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Polling Booth in Najibabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Najibabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Najibabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Rampur Chatha523Rampur Chatha
2Primary School Kamgarpur Room No.-1906Kamgarpur
3Primary School Kamgarpur Room No.-2689Kamgarpur
4Jhs Mujahida Patti Bhaguwala Room No. 1954Bhaguwala
5Jhs Mujahida Patti Bhaguwala Room No. 2980Bhaguwala
6Jhs Mujahida Patti Bhaguwala Room No. 3964Bhaguwala
7Jhs Mujahida Patti Bhaguwala Room No. 4949Bhaguwala
8Primary School Bhaguwala First Room No.-11009Bhaguwala
9Primary School Bhaguwala First Room No.-21072Bhaguwala
10Primary School Bhaguwala Room No.-11010Bhaguwala
11Primary School Bhaguwala Room No.-21162Bhaguwala
12Primary School Mirzapur Urf Pritamgarh448Jaspur
13Primary School Shyamiwala Room No.-11245Sanywala
14Primary School Shyamiwala Room No.-21351Shyami Wala
15Primary School Ramdaswali Room No.-1870Ramdas Wali
16Primary School Ramdaswali Room No.-2679Sabalgarh
17Primary School Sabalgarh1337Sabalgarh
18Primary School Kashirampur1316Kanshi Rampur
19Primary School Raipur Khas Room No.-1963Raipur Khas
20Primary School Raipur Khas Room No.-2769Raipur Khas
21Primary School Daheerpur Room No.-1901Dahirpur
22Primary School Daheerpur Room No.-2901Dahirpur
23Primary School Aurangpur Basanta Room No.-1888Aurangpur Basanta
24Primary School Aurangpur Basanta Room No.-2888Oorangpur Basanta
25Primary School Hasanpur1420Hasanpur
26Primary School Farazpur571Farjpur
27Primary School Rafipur Mohan911Rafipur Mohan
28Primary School Karoli1010Karauli
29Primary School Mirampur Bega1292Abdullapur
30Primary School Mirzapur Said886Mirzapur
31Primary School Jalpur Room No.-11011Jalpur
32Primary School Jalpur Room No.-2893Mirzapur
33Primary School Sarai Aalam First Room No. 1848Sarai Alam
34Primary School Sarai Aalam First Room No. 2818Sarai Alam
35Primary School Sarai Aalam Second1421Sarai Alam
36Jhs Shahzadpur Room No.-1783Shajhanpur
37Jhs Shahzadpur Room No.-2815Shahabpura
38Jhs Nagal Room No.-11278Nangal
39Jhs Nagal Room No.-21154Nangal
40Jhs Nagal Room No.-3891Nangal
41Jhs Nagal Room No.-4718Nangal
42Jhs Jeetpur Khas1047Jeetpur Khas
43Primary School Harchandpur Room No.-11054Harchandpur
44Primary School Harchandpur Room No.-21143Harchandpur
45Primary School Sofatpur First1249Saufatpur
46Primary School Sofatpur Second565Saufatpur
47Primary School Tisotra Room No.-1899Tisotra
48Primary School Tisotra Room No.-2793Tisotra
49Primary School Tisotra Room No.-3911Tisotra
50Nootan Inter Collage Tisotra714Tisotra
51Primary School Mohd Alipur Dwarka1319Mohmad Alipur Duwarka
52Primary School Prathvipur1124Pirthipur
53Primary School Lalpur Sojimal832Sungarpur
54Primary School Sungarpur1359Sungarpur
55Primary School Kamrajpur Room No.-11386Kamrajpur
56Primary School Kamrajpur Room No.-2626Kamrajpur
57Primary School Chandok Room No.-1928Chandouk
58Primary School Chandok Room No.-2929Chandouk
59Primary School Dharampur Urf Pundri Kala Room No.-11425Shahjhanpur Jasrath
60Primary School Dharampur Urf Pundri Kala Room No.-2944Dharampur Bhoja
61Panchayat Ghar Barampur Room No.-1951Barampur
62Panchayat Ghar Barampur Room No.-21008Barampur
63Primary School Pundri Khurd Room No.-11011Pundri Khurd
64Primary School Pundri Khurd Room No.-2711Barkatpur
65Primary School Sabalpur Room No.-1815Sabalpur
66Primary School Sabalpur Room No.-2750Sabalpur
67Jhs Lalpur Man1127Lalpur Man
68Primary School Bakarpur689Bakarpur
