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Polling Booth in Nagina Assembly Constituency

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Nagina Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nagina

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nagina Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2P.V.Anwarpur Chatar826Anwarpur Chatar
4P.V.Aipur Mojampur Narayan1097Raipur Mauzampur Narayan
5P.V.Rajarampur Pratap903Raja Rampur Pratap
6P.V. Kishanpur549Kishanpur
7P.V. Mohdlipur Sukhanand575Mohammad Alipur Sukhanand
8Kanya J.H.S. Bhojpurroom No 1784Mubarakpur Hardas
9Kanya J.H.S. Bhojpurroom No21357Bhogpur
10P.V. Budgara Room No 11269Budgara
11P.V.Budgara Room No 21022Budgara
12P.V. Budgari Room No 1777Budgari
13P.V. Budgari Room No 2726Budgari
14P.V. Mohd Asgarpur665Mohammad Asgarpur
16P.V.Bahadarpur Sharfudin Husain1286Bahadarpur Sharfuddin Husain
17P.V.Aurangpur Fatta410Aurangpur Fatta
18P.V.Sarkara Kheri Room No 1543Sarkara Kheri
19P.V.Sarkara Kheri Room No21158Maheshpur
20P.V. Sikri1178Sikri
21P.V. Kithoda Mufti901Kithaura Mufti
22P.V. Umarpur677Umarpur
23H.H.S. Bhaner Room No 11223Mubarakpur Mira
24J.H.S.Bhanera Room No 21339Mubarakpur Mira
25P.V. Bhanera First Room No11188Mubarakpur Mira
26P.V. Bhanera First Room No 21295Mubarakpur Mira
27P.V. Bhanera1072Mubarakpur Mira
28P.V. Mehmodpur821Nangla Islam
29P.V.Rasulpuralimuddin394Rasulpur Alimuddin
30P.V. Sahpur Sukkha856Shahpur Sukkha
31Panchayatghar Sahpur Sukkha1022Bahera Chouhan
32P.V. Bhagwanpur351Bhagwanpur
33P.V.Kiratpur First Room No 11424Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
34P.V.Kiratpur First Room No21259Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
35P.V. Bhanera First Room No31117Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
36P.V.Kiratpur Second Room No 1833Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
37P..V.Kiratpur Second Room No 2919Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
38Govt Girls J.H.S. Kiratpur1392Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
39Govt Girls Inter College Room No 11249Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
40Govt Girls Inter College Room No 2375Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
41Govt Girls Inter College Kiratpur Room No 3773Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
42Govt Girls Inter College Kiratpur Room 4803Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
43J.H.S. Kiratpur Khas1303Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
44Hindu Inter College Kiratpur Room No 1998Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
45Hindu Inter College Kiratpur Room No ?1331Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
46Hindu Inter College Kiratpur Room No 31367Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
47Hindu Inter College Kiratpur Room No 4933Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
48Hindu Inter College New Building Rom No 11000Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
49Hindu Inter College New Building Rom No 2729Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
50Hindu Inter College New Building Rom No 31385Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
51Jamia Arbiya Ansarul Uloom Kiratpur Room No 11179Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
52Jamia Arbiya Ansarul Uloom Kiratpur Room No 2663Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
