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Polling Booth in Muhammabad Gohna Assembly Constituency

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Muhammabad-Gohna Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Muhammabad Gohna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Muhammabad-Gohna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary P. Marha Mohiuddinpur No1699Mubarak Patti
4Primary P. Patt N. Imart614Patti
7Primary P. Sarkanda N. Imart655Sakranda
8Rashtiy Inter Collage Badina1471Bhadir
10Primary P. Bara Narth Bhag948Bara
11Primary P. Bara1332Bara
12Primary P. Itaurachaubepur West Bhag1162Itowra Chowbeypur
13Primary P. Itaurachaubepur1169Itowra Chowbeypur
15Primary P. Siyabasti1244Siyabasti
17Primary P. Devkalidelash1271Deokli Deolas
18Primary School Bairampur967Bijovli
19Primary P. Rampurkandhi N. Imart477Rampur Kadhi
20Devrshi Inter C. Devkali Devlas557Barbojhi
21Primary P. Aaripur N. Imart1200Barbojhi
22Primary P. Salempur N. Imart763Salempur
23Higher Primary School Sahuvari1167Ishahakpur
26Primary P. Nasopur951Nasopur
27Primary P. Dolana Uttar Bhag521Bara
28Primary P. Dolana Sauth Bhag871Dholana
29Primarfy P. Chakbarbochi N. Imart753Chakbar Bojhi
30K.Primary P. Faridpur Narth Bhag809Faridpukodhwa
31K.Primary P.Faridpur D. Bhag841Faridpur
32Primary P. Harnasath N. Imart539Harnasath
33J.High School Bandight East Bhag984Bandighat
34J.High School Bandight West Bhag855Bandighat
35Primary P. Bhatkol1342Bhatkol
37Primary P. Bhopatpur N. Imart577Bhopatpur
38Primary P. Bhatpara N. Imart793Bhatpara
39Primar P. Validpur1238Walidpur (CT)
40Primary P. Chakbhabvan1301Chak Bhadwa
41Primary P. Khalisa1233Khalsa
42B.R.K. Inter Collage Validpur1574Walidpur (CT)
43Primary P. Validpur M.Bhag1197Walidpur (CT)
44Primary P. Validpur East Bhag1369Khalsa
45B.R.K.Inter College Validpur785Walidpur (CT)
50B.R.K. Inter C. Validpur1446Walidpur (CT)
51K.K.Primary P.Validpur1427Walidpur (CT)
54Primayry School Atrari1245Khairabad (CT)
55Primary School Atrari932Khairabad (CT)
58Primary P. Chakbhopatpur & Sutrhi East Bhag1155Cham Bhopatpur Urf Sutarhi
59Primary P. Annupar Narth Bhag1016Ummanpur
60Primary P. Annupar M. Bhag978Dadopur
61Primary P. Annupar953Pareruwa
62Primary P. Hafijpur1237Hajipur
63K.Primary P.Sahabuddinpur1080Shahabuddin Pur
64Primary P. Juranpur N. Imart480Juranpur
65Primary P. Bhujahi747Barbojhi
67Higher P.School Alauddinpatti864Tandwa Jargar
69K.J.High School N.Imart1412Baniyapar
70Primary P. Chalisava1485Chak Lilsawa
71Primary P. Bahdpur West Bhag1001Barhadpur
72Primary P. Bahdpur East Bhag1134Barhadpur
73Primary P. Saidpur N. Imart1393Saidpur
74M.B.Ulum Khairabad East Bhag1307Khairabad (CT)
75M.B.Ulum Khairabad Madhy Bhag1233Khairabad (CT)
76M.B.Ulum Khairabad S. Bhag1206Khairabad (CT)
78Madrsa Asrfiya Jyaul Ulum Khairabad787Atrari (CT)
