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Polling Booth in Misrikh Assembly Constituency

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Misrikh Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Misrikh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Misrikh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.R.N 1 Jalepara1072Jale Para
2P.P.R.N 2 Jalepara626Ghaghpur
3P.S R.N.1 Haskhera726Has Khera
4P.S.R.N.1 Devpara635Deopara
5P.S R.N.1Mader1040Madar
6P.S R.N1 Atari903Madar
7P.S R1471Sahsapur
8P.S R.N1 Dhakiya953Dhakia Kala
9P.S.R.N 2 Dhakiya948Dhakia Kala
10P.S R.N1Nighuwamu926Nighua Mau
11P.S R.N1 Nevadiya438Nevadiya
12P.S R.N1 Bhadebhar1119Bhade Bhar
13P.S R.N1 Hisampur Jakriya481Hisampur Jakariya
14P.S R.N1 Dadevra1086Dadeora
15P.S R.N1 Dalelnagar617Dalel Nagar
16P.S R.N1 Kinhauti891Kinhoti
17P.S.R.N 2 Kinhauti928Kinhoti
18P.S R.N1 Katiya1088Katia
19P.S R.N1 Surjanpur684Surjanpur
20P.S R.N1 Goplapur568Mamhoodpur
21P.S R.N1 Parsada826Mamhoodpur
22P.S R.N 2 Parsada870Parsada
23P.S R.N1Paudaver1391Paurawr
24P.S R.N1 Chitrehata1006Chitehata
25P.S R.N 2 Chitrehata781Mittepur
26P.S R.N1 Kanduvapara1327Kandvapur
27P.S R.N1 Jamalpur North462Jamalpur(N)
28P.S R.N1 Barepara578Bare Para
29P.S R.N1 Dharau H/O Sakrara719Sakarara
30P.S R.N 2 Sakrara1038Sakarara
32J.H.S R.N 2Govriya1026Gauria
33P.S R.N1 Akkilpur426Akilpur
34P.S R.N1Ragunathpur H/Opaidapur1312Paidapur
35P.S R.N1Barsandhiya932Paidapur
36P.S R.N1 Sadila990Sadila
37P.S R.N 2 Sadila851Sadila
38P.S R.N1 Behat Biram1132Bihat Biram
39P.S R.N2 Behat Biram896Bihat Biram
40P.S R.N1 Rajpur Kharg655Bikarmpur
41P.S R.N1 Adilpur577Adilpur
42J.H.S Badrawa West1056Barrava
43J.H.S Badrawa Central758Barrava
44P.S Musaoli H/O Badrava913Barrava
45P.S R.No1 Kesra702Kesra
46P.S R.No2 Kesra390Kesra
47P.S R.No1Shapur392Sahapur
48P.S R.No1 Bahadurpur H/Orajepara1414Rajepara
49P.S R.No2 Rajepara1558Rajepara
50P.S R.No1Mirzapur North1207Damodarpur
51P.S R.No1Barchandpur566Bar Chandpur
52Shankul Bhawan Machreta East1252Macharehta
53Shankul Bhawan Machreta West718Macharehta
54J.H.S R.No 7 Machreta1097Macharehta
55J.H.S R.No 6 Machreta987Macharehta
56Navin Girls J.H.S R.N 1 Kundauli843Herapur
57Navin Girls J.H.S R.N 2 Kundauli701Rathourpur
58Girls J.H.S Machreta609Rathourpur
59Girls J.H.S Machreta South1255Bahoranpurawa
60P.S R.No1Periyakodar1216Peyariya Kondar
61P.S R.No1Mamupur719Mamoopur
62P.S R.No1 Fatehnagar1075Fattepur
63P.S West Fatehnagar1029Fattehnagar
64P.S Dewal Ke Share Fatehnagar1198Behara Khalsa
65P.Sjajpur H/O Belandapur1204Belandapur
66P.S Jatpurwa904Jutpurwa
67Seed Store Kunheta Lachipur1306Kunhera Laxmi Rampur
68P.S R.No1Dugra1280Dhedrha
69P.S R.No1Rajpur Pratap680Rajpur Pratap
70P.S. R.No-1 Sikandarpur812Raja Gaon
71P.S. R.No-2 Sikandarpur756Raja Gaon
72P.S R.No2Rajagown481Raja Gaon
73P.S Umrapur567Umrapur
74P.S Ramnagar H/O Umrapur546Umrapur
75P.S. R.No-1 Seanpur906Senpur
76P.S. R.No-2 Senpur895Senpur
77Seed Store Seanpur833Senpur
78J.H.S R.No 1 Mirchudi1361Mirachouri
79J.H.S R.No 2 Mirchudi352Mirachouri
80P.S Dharhati H/O Mirchudi1002Harraiya
81P.S Ghari1438Garhi
82P.S.Surjanpur H/O Fattepur North786Fattepur
