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Polling Booth in Nakur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nakur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nakur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kamra Number -1 Soundhebass1274Sondhe Bass
2Prathmik Vidhalaye Pashmi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Gayajudinpur1332Gayajudinpur
3Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Todarpur Mustkam752Todarpur
4Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Sahapura Daoud462Shahabpura Daood
5Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Debheda Kala1343Dabehara Kalan Must.
6Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Allahanpur1286Alahnpur Aht.
7Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Pathaed Ahatmal607Pathedh
8Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Pathaed Mustcam410Pathedh
9Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttrai Bhag Kamra Numaer -1 Ragunathpur1340Raghunathpur
10Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-2 Ragunathpur318N/A
11Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttrai Bhag Kamra Number-1 Barthakaysth1339Bartha Kayasth
12Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-3 Barthakaysth1367Bartha Kayasth
13Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-4 Barthakaysth316Bartha Kayasth
14Prathmik Vidhalaye Madhay Bhag Kamra Number-2 Barthakaysth1465Bartha Kayasth
15Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Narayanpur Gujjar315Narayanpur Guzar Must.
16Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Doodhghar1191Doodh Garh
17Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Doodhghar576Doodh Garh
18Purvi Madhymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Doodhghar1082Doodh Garh
19Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dholaheri1169Dhola Heri
20Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Dholaheri540Dhola Heri
21Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Goverdhanpur Dhulani886Gordhanpur Dhulani
22Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Nathmalpur814Nathmalpur
23Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Nathmalpur1265Nathmalpur
24Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Kamara Number -1 Dolatpur1444Daulatpur
25Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Rawanpur Khurd834Rawanpur Buzurg
26Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Rawanpur Bujurag591Rawanpur Buzurg
27Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Chakbibipur368Chakbibipur
28Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bhadhra321Bahadra
29Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Kamra Number -1 Dandoli663Dandoli
30Prathmik Vidhalaye Pashachimi Bhag Kamra Number -2 Dandoli623Dandoli
31Prathmik Vidhalayekamra Number -1 Khera Mawat873Khera Mawat
32Prathmik Vidhalayekamra Number -2 Khera Mawat1318Khera Mawat
33Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-1 Alipura276Alampura
34Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Badghow1169Bargaon
35Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Maheswari Kala913Maheshwari Kalan
36Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-3 Maheswari Kala631Maheshwari Kalan
37Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-2 Maheswari Kala1053Maheshwari Kalan
38Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Malakpur1173Malakpur
39Panchayat Ghar Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Firozabad1368Firozabad
40Panchayat Ghar Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-2 Firozabad546Firozabad
41Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Numbedr -1 Sangmore963Sang More
42Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Numbedr -1 Bhojpur Taga1014Bhojpur Taga
43Rajkiya Hayar Secoundery School Kamra Numbedr -1 Gumti870Gumti
44Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Numbedr -1 Dasamajra981Dasa Mazra
45Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Numbedr -1 Paragpur843Paragpur
46Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Budhakhera1448Budha Kheda Aheer
47Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Budhakhera910Budha Kheda Aheer
48Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-4 Budhakhera828Budha Kheda Aheer
49Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-3 Budhakhera1269Budha Kheda Aheer
50Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Ghathera783Ghat Hera
51Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Ghathera1019Ghat Hera
53Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Abdullapur552Ahari
54Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kalumajra335Kalu Mazra
55Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Panjbangar596Paj Bangar
56Karyalaya Nagar Panchyat Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Sultanpur Chilkana Nager Panchayat1016Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
57Karyalaya Nagar Panchyat Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-2 Sultanpur Chilkana Nager Panchayat1443Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
58J.J. Inter College Sultanpur Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Sultanpur Chilkana Nagar Panchyat1475Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
59J.J. Inter College Sultanpur Dakshin Bhag Kamra Number-2 Sultanpur Chilkana Nagar Panchyat388Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
60Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Chilkana Kamra Number-1 Sultanpur Chilkana Nager Panchayat1242Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
61Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Chilkana Kamra Number-2 Sultanpur Chilkana Nager Panchayat1087Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
62Prathmik Vidhalaye Madhya Bhag Chilkana Kamra Number-3 Sultanpur Chilkana Nager Panchayat1129Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
63Dhramsala Chilkana Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Sultanpur Chilkana Nagar Panchyat1063Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
64Dhramsala Chilkana Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Sultanpur Chilkana Nagar Panchyat1042Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
65Dhramsala Chilkana Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-3 Sultanpur Chilkana Nagar Panchyat975Chilkana Sultanpur (NP)
66Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Nalhera1017Nalheda Bakkal
67Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Nalhera608Nalheda Bakkal
68Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Dhumjera1061Dumjehri
69Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Dhumjera1427Dumjehra Must.
