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Polling Booth in Pharenda Assembly Constituency

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Pharenda Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pharenda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pharenda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Kamhariya Bujurg1414Kamharia Buzurg
4P.V. Parasauna992Parsauna
5P.V. Badaharaindra Datt983Barhara Indra Datt
6P.V. Gurachiha1326Gurchiha
7P.V. Kolhui Room No.11147Kolhui
8P.V. Kolhui Room No.21280Kolhui
9Purv M.V. Kolhui1314Kolhui
10P.V. Badihari Room No.1976Badihari
11P.V. Badihari Room No 2780Badihari
12P.V. Mahdeva331Mahdeva
14Primary Vidyalay Pipari Persauni762Pipraparsauni
17P.V.Pipra Parasuni869Pipraparsauni
19P.V.Belauhi761Raipur Pandit
20P.V.Raipur Pandit927Raipur Pandit
22P.V.Naya Bhawan Badgo892Badagon
23P.V.Naya Bhawan Badgo Paschim1019Badagon
24P.V. Navadih Kala430Nawadih Kala
25P.V. Keshauli Purab1278Keshauli
26P.V. Keshauli Pashim347Keshauli
30P.V.Rajmandir Kala649Rajmandir Kalan
33P.V. Ekdengwa554Ek Dangawa
34P.V.Gulriha Kala857Gulariya Kala
35P.V.Sonpapri Bujurg485Sonpipari Buzurg
36P.V.Sonpapri Khurd798Sonpipari Buzurg
38P.V.Babhani Bujurg984Babhani Buzurg
39P.V.Babhani Khurd791Babhani Khurd
42Primary Vidyalayparaskhar Room No 11390Paras Khand
43Primary Vidyalayparaskhar Room No 3859Paras Khand
44Primary Vidyalay Sonchiraia1284Sonchiraia
45Primary Vidyalay Sonchiraia New Bilding681Sonchiraia
46Primary Vidyalay Shikargarha East1194Shikar Garh
47Primary Vidyalay Shikargarha West619Shikar Garh
48Primary Vidyalay Bhandha696Bandha
49Primary Vidyalay Haraia Pandit1117Harraiya Pandit
50Primary Vidyalay Dharaicha1331Dharaicha
52K.P.M. Vidyalay Dharaichi884Semrahni
53Primary Vidyalay Rajpur Buzurg704Rajpur Buzurg
54Primary Vidyalay Jiginiha972Jiginiha
55Primary Vidyalay Mahuawa Raja602Mahuawa Raja
56Primary Vidyalay Khanakhori1213Khar Khora
57Primary Vidyalay Laukaha372Laukaha
58Primary Vidyalay Kharkhora849Khar Khora
59Junir High School Laukahi962Laukaha
60Primary Vidyalay Sahjanwa North1386Sahjanwa
61Primary Vidyalay Sahjanwa South1421Sahjanwa
62Primary Vidyalay Gujraulia Room No 11399Gujraulia
63Primary Vidyalay Gujraulia Room No 2488Gujraulia
64Primary Vidyalay Rasoia647Rasoiya
65Primary Vidyalay Mishraulia East1209Mishrauliya
66Primary Vidyalay Mishraulia West1160Mishrauliya
67Purb M. Vidyalay Mishraulia1088Mishrauliya
68Primary Vidyalay Banjaraha Sonbarasa1363Banjarha Sonbarsa
70Primary Vidyalay Banjaraha Sonbarasa Extra Room1391Banjarha Sonbarsa
71Primary Vidyalay Nainsar1437Nainsar
72Primary Vidyalay Nainsar East1138Nainsar
73Primary Vidyalay Kawalpur North1319Kawalpur
74Primary Vidyalay Kawalpur South1333Kawalpur
75Primary Vidyalay Gopalpur North1490Gopalpur
76Primary Vidyalay Gopalpur South1240Gopalpur
77Purv M. Vidyalay Gopalpur583Gopalpur
78Primary Vidyalay Sonabandi1457Son Bandi
79Primary Vidyalay Mahuari Room No 1972Mahuari