69Primary School Ramnagar724Ramnagar
70Primary School Sadullapur380Sadulla Nagar
71Primary School Chamrolla360Chamraula
72Primary School Rasoolpur Said Room No.-11078Rasoolpur Said
73Primary School Rasoolpur Said Room No.-21114Rasoolpur Said
74Primary School Sharpur Abhi774Sherpur Ami
75Primary School Harewali499Herwali
76Primary School Dinoda892Dinoda
77Primary School Maharaipur Sekh Urf Dinodi623Maharaipur Shekh
78Primary School Raghunathpur535Raghunathpur
79Primary School Rajpur Navada1064Rajpur Nawada
80Primary School Sikroda Room No.-1827Raghunathpur
81Primary School Sikroda Room No.-2773Sikrauda
82Jhs Mandawali Room No.-1788Mandawali
83Jhs Mandawali Room No.-2804Mandawali
84Jhs Mandawali Room No.-31381Mandawali
85Primary School Saifabad430Saifabad
86Primary School Narayanpur Ratan Room No. 11132Narainpur Ratan
87Primary School Narayanpur Ratan Room No. 2981Narainpur Ratan
88Primary School Narayanpur Ratan Extra Room1452Narainpur Ratan
89Primary School Hakoomatpur Kesho960Hakumatpur Kesho
90Jhs Jatpura Bonda Room No.-1753Jatpura Bhonda
91Jhs Jatpura Bonda Room No.-2729Jatpura Bhonda
92Jhs Jatpura Bonda Room No.-3972Jatpura Bhonda
93Jhs Jatpura Bonda Room No.-4589Jatpura Khas
94Primary School Gurha881Ganura
95Primary School Gulalwali1035Gulalwali
96Jhs Prempur997Prempur
97Primary School Rahmapur340Rahmapur
98Primary School Rahatpur Khurd Room No.-1925Rahatpur Khurd
99Primary School Rahatpur Khurd Room No.-21230Rahatpur Khurd
100Primary School Rajarampur Tulsi618Raja Rampur Tulsi
101Primary School Mussepur927Mussepur
102Primary School Sekhpura Aalam1343Shrkhpur Alam
103Primary School Lahak Kala947Lahak Kalan
104Primary School Lahak Khurd409Lahakkhurd
105Primary School Shahabpura Umrav Singh783Shahabpura
106Primary School Dhansini Room No.-1820Dhan Sini
107Primary School Dhansini Room No.-21151Dhan Sini
108Primary School Nagla Hardas690Nangla Hardas
109Primary School Mohd Alipur Hirdiya Room No.-1838Mohammad Alipur Hade
110Primary School Mohd Alipur Hirdiya Room No.-2780M. Alipur Hurday
111Primary School Mohd Alipur Hirdiya Room No.-3740Mohammad Alipur harde
112Primary School Kalheri815Kalhery
113Jhs Mubarakpur Room No.-11453Mubarakpur
114Jhs Mubarakpur Room No.-2823Mubarakpur
115Primary School Nagla Ubbhan686Nangla Ubhan
116Primary School Kishorpur1474Narayanpur Inchha
117Primary School Hakeempur Disondi408Hakimpur Disaundhi Ahatmali
118Primary School Khaleelpur504Khalilpur
119Jhs Padarathpur454Padarathpur
120Primary School Amanullapur1167Amanullapur
121Primary School Nagla Pithora467Nangla Pithora
122Primary School Vijaypur325Bijaypur
123Primary School Girdawa Sahanpur531Girdawa Sahanpur
124Primary School Sahanpur Room No.-11385Sahanpur (NP)
125Primary School Sahanpur Room No.-2377Sahanpur (NP)
126Primary School Sahanpur Second Room No.-11075Sahanpur (NP)
127Primary School Sahanpur Second Room No.-2453Sahanpur (NP)
128Maktab Sirajul Uloom Sahanpur Room No.-1857Sahanpur (NP)
129Maktab Sirajul Uloom Sahanpur Room No.-2867Sahanpur (NP)
130Raja Charat Singh Inter Collage Sahanpur Room No.-1961Sahanpur (NP)
131Raja Charat Singh Inter Collage Sahanpur Room No.-2606Sahanpur (NP)
133Raja Charat Singh Inter Collage Sahanpur Room No.-41272Sahanpur (NP)
134Raja Charat Singh Inter Collage Sahanpur Room No.-51414Sahanpur (NP)
135Farukul Uloom Kanya School Sahanpur Room No.-1861Sahanpur (NP)
136Farukul Uloom Kanya School Sahanpur Room No.-2901Sahanpur (NP)
137Primary School Kharullapur Room No.-1930Khairullapur
