Narharpur
178P.Vid Saray Gulriha Room No.11053Sarai Gulharia
179P.Ma. Vid Saray Gulriha Room No.1949Sarai Gulharia
180P.Ma. Vid Saray Gulriha Room No.2741Sarai Gulharia
181P.Vid. Mudila Urf Mundera973Murila Urf Murera
182P. Vid. Khutahn Khas Room No.11310Khutahn Khas
183P. Vid. Khutahn Khas Room No.2609Khutahn Khas
184P.Ma. Vid. Khutahn Khas Room No.11089Khutahn Khas
185P.Ma. Vid. Khutahn Khas Room No.2811Khutahn Khas
186Sa. Vid. Kendr Khutahn Khas1181Khutahn Khas
187P.Vid Jan. Nakin1060Jangal Nakin
188P.Vid. Jan. Ayodhya Prasad Room No.11433Jangal Ayodhaya Parsad
189P.Vid. Jan. Ayodhya Prasad Room No.21483Jangal Ayodhaya Parsad
190P.Vid. Gulariha Room No.11379Gulariha
191P.Vid. Gulariha Room No.2625Gulariha
192P.Vid. Gulariha Room No.3815Gulariha
193P.Bhavn Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.1870Jangl Chhatra Dhari
194P.Bhavn. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.2856Jangl Chhatra Dhari
195P.Vid. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.11199Jangl Chhatra Dhari
196P.Vid. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.21032Jangl Chhatra Dhari
197P.Vid. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.3847Jangl Chhatra Dhari
198Pu.Ma. Vid. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.1851Jangl Chhatra Dhari
199Pu.Ma. Vid. Jan. Chhatrdhari Room No.2944Jangl Chhatra Dhari
200Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.1899Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
201Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.2631Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
202Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.3761Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
203Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.41072Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
204Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.5754Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
205Pu. Aca.Sin.Sec.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.6838Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
206Pu. Aca.Sin.Sca.Sch.Lakshmipur Harsevkapur N0 2 Room No.7834Harsewakpur No.2 (CT)
207Swami Dayanand. Ma. Vid. Bankati Urf Eathiya1009Bankatia Urf Itahia
208P.Vid. Jan. Pakdi Room No.1659Jangl Pakri
209P.Vid. Jan. Pakdi Room No.21069Jangl Pakri
210P.Vid Belwaraipur1387Belwa Raipur
211P.Vid Baraili1116Barauli
212Adarsh Janta U.Ma. Vid Jan. Aurahi1123Janglaurahi
213Adrsh P. Vid. Pipraich Room No.2928Janglaurahi
215P. Vid. Jan. Hakim N0 2 Room No. 11022Jangl Hakeem No 2 (CT)
216P. Vid. Jan. Hakim N0 2 Room No. 2641N/A
217P. Vid. Jan. Hakim N0 2 Room No. 31331Jangl Hakeem No 2 (CT)
218P. Bhavn Jan. Hakim No. 21197Jangl Hakeem No 2 (CT)
219P.Vid. Jan. Tinakoniya No. 2 Room No1920Jangl Tinkonia No2
220P.Vid. Jan. Tinakoniya No. 2 Room No21090Jangl Tinkonia No2
221P.Vid. Jan. Tinakoniya No. 1 Room No11352Jangl Hakeem No 1
222P.Vi.D Jan. Tinakoniya No. 1 Room No.2654Jangl Tinkonia No1
223P.Vid.Jan Tinkoniya No 1 Room No.3528Jangl Tinkonia No1
224P. Vid. Basntpur Jan. Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Turra Room No.1979Jangl Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Tura
