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Polling Booth in Muradnagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Muradnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Muradnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pri. School Kunheda784Kunhaida
2Pri. School Kumheda795Kunhaida
3Pri. School Jhalawa855Jahalawa
4Nehru Mem. Int. Co. Surana1456Surana
7Besic Pri. School Surana1312Surana
8Gandi Memo. Int. Co. Rawli Kala1073Raoli Kalan
11Pri. School Suthari.1392Suthari
12Pri. School Khorajpur659Khorajpur
13Pri. School No. 1 Nekpur Sabitnagar1296Nekpur Sabitnagar
14Pri. School No. 2 Nekpur Sabitnagar970Nekpur Sabitnagar
16Pri. School Vihang685Bihang
17J.K.M. . School Rewdi Rewda975Rewadi Kheda
18J.K.M. School Rewdi Rewda1065Rewadi Kheda
19Pri. School Manoli886Manauli
20Pri. School Sultannagar Chchjupur480Sultan Nagar Chhajjupur
21Pri. School Milak Chakarpur909Milka Chakarpur
22Junior High School Bhadoli1136Bhadauli
23Pri. School Navipur517Nabipur
24Juniar High School Sultanpur831Sultanpur
25Junior High School Sultanpur926Sultanpur
26Junior High Jalalpur Didhar695Jalalpur Didhar
30Junior High School Milak Rawli839Milak/Milk Ravali
31Pri. School Kharjivanpur Khimawati987Kharjivanpur Khimawati
33Pri. School Amirpur Gadi665Amirpur Garhi
36Pri. School Firojpur588Firozpur
37Pri. School Kaithwadi538Kaithwadi
38Pri. School Gyaspur1446Gyaspur
40Pri. School Asadpur Nangal720Asadpur Nagal
41Pri. School Bandipur820Bandipur
42Pri. School Kakra961Kakra
44Pri. School Shahzadpur736Shahzadpur
46Pri. School Khurampur836Khurrampur
48Pri. School Roshanpur Patti Pratap Salemabad1059Roshanpur Salimabad Patti Prat
49Pri. School Roshanpur Patti Jiram Salemabad653Roshanpur Salaimabad Patti Jir
50Pri. School Husainpur1274Husainpur
51Pri. School Sarna Muradnagr1011Sarna Murad Nagar
53Pri. School . Jalalpur Raghunath938Jalalpur Raghunathpur
56Pri. School Shobhpur473Shobhapur
57Pri. School Basantpur Saithli1031Basantpur Saitli (CT)
61Pri. School Mahiuddinpur Hisali1075Muhiuddinpur Hisauli
62Smt. Vidya Pant Junior High School1081Asalat Nagar
65Pri. School Mohd. Pur Dheda929Mohammadpur Dwedha
67Adarsh Shiksha Sadan Inter College Muradgrampur Pursi1058Muradgram Pur Pursi (CT)
69Adarsh Shiksha Sadana Inter College Muradnagram Pur Pursi1468Muradgram Pur Pursi (CT)
70Jawaher Memo. Girl Int. Co. Ordnance Factory.237Muradnagar (NPP)
73Ordinance Factory Int. College Muradnagar749Muradnagar (NPP)
77Dayanand Memo. Junior High School Mohd.Pur Dheda949Muradnagar (NPP)
84Omson Public School Muradnagr1198Muradnagar (NPP)
92Champa Devi Memo . School Ukhalrashi1305Muradnagar (NPP)
95Pri. School. Ukhalarasi No. 2877Muradnagar (NPP)
96Raghunath Sahay Memo. Public School965Muradnagar (NPP)
101Office Nagar Palica Prishad Muradnagar1176Muradnagar (NPP)
105Kisan National Inter College Muradnagar811Muradnagar (NPP)
114Junior High School Muradnagar610Muradnagar (NPP)
117Besic Pri. School No. 1 Muradnagar1495Muradnagar (NPP)
119Besic Pri. School No. 2 Muradnagar1090Muradnagar (NPP)
121Faiz-A-Aam Urdu Medium Madrasa Rawli Road1287Muradnagar (NPP)
122Mata Rajeshwari Devi Public School Muradnagar958Muradnagar (NPP)
127Shri Hans Inter Col. Muradnagar845Muradnagar (NPP)
136Office Block Devlopment Officer Muradnagar1077Muradnagar (NPP)
138Pri. School Badka Arifpur1055Barka Arifpur
139Primery School Mahmudabad R0 N0 1307Mahmodabad
140Primery School Bhikanpur1104Bhikanpur
142Bharitya Junior Haigh School Bhaikanpur1374Bhikanpur
143Primery School Milak Duhai411Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
144Sarchoturam Kishan Inter College Dhuai882Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
146Sirchoturam Kishan Inter College Dhuai1316Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
148V M H M Shivbal Vidhya Mandir Morta1089Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
149V M H M Shivbal Vidha Mandir Morta694Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
153Junior Haig School Morta775Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
154Primery School Morta803Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
156Primery School Mahiuddinpur Mainapur869Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
157Primery School Shahpur Nij Morta1010Shahpur Nij Morta
159Primery School Makraida805Makraida
160Primery School Bahadurpur1138Bahadurpur
161Primery School Shamsher956Shamsher
162Sevashram Junior Haig Schoolmathurapur1093Mathurapur
163Primary School Atore1105Ataur
165V A V Haig School Nagla747Nagla Firoj Mohanpur
167Primery School Morti1065Morti
168Primery School Bhovapur1250Bhowapur