138Primary School Kharullapur Room No.-21089Khairullapur Ahatmali
139Jhs Puranpur Garhi Room No.-11075Puranpur Garhi
140Jhs Puranpur Garhi Room No.-21068Puranpur Garhi Ahatmali
141Primary School Ranipur639Ranipur
142Primary School Rampur Mangal516Rampur Mangal
143Primary School Bijori684Bijauri
144Primary School Manupura656Manupura
145Primary School Malookwali574Malukwali
146Primary School Bhogpur1130Bhogpur
147Jhs Mohd Amikhanpur821Mohammad Amikhanpur
148Jhs Meduwala358Mandawali
149Primary School Chatruwala158Chatruwala
150Primary School Motadhak553Mota Dhaka
151Primary School Koriya399Kouriya
152Jhs Virulwala1079Biruwala
153Primary School Mathurapur More Room No.-1686Muthrapur Mor
154Primary School Mathurapur More Room No.-2812Mathrapur Mor
155Primary School Mathurapur More Room No.-3812Jafrabad
156Jhs Jaswantpur Room No.-11217Jaswantpur
157Jhs Jaswantpur Room No.-2848Jaswantpur
158Jhs Jaswantpur Room No.-31428Jaswantpur
159Primary School Samipur Room No.-11363Samipur
160Primary School Samipur Room No.-21404Samipur
161Primary School Mahawatpur Billoch866Mahabatpur Billauch
162Jhs Parwatpur Makhdoompur Room No.-11137Parbatpur Makhdompur
163Jhs Parwatpur Makhdoompur Room No.-2849Partappur
164Primary School Issepur Room No.-1905Issepur
165Primary School Issepur Room No.-2768Issepur
166Primary School Azampur Gazi549Ajampur gaji
167Primary School Moh. Alipur Parma998Mohammad Alipur Parmar
168Primary School Bhadola1030Bhadula
169Primary School Sarai Said Ghora360Saraisaid Ghora
170Primary School Jhakkaki1213Jhakkaki
171Primary School Mozzampur Sadat1098Mauzampur Sadat
172Primary School Rampuri Room No.-11412Ahamadpur Sadat
173Primary School Rampuri Room No.-21389Rampuri
174Primary School Kanakpur Room No.-11123Kanakpur
175Primary School Kanakpur Room No.-21174Kanakpur
176Jhs Akbarpur Aawla1369Akbarpur Aonla
177Primary School Kishanpur Aawla630Kishanpur
178Primary School Kishanpur885Garhmalpur
179Primary School Jahanabad1123Jahanabad
180Primary School Akbarpur Chaugawa Room No.-1941Akbarpur Chauganna Bila Ahatma
181Primary School Akbarpur Chaugawa Room No.-2913Akbarpur Chauganna Bila Ahatma
182Primary School Mozzampur Tulsi Room No.-1943Mojjampur Tulshi
183Primary School Mozzampur Tulsi Room No.-2935Mauzampur Tulshi Ahatmali
184Mdkv Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-11479Najibabad (NPP)
185Mdkv Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-2844Najibabad (NPP)
186Mdkv Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-3960Najibabad (NPP)
187Mdkv Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-4589Najibabad (NPP)
188Mdkv Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-5716Najibabad (NPP)
189Mds Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-11027Najibabad (NPP)
190Mds Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-2709Najibabad (NPP)
191Mds Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-31034Najibabad (NPP)
192Rama Jain Kanya Digree Collage Najibabad Room No.-1974Najibabad (NPP)
193Rama Jain Kanya Digree Collage Najibabad Room No.-2765Najibabad (NPP)
194Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-1789Najibabad (NPP)
195Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-2794Najibabad (NPP)
196Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-3821Najibabad (NPP)
197Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-4842Najibabad (NPP)
198Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-5761Najibabad (NPP)
199Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-6809Najibabad (NPP)