80Primary Vidyalay Mahuari Room No 2864Mahuari
81Primary Vidyalay Mainahawa Room No 11320Mainhawa
82Primary Vidyalay Mainahawa Room No 2758Mainhawa
83Primary Vidyalay Mainahawa Room No 3 Paschim789Mainhawa
84Primary Vidyalay Bishrampur698Vishrampur
85Primary Vidyalay Bahaduri1118Bahduri
86Primay Vidyalay Ilahabas East1186Ilaha Vas
87Primay Vidyalay Ilahabas West1238Ilaha Vas
88Primary Vidyalay Soharvaliya Khurd1087Sonpipari Khurd
89P.V.Darjichak363Darzi Chak
90Primary Vidyalay Soharaulia Kala1244Soharwalia Kala
91Primary Vidyalay Parsohia499Parsauhiya
92Primary Vidyalay Agaya1056Agaya
93Primary Vidyalay Jhamat1401Jhamar
94Primary Saildaha Urf Kawldah East1165Saildah
95Primary Saildaha Urf Kawldah West1242Saidah
96Primary Vidyalay Badahara Kanhai Room No 1948Barahara Kanhai
97Primary Vidyalay Badahara Kanhai Room No 2876Barahara Kanhai
98Primary Vidyalay Murila850Murila
99Primary Vidyalay Bargadwa Ramsahai775Bargadawa Ramsahai
100Primary Vidyalay Harmandir Khurd650Harmandil Khurd
101Primary Vidyalay Badhaya429Barhya
102Primary Vidyalay Semrahani793Semrahni
104Primary Vidyalay Bhagwat Nagar Parasia North1357Bhagwant Nagar Parsia
105Primary Vidyalay Bhagwat Nagar Parasia South1030Bhagwant Nagar Parsia
106P.V.Uditpur Room No.-11345Uditpur
107P.V.Uditpur Room No.-2421Uditpur
108P.V.Uditpur Room No.-3825Uditpur
109P.V.Uditpur Room No.-4916Uditpur
110Primary Vidyalay Baikunthpur807Baikunthpur
111Primary Vidyalay Pharenda Buzurg East1434Pharenda Buzurg
112Primary Vidyalay Pharenda Buzurg West1431Pharenda Buzurg
113Primary Vidyalay Lezar Mahdeva Room No 11180Lejar Mahdewa
115Primary Vidyalay Lezar Mahdeva905Lejar Mahdewa
116Primary Vidyalay Pipara Mauni1251Pipra Mauni
117P.V. Lehada Khas588Lehra
118Primary Vidyalay Harpur North1075Harpur
119Primary Vidyalay Harpur South771Harpur
120Primaryvidyalay Madhukarpur Mahadeva East1205Madhukar Mahdewa
121Primaryvidyalay Madhukarpur Mahadeva West537Madhukar Mahdewa
122Primaryvidyalay Manikaura North949Mani Kaura
123Primaryvidyalay Manikaura South738Mani Kaura
124Primary Vidyalay Karmahawa Bujurg1420Karmahwa Buzurg
125Vidyalay Shahapur Jangle914Shahpur Jungle
126Primary Vidyalay Gokulpur377Gokulpur
127Primary Vidyalay Kaithwalia Sarvjeet1302Kaithwalia Sarvjeet
128Primary. V. Semara Maharaj1390Semra Mahraja
129Primary Vidyalay Siswaniya Buzurg895Siswania Buzurg
130Primary Vidyalay Siswania Khurd644Siswania Buzurg
131Primary Vidyalay Talhi Room No 11442Talhi
132Primary Vidyalay Talhi Room No 2781Talhi
133Primary Vidyalay Singhpur Ayodhya886Sinhpur Ayodhya
134Primary Vidyalay Jalalgarha570Jalalgarh
135Primary Vidyalay Bhagwanpur600Bhagwanpur
136Primary Vidyalay Bargadwa672Bargadwa
137Primary Vidyalay Haraia741Harraiya
138Primary Vidyalay Peeprakhalli1298Pipra Khalli
139Primary Vidyalay Dhanuadeeh510Dhunuva Dih
140Primary Vidyalay Mahuawa Urf Mahui North1006Mahuawa Urf Mahuie
141Primary Vidyalay Mahuawa Urf Mahui South803Mahuawa Urf Mahuie
