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Polling Booth in Milak Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Milak

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Milak Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primari School Chakferi1305Chakferi
2Primari School Dharmpur520Dharmpur
3Primari School New Bhavan Class No-01 Sray Mahesh828Sarai Mahesh
4Primari School New Bhavan Class No-02 Sray Mahesh903Sarai Mahesh
5Primari School Class No-01 Chitouni821Chhitauni
6Primari School Class No-02 Chitouni874Chhitauni
7Primari School Saddiknagar417Saddiq Nagar
8Primari School Karanpur998Karanpur
9Junior High School Lehtora358Lahtaura
10Priamari School Dniyapur1256Daniyapur
11Primari School Tajpur Behta727Tajpur Behta
12New Priamari School Saifni850Saifni
13New Priamari School Saifni Extra Room941Saifni
15Shanti Devi Kanya Junior High School Saifni1495Saifni
16Shanti Devi Kanya Junior High School Saifni N.R.1478Saifni
17Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-01811Saifni
18Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-02856Saifni
19Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-031457Saifni
20Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-041264Saifni
21Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-05756Saifni
22Janta Inter College Saifni Class No-06806Saifni
23Junior High School Jatpura1049Jatpura
24Primari School Chandpura Kalan Class No-01891Chandpur Kalan
25Primari School Chandpura Kalan Class No-02953Chandpur Kalan
26Primari School Barua North Disha1344Bairua
27Primari School Barua N.R.1014Bairua
28Primari School Majhara1021Majhra
29Primari School Bhajanpur Room No-01866Madhupuri
30Primari School Bhajanpur Room No-21045Bhajanpur
31Junior High School Madhupari East Disha1392Madhupuri
32032 Junior High School Madhupari West Disha1205Madhupuri
33Junior High School New Sagarpur1229Bisauli
36Primari School Dhanoura783Dhanaura
37Primari School Balupura912Balpura
38Junior High School Raipur East Disha1318Raipur
39Junior High School Raipur West Disha1189Raipur
40Primari School Mohammadnagar1260Madyan Jhau
41Junior High School Lalwara Class No-01841Lalwara
42Junior High School Lalwara Class No-02894Lalwara
43Primari School Kishanpur797Kishanpur
44Junior High School Kishanpur763Kishanpur
45Primari School Khirka1027Khirka
46Primari School Nankar1054Nankar
47Primari School Gousampur Class No-01725Gosampur
48Primari School Gousampur Class No-02812Gosampur
49Primari School Thiriya Swalepur688Thiria Salehpur
50Primari School Nawabganj1481Nababganj
51Primari School Fakeerganj Urf Ghosipura1265Fakeerganj Urf Ghosi Pura
52Primari School Chamrol234Chamraul
53Primari School Diviyanagla1097Diviya Nagla
54Primari School Mian Ganj1002Miyaganj
55Junior High School Ravana North Disha1181Ravana
56Junior High School Ravana South Disha1103Ravana
57Primari School Patti Fazilabad1040Patti Fazalbad
58Primari School Alafganj794Alafganj
59Junior High School Kharsoul Room N0-11070Kharsol
60Junior High School Kharsoul Room N0-2899Kharsol
61Junior High School Choukoni1002Chaukoni
62Primari School Sarai Imam507Sarai Imam
63Primari School Rooppur474Rooppur
64Primari School Devipura471Devi Pura
65Junior High School Bar Gaun Class N0-1986Bara Gaon
66Junior High School Bar Gaun Class N0-2892Bara Gaon
67Junior High School East Disha Room No-3934Bara Gaon
68Primari School Dhuriyai1002Dhuryai
69Primari School Ahmadganj Urf Mukatpur631Ahmadganj Urf Mukutpur
70Primari School Kashavnagla703Kashav Nagla
71Junior High School Mittarpur Aharola Room N0-1738Mittarpur Ahraula
72Junior High School Mittarpur Aharola Room N0-2797Mittarpur Ahraula
73Primari School Naimganj482Naimganj
74Junior High School Barkhera602Barkhera
75Primari School Jaidoli861Jai Doli
76Junior High School Chakarpur Kadeem North Disha1033Chakarpur Qadim
77Junior High School Chakarpur Kadeem South Disha1042Chakarpur Qadim