200Mohd Ali Johar Girls Jhs Rampura Najibabad Room No.-7898Najibabad (NPP)
201Sir Sayyad Memoriyal Jhs Rampura Room No.-11060Najibabad (NPP)
202Sir Sayyad Memoriyal Jhs Rampura Room No.-2500Najibabad (NPP)
203Nagar Palica Primary School Munni Dai Najibabad Room No.-11012Najibabad (NPP)
204Nagar Palica Primary School Munni Dai Najibabad Room No.-2917Najibabad (NPP)
205Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad Old Building Room No.-11285Najibabad (NPP)
206Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad Old Building Room No.-21140Najibabad (NPP)
207Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad Old Building Room No.-3337Najibabad (NPP)
208Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad Old Building Room No.-41103Najibabad (NPP)
209Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-11012Najibabad (NPP)
210Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-2932Najibabad (NPP)
211Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-31324Najibabad (NPP)
212Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-41084Najibabad (NPP)
213Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-5809Najibabad (NPP)
214Govt. Inter Collage Najibabad New Building Room No.-6689Najibabad (NPP)
215Kanya Jhs Wahid Nagar Room No.-1761Najibabad (NPP)
217Harnam Singh Bal Vihar School Najibabad Room No.-11144Najibabad (NPP)
218Harnam Singh Bal Vihar School Najibabad Room No.-21102Najibabad (NPP)
219R.N. Kela Bal Vidhya Mandir Najibabad Room No.-11030Najibabad (NPP)
220R.N. Kela Bal Vidhya Mandir Najibabad Room No.-21188Najibabad (NPP)
221R.N. Kela Bal Vidhya Mandir Najibabad Room No.-3874Najibabad (NPP)
222R.N. Kela Bal Vidhya Mandir Najibabad Room No.-4772Najibabad (NPP)
223R.N. Kela Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-11012Najibabad (NPP)
224R.N. Kela Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-21212Najibabad (NPP)
225R.N. Kela Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-3858Najibabad (NPP)
226Block Office Najibabad Room No.-1771Najibabad (NPP)
227Block Office Najibabad Room No.-2724Najibabad (NPP)
228Agriculture Building Tehsil Compund Najibabad Room No.-1786Najibabad (NPP)
229Agriculture Building Tehsil Compund Najibabad Room No.-2796Najibabad (NPP)
230Islamiya School Zabtaganj Najibabad Room No.-11434Najibabad (NPP)
231Islamiya School Zabtaganj Najibabad Room No.-21222Najibabad (NPP)
232Islamiya School Zabtaganj Najibabad Room No.-31279Najibabad (NPP)
233M.G.I.Collage Najibabad Room No.-11088Najibabad (NPP)
234M.G.I.Collage Najibabad Room No.-21030Najibabad (NPP)
235M.G.I.Collage Najibabad Room No.-31080Najibabad (NPP)
236M.G.I.Collage Najibabad Room No.-4930Najibabad (NPP)
237M.G.I.Collage Najibabad Room No.-51121Najibabad (NPP)
238Najibuddola Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-11087Najibabad (NPP)
239Najibuddola Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-2492Najibabad (NPP)
240Najibuddola Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-31127Najibabad (NPP)
241Najibuddola Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-41246Najibabad (NPP)
242Najibuddola Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-51122Najibabad (NPP)
242Mandibular Girls Inter Collage Najibabad Room No.-51122Najibabad (NPP)
243Jhs Najibabad Room No.-11215Najibabad (NPP)
244Jhs Najibabad Room No.-21080Najibabad (NPP)
245Jhs Najibabad Room No.-3752Najibabad (NPP)
246Jhs Najibabad Room No.-41189Najibabad (NPP)
247Qasmia School Harswara Room No.-11395Harshwada A.
