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Polling Booth in Mungra Badshahpur Assembly Constituency

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Mungra Badshahpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mungra Badshahpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mungra Badshahpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P S Balhamau North Side1014Balhamau
2P S Balhamau South Side?Balhamau
3Jhs Kusmaul687Kushmaul
4P S Kundaha782Karaunda
6P S Bhilampur East Side1385Bhilampur
7P S Bhilampur West Side656Bhilampur
8Panchayat Bhawan Guanva743Guaawan
9P S Ghatampur1222Ghatampur
10Jhs Belwar North Side519Pura Hari Narain
11Jhs Belwar South Side?Chaknaharmau
12P S Naharmau838Naharmau
13P S Golhanamau990Golhanamau
14P S Lewa394Lewa
15P S Kartora687Karatora
16K P S Sarvemau?Sarvemau
17P S Achakari?Achakari
18P S Shivriha1058SIVRIHA
19P S Bhuidhara?Bhuiendhara
20Swami Krishnanand I C Belwar North Side1006Belwar
21Swami Krishnanand I C Belwar South Side?Tar Patti
22Swami Krishnanand I C Belwar Middle Side860Pura Ram Sahai
23P S Kotila465KOTILA
24P S Sakhawat910Sakhavat
25Sr B S Dompur North Side379Handawar
26Sr B S Dompur South Side577Dompur Khas
27P S Gaharpara?Gaharpara
28P S Matiyahi704Matiyahi
29P S Kotaon West Side987Jamal Patti
30P S Kotaon East Side779Kotab
31P S Rampur Daan1072Rampur
33P S Babupur457Babupur
34P S Khujjhideeh1099Sarai Kewat
35P S Karnauli1403Karnauli
36P S Daan1407Dan
37Jhs Sakara1083Sarawan
38P S Viloi North Side1171Deenapur
39P S Viloi South Side686Meerpur Khas
40P S Mallupur East Side413Mallupur
41Jhs Ramgada West Side720Gaushalapur
42P S Gaddopur?Gaddopur
43P S Amaon North Side?AMAW
44P S Saraikhani Middle Side?Sarai Khani
45P S Dharampur626Dharampur
46P S Saidani?Saidani
47P S Rohiyaon554Rohiyawan
48P S Ghuripur?Tajuddinpur
49P S Pura Pratap Shah647Pura Pratap Shah
50Jhs Bermaon480Daudpur
51Jhs Bermaon East Side1070BERMAW
52P S Raipur Kala1197Rampur
54P S Aajo North Side?Ajoh
55P S Aajo Middle Side614Ajoh
56P S Barji Kala663Varzi Kalan
58P S Taaspur729Taspur
59Saraswati I C Unchgaon North Side1247Unchgawan
60Saraswati I C Unchgaon South Side887Addopur
61P S Chhadan?Chhadan
62P S Umarpur?Umarpur
63P S Baharpur Kala532Baharpur
64P S Baharpur Kala South Side?Baharpur
65P S Aruwa North Side1104Aruawan
66P S Aruwa Middle Side1129Aruawan
67P S Newaraha North Side?Sakapur
68P S Newaraha South Side388Chhangapur
70Sanskrit Mahavidyalay Faridabad East Side?Faridabad
71Sanskrit Mahavidyalay Faridabad West Side?Faridabad
72Jhs Sujanganj814Faridabad
74R Inter College Sujanganj?Nagauli
75R Inter College Sujanganj East Side?Nagauli
76R Inter College Sujanganj West Side640Chainpur
77P S Sujanganj North Side1232Tilakhara Urf Suzanganj
78P S Sujanganj Middle Side1193Tilakhara Urf Suzanganj
