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Polling Booth in Phulpur Assembly Constituency

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Phulpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Phulpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Phulpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary Pathsala Rampur Urf Daulatpur503Rampur Urf Doulatpur
2Zila Parishad Primary Pathsala Saraygani829Sarai Gani
3Zila Parishad Primary School Saraygani Naya Bhawan639Sarai Gani Anshik
4Zila Parishad Primary Pathsala Hasanpur May Chak Mansur Uttaribhag366Sarai Sulatan Urf Newada
5Zila Parishad Primary Pathsala Hasanpur May Chak Mansoor Dakshini Bhag1301Hasanpur Mai Chak Mansoor
6Zila Parishad Primary Pathsala Bharehta1003Bharehta
7Ra0 Ju0 Be0 Ma0 Fajalabad Urf Kalupur Purvi Bhag1134Fajlabad Urf Kaloopur
8Ra0 Ju0 Be0 Ma0 Fajalabad Urf Kalupur Madya Bhag1178Fajlabad Urf Kaloopur Anshik
9Ra0 Ju0 Be0 Ma0 Fajalabad Urf Kalupur Paschimee Bhag1004Fajlabad Urf Kaloopur
10Setha Gayadeen Higher Madmic School Mailaha1118Mailhan
11Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Meerkapur Purvi Bhag1165Abhae Pur
12Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Meerkapur394Abhae Pur Anshik
13Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Mirkapur Paschimeebhag852Meerakpur
14Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Ramgarh Kothari Purvi Bhag1129Ramgarh Kothari
15Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Ramgarh Kothari Paschimee Bhag1078Ramgarh Kothari
16Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Tulapur926Tulapur
17Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Chaimalpur1206Chaimalpur
18Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Veerbhanpur Purvi Bhag1381Beerbhanpur
19Primary Patshala Narayanpur358Narayanpur
20Primary Patshala Puranpur917Chitraha
21Primary Pathshala Silokhara1245Silokhra
22Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Patulki826Patulki
24Ju0 High School Kanehti Pasimee Bhag772Kanehti
25Ju0 High School Kanehti Madhay Bhag763Kanehti
26Ju0 High School Kanehti Purvi Bhag740Kanehti
27Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Girdharpur399Girdherpur
28Primary Pathshala Manethu862Manethu
29Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Abhaychand Urf Chandauki477Dayalpur
30Zila Parisad Primary Pathshalasaray Abhaychand Urf Chandauki587Sarai Abhaichand Urf Chandauki
31Ju0 High School Tardheeh1262Tardeeh
32Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Tardheeh Paschimee Bhag1237Tardeeh
33Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Tardheeh Purvi Bhag648Tardeeh
34Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Devapur713Dewapur
35Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Dayalpur Purvi Bhag1229Dayalpur
36Ju0 High School Gauhani645Gauhani
37Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Atanpur716Atanpur
38Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Atanpur Paschimee Bhag1328Atanpur Anshik
39Primary Pathshala Shaifkhanpur Maychak Salik1064Shefkhanpur Mai Chaqsalik
40Zila Parisad Dhokri Purvi Bhag1427Dhokari
41Junior High School Kutubpatti Urf Yahiyapur943Kutubpatti Urf Ahiapur Anshik
42Prathmik Pathshala Tisaura1105Tisaura
43Vijay Laxmi Inter College Phoolpur Dakshini Madhya East1118Phulpur (NP)
44Vijay Laxmi Inter College Phoolpur Dakshini Madhya East-11156Phulpur (NP)
45Vijay Laxmi Inter College Phoolpur Dakshini Madhya East-21248Phulpur (NP)
46Vijay Laxmi Inter College Phoolpur Dakshini Bhawan South Madhya1251Phulpur (NP)
47Vijay Laxmi Inter College Phoolpur West962Firojpur Urf Shekhpur
48Prathmik Pathshala Saray Lili Urf Khojapur1223Sarai Lili Urf Khojapur
49Gomti Inter College Phoolpur North1419Phulpur (NP)
50Gomti Inter College Phoolpur South786Phulpur (NP)
51Gomti Inter College Phoolpur North Madhya1117Phulpur (NP)
52Gomti Inter College Phoolpur West816Phulpur (NP)
53Anivarya Junior Be. Prathmik Pathshala Phoolpur East1055Phulpur (NP)
54Anivarya Junior Be. Prathmik Pathshala Phoolpur West443Phulpur (NP)
55Karya Sansadhan Kendra Phoolpur596Phulpur (NP)
56Junior High School Phoolpur East1277Phulpur (NP)
57Junior High School West800Phulpur (NP)
58Junior High School Phoolpur West396Phulpur (NP)
59Junior High School Phoolpur Madhya1097Phulpur (NP)
60Prathmik Pathshala Parasinpur Bhag-1308Chak Abusaed Urf Pooremiya
61Prathmik Pathshala Parasinpur Bhag-2834Parasinpur
62Prathmik Pathshala Chak Mohammad Urf Pure Dudi869Chak Mohamd Urf Pooresood
63Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Saray Ghurdad Urf Mahjudva East1250Saray Ghurdas Urf Mahajudwa
64Prathmik Pathshala Saray Manohar Urf Barjibara715Saray Ghurdas Urf Mahajudwa
65Prathmik Pathshala Baudai East1413Boodae Anshik
66Pra0 Pa0 Baudai West439Boodae
67Pra0 Pa0 Birkaji East1425Beer Kaji Anshik
68Pra0 Pa0 Birkaji West1129Beer Kaji