248Qasmia School Harswara Room No.-2710Harsuwara
249Qasmia School Harswara Room No.-3803Harsuwara
250Primary School Alipura Room No.-1745Alipura
251Primary School Alipura Room No.-2782Alipura
252Primary School Alipura Room No.-31494Alipura
253Primary School Dariyapur1064Daryapur
254Jhs Dariyapur Room No.-1963Shekhpur Garhu
255Jhs Dariyapur Room No.-21081Shekhpur Garhu
256Jhs Dariyapur Room No.-31356Shekhpur Garhu
257Primary School Jalabpur Gudar Room No.-1927Jalpur Guddar
258Primary School Jalabpur Gudar Room No.-2967Jalpur Guddar
259Primary School Shahjahanpur822Shajhanpur
260Primary School Khushalpur Madka512Khushhalpur Marka
261Primary School Tatarpur Lalu Room No.-1919Tatarpur Lallu (CT)
262Primary School Tatarpur Lalu Room No.-21126Tatarpur Lallu (CT)
263Sahu Jain Degree College Najibabad Room No.-11326Tatarpur Lallu (CT)
264Sahu Jain Degree College Najibabad Room No.-21087Tatarpur Lallu (CT)
265Abhinaw Jhs Tatarpur Lalu Room No.-1944Tatarpur Lallu (CT)
266Abhinaw Jhs Tatarpur Lalu Room No.-21455Dhanora
267Abhinaw Jhs Tatarpur Lalu Room No.-31049Rampur Banwari
268Primary School Rahukheri Kaura Urf Rajarampur795Rahukheri Kaura
269Islamiya School Rahukhari Gadu Room No.-11084Jalalabad (NP)
270Islamiya School Rahukhari Gadu Room No.-21232Jalalabad (NP)
271Islamiya School Rahukhari Gadu Room No.-31341Jalalabad (NP)
272Kanya Pathsala Jalalabad Room No.-11425Jalalabad (NP)
273Kanya Pathsala Jalalabad Room No.-21399Jalalabad (NP)
274Nagar Palica Office Jalalabad Room No.-1925Jalalabad (NP)
275Nagar Palica Office Jalalabad Room No.-2861Jalalabad (NP)
276Qasimul Uloom Madarsa Jalalabad Room No.-1947Jalalabad (NP)
277Qasimul Uloom Madarsa Jalalabad Room No.-2926Jalalabad (NP)
278Islamiya Madarsa Jalalabad Room No.-11052Jalalabad (NP)
279Islamiya Madarsa Jalalabad Room No.-21266Jalalabad (NP)
280Jhs Boreki1267Bhareka
281Primary School Najeempur474Najeempur
282Primary School Daudpur Nanhera585Daudpur Nanhera
283Primary School Basheerpur538Vaishpur Kuriya
284Primary School Pooranpur Narottam619Puranpur Narottam
285Primary School Fazalpur Khas1267Fajalpur Khas
286Primary School Pratappur699Partappur
287Primary School Rajarampur Fazalpur663Rajarampur Fajil
288Primary School Humaupur Iddu887Himaupur Iddu
289Primary School Jwali Lala Room No. 1954Jawalilala
290Primary School Jwali Lala Room No. 2726Jawalilala
291Primary School Kutubpur1130Kutubpur
292Primary School Jwalachandi401Jawala Chandi
293Primary School Fazalpur Fatehulla759Fajalpur Fatahulla
294Primary School Gajipur Room No. 1927Gazipur
295Primary School Gajipur Room No. 2879Gazipur
296Jhs Fazalpur Habeeb Room No.-11228Fajalpur Habib
297Jhs Fazalpur Habeeb Room No.-21023Fajalpur Habib
298Primary School Aurgabad Urf Husainpur1477Asdullapur
299Jhs Aurgabad Urf Husainpur Room No.-11271Aurangabad
300Jhs Aurgabad Urf Husainpur Room No.-21186Hasanpur
301Primary School Mochipura765Mussepur
302Primary School Shahpur Meera563Saidpur Mira
303Primary School Taharpur Ishaq Room No.-1854Taharpur Ishhak
304Primary School Taharpur Ishaq Room No.-2752Taharpur Ishhak
305Primary School Musvikhanpur617Muswi Khan Pur
306Primary School Hakeempur Qazi905Hakeempur Kaji
307Primary School Boolchandpur668Boolchand Pur
308Jhs Sekhpur Lala545Shekhpur Lala
309Primary School Karmas Khedi1364Karmaskheri
310Jhs Gajrola1015Gajraula
311Primary School Azampur Mohd Ali Urf Khanpur1344Ajampur Mohammad Ali
312Primary School Mustafapur Aansu768Mirzapur Rangila
313Primary School Ibraheempur Bawan787Ibrahimpur Baban
314Primary School Fatehullapur Durg623Fatehullapur Dargoo
315Primary School Kamalpur1199Kamalpur
316Primary School Sadatpur767Sadatpur
317Primary School Fazalpur Tabela820Fajalpur Tawela
318Primary School Jagdeeshpur1117Jagdishpur
319Primary School Sarwanpur1477Sarwanpur
320Jhs Mubarakpur Rathe636Mubarak Rathe
321Primary School Manoharwala429Manohara Wala
322Jhs Sikanderpur Basi993Sikanderpur Basi
323Primary School Sikanderpur Basi1428Ganguwala
324Primary School Begampur Bhaunawala718Begampur Bhonawala
325Primary School Alawalpur Nainu620Alawalpur Nainu
326Primary School Bhatauli583Bhatauli
327Primary School Murshadpur1412Murshadpur
328Primary School Ranikota1378Ranikota

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