225P.Vid Basntpurjan. Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Turra Room No. 2606Jangl Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Tura
226P. Vid. Basntpur Jan. Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Turra Room No.31128Jangl Ahmad Ali Shah Urf Tura
227P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.1909Jangl Dhoosar
228P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.2839Jangl Dhoosar
229P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.3965Jangl Dhoosar
230P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.4724Jangl Dhoosar
231P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.51321Jangl Dhoosar
232P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.6613Jangl Dhoosar
233P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.7940Jangl Dhoosar
234P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.8983Jangl Dhoosar
235P. K. I. Co. Jan. Dhusan Room No.9560Jangl Dhoosar
236P.Vid Jan. Araji Chhatrdhari595Jangl Chhatra Dhari
237Panchayat Bhavn Parsiya399Parsia
238P.Vid928Sonraiech Urf Bragaon
239P.Vid. Sonraech Urf Bdaganv Room No.21124Sonraiech Urf Bragaon
240P.Vid. Pokhabhinda Urf Chakdha Room No.1968Pokharbhinda Urf Chakdah
241P. Vid. Samstapur Mudila1496Samstpur Urf Murila
242P.Vid. Khiriya Kotawa975Khiria
243P.Vid. Navipur1486Nabipur
244P. Vid. Jamuniya724Jamunia
245Navin P. Vid Chakrampur830Arazi Barwa
246Panchayt Bhavn Tendua756Tendua
247P.Vid. Tulasidai1018Tulsidei
248P.Vid. Mahmoodabad Urf Mugalpur Room No.1844Mahmoodabad Urf Mugalpur
249P.Vid. Mahmoodabad Urf Mogalpur Room No.2838Mahmoodabad Urf Mugalpur
250P.Vid. Mahmoodabad Urf Mugalpur Room No.3890Mahmoodabad Urf Mugalpur
251P.Vid. Araji Bankat737Arazi Bankat
252P. Vid. Ratnapur Room No.1972Ratnpur
253P. Vid. Ratnapur Room No.21032Ratnpur
254P. Vid. Patra Prathm1019Patara Khas
255P.Vid. Patra.Pratham760Patara Khas
256P. Vid . Patra Second756Patara Khas
257P.Vid. Maulakhor1321Bankatia Khurd
258P. Vid. Kaithwaliya882Kaithawlia
259P.Vid. Unaula Doyam775Unaula Doim
260Ju. High Sch. Unaula Avval383Unaula Doim
261P.Vid . Jan. Subhan Ali1436Jangl Subhan Ali
262P. Vid . Piparhi Room No.1989Piparhi
263P. Vid . Piparhi Room No.2641Piparhi
264P.Vid. Chilabilva1326Chilbilwa
265J. High Sch. Chilabilva1000Chilbilwa
266P.Vid. Araji Chawri820Arazi Chauri
267P. Vid. Taliyabad598Taluabad
268Shri Krish N U. Ma. Vid Naiyapar Khurd1157Naiyapar Khurd
269P.Vid. Naiyapar Bu.661Naiyapar Buzurg
270P.Vid. Karmaha735Karmaha Urf Kamhria
271P.Vid. Banrahi667Banarhi
272P.Vip .Barauli703Barauli
273P. Vid Kurmaul Urf Bidhara714Kurmail Urfbarhra
274P. Vid. Sidhauli790Sighauli
275J. High Sch Dubaili459Dubauli
276P. Vid. Emiliya Urf Vijhara1173Emilia Urf Bijahra
277P.Vid. Changahi902Changahi
278P. Vid. Mahuawa Urf Kataiya670Mahowa Urf Katya
279P.Vid. Khadraich Bu.620Kharaich Buzurg
280P.Vid. Rakshvapar920Rachhawapar
281P.Vid. Mudiyari Bu.522Mureri Buzurg
282P.Vid. Mudiyari Khard591Muriari Khurd
283P.Vid. Sarnda891Sanda
284P.Vid. Mathiya1108Mathia
285U.Ma. Vid. Ramavapur Room No.11249Ramwapur