53Jamia Arbiya Ansarul Uloom Kiratpur Room No 31397Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
54Islamiya Ansar Inter Collegeroom No 1952Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
55Islamiya Ansar Inter Collegeroom No 2892Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
56J.H.S. Kiratpur1162Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
57M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No 11269Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
58M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No 21219Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
59M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No 31294Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
60M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No 41155Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
61M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No51097Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
62M.G.M.P. Inter College Kiratpur Rom No61242Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
63Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Boys Room No 1988Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
64Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Boys Room No 21019Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
65Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Boys Room No 3769Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
66Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Boys Room No 4731Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
67Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Girls Room No 21095Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
68Madni Public Inter College Bhuddi Kiratpur Girls Room No 31160Kiratpur (NPP + OG)
69P.V. Nainpur Singh814Budhpur Nainsingh
70P.V. Husainpur Sultan681Hussainpur Sultan
71P.V.Vaishpur Kudiya Room No 11052Bashirpur
72P.V. Vaishpur Kudiya Room No 2621Ghangheri
73P.V. Sahbpura Ratan Singh1024Shahabpura Ratansingh
74P.V.Khasor Room No 11052Khasour
75P.V. Khasor Room No 21216Rampur Bishna
76P.V. Chandak Turk1216Chandat Turak
77P.V. Hadipur Sadruddin585Hadipur Sadruddin
78P.V.Rasulpur Sahbuddin617Rasoolpur Shahabuddin
79P.V. Shakarpuri552Shakarpuri
81P.V.Memansadat First Room No 1835Meman
82P.V.Memansadat First Room No 2865Meman
83J.H.S.Meman Room No1875Meman
84J.H.S. Meman Room No 2873Meman
85P.V. Sarai Jeevan1313Sarai Jewan
86P.V. Dhaki Sadho533Dhaki Sadhou
87P.V. Islampur Sadat681Islampur Sadat
88P.V.Bharaiki Room No1934Dudhla
89P.V. Bharaiki Room No 21370Bhareka
90J.H.S. Basera655Basera
91P.V. Ajmabad980Shadipur
92P.V.Najeebpur Sadat464Najibpur Sadat
93P.V.Birdo Nangli1206Bijauri
94P.V. Govindpur1384Govindpur
95P.V. Sarai Imma1479Sarai Imma
96P.V.Begampur Rupchand1359Begampur Roopchand
97J.H.S.Padla Room No 1690Padla
98J.H.S. Padla Room No 21094Padla
99J.H.S.Chitawar Room No.11285Chitawar
100J.H.S.Chitawar Room No 21266Chitawar
101J.H.S.Chitawar Room No 3885Maksudnagar Devidas
102P.V.Chitawar Room No 1949Jamalpur Khokho
103P.V.Chitawar Room No 2414Tarikampur Dargu
104P.V Chatarbhojpur Kushal757Chatar Bhojpur Kushal
105P.V.Alampur Ganga866Alampur Ganga
106P.V.Gazipur Sikri417Sikri
107P.V. Gazipur1021Gazipur
108P.V. Barhapur371Badapur
109Panchayatghar Arjanipur587Arjanipur
110P.V.Kalapurbujurg New Building1278Kalanpur Buzurg
111P.V. Umri Room No1806Umri
112P.V. Umri Room No2833Umri
113Shanti Niketan J.H.S. Umri742Abulfazalpur Khas
114P.V.Aurangjebpur Gulal483Aurangjebpur Gulal
