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Polling Booth in Moradabad-Rural Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Moradabad-Rural

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Moradabad-Rural Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Devipura Room-11291Devipur Ahatmali
2Primary School Devipura Room-21273Devipur Mustahkam
3Primary School Jalpur751Jalpur
4Primary School Maheshpur Khem Room-1810Mahespur Khem
5Primary School Maheshpur Khem Room-2793Mahespur Khem
6Primary School Pasiyapura Room-1852Pasiapura
7Primary School Badhpura Majhra Maheshpur Khem986Barhpura Mazra Mahespur Khem
8Primary School Kariya Nagla Sani Room-1991Kariya Nagla Sani
9Primary School Khawadiaghat970Kariya Nagla Ahatmali
10Primary School Malhupura Hardodandi1342Malhupura Hardo Dandi
11Primary School Niwadkhas Room-11359Niwar Khas
12Primary School Niwadkhas Room-21246Niwar Khas
13Primary School Bahoranpur Kala Room-1903Bahoranpur Kalan
14Primary School Bahoranpur Kala Room-21259Bahoranpur Kalan
15Primary School Shyampur Hadipur1475Shyampur Hadipur
16Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-11368Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
17Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-21158Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
18Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-3751Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
19Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-12749Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
20Govt. Hyer Secondry School Bhojpur Room-4913Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
21Govt. Hyer Secondry School Bhojpur Room-6914Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
22Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-5871Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
23Govt. Hyer Secondry School Room-7925Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
24Primary School Room-1809Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
25Primary School Room-3816Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
26Primary School Room-21355Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
27Kanya Pathshala Harwola Wala Room-1946Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
28Kanya Pathshala Harwola Wala Room-2939Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
29Madarsa Faizganj Chaudhariyan Nakkalan Room-1725Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
30Madarsa Faizganj Room-2840Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
31Govt. Hyer Secondry School Nagar Palika Bhojpur Room-13790Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
32Govt. Hyer Secondry School Nagar Palika Bhojpur Room-14794Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
33Govt. Hyer Secondry School Nagar Palika Bhojpur Room-10758Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
34Govt. Hyer Secondry School Nagar Palika Bhojpur Room-11749Bhojpur Dharampur (NP)
35Primary School Ganeshpur Devi1373Ganeshpur Devi Ahatmali
36Primary School Shahpur Room-1980Shahpur Ahatmali
37Primary School Shahpur Room-4906Shahpur Ahatmali
38Primary School Shahpur Room-21435Sehali Ahatmali
39Primary School Shahpur Room-31085Shahpur Ahatmali
40Primary School Sihali Room-4805Shahpur Ahatmali
41Primary School Sihali Room-31055Sehal Mustahkam
42Junior High School Peepalsana Room-1865Pipalsana Mustahkam
43Junior High School Peepalsana Room-5813Puranpur Mustahkam
44Junior High School Peepalsana Room-2796Puranpur Ahatmali
45Junior High School Peepalsana Room-6805Pipalsana Ahatmali
46Junior High School Peepalsana Room-31035Pipalsana Ahatmali
47Junior High School Peepalsana Room-41047Pipalsana Ahatmali
48Primary School Peepalsana Room1885Pipalsana Ahatmali
49Primary School Peepalsana Room-2887Pipalsana Ahatmali
50Primary School Peepalsana Room-41282Pipalsana Ahatmali
51Primary School Peepalsana Room-31003Pipalsana Ahatmali
52Primary School Goonganagla511Gunga Nagla
53Primary School Baru Bhuda521Baru Bhura
54Primary School Dungarpur Room-1815Dagarpur
55Primary School Naktipur Khurd983Naketpuri Khurd
56Primary School Parwatpur Dambu489Parbatpur Dammu
