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Polling Booth in Padrauna Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Padrauna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Padrauna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Junior High School Goiti Bujurg Room Nu. 1951Gohti Buzurg
2Junior High School Goiti Bujurg Room Nu. 2598Gohti Khurd
3Junior High School Siswa Goiti Room Nu. 1365Siswa Goiti
4Junior High School Siswa Goiti Room Nu. 21115Siswa Goiti
5Junior High School Siswa Goiti Room Nu. 3526Siswa Goiti
6Primary School Sabya Abadkari Room Nu. 1672Sakhya Abadkari
7Primary School Mishrauli Room Nu. 1596Misrauli
8Primary School Pakhnahan Room Nu. 1985Pakhanha
9Primary School Pakhnahan Room Nu. 2392Ekwanhi Khurd
10Primary School Ahirauli Room Nu. 11384Bal Chand Chhapra
11Primary School Narhariya Room Nu. 11064Mania Chhapra
12Primary School Narhariya Room Nu. 2908Khotahi
13Primary School Ghurchhapra Room Nu. 11225Ghur Chhapra
14Junior High School Kanthi Chhapra Room Nu. 11320Kanthi Chhapra
15Junior High School Kanthi Chhapra Room Nu. 2872Kanthi Chhapra
16Primary School Pakahan Purvi Room Nu. 11397Pakha
17Primary School Ekvanhi Urf Bhagwatpur Room Nu. 11185Ekwanhi Urf Bhagwatpur
18Primary School Jathan Jungle Room Nu. 11037Jungal Jatha
19Junior High School Jathan Jungle Room Nu. 21085Jungal Jatha
20Primary School Jarar Room Nu. 11257Jarar
21Primary School Jarar Room Nu. 2974Jarar
22Primary School Maghi Kothilawa Room Nu. 11251Maghi Kothilwa
23Primary School Maghi Kothilawa Room Nu. 2970Maghi Kothilwa
24Primary School Maghi Kothilawa Room Nu. 3617Maghi Kothilwa
25Lok Nayak Jaiprakas Madhyamik Vidhyalay Maghi Kothilawa1213Maghi Kothilwa
26Primary School Arnahawa Room Nu. 1951Mojahidi Urf Aranhwa
27Primary School Arnahawa Room Nu. 2882Mojahidi Urf Aranhwa
28Primary School Chiraihawan Room Nu. 11254Chauria
29Primary School Chiraihawan Room Nu. 21075Chauria
30Primary School Babuiyan Harpur Khas Tola Room Nu. 11405Babuia Harpur
31Primary School Babuiyan Harpur Khas Tola Room Nu. 21212Babuia Harpur
32Primary School Babuiyan Harpur Kharsar Tola Roomnu. 11087Babuia Harpur
33Primary School Babuiyan Harpur Kharsar Tola Room Nu. 21340Babuia Harpur
34Primary School Vishunpura Khurd569Bishunpura Khurd
35Primary School Chaiti Mushari Room Nu. 1614Chaiti Musahari
36Primary School Chaiti Mushari Room Nu. 21173Chaiti Musahari
37Primary School Manikaura Room Nu. 11048Mani Kaura
38Primary School Manikaura Room Nu. 2806Mani Kaura
39Primary School Manikaura Room Nu. 3925Mani Kaura
40Primary School Manikaura Room Nu. 4866Mani Kaura
41Primary School Manikaura Room Nu. 5410Mani Kaura
42Primary School Padari Piparpati Room Nu. 1942Padari Piparpati
43Primary School Padari Piparpati Room Nu. 2818Padari Piparpati
44Primary School Padari Piparpati Room Nu. 31010Padari Piparpati
45Primary School Padari Piparpati Room Nu. 4536Padari Piparpati
46Primary School Betiya Room Nu. 1610Betia
47Primary School Betiya Room Nu. 21395Betia
48Junior High School Pateriya Abadkari700Patariya Abadkari
49Primary School Hirnahi Room Nu. 11047Hirnaha
50Primary School Hirnahi Room Nu. 21077Hirnaha
51Junior High School Hirnahi930Hirnaha
52Primary School Mojhida Khas1038Muzohida Khas