115P.V.Islampur Hattu Room No 11451Dudhli
116P.V.Islampur Hattu Room No 2556Islapur Hattoo
117P.V.Fatehpur Rajaram720Fatehpur Rajaram
118Govt Padhti Asramamannagar722Amannagar
120P.V.Sabhachandpur Mohan1189Sabhachandpur Mohan
121P.V.Sultanpursabhachand Room No 11174Sabha Chandpur Kesho
122P.V.Sultanpursabhachand Room No 21075Sabha Chandpur Kesho
123P.V.Sahlipur Abdul Sattar1351Shahalipur Abdul Sattar
124P.V.Pitanheri Jhojha Khurd621Pittanheri Jhojha Khurd
125P.V.Gajipur Hidayat Urf Garhiban413Gazipur Hidayat
126P.V.Dhanori Kuwar466Dhanori Kawar
127P.V.Brahamjitpur Chanda729Baramjidpur Chanda
128P.V. Purshottampur1382Purshotampur
129P.V. Lalpur407Lalpur
130P.V.Mubarakpur Khosa1269Mubarakpur Khosha
132P.V. Islampur Bega532Islampur Bega
133J.H.S. Shadipur Room No 1725Shadipur
134J.H.S.Shadipur Room No 2817Shadipur
136J.H.S. Shadipur Room No 4876Pipal Sana
137P.V.Aurangpurnandlal Room No 1806Aurangpur Nandlal
138P.V. Aurangpurnandlal Room No 2805Kumhera
139P.V. Ganora1419Ganura
140Panchayat Ghar Jalalpur Sultan399Jalalpur Sultan
141P.V.Hakikatpur Veerchand926Haqiqatpur Virchand
142P.V. Saidpuri831Saidpuri
143P.V.Aurangjebpur Mehmod1292Aurangjebpur Mahmud
144P.V.Begampur Shadi Room No 11414Begampur Shadi
145P.V.Begampur Shadi Room No21258Begampur Shadi
147J.H.S.Akbarabad Room No 1816Begampur Shadi
148J.H.S.Akbarabad Room No 2878Akbrabad
149J.H.S.Akbarabad Room No 31221Akbrabad
150J.H.S.Akbarabad Room No 41074Akbrabad
151P.V. Nurul Deharpur652Noorul Daharpur
152P.V.Alihyarpur Urf Hajipur804Allehyarpur
153J.H.S Dayalpur Gyanpur611Da1Alpur Gi1Anpur
154P.V.Sahabpur Urf Hindupur Room No 1741Shahabpura
155P.V.Sahabpur Urf Hindupur Room No 2853Shahabpura
157Panchayat Ghar Jatpura685Jatpura
159P.V.Rajopursadat Room No 1913Rajupur Sadat
160P.V.Rajopursadat Room No 2640Rajupur Sadat
161P.V. Mussepur1296Musse1Pur
162P.V.Mojampurharvansh1342Maujampur Harbans
163P.V.Maheshwarijat Room No11060Maheshwari Jat
164P.V.Maheshwarijat Room No 21095Maheshwari Jat
165P.V.Maheshwarijat Room No 3815Islampur Vishnoi
166P.V.Nooralipurbhagwant1390Nooralipur Bhagwant
167P.V.Kirto Mamgli1211Kirto Nangli
168P.V.Rasulpurjagan736Rasulpur Jagan
170P.V.Malakpurdehri787Malak Pur Dehri
171P.V.Chandupuranaseebpirkanna492Chandu Pura Naseeb
172P.V.Khurrampurkadak716Khurram Pur Kharak
175P.V.Alipurman Urf Khera1005Alipur Man
176Dayanand Inter College Room No 11179Kotwali (CT)
177Dayanand Inter College Room No 2806Kotwali (CT)
178Dayanand Inter College Room No31227Kotwali (CT)
179Dayand Inter College Room No 41101Kotwali (CT)
180Janta Inter College Room No 11240Kotwali (CT)
181Janta Inter College Room No 21108Kotwali (CT)
182Janta Inter College Room No 31283Kotwali (CT)
183P.V.Roshanpur Pratap1427Roshanpur Pratap
184P.V.Shekhpuraturk Room No 11068Sekh Pura Turk
185P.V.Shekhpura Turk679Sekh Pura Turk
186P.V.Shekhpuraturk Room No 3590Sekh Pura Turk
187P.V.Sahlipur Asha Room No 11392Hakikatpur Sahsu
188P.V.Sahlipur Asha Room No 21005Shahli Pur Asha
189P.V.Takipur Narottam Urf Dharampura963Taki Pur Narottam
190P.V.Malakpur Abdulla1181Malakpur Abdulla
191P.V.Khushalpurmatheri Room No 11175Khushalpur Matheri
192P.V.Khushalpurmatheri Room No 2714Khushalpur Matheri
194P.V.Harvanshpurdharam1133Harbanspur Dharam
195P.V.Sufipur Angad609Sufipur Angad
196P.V.Kajipur Immaa653Kajipur Imma
197P.V.Mohdashikpurkamalnain Urf Beldi462Moh.Ashikpur Kamalnain
198P.V.Alahdadpur907Khushhal Nagar Urf Garhi
199P.V.Rampurchajmal839Rampur Chhajmal
200P.V.Noormohammadpur274Noor Mohmmadpur Ahatmali