80Primary P. Khairabad824Atrari (CT)
82P.B.Inter C. Baramadpur East Bhag1178Mansurpur
83P.B.Inter C. Baramadpur West Bhag891Muhammadabad (NP)
85J.H.School M.Bad .N. Imart S. Bhag1315Muhammadabad (NP)
86J.H.School M.Bad .N. Imart M. Bhag1169Muhammadabad (NP)
90Primary P. N.Imart M.Bad East Bhag1305Muhammadabad (NP)
91Primary P. N.Imart M.Bad1397Muhammadabad (NP)
92Primary P. N. Imart M.Bad M.Bhag1373Muhammadabad (NP)
93Primay P. N. Imart M.Bad1304Muhammadabad (NP)
94T.Inter Collage Jamalpur1292Muhammadabad (NP)
96Chandidas Adrsh Primary P. Faridpur896Muhammadabad (NP)
97Primary P. Kabirabad698Muhammadabad (NP)
98Primary P. Kyampur1002Muhammadabad (NP)
100Town Inteh C. Jamalpur950Muhammadabad (NP)
101Primary P. Baripur N. Imart1408Muhammadabad (NP)
103Primary P. Galibpur East Bhag1495Galibpur
104Primary P1339Galibpur
105Primary P. Sarya861Sarya
106Primary P. Pradhanpur N455Pradhanpur
107Primary P. Basatpur650Basartpur
108Primary P. Sigari N. Imart664Basaratpur
109Primary P. Alauddinpur1091Athgoda
110Primary P. Nagdopur East Bhag565Nagadopur
111Primary P. Kyamuddinpur N.Imart431Karimuddinpur
112Primary P. Thakuripatti N. Imart410Thakuri Patti
113Primary P. Narauni1081Naravni
114Primary P. Nagdopur N. Imart1206Chandpatti
115Primary P. Tavkkalpur N. Imart579Tabkkalpur
116Primary P. Kasari1191Kasari
118Pachayat Bhavan Bhavrepur N. Imart784Bhanwre
119Primary P. Hazipur N. Imart792Hajipur
120Primary P. Amarhat N915Amarhat
121Sriram Chandra P.M. School Amari522Amari
124Primary P. Baraghav West Bhag1313Baragawan
125J.H. School Baragav799Baragawan
127Primary P. Kajhakhurd972Kajha Khurd
128Primary School Kajhakhurd1244Kajha Khurd
131Primary P. Tenduli789Tanduli
133Primary P. Daulsepur West Bhag1181Daulsepur
134Primary P. Dadauli West Bhag1118Daulsepur
135Primary P. Mahaso Saurth Bhag1056Daulsepur
136Primary P. Mahaso Utar Bhag781Daulsepur
137Primary P. Barar987Daulsepur
138Primary P. Barar West Bhag335Daulsepur
139Primary P. Khirkhana N. Imart720Daulsepur
140Primary P. Sonisa West Bhag1125Daulsepur
141Primary P. Sonisa East Bhag817Daulsepur
142L.M. School Rampur Bakhria1119Daulsepur
143Primary P. Makhuni750Daulsepur
144J.High School Khurhat Narth Bhag991Daulsepur
145J.H. School Khurhat759Daulsepur
147Primary P. Dharmsipur West Bhag776Daulsepur
151Primary P. Kamalpur East Bhag960Siwli Patti
152Primary P. Kamalpur West Bhag1462Kamalpur
153Primary P. Kamalpur801Kamalpur
155Primary P. Utrejpur M. Bhag1022Utrajpur
156Primary P. Utrejpur West Bhag1159Sohrabpur
157Primary P. Jaigavan N. Imart543Utrajpur
158J.H. School Nagripar East Bhag1214Nagaripar
160Primary P. Bandikala M.Bhag1178Bandi Kala
161Primary P. Bandikala396Bandi Kala
164Primary P. Surhurpur Narth Bhag1200Surhurpur
165Primary P. Surhurpur West Bhag1500Surhurpur