53Primary School Baju Patti725Muzohida Khas
54Primary School Vishunpura Bujurg541Dumara Buzurg
56Primary School Kinnar Patti699Kinner Patti
57Primary School Purnahan Mishra823Purnaha Misra
58Primary School Purnaha Bujurg1037Purnaha Buzurg
59Primary School Mathiya Prasiddh Tiwari1364Mathia Prasiddh Tiwari
60Primary School Chirgoda Room Nu. 1961Chirgora Khas
61Primary School Chirgoda Room Nu. 2628Chirgora Khas
62Primary School Chirgoda Room Nu. 3886Chirgora Khas
63Primary School Chirgoda Room Nu. 41337Mathia Lal Bihari
64Primary School Parwat Chhapra571Mahulania
65Primary School Dumari1485Dumari
66Primary School Nandlal Chhapra1082Nand Lal Chhapra
67Primary School Khesia Room Nu. 1939Khesia
68Primary School Khesia Room Nu. 2645Khesia
69Primary School Khesia Room Nu. 31375Khesia
70Neharu Inter College Mashachhapra Room Nu. 11163Khesia
71Neharu Inter College Mashachhapra Room Nu. 2640Khesia
72Neharu Inter College Mashachhapra Room Nu. 3691Khesia
73Primary School Akabarpur Room Nu. 1879Jangal Akbarpur
74Primary School Akabarpur Room Nu. 2635Jangal Akbarpur
75Primary School Akabarpur Room Nu. 31326Jangal Akbarpur
76Primary School Balkudiya Room Nu. 11229Balkudia
77Primary School Balkudiya Room Nu. 2982Madhopur
78Primary School Balkudiya Room Nu. 3660Balkudia
79Primary School Dubauli Room Nu. 11082Dubauli
80Primary School Dubauli Room Nu. 2562Domara Khurd
81Primary School Babhnauli658Babhnauli
82Primary School Narchocwan Room Nu. 1839Nar Chochawa
83Primary School Narchocwan Room Nu. 2883Nar Chochawa
84Primary School Narchocwan Room Nu. 31322Nar Chochawa
85Primary School Narchocwan Room Nu. 4541Nar Chochawa
86Primary School Viraith882Biraith
87Primary School Bahoraramnagar Room Nu. 1616Ramnagar Sargatia
88Primary School Bahoraramnagar Room Nu. 21243Sargaria Urf Ramnagar
89Primary School Bahochhapra367Bahora Chhapra
90Primary School Chitahan1192Chitaha
91Primary School Mudmudva570Mudmudwa
92Primary School Pipra Bujurg Room Nu. 1864Pipra Buzurg
93Primary School Pipra Bujurg Room Nu. 2693Pipra Buzurg
94Primary School Pipra Bujurg Room Nu. 31329Pipra Buzurg
95Primary School Liladhar Chhapra1018Lila Dhar Chhapra
96Primary School Khajuriya Rom Nu. 1865Khajuria
97Primary School Khajuria Room Nu. 2680Khajuria
98Primary School Khajuria Room Nu. 3934Khajuria
99Primary School Khajuriya Room Nu. 4620Khajuria
100Primary School Paterahan Khurd Room Nu. 11450Patera Buzurg
101Primary School Paterahan Khurd Room Nu. 2944Patera Khurd
102Primary School Sarpathin Bujurg Room Nu. 1260Sarpathi Buzurg
103Primary School Sarpathin Bujurg Room Nu. 21387Sarpathi Buzurg
104Junior High School Sarptahin Khurd Room Nu. 1685Dhorahi
105Junior High School Sarpatahi Khurd Room Nu. 2936Sarpathi Khurd
106Primary School Mithaha Mafi Room Nu. 11061Mithha Mafi
107Primary School Mithaha Mafi Room Nu. 2442Mithha Mafi
108Primary School Pipara Khurd810Dangarha
109Primary School Motipur1324Fakira Chhapra
110Primary School Baghparna1207Baghparna
120Primary School Kukurahan1033Chakdhar Chhapra
121Primary School Bhujauli863Bhujauli
122Primary School Basdilla1255Basdila
123Junior High School Dandopur ???? ???? 11120Dandopur
124Junior High School Dandopur Room Nu. 2848Dandopur