201Janta J.H.S.Bhogli Room No 11313Bhogli Ahatmali
202Janta J.H.S.Bhogli Room No 21129Bhogli Ahatmali
203Panchayatghar Kamalpurbhoga396Kamalpur Bhoga
204P.V.Malakpurlakhman611Malakpur Lakhman Ahatmali
205P.V.Malakpursehsu508Malakpur Sahsu
206P.V.Chamrawal Urf Sahmuzaffarpur Room No 11171Shahmijffarpur
207P.V.Chamrawal Urf Sahmuzaffarpur Room No 2384Galib Alipur Malook Ahatmali
208Abhinav .P.V.Heerawali Maheshpur1274Maheshpur
209P.V.Hakikatpur Muthra883Haqiqatpur Mathura
210P.M.V.Kajiwala Urf Sharifulmalakpur Room No 1855Hasan Alipur Muthra
211P.M.V.Kajiwala Urf Sharifulmalakpur Room No 2678Khijarpur Jaggu Ahatmali
212P.V.Khijarpurjaggu988Khijarpur Jaggu Ahatmali
213P.V.Tukhmapurharvansh Room No 11457Tukhmapur Harbansh Ahatmali
214P.V.Tukhmapurharvansh Room No 2502Tukhmapur Harbansh Ahatmali
215P.V. Budhawala1209Burawala
217P.V.Kasba Second Nagina1311Nagina (NPP)
218Purani Munsafi Nagina Room No 11003Nagina (NPP)
219Purani Munsafi Nagina Room No 2642Nagina (NPP)
220Purani Munsafi Nagina Room No 31372Nagina (NPP)
221Madarsarafiyaturrehma Room No 11174Nagina (NPP)
222Madarsarafiyaturrehma Room No 2790Nagina (NPP)
223Mh.Bal Vidya Mandir Nagina Mo Jati Nagina Room No 11495Nagina (NPP)
224Mh.Bal Vidya Mandir Nagina Mo Jati Nagina Room No 2899Nagina (NPP)
225I.T.I.Nagina Room No 1481Nagina (NPP)
226I.T.I.Nagina Room No 21172Nagina (NPP)
227I.T.I.Nagina Room No 3920Nagina (NPP)
228Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 1881Nagina (NPP)
229Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 2619Nagina (NPP)
230Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 31044Nagina (NPP)
231Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 4631Nagina (NPP)
232Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 5890Nagina (NPP)
233Dayanand Vaidik Kanya Inter College Nagina Room No 6600Nagina (NPP)
234Florence Night Angle J.H.S. Kayastsarai Nagina Room No 11108Nagina (NPP)
235Florence Night Angle J.H.S. Kayastsarai Nagina Room No 2543Nagina (NPP)
236Naveen Siksha Sadan Vishnoi Sarai Nagina Room No 11396Nagina (NPP)
237Naveen Siksha Sadan Vishnoi Sarai Nagina Room No 2765Nagina (NPP)
238Naveen Siksha Sadan Vishnoi Sarai Nagina Room No 31066Nagina (NPP)
239National J.H.S. Nagina Room No 1912Nagina (NPP)
240National J.H.S. Nagina Room No 2705Nagina (NPP)
241K.G.Degree College Nagina Room No11448Nagina (NPP)
242K.G.Degree College Nagina Room No2877Nagina (NPP)
243Kaji M.Ali.Memorial Girls J.H.S.Nagina Room No 11428Nagina (NPP)
244Kaji M.Ali.Memorial Girls J.H.S.Nagina Room No 2800Nagina (NPP)
245Kaji M.Ali.Memorial Girls J.H.S.Nagina Room No 31051Nagina (NPP)
246Madarsa Faizul Kurannagina Room No 1973Nagina (NPP)
247Madarsa Faizul Kurannagina Room No 2643Nagina (NPP)
248Bhagwandas Mangulalsaraswati Sishu Mandir Nagina Room No 11360Nagina (NPP)
249Bhagwandas Mangulalsaraswati Sishu Mandir Nagina Room No21936Nagina (NPP)
250Bhagwandas Mangulalsaraswati Sishu Mandir Nagina Room No31821Nagina (NPP)
251P.V. Lohari Sarai Room No 1738Nagina (NPP)
252P.V.Luhari Sarai Room No 2755Nagina (NPP)
253M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 11059Nagina (NPP)
254M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 2517Nagina (NPP)
255M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 3802Nagina (NPP)
256M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 41260Nagina (NPP)
257M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 5853Nagina (NPP)