79P S Deepakpur1427Deepakpur
80P S Sabeli East Side945Sabeli
81P S Sabeli West Side1204Sabeli
82P S Barpur North Side735Barpur
83P S Barpur New Building482Barpur
84P S Devkali434Misirain Patti
86Jhs Basarahi North Side1036Chaujeetpur
87Jhs Basarahi South Side916Khagalpur
88P S Kauli?Kaulipur
89P S Rampur Taluka Alaiya594Rampur Ta.Alaiya
90P S Himmat Nagar East Side961Himmat Nagar
91P S Himmat Nagar West Side?Himmat Nagar
92P S Berra383Berra
93P S Naripur1035Naripur
94P S Bhaisaha Rampur East Side930Bhainsaha Rampur
95P S Bhaisaha Rampur West Side?Bhainsaha Rampur
96P S Bhaisaha Rampur Middle Side?Bhainsaha Rampur
97P S Dharikpur East Side?Dharikpur
98P S Dharikpur West Side?Dharikpur
99Jhs Dewapur?DEVAPUR
100P S Alaiya North Side659Patahana
101P S Alaiya South Side448Alaiya
102P S Alaiya Middle Side660Bakhopur
103P S Haripur?Haripur Ta.Alaiya
104Jhs Bhatauli Duban378Bhatauli Duban
105P S Baurai483Khatihara
107P S Sultanpur Khas East Side?Sultanpur
108P S Sultanpur Khas West Side937Sultanpur
109Panchayat Bhawan Narharpur913Naraharpur
110Jhs Saraibhogi East Side1391Sarai Bhogi
111Jhs Saraibhogi West Side927Sarai Bhogi
112P S Chhimiya696Chhimiyah
113P S Barai East Side1160Dahewa
114P S Barai West Side946Boirai
115P S Raya?RAIA
116P S Mohariyaon North Side783Mohariyawan
117P S Gopalpur North Side898Gopalpur
118P S Kurawa?Kurawan
119Panchayat Bhawan Bara847Bara
120P S Tarsaon1454Tarsanwa
121P S Mustafabad North Side1096Mustafabad
122P S Mustafabad South Side1172Mustafabad
123P S Misirmau906Misirmau
124P S Sadikala1259Sadi Kala
125P S Hisamuddinpur1174Sadi Khurd
126Jhs Sonahita North Side925Sonahita
127Jhs Sonahita471Sonahita
129P S Darunpur559Darunpur
131P S Bikaipur609Vikayapur
132P S Pyarepur1034Piyarepur
134P S Chandpur1260Chandpur
135Jhs Salarpur985Salarpur
137P S Bhikharipur?Bhikhari Pur Khas
139P S Karaura622Karaura
140P S Belawa828Belawan
141P S Thaloi947Thaloie
145P S Mathura1425Mathura
148P S Judaupur1263JUDAUPUR
149P S Parahit1436Parahit
151Narendra Bahadur Singh P M V Ghaghariya878Ghanghariya
154P S Ramnagar978RAMNAGAR
156Umv Kandhapur804Kandhapur
158P S Kandhapur431Kandhapur
159P S Adanpur?Arhonpur
160P S Chak Nawabad960Chak Nawabad
161P S Ganeshpur343Ganeshpur
162P S Itaha898Itaha
163P S Vispalpur1318BISPALPUR
164P S Bhaupur?Bhaupur
165P S Adhakacha?Adhakacha
167Panchayat Bhawan Sakara Sthit Gaon Rampur761Sakara
168P S Katka453Kataka
169P S Kapurpur?KAPURPUR
170Jhs Dhanauwa1088DHNOWA
171U M V Jirikpur1100JIRAKPUR
173P S Choraha892CORAHA
175P S Baraipar1176Baraipar
177Raghuvir Umv Bari1091WARI
179P S Sahijadpur390SAJIDPUR
181P S Barahata?Barahata
182P S Tarapur895Tarapur
183Jhs Rajgarh?Rajgarh
184P S Kauraha688Kora
186P S Rampur Taluka Katahit East Side?Rampur Ta. Katahi
187P S Rampur Taluka Katahit West Side1018Ismalela
