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Polling Booth in Paniyra Assembly Constituency

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Paniyra Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Paniyra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Paniyra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.Bh.J.J. Urf Suchitpur Room No. 11290Jungal Jarlaha Urf Suchitpur
2P.V. J.J. Urf Suchitpur Room No. 2857Jungal Jarlaha Urf Suchitpur
3J.J. Urf Badahara1120Jungal Jaralaha Urf Barhra
4P.V. Tenduahiya Room No. 11464Jungal Jaralaha Urf Tendulahiy
5P.V. Tenduahiya Room No. 2804Jungal Jaralaha Urf Tendulahiy
6P.V. J.J. Urf Jardi1193Jungal Jaralahi Urf Jardi
7P.V. Bainda1461Baida
8P.V. Mohiuddinpur1335Mohiuddinpur
9P.V. J.J. Urf Anantpur999Jungal Jaralaha Urf Anantpur
10P.V J.J. Urf Anantpur1145Jungal Jaralaha Urf Kanawa Doy
11P.V. Kanaila713Kanaila
12P.V. Mudila Room No. 11354Murila
13P.V. Mudila Room No. 21072Murila
14P.V. Khajuriya Room No. 1856Khajuria
15P.V. Khajuriya Room No. 2792Khajuria
16P.V. Rudrapur1229Rudrapur
17N.S.C.I.C. Maulaganj1000Maulaganj
18P.V. Dhankhari780Dhankhari
19P.V. Bhadara425Bharara
20P.V. Naviganj504Nabiganj
21P.V. Pipara Khurd913Pipara Khurd
22P.V. Sonbarasa1037Sonabarasa
23P.V. Girgitiya Room No. 11353Girgitia
24P.V. Girgitiya Room No. 2704Girgitia
25P.V. Madhonagar Room No. 11279Madhonagar
26P.V. Madhonagar Room No. 2732Madhonagar
27P.V. Mujuri Room No. 11055Mujuri
28P.V. Mujuri Room No. 2770Mujuri
29P.V. Ramnagar Room No. 1999Ramnagar
30P.V. Ramnagar Room No. 21516Ramnagar
31P.V. Laxmipur Room No. 1939Laxmipur
32P.V. Laxmipur Room No. 2741Laxmipur
33P.V. Satagur1390Satguru
34P.M.V. Satagur Room No. 1844Satguru
35P.M.V. Satagur Room No. 2562Satguru
36Anganwadi Bhawan U.M.V. Satagur1130Satguru
37P.V. J. Badahara Room No. 1714Jungal Barahara
38P.V. J. Badahara Room No. 2881Jungal Barahara
39R.I.T.I.S.J. Badahara1462Jungal Barahara
40P.V. Gehuana1351Gehuana
41P.V. Sohas Room No. 11015Sohas Khas
42P.V. Sohas Room No. 21081Sohas Khas
43P.V. Kamasin Buzurg1168Kamasin Buzurg
44P.V. Kamasin Khurd Room No. 1877Kamasin Khurd
45P.V. Kamasin Khurd Room No. 2794Kamasin Khurd
46P.V. Basadila Room No. 11118Basdila
47P.V. Basadila Room No. 2962Basdila
48P.V. Dinguri Room No. 11063Diguri
49P.V. Dinguri Room No. 2845Diguri
50P.V. Dinguri Room No. 3858Diguri
51P.V. Dinguri Aditional Room794Diguri
52P.V. Kuachap Room No. 1964Kuana Chap
53P.V. Kuachap Room No. 21041Kuana Chap
54P.V. Ratanpurwa Room No. 11155Ratanpurawa
55P.V. Ratanpurwa Room No. 2718Ratanpurawa
56P.V. Beniganj Room No. 11053Beniganj
57P.V. Beniganj Room No. 2744Beniganj
58P.V. Devipur Room No. 11411Devipur
59P.V. Devipur Room No. 2842Devipur
60P.V. Adabadahawa1136Arbarahawa
61P.V. Barwas542Barbas
62P.V. Ranipur Room No. 1694Ranipur
63P.V. Ranipur Room No. 2803Ranipur
64P.M.V. Aurahiya848Aurahia
65P.V. Aurahiya Room No. 11184Aurahia