142Primary Vidyalay Prasakhad994Paras Khand
143Primary Vidyalay Parsiakhurd846Parsia Khurd
144P.V. Chautarwa991Chautarwa
145Primary Vidyalay Peepara North1083Pipra
146Primary Vidyalay Peepara South740Pipra
147Primary Vidyalay Sonbarasa922Sonbarsa
148Primary Vidyalay Jhunua981Jhunuwa
149Primary Vidyalayrunua810Runuwa
150Primay Vidyalay Khahuria1388Khajuria
151Primary Vidyalay Mahadeva941Mahdewa
152Primary Vidyalay Gopalapur722Gopalpur
153Primary Vidyalay Madhwapur875Madhwapur
154Primary Vidyalay Parsabeni East658Pipara Bari
155Primary Vidyalay Parsabeni882Pipara Bari
156Primary Vidyalay Parsabeni West649Parsa Beni
157Primary Vidyalay Odawalia615Orwalia
158Primary Vidyalay Sekhui1420Sekhui
159Primary Vidyalay Bajardeeh Room No 11100Bajar Dih
160Primary Vidyalay Bajardeeh Room No 2609Pakardiha Raja
161P.V. Bankati1431Bankati
162P.V. Parasa Mahanth1015Parsa Mahanth
163P.V. Piparavishambharapur 2750Pipra Bishambher Pur
164P.V. Pipara Bisambharapur786Pipra Bishambher Pur
165P.V. Jangal Jogiyabari1054Jungle Jogia Bari
166P.V. Badaharadevi Charan1012Barahara Devi Charan
167P.V. Gopalapur East762Gopalpur
168P. V. Gopalapur West765Gopalpur
169Primary Vidyalay Semradari464Semara Dari
170Primary Vidyalay Alhadia Mahadeva1092Alehadiya Mahdewa
171Primary Vidyalay Kamaharia Khurd1438Kamhariya Khurd
172Primary Vidyalay Mathura Nagar North1034Mathura Nagar
173Panchayat Bhawam Mathura Nagar North992Mathura Nagar
174Panchayat Bhawam Mathura Nagar South412Mathura Nagar
175Primary Vidyalay Mathura Nagar Extra Room615Mathura Nagar
177Primary Vidyalay Mathura Nagar New953Mathura Nagar
178Primary Vidyalay Mathura Nagar New South1095Mathura Nagar
179Juniar High School Anandnagar Room No 1835Anandnagar (NP)
180Juniar High School Anandnagar Room No 2753Anandnagar (NP)
181Juniar High School Anandnagar Room No 31263Anandnagar (NP)
182Primary Vidyalay Rudalapur962Anandnagar (NP)
183Rjakiya Girl Inter College Anandnagar Room No 1904Anandnagar (NP)
184Rjakiya Girl Inter College Anandnagar Room No 2688Anandnagar (NP)
185Primary Vidyalay Anandnagar Room No 11201Anandnagar (NP)
186Primary Vidyalay Anandnagar Room No 3973Anandnagar (NP)
187Primary Vidyalay Mahdeva Bujurg1211Mahdewa Buzurg
188Kanya Purb Primary Vidyalaymahdeva Bujurg1292Mahdewa Buzurg
189Kanya Primary Vidyalay Ganeshpur1445Ganeshpur
190Primary Vidyalay Bishunpur Adrauna North789Bishunpur Adrauna
191Primary Vidyalay Bishunpur Adrauna South1309Bishunpur Adrauna
192Primary Vidyalay Durgapur Room No 11085Durgapur
193Primary Vidyalay Durgapur Room No 2893Durgapur
194Primary Vidyalay Lehara East1299Lehara
195Primary Vidyalay Lehara West1270Lehara
196Primary Vidyalay Lehara New Room No 11038Lehara
197Primary Vidyalay Lehara New Room No 31335Lehara
198Primary Vidyalay Shivpur1166Shivpur
199Primary Vidyalay Dubaulia1436Dubaulia
200P.J.L.Nehru Inter College Bargahpur East814Bargahpur