125Primary School Raiganj573Raiganj
126Primary School Maghi Mathiya Room Nu. 11155Maghi Mathia
127Primary School Maghi Mathiya Room Nu. 2357Maghi Mathia
128Primary School Maghi Mathiya Room Nu. 3460Maghi Mathia
129Primary School Madhopur Gaujahin800Madhopur Gojahi
130Primary School Pakdiyar Room Nu. 11438Pakariyar
131Primary School Pakdiyar Room Nu. 2703Pakariyar
132Primary School Paterhan Mangalpur763Paterha
134Primary School Mishrauli Room Nu. 2842Misrauli
135Primary School Mishrauli Room Nu. 3748Misrauli
136Junior High School Adharchhapra1240Adhar Chhapra
137Primary School Bahadurganj553Bahadurganj
138Primary School Sirsiyan1218Sirsia
139Panchayat Bhawan Badhara876Barahra
140Primary School Badharaganj817Barahra
150Primary School Jungle Jugdishpur Room Nu. 31480Jungle Jagdishpur
151Primary School Jungle Chauriya Room Nu. 1612Jungle Chauria
152Primary School Jungle Chauriya Room Nu. 21204Jungle Chauria
153Primary School Nahar Chhapra Room Nu. 1908Jungle Nahar Chhapra
154Primary School Nahar Chhapra Room Nu. 2716Jungle Nahar Chhapra
155Primary School Nahar Chhapra Room Nu. 3740Jungle Nahar Chhapra
156Primary School Nahar Chhapra Room Nu. 41164Jungle Nahar Chhapra
157Primary School Kurmaul Urf Sohanpur Room Nu. 1944Kurmaul Urf Sohanpur
158Primary School Kurmaul Urf Sohanpur Room Nu. 21082Kurmaul Urf Sohanpur
159Primary School Sonwal1088Sonwal
170Primary School Jungle Khirkiya Room Nu. 2838Jungle Khirkia
171Junior High School Jungle Khirkiya Room Nu. 11148Jungle Khirkia
172Junior High School Jungle Khirkiya Room Nu. 21207Jungle Khirkia
173Primary School Jungle Am Room Nu. 1Van1351Jungle Amwa
174Primary School Jungle Amvan Room Nu. 2895Jungle Amwa
175Junior High School Jungle Amwan Room Nu. 11105Jungle Amwa
176Junior High School Jungle Amawa Room Nu. 21154Jungle Amwa
177Junior High School Amawa Room Nu. 3442Jungle Amwa
178Primary School Mayiyarav Room Nu. 1An Jungle Belwan1380Jungle Amwa
179Primary School Mayiyaravan Jungle Belwan Room Nu. 2497Belwa Jungal
180Junior High School Belwan716Belwa Jungal
201Primary School Sukhsawaliya Room Nu. 11184Suswalia
202Primary School Sukhsawaliya Room Nu. 2434Suswalia
203Primary School Chandarpur562Chandarpur
204Primary School Sahuadih966Sahuadih
205Primary School Deoria Pandey633Machharha
206Kanya Junior High School Deoria Pandey1024Deoria Pandey
207Primary School Ratanwa881Ratanwa
208Primary School Pagara Bujurg Room Nu. 1920Pagara Buzurg
209Primary School Pagarabujurga Room Nu. 2640Pagara Buzurg
210Primary School Kawlchapra875Kewal Chhapra
220Primary School Balwamishei840Belwa Misir
221Primary School Pakari Bujura1157Pakri Buzurg
222Primary School Mtihaniya Khurd Room-1916Matihania Khurd
223Primary School Matihaniya Khurd Room-2635Matihania Khurd
224Primary School Matihaniya Bujurg1026Matihania Buzurg
225Primary School Ahirauli Bujurga641Matihania Buzurg
226Kauya Parimarya School Sahabganja Padrauna Room-11289Padrauna (NPP)
227Kauya Parimarya School Sahabganja Padrauna Room-21066Padrauna (NPP)
228Primary School Sahabganja Padrauna Room-1979Padrauna (NPP)
229Primary School Sahabganja Padrauna Room-21332Padrauna (NPP)
230Primary School Sahabganja Padrauna Room-31068Padrauna (NPP)