167Primary P. Kharigiliya N. Imart1278Khushamadpur
168Primary P. Kajeepur Basti N. Imart737Raikar
169Primary P. Bardiha1241Bardiha
170Primary P. Karhan1278Karha
171Primay P.Karhan1446Karha
172Primary P. Mahpur N. Imart1303Mahpur
174Primary P. Tarvachaubepur764Jamui
175Primary P. Karhan East Bhag1359Gaddo Pur
176D.Ambedakar P.M. School Ghutama695Karha
177Primary P. Chakjafari N. Imart1103Chakjafri
178Primary P. Malav East Bhag1386Malav
179Primary P. Malav West Bhag1159Malav
180Primary P. Malav Narth Bhag1096Malav
181J.High School Kamaluddinpur1318Sosarawan
182J.High School Devriyabujurg N. Imart1041Dewariya Khurd
183Primary P. Devriyakhurd West Bhag846Dewariya Khurd
184Primary P. Hindola N. Imart866Takai
185K.K.J.High School Laggupur East Bhag427Laggupur
186Primary P. Laggupur S.G. Tekai1122Takai
188Primary P. Tilsavan M. Bhag570Tilsawan
189Primary P. Tilsavan West Bhag1461Tilsawan
190Primay P. Otani N. Imart958Aotani
191Primary P. Saddopur1264Allipur
192Primary P. Devsipur N. Imart1145Deosipur
193Primary P. Nagpur798Nagpur
195Primay P. Bhatri Chak Bhatari East Bhag1256Bhatri Chakbhatari
196Primary P. Bhatrichakbhatri West Bhag1418Bhatri Chakbhatari
197Primary P. Dapehri1395Dapehri
198Primary P. Chaksahja912Chakali
199Primary P. Mansrabujurg West Bhag842Mansara Bujurg
200Primary P. Mansara Bujurg West Bhag1225Mansara Bujurg
201Primary P. Dadauli East Bhag1008Dattauli
203Primary P. Shamshabad873Shamsabad
207Primary P. Bhatikala East Bhag1334Chorui Dih
208Primary P. Chakbhikha N. Imart937Chak Bhika
209Primary P. Bhatikhurd N.Imart953Bhati Kala
210Primary P. Araila1403Araila
211Primary P. Yakubpur894Yakubpur
212Primary P. Yakubpur Sauth Bhag651Yakubpur
213Primary P. Semari N. Imart1015Semri
215Primary P. Tahirpur N. Imart1054Tahirpur
216Primary P. Bhusuvan Narth Bhag1120Bhusuwa
217Primary P. Bhusuvan1278Bhusuwa
218Primary P. Bhusuvan Sauth Bhag1274Bhusuwa
219Pachayat Bhavan Bakri1252Bakri
220Panchayat Bhavan Bakri816Bakri
221Primary P. Nohrepur N. Imadrt425Nohrepur
222Primary P. Umati1157Gopalpur
223Primary P. Umati East Bhag1103Umti
224Primary P. Paliya1027Paliya
227P.M.School Paligara M. Bahg699Paligarh
229P.M.School Paligan M. Bhag507Paligarh
230Primary School Durjepur N. Imart562Durjanpur
231Primary P. Lohatikar1387Loha Tikar
233Primary P. Gokulpura1217Gokulpura
240Primary P. Assi Narth Bhag1085Assibhawan
241Primary P. Mahurav N. Imadrt747Karamkhas
242Primary P. Gopalpur Rachharai East Bhag956Gopalpur Raksharay
243Primary P. Chakiya N. Imadrt1036Chakiya
244K.J. High School Chitvisav East Bhag797Chitvishaw
245Primary P. Nevada N. Imart318Daulsepur
246Primary P. Korar N. Imart757Daulsepur
247Primary P. Kanakpur394Kamrawa
248Primary P. Kakraha N. Imart610Hakam
250Primary P. Panari871Pandari
251Primary P. Barvan N. Imart469Barwa
252Primary P. Bhamhaur474Bamhur