57Vidha Niketan Junior High School Siraswa Harchand Room-1470Milak Sirswan Harchand
58Primary School Dandi Durjan813Dagarpur
59Vidha Niketan Junior High School Siraswa Harchand Room-2768Sirswan Harchand
60Primary School Peeplilal529Pipli Lal
61Primary Kanya Pathshala Malwada Urf Manpur1379Malwara Urf Manpur
62Primary School Samda Chaturbhuj874Samda Chatar Bhoj
63Primary School Mudia Room-11109Mundia
64Primary School Mudia Room-2952Mundia
65Primary School Dharmpur803Dharampur
66Primary School Thiriyadan1326Thiria Dan
67Primary School Raipur Samda801Raipur Samda
68Primary School Ratanpura553Ratanpura
69Primary School Padlibaje1169Padli Baze
70Primary School Berkheda Chak Room-11503Berkhera Chak
71Primary School Berkheda Chak Room-2623Berkhera Chak
72Primary School Vilakudan1240Berkhera Chak
73Primary School Velwada586Bil Wala
74Primary School Raninagal Room- 11311Rani Nagla
75Primary School Raninagal Room- 2815Rani Nagla
76Primary School Ataria Room-1902Ataria
77Primary School Ataria Room-2931Ataria
78Primary School Korbaku1406Korwaku
79Primary School Nekpur593Nekpur
80Primary School Siraswa Gaud Room-11089Sirswan Gaur
81Primary School Siraswa Gaud Room-21411Sirswan Gaur
82Primary School Siraswa Gaud Room-3940Sirswan Gaur
83Primary School Vajidpur Tigri928Mahmudpur Tigri
84Primary School Mehmoodpur Tigri Room-1807Mahmudpur Tigri
85Primary School Mehmoodpur Tigri Room-2788Mahmudpur Tigri
86Primary School Rustampur Tigri Room-11344Rustampur Tigri
87Primary School Rustampur Tigri Room-21073Rustampur Tigri
88Primary School Laluwala Room1466Laluwala Ahatmali
89Primary School Laluwala Room-2841Laluwala Ahatmali
90Primary School Laluwala Room-31427Laluwala Ahatmali
91Primary School Rooppur Bahadurpur443Ruppur Bahadurpur
92Primary School Trilokpur942Tilokpur
93Primary School Bhagatpur Ratan396Bhagatpur Ratan
94Primary School Avavakpur665Ababakpur
95Primary School Sehal Room-1838Sehal Ahatmali
96Primary School Sehal Room-2847Sehal Ahatmali
97Primary School Chakarpur Mustahkam949Chakarpur
98Junior High School Godhi Room-11487Godhi
99Junior High School Godhi Room-2666Godhi
100Primary School Sailathan863Sela Than
101Primary School Hathat745Godhi
102Primary School Kankarkheda908Kankar Khera
103Primary School Guladia1280Guladia
104Primary School Basantpur Ramrai779Basantpur Ramrai
105Primary School Tazpur Mafi Room-11334Tajpur Mafi
106Primary School Tazpur Mafi Room-21366Tajpur Mafi
107Primary School Barwara Majhra Room-1793Barwara Mazra (CT)
108Evergreen Junior High School Barwara Majhra Room-5819Barwara Mazra (CT)
109Evergreen Junior High School Barwara Majhra Room-1976Barwara Mazra (CT)
110Evergreen Junior High School Barwara Majhra Room-2783Barwara Mazra (CT)
111Evergreen Junior High School Barwara Majhra Room-3968Barwara Mazra (CT)
112Evergreen Junior High School Barwara Majhra Room-4991Barwara Mazra (CT)
113Primary School Begampur1105Begampur
114Primary School Beejna Room-11271Bijna
115Primary School Beejna Room-2855Bijna
116Primary School Beejna Room-3751Bijna
117Primary School Dadupur Paindapur1261Dadupur Paindapur
118Primary School Mednipur644Mednipur
119Panchayat Ghar Khanpur Kasba1480Khanpur Kasba Ahatmali
120Primary School Rafatpur1023Rafatpur
121Primary School Mustafabad1305Mustafabad Ahatmali
122Primary School Ramnagar Majhra701Ramnagar Mazra Ahatmali
123Primary School Dilra Raipur1011Dilra Raipur
124Primary School Jagatpur Ramrai534Jagatpur Ramrai Ahatmali
125Primary School Laxmipur Kattai Room-1750Laxmipur Urf Katei
126Primary School Laxmipur Kattai Room-2810Laxmipur Urf Katei
127Primary School Mohabbatpur Bhagwantpur Room-1957Mohabaatpur Bhagwantpur Mustah
128Primary School Mohabbatpur Bhagwantpur Room-2751Mohabaatpur Bhagwantpur Mustah
129Primary School Gauharpur Sultanpur1058Goharpur Sultanpur
130Primary School Islamnagar Rampura1471Islampur Rampura
131Primary School Kafiyabad1153Kafiyabad
132Primary School Akka Bhikanpur1154Akk Bhikanpur Ahatmali
133Primary School Khaia Khaddar1271Khaiya Khadder
134Primary School Theekri Room-1868Thikari
135Primary School Theekri Room-2750Thikari
136Primary School Theekri Room-3752Thikari
137Docter Bheem Rao Ambedkar Junior High School Naya Gaon Room- 11039Moradabad (M Corp.)