69Phoolpur Iffco Boys School West452Sarai Abdulmalik Ifko Caloni
70Praimri Pathshala Sarai Abdul Malik1292Sarai Abdulmalik (CT)
71Central Boys School Phulpur Iffco North773Sarai Abdulmalik (CT)
72Sentral Bwyaj School Madhya Bhag466Sarai Abdulmalik Ifko Caloni
73Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Pure Bhulai1147N/A
74Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Babuganj North1229Jaferpur Urf Babuganj
75Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Babuganj South868Kanauja Kla
76Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Jhajhari401Sarai Gopi Urf Jhanjhari
77Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Pali482Fazilapur
79Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Narai984Chaq Mali
80Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ata893Mansi Bujurg
81Zila Parishad Pra0 Jagdevpur Urf Barethi527Jagdev Urf Barethi
82Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Umarimay Tatihara North1202Umari Maitatehra
83Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Umarimay Tatihara South879Umari Maitatehra
84Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Umarimay Tatehra634Umari Maitatehra
85Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Belva West895Belwa
86Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Belva783Belwa
87Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chillauda North1484Chilaura
88Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chillauda South1260Chilauri
89Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Rudapur1183Roodapur
90Pra0 Pa0 Kanaoja Khurd967Kanauja Khurd
91Shri Krishna Junior High School Devnahri1045Devnahri
92Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Thanapur1372Semari
93Javahar Lal Inter College Bhopatpur Madhya Bhag872Thanapur
94Javahar Lal Inter College Bhopatpur North775Bhopat Pur
95Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Jagbandhanpur1299Khudaypur
96Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bankuiya South911Babahan Kueyan
97Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Babhankuiya North810Babahan Kueyan
98Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Manapur Urf Bagai Kala North598Manapur Urf Bagae Kla
99Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Manapur Urf Bagai Kala South1056Manapur Urf Bagae Kla
100Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bagai Khurd South980Bagae Khurd
101Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bagai Khurd West835Bagae Khurd
102Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Khodaypur North1457Khudaypur
103Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Khodaypur West (Kasiya Ka Pura)306Khudaypur
104Prurva Madhymik Vidyalay Sarai Husaina780Sarai Husena
105Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Husaina Urf Chorkaria1062Firozpur Ta.Bharahri
106Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Baro1377Baro
107Junior High School Baro216Baro
108Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ekdala977Akdala
109Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Parvejabad647Perwezabad
110Panchayat Bhawan Rashulpur546Rasulpur
111Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chikhadi591Chikhari
112Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chandauha Naya Bhawan East863Chandauhan
113Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chandauha West1101Chandauhan
114Panchayat Bhawan Chandauha541Chandauhan
115Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kaudaru1504Kaudru
116Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Deoria Madhya Bhag-2861Dewariya
117Navnirmit Sansadhan Kendra Deoria1243Dewariya
118Pra0 Pa0 Yarna953Yarna
119Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chakiya Dharhara West697Dharahra Chakiya
120Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Chakiya Gharahara Purvi Bhag801Dharahra Chakiya
121Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Chakiya Gharahara748Dharahra Chakiya
122Primary Pathshala School Semra1255Semra
123Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Mustafabad816Mustafabad
124Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Umari1084Umari
125Primary Pathshala Junedpur523Badruddinpur
126Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Junedpur498Dharauli
127Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Motinager Saray Rahiya Madhay Bhag1146Sarai Rahiya
128Panchayat Bhawan Bani969Bani
129Panchayat Bhawan Bani Pa0 Bhag662Bani
130Primary Pathshala Vari Uttari Bhag400Pattichit
131Primary Pathshala Vari Paschimee Bhag1143Wari
132Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Gotawan Uttari Bhag992Gotawan
133Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Gotawan Dakshani Bhag1031Gotawan
134Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Nahraura Purvi Bhag865Mahrauda
135Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Manikapur811Manikapur
136Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Singramau Uttari Bhag1314Singra Mau
137Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Singramau861Damoderpur Urf Tiwaripur
138Ju0 High School Damodarpur Urf Tiwaripur263Damoderpur Urf Tiwaripur
139Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Chanderpur Urf Basmahuva Purv Bhag1212Chanderpur Urf Busmahua
140Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Chanderpur Urf Basmahuva Paschimee Bhag1068Chanderpur Urf Busmahua
141Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Kandi Uttari Bhag1426Kandi
142Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Kandi Madhay Bhag268Kandi
143Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Ramnager952Ramnager
144Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Berui Pachimee Bhag1378Berue
145Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Berui Madhay Bhag783Berue
146Primary Pathshala Pratappur1159Partappur
147Panchayat Bhawan Kadipur644Kadipur
148Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Suprawari Paschimee Bhag584Suprawari
149Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Meduva1428Samaepur
150Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Dariyapur Urf Gulalpur1378Driyapur Gulalpur
151Shivaji Inter Collage Sahson South789Sahson
152Shivaji Inter Collage Sahson North740Sahson
153Shivaji Inter Collage Madhay Sahson1399Sahson
155Junior High School Kaseruva Khurd South1398Kaserua Khurd
156Panchayat Bhawan Kaseruva Kala1409Kaseruakla
157Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Hetapatti East973Hetapatti
158Junior High School Hetapatti East619Hetapatti
159Panchayat Bhawan Bahadurpur Th0 Ebrahimpur1386Bahadurpur
160Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Madarpur724Madarpur
161Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Paigamberpur East1267Paigamberpur
162Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Paigamberpur West716Paigamberpur
163Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Dharampur Urf Ghurwan North1286Dharampur Urf Dhurwa
164Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Dharampur Urf Ghurwan South383Dharampur Urf Dhurwa
165Junior High School Sakra684Sakra
166Primary Pathshala Narayanpur East611Narayanpur
167Primary Pathshala Narayanpur West577Narayanpur
168Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Faijullapur1046Faizullapur
169Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Kotari North1353Kotari
170Junior High School Firojpur Th0 Ebrahimpur628Firozpur Ta. Ibrahimpur
171Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Ebrahimpur Uperhar (Gajiya Ka Pura)596Hetapatti
172Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Bujurg East1379Malawan Bujurg
173Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Bujurg West1025Malawan Bujurg
174Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Bujurg South910Malawan Bujurg
175Primary Pathshala Sarayashanker917Sarai Shanker
176Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Amersapur1315Sultanpur
177Panchayat Bhawan Chakraghunath524Chaq Jalal
178Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Khurdh East1210Malawan Khurd
179Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Khurdh West766Malawan Khurd
180Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Malawan Khurdh North835Malawan Khurd
181Shree Gandhi Inter Collage Sherdhreeh East803Sherdeeh
183Shree Gandhi Inter Collage Sherdhreeh West763Sherdeeh
184Shree Gandhi Inter Collage Sherdhreeh South301Sherdeeh
185Pra0 Pa0 Rahimapur984Rahimapur
186Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Maheshpur665Maheshpur
187Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Badra607Badra
188Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Sonauti South1244Sonauti
189Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Jhunshi East1182Jhusi (NP)
190Zila Parisad Primary Pathsala Jhunshi Madhay1058Jhusi (NP)
191Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Jhunshi West696Jhusi AD Caloni
192Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Purey Surdas1294Poore Suradas
193Inter Collage Jhunshi West730Jhusi (NP)
194Inter Collage Jhunshi North1261Jhusi (NP)
195Inter Collage Jhunshi East1477Jhusi (NP)
196Lal Manmohan Das Ucchtar Madhymik Vidyalya Jhunshi482Jhusi (NP)
197Pro Pa0 Tulapur1094Lekhrajpur
198Pro Pa0 Katka South1453Kataka
199Pro Pa0 Katka East Madhya1114Kataka
200Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Jhunshi Khohana North578Jhusi Kohna (CT)
201Zila Parisad Primary Pathshala Jhunshi Khohana1377Jhusi Kohna (CT)
202Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Jhunsi Kohna West1242Jhusi Kohna (CT)
203Navnirmit Junior High School Jhunsi Kohna1308Jhusi Kohna (CT)
204Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-11299Jhusi Kohna (CT)
205Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-21366Jhusi Kohna (CT)
206Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-31167Jhusi Kohna (CT)
207Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-41373Jhusi Kohna (CT)
208Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-51037Jhusi Kohna (CT)
209Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-61489Basait Bihar
210Govind Ballabh Pant Sansthan Jhunsi Kohna Room No-7975Jhusi Kohna (CT)
211Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Haveliya1385Habeliya
212Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Haveliya West1058Habeliya
213Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Haveliya Madhya822Jhunsi Habeliya
214Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Hariharvan South East1345Chak Hariharban
215Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Hariharvan South West1281Chak Hariharban
216Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Hariharvan828Chak Hariharban
218Zila Parishad Pra0 Naika1148Naika
219Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Naika1174Naika
220Junior High School Naika1371Naika
221Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Jiratmatan Urf Narayandas Ka Pura934Jirat Matan
222Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ustapur Mahmudabad1344Ustapur Mahmoodabad Uperhar
223Panchayat Bhawan Ustapur Mahmudabad1354Ustapur Mahmoodabad
224Vidla School Chatnaag Uperhar Bhaf-1882Chhatanag Uperhar
225Vidla School Chatnaag Uperhar Bhag-2978Chhatanag Uperhar
226Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Nivi Kala Baramda Sahit1344Nawawa Urf Nimikla Kachar Gair
227Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Nivi Kala North1068Nibi Kala
228Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bhadkar Uperhar829Bhadkar Uperhar
229Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bhadkar Uperhar Mallahi Tola1269Bhadkar
230Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bajaha North985Bajhan
231Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bajaha South1371Bajhan
232Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Hinauta530Chaq Hinauta
233Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kanihar Madhya745Kanihar
234Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kanihar North756Kanihar
235Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kanihar East1338Kanihar
236Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kanihar East Madhya832Kanihar
237Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kanihar West692Bhagipur
238Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Churavan Ta0 Kanihar1203Chaq Churawan Ta. Kanihar
239Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chak Churavan Ta0498Rajepur
240Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Duduhi South828Duduhi
241Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Duduhi North733Duduhi
242Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Andanva East1340Andawa
243Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Andanva West1118Andawa
244Prathmik Pathshala Durjanpur1064Durjanpur
245Prathmik Pathshala Badhva Tahirpur682Badhawa Tahir
246Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kunvadih East980Kunadeeh
247Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kunvadih West959Kunadeeh
248Prathmik Pathshala Nasirapur528Nasirapur
249Prathmik Pathshala Bhagipur North1159Bhagipur
250Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ramapur North1326Ramaepur
251Kamlesh Inter College Habibpur789Habibpur
252Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Variyari West1387Bariyari
253Kisan Ucchtar Madhymik Vidyalay Sharfuddinpur North1243Sarfuddinpur
254Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Tendui1335Tendue
255Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Tendui West1382Tendue
256Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bahadurpur East1332Bahadurpur
257Prathmik Pathshala Dondapur643Dodapur
258Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ramnathpur East933Ramnathpur
259Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Soni793Soni
260Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Sihipur North1043Sihipur
261Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Sihipur South463Bakkhopur
262Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhamohiya1316Dhamoeya
263Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Ramaipur North835Chak Kutubuddin
264Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Karanpur858Karanpur
265Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dalapur East881Dayalpur
266Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dalapur West1017Dayalpur
267Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Rithaiya North1288Rithaiya
268Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Chakiya Hinauta823Chakiya Hinauta
269Prathmik Pathshala Saraynooruddinpur570Sarai Nooruddin
270Prathmik Pathshala Rataura845Rataura
271Prathmik Pathshala Chakiya Katiyari957Katiyari Urf Chakiya
272Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chivaiya Uperhar Navnirmit Room North904Chibaiyan Uperhar
273Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chivaiya Uperhar Navnirmit Room Madhya978Chibaiyan Uperhar Anshik
274Zila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Chhibaiya Uparhar Navnirmit Bhag-2770Chibaiyan Uperhar
275Prathmik Pathshala Sudanipur Khurd1193Sudanipur Khurd
276Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Murarpatti1348Murarpatti
277Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Palikaranpur1492Palikaranpur Uperhar
278Prathmik Pathshala Patti Bairishal973Patti Bairishal Uperhar
279Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kakara Paschimi Bhag891Kakra Uperhar Anshik
280Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kakara Dubaval Purvi Bhag1025Kakra Uperhar Anshik
281Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dubaval Uparhar Purvi Bhag792Dubawal Uperhar
282Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dubaval Uparhar Pashchimi Bhag544Phulpur (NP)
283Maharshi Durvasa I C Dubaval Purvi Madhya Bhag769Dubawal Uperhar
284Maharshi Durvasa I C Dubaval681Dubawal Uperhar Anshik
285Maharshi Durvasa I C Dubaval Pashchimi Bhag983Dubawal Uperhar
286Maharshi Inter College Dubaval947Dubawal Uperhar Anshik
287Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Jamunipur Purvi Bhag899Jamunipur
288Junior High School Jamunipur Paschimi Bhag1024Jamunipur
289Prathmik Pathshala Jirat Kakra611Jirat Kakrabelwar
290Panchayat Bhawan Kotva Purvi Bhag1184Kotwa
291Panchayat Bhawan Kotva Pashchimi Bhag997Kotwa Anshik
292Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kotva Madhya Bhag Dvitiya955Kotwa
293Navnirmit Shankul Bhavan Kotva East Bhag1147Kotwa Anshik
294Tilak Inter College Kotva Dakshini Kasha583Kotwa
295Tilak Inter College Kotva Madhya Bhag974Kotwa
296Prathmik Pathshala Baraipur1197Baraepur
297Junior High School Lilapur Kala Purvi Bhag1221Lilapur Kla
298Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Lilapur Kala Pashchimi Bhag922Kolahi
299Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Lilapur Khurd Naya Bhawan1077Lilapur Khurd
300Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhanaicha Atarsuiya Malkhanpur Naya Bhawan1091Dhanaechaatter Sueya Malkhanpu
301Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhanaicha Atarsuiya Malkhanpur Madhya Bhag435Dhanaechaatter Sueya Malkhanpu
302Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhanaicha Atarsuiya Malkhanpur Pashchimi Bhag1297Dhanaechaatter Sueya Malkhanpu
303Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Katwarupur Purvi Bhag1440Katwarupur
304Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Katwarupur Pashchimi Bhag738Katwarupur Anshik
305Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Katwarupur Dakshini Bhag789Katwarupur Anshik
306Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Sudanipur Kala Uttari Bhag1267Sudanipur Kala
307Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Sudanipur Kala Madhya Bhag1346Sudanipur Kala
308Prathmik Pathshala Devkali1125Mai
309Prathmik Pathshala Jaitpur1434Jaitpur Anshik
310Junior High School Purvi Hanumanganj Pashchimi Bhag736Sarai Lahur Urf Lahurpur (CT)
311Junior High School Purvi Hanumanganj Madhya Bhag1533Sarai Lahur Urf Lahurpur (CT)
312Prathmik Pathshala Hanumanganj Pashchimi Bhag835Sarai Lahur Urf Lahurpur (CT)
313Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Lodhva386Lorhwa
315Panchayat Bhawan Junedpur1138Junedpur
316Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Bikapur842Beerapur
317Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Rampur Urf Rudapur Pashchimi Bhag1058Rampur Urf Rudapur
318Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Birgapur Purvi Bhag1308Birgapur
319Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Birgapur Purvi Madhya Bhag978Patti Dheena Urf Lalapur
320Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Kaithval1237Kaithwal
321Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Mandaur Uttari Bhag1231Mandaur
323Prathmik Pathshala Balrampur1265Rampur Urf Balrampur
324Prathmik Pathshala Pahadpur1109Paharpur
325Prathmik Pathshala Gopalpur355Gopalpur
326Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhokari Uparhar Purvi Bhag929Dhokari
327Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhokari Pashchimi Bhag581Dhokari
328Jila Parishad Pra0 Pa0 Dhokari Uparhar Madhya Bhag899Dhokari
329Junior High School Dhokari Purvi Bhag831Dhokari
330Junior High School Dhokari Uparhar Pashchimi Bhag1096Dhokari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014