169Baljagat Inter College Makrammatpur Sikrod1140Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
171Primery School Gadhi912Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
173Primery School Guldhar1435Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
176Junior Haig School Jagriti Vihar Sec 23 Sanjay Nagar1072Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
182Bhagirath Junior Haig School Sanjay Nagar818Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
188Ramkishan Institute Sanjay Nagar990Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
192Dehraudun Primery School Sanjay Nagar968Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
199Green Fild Primery School Sanjay Nagar1277Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
208Junior High School Raispur1271Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
211Primery School No 1 Raispur1240Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
213Navyug Vidhapith Junior Haig School Sadarpur1029Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
220Primery School Rasulpur Sikroda1148Rasulpur Sikrod
223Mahrishi Dayanand Vidhapith Inter College1181Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
225Gururam Raiprimery School Govindpuram873Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
240Primery School Harsanv375Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
243Pulice Moudel School Pulice Line Harsanv1089Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
245Samudayik Kendra Kamala Neherunagar611Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
248Santpol Akdmi Rajnagar762Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
253Sarswati Vidhya Mandir Sec 9 Rajnagar749Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
256Ingraham Inter College Rajnagar1402Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
260Siler Inslilute College Rajnagar1348Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
264Junior Haigh School Lal Quwter Lohiyanagar558Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
269Guru Nanak Girls Inter College Lohiyanagar1127Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
278Maharana Pratap Primery School Lohiyanagar619Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
280Ghaziabad Primery School Nehrunagar1130Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
288Holi Child Primery School Nehrunagar795Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
292Dehraudun Primery School Ashoknagar1291Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
294K D B Primery School Kavinagar770Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
298Ujagarmal Jainmati Haigh School Kavinagar907Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
303Lalbahadur Shastri Sainek School Kavinagar942Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
307Vivekanand Sishu Minder Junior Haigh School Kavinagar1097Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
310Nehru Primery School Shastri Nagar B Block1040Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
312Jawhar Lal Nehru Balika Haigh S0 School Shastrinagar868Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
315Uttam Primery School Shastri1444Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
320Nehru World School E Block Shastrinagar1297Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
325Campus School Avantika Chiranjeev Vihar915Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
334Sanskriti Institute Of Advance Sahakarinagar Avintika1457Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
336Vijay College Of Education Mahendra Enclave1492Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
340Kaniya Primery School Rajapur2159Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
344Ravindra Nath Tagour School Shastrinagar K Block Shastrinagar357Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
348Primery School Rajapru992Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
350Junior Haigh School Maheroli871Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
354Primery School Naifal912Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
355Primery School Bayana1032Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
356Primery School Sadikpur Urf Kazipur1039Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
357Primery School Lal Kuwa Ghaziabad2130Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
362Kishan Adarsh Haigh S0 School Shahpur Bamheta1394Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
369Primery School Shahpur Bamheta927Ghaziabad (M Corp.)

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