83Panchayat Ghar R.No1Ashokpur H/O Fattepur914Fattepur
84Panchayat Ghar R.No2Ashokpur H/O Fattepur1032Fattepur
85Sadhan Saikari Semiti R.No.1Haripalpur1270Fattepur
86P.S Ghusauli H/O Nevadakala775Newada Kala
87P.S. R.No-1Bethora1525Bhidhaura
88Girls P.S. R.No1-Bethoura1459Ramuapur
89P.S. Paharpur1319Paharpur
90P.S. Bijwamau1006Bijuwa Mau
91P.S. Ghari H/O Bijwamau513Bijuwa Mau
92P.S. Kundrauli H/O Lalpur442Lalpur
94P.S.East Banyamau1097Baniya Mau
95P.S.West Banyamau1167Baniya Mau
96P.S Etouwa776Etova
97P.S.Gulriha H/O Sirsendi829Sisendi
98P.S.Bhateliya H/O Sirsendi500Sisendi
99P.S. R.No-2 Sirsendi780Sisendi
100P.S. R.No-1 Gandhiriya1290Gandhariya
101Kanya P.S. Lalpur H/O Bhelawan R.N 1762Bhelava
102Kanya P.S. Lalpur H/O Bhelawan R.N 2770Bhelava
103P.S. Rampur H/O Mizapur South955Mirajapur Daxini
104J.H.S Rasulava H/O Maduvapur661Madhawapur
105P.S Maduvapur West1164Madhawapur
106P.S. R.No-2Lohangpur1138Jagadishpur
107P.S.Saraiya H/O Lohangpur475Jagadishpur
108P.S. R.No-1 Dhavarpara927Dhawarpara
109P.S. R.No-2 Dhavarpara231Dhawarpara
111P.S. R.No-1 Gonda898Sikandarpur
112P.S. R.No-2 Gonda666Gonda
113P.S. Hariharpur447Hariharpur
114J.H.S Lauli964Lauli
115P.S. Puraine545Purayni
117Girls P.S.R.No.1 Utter Thok1089Uttarthok
118Girls P.S.R.No.2 Utter Thok1133Uttarthor
120P.S. R.No.2 Anogi1038Anogi
121Vikas Khand East Sadna955Sadana
122Vikas Khand Ka.Sadna902Sadana
123Vikas Khandcintral Sadna629Sadana
125P.S. Griswalgrant720Girisawelgrent
126P.S. Gangapur943Girisawelgrent
127P.S. Karsenda722Gopalpur
128P.S. Gopalpur903Gopalpur
129Navin P.S. Sarosa999Sarosa
131P.S Udayeepur1302Sarosa
132P.S Lodh Kehrva H/O Kusaoli688Kusouli
133P.S Nimamatpur H/O Kusaoli657Kusouli
134P.S. R.No.1 Abaghat1117Ambaghat
135P.S.R.No.2 Abaghat1231Ambaghat
136P.S. Gwali981Gawali
137P.S. Kumaun Grant576Kumaugrent
138P.S. Surajpur1412Chandpur
139P.S.R.No.1 Amtamau1077Amatamau
140P.S.R.No.2 Mtamau918Amatamau
141P.S. Udaipur West951Udaipur Paxmi
143P.S. Uttardhauna1123Uttar Dhawana
144P.S. R.No.1 Tarsawan1114Rooppur
145P.S. R.No.2 Tarsawan1041Tarasawa
146P.S. Bijnagrant1402Bejangrent
147P.S. Hajipur1153Banpur
148P.S.R.No.1 Jarigawan924Banpur
149P.S.R.No.2 Jarigawan1024Jarigawa
150P.S. Kalli1487Kalli
151P.S. Dengara775Dengara
152P.S. Loknapur438Lokanapur
153P.S. Raghunathpur Eni1031Ragunathpur Ani
154Inter College Maharshi Parashuram Mareli1298Mareli
155P.S. Karkhila1417Karkhila
156P.S. Paraspur1043Paraspur
157K.J.H.S. Aurangabad1455Paraspur
158P.S. Meerapur910Meerapur
159P.S. Heerapur1096Awrangabad
160P.S.R.No.1 Aurangabad1223Awrangabad
161P.S.R.No.2 Aurangabad1087Awrangabad
162J.H.S.R.No.1 Aurangabad1183Awrangabad
163J.H.S.R.No.2 Aurangabad1274Awrangabad
164J.H.S. Dahelra822Dahelara
165P.S. Saddekpur Ho Dahelra875Dahelara
166P.S.R.No.1 Bramhauli Ho Karuamau940Karuamao
167P.S.R.No.2 Bramhavali Ho Karuamau1176Karuamao
168P.S.Sidhauli Ho Ashrafpur1357Asaraphnagar
169P.S. Kunera Room No. 1852Kunera
170P.S. Kunera Room No. 2796Kunera
171P.S. Bhaupur1025Kunera
173P.S. Natwalgrant680Netvalgrent
174J.H.S Nagwa Jairam1465Nagawajairam
175P.S. Samsapur763Samasapur
176P.S. Ghatamapur H/O Samsapur872Samasapur
