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Polling Booth in Patiyali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Patiyali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Patiyali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.School950Shahwazpur Pukhta
15Girl P.School1127Nagla Rate
23Panchayatghar Nagla Dular M. Kishol561Sungarhi
38Jr.Highschool Samaspur740Samaspur
41Jr.Highschool Pachpokhrar1025Pachpokhara
42Jr.Highschool Pachpokhra785Pachpokhara
53G. Jr.H.Sch.Sudamapuri Road Ganj R.No.11153Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
54G. Jr.H.Sch.Sudamapuri Road Ganj R.No.2886Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
55G. Jr.H.Sch.Sudamapuri Road Ganj R.No.3511Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
56P.School Nagala Baraithi573Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
57G. Jr.H.Sch.Sudamapuri Road Ganj R.No.41422Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
58M.R.Sher H.Sec. School Room No.1814Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
59M.R.Sher H.Sec. School Room No.2740Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
60M.R.Sher H.Sec. School Room No.3942Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
61M.R.Sher H.Sec. School Room No.41060Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
62Adarsh School Ganjdundwara R.No.1821Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
63Adarsh School Ganjdundwara R.No.3879Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
64Adarsh School Ganjdundwara R.No.2751Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
65Adarsh School Ganjdundwara R.No.4917Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
66Ameer Khusro School812Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
73G.P.S.Sudamapuri Road Ganjdund.R.No.11154Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
74G.P.S.Sudamapuri Road Ganjdund.R.No.2967Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
75B.Girls Hr.Sec. Sch.Ganjdundwara R.No.1673Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
76B.Girls Hr.Sec. Sch.Ganjdundwara R.No.3871Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
77B.Girls Hr.Sec. Sch.Ganjdundwara R.No.21065Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
78Harnarayan Inter College Room No.11099Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
79Harnarayan Inter College Room No.2863Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
80Harnarayan Inter College Room No.7761Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
81Harnarayan Inter College Room No.3802Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
82Harnarayan Inter College Room No.41047Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
83Harnarayan Inter College Room No.5440Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
84Harnarayan Inter College Room No.61302Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
85Chhetriya Sahkari Samiti Ganjdundwara1075Ganj Dundawara (NPP)
86Jr. H.School986Pithanpur Bhujapura
87J.H.S. Navada M.Akbar Nagar Paliya970Akbarnagar Palia
92P.P.School890Rasoolpur Araura
99Jr.High Sch.Kadarganj Pukhta Room No. 11331Quadar Ganj Pukhta
100Jr.High Sch.Kadarganj Pukhta Room No. 21071Quadar Ganj Pukhta
103Jr. Highschool536Quadar Ganj Kham
105Jr.Highschool Nagala Durgu989Quadar Ganj Kham
108P.School Nagla Khurd733Hattu Katari
112Jr.Highschool Nardoli Pukhta935Nardoli Pukhta
113P.School Vijay Nagar438Asadgarh
114P.School Mihola636Mihola
116Panchayatghar Nibiya506Pitamnagar Hadaura
117Jr.Highschool Pitam Nagar449Pitamnagar Hadaura
124Jr.Highschool Bahora Room No.11440Bahora
125Jr.Highschool Bahora Room No.2380Bahora
127P.School Bachhuiya475Bachhuia
130P.School Nagala Pitam427Miyau
131P.School Usmanpur873Usmanpur
136Jr.H. Chiraula Room No.1806Chiraula
137Jr.H. Chiraula Room No.3750Chiraula
138Jr.H. Chiraula Room No.2570Chiraula
141P. School1407Ganeshpur
150Jr.H. Nagla Chandan524Bahota
156J.H.S. Rampura Room No.11170Rampura
157Girls P.School. Rampura673Rampura
159P.School Gudiyai661Gudiae
165Shri G.V.M Inter College Fatehpur924Fatehpur
174Jr.Highschool Sidhpura Room No.2837Sidhpura (NP)
175Jr.Highschool Sidhpura Room No.31015Sidhpura (NP)
176Jr.Highschool Sidhpura Room No.4562Sidhpura (NP)
177Jr.Highschool Sidhpura Room No.51197Sidhpura (NP)
178Jr.Highschool Sidhpura Room No.6968N/A
179Office Vikas Khand Sidhpura1280Sidhpura (NP)
180Office Vikas Khand Sidhpura New Meteing Hall511Sidhpura (NP)
181R.P.Inter College889Sidhpura (NP)
190P.School Hamirpur Room No.11181Hamirpur
191P.School Hamirpur Room No.2648Hamirpur
200Jr.Highschool Balharpur Ta Samothi981Balharpur Taluka Samothi
205Panchayatghar Sarawal Room No.11277Sarawal
206Panchayatghar Sarawal Room No.21072Sarawal
249U.P.V.School Nagala Datta Majara Thana562Thana Dariyav Ganj
259S.B.R. Inter College Room No.1978Patiyali (NP)
260S.B.R. Inter College Room No.21392Patiyali (NP)
261S.B.R. Inter College Room No.3766Patiyali (NP)
262S.B.R. Inter College Room No.6885Patiyali (NP)
263S.B.R. Inter College Room No.4795Patiyali (NP)
264S.B.R. Inter College Room No.5851Patiyali (NP)
265Ch. Hr. Sec. School Patiyali Room N0 11474Patiyali (NP)
266Ch. Hr. Sec. School Patiyali Room No.21363Patiyali (NP)
271Panchayatghar Nagla Karan M. Patiyali631Patiyali Dehat
286Sahkari Samiti Sanodi Khas1456Sanauri Singhman Khas
289B. Hr.Sec.School908Badola
292Jr.Highschool Garhi928Badola
303Dayanand S.I.College992Thana Dariyav Ganj
309Samudayak Kendra Nagla Kodar310Thana Dariyav Ganj
329Land Of A.N. P.School644Mojhola
330P.P. Lalvadara Khurd M. Majhola775Mojhola
331H.P.School592Nai Masiyar
332Sanjay Gandhi Smriti Sch.Budhupur Ghadiya355Budhupur Gariya
333H.P.School. Garhi Khadaiya491Garhi Khadei
336Hr. P.School426Nagala Amir
340Jr. Highschool Nagla Ganesh693Diouraiya
341U.P.V.School Jhaujhor1132Nagala Amir
347Sarkari Barat Ghar R. No.1867Bhargain (NP)
348Sarkari Barat Ghar R. No.2782Bhargain (NP)
349Sarkari Barat Ghar R. No.31349Bhargain (NP)
350Girls Pr.School1178Bhargain (NP)
356Girls Pr. School1180Bhargain (NP)
361Hr. Pr. School988Tajpur Tigra
362Pr.School Milik Ilahi557Milik Ilahi
363Mahaveersingh Jr.Highsch.Shahpur Tahla885Shahpur Tahla

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