188P S Fattupur Kala North Side1146Fattupur Kalan
189P S Fattupur Kala South Side1036Fattupur Kalan
190P S Ramnagar North Side?RAMNAGAR
191P S Ramnagar South Side346RAMNAGAR
192P S Majhagawa514Majha Gawan
193P S Chandauki?Chandauli
194P S Ukani721Ukani
195P S Raipur600Rampur
196P S Govardhanpur763Govardhanpur
197P S Sarai Kashi902Sarai Kashi
198P S Holpur976Holpur
199P S Banvirpur?Khemaipur
201P S Umarganj561Umar Ganj
202P S Madardeeh North Side884Madardih
204Jhs Jaipalpur Middle Side?Jai Pal Pur
206P S Itahara North Side1050Itahara
207P S Itahara South Side1311Itahara
208P S Jamalpur?Jamalpur
209P S Pura Dayal1054Pura Dayal
210P S Gauraiyadeeh North Side?Goraiyadih
211P S Gauraiyadeeh South Side?Goraiyadih
212P S Gauraiyadeeh687Sultanpur
213P S Gauraiyadeeh West Side250Goraiyadih
214P S Bhairopur1351Bhairopur
215P S Ramchauki1235Ramchauki
216P S Lauh East Side1217Lauh
217P S Lauh West Side?Lauh
218P S Samaspur1032Samaspur
219P S Pura Madhu604Pura Madhu
220P S Kodahu1357Kodahon
221P S Puraupur?Purau Pur
222P S Bheekhpur East Side1363Bhikhapur
223P S Bheekhpur West Side1328Bhikhapur
224Panchayat Bhawan Rakhauli1052Rakhauli
225P S Pandepur East Side847Chak Mathiya
226P S Hasanpur1116Hasanpur
227P S Chhanehata1471Chhanehata
228P S Sarai Chauhan1118Sarai Chauhan
229P S Sohasa North Side712Sohansa
230P S Sohasa871Sohansa
231P S Sohasa South Side1055Sohansa
233P S Fattupur Nisfi1398Fattupur Nisfi
234P S Babhanpur West Side?Babhanpur
235P S Halau Ka Pura Tarhati North Side?Tarahathi
236P S Bangaon Deeh Tarhati West Side?Tarahathi
237P S Bangaon Deeh Tarhati North Side?Tarahathi
238P S Tarhati Hemapur1259Tarahathi
239P S Tarhati Kilhapur?Tarahathi
240P S Tarhati Kilhapur South Side?Tarahathi
241P S Kabirpur North Side{Rasaina}1318Kabeerpur
242P S Kabirpur West Side{Rasaina}1369Kabeerpur
243P S Haidarepur East Side812Haidarepur
244P S Haidarepur West Side864Haidarepur
245P S Baragaon East Side1349Bara Gaon
246P S Baragaon Middle Side?Bara Gaon
247P S Godhuwa1377Godhowa
248P S Adepur1166Aadepur
249P S Saraifattu1041Saria Fattu
250P S Pakadi1460Pakari
251P S Kamalpur1442Kamalpur
252P S Rampur Jakhaniya North Side1473Rampur Ta Jakhaniyan
253P S Rampur Jakhaniya South Side?Rampur Ta Jakhaniyan
254P S Naraindeeh?Naraindih
256P S Dhaurahara1035Dhaurahara
257P S Bijadharmau588Bijadhar Mau
259Hindu I C Badshahpur Middle Side?Mogra Badshahpur (NPP)
260Hindu I C Badshahpur South Side935Mogra Badshahpur (NPP)
263Hindu I C Badshahpur1111Mogra Badshahpur (NPP)
265B Hindu I C Mungarabadshahpur North Khand815Mogra Badshahpur (NPP)
275P S Mungardeeh North Side840Mungardih
276P S Saraidingur687Sarai Dingur
277S V K Bhawan Ahmadpur Kaithauli679Ahamadpur Kaithauli
278P S Govinddaspur642Govindas Pur
279P S Nauwadadi North Side?Nauwadadi