70Prathmik Vidhalaye Purani Imarat Bagh -1 Dhumjeri1132Dumjehri
71Prathmik Vidhalaye Purani Imarat Bagh -2 Dhumjeri1031Dumjehri
72Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bangni749Banghni
73Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-1 Chori1149Chauri
74Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-2 Chori1125Chauri
76Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Beenakheri931Binna Kheri
77Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Chapar1099Chhapar
78Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Shuakhari1030Sua Kheri
79Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Khalri152Shakrullapur
80Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Khalri1040Kalari
81Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Ibrahimpur1353Ibrahimpura
82Kishan Sugar Meel High School Sarsawa Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Salempur1252Salempur
83Kishan Sugar Meel High School Sarsawa Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Salempur1082Salempur
84Kishan Sugar Meel High School Sarsawa Uttri Bhag Kamra Number-3 Salempur435Salempur
85Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Ibraheme1440Ibrahimi
86Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Meerpur Seetapur872Meerpur Sitapur
87Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Salere1066Saliri
88Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Salere1102Saliri
89Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Chalakpur764Chalakpur
90Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Chalakpur799Chalakpur
91Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Suchela Deva650Suchela Deva
92Prathmik Vidhalaye Manakpur Sadaat914Manakpur Sadat
93Prathmik Vidhalaye Shikri Kurd1454Seekri
94Prathmik Vidhalaye Shikri Kala1247Seekri
95Prathmik Vidhalaye Patna Urf Nayabas1491Patna Urf Nayabans
96Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Patni1267Patni
97Purv Madaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Patni974Patni
98Purv Madhyamik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Patni851Patni
99Prathmik Vidhalaye Orangjabpur667Aurangzebpur
100Prathmik Vidhalaye Katla Kala341Katala
101Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Katla Kurd1113Katala
102Prathmik Vidhalaye Paschame Marodgadh Urf Katla642Katala
103Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Manoherpur Kamra Number-11272Mohanpur Gada
104Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Manoherpur Kamra Number-2630Mohanpur Gada
105Purv Madhyamik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Hardakheri787Harda Khera
106Purv Madhyamik Vidhalaye Pashachimi Bhag Kamra Number-2 Hardakheri1048Harda Khera
107Prathmik Vidhalaye Mandora504Mandura
109Prathmik Vidhalaye Salune820Saluni
110Janta Inter Collage Pahalwanpur767Pahalwanpur
111Prathmik Vidhalaye Bonsa1256Bonsa
112Prathmik Vidhalaye-1 Kamra Number-1 Pilkhni970Pilakhni
113Prathmik Vidhalaye-1 Kamra Number-2 Pilkhni593Pilakhni
114Prathmik Vidhalaye-2 Kamra Number-2 Pilkhni1123Bhojpur Gujjar
116Prathmik Vidhalaye Ahmedpur Bhraman460Ahmadpur Brahman
117Prathmik Vidhalaye Beedpur1276Beedpur
119Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kamra Number- 1 Chatarsaali501Chattar Sali
120Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-2 Chatarsaali880Jairampur
121Prathmik Vidhalaye Sarghatalbala1027Saragathal Bala
122Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kumharhera968Kumhar Hera
123Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Kumharhera623Kumhar Hera
124Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-3 Kumharhera390Kumhar Hera
125Prathmik Vidhalaye Naya Bhawan Kamra Number-1 Bedvi853Kumhar Hera
126Prathmik Vidhalaye Naya Bhawan Kamra Number-2 Bedvi732Birwi
130Prathmik Vidhalaye Kajipura839Khairpura
131Prathmik Vidhalaye Saroorpur Ghada925Saroorpur Gara
132Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Sorana1177Saorana
133Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Sorana1111Saorana
134Prathmik Vidhalaye Govindpur463Govindpur
135Prathmik Vidhalaye Bhag-1 Sarsoheri1109Sarso Heri
136Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Sedpura744Saidpura
137Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Sedpura800Saidpura
138D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -4 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa1274Sarsawa (NPP)
139D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -6 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa477Sarsawa (NPP)
140D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -5 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa1060Sarsawa (NPP)
141D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -7 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa1112Sarsawa (NPP)
142D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -11 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa667Sarsawa (NPP)
143D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -1 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa887Sarsawa (NPP)
144D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -10 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa816Sarsawa (NPP)
145D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -8 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa1022Sarsawa (NPP)
146D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -12 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa956Sarsawa (NPP)
147D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -2 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa967Sarsawa (NPP)
148D.C.Jain Inter College Uttri Bhag Kamra Number -9 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa1211Sarsawa (NPP)
149Digamber Jain Kanya Inter Collage. New Building Kamra-1 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa802Sarsawa (NPP)
150Digamber Jain Kanya Inter Collage. New Building Kamra-2 Nagar Palika Parisad Sarsawa742Sarsawa (NPP)
151Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kalyanpur1056Kalyanpur
152Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Kalyanpur445Tith Palu
153Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kunda994Kunda
154Prathmik Vidhalaye Kundi1015Kunda
155Jamna Khand Uach Prathmik Vidhyalay Purvi Bhag Raipur1248Raipur
156Jamna Khand Uach Prathmik Vidhyalay Madhy Bhag Raipur801Raipur
157Prathmik Vidhalaye Vajidpur919Wajidpur
158Prathmik Vidhalaye Chawri581Chauri
159Prathmik Vidhalaye Ismailpur756Ibrahimpura
160Prathmik Vidhalaye Pachmi Bhag Asadpur1233Asadpur
161Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Bhikhanpur1011Jalalpur
162Prathmik Vidhalaye Haiderpur647Haidarpur
163Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Shahjahapur949Shahjahanpur
164Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Shahjahapur735Shahjahanpur
165Madarsa Islamia Arbia Kamrululum Kamra Number-1 Hussinpur902Husainpur
166Madarsa Islamia Arbia Kamrululum Kamra Number-2 Hussinpur225Mazari Khurd
167Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Jarooli1389Jhrauli
168Prathmik Vidhalaye Ghagond1409Ghaghora
169Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kutubpur1210Kutub Mustahakam
170Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Madhy Bhag Kamra Number-1 Kutubpur812Kutumpur
171Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Madhy Bhag Kamra Number-2 Kutubpur697Kutumpur
172Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kutubpur506Lahora
173Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dhikakala1473Dhikka Kalan
174Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Dhikakala624Tabra Must.
175Prathmik Vidhalaye Dhikatapri1271Dhikka Kalan
176Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Mandhour469Mandhaur Must.
177Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-1 Mandhour1049Mandhaur Must.
180Prathmik Vidhalaye Kajibas1008Kazi Bans
181Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Taber1349Tabra Must.
182Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Taber1321Tabra Must.
183Prathmik Vidhalaye Madhay Bhag Taber1332Tabra Must.
184Prathmik Vidhalaye Mugalmajra408Mugal Mazra
185Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Nasrulaghar1414Nasrulla Garh Must.
186Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Nasrulaghar1023Nasrulla Garh Must.
187Prathmik Vidhalaye Kasampur481Kasampur
188Prathmik Vidhalaye Malhamajra929Malha Mazra
189Prathmik Vidhalaye Sahbamajra915Sahaba Mazra
190Samudayik Kender Majri444Malha Mazra
191Prathmik Vidhalaye Sarurpur Taga1048Saroorpur Taga
193Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Juudi898Juddi
194Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Juudi721Juddi
195Prathmik Vidhalaye Rasulpur564Rasoolpur
196Prathmik Vidhalaye Latifpur1378Latifpur
197Prathmik Vidhalaye Gokalpur527Gokalpur
198Prathmik Vidhalaye Butpura924Bhatpura
199Prathmik Vidhalaye Nawada909Nawada
200Prathmik Vidhalaye Shekpura923Shekhpura
201Prathmik Vidhalaye Jandhera Urf Kaderghar646Kayampur
202Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Gaderheri1142Gadar Heri
203Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Gaderheri1201Gadar Heri
204Prathmik Vidhalaye Purvi Bhag Agvanhera999Agwan Khera
205Prathmik Vidhalaye Pachmi Bhag Agvanhera688Agwan Khera
206Prathmik Vidhalaye Majri Kala722Majri Kalan
207Prathmik Vidhalaye Ahmadpur Sadat814Ahmadpur Sadat
208Prathmik Vidhalaye Budheda938Budhera
209Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dholapara1268Dhaulapara
210Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Dholapara1380Dhaulapara
211Prathmik Vidhalaye Nasirpura494Naseerpura
212Janta Inter Collage Kamra Number-3 Jabiran1218Jhabrian
213Janta Inter Collage Kamra Number-4 Jabiran1093Jhabrian
214Janta Inter Collage Kamra Number-5 Jabiran686Jhabrian
215Prathmik Vidhalaye Chandpura306Chandpura
216Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Jaghita Nazeeb1130Jageta Najib
217Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Jaghita Nazeeb633Jageta Najib
218Prathmik Vidhalaye Toli685Tolli
219Prathmik Vidhalaye Shahpur Majbata661Shahpur Mazbata
220Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bandukhari1054Bandu Kheri
221Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Bandukhari679Bandu Kheri
222Prathmik Vidhalaye Jaghita Gujjer691Jageta Guzzar
223Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dednour1083Daid Naur
224Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Daidnour496Daid Naur
225Prathmik Vidhalaye Bejnakheri524Bijna Kheri
226Prathmik Vidhalaye Tatkheri370Thath Kheri
227Prathmik Vidhalaye Jajwa1408Jajwa
228Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Bagh-1 Macherheri1088Machhar Heri
229Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Bagh-2 Macherheri573Machhar Heri
230Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number -1 Mohudinpur780Mohiuddinpur
231Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number -2 Mohudinpur755Budhanpur
232Prathmik Vidhalaye Fandpuri885Rahmanpur Ufe Fandpuri
233Prathmik Vidhalaye Kahjurheri1255Daulat Kheri
235Prathmik Vidhalaye Bahrampur588Bahrampura
236Prathmik Vidhalaye Bakermajra803Bakar Mazra
237Prathmik Vidhalaye Bulewala807Bullewala
238Prathmik Vidhalaye Nagla Urf Nasirabad973Nagla Urf Nasirabad
239Prathmik Vidhalaye Terpari1364Tirpari
240Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Sapla Begampur863Shanpla Begampur
241Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Sapla Begampur1257Shanpla Begampur
242Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Salhapur1333Salhapur
243Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Salhapur1480Salhapur
244Prathmik Vidhalaye Shahbudeen Urf Gajiwala701Shahbudinpur Ufe Gajiwala
245Prathmik Vidhalaye Kharibaas1203Khari Bans
246Prathmik Vidhalaye Bhag -1 Sadhouli1102Sanauli
247Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Pilakhna902Pilkhana
248Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Pilakhni700Pilkhana
249Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Dakdevi1294Dhak Devi
250Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Dakdevi805Dhak Devi
251Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Buribaas1056Bhuri Bans
252Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bahaderpur938Bahadarpur
253Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Randevi769Ran Devi
254Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Randevi772Ran Devi
255Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Padamnagli957Padam Nagli
256Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kakrala1099Nakur(Dehat)
257K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-1 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1269Nakur (NPP)
258K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-2 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad843Nakur (NPP)
259K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-7 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1340Nakur (NPP)