240Udit Narayan Inter College Padrauna Room-2853Padrauna (NPP)
241Udit Narayan Inter College Padrauna Room-31384Padrauna (NPP)
242Udit Narayan Inter College Padrauna Room-41345Jungle Nonia Patti
243Udit Narayan Inter College Padrauna Room-5982Padrauna (NPP)
244Primary School Kotha Darbar Room-11303Padrauna (NPP)
245Primary School Kotha Darbar Room-21265Padrauna (NPP)
246Udit Narayan Digree College Padrauna Room-11185Padrauna (NPP)
247Udit Narayan Digree College Padrauna Room-21217Padrauna (NPP)
248Udhit Narayan Digree College Padrauna Room-31160Padrauna (NPP)
249Goswami Tulasidhas Intar College Padrauna Room-11159Padrauna (NPP)
250Goswami Tulasidhas Intar College Padrauna Room-21331Padrauna (NPP)
260Udhit Narayan Intar College Padrauna Room-61139Jungle Nonia Patti
261Udhit Narayan Intar College Padrauna Room-7617Jungle Nonia Patti
262Primary School Sukhapura Room-11113Jungle Sukhpura
263Primary School Sukhapura Room-21498Jungle Sukhpura
264Primary School Jangal Shahpur1145Jungle Shahpur
265Primary School Jangal Shahpur Bhadhehari Tola530Jungle Shahpur
266Primary School Singapatti Khas Tola Room-11401Jungle Singa Patti
267Primary School Singapatti Khas Tola Room-2868Jungle Singa Patti
268Primary School Singapatti747Jungle Singa Patti
269Primary School Chhuriya Room-11026Jungle Dharampur
270Primary School Chhuriya Room-21085Jungle Dharampur
280Junior High School Basaheya Wanberpur Room-41007Bashia Banbirpur
281Primary School Sidhua Room-1911Sidhua Bagar Bhath
282Primary School Sidhua Room-2781Sidhua Bagar Bhath
283Primary School Sidhua Room-31074Sidhua
284Primary School Sidhua Room-4598Sukhpura
285Primary School Sidhua Room-5284Sukhpura
286Primary School Parsauni Kala1112Parsauni Kalan
287Primary School Hirnaha832Hirnaha
288Primary School Rampur694Rampur
289Primary School Harkakhurmal1143Harka Ghurmal
290Primary School Gulalha1238Gulelha
301Junior High School Kathakueyan Room-31264Kathkuia
302Primary School Kathakueyan Room-11200Kathkuia
303Primary School Kathakueyan1088Kathkuia
304Primary School Katya Room-1744Katya
305Primary School Katya Room-2959Katya
306Primary School Samrahardo Room-1927Semara Hardo
307Primary School Semrahardo Room-2590Semara Hardo
308Primary School Semrahardo Room-3942Semara Hardo
309Primary School Semrahardo Room-41219Semara Hardo
310Sri Krisna Higher Secondary School Semra Hardo Room-11007Semara Hardo
320Primary School Lamkan839Lamkan
321Primary School Bangalipatti Room-1890Jungle Bangali Patti
322Primary School Bangalipatti Room-2915Jungle Bangali Patti
323Primary School Padari1135Padari
324Primary School Misirpatti716Misir Patti
325Primary School Pardhanpatti1071Pradhan Patti
326Primary School Ghorghatiya Room-11131Ghorghatia
327Primary School Ghorghatiya Room-21290Ghorghatia
328Primary School Ghorghatiya Room-3257Badal Patti
329Primary School Sikata Room-11447Sikta
330Primary School Sikata Room-21270Sikta
332Primary School Khanwar Baklolhi1246Khanwar Baklolahi
333Primary School Sukulpatti968Shukul Patti
334Primary School Pachafada246Pachphera
335Primary School Jungel Piparasi Room-1971Jungal Piprasi
336Primary School Jungel Piparasi Room-2575Jungal Piprasi

Last Updated on Sept 03, 2021
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