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Polling Booth in Nehtaur Assembly Constituency

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Nehtaur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nehtaur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nehtaur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Faridpur Man Kaksh 1872Faridpur Man
2P.V. Faridpur Man Kaksh 2636Faridpur Man
3P.V. Ilayachipur Khadagu Kaksh 1869Ila1Chipur Khargu
4P.V. Ilayachipur Khadagu Kaksh 2674Sikaira
5P.V. Aaspur Nawada886Aspurka
6P.V. Kasampur Kriparam Urf Sundarpur883Kasampur Kirparam
7P.V. Gopalpur1124Goplapur
8P.M.V. Siroha Girdhar580Sihora Girdhar
9P.V. Abdulpur Munna844Abdulpur Munna
10P.M.V. Faridpur Sansaru Urf Dhokalpur Kaksh 11084Fareedpur Sansar
11P.M.V. Faridpur Sansaru Urf Dhokalpur Kaksh 2807Sekhpur
12P.V. Faridpur Darga1064Faridpur Durga
13P.V. Islampur Thambuchau684Islampur Thambuchau
14P.V. Baruki Pratham Kaksh 1885Barooki
15P.V. Baruki Pratham Kaksh 2699Barooki
16P.V. Baruki Pratham Kaksh 31490Barooki
17P.V. Islampur Lalu788Islampur Lalu
18P.V. Fatehpur Asal669Fatehpur Asal
19P.V. Muzaffarabad467Muzaffra Bad
20P.V. Gangoda Shekh1432Gangora Shekh
21P.V. Ahmadpur Chandru Urf Gadana762Ahamadpur Chandar Urf Gadana
22P.V. Kanha Nagla429Kanha Nangla
23P.V. Rukanpur420Rukanpur
24P.V. Ibrahimpur Khandsal1009Raghorampur
25P.V. Bakar Nagla629Bakar Nangla
26P.V. Shahpur Saidu558Shapur Sedu
27P.V. Faridpur Nizam886Khurdi
28P.V. Gujarpur Jaspal401Gujarpur Jaspal
29P.M.V. Gangoda Jat Kaksh 11236Gangori Jat
30P.M.V. Gangoda Jat Kaksh 2848Gangori Jat
31K.P. M. V. Dhanori1151Dhanora
32Panchayatghrar Faridpur Dallu432Fareedpur Dulla
33P.M.V. Umri Kaksh 1901Umari
34P.M.V. Umri Kaksh 2787Umari
35P.V. Umri Kaksh 1915Umari
36P.V. Umri Kaksh 2785Umari
37P.V. Mehmudpur Jagmal407Dhanora
38P.V. Dhanori584Dhanori
39P.V. Chanda Nagli Kaksh 1956Chanda Nangli
40P.V. Chanda Nagli Kaksh 2533Chanda Nangli
41P.V. Issapur1003Isapur
42P.V. Khedki Tappa Nangal700Kherki Tappa nagal
43P.V. Tarikampur449Tarikampur Hafiz
44P.M.V. Bilai Kaksh 1829Nekophol
45P.M.V. Bilai Kaksh 2748Nekophol
46P.M.V. Bilai Kaksh 3841Nekophol
47P.V. Nagal Jatt Kaksh 11423Nangal Jat
48P.V. Nagal Jatt Kaksh 2988Nangal Jat
49Nagal Jatt Inter College Nagal Jatt1365Nangal Jat
50P.V. Baldiya Kaksh 11110Baldiya
51P.V. Baldiya Kaksh 21126Baldla
52P.V. Bisath936Bisat
53P.V. Inampura Kaksh 11049Takipura
54P.V. Inampura Kaksh 2815Bamnili
55P.V. Kukda Islampur Kaksh 1793Kukra Islampur
56P.V. Kukda Islampur Kaksh 2870Kukara Islampur
57C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 11099Haldaur (NPP)
58C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 2592Haldaur (NPP)
59C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 31045Haldaur (NPP)
60C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 4868Haldaur (NPP)
61C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 5916Haldaur (NPP)
62C.D.Inter College Haldour Kaksh 6503Haldaur (NPP)
63Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 11253Haldaur (NPP)
64Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 2693Haldaur (NPP)
65Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 31253Haldaur (NPP)
66Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 4582Haldaur (NPP)
67Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 5935Haldaur (NPP)
68Raja Harwansh Singh Inter College Haldour Kaksh 6613Haldaur (NPP)
69K.P.M.V.Haldour Kaksh 1780Haldaur (NPP)
70K.P.M.V.Haldour Kaksh 2776Haldaur (NPP)
71K.P.M.V.Haldour Kaksh 31441Haldaur (NPP)
72P.V. Atapur Urf Khatapur1076Atapur Urf Khatapur
73P.V. Nasirpur Nain Singh897Nasirpur Nainsingh
74P.V. Faridpur Sadhiran724Faridpur Sadhiran
75P.V. Hardaspur Jafrabad1582Hardaspur Jafrabad Garhi
76P.V. Kunda Bagain534Kunda Bagain
77P.V. Ibrahimpur Urf Kumharpura Kaksh 11097Ibrahimpur Urf Kumharpura
78P.V. Ibrahimpur Urf Kumharpura Kaksh 2685Ibrahimpur Urf Kumharpura
79Maharana Pratap Vidha Mandir J.H. School Gogli378Gongali
80P.V. Sherpur Kaksh 1950Sherpur
81P.V. Sherpur Kaksh 2457Sherpur
82P.V. Puttha Kaksh 1888Puttha
83P.V. Puttha Kaksh 2388Puttha
84P.V. Dheli Gujar362Dhela Gujar
85P.V. Khairpur Pratappur Isthit Dhela Gujar634Dhela Gujar
86P.V. Jalalpur Hasna Kaksh 1783Jalalpur Hasna
87P.V. Jalalpur Hasna Kaksh 2344Partappur Urf Khairpur
88P.M.V. Amheda Kaksh 1984Amhera
89P.M.V. Amheda Kaksh 2729Amhera
90P.M.V. Amheda Kaksh 31294Amhera
91P.V. Chhajupura Said495Chhajupura Said
92P.V. Sultanpur Abad740Sultanpur Abad
93P.V. Shahnagar Kaksh 1939Shahnagar
94P.V. Shahnagar Kaksh 2654Shahnagar
95P.V. Shafipur Heera846Shahnagar
96P.V. Shadipur Kala611Shadipur Kalan
97P.V. Sallahpur Kaksh 1995Sallahpur
98P.V. Sallahpur Kaksh 2745Sadullapur
100P.V. Mithan Kuwar Pratap Singh879Mithan Kunwar Pratapsingh
101P.M.V. Nangli Shafipur575Goverdhanpur
102P.V. Khairabad561Khairabad
103P.V. Ladanpur991Ladanpur
106P.V.Rugdi Said345Rugari Sed
107Janta Inter College Mahuaa1043Mahuwa
110P.V.Akbarpur Devmal588Akbarpur Devmal
112Purv M.V.Alhedadpur Mubarak1302Allahadadpur Mubarak
113P.V.Alipur Damodar Kaksh 1456Alipur Damodar
114P.V.Alipur Damodar Kaksh 21069Alipur Damodar
115P.V.Fulsanda Khakam1394Phulsanda Khakam
116P.V.Fulsanda Gangdas1163Phulsanda Gangdas
118P.V.Rustampur Sher455Rustampur Sher
120K P.M.V.Kazipura713Kazipura
121P.V.Mominpur Gulari490Kazipura
123P.V.Dakouli1087Rampur Bega
124P.M.V.Fulsanda Heera1066Phulsanda Hira
125P.V.Ibrahimpur Sahdo1437Dhakola
127P.V.Slapur Shafkatpur984Salarpur Safkatpur
128P.V.Takipura Puran568Taqipur Pooran
129P.V.Shahkarampur Gilara966Shahkarampur
130P.V.Taharpur Tappa Nangal376Taharpur Tappa Nangla
131P.V.Kareempur Mubarak1172Karimpur Mubarak
133P.M.V.Sikri Buzurg Kaksh 1401Kherijat
134P.M.V.Sikri Buzurg Kaksh 21100Sikri Khurd
135P.V.Memudpur Bhikka619Mahmoodpur Bikka
138P.V.Begrajpur Kaksh 11233Begrajpur
139P.V.Begrajpur Kaksh 2694Begrajpur
140Krimottar K.J.H.S. Begrajpur961Gadla
141P.V.Sikri Khurd493Sikri Khurd
143P.V.Noorpur Khaidki448Nurpur Kherki
144P.V.Kishanpu Bhogan894Kishanpur Bhogan
145P.V.Nasirpur Buzurg942Salamatabad
146P.V.Zrifpur Chatar811Jarifpur Chatar
149P.V.Memudpur Milak559Mahmoodpur Milak
152P.V.Salempur Rukhadio1423Meharpur