66P.V. Ahirauli678Ahirauli
67P.M.V. Harakhpura Room No. 11008Harakhpura
68P.M.V. Harakhpura Room No. 2539Harakhpura
69P.V. Domara Khas New Bhawan1438Domara
70P.V. Bardihawa Domara1204Domara
71P.V. Narkataha Room No. 1960Narakataha
72P.V. Narkataha Room No. 2790Narakataha
73P.V. Narkataha Room No. 31225Narakataha
74P.M.V. Narkataha1442Narakataha
75P.V. Gangi Room No. 11132Gangi
76P.V. Gangi Room No. 2765Gangi
77P.V. Sauraha Room No. 11322Sauraha
78P.V. Sauraha Room No. 2950Sauraha
79P.V. Rampur Room No. 11070Rampur
80P.V. Rampur Room No. 2876Rampur
81P.V. Mansoorganj Room No. 1750Mansurganj
82P.V. Mansoorganj Room No. 21119Mansurganj
83K.P.V. Mansoorganj733Mansurganj
84P.V. Baharampur1224Baharampur
85P.V. Bhawanipur Room No. 11293Bhawanipur
86P.V. Bhawanipur Room No. 2868Bhawanipur
87P.V. Gonaha Room No. 11155Gonaha
88P.V. Gonaha Room No. 21100Gonaha
89P.V. Harirampur868Hariramphr
90P.V. Hemchhapar Room No. 11270Hemchhapar
91P.V. Hemchhapar Room No. 2954Hemchhapar
92P.V. Rajauda Kala1076Rajaura Kala
93P.V. Rajauda Panjum1367Rajaura Panjum
94P.V. Beltikara1526Beltikara
95P.V. Rajauda Khurd Room No. 1615Rajaura Khurd
96P.V. Rajauda Khurd Room No. 21462Rajaura Khurd
97R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 1973Paniyara
98R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 21017Paniyara
99R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 31354Paniyara
100R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 4765Paniyara
101R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 5959Paniyara
102R.I.C. Paniyara Room No. 6758Paniyara
103P.M.V. Badwar Room No. 11216Barwar
104P.M.V. Badwar Room No. 2788Barwar
105P.V. Baijudehara Room No. 1759Baiju Dehara
106P.V. Baijudehara Room No. 3761Baiju Dehara
107P.V. Baijudehara Room No. 2465Baiju Dehara
108P.V. Newas Pokhar Room No. 11269Newas Pokhar
109P.V. Newas Pokhar Room No. 21149Newas Pokhar
110P.V. Mahuawa Room No. 1985Mahuawa
111P.V. Mahuawa Room No. 21111Mahuawa
112P.V. Allahabas1105Allahabad
113P.V. Khaicha Room No. 11011Khaincha
114P.V. Khaicha Room No. 21248Khaincha
115P.V. Ausani940Ausani
116P.V. Haskhori Room No. 11040Haskhori
117P.V. Hakhori Room No. 21152Haskhori
118P.V. Saray Khutaha Urf Lakharaw1359Saray Khutaha Urf Lakharav
119P.V. Badahara1138Barahara
120P.V. Chunwatiya635Chunawatia
121P.V. Brahmapur714Bramhpur
122P.V. Pipara Dargah447Pipara Dargah
123P.V. Kamata Buzurg Room No. 11060Kamata Buzurg
124P.V. Kamata Buzurg Room No. 2687Kamata Buzurg
125P.V. Mithaura Room No. 11175Mithaura
126P.V. Mithaura Room No. 2921Mithaura
127P.V. Vishunpura1474Bairia
128P.V. Uska1086Uska
129P.V. Laxmipur Deurwa Room No. 11170Laxmipur Deurawa
130P.V. Laxmipur Deurwa Room No. 2748Laxmipur Deurawa
131Lt. Jokhan Muni J.H.S. Laxmipur Deurwa Room No. 1824Laxmipur Deurawa
132Lt. Jokhan Muni J.H.S. Laxmipur Deurwa Room No. 2940Laxmipur Deurawa