253Balak Balika I.C. Ramban Kajha1279Kajipur
257Primary P. Mirzapur1128Kajha Khurd
259J.High School Basti1234Basti
260Primary P. Piruva928Pirwa
262Primary P. Khiriya1109Khiriya
264Primary P. Sadipur542Saidpur
265Primary P. Chalha N. Imart583Chalha
266Primary P. Akbarpur691Akbar Pur
268Primary P. Babhanpura1287Babhanpurauttar
271Shri Krish?An Vidyapith U.Ma.Vidhyalay Chiraiyakot732Manajit
275Primary P. Chiraiyakot Pratham (Yusufabad)865Usufabad
278R. Inter C. Chiraiyakot East Bhag913Ibrahim Chak
279R. Inter C. Chiraiyakot West Bhag1398Chiraya Kot
280Primary P. Abdopur N. Imart351Abdopur
282R. Inter C. Chiraiyakot Narth Bhag1258Jamin Durga
283Primary P. Tajpur N. Imart420Tajpur
284J.H.School Bhikhampur.N. Imart969Bhikhampur
285R. Inter C. Chiraiyakot1369Awasthi Brahim
286R.Inter C. Chiraiyakot West Bhag959Jmin Burhan
288Primary P. Samauddinpur Narth Bhag962Katghar Kayam
289Primary P. Samauddinpur Saurth Bhag675Prema Patti
290Primary P. Amarsepur N. Imart628Amarsepur
291Primary P. Sultanipur Narth Bhag947Sultanipur
292Primary P. Nijampur M. Sultanipur N. Imart708Naravni
293Primary P. Husenabad N. Imart446Husenabad
295Primary P. Asalpur1106Aslpur
296Primary P. Abdullahpur West Bhag540Galibpur
297Primary P. Karmi N. Imart840Aslpur
299Primary P. Abdullahpur East Bhag677Abdullahpur
300Primary P. Devkhari U Bhag1220Abdullahpur
302Primary P. Sarauda East Bhag1301Abdullahpur
303Primary P. Sarauda Madhy Bhag1233Abdullahpur
304Primary P. Lareva N. Inmart1121Abdullahpur
305Primary P. Aldemau East Bhag809Abdullahpur
307Primary P. Shahabpur N. Imart936Abdullahpur
308Sridurga Hagher School Gokulpura Kamava1258Abdullahpur
309Primary P. Kamtharinurpur West Bhag1266Abdullahpur
310Primary P. Kamtharinurpur East Bhag580Abdullahpur
311Primary P. Hiranpur N. Imart415Abdullahpur
312Primary P. Chhaprachk Badrooddinpur West Bhag1277Abdullahpur
313Primary P. Chhaprachk Badrooddinpur East Bhag593Abdullahpur
314Primary P. Amirha N. Imart734Amiraha
315Inter C. Sarsena East Bhag757Sarsana
316Inter C. Chiraiyakot East Bhag877Sarsana
319Primary P. Raipur East Bhag1340Ranpur
320Primary P. Raipur West Bhag1030Gujafarpur
321Primary P. Raipur Saurth Bhag580Raipur Patti
322Primary P. Bahlolpur1083Bahlolpur
323Primary P. Sirsa East Bhag886Sirasa
324Primary P. Sirsa West Bhag1027Sirasa
325Primary P. Bhaeriyadhar West Bhag1277Bheryaghar
329Primary P. Allipur806Allipur
330Primary P. Nasirpur N. Imart982Nasirpur
333Primary P. Chandravati Sarth Bhag1050Chakbanni
334Primary P. Sechuihrikesh Narth Bhag1014Ali Nager
337Primary P. Sechuibelbhadra521Sachui Belbhadra
339Primary P. Vishunpura East Bhag1243Jashara
340D.A.School P.P. Pachistamolnapur West Bhag792Pachista Molanapur
341D.A.School P.Primary Pachistamolnapur759Pachista Molanapur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014