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Polling Booth in Modi-Nagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Modi-Nagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Modi-Nagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pri. School. Mohd. Pur Amad Bagpat767Mohammadpur Amad Baghpat
2Pri. School Matuar1020Mataur
3Pri School Khindodha1299Khindaura
7Navjivan Jr High School Bhanera1351Bhanaira
9Pri School Suhana1171Suhana
11Pri School Puthri924Puthri
12Pri. School No. 1 Patla Shiv Chowk1284Patala (NP)
15Pri School No. 2 Patla1104Patala (NP)
18Pri School Nagla Ankhu803Nagla Akkhu
19Pri School Asifpur Ujaida1095Ashifpur Ujaira
21Pri School Dabana739Dabana
23Kanya Jr High School Didoli842Didauli
26Pri. School Mohd. Pur Kadeem1411Mohammadpur Kadim
27Pri. School Purv Sikri Kala1065Sikri Kalan (CT)
31Pri. School Yusufpur Manota785Yusufpur Manota
32Pri.. School No. 1 Abupur1478Abupur (CT)
35Nanakchand Int. School Sonda776Saunda
39Pri.. School Sherpur1134Sherpur
40Pri.. School Nagla Musa1065Nagala Musa
41Major Asharam Tyagi Pri.. School No. 1 Fatehpur454Fatehpur
42Pri.. School Sikheda Hajari817Sikhaida Hajari
43Pri. School Painga1000Painga
44Primary School Painga724Painga
45Sanjay Gandhi Balika Int. College Niwari723Niwari (NP)
47S. K. Inter College Niwari675Niwari (NP)
52Pri. School Yakutpur Mavi1227Yakutpur Mavi
53Pri. School Makarmat Pur Sikeda1139Makarmatpur Sikhera
54New Kanya Pri. School Sara894Sara
58Islamiya Madrasa Jiya-Ul Kuran Bisokar1126Bisokhar (CT)
62Pri. School Kadrabad931Kunhaida
66Pri. School No.2 Rori1098Rori (CT)
68Pri School New Rori831Rori (CT)
70G. S. R. Public School Vijaynagar971Rori (CT)
74Maharishi Dayanand Int. College Govindpuri891Modinagar (NPP)
80Adarsh Kanya Inter College1136Modinagar (NPP)
88Pramila Modi Girl Jr School Harmukhpuri819Modinagar (NPP)
95Dayawati Modi Trining College Modinagar1123Modinagar (NPP)
102Ginni Devi Junior High School Devenderpuri711Begumabad Budhana (CT)
108Pri. School Budana1226Begumabad Budhana (CT)
110Sant Teresa Academy1046Modinagar (NPP)
116Pri. School Jila Parishad Govindpuri981Modinagar (NPP)
118Ginni Devi Girl Degree College Modinagar842Modinagar (NPP)
123Dr. K. N. Modi Science And Commere College925Modinagar (NPP)
130Gayatri Devi Junior High School Modipon Colony918Modinagar (NPP)
136Tulsi Ram Maheshwari Girl. Co. Inter College Adarsh College1450Modinagar (NPP)
146P.B.A.S Inter College 951Modinagar (NPP)
152Dayawati Modi Girl Jr High School Dalip Park1406Modinagar (NPP)
158Rukmani Modi Pri. School1374Modinagar (NPP)
165Dayawati Modi Public Academy Fafrana Road975Modinagar (NPP)
169Lal Bahadur Shashtri Memo Jr. High School Tibra Road980Modinagar (NPP)
174Rukmani Modi Girl. School Railway Road1182Modinagar (NPP)
186Pri. School Fafrana1055Phaphrana
188Pri. School No. 2 Begmabad1100Begumabad Budhana (CT)
190Jr. Besic Girl School776Begumabad Budhana (CT)
196Pri. School Sikri Khurd1257Sikri Khurd
198Girl Pri. School Sikri Khurd1009Sikri Khurd
200Pri. School No. 1 Kajampur756Kajampur
201Pri. School Dosa Banjarpur987Dausa Banjarpur
203Junior High School Kalchina895Kalchhina
208Pri. School Kalchina Sukkan Gadi521Kalchhina
209Govt. Girl Inter Collge Kalchina736Kalchhina
213Pri. School Yusufpur Naglaber930Yusufpur Naglabair
215Pri. School Abidpur Manki918Abidpur Maniki
217Pri. School Latifpur Tibra1214Lalifpur Tibra
219Pri. School Aurangabad Gadana1395Aurangabad Gadana (CT)
221Pri. School Gadi Gadana1258Aurangabad Gadana (CT)
222Pri. School Vidyapur Safiabad661Vidyapur Safiabad
223Dalit Pri. School Bakhrawa847Bakharva
224Pri. School Bakhrawa819Bakharva
226Modi Girl Jr High School Shahjahapur786Shahjahanpur
228Pri. School Hridyapur Bhandola758Hirdaipur Madaula
230Junior High School Sakurpur1286Shakurpur
231Pri. School Muradabad1206Moradabad
232Pri. School Dilna1169Saidpur Husainpur
233Pri. School Saidpur Husainpur Dilna1028Saidpur Husainpur
238Krishak Inter College Chudiyala1369Churiyala
241Girls Junior High School Talheta1224Talehaita
243Junior High School Talheta1211Talehaita
244Junior High School Tyodi 13 Biswa1250Tauri 13 Biswa
247Junior High School Tyodi 7 Biswa1154Tauri 7 Biswa
249Pri. School Badola1165Bhadauli
250Pri. School Raghunathpur652Raghunathpur
251New Pri. School Kilhoda770Kilhauda
253Pri. School Yusufpur Ishapur1268Yusufpur Isapur
254Pri. School Aurangabad Fajalgarh1232Aurangabad Fazalgarh
256Pri. School Palota678Palauta
257Pri. School Bhatjan1214Bhatjan
258Pri. School Machri1082Machhri
259Dayawati Modi Girl School Bhojpur954Bhojpur
261Pri. School Bhojpur1131Bhojpur
263Jurior High School Bhojpur833Bhojpur
265Pri. School Khanjarpur812Khanjarpur
268Pri. School Patti1093Patti
269Pri School Jahagirpur1369Jahangirpur
270Pri. School Amrala1199Amrala
272Junior High School Faridnagar1042Faridnagar (NP)
276Pri. School Faridnagar1355Faridnagar (NP)
278Adarsh Primary School Aurangnagar Kinhapur392Aurangabad Kinhapur
279Pri. School Amirpur Badyala952Amipur Badayala
280Pri. School Akhadha1096Mohammad Pur Sujanpur
281Pri. School Mohd. Pur Sujanpur964Mohammad Pur Sujanpur
282Pri. School Samli734Shamli
284Junior High School Atroli1206Atrauli
287Junior High School Arungabad Datedi998Abdulapur Dateri
288Pri. School Kanakpur990Kanakpur
289Junior High School Joya689Joya
290Pri. School Ishaknagar978Ishaq Nagar
291Pri. School Nahli1470Nahali
293Pri. School Nagola Amipur1242Nagaula Amirpur
294Pri. School Mukimpur1218Mukimpur

Last Updated on June 12, 2020

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