133P.V. Bariyarpur844Variyarpur
134P.M.V. Bariyarpur Room No. 1933Variyarpur
135P.M.V. Bariyarpur Room No. 2953Variyarpur
136P.V. Piparpati1083Pipar Panti
137P.V. Siswa Munshi1296Sisawa Munshi
138P.V. Derwa Room No. 1834Derawa
139P.V. Derawa Room No. 2772Derawa
140P.V. Vishunpur Khurd1085Bishunpur Khurd
141P.V. Belwa Buzurg Room No. 11197Barawa Khurd
142P.V. Belwa Buzurg Room No. 2515Barawa Khurd
143P.V. Kamhariya Khurd1010Kamhariya Khurd
144P.V. Bargadahi1326Baragadahi
145P.V. Pipara Jaddu Room No. 11046Piparajaddu
146P.V. Pipara Jaddu Room No. 2697Piparajaddu
147P.V. Barwa Urf Siyarahibhar Room No. 1931Barawa Urf Simarahibhar
148P.V. Barwa Urf Siyarahibhar Room No. 2958Barawa Urf Simarahibhar
149P.V. Gopala Room No. 1896Gopala
150P.V. Gopala Room No. 2907Gopala
151P.V. Mirzapur Pakari Room No. 11237Mirzapur Pakari
152P.V. Mirzapur Pakari Room No. 21075Mirzapur Pakari
153P.V. Chandanchafi Bantangiya Room No. 1961Chandan Chaki
154P.V. Chandanchafi Bantangiya Room No. 2555Chandan Chaki
155P.V.J. Banki Tukra No. 141053Jungal Baki Tukara No14
156P.V. Daulatpur575Daulatpur
157P.V. Andhya1029Andhya
158P.V. Babhanauli Buzurg Room No. 1881Babhanauli Buzurg
159P.V. Babhanauli Buzurg Room No. 21230Babhanauli Buzurg
160Nursary School Belaspur1403Belaspur
161P.V. Baspar Room No. 1993Banspar
162P.V. Baspar Room No. 21138Banspar
163P.V. Parsa Urf Parsauna809Parasa Urf Parsauna
164P.V. Mahadeva Urf Baluabhar1179Mahdeva Urf Baluabhar
165P.M.V. Natwa Room No. 11094Natawa
166P.M.V. Natwa Room No. 2872Natawa
167P.M.V. Natwa Room No. 3720Natawa
168B.J.H.S. Natwa Room No. 11262Natawa
169B.J.H.S. Natwa Room No. 21354Natawa
170P.V. Baragadwa1204Baragadawa
171P.V. Sumergar Room No. 11002Sumergarh
172P.V. Sumergar Room No. 2827Sumergarh
173P.V. Rajpur1162Rajapur
174P.V. Godhawal Room No. 1907Godhawal
175P.V. Godhawal Room No. 2615Godhawal
176P.V. Katarari1268Katarari
177P.V. Belrayee1149Belrai
178P.V. Parasiya Indarpur990Parasia Indarpur
179P.V. Mahuawa Mahui Room No. 1958Mahuawa Mahui
180P.V. Mahuawa Mahui Room No. 21232Mahuawa Mahui
181P.V. Sohawal Room No. 1705Sohawal
182P.V. Sohawal Room No. 2851Sohawal
183P.V. Belwa1140Belawa
184P.V. Nandana1077Nandana
185P.V. Rampur Chakiya Room No. 11275Rampur Chakia
186P.V. Rampur Chakiya Room No. 21007Rampur Chakia
187P.V. Piparpati Room No. 1405Pipar Panti
188P.V. Piparpati Room No. 2971Pipar Panti
189P.V. Rudrapur Bhaluhi592Rudalapur Bhaluhi
190P.V. Pipra960Pipara
191P.V. Mohanapur1218Mohanapur
192P.V. Mangalpur1236Mangalpur
193P.V. Uti Khas1274Unti Khas
194J.H.S. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 1727Barahara Baraipar
195J.H.S. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 2928Barahara Baraipar
196J.H.S. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 31028Barahara Baraipar
197P.V. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 1890Barahara Baraipar