78Primari School Gulariakalan737Pasupura
79Junior High School Himmatpur North Disha1390Himmatpur
80Junior High School Himmatpur South Disha1356Himmatpur
81Primari School Kesarpur Near Kareemganj692Kesarpur Near Karemganj
82Primari School New Bhvan Room No-1Jaitol I906Jaitoli
83Primari School New Bhban Jaitoli Class No-21008Jaitoli
84Junior High School Madaiyan Tulsi814Madyan Tulsi
85Primari Shcool Madaiyan Vade764Madyan Bade
86Primari School Madarpur1270Madarpur
87Junior High School Soopa784Soopa
88Primari School Surajpur511Surajpur
89Primari School Patwai First North Disha752Patwai
90Primari School Patwaifirst South Disha1075Patwai
91Junior High School Patwai Middle Disha1059Patwai
92Junior High School Patwai South Disha1385Patwai
93Primari School Sohana938Sohna
94Junior High School Nadnau1478Nadnou
95Primari School Nadna366Nadana
96Primari School Bhourka526Bhawrka
97Primari School Patriya785Patariya
98Primari School Niswa1180Niswa
99Primari School Nisvi752Niswi
100Primari School Narkheri1030Narkheri
101Primari School Nawabnagar Near Patwai991Nawabnagar Near Patwai
102Junior High School Rajoura1444Rajaura
103Primari School Dohariya1433Doharia
104Primari School Sahavian Khurd1146Sahvia Khurd
105Primari School Kamalpur725Kamalpur
106Junior High School Sahaviyan Kalan1287Sahvia Kalan
107Kanya Junior High School Mathurapur Room No-1741Mathurapur
108Kanya Junior High School Mathurapur Room No-2817Mathurapur
109Kanya Junior High School Mathurapur Room No-31061Mathurapur
110Junior High School Matwali Situated Kira Room No-11038Matwali
111Junior High School Matwali Situated Kira Rom No-2606Matwali
112Primari School Dholsar1143Madyan Dholsar
113Junior High School Boodpur1000Boodpur
114Junior High School Janakpur903Janakpur
115Panchayat Ghar Husainganj Near Janakpur567Husainganj Near Janakpur
116Adarsj Krishak Higher Secondary School North Disha Kira1481Kira
117Adarsj Krishak Higher Secondary School South Disha Kira1231Kira
119Primri School Madaiyan Budhpur551Madyan Budhpur
120Junior High School Reveri Kalan Class N0-11041Revri Kalan
121Junior High School Reveri Kalan Class N0-21330Revri Kalan
122Primari School Paigupura1212Paighupura
123Primari School Udaipur Jagir1040Udaipur Jagir
124Junior High School Shahdara567Shahadra
125Primari School Revari Khurd920Pipal Wala
126Primari School Bamanpuri1258Bamanpuri
127Junior High School Dakuriya1126Dhakuriya
128Govt. Girls.Inter College South Middle Disha Shahbad Hakiman1255Shahabad (NP)
129Govt. B.Inter College Shahbad Hakiman821Shahabad (NP)
130Govt. B.Inter College South East Disha Shahbad Hakiman683Shahabad (NP)
132Primari School Shahbad Masjid Qazi1249Shahabad (NP)
134Primari School New Bhaban Shahbad Masjid Qazi928Shahabad (NP)
135Primari School South Middle Disha Shahbad Masjid Qazi900Shahabad (NP)
137Primari School South East Disha Shahbad Masjid Qazi915Shahabad (NP)
138Khand Vikas Office North Disha Near Hall Shahbad Kanoongoyan747Shahabad (NP)
139Kishahn Seva Smiti West Disha Kanoon Goyan Shahabad825Shahabad (NP)
141Khand Vikas Office Shahbad Kanoongoyan1282Shahabad (NP)
143Govt Inter College South East Disha Hall Shahbad820Shahabad (NP)
144Govt Inter College Room No-3 Shahbad986Shahabad (NP)
145Govt Inter College Hallsouth West Disha Shahbad1134Shahabad (NP)
146Govt Inter College Hall South Middle Disha Shahbad1090Shahabad (NP)
147Govt Inter College Hall South East Disha Shahbad778Shahabad (NP)
148Govt Inter College Room No-4 Shahbad966Shahabad (NP)
149Primari School Shahbad Nalapar1216Shahabad (NP)
150Primari School West Disha Mangoli1161Shahabad (NP)
151Primari School East Disha Mangoli1048Shahabad (NP)
152Junior High School Bhitar Gaun North Disha1204Shahabad (NP)
154Primari School Lashkar Ganj1042Nawabpura
155Primari School Turkhera613Turkhera
156Junior High School Mahunagar Room No-11122Mahunagar
157Junior High School Mahunagar Room -21050Mahunagar
