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Polling Booth in Nawabganj Assembly Constituency

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Nawabganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nawabganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nawabganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Gelatanda912Gelatanda
2Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Gelatanda716Gelatanda
3Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Goolardandi401Gular Dandi
4Ju. H. School R. No.1 Tyar Jageer1226Tiar Jagir
5Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kalyanpur Hikmat Ali850N/A
6Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Miyanpur524Tiar Jagir
7Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pandri Sameep Varour1436Murarpur Samip Pandri
8Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pandra687Pandra
9Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Davikhera421Dabi Khera
10Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khilchipur397Khilchipur
11Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Laikhera1150Laikhera
12Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Akhtyarpur Nawadiya596Akhriarpur Nawadia
13Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawadiya Majra Akhtyarpur273Akhriarpur Nawadia
14Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dandiya Faijulla581Dandia Faizulla
15Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Panua817Panua
16Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pipra Nigahi846Pipra Nighai
17Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Maseet Walinagar1349Masit Wali Nagar
18Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Atangayogi594Atangaogi
19Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gurganva489Gurgawan
20Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dandiya Mohsin356Gurgawan
21Pra. Pa. R. No1 Biharipur Pachtour285Biharipur Pachtaur
22Pra. Pa. R. No1 Pareva Sadat644Parwa Sadat
23Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khijarpur964Khizarpur
24Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Varour835Baraur
25Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Varour957Baraur
26Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Varour1267Baraur A. Majara Jafarpur
27Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Varoura465Baraura
28Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ratnanandpur866Ratnanandpur
29Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Ratnanandpur1118Ratnanandpur
30Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Chaman Nagariya1285Chaman Nagaria
31Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Richola Choudhary1385Richhola Chowdhry
32Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Samuha943Samuha
33Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Samuha553Samuha
34Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Samuha1276Samuha
35Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ramnagariya736Ram Nageria
36Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bhanpur449Bhanpur
37Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Taah1417Tah
38Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Taah582Tah
39Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Taah936Tah
40Jaw. La. Ne. I. Co. R. No.1 Himkarpur Chamroua712Himkarpur Chamraua
41Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mujhaina Santosh667Mujhena Santosh
42Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Diyoraniya Jageer459Deorania Jagir
43Pra.Pa. R. No.1 Himkara611Himkara
44Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mudiya Vishunsahay674Mundia Bisan Sahai
45Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Pachpera684Himkarpur Chamraua
46Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vasenga442Basenga
47Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Moujam Nagla Khalsa749Mauzam Nagla Khalsa
48Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dhakiya Khairooddin650Dhakia Khairuddin
49Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mujhaina Jageer489Mujhena Jagir
50Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Lawakhera Talib Husain1267Lamba Khera Talib Husain
51Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Chandua Chamroua871Chandua Chamraua
52Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rasoola Talib Husain796Rasoola Talib Husain
53Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Chunua692Chunua
54Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rooppur680Roop Pur
55Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Rooppur1043Roop Pur
56Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bholamanpur465Bhola Manpur
57Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Paiga1135Paiga
58Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Malhpur828Malhpur
59Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Hansa1171Hansa
60Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kuadanda1384Kuan Danda
61Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Moosapur323Moosapur
62Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ghatampur650Ghatampur
63Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Saidpur Saroura1298Saidpur Saraura
64Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Shahpur Inayatulla685Shahpur Inayatullah
65Ju. H. School R. No.1 Ahamdabad1202Ahamdabad
66Ju. H. School R. No.2 Ahamdabad996Ahamdabad
67Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Peetambarpur887Pitttamberpur
68Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sorha771Sorha
69Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Aaspur Hasanali1196Aspur Hasan Ali
70H. Secandry School R. No.1 Dandiya Baburam394Dandia Baburam
71Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Divnapur469Dibna Pur
72Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Goshalpur452Gausalpur
73Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kachnari193Kachnari
74Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Madhukarpur496Madhkar Pur
75Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Richola Tarachand881Richhola Tara Chand
76Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jogithher289Jogi Ther
77Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ratnachunnilal1452Ratna Chunni Lal
78Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Harharpur Choudhary269Harharpur Chowdhry
79Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Milak Alinagar666Milak Ali Nagar
80Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bhatpura Jageer669Bhatpura Jagir
81Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khoh467Khoh
82Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khaikhera1159Khai Khera
83Ju. H. School R. No.1 Labhera Urf Bulandnagar1254Labhera Urf Bulland Nagar
84Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Labhera Urf Bulandnagar739Labhera Urf Bulland Nagar
85Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Labhera Urf Bulandnagar750Labhera Urf Bulland Nagar
86Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sithra911Sithra
87Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Milak Udranpur1025Milak Udhranpur
88Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pareva Kurmiyan1383Parewa Kurmyan
89Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Nawadiya Raghunath533Nawadia Raghu Nath
90Kanya Pa. R. No.1 Senthal1260Sainthal (NP)
91A. N. I. Co. R. No.1 Senthal1082Sainthal (NP)
92A. N. I. Co. R. No.2 Senthal623Sainthal (NP)
93A. N. I. Co. R. No.3 Senthal942Sainthal (NP)
94A. N. I. Co. R. No.4 Senthal1106Sainthal (NP)
95A. N. I. Co. R. No.5 Senthal657Sainthal (NP)
96Office Town Aria R. No.1 Senthal1308Sainthal (NP)
97A. N. I. Co. R. No.6 Senthal1085Sainthal (NP)
98Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Senthal787Sainthal (NP)
99A. N. I. Co. R. No.7 Senthal1287Sainthal (NP)
100Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Tanda Sadat881Tanda Sadat
101Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Tanda Sadat874Tanda Sadat
102Ju. H. School R. No.1 Tanda Sadat1278Tanda Sadat
103Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Fazilpur1391Fazilpur
104Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sadarpur979Sadar Pur
105Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Duavat1019Duawawat
106Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Faijullapur851Faizullapur
107Pa. Pa. R. No.1 Larpur Usmanpur836Ladpur Usmanpur
108Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Larpur Usmanpur1166Ladpur Usmanpur
109Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Larpur Usmanpur397Senthal
110Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Grem860Grem
111Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Grem863Grem
112Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bahor Nagla1288Bahore Nagla
113Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bijouriya876Nawabganj (NPP)
114Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Bijouriya628Nawabganj (NPP)
115Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dandiya Veeramnagla796Dandia Biram Nagla
116Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sijouliya1083Sijaulia
117Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khampur Urf Gangapur1111Khampur Urf Gangapur
118Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Shahpur Jeesukhram882Shahpur Jisukarai
119Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Parothi910Parothi
120Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rahamtullapur Majra Parothi441Parothi
121Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Tanda Majra Parothi550Parothi
122Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mudiya Teli950Mundiateli
123Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Tumariya703Tumaria
124Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Lawakhera Badriprasad781Lamakhera Badri Prasad
125Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Lawakhera Badriprasad779Lamakhera Badri Prasad
126Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Adhkata Najrana953Adhakata Nazrana
127Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gajroula507Gajraula
128Ju. H. School R. No.1 Dhourera1490Dhaunrera
129Ju. H. School R. No.2 Dhourera341Dhaunrera
130Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Inayatpur645Inayatpur
131Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khanjanpur Khanjaniya805Khanjanpur Khanjania
132Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Khanjanpur Khanjaniya824Khanjanpur Khanjania
133Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Endhjageer1108Id Jagir
134Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Endhjageer1139Id Jagir
135Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Endhjageer1198Id Jagir
136Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Gargiya1220Gargiya
137Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Fareedapur Gaga Urf Nawada373Faridapur Ganga Urf Nawada
138Shrikrishna I.Co. R.No.1 Nawabganj828Nawabganj (NPP)
139Shrikrishna I.Co. R.No.7 Nawabganj844Nawabganj (NPP)
140Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawabganj771Nawabganj (NPP)
141Pra. Pa. R.No.3 Nawabganj761Nawabganj (NPP)
142Pra. Pa. R.No.2 Nawabganj1333Nawabganj (NPP)
143Shrikrishna I.Co. R.No.4 Nawabganj795Nawabganj (NPP)
144Shrikrishna I.Co. R.No.8 Nawabganj784Nawabganj (NPP)
145Shrikrishna I.Co. R.No.6 Nawabganj988Nawabganj (NPP)
146Pt. Deen Dayal Upa. Kamu. Hall R. No.1 Nawabganj1068Nawabganj (NPP)
147J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.1 Nawabganj1054Nawabganj (NPP)
148J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.2 Nawabganj919Nawabganj (NPP)
149J.P.N.I. Co. R. No.7 Nawabganj879Nawabganj (NPP)
150J.P.N.I. Co. R. No.3 Nawabganj748Nawabganj (NPP)
151J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.8 Nawabganj760Nawabganj (NPP)
152J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.4 Nawabganj1137Nawabganj (NPP)
153J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.5 Nawabganj1145Nawabganj (NPP)
154J.P.N. I. Co. R. No.6 Nawabganj1436Nawabganj (NPP)
155Office Vi. Kh. R. No.1 Nawabganj1276Nawabganj (NPP)
156Office Vi. Kh. R. No.2 Nawabganj1213Nawabganj (NPP)
157Pt. Deet Dayal Kamu. Hall R. No.2 Nawabganj1237Nawabganj (NPP)
158Shrikrishna I. Co. R. No.2 Nawabganj1406Nawabganj (NPP)
159Shrikrishna I. Co. R. No.3 Nawabganj855Nawabganj (NPP)
160Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Yakoobpur857Yakoobpur
161Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Yakoobpur1032Yakoobpur
162Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bithri976Bithri
163Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Richola Kifayatulla1176Richhola Kifayatullah
164Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Richola Kifayatulla828Richhola Kifayatullah
165Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Richola Kifayatulla1437Richhola Kifayatullah
166Panch. Ghar R. No.1 Richola Kifayatulla877Richhola Kifayatullah
167Panch. Ghar R. No.2 Richola Kifayatulla869Richhola Chaudhari
168Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Aurangabad1019Aurangabad
169Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Fareedapur Nawada222Faridabad Nawada
170Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Hardua Kifayatulla1059Hardua Kifayatullah
171Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Hardua Kifayatulla934Hardua Kifayatullah
172Ju. H. School R. No.1 Mudiya Bheekampur1483Mundia Bhikampur
173Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Noua Nagla900Narahi Naua Nagla
174Ju. H. School R. No.1 Hafijganj1309Hafiz Ganj
175Ju. H. School R. No.2 Hafijganj899Hafiz Ganj
176Ju. H. School R. No.4 Hafijganj920Hafiz Ganj
177Kanya Pu. Ma. Vi. R.No.1 Hafijganj838Hafiz Ganj
178Kanya Pu. Ma. Vi. R. No.2 Hafijganj853Hafiz Ganj
179Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sundiyava971Sundiyana
180Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bakainiya841Bakainia
181Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Bakainiya835Bakainia
182Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Badaipura Nikat Khoh862Badhaipura Nikat Koh
183Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Badaipura Nikat Khoh867Badhaipura Nikat Koh
184Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Milak Wamanpuri697Milak Bamanpuri
185Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dhakiya Sahadat Ali402Dhakia Sadat Ali
186Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawadiya Wamanpuri957Nawadia Bamanpuri
187Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Harharpur Matkali917Harhar Matkali
188Pra. Pa. R. No919Harhar Matkali
189Pra. Pa. R. No.3 Harharpur Matkali1042Harhar Matkali
190Pra. Pa. R. No.4 Harharpur Matkali1058Harhar Matkali
191Ju. H. School R. No.1 Harharpur Matkali1270Harhar Matkali
192Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bhoua Nagla748Bhaua Nagla
193Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kamua983Kamua
194Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Prathvipur Nawadiya1014Pirthipur Nawadia
195Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rasoola Kamrulnishan796Rasoola Qamrul Nisan
196Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Narharpur Gourikhera943Narharpur Gaurikhera
197Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dhamipur824Dhamipur
198Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Baragaunv1150Baragaon
199Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sabhapur296Sabhapur
200Ju. H. School R. No.1 Beejamau1278Bija Mau
201Ju. H. School R. No.2 Beejamau1056Bija Mau
202Ju. H. School R. No.1 Jyora Makarandpur1351Jeora Makrandpur
203Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Alinagar859Alinagar
204Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jareli806Jareli
205Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gulariya Dhimar792Guladia Dhimar
206Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Gulariya Dhimar788Bhikampur
207Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Satuiya Khurd984Satuiya Khurd
208Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Satuiya Kala Naveen Bhawan508Satuiya Kalan
209Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bukharpur407Bukharpur
210Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Anandapur Laxminarayan406Anandapur Laxmi Narian
211Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jiganiya Bhagwantpur1175Jiginia Bhagwantpur
212Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawadiya Kasyav504Nawadia Qassab
213Go.B.Pan. I. Co. R. No.1 Abhayrajpur1123Abhai Rajpur
214Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khata627Khata
215Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khatoua803Khataua
216Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Khatoua836Khataua
217Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Varkhan1356Barkhan
218Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Varkhan682Barkhan
219Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Varkhana Harchandpur815Barkhana Harchandpur
220Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Adhkata Rabbani Vegum1367Adhkata Rabbni Begam
221Ju. H. School R. No.1 Dalelnagar1036Delel Nagar
222Ju. H. School R. No.1 Mohammadpur1590Mohammadpur
223Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Surajpur Parouriya912Surajpur Parauria
224Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawada Iqramulla515Nawada Ikramullah
225Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Atanga Chandpur1011Atanga Chandpur
226Pra. Pa. R. No.648Atanga Chandpur
227Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kataiya Atmaram511Katiya Atmaram
228Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dandiya Nazmulnishan772Dandia Nazmul Nisan
229Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kunwarpur Kareemjan562Kunwarpur Karimjan
230Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Panvadiya Parteetpur631Panwaria Partitpur
231Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Purainiya1098Purenia
232Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Methi Nawadiya948Methi Nawadia
233Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Menthi Nawadiya653Methi Nawadia
234Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vahir Jageer1077Bagir Jagir
235Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Vahir Jageer531Bagir Jagir
236Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Abdala473Abdala
237Ju. H. School R. No.1 Bhadpura914Bhadpura
238Pr. Pa. R. No.1 Sithhora967Sithra
239Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kunwarpur Tulsipatti461Kunwarpur Tulsi Patti
240Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Karua1340Karua Sahib Ganj
241Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ameernagar879Amir Nagar
242Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gularhai822Gularhi
243Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jarpamohanpur871Jarpa Mohanpur
244Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Biharipur Peetamram640N/A
245Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nougawa Bhagwantpur930Naugawan Bhagatpur
246Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pehna441Pehna
247Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Kishanpur Kuiyan670Kishanpur Kuniya
248Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vikrampur368Vikrampur
249Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vijasin894Bijasin
250Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nakti Narayanpur1138Nakti Narianpur
251Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawadiya Motiram604Nawadia Moti Ram
252Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dhakiya Varkali Sahab1040Dhakia Barkali Sahib
253Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Tigri373Tigri
254Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dandiya Safdarali459Dhakia Barkali Sahib
255Pu. Ma. Vi. R. No.1 Kyolariya798Kholadia
256Pu. Ma. Vi. R. No.2 Kyolariya806Kholadia
257Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Kyolariya539Kholadia
258Pra. Pa. Extra Rooom Kyolariya1551Kholadia
259Kanya Pa. R. No.1 Kyolariya1404Kholadia
260Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dhanour Jageer943Dhanaur Jagir
261Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Biharipur Abdul Rahman1003Biharipur Abdul Rehman
262Pra. Pa. R.No.1 Baboora1002Baboora Baboori
263Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Baboori828Baboora Baboori
264Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Chena1160Chena
265Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Thhiriya Saidpur909Thiriya Saidpur
266Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Nawada Imamabad1346Nawada Imamabad
267Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Abhaypur Mullapur552Abhipur Mullahpur
268Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Thhiriya Vannojaan882Thiriya Bannojan
269Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Thhiriya Vannojaan676Thiriya Bannojan
270Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sunour1305Sunaur
271Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sundari892Sundari
272Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Sundari812Sundari
273Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sukatiya455Sukatia
274Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Amshah1275Amsaha
275Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jaspur990Jaspur
276Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Pahrapur Urf Bhagoutipur523Bhagotipur Urf Pahrapur
277Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gulariya Mahipat807Guladia Mahipat
278Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Prempur Murarpur715Murarpur Prempur
279Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Aliyapur284Aliapur
280Ju. H. School R. No.1 Alhaiya815Alhiya
281Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mubarikpur411Mubarikpur
282Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Sanekpur1283Sanekpur
283Pra. Pa. R. Nol.1 Santoshpur1025Santoshpur
284Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Choukhandi805Chaukhandi
285Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Jagrajpur653Jagrajpur
286Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kataiyya Baldev Singh988Katiya Baldeo Singh
287Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Lamkhera846Lamkhera
288Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Matkapur855Matkapur
289Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Matkapur852Matkapur
290Ju. H. School R. No.1 Jyoti Jageer1311Jyoti Jagir
291Ju. H. School R. No.2 Jyoti Jageer386Jyoti Jagir
292Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mudiya Jagroop1114Mundia Jagroop
293Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vishirampura635Bishi Rampura
294Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Harhi Noua Nagla1183Narahi Naua Nagla
295Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dabri711Dabri
296Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vishesharpur575Bishesarpur
297Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Dabra497Dabra
298Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Ambarpur1103Amberpur
300Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Javeda Javedi556Jaweda Jawedi
301Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khamariya661Khamaria
302Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Madhunagla1458Madhu Nagla
303Ju. H. School R. No.1 Madhoupur1119Madhaupur
304Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vaivahi479Bebhai
305Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Gulariya Lekhraj661Guladia Lekhraj
306Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Chandpur Khyaliram408Chandpur Khyali Ram
307Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rukumpur402Rukampur
308Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Prahladpur510Pehladpur
309Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Parashrampur1358Parasram Pur
310Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Parashrampur362Dhimra
311Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Kunwarpur Dankunwar776Kunwarpur Dankunwar
312Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Panvariya E0 Jalalpur808Panwaria Illaqa Jalalpur
313Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Fulvaiya628Phulwaiya
314Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mahmoodapur668Mahmoodapur
315Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Mudiya Choudhary551Mundia Chowdhari
316Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Johra Jadonpur460Johra Jadaupur
318Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Dhimri773Asua
319Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Bhoua Bazar1032Bhawa Bazar
320Pra. Pa. R. No.2 Bhoua Bazar883Bhawa Bazar
321Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Varsiya900Barsia
322Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Margapur Margaiya1114Margapur Margiya
323Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Vilasnagar1207Bilas Nagar
324Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Rampura Tulsiram431Rampura Tulsi Ram
325Pra. Pa. R. No.1 Khajuriya Shriram1047Khajuria Shri Ram

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