138Docter Bheem Rao Ambedkar Junior High School Naya Gaon Room- 2794Moradabad (M Corp.)
139Docter Bheem Rao Ambedkar Junior High School Naya Gaon Room- 5861Moradabad (M Corp.)
140Mansarowar Kanya Inter College Naveen Nagar Room-31366Moradabad (M Corp.)
141Mansarowar Kanya Inter College Naveen Nagar Room-11492Moradabad (M Corp.)
142Docter Bheem Rao Ambedkar Junior High School Naya Gaon Room- 31480Moradabad (M Corp.)
143Mansarowar Kanya Inter College Naveen Nagar Room-2938Moradabad (M Corp.)
144Mansarowar Kanya Inter College Naveen Nagar Room-51049Moradabad (M Corp.)
145Nehru Yuva Kendra Room-1795Moradabad (M Corp.)
146Nehru Yuva Kendra Room-4820Moradabad (M Corp.)
147Nehru Yuva Kendra Room-2758Moradabad (M Corp.)
148Nehru Yuva Kendra Mda Colony Room-5841Moradabad (M Corp.)
149Nehru Yuva Kendra Room-3833Moradabad (M Corp.)
150Nehru Yuva Kendra Mda Colony Room-6847Moradabad (M Corp.)
151Block Office Room-11209Moradabad (M Corp.)
152Block Office Room-51297Moradabad (M Corp.)
153Block Office Room-2895Moradabad (M Corp.)
154Block Office Room-3894Moradabad (M Corp.)
155Block Office Room-6954Moradabad (M Corp.)
156Block Office Room-8958Moradabad (M Corp.)
157Block Office Room-4909Moradabad (M Corp.)
158Block Office Room-7909Moradabad (M Corp.)
159Maharaja Agrasen Inter College Room-11457Moradabad (M Corp.)
160Maharaja Agrasen Inter College Room-21238Moradabad (M Corp.)
161Maharaja Agrasen Inter College Room-3969Moradabad (M Corp.)
162Maharaja Agrasen Inter College Room-5961Moradabad (M Corp.)
163Maharaja Agrasen Inter College Room-4576Moradabad (M Corp.)
164Madarsa Shah Bulaki Shah Room-11373Moradabad (M Corp.)
165Madarsa Shah Bulaki Shah Room-2725Moradabad (M Corp.)
166Green Midoj School Dr. B R Ambedkar Police Acadmy Room-3926Moradabad (M Corp.)
167Green Midoj School Dr. B R Ambedkar Police Acadmy Room-4779Moradabad (M Corp.)
168K.C.M Inter College Room-4334Moradabad (M Corp.)
169Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-11374Moradabad (M Corp.)
170Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-6803Moradabad (M Corp.)
171Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-10782Moradabad (M Corp.)
172Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-21140Moradabad (M Corp.)
173Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-81061Moradabad (M Corp.)
174Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-3937Moradabad (M Corp.)
175Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-7999Moradabad (M Corp.)
176Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-4963Moradabad (M Corp.)
177Adarsh Grameen Inter College Harthala Room-5965Moradabad (M Corp.)
178Cosmo Poletin Public School Room-3802Moradabad (M Corp.)
179Cosmo Poletin Public School Room-4810Moradabad (M Corp.)
180R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-6780Moradabad (M Corp.)
181R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-7840Moradabad (M Corp.)
182R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-1842Moradabad (M Corp.)
183R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-2900Moradabad (M Corp.)
184R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-5841Moradabad (M Corp.)
185R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-4934Moradabad (M Corp.)
186Sonakpur Stedium M D A Colony Room-1756Moradabad (M Corp.)
187Sonakpur Stedium M D A Colony Room-4770N/A
188R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-8723Moradabad (M Corp.)
189R.S.D. Acadmy Girls Deegre College Room-9783Moradabad (M Corp.)
190Sonakpur Stedium M D A Colony Room-21119Moradabad (M Corp.)
191Sonakpur Stedium M D A Colony Room-3806Moradabad (M Corp.)
192Dayanand Deegre College Room-1791Moradabad (M Corp.)
193Dayanand Deegre College Room-4776Moradabad (M Corp.)
194Dayanand Deegre College Room-2923Moradabad (M Corp.)
195Dayanand Deegre College Room-3874Moradabad (M Corp.)
196Wilsonia Inter College Room-11063Moradabad (M Corp.)
197Wilsonia Inter College Room-21256Moradabad (M Corp.)
198Baldev Kanya Arya Inter College Room-11294Moradabad (M Corp.)
199Baldev Kanya Arya Inter College Room-51264Moradabad (M Corp.)