158Junior High School Bhagwantpur895Bhagwantpur
159Primari School Milak Gulam Ali388Milak Gulam Ali
160Primari School Chandpura Salis1089Chandpura Salis
161Junior High School Bandar Room No-1733Bandar
162Junior High School Bandar Room-2830Bandar
163Junior High School Meerapur1241Meerapur
164Girl Junior High School Shahpur Dev Room No-1756Shahpur Dev
165Girl Junior High School Shahpur Dev Room No-2799Shahpur Dev
166Primari School Bhudasi973Bhurasi
167Primari School South Disha Bhudasi973Bhurasi
168Junior High School North Disha Karaithi984Karaithi
169Junior High School South Disha Karaithi1054Karaithi
170Primari School Khera1328Khera
171Primari School Paigambarpur753Paigambarpur
172Primari School Rasoolpur641Rasulpur
173Primari School Chatarpur873Chatarpur
174Primari School Lodhipur850Lodhipur
175Junior High School Room No-1 Khandeli1083Khandeli
176Junior High School Room No-2 Khandeli896Khandeli
177Primari School Yusuf Nagar452Yusuf Nagar
178Primari School Rustamnagar606Rustamnagar
179Junior High School Khanjipura419Khangipura
180Primari School Dhakiya1018Dhakia
181Khan Singh Janta Inter College East Disha Dhakiya1247Dhakia
182Khan Singh Janta Inter College Dhakiya Room No-3840Dhakia
183Khan Singh Janta Inter College Dhakiya Room No-4944Dhakia
184Primari School Thiriya Jadid722Thiria Jadid
185Primari School Second Madhukar1258Madhukar
186Junior High School West South Disha Madhukar1305Madhukar
187Junior High School West North Disha Madhukar1222Madhukar
188Junior High School Nandgaun757Nand Gaon
189Primari School Chakarpur Bhud975Chakarpur Bhur
190Junior High School Rampura904Rampura
191Primari School Gujraila1080Galpura
192Junior High School Rustampur905Rustampur
193Junior High School Zahidpur590Jahidpur
194Primari School Galpura553Galpura
195Kanya Junior High School Koop1326Koop
196Primari School North Disha Koop1042Koop
197Primari School South Disha Koop1472Koop
198Primari School Maheva911Maheva
199Primari School Isakhera490Isha Khera
200Junior High School Jagesar1284Jagesar
201New Bhawan Primari School Bharatpur1000Bharatpur
202Primari School Motipura591Motipura
203Primary School Shrkhupura516Shekhupura
204Primari School Mohaliya598Mohlia
205Junior Primari School Room No-1 Uncha Gaun842Uncha Gaon
206Junior Primari School Room No-2 Uncha Gaun817Uncha Gaon
207Primari School Parouta East Disha934Parauta
208Primari School West Disha Parouta1005Parauta
209Primari School Pachtour777Pachtaur
210Primari School Gadmarpatti Tika Singh1140Gadmarpatti Moti Singh
211Primari School Nasrat Nagar522Nasrat Nagar
212Primari School New Bhaban Nadar Ganj639Nadarganj
213Primari School Bhagwatipur965Bhagwatipur
214Primari School Rawanipatti Uda645Ravanipatti Uda
215Primari School Ahmad Nagar N Bhagwatipur573Ahmadnagar Near Bhagwatipur
216Primari School Rawanipatti Jawahar529Ravanipatti Uda
217Primari School Narendarpur786Narenderpur
219Junior High School Gharampur797Dharampur
220Junior High School Osi1156Ossi
222Primari School Mamurpur Badouli965Mamoorpur Barhauli
223Primari School Bhourki Jadid1183Bhorki Jadid
226Kanya Junior High School Tanda1206Tanda
228Primari School Suhava946Suhawa
229Primari School Nabiganj Jadid1057Nabiganj Jadid
230Primari School Bhoupatpur1296Bhonakpur
231Primari School Gangapursharki725Gangapur Sharkee
232Primary School Jiwai Kadim Class No. 11072Jiwai Qadim
233Primary School Jiwai Kadim Class No. 2626Jiwai Qadim
234Primary School Purena N.S.781Atai Nagar
235Primary School Purena S.S.1256Puraina
236Primary School Nankaar738Nankar
237Primary School Meghanagla Kadeem1259Megha Nagla Qadim
238Primary School Pagambarpur1176Paighamberpur
239Jr. High School Dhamora E. Side1433Dhamora
240Jr. High School Dhamora W. Side1312Dhamora
241Jr. High Dhamora E. Side508Dhamora
242Primary School Dhamora516Ahmedabad
243Primary School Brijpur741Brijpur
244Jr. High School Dhamora I Class No. 1915Kamora
