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Polling Booth in Meja Assembly Constituency

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Meja Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Meja

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Meja Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Badhanva Uttribhag1172Badhava
2Kisan Seva Kendr Badhava928Badhava
3Zila Prisyad Pra0Pa0Kathauli-1599Kathauli
4Zila Pa0Ora0Pa0Kathauli Bhag -2752Kathauli
5Navin Mandi Samiti Sirasa Esrhan Meja Road Bhag-11188Kathauli
6Navin Mandi Samiti Sirasa Esrhan Meja Road Bhag-2777Kathauli
7Navin Mandi Samiti Sirasa Esrhan Meja Road Bhag-3729Kathauli
8Junior High School Samhan Pashicham Bhag814Samahan
9Junior High School Samhan Madhay Bhag826Samahan
10Pra0Vid0Tikuri Purvi Bhag903Samahan
11Pra0Vid0Tikuri P0 Bhag962Samahan
12Zila P0Pra0Pa0Bedauli1225Bedauri Tappa Manda
13Zila P0Pra0Pa0Khanpur Uttri1265Khanpur
14Zila P0Pra0Pa0Khan Puirvi Bhag970Khanpur
15Zila P.Pr.Pa.Bari756Bari
16Zila P.Pr.Pa.Gosaurakala1144Bajaha
17Zila P0Pra0Pa0Lohari Majra Uparauda Uttri Bhag1128Uruva
18Zila P0Pra0Pa0Lohari Majra Uparauda Uparhar-?1075Uruva
19Zila P0Pra0Pa0Lohari Majra Uparauda Uparhar -2837Uruva
20Zila P0Pra0Pa0Lohari Majra Uparauda Uparhar Bhag -3890Uruva
21Sadhan Shkari Samiti Uprauda1296Uruva
22Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0 Bagha1112Bagaha
23Pra0Vid0Amiliya Khurd452Amiliya Khurd
24Zila P0Pra0Pa0Chauki Uparhar Purvi Bhsg970Chhatava Uparhar
25Zila Parishad Pra0Pa0 Chauki Uparhar Pa.Bhag1065Chauki Mai Arazi Panasa Uparha
26Lala Ram Lal Agarval In0 Coll0 Sirsa Pa0Bhag-1933Sirsa (NP)
27Lala Ram Lal Agraval In0Coll0Sirsa Pashchmi Bhag -2788Sirsa (NP)
28Lala Ram Lal Agraval In0Coll0Sirsa Dh0Bhag-11260Sirsa (NP)
29Lala Ram Agraval In0Coll Sirsa Dh0Bhag -2463Sirsa (NP)
30Lala Ram Agraval In0Coll Sirsa Mdh0Bhag1332Sirsa (NP)
31Lala Ram Agraval In0Coll Sirsa Dh0 Madhybhag893Sirsa (NP)
32Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Sirsa Purvi Bhag763Sirsa (NP)
33Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Sirsa Purvi Bhag -1664Sirsa (NP)
34Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Sirsa Pshicham Bhag1318Sirsa (NP)
35Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Chatva Uparhar Purvi Bhag1486Chhatava Uparhar
36Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0Chatva Uparhar Pashicham Bhag634Chhatava Uparhar
37Zila Pa.Pra.Pa.Chatva Uparhar1548Chhatava Uparhar
38Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0 Bijaura-1785Bijaura
39Zila Pa0Pra0Pa0 Bijaura Bhag-2768Bijaura
40Subhash Chandra Junior High School Pakri Sevar Ut0Bhag924Pakari Sevar Uparhar
41Subhash Chandra Junior High School Pakri Sevar Dh0Bhag1330Pakari Sevar
42Zila P0Pra0Pa0Paranipur Purvi Bhag-1981Pakari Sevar Uparhar
43Zila P0Pra0Pa0Paranipur Dhkshini Bhag1041Paranipur Sevar Anshik
44Zila Pa0Pra0Kanya Pa0Paranipur Purvi Bhag1280Paranipur Uparhar
45Zila P0Pra0Kanya Pa0Pranipur Pashichami Bhag1401Paranipur Uparhar
46Zila P.Pa.Pa.Bhingari903Anantapur
47Zila P.Pr.Pa.Dohriya N.Part844Dohariya
48Zila P.Pr.Pa.Dohriya N.Midle Part685Dohariya
49Zila P.Pr.Pa.Dohriya W. Part1034Dohariya
50Zila P.Pr.Pa.Mishrapur E.Part1149Misirpur
51Zila P.Pr.Pa. W.Part888Misirpur
52Zila P.Pr.Pa.Devhata900Devhatta Uparhar
53Zila P.Pr.Pa.Tarwaee East Part781Tarvai
54Zilap.Pr.Pa.Tarwaee W.Part744Tarvai