200Baldev Kanya Arya Inter College Room-21148Moradabad (M Corp.)
201Baldev Kanya Arya Inter College Room-41181Moradabad (M Corp.)
202Dayanand Deegre College Room-6991Moradabad (M Corp.)
203Dayanand Deegre College Room-51008Moradabad (M Corp.)
204Dayanand Deegre College Room-81122Moradabad (M Corp.)
205Dayanand Deegre College Room-71138Moradabad (M Corp.)
206Primary School Bangla Gaon Police Chowki Ke Pichhe Room-1923Moradabad (M Corp.)
207Primary School Bangla Gaon Police Chowki Ke Pichhe Room-31288Moradabad (M Corp.)
208Primary School Bangla Gaon Police Chowki Ke Pichhe Room-21324Moradabad (M Corp.)
209Safai Godam Daulat Bagh Teen Shed1252Moradabad (M Corp.)
210Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-1777Moradabad (M Corp.)
211Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-6797Moradabad (M Corp.)
212Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-21500Moradabad (M Corp.)
213Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-31461Moradabad (M Corp.)
214Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-4890Moradabad (M Corp.)
215Ambika Prasad Inter College Room-5901Moradabad (M Corp.)
216Kaushalya Kanya Inter College Room-11396Moradabad (M Corp.)
217Kaushalya Kanya Inter College Room-2942Moradabad (M Corp.)
218Disst. B S A Officer Room-1882Moradabad (M Corp.)
219Disst. B S A Officer Room-2875Moradabad (M Corp.)
220Junior High School Dang Room-11298Moradabad (M Corp.)
221Junior High School Dang Room-2839Moradabad (M Corp.)
222Junior High School Dang Room-4835Moradabad (M Corp.)
223Junior High School Dang Room-31192Moradabad (M Corp.)
224Islamia Junior High School Jhabbu Ka Nala Room-11356Moradabad (M Corp.)
225Islamia Junior High School Room-2800Moradabad (M Corp.)
226Islamia Junior High School Room-3782Moradabad (M Corp.)
227Abbasia Inter College Room-11194Moradabad (M Corp.)
228Abbasia Inter College Room-2565Moradabad (M Corp.)
229Tehsil School Room-11194Moradabad (M Corp.)
230Tehsil School Room-21077Moradabad (M Corp.)
231Kanya Primary School Deewankhana1386Moradabad (M Corp.)
232Islamia Kanya Junior High School Room-1 Kisrol Purvi888Moradabad (M Corp.)
233Islamia Kanya Junior High School Room-2 Kisrol Purvi915Moradabad (M Corp.)
234Laxmi Narayan Leela Chhetriya Saraswati Shiksha Mandir Inter College Room-1957Moradabad (M Corp.)
235Laxmi Narayan Leela Chhetriya Saraswati Shiksha Mandir Inter College Room-21028Moradabad (M Corp.)
236Laxmi Narayan Leela Srotriye Shiksha Mandir Inter College Kisrol Room-31315Moradabad (M Corp.)
237Laxmi Narayan Leela Srotriye Shiksha Mandir Inter College Kisrol Room-4811Moradabad (M Corp.)
238Primary School Bagia Room-1758Moradabad (M Corp.)
239Primary School Bagia Room-21423Moradabad (M Corp.)
240Haris Girls Inter College Room-1522Moradabad (M Corp.)
241Haris Girls Inter College Room-21080Moradabad (M Corp.)
242Haris Girls Inter College Room-31299Moradabad (M Corp.)
243Haris Girls Inter College Room-41145Moradabad (M Corp.)
244Primary School Balak Bagia Nababpura Room-3792Moradabad (M Corp.)
245Primary School Balak Bagia Nababpura Room-4791Moradabad (M Corp.)
246Gokuldas Girls Primary School Room-21399Moradabad (M Corp.)
247Gokuldas Girls Primary School Room-3864Moradabad (M Corp.)
248Gokuldas Girls Primary School Room-5912Moradabad (M Corp.)
249Gokuldas Girls Primary School Room-41065Moradabad (M Corp.)
250Yagh Bhawan Panjabi Dharmshala Moradabad1279Moradabad (M Corp.)
251Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-1753Moradabad (M Corp.)
252Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-6748Moradabad (M Corp.)
253Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-2789Moradabad (M Corp.)
254Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-7808Moradabad (M Corp.)
255Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-31284Moradabad (M Corp.)
256Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-41040Moradabad (M Corp.)
257Gokuldas Girls Gujrati Inter College Room-51177Moradabad (M Corp.)
258Moradabad Inter College Room-11109Moradabad (M Corp.)