260K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-3 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad890Nakur (NPP)
261K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-4 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad990Nakur (NPP)
262K.L.G.M. Inter College Aper Class Kamra Number-6 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1089Nakur (NPP)
263K.L.G.M. Inter College Lover Class Kamra ???? ??????-4 ???? ??? ?????? ?????Nakur (NPP)
267Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1007Nakur (NPP)
268Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad728Nakur (NPP)
269Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Uttri Bagh Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1307Nakur (NPP)
270Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Pachmi Bagh Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad664Nakur (NPP)
271Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bagh Kamra Number -1 Nakur Nagar Palika Parisad1146Nakur (NPP)
272Kisan Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Adhyana Chanderpal Kheri522Chandpura
273Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Adhyana1129Aghyana
274Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Adhyana1072Aghyana
275Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Shukartal1097Shukartal
276Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Shukartal357Shukartal
277Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Shultanpur606Sultanpur
278Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Faiteypur Jatt991Fatehpur Jat Must.
279Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Faiteypur Jatt356Fatehpur Jat Must.
280Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Nathori801Nathauri
282Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bahdi998Badhi Must.
283Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Bahdi362Badhi Must.
284Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Naimajra531Ranipur Barsi Must.
285Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Ranipur Bersi1100Ranipur Barsi Must.
286Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Shaspur Jat814Sahaspur Jat
287Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dalamajra577Dola Mazra
288Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dundamajra544Dhanda Mazra Must.
289Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number- 1 Tigriramghar754Tigri Ramgarh
290Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number- 2 Tigriramghar758Tigri Ramgarh
291Utchar Madhamik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Sirska1085Sirsaka
292Uchtar Madhamik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Sirska796Sirsaka
293Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Dholamajra909Dala Mazra
294Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kulheri987Kaula Kheri
295Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Kulheri542Kaula Kheri
296Prathmik Vidhalaye Chapur1289Chhapar
297Prathmik Vidhalaye Bhag -1 Kurali790Kurali
298Prathmik Vidhalaye Bhag -2 Kurali843Kurali
299Prathmik Vidhalaye Naya Gawn Urf Nayabass Gawn1424Naya Bans
300Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Bhermou1345Bhairmau
301Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Jainpur1019Jainpur
304Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Randeva972Ran Devi
305Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Randeva1007Ran Devi
306Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Kheda Afgan1026N/A
307Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Khera Afgan966Khera Afgan
308Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-1 Khera Afgan1175Khera Afgan
309Prathmik Vidhalaye Kamra Number-2 Khera Afgan1268Khera Afgan
310Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Sersela1383Sirsala
311Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Sersela1347Sirsala
312Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Dorala1091Dhaurala
313Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Dorala948Dhaurala
314Prathmik Vidhalaye Jaferpur Raniyali1314Jafarpur Ranyali
315Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Kapuri1362Kapuri
316Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Kapuri1037Kapuri
317Prathmik Vidhalaye Harpal1193Harpal
318Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Harpali1130Harpal
319Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Harpali797Harpal
320Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Sahjvee804Shahjve
321Prathmik Vidhalaye Dakshini Bhag Sahjvee779Shahjve
322Prathmik Vidhalaye Uttri Bhag Lundi1331Lundhi
323Prathmik Vidhalaye Lunda619Lundha

Last Updated on Sept 03, 2021
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