55Zila Pr.J.High School Bigahani816Bigahani
56Zila Pr.Pa.Pa.Bigahana690Bigahana
57Pra.Vidalay Sigati1033Sigati
58Zila P.Pr.Pa.Samogra1399Samogara
59Zila P.Pr.Pa.Naya Bhawan Ramnagar E.Part-1678Ram Nagar
60Zila P500Talab Basti Ramnagar
61Shari Krshan Sanskrit Pa.Khadrahn Ka Pura Ram Nagr -11235Ram Nagar
62Shari Krshan Sanskrit Pa.Khadrahn Ka Pura Ram Nagr -21192Ram Nagar Anshik
63Zila Pa0Pra0Kanya Pa0Purana Bhavan Ram Nagr Purvi Bhag1166Ram Nagar
64Panckayt Bhavan Ram Nagr Purvi Bhag -1813Ram Nagar Anshik
65Panchayt Bhavan Ram Nagr Purvi Bhag -2784Ram Nagar
66Panchayt Bhavan Ramnagr Purvi Bhag-3538Ram Nagar Anshik
68Zila P.Pr.Pa.Pattinathray Uttri.Bhag-1891Patti Nath Rai
69Zila P.Pr.Pa538Patti Nath Rai
70Zila Pa.Pra.Pa. Pattnath Ray Dh0Bhag784Araji Akora
71Pr.Pa.Sonvarsa718Son Barsa
72Zila P.Pr.Pa.Nibaia Narth Bhag1294Nivauya
73Zila P.Pr677Nivauya
74Zila P.Pr.Pa.Mawaiya543Mavaiya
75Zilap.Pr.Pa.Bakchunda W.Part863Bakchunda
76Zilap.Pr.Pa.Bakchunda E.Part922Bakchunda
77Badri Nath Tawari Inter Colleje Meja Road932Panti
78Zila P.Pr.Pa.Mejaroad W.Part1186Soranv Pati
79Zila P. Pr. Pa.Mejaroad W.Madha Part-1837Soranv Pati
80Zilap.Pr.Pa.Mejaroad W.Madhya Part-2558Soranv Pati
81Zila P.Pr.Pa.Lakhanpur781Lakhanpur
82Nand Kishor In0Coll0Loahgaura Nagar Ourvi Bhag1309Bisahijan Kala
83Pra0Vid0Visahijan Khurd1031Bihiyan Khurd
84Mhabal Singh In0Coll0Lehdi Pashichami Bhag-1764Lehari
85Mhabal Singh In0Coll0Lehadi Pshishami Bhag -2681Lehari
86Mhabal Singh In0Coll0Lehadi Purvi Bhag1129Lehari
87Junior High School Kotha Purvi Bhag973Kotaha
88Junior High School Kotha Pashichami Bhag1055Kotaha
89Zilap.Pr.Pa.Urwa W.Part934Uruva
90Zila P.Pr.Pa.Uruwa E.Part1101Uruva
91Zila P.Pr.Pa.Amiliyakala E.Part1313Amiliya Kala
92Zila P.Pr.Pa.Amiliakala W.Part1363Amiliya Kala
93Junior High School Amiliakala1305Amiliya Kala
94Zila P.Pr.Pa.Sonai N.Part954Sonai
95Zilap.Pr.Pa.Sonai South Part1361Sonai
96Zila Pa.Pra.Pa. Monai Purvi Bhag1364Monai
97Zila P.Pr.Pa.Monai W.Part1216Narvar Uparhar
98Zila P.Pr.Pa.Monai Nya Bhavn690Monai
99Zila P.Pr.Pa.Chaukatha Narvar Uparhar775Chaukatha Narvar Uparhar
100Zila P.Inter Collej Auta720Auta
101Pra0Vid0Chorabna (Auata)683Auta
103Uchachtar Ma0Kanya Vid0Atraula708Auta
104Uchachtar Ma0Kanya Vid0Atjaula748Auta
106Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Akodha Puravi Bhag1362Akora
107Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Akodha Pashicham Bhag1003Akora
108Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Uachdih Uttri Bhag743Uchadih
109Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Uachdih Uttri Bhag -1940Uchadih Anshik
110Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Naya Bhvan Uachdih Dachdini Bhag1399Uchadih
111Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Uachdih Pashichami Bhag1090Uchadih Anshik Bazar
112Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Chauktha Gaura806Chaukatha Gaura
113Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Kevtahi457Kevatahi
114Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Nibi Uttri Bhag1033Nibi
115Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Nibi Dhadchini Bhag595Kukur Katva
116Purv Uchachtr Ma.Vi.Varva Uttri Bhag768Barva
117Purv Uchachtr Ma.Vi.Varva Dh. Bhag904Barva
119Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Atkhariya758Atarvriya
120Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Chaukhta Tivariyan581Chaukatha Tivariyan
121Intar Colleg Shukulpur-1851Sukulpur
122Intar Collleg Shukulapur -2729Sukulpur
123Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Chilavila -1709Chilbila
124Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Chilavila -2803Chilbila
125Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Uarnah883Uranah
126Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Bhuipara1195Bhuipara Uparhar
127Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Rasauli Purvi Bhag1186Patkhauli
128Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Rasauli Pashichami Bhag1142Rasauli
129Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Tandriya Uparhar574Tanariya Uparhar
130Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Kanjauli Uparhar1003Kanjauli Uparhar
131Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Raupura Uparhar964Tanariya Uparhar
132Zila P0Pra0Pa0 1 Madra Mukundrapur1002Madara Mukundpur Uparhar
133Zila P0Pra0Pa02 Madra Mukundra Pur983Madara Mukundpur Anshik
134Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Araiy Madra Mukundpur1039Madara Mukundpur Uparhar
135Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Parva Uparhar1158Parva Uparhar
136P.M.V. Bhabhaura1032Bhabhaura Uparhar
137Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Jevaniya Uttri Bhag -1714Javaniya
138Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Jevaniya Uttri Bhag-2724Javaniya Anshik
139Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Jevaniya Dhadchini Bhag1471Javaniya
140P0Bhvan Kaneda Uprahar628Kaneda Uparhar
141Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Kaneda Uprahar378Bhelpur
142Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Chapaur472Chapaur
143Junior High School Dharmpur602Dharampur
144Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Aonaur Uprahar Purvi Bhag1032Onaur Uparhar
145Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Aonaur Uprahar Pashichami Bhag924Onaur Uparhar Anshik
146Junior High School Aonaur Uprahar831Onaur Uparhar
147Pu0Ma0Vid0Jera Purvi Bhag987Jera Anshik
148Pu0Ma0Vid0Jera Pashichami Bhag404Jera
149Pra0Pa0 Kothari369Kothri
150Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Khamihaniya753Khaminiya
151Pra0Pa0 Sray Khurd703Saray Khurd
152Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Achaola Uprahar1325Achhola Uparhar
153Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Bamhni Hedhar-1838Babhani Hethar
154Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Bamhni Hedhar-2858Babhani Hethar
155Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Tikari Purvi Bhag1405Tikri
156Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Tikari Pashichami Bhag623Tikri
157Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Umapur Kala842Umapur Kalan
158Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Dengur Pur1058Dengurpur
159Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Dhravnara917Dharaon Kulandan
160Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Aahoapur1103Ahopur
161Junior High School Dikheya Purvi Bhag -1847Dighiya
162Junior High School Dikheya Purvi Bhag -2896Dighiya
163Junior High School Dikhgeya Pashichami Bhag-1722Dighiya
164Junior Highschool Digheya Pashichami Bhag887Dighiya
165Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Bhrari1296Kapuri
166Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Aandhi914Andhi
167Pra0Pa0 Chauktha Lakhan641Chaukhata Lachhan
168Pra0Pa0 Gretha909Garetha
169Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Tudihar Purvi Bhag1288Tudihar
170Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Tudihar Pashichami Bhag737N/A
171Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Kodhniya912Korhniya
172Zila P0Pra0Pa0 Bhdevra1203Bhadevara
173Zila P.Pra.Pa. Chaprtala1168Chapartala
174Zila P.Pra.Pa. Lotadh Purvi Bhag1049Lotad Anshik
175Zila P.Pra.Pa. Lotadh Pashichami Bhag-1778Lotad
176Zila P.Pra.Pa. Lotadh Pashichami Bhag -2671Lotad Anshik
177Zila P.Pra.Pa. Lotadh Madhay Bhag720Busaka
178Zila P.Pra.Pa. Delauha Purvi Bhag949Delaunha
179Zila P.Pra.Pa. Delauha Pashichami Bhag1338Delaunha Anshik
180Zila P.Pra.Pa. Gaura1387Gaura
181Zila P.Pra.Pa. Amora1112Amora
182Zila P.Pra.Pa. Lootr Uttri Bhag1166Lutar
183Zila P.Pra.Pa. Tendua Kala1341Tendua Kalan
184Zila P.Pra.Pa. Uski Purvi Bhag1073Usaki
185Zila P.Pra.Pa. Usaki Pashichami Bhag1422Jarar Anshik
186Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhatauti Uttri Bhag-11085Bhatauti
187Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhauti Uttri Bhag-2571Bhatauti Anshik
188Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhtauti Dadchini Bhag1234Bhatauti
189Zila P.Pra.Pa. Kona1234Kona
190Zila P.Pra.Pa. Singhpur Kala953Singhpur Kala
191Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhasundr Kala Pashichami Bhag996Bhasunder Mijhali
192Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhalundr Khurd667Bhasundar Khurd
193Zila P.Pra.Pa. Barsauta1389Barsaita
194Zila P.Pra.Pa. Puralkhan701Pura Lachchan
195Zila P.Pra.Pa. Dhraval1202Dharaval
196Zila P.Pra.Pa. Dari1342Dari
197Zila P.Kanya.Pa. Tigja Pashichami Bhag1094Tigja
200Harijan Pra0Pa0Marha1118Maraha
201Zila P.Pra.Pa.Akhri Shahpur-1780Akhari Shahpur
202Zila P.Pra.Pa.Akhri Shahpur-2887Akhari Shahpur
203Zila P.Pra.Kanya Pa. Nevdhiya-1777Nevariya
204Zila P.Pra.Kanya Pa. Nevdhiya-2682Nevariya
205Zila P.Pra. Kanya Pa. Kanvriya Ka Pura Nsvdhiya Dh0 Bhag -11145Nevariya Anshik
206Zila P.Pra. Kanya Pa. Kanvriya Ka Pura Nsvdhiya Dh0 Bhag -21021Nevariya
207Mahraj Shri Dandi Savmi Keshvanand Vid.Guni Gharpur1211Gunai Gaharpur
208Aaganvadi Kendr Guni Gahrpur1099Gaharpur Khurd
209Zila P.Pra. Pa.Barha Kala Purvi Bhag1202Baraha Kalan Anshik
210Zila P.Pra. Pa.Barha Kala Pashichami Bhag1157Baraha Kalan Anshik
211Junior High School Barha Kala1171Baraha Kalan
212Zila P.Pra. Pa.Dhiliya658Diliya
213Pra.Pa. Dhedhra794Dhedhra
214Zila P.Pra. Pa.Msauli879Masauli
216Zila P.Pra. Pa.Auti830Uooti
218Pra.Vid. Mahuvarikala1207Mauhari Kalan
219Zila P.Pra. Pa.Chilvila-1865Chilbila
220Zila P.Pra. Pa.Chilvila -2782Chilbila
221Pra0Pa0 Pyagpur1271Payagpur
222Zila P.Pra. Pa.Mahevakala Purvi Bhag949Mahewa Kala Uparhar
223Zila P.Pra. Pa.Mahevakala Pashichami Bhag901Mahewa Kala Uparhar Anshik
224Pra.Vid.Bampur Purvi Bhag1312Bampur Uparhar
225Pra.Pa.Bampur P.Bhag1054Bampur Uparhar Anshik
226Pra.Vid.Vadpur Bhag -1812Bampur Uparhar
227Pra.Vid.Vadpur Bhag-2667Bampur Uparhar
228Pra. Pa.Kukhudi1542Kukurhi
230Zila P.Pra. Pa.Nahvaiy Uttri Bhag-1717Nahvai Anshik
231Zila P.Pra. Pa.Nahvaiy Uttri Bhag-2823Nahavai
232Zila P.Pra. Pa.Nahvaiy Dh.Bhag740Nahvai Anshik
233Zila P.Pra. Pa.Chakdiha-1724Chakdih