258M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 6701Nagina (NPP)
259M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 7919Nagina (NPP)
260M.M.I.College Nagina Room No8411Nagina (NPP)
261M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 91195Nagina (NPP)
262M.M.I.College Nagina Room No 10672Nagina (NPP)
263Office Nagar Palika Parishad Nagina Room No1746Nagina (NPP)
264Office Nagar Palika Parishad Nagina Room No 2762Nagina (NPP)
265Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 11077Nagina (NPP)
267Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 31172Nagina (NPP)
268Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 4948Nagina (NPP)
269Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 51095Nagina (NPP)
270Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 6630Nagina (NPP)
271Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 71477Nagina (NPP)
272Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 81338Nagina (NPP)
273Hindu.I.College Nagina Room No 91402Nagina (NPP)
274P.V.Rampurdass Room No11076Rampur Dass
275P.V.Rampurdass Room No21329Rampur Dass
276P.V.Mirzalipur Bhara861Mirza Ali Pur Bhara
277P.V. Karonda Chodhar Room No11127Karaunda Chaudhar
278P.V.Karonda Chodhar Room No 2910Karaunda Chaudhar
279P.V. Karonda Pachdu Room No 1849Karaunda Pachdu
280Pv.Karonda Pachdu Room No2744Karaunda Pachdu
281P.V.Karonda Pachdu Room No 31372Karaunda Pachdu
282P.V.Sahbazpur Urf Hindupur Room No 11108Shahbajpur
283P.V.Pittahanhedijiya Room No 11161Pittanherijia
284P.V.Pittahanhedijiya Room No 2982Pittanherijia
285P.V. Jhalri1208Jhalri
286P.V.Jagannathpur808Jagannath Pur
287P.V. Mehmudpur Bhawta Room No 1881Mohmoodpur Bhavta
288P.V.Mehmudpurbhawta Room No2561Mohmoodpur Bhavta
289P.V. Mehmudpur Narayan Room No 1754Mohmoodpur Bhavta
291P.V.Mojampurdayal528Maujampur Da1Al
292Pv.Shernagar Naraini1239Sher Nagar Naraini
293P.V. Bhawanpur Kala319Bhawan Pur Kala
294P.V. Anandkheri477Anand Kheri
295P.V. Nainpura Room No 1755Nainpura
296P.V. Naipura Room No 21241Nainpura
297P.V. Begampur Chaimal501Begum Pur Chehmal Urf Chemaher
298P.V.Kiratpur Room No11244Kiratpur
299P.V.Kiratpur Room No2556Kiratpur
300P.V.Kiratpur Room No 3531Aleali Pur
301P.V.Hargaonchandan Room No 1864Hargaon Chandan
302P.V.Hargaonchandan Room No 2879Hargaon Chandan
303P.V.Kalakheri1447Kala Kheri
304P.V. Aleyalipur805Aleali Pur
305P.V.Dharamsa Nangli Room No718Dharmsa Nangli
306P.V.Dharamsanangli Room No 2870Khurrampur Dallu
307P.V.Mustafapur Chaksaid Jamal1370Mustafapur Bhura Pur Chak Said
308P.V.Muthrapur Urf Kaluwala528Mamrajpur
309P.V.Jafarpur Mamrajpur1456Baghala
310P.V. Baghala Gyanpur921Yar Mohammadpur Pirthi
312P.U.M.V.Pakhanpur Gangwali848Hakikatpur Ganguwali
313P.V.Hakikatpurgangwali Room No 1879Hakikatpur Ganguwali
314P.V.Hakikatpur Gangwali Room No 2460Hakikatpur Ganguwali
315P.V.Hakikatpurgangwali Room No 31084Nijampur Devsi
316P.V.Saidpurimahichand1036Saidpuri Mehichand
317P.V.Saidpura Gajju798Saidpura Gajju
318P.V. Jamalpur Bangar1153Jemalpur Banger
319P.V. Begampur Harrey1463Ajpura Chouhan
320P.V.Abdulazizpur576Abdul Ajeejpur
321P.V. Saidkheri632Saidkheri
322P.V.Hasanlipurbhogan Room No 1656Ugrsainpur
323P.V.Hasanlipurbhogan Room No 2850Hasan Alipur Bhogan
324P.V.Kamalpur Puraini906Kamalpur Puraini
325P.V.Kasba Kotra Room No 1978Kasba Kotra
326P.V.Kasba Kotra Room No 2573Kasba Kotra
327P.V. Kasba Kotra Room No 3572Kasba Kotra
328P.V.Mahapur Mohd Ali398Mahapur Moh.Ali

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