155P.V.Khajura Jat1119Khajurajat
156P.V.Papsara Kaksh-11112Papsara
157P.V.Papsara Kaksh-2787Papsara
159Suwami Prernanand J.H.School Sadruddinnagar Kaksh 11032Saruddinagar
160Suwami Prernanand J.H.School Sadruddinnagar Kaksh 2761Saruddinagar
161Suwami Prernanand J.H.School Sadruddinnagar Kaksh 3677Saruddinagar
163P.V.Jamalpur Shaikh592Jamalpur Sekh
164Kanya Pathshala Bairmabad Gadi Kaksh 11218Bairamabad Garhi
165Kanya Pathshala Bairmabad Gadi Kaksh 21167Bairamabad Garhi
166P.V.Saray Kaziyan Dehat Nehtaur Kaksh 11037Nehtaur (NPP)
167P.V.Saray Kaziyan Dehat Nehtaur Kaksh 2704Nehtaur (NPP)
168P.V.Saray Kaziyan Dehat Nehtaur Kaksh 31416Nehtaur (NPP)
169V.Kh. Karyalya Nehtaur1342Bairamnagar
170Shayam Narayan Singh Smarak Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 11164Nehtaur (NPP)
171Shayam Narayan Singh Smarak Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 21099Nehtaur (NPP)
172Shayam Narayan Singh Smarak Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 3761Nehtaur (NPP)
173Shayam Narayan Singh Smarak Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 41075Nehtaur (NPP)
174Shayam Narayan Singh Smarak Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 51387Nehtaur (NPP)
175Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 11347Nehtaur (NPP)
176Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 21238Nehtaur (NPP)
177Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 3576Nehtaur (NPP)
178Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 41344Nehtaur (NPP)
179Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 5498Nehtaur (NPP)
180Jain Vidhya Mandir Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh No. 6258Nehtaur (NPP)
181Rajkiya Kanya Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 11199Nehtaur (NPP)
182Rajkiya Kanya Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 21232Nehtaur (NPP)
183Rajkiya Kanya Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 3449Nehtaur (NPP)
184Rajkiya Kanya Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 4916Nehtaur (NPP)
185Rajkiya Kanya Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 5884Nehtaur (NPP)
186P.V.Nehtaur Kaksh S. 11029Nehtaur (NPP)
187P.V.Nehtaur Kaksh S. 2785Nehtaur (NPP)
188P.V.Nehtaur Kaksh S. 3717Nehtaur (NPP)
189P.M.V.Nehtaur Kaksh-1851Nehtaur (NPP)
190P.M.V.Nehtaur Kaksh-2823Nehtaur (NPP)
191P.M.V.Nehtaur Kaksh-31251Nehtaur (NPP)
192P.M.V.Nehtaur Kaksh-4803Nehtaur (NPP)
193Kisan Sewa Sah. Samiti Nehtaur Uttari519Nehtaur (NPP)
194Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 11010Nehtaur (NPP)
195Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 2555Nehtaur (NPP)
196Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 31122Nehtaur (NPP)
197Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 41006Nehtaur (NPP)
198Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Inter College Nehtaur Kaksh 5943Nehtaur (NPP)
199P.V.Sadatnagar847Sadat Nagar
202P.V.Shaikhpur Lala1160Shekhpur Lala
204P.M.V.Narayan Khaidi1351Narain Kheri
206P.V.Raypur Lakra949Rampur Lakra
207Kanya Pathshala Nakibpur742Nakiwpur