234Zila P.Pra. Pa.Chakdiha -2731Chakdih
235Pra0Pa0Bhausriya Khurd Ut.Bhag -1773Kanewra
236Pra0Pa0Bhausriya Khurd Ut.Bhag -2678Bhausariya Kalan
238Zila .P.Pra.Pa. Mandar970Marar
239Samudayik Vi.Kendr Rampur Siriya509Rampur
240Rajkaiy Uchachtar M.Vi.Survadlapur737Surwa Dalapur
241Rajkaiy Uchachtar M.Vi.Survadlapur-?1090Mahuao Khurd
242Zila P.Pra.Pa. Uman716Uman
243Panchayt Bhavn Sandi756Sandi
244Zila P.Pra.Pa. Gojauya Kala795Gauraiya Kalan
245Pu.Ma.Vi.Khurma Utt.Bhag945Khurma
246Pu.Ma.Vi.Khurma Dh.Bhag801Khurma
247Zila P.Pra.Pa.Kosdnakala-1755Kosada Kalan Anshik
248Zila P.Pra.Pa.Kosnda Kala -2788Kosada Kalan
249Zila P.Pra.Pa.Kadva Kosnda Kala Uttri Bhag1015Kosada Kalan Anshik
250Zila P.Pra.Pa.Kandva Kosdnakala Dh.Bhag994Kosada Kalan
251Pra.Vid.Baghaura Khvasan1094Baghora Patti
252Zila P.Pra.Pa.Tisen Tulapur Uttri Bhag1340Tisentulapur
253Zila P.Pra.Pa.Tisen Tulapur Dh.Bhag1234Tisentulapur
255Zila P.Pra.Pa.Devari412N/A
256Zila P.Pra.Pa.Sikara1250Sikara
257Pra.Vid.Bakuliya630Bakuliya Jagir
258Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bedauli1592Bedauri Tappa Manda
259Purv Ma.Vid.Bhinsh-1715Mahuaon Kalan
260Purv Ma.Vid.Bhish -2775Bhins
262Junior High School Raja Pur Pashichami Bhag1359Rajapur
263Junior High School Rajapur Ma.Bhag1358Rajapur
264Zila P.Pra.Pa. Rajapur698Rajapur
265Pra0Pa0Bela Ahiran1287Bela Chauhan
266Zila P.Pra.Pa.Phachkra Pashichami Bhag-1820Bhausara Nrottam
267Zila P.Pra.Pa.Phachakra Pashichami Bhag-2624Fachkhara
268Zila P.Pra.Pa.Phachakra Purvi Bhag1071Hempur
269Zila P.Pra.Pa.Poorabhanjn Purvi Bhag-1713Koilari
270Zila P.Pra.Pa.Poorabhanjan Purvi Bhag-2755Payagpur Ramgarhwa
272Zila P.Pra.Pa. Poora Ramdhan Pooradivan Bhartganj Shiromanpur657Kewalpur
273Zila P.Pra.Pa. Bhartganj Shiromanpur Uttri Bhag1350Bharatganj (NP)
274Zilz P.Pr.Pa.Bharat Gang Siroman Pur South Part990Bharatganj (NP)
275Zila P.Pr.Pa.Bharatgang Siromanpur East Part831Bharatganj (NP)
276Zilz P.Pr.Pa.Bharatgang Siroman Pur W.Part876Bharatganj (NP)
277Zila P.Pr.Pa.Bharatganj Siromanpur Midle Part-1873Bharatganj (NP)
278Zila P.Pr.Kanya Pa.Bharatganj Siromanpur Midle Part-2852Bharatganj (NP)
279Bashik J.Kanaya Vidalaya Nigdil Tulsi Talab Bharatganj Siromanpur N.Part905Bharatganj (NP)
280Janta Shicha Sadan Inter Colleje Bharat Ganj Siromanpur N.Part914Bharatganj (NP)
281Janta Shiksha Sadan In.Cool.Bharthganj Shijomanpur Md.Bhag-11292Bharatganj (NP)
282Janta Shiksha Sadan In.Cool.Bharthganj Shijomanpur Md.Bhag-2854Bharatganj (NP)
283Janta Shiksha Sadan In.Cool.Bharthganj Shijomanpur Md.Bhag-3962Bharatganj (NP)
284Janta Shicha Sadan Inter Colleje Bharat Jang Siromanpur N.Part1103Bharatganj (NP)
285Pr.Vidalaya Mahuvari Khurd1342Mauhari Khurd
287Zila P.Pr.Pa.Mandakhas W.Part1207Manda Khas Anshik
288Zila Pa.Pra.Pa. Monda Khas Purvi Bhag1254Marar
289Zila Pa.Pra.Pa. Mannda Khas Uaya Bhavan Dh.Bhag1163Manda Khas Anshik
290Zila Pa.Pra.Pa. Mannda Khas Naya Bhavan Dh.Bhag1373Marar
291Baolack Sandhon Kendr Mannda Khas Utt..Bhag-1798Manda Khas Anshik
292Baolack Sandhon Kendr Mannda Khas Utt..Bhag-2757Marar
293Pra0Pa0 Handiya Utt.Bhag1384Handia Anshik
294Pra.Pa.Handiya Dh.Bhag1249Handia Anshik
295Pra. Pa. Girdharpur Dh.Bhag-11040Girdharpur
296Pra.Pa.Girdharpur Dh.Bhag-2439Bharthipur
297Pra. Pa. Girdharpur Ut.Bhag501A. Barbaspur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014