198P.V. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 21036Barahara Baraipar
199P.V. Badahara Baraipar Room No. 3959Barahara Baraipar
200P.V. Sohanpur Urf Sonkatiya1217Sohanpur Urf Sonkatia
201P.V. Mahammada Room No. 1944Mahmada
202P.V. Mahammada Room No. 2714Mahmada
203P.V. Mahammada Room No. 31187Mahmada
204P.V. Shyamdeurwa Room No. 11481Shyam Deurawa
205P.V. Shyamdeurwa Room No. 2870Shyam Deurawa
206P.M.V. Basahiya Khurd1261Basahia Khurd
207P.V. Muhammadpur Room No. 1881Muhammadpur
208P.V. Muhammadpur Room No. 2818Muhammadpur
209P.V. Pachadeuri989Pachdeuri
210P.V. Rampur921Rampur
211P.V. Dhanha Room No. 11080Dhanaha
212P.V. Dhanha Room No. 21409Dhanaha
213P.V. Bankatiya912Bankatia
214P.V. Madhopur866Madhopur
215P.V. Lakhima Room No. 1820Lakhima Khas
216P.V. Lakhima Atirikt Room781Lakhima Khas
217P.V. Lakhima Room No. 2665Lakhima Khas
218P.V. Lakhima Room No. 3885Lakhima Khas
219P.V. Lakhima Room No. 41363Lakhima Khas
220P.V. Basahiya Buzurg Room No. 11090Basahia Buzurg
221P.V. Basahiya Buzurg Room No. 21036Basahia Buzurg
222P.V. Basahiya Buzurg Room No. 3853Basahia Buzurg
223P.V. Basahiya Buzurg Room No. 4690Basahia Buzurg
224P.V. Basadila Urf Amwa1363Basdila Urf Amawa
225P.V. Puraina1220Puraina
226I.School Baijauli Room No. 1879Baijauli
227I.School Baijauli Room No. 21067Baijauli
228P.V. Baijauli Room No. 1853Baijauli
229P.V. Bairiya1264Baijauli
230P.V. Budhirampur1127Budhirampur
231P.V. Bhatgawa Urf Tarkulwa Room No. 11259Bhatgawa Urf Tarakulawa
232P.V. Bhatgawa Urf Tarkulwa Room No. 2754Bhatgawa Urf Tarakulawa
233P.V. Harpur1402Harpur
234P.V. Kudwa Mudkatiya1486Kurawa Urf Murkatia
244P.V. Chhatiram Room No. 11297Chhatiram
245P.V. Chhatiram Room No. 2874Chhatiram
246P.V. Chhatiram Room No. 3650Chhatiram
247P.V. Kusumha1131Kusmaha
248P.V. Bhatgawa Urf Laxmipur1168Bhargawa Urf Laxmipur
249P.V. Baswar1105Baswar
250P.M.V. Semara Chandrauli1004Semara Chandrauli
251P.V. Chhapiya Room No. 11133Chhapia
252P.V. Chhapiya Room No. 2840Chhapia
253P.V. Balua Room No. 1959Balua
254P.V. Balua Room No. 2726Balua
255J.H.S. Sirsiya1081Sirsia
256Beez Godam Tarkulwa1473Tarakulawa
257P.V. Jamuniya1237Jamunia
258P.V. Rudalapur1348Rudalapur
259P.V. Dharampur Room No. 11292Dharmpur
260P.V. Dharampur Room No. 21442Dharampur
261P.V. Pacharukhiya Room No. 1899Panch Rukhia
262P.V. Pacharukhiya Room No. 2830Panch Rukhia
263P.V. Tola Kishunpur885Panch Rukhia
264P.V. Ganeshpur Room No. 1959Ganeshpur
265P.V. Ganeshpur Room No. 2933Ganeshpur
266P.V. Harpur Mahanth Room No. 11013Harpur
267P.V. Harpur Mahanth Room No. 21474Harpur
268P.V. Karmahi868Karamahi
269P.V. Pipra Munderi Room No. 11235Pipara Munderi
270P.V. Pipra Munderi Room No. 2993Pipara Munderi
271P.V. Barwa Chamainiya Room No. 1881Barawa Chamainia
272P.V. Barwa Chamainiya Room No. 2852Barawa Chamainia
273P.V. Bargadwa Madhopur1494Baragadwa Madhopur
274P.V. Pakadi Vishunpur Room No. 1901Pakari Bishunpur