177P.S. Tenduva Ho Raghunathpur1191Raghunthpur Tendua
178P.S.Khewta1148Khewta Rampur
179P.S.R.No.1 Gauriya Ho Panah Nagar797Panah Nagar
180P.S.R.No.2Gauriya Ho Panah Nagar871Panah Nagar
181P.S. Ramshala1115Ramshala
182J.H.S.R.No1 Tatroi1125Tatroi
183J.H.S.R.No.2 Tatroi371Tatroi
184P.S. Teliyani Ho Lodhoura836Lodhora
185P.S. Foladganj Ho Lodhura414Lodhora
186P.S. Maanpur1505Manpur
187P.S. Nawabganj Ho Gohilari925Gohlari
188P.S. Gohilari365Gohlari
189P.S.R.No.1 Kakarghata928Kakarghata
190P.S. R.No.2 Kakarghata908Kakarghata
191P.S. Bakcherwa1508Bakchherwa
192P.S. Kodikapur628Kodikapur
193P.S. Raghurnathpur Hariharpur884Raghunathpur Hariharpur
194P.S.R.No.1 Mahsui889Mahasui
195P.S.R.No.2 Mahsui753Mahasui
196J.H.S.R.No1 Ramgarh946Ramgarh
197J.H.S.R.No2 Ramgarh889Ramgarh
198P.S. Saraiya R.No.1913Saraiya
199P.S. Saraiya R.No.2704Saraiya
200B.I College R.No1 Korauna901Korawna
201B.I College R.No2 Korauna1183Korawna
203P.S. R.No.2 Korauna500Korawna
204P.S. Basantpur619Basantapur
205P.S. Bartal Ho Keshavamau672Jianapur
206P.S. Keshwamau1243Kesawamaw
207P.S. Ralamau R.No.11172Ralamau
208P.S. Ralamau R.No. 21063Ralamau
209P.S. Ralamau R.No.31000Ralamau
210P.S. Gujrehta1088Gujarehata
211P.S. Dengra R.No. 1884Dengara
212P.S.Dengra R.No 2560Dengara
213P.S. Gumta419Gumata
214P.S. Kondri R.No. 1876Kondri
215P.S. Kondri R.No. 2694Kondri
216J.H.S. Lohar Kheda672Lohar Khera
217P.S.Jamuniya Kuwarpur636Jamunia Kunvarpur
218New P.S. Dadhnamau1004Dadhna Mau
219P.S. Kutubnagar R.No. 11185Kutub Nagar
220P.S. Kutubnagar R.No. 21003Kutub Nagar
221Shankul Bhavan Kutubnagar1044Kutub Nagar
222P.S. Tejipurwa R.No. 1971Rampur Bhoora
223P.S. Kaitholiya R.No. 1868Kaithauliya
224P.S. Kailtholiya R.No. 2953Kaithauliya
225P.S. Baliyapur555Baliyapur
226P.S. Jaypur R.No.11093Bikasur Grant
227P.S. Jaypur R.No.2937Bikasur Grant
228P.S. Badhiya512Barhaiya
229P.S. Tipona593Barhaiya
230P.S. Badhaiya R.No. 2545Barhaiya
231P.S. Arsehada R.No.11005Kohrava
232P.S. Arsehda R.No. 2482Kohrava
233P.S. Shivthan R.No. 1947Kohrava
234P.S. Shivthan R.No. 2816Sheothan
235P.S. Indalvelgrant New R.No. 1766Endual Grant
236P.S. Bhagwanpur569Endual Grant
237P.S. Indalvelgrant420Endual Grant
238P.S. Phularuwa R.No. 1901Fulrua
239P.S. Gopalpur R.No. 2752Mahsunia
240Barat Ghar Baikunthapur632Mahsunia
241New P.S. Goplapur429Gopalpur
242J.H.S.R.No.1 Islamnagar1049Gopalpur
243J.H.S.Islamnagar R.No. 21176Eslam Nagar
244P.S. Mohammadnagar R.No.11076Moh. Nagar
245P.S. Khanpur590Moh. Nagar
246P.S.Mohammadnagr R.No. 2496Khanpur
247P.S. Sahabnagar1036Sahib Nagar
248P.S. Raypur358Raipur
249P.S. Bijauli633Sultanpur Nagar
250P.S. Dighiya731Dighia
251Barat Bhawan Kushha651Kunverapur
252P.S. Arthapur R.No 11141Arthapur
253P.S. Arthapur379Chokhria
254P.S. Khajadabar461Khaja Daber
256P.S.Baherwa R.No 2513Baherwan
257P.S. Nirhan1346Nirhana
258J.H.S. Gulariha678Gulriha
259P.S. Baherakheda553Beharakkera
260P.S. Kolhua897Kolhua
261P.S. Piprosa451Kolhua
262P.S Kolhua South954Barethi
263P.S. Imaliya R.No. 1834Imaliya
264P.S. Imaliya R.No. 21014Imaliya
265P.S. Aant North1299Ant
266P.S. Aant North East1338Ant
267J.H.S. Aant1132Ant