280P S Nauwadadi South Side688Bahorikpur
281P S Gadiya626Gariya
282P S Sarai Raichanda North Side1133Sarai Rai Chanda
283P S Birdhaulpur692Birdhaulpur
284P S Satahariya?Sata Hariya
285P S Sarokhanpur1239Sarokhanpur
286Inter College Nibhapur North Side838Nibhapur
287Inter College Nibhapur South Side864Nibhapur
288P S Amodh East Side886Amodh
289P S Amodh766Amodh
290P S Sajaikala Khurd North Side1044Sajai Kalan Khurd
291P S Sajaikala Khurd South Side1029Sajai Kalan Khurd
292P S Uchaura684Uchaura
293P S Sarawa South Side?Sarawan
294Jhs Bhasot809Masot
295Jhs Bhasot West Side919Masot
296Jhs Pawara East Side1123Panwara
297Jhs Pawara Middle Side1050Panwara
298P S Himmatpur1459Himmatpur
299P S Sarai Pawara839Sarai Pawara
301P S Kuduriya?Kururiya
303P S Madawa Dodak South Side1492Marawa Dodak
304P S Madawa Dodak West Side?Marawa Dodak
305P S Bankat West Side?Bankat
306P S Bankat East Side941Semariya
307P S Madhupur1396Madhupur
308P S Jakhaniya1439Jakhaniyan
309P M V Rampur Hargir1394Rampur Hargir
310P S Jagdishpur Taluka Kunwarpur?Jagadishpur Ta.Kunwarpur
311P S Saraibika North Side1023SARAIBIKA
313P S Saraibika South Side896SARAIBIKA
314P S Hiramanpur639HIRAMPUR
315P S Rajjupur1211Rajjupur
316P S Bhikharipur East Side683Bhikhari Pur Khas
317P S Khadari East Side926Kharari
318P S Gauhani521Gauhani
320P S Tatihara North Side707TATIHARA
321P S Bangaon North Side1120Vangawan
322P S Karaunda South Side950Karaunda
323P S Sogara1093SONGARA
324P S Rampur Sawai1086RAMPUR SAWAI
325P S Bodepur East Side?Borepur
326P S Bodepur West Side?Borepur
327Horilal I C Kunwarpur?Kharuawan
330P S Unchdeeh East Side1330Unchadih
331P S Unchdeeh West Side958Unchadih
332P S Tikara?TIKARA
333P S Tikara West Side1008TIKARA
334P S Sahani819Sahani
335Panchayat Bhawan Nathupur497NATHUPUR
336P S Shahpur?Shahpur
337P S Rampur Bhodi South Side270Rampur Mori
339Panchayat Bhawan Nadar1222Nadar
340Jhs Kachhideeh Middle Side?Tardih
341P S Budansapur808Burhansapur
343P S Gariyaon North Side624Gariyawan
344P S Gariyaon South Side882Gariyawan
345P S Gopalpur858Gopalpur
346P S Saraikhem(Gariyaon)1088SARAIKHEM
347P S Karkauli1020Karkoli
348N Inter College Semari East Side966Semari
349N Inter College Semari West Side1308Semari
350N Inter College Semari982Semari
351P S Aswa North Side?ASWA
352P S Aswa South Side991ASWA
353P S Mudaon East Side1371Modawan
354P S Ahmadpur?Ahamadpur Gariyaon
355P S Mahendu West Side1058Mahendru
356P S Karaur1449Karaura
357Jhs Batanhit West Side664Batanhit
358Jhs Batanhit Middle Side1344Batanhit
359P S Khajurahat789Khajurahat
361P S Parsupur861PARSUPUR
362P S Koda1220Kora
363P S Bharahupur?BHARDPUR
365P S Godhana North Side786Godhana
366P S Godhana South Side756Godhana
367P S Babhaniyaon?BABHNIYAB
371P S Molanapur889MOLANAPUR

Last Updated on November 15, 2014