259Moradabad Inter College Room-2785Moradabad (M Corp.)
260Moradabad Inter College Room-4783Moradabad (M Corp.)
261Moradabad Inter College Room-3822Moradabad (M Corp.)
262Moradabad Inter College Room-5688Moradabad (M Corp.)
263Falahdaran Inter College Room-11261Moradabad (M Corp.)
264Falahdaran Inter College Room-21474Moradabad (M Corp.)
265Falahdaran Inter College Room-3841Moradabad (M Corp.)
266Muslim Girls Junior High School Room-1 Lakdiwalan1392Moradabad (M Corp.)
267Muslim Girls Junior High School Room-2 Lakdiwalan772Moradabad (M Corp.)
268Muslim Girls Junior High School Room-3 Lakdiwalan739Moradabad (M Corp.)
269Govt. Inter College Room-1888Moradabad (M Corp.)
270Govt. Inter College Room-4907Moradabad (M Corp.)
271Govt. Inter College Room-2840Moradabad (M Corp.)
272Govt. Inter College Room-51063Moradabad (M Corp.)
273Basic School Nagar Nigam Kanoon Goyan Lakdiwalan Room-11014Moradabad (M Corp.)
274Besic School Nagar Nigam Kanoon Goyan Lakdi Walan Moradabad Room-21470Moradabad (M Corp.)
275Govt Girls Junior High School S.T. Hasan Ke Pichhe Faizganj Moradabad Room - 11013Moradabad (M Corp.)
276Govt Girls Junior High School S.T. Hasan Ke Pichhe Faizganj Moradabad Room - 21023Moradabad (M Corp.)
277Pratap Singh Girls Inter College Room-11453Moradabad (M Corp.)
278Pratap Singh Girls Inter College Room-51441Moradabad (M Corp.)
279Pratap Singh Girls Inter College Room-4674Moradabad (M Corp.)
280Khatri Dharmshala Moradabad1344Moradabad (M Corp.)
281Maharaja Agrasen Public School Room-2689Moradabad (M Corp.)
282Maharaja Agrasen Public School Room-31047Moradabad (M Corp.)
283Imdadia Girls School Chauraha Gali Room-11372Moradabad (M Corp.)
284Rajkala P.D. Girls College Mandi Bans Room-1822Moradabad (M Corp.)
285Rajkala P.D. Girls College Mandi Bans Room-2844Moradabad (M Corp.)
286Prabha Devi Girls Inter College Room-11227Moradabad (M Corp.)
287Prabha Devi Girls Inter College Room-21276Moradabad (M Corp.)
288Heeralal Dharmshala Moradabad Room-11232Moradabad (M Corp.)
289Heeralal Dharmshala Moradabad Room-21233Moradabad (M Corp.)
290Rambharose Kanya Junior High School Room-11098Moradabad (M Corp.)
291Rambharose Kanya Junior High School Room-21440Moradabad (M Corp.)
292Susheela Arya Junior High School Room-21429Moradabad (M Corp.)
293Susheela Arya Junior High School Room-31221Moradabad (M Corp.)
294Nagar Nigam Office Room-3890Moradabad (M Corp.)
295Victoria Hospital Room-11473Moradabad (M Corp.)
296Victoria Hospital Room-2776Moradabad (M Corp.)
297Victoria Hospital Room-3767Moradabad (M Corp.)
298Purana Jila Hospital Room-1756Moradabad (M Corp.)
299Purana Jila Hospital Room-3748Moradabad (M Corp.)
300Purana Jila Hospital Room-2885Moradabad (M Corp.)
301Purana Jila Hospital Room-4871Moradabad (M Corp.)
302Purana Jila Hospital Room-51176Moradabad (M Corp.)
303Tehsil Besic School Room-11169Moradabad (M Corp.)
304Tehsil Besic School Room-21226Moradabad (M Corp.)
305Abdul Salam Girls Inter College Room-1 Madhya Wing984Moradabad (M Corp.)
306Tehsil Moradabad Office Building Room-11099Moradabad (M Corp.)
307J.R. Agarwal Inter College Room-11012Moradabad (M Corp.)
308J.R. Agarwal Inter College Room-2893Moradabad (M Corp.)
309Jainul Nisha Silai Kendra Room-1799Moradabad (M Corp.)
310Jainul Nisha Silai Kendra Room-2831Moradabad (M Corp.)
311Junior High School Jannatul Nisha Room-31483Moradabad (M Corp.)
312Junior High School Mugalpura Room-1932Moradabad (M Corp.)

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