245Jr. High School Dhamora I Room No. 2671Kamora
246Primary School Saeednagaar407Sayeed Nagar
247Primary School Duganpur912Duganpur
248Primary School Mehndipur515Menhdipur
249Primary School Jadonpur S. Side881Jadonpur
250Primary School Jadonpur N. Side823Jadonpur
251Primary School Kamruddin Nagar630Kamruddinnagar
252Primary School Ainchora E.Side698Aahamadnagar Near Jiyai Kadim
253Primary School Ainchora Room No. 1629Ainchora
254Primarys School Ainchora W. Side1040Ainchora
255Jr. High School Krimcha S. Side1521Ainchora
256Jr. High School Krimcha N. Side891Krimcha
258Primary School Rehpura1386Rehpura
259Primary School Bhoanakpur Room N0. 11510Bhaunakpur
260Primary School Bhoanakpur Room No. 2243Bhaunakpur
261Primary School Ladpur New Building1391Larhpur
262Primary School Ramnagar1203Ram Nagar
263Primary School Begmabad Ni. Ashokpur541Bagamabad Ashokpur
264Primary School Ashokpur785Ashokpur
265Primary School Khutia1274Khutia
266Primary School Karimganj W. Side993Begamabad Krimcha
267Primary School Karimganj E. Side1377Karimganj
268Primary School Pureniya Khurd1110Purainia Khurd
269Jr. High School Pureniya Kalan N. Side Room No. 31353Purainia Khurd
270Primary School Pranpur348Pranpura
271Primary School Behtra704Behtra
272Primary School Karinga924Karinga
273Primary School Patiya1255Patia
274Jr. High School Pipla Shivnagar N. Side1229Pipla Shivnagar
275Jr. High School Pipla Shivnagar S. Side1499Pipla Shivnagar
276Primary School Bankrabad561Baqarabad
277Primary School Lohapatti Bhagirath809Loha Patti Bhagirath
278Jr. High School Lohapatti Bholanath Room No. 1908Loha Patti Bhola Nath
279Jr. High School Lohapatti Bholanath Room No. 2883Loha Patti Bhola Nath
280Primary School Nagariya Room No.1824Milak (NPP)
281Primary School Nagariya Room No. 2707Milak (NPP)
282Jr. High School Khata Kalan Room No. 1763Milak (NPP)
283Jr. High School Khata Kalan Room No. 2805Milak (NPP)
284Jr. High School Khata Kalan Room No. 3900Milak (NPP)
285Jr. High School Khata Kalan Room No. 4698Milak (NPP)
286Primary School Roara Kalan Room No.11271Milak (NPP)
287Primary School Roara Kalan Room No. 21279Milak (NPP)
288Jr. High School Milak Asdullapur1481Milak (NPP)
289Jr. High School Milak Asdullapur W.Side Room No.11099Milak (NPP)
290Jr. High School Milak Asdullapur Room No. 2 W.S.730Milak (NPP)
291Jr. High School Milak Asdullapur Room No.3987Milak (NPP)
292Jr. High School Milak Asdullapur W. Side Room No. 4822Milak (NPP)
293Primary School Milak Asdullapur W. Side1491Milak (NPP)
294Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No. 11208Milak (NPP)
295Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No.2522Milak (NPP)
296Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No.31385Milak (NPP)
297Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No.4520Milak (NPP)
298Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No.51421Milak (NPP)
299Primary School Milak Asdullapur Room No.6632Milak (NPP)
300Primary School Navadiya1040Nawadia
301Jr. High School Dharampura1467Dharmpur
302Primary School Behta756Behta
303Jr. High School Bhensori Room No. 11363Bhainsori
304Jr. High School Bhesori Room No. 21370Bhainsori
305Jr. High School Bhesori W.Side Room No.31529Bhainsori
306Primary School Nishvi1340Nisvi
307Primary School Dhaneli Poorvi888Dhaneli Purbi
309Arya Vidhyalaya I.C. Jalif Nagla Room No.1953Jalif Nagla
310Arya Vidhyalaya I.C. Jalif Nagla Room No. 21077Jalif Nagla
311Arya Vidhyalaya I.C. Jalif Nagla Room No. 31228Jalif Nagla
312Jr. High School Keorar Room No.11461Keorar
313Jr. High School Keorar Room No.21444Keorar
314Primary School Mohammadpur Jadid991Mohd. Pur Jadid
315Primary School Vikrampur1151Vikrampur
317Primary School Thiriya Vishnu766Thiria
318Primary School Bara N. Gajeja923Bara Gajeja
319Jr. High School Param Room No.1984Param
320Jr. High School Param Room No.21043Param

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