275P.V. Pakadi Vishunpur Room No. 2913Pakari Bishunpur
276P.V. Pakadi Vishunpur Room No. 3920Pakari Bishunpur
277P.V. Pakadi Vishunpur Room No. 4901Pakari Bishunpur
278P.V. Sohrauna Room No. 11223Soharauna Tiwari
279P.V. Sohrauna Room No. 21141Soharauna Tiwari
280P.V. Pipra Room No. 11347Pipara
281P.V. Pipra Room No. 2886Pipara
282P.V. Parsa Khurd Room No. 1954Parasa Khurd
283P.V. Parsa Khurd Room No. 2636Parasa Khurd
284P.V. Pakari Dixit1315Pakari
285P.V. Sohsa Baspar Room No. 1861Baspar
286P.V. Sohsa Baspar Room No. 2686Baspar
288P.V. Chaupariya Room No. 11164Chauparia
289P.V. Chaupariya Room No. 2574Chauparia
290P.V. Parsa Buzurg1236Parasa Buzurg
291P.V. Kurmi Tola Partawal1089Paratawal
292P.V. Akatahawa Partawal Room No. 11009Paratawal
293P.V. Akatahawa Partawal Room No. 2786Paratawal
294U.M.V. Partawal Room No. 11013Paratawal
295P.V. Partawal Tola Devipur525Paratawal
296J.H.S. Partawal1130Paratawal
297P.V. Partawal Room No. 1887Paratawal
298P.V. Partawal Room No. 21300Paratawal
299P.V. Dhangara1339Dhangarha
300P.V. Imiliya851Imilia
301P.V. Dharmauli Room No. 1929Dharmauli
302P.V. Dharmauli Room No. 21040Dharmauli
303P.V. Dharmauli Atirikt Room538Dharmauli
304P.M.V. Pipra Bramhan Urf Barigaw Room No. 1986Pipara Barhaman Urf Barigaon
305P.M.V. Pipra Bramhan Urf Barigaw Room No. 2827Pipara Barhaman Urf Barigaon
306K.P.V. Pipra Bramhan Urf Barigaw Room No. 1938Pipara Barhaman Urf Barigaon
307K.P.V. Pipra Bramhan Urf Barigaw Room No. 2742Pipara Barhaman Urf Barigaon
308K.P.V. Pipra Bramhan Urf Barigaw Room No. 31195Pipara Barhaman Urf Barigaon
309P.V. Mahawankhor Urf Badahara Room No. 1917Mahawan Khor Urf Barahra
310P.V. Mahawankhor Urf Badahara Room No. 2838Mahawan Khor Urf Barahra
311P.V. Karauta Urf Nebuiya Room No. 11177Karauta Urf Nebuiya
312P.V. Karauta Urf Nebuiya Room No. 2919Karauta Urf Nebuiya
313P.V. Karauta Urf Nebuiya Room No. 3706Karauta Urf Nebuiya
317P.V. Shitalapur1425Shitalapur
318P.V. Gordhowa922Gordhowa
319P.V. Jagadishpur1175Jagadishpur
320P.V. Parsauni Buzurg Room No. 11162Parsauni Buzurg
321P.V. Parsauni Buzurg Room No. 2945Parsauni Buzurg
322P.V. Baspar Mishra Room No. 1850Banspar Bada
323P.V. Baspar Mishra Room No. 2780Banspar Bada
324P.V. Amasaha898Amsaha
325P.M.V. Dhangari Munderi1452Dhangari Munderi
326P.V. Chaumukha Room No. 1989Chaumukha
327P.V. Chaumukha Room No. 2918Chaumukha
328J.H.S. Chaumukha Room No. 11047Chaumukha
329J.H.S. Chaumukha Room No. 2879Chaumukha
330P.V. Dhekahi1273Dekahi
331P.V. Belwa Room No. 1933Belawa
332P.V. Belwa Room No. 21229Belawa
333P.V. Mathiya776Mathia
334P.V. Mangalpur Room No. 1809Mangalpur Pathkauli
335P.V. Mangalpur Room No. 2954Mangalpur Pathkauli
336P.V. Khanpur Room No.11204Khanpur
337P.V. Khanpur Room No.21065Khanpur
338P.V. Viraichi1155Biraichi
339P.V. Kotwa1062Kotawa
340Panchayat Bhawan Tedhawa1260Derawa

Last Updated on November 15, 2014