201P.J.L.Nehru Inter College Bargahpur West1420Bargahpur
202Inter College Phoolmanaha Room No 11570Phul Manha
203Inter College Phoolmanaha Room No 2247Phul Manha
204P.V. Lehada Ii Purvi1183Phul Manha
205P.V. Lehada Ii West523Phul Manha
206Primary Vidyalay Mahulani ( Devgarahwa) Room No 1825Mahulani
207Primary Vidyalay Mahulani ( Devgarahwa) Room No 2842Mahulani
208Primary Vidyalay Mahulani ( Devgarahwa) Room No 3792Mahulani
209Primary Vidyalay Mahulani ( Devgarahwa) Room No 4825Mahulani
210Primay Vidyalay Prithvipalgarh North1115Prithvipal Garh
211Primay Vidyalay Prithvipalgarh South820Prithvipal Garh
212Inter College Hatabela Haraiya Room No 1822Shahabad
213Inter College Hatabela Haraiya Room No 2971Shahabad
214Inter College Hatabela Haraiya Room No 3851Shahabad
215Inter College Hatabela Haraiya Room No 4911Hata Bela Harraiya
216Primary Vidyalay Shahabad Room No 11465Shahabad
217Primary Vidyalay Shahabad Room No 21222Shahabad
218K.P.V.Shivalaya Pokhara Hatabelaharaiya Room No 11365Hata Bela Harraiya
220Primary Vidyalay Hatabela Haraia Room No 11036Hata Bela Harraiya
221Primary Vidyalay Hatabela Haraia Room No 21088Hata Bela Harraiya
222Primary Vidyalay Naya Bhavan Sauhara East1478Sauraha
223Primary Vidyalay Naya Bhavan Sauhara West936Sauraha
224Primary Vidyalay Hata Bela Haraiya611Bela
225Purva Madhyamic Vidyalay Matihanwa Room No 11210Matihanwa
226Purva Madhyamic Vidyalay Matihanwa Room No 21347Matihanwa
227Purva Madhyamic Vidyalay Matihanwa Room No 31309Matihanwa
228Primary Vidyalay Haria Maulahi979Harraiya Maulahi
229Primary Vidyalay Puraina798Puraina
230Primary Vidyalay Nausagar East1408Nausagar
231Primary Vidyalay Nausagar West1380Nausagar
232Primary Vidyalay Nausagar New993Nausagar
233Jivan Jyoti Kanya Inter College Karmaha Room No 11206Karamaha
234Jivan Jyoti Kanya Inter College Karmaha Room No 21333Karamaha
235Jivan Jyoti Kanya Inter College Karmaha Room No 31240Karamaha
236Primary Vidyalay Baisar Hanumanpur Room No.1716Baisar
237Primary Vidyalay Baisar Hanumanpur Room No 2839Baisar
238Primary Vidyalay Baisar1233Baisar
239Primary Vidyalay Bachganpur North1179Pach Gangpur
240Primary Vidyalay Bachganpur526Bachagangpur
241Primary Vidyalay Bachganpur South Room No 1816Bachagangpur
242Primary Vidyalay Bachganpur South Room No 2864Bachgangpur
243Primary Vidyalay Bargahpur North823Bargahpur
244Primary Vidyalay Bargahpur South Room No 1832Bargahpur
245Primary Vidyalay Bargahpur South Room No 21460Bargahpur
246Primari Vidyalay Bardad North1316Bardar
247Primari Vidyalay Bardad South1414Bardar
248Primary Vidyalay Hathigarhva Room No 11114Hathigarhwa
249Primary Vidyalay Hathigarhva Room No 2650Hathigarhwa
250Primary Vidyalay Puranderpur (Kamanaha)1131Puranderpur
251Primary Vidyalay Puranderpur(Paragapur)1310Puranderpur
252Primary Vidyalay Kamanha623Kamnaha
253Panchayat Bhawan Sikandrajeetpur North1186Sikandarajitpur
254Panchayat Bhawan Sikandrajeetpur South793Sikandarajitpur