286U.Ma. Vid. Ramavapur Room No.2781Ramwapur
287P. Vid. Mahraji Room No.1879Mahrazi
288P. Vid. Mahraji Room No.2870Mahrazi
289P.Vid Sonave Gonarh Room No.11029Sonwy Gonarha
290P.Vid Sonave Gonarh Room No.2616Sonwy Gonarha
291P.Vid. Pipra Moglan948Pipara Muglan
292P.Vid. Agaya Roon No.11081Agaya
293P.Vid. Agaya Roon No.21438Agaya
294P.Vid. Muderi Gadhwa Roon No.1899Mureri Garhwa
295P.Vid. Muderi Gadhwa Roon No.2711Mureri Garhwa
296P.Vid Khajhva621Khajhawa
297P.Vid. Chhitauni1274Chhitauni
298P. Din Dayal U.Ma. Vid. Tajpipara938Taj Pipra
299P.Vid. Bankatiya Bu.837Bankatia Buzurg
300U.Ma. Vid. Parsurampur Room. No.1986Parusrampur
301U.Ma. Vid. Parsurampur Room. No.2893Parusrampur
302P.Vid. Sidhaval Room No.11359Sidhawal
303P.Vid. Sidhaval Room No.21443Sidhawal
304A.Sr. S. Vid. Rithiya1342Rithia
305P.Vid. Pipraich Sadak Ke Pashchim1329Pipraich (NP)
306P.Vid. Pipraich Sadak Ke Purab907Pipraich (NP)
308P.Vid. Pipraich Sadak Pashchim503Pipraich (NP)
309Adrsh Pu. Ma. Vid. Pipraich993Pipraich (NP)
312Adrsh P. Vid. Pipraich Room No.11339Pipraich (NP)
313Nagar Panchayt Ward No. 9 Piprai9H791Pipraich (NP)
314Adrsh P. Vid. Pipraich Room No.3940Pipraich (NP)
315P. Vid. Mahuava Khurd Room No.11078Mahuawa Khurd
316P. Vid. Mahuava Khurd Room No.21022Mahuawa Khurd
317P.Vid. Bhairawa607Bhapurwa
318P.Vid. Jadopur894Jadopur
319P.Vid. Harkhapur1230Harkhapur
320P.Vid. Basntpur1087Basntpur
321D. Shyama Prasad Inter Co. Luhasi1341Luhasi
322P.Vid. Memachhapar1073Hemchhapur
323P.Vid. Harpur907Harpur
324P.Vid. Madhopur1009Madhopur
325P. V. Bela Room No.1925Bela
326P. V. Bela Room No.21004Bela
327P.Vid. Rautpar1177Rautpar
328P. Vid. Gaura940Gaura
329Ju. High.Sch Gaura578Gaura
330P. Bhavan Matihaniya Sumali684Matihania Sumali
331P.Vid. Uaska1176Usaka
332P. Vid. Lakhesra Room No. 1906Lakhesra
333P. Vid. Lakhesra Room No. 2764Lakhesra
334P. Vid. Matihaniya Janubi1193Matihania Janubi
335P. Bhavn Pipra Basnt Room No.1954Pipra Basnt
336P. Bhavn Pipra Basnt Room No.2930Pipra Basnt
337J. High Sch Govindapur744Govindpur
338P.Vid. Barepur1132Baraiepur
339P.Vid. Gopalpur1142Gopalpur
340P.Vid. Mohanpur979Mohanapur
341P.Vid Kaithwaliya Room No. 11160Kaithawlia
342P.Vid Kaithwaliya Room No. 21209Kaithawlia
343P.Vid. Jagpur776Jagpur
344P. Vid. Sihoriya1088Sihoria
345P. Vid. Koni1214Koni
346Madrsa Maktb Karmaini Room. No 11042Karmaini
347Madrsa Maktb Karmaini Room. No 2876Karmaina
348P.Vid. Karmaina494Karmaina
349P.Vid. Surasdeuri1434Sursar Deur
350P.Vid. Rasoolpur950Rasoolpur
351Ju. High Sch. Basdila Rausad Room No.1956Basdeela Rausar
352Ju. High Sch. Basdila Rausad Room No.2718Basdeela Rausar
353P.Vid. Rampur Khard629Rampur Khurd
354P.Vid Kewatli715Keotali
355P.Vid. Nathua Room No.11018Nathua
356P.Vid. Nathua Room No.2921Nathua
357P.Vid. Iaslampur1124Isalampur
358P.Vid. Hemadhapur Room No.1789Hemdhapur
359P.Vid. Hemadhapur Room No.2752Hemdhapur
360P. Vid. Barsaini Room No.922Barsaini
361P. Vid. Barsaini Room No.2903Barsaini
362P. Vid. Ramudiha Room No. 11049Ramdeeha
363P. Vid. Ramudiha Room No. 2967Ramdeeha

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