210P.V.Chack Gowardhan877Sethpur Dhanesar
211P.V.Sherpur Balla Kaksh 11184Shekhpur balla
212P.V.Sherpur Balla Kaksh 2747Sekhpur balla
214P.V.Abdul Khalikpur Balram396Abdul Kaliqpur Balram
215P.V.Milak Mukeempur622Milak Mukimpur
216Abhinav Purv M.V. Milak Mukeempur Kaksh 11444Milak Mukimpur
217Abhinav Purv M.V. Milak Mukeempur Kaksh 2933Milak Mukimpur
218P.V.Raypur Maliyabad582Raipur maliyabad
219P.V.Kashmiri Abunasarpur1267Kasmiri Abunasarpur
223P.V.Wajidpur1126Mahmudpur Bujurga1
225P.V.Ambarpur Zafar1067Ambarpur jaafar
227Purv M.V. Dhunpura554Dhanpura
228P.V.Bairampur Khajuri1111Berampur Khajuri
229P.V.Hussainpur Samaspur1078Hasenpur
232P.V.Bharakhaidi Urf Dugru437Bharakeri Urf Dugri
233P.V.Mandora Vip1051Mandora Wip
235Sehkari Beej Bandhar Aaku1153kasmpur Ahmad
236Janta Inter College Aaku739AAnko
237P.V.Meharalipur Dhanupura1439Mehar Alipur
240Ch. Nehru Samarak I.C. Balapur Akhera380Balapur
242P.V.Taharpur Said1158Tarkola
246P.V.Ibraheempur Lal888Ibrahimpur lal
247P.M.V.Baseda Khemchand670Basera Khemchand
248P.J.B.V. Sedi1397Seri
249P.V.Berkhera Chouhan510Berkhera Cohan
251Abhinav J.H.School Naseebpur452Nasiwpur Bujurag
253K.P. Shadipur334Sadipur
257P.V.Dabkhedi Salar642Dabkheri salar
258P.V.Jalalpur Aasra414Jalalpur Asara
259P.V.Akbarpur Garav741Akbarpur Garab
262P.V.Mukrandanpur Manak874Makrund Manak
263P.V.Raypur Mulak Kaksh 1986Raipur Maluk
264P.V.Raypur Mulak Kaksh 21055Raipur Maluk
265P.V.Baseda Narayan1155Basera Narayan
266P.V.Baseda Ubar Kaksh 1904Allaudinpur Bhogi
267P.V.Baseda Ubar Kaksh 21010Allaudinpur Bhogi
268Janta Inter College Dhakka Karamchand Kaksh 11464Dhkka Karmchand
269Janta Inter College Dhakka Karamchand Kaksh 21106Dhkka Karmchand
270P.V.Kandkhedi424Kand Kheri
272P.V.Matoura Durga822Bhtora Darga
274Purv M.V.Sijouli376Sinjoli
275P.V.Sahanpur Nawada789Sahanpur Nawada
276P.V.Alinagar Palni1354Alinargar
277Adarsh I.C. Umri1223Umari
278Basic Kanya P. Padli Mandu Kaksh 11039Padlali Mandu
279Basic Kanya P. Padli Mandu Kaksh 21247Padlali Mandu
281P.V.Bhatyana Khushhalpur1313Bhityana Khusalpur
282P.V.Kirarkhedi1029Kirar Kheri
284Purv M.V.Milak Jahagirabad Kaksh 1469Milak Jahagirawad
285Purv M.V.Milak Jahagirabad Kaksh 21082Milak Jahagirawad
286P.V.Sahanpur Nawada Kaksh 11047Milak Jahagir
287P.V.Sahanpur Nawada Kaksh 2930Sahanpur Nwada
288P.V.Hakeempur Chandan511Hakimpur Chandan
289P.V.Pipalsana Kaksh 11139Pipalsana
290P.V.Pipalsana Kaksh 2799Pipalsana
291P.M.V.Moh.Pur Parma906M. Pur Parma
292Purv M.V.Athai Shaikh Kaksh-1982Athai Sekh
293Purv M.V.Athai Shaikh Kaksh-2591Athai Sekh
294Purv M.V.Athai Shaikh Kaksh-31405Athai Sekh
295Janta I.C. Baseda Khurd Kaksh 11129Basera khurd
296Janta I.C. Baseda Khurd Kaksh 21113Basera Khurd
297P.V.Baseda Khurd912Basera Khurd
298P.V.Bhawanipur Tarkoula881Bhwanipur Tarkola
299P.V.Shappar Shikohpur1246Sappar Sikohpur
301Purv M.V.Hakeempur Narayan766Abdul Kaliqpur Balram
302Purv M.V.Mankuaa932Mankowa
303Gandhi I.C. Mankuaa914Mankowa
304P.V.Mo.Alipur Mukta341M. Alipur Mukta
305P.V.Shaikhpura Pittha445Sekhpur Pittha
307P.V.Doulatpur Sukhkha893Dulatpur Sukkha

Last Updated on November 15, 2014