255Primary Vidyalay Nagwa603Nagawa
256Primary Vidyalay Kanapar Urf Ramnagar1407Kanapar Urf Ram Nagar
257Purv Ma. Vidyalay Kanapar Urf Ramnagar Room No 11486Kanapar Urf Ram Nagar
258Purv Ma. Vidyalay Kanapar Urf Ramnagar Room No 2994Kanapar Urf Ram Nagar
259Purv Ma. Vidyalay Kanapar Urf Ramnagar Room No 3639Kanapar Urf Ram Nagar
260Primary Vidyalay Dhorghat Room No 1547Dondhghat
261Primary Vidyalay Dhorghat Room No 2669Dondhghat
262Primary Vidyalay Rampur1298Rampur
263Primary Vidyalay Rithia Padari880Rithia Padari
264Kanya Primary Vidyalay Mahadewa North971Mahdewa
265Primary Vidyalay Pattiwar573Pattiwar
266Primary Vidyalay Barajee604Varji
267Primary Vidyalay Belsar Room No 11166Belsar
268Primary Vidyalay Belsar Room No 2605Belsar
269Primary Vidyalay Koialadar North1124Koila Dand
270Primary Vidyalay Koialadar South383Koila Dand
271Primary Vidyalay Jhangpar628Jhagapar
272Primary Vidyalay Charigawa242Chargawan
273Primary Vidyalay Chauka744Chauka
274Primary Vidyalay Ghivapeed484Ghivpid
275Primary Vidyalay Dhani East1157Dhani
276Primary Vidyalay Dhani West1268Dhani
277Primary Vidyalay Pachruhi East1075Pachrukhi
278Primary Vidyalay Pachruhi West936Pachrukhi
279Primary Vidyalay Nirnam Room No 11225Nirnam Paschami
280Primary Vidyalay Nirnam Room No 21115Nirnam Paschami
281Primary Vidyalay Nirnam East (Hardidali)1254Nirnam Purwi
282Janta I.C. Pharenda Khurd Room No 11369Pharenda Khurd
283Janta I.C. Pharenda Khurd Room No 21189Pharenda Khurd
284Primary Vidyalay Jamuhara Khurd480Jamuhara Khurd
285P.V. Ratanpur Khurd1208Ratanpur Khurd
286Primary Vidyalay Dandwar Khurd Room No. 1754Darwar Khurd
287Primary Vidyalay Dandwar Khurd Room No 2890Darwar Khurd
288Primary Vidyalay Dandwar Bujurg834Darwar Khurd
289Primary Vidyalay Sidhwari East661Sidhwari
290Primary Vidyalay Sidhwari Esat979Sidhwari
291Primary Vidyalay Sidhwari New Room 11323Sidhwari
292Primary Vidyalay Sidhwari New Room 2404Sidhwari
293Primary Vidyalay Chhitahi Bujurg North1142Chhitahi Buzurg
294Primary Vidyalay Chhitahi Bujurg South1145Chhitahi Buzurg
295Primary Vidyalay Pokharbhinda Room No 11225Pokhar Bhinda
296Primary Vidyalay Pokharbhinda Room No 2495Pokhar Bhinda
297Primary Vidyalay Karahia447Karahiya
298Primary Vidyalay Parsia Bujurg East1456Parsia Buzurg
299Primary Vidyalay Parsia Bujurg West355Parsia Buzurg
300Primary Vidyalay Peepara Bari827Pipara Bari
301Primary Vidyalay Govindpur641Govindpur
302Primary Vidyalay Garha851Garh
303Primary Vidyalay Panditpur366Panditpur
304Primary Vidyalay Bhaisahia1354Bhainsihya
305Primary Vidyalay Ramnagr East1162Ramnagar 231 Nirnam Pachhimi
306Primary Vidyalay Ramnagr New1006Ramnagar 231 Nirnam Pachhimi
307Primary Vidyalay Ramnagr West1095Ramnagar 231 Nirnam Pachhimi
308Primary Vidyalay Baratgara North1256Barat Garha
309Primary Vidyalay Baratgara South1389Mujahana
310Primary Vidyalay Baratgara1282Bahadur Garh
311Primary Vidyalayjhavakot812Jhawakot

Last Updated on November 15, 2014