268P.S. Mirjapur Ho Aant522Ant
269P.S. Belhaiya1036Ant
270P.S. Pataunja1037Patauja
271J.H.S. Sahadatnagar1136Sahadat Nagar
272P.S. Jalalnagar Ho Sahadatnagar R.No. 21215Sahadat Nagar
273P.S. Teliyani R.No. 11000Telyani
274P.S. Baudhani H/O Teliyani872Telyani
275P.S. Tikra H/O Akbarpur756Akabarpur
276P.S. Akbarpur1207Akabarpur
277P.S. Tikara H/O Akbarpur West888Akabarpur
278P.S. Barmi824Barmi
279P.S. Gajodharpur475Barmi
280P.S. Sarsai R.No 1806Sarsai
281P.S. Newdiya961Benipur
282J.H.S. Mandarua R.No 11091Mohkampur
283J.H.S Mandarua393Chandraval
284P.S Chandrawal989Chandraval
285V.K.K R.No1Jashrathpur1009Jasrathpur
286V.K.K R.No1 Jashrathpur744Jasrathpur
287Khand V.K.K R.No21045Jasrathpur
289P.S. Lodawra911Gaurasi Khurd
290P.S. Ramuapur353Ramuwapur
291Panchayt Ghar Bijnapur575Raundava
292P.S. R.No-1 Nai Basti Jihura795Jihura
293P.S. Nai Basti715Jihura
294P.S. Bahuti751Bahuti
295P.S. R.No-2 Narayanpur544Narainpur
296P.S. Dharvaspara Kala390Narainpur
297P.S. Lashkarpur759Laskarpur
298P.S. Gayansagar1386Dhedrha
299M.D.I.College R.No.1Misrikh Dehaat1022Dhedrha
300M.D.I.College R.No.2 Misrikh981Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
301M.D.I.College R.No.3Misrikh792Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
302M.D.I.Colleger.No.4 Misrikh723Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
303P.S. Parsaoli1141Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
304Girls P.S North Misrikh1039Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
305Girls P.S Misrikh784Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
306J.H.S R.No.1 Misrikh944Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
307J.H.S R.No.2 Misrekh847Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
308J.H.S R.No.3 Misrekh762Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
309J.H.S R.No.4 Misrekh1245Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
310Nagar Palika Office R.N0 1 Misrikh1001Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
311Nagar Palika R.N0 3 Misrikh987Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
312P.S. R.No-1 Mudiyara833Mudiara
313P.S. R.No-2 Mudiyara810Mudiara
314P.S. Bhiknapur724Samasapur
315P.S. Sanjarabad1000Sanjrabad
317P.S.Kishnupur H/O Narsingauli862Narsindholi
318J.H.S R.No.1 Bhithooli1430Bhitholi
319J.H.S R.No.2 Bhithooli1422Bhitholi
321P.S.Thakur Nagar950Thakur Nagar
323P.S. R.No-1 Lakadiyamau861Lakaria Mau
324P.S. R.No-2 Lakadiyamau712Lakaria Mau
325P.S. R.No-1 Arbapur877Foolpur
326J.H.S. Jharya H/O Phulpur1191Foolpur
327Marriage Hall Gohri694Atva
328P.S Atwa365Atva
329J.H.S. Atwa1277Atva
331P.S Laximan Nagar659Laximanpur
332J.H.S. Binoura R.No. 1916Benaura
333J.H.S. Binoura R.No. 2690Benaura
334P.S Lekhnapur1029Lekhnapur
335J.H.S.Bibipur H/O Lekhnapur1329Lekhnapur
336P.S Manikapur942Mankapur
337P.S Samval H/O Manikapur742Mankapur
338Sansikrat Path R.Noaimisaranya286Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
339Sansikrat Pathr.No2 Naimisaranya905Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)
340Sansikrat Path R.No.3Naimisaranya1066Misrikh-cum-Neemsar (NPP)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014