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Polling Booth in Mehroni Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mehroni

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mehroni Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Chandawali1315Chandawali
2Primary School Marroli1172Marroli
3Primary School Teela445Teela
4Primary School Myan1386Miyao
5Primary School No.1 Kailguvan932Kailguwan
6J.H.S Kailguvan North Part904Kailguwan
7J.H.S Kailguvan South Part766Kailguwan
8Primary School Kakrela Kailguvan661Kailguwan
9Primary School Bangra450Bangra
10Primary School Gahrav425Gahrao
11Primary School Jaravali1152Jaraoli
12Primary School Kailoni367Kailoni
13Primary School Kakdari1100Kakdari
14Primary School Mogaan1360Mogan
15Primary School Puradhundkuan766Pura Dhadkuwa
16J.H.S Bilata689Bilata
17Primary School Udaypura975Udaipura
18Primary School Barogaun North Part1011Burogaon
19Primary School Barogun South Part968Burogaon
20Primary School Semrabujurg423Semara Bujurg
21Primary School Semra777Semrabhag
22Primary School Bhaagnagar779Semrabhag Nagar
23J.H.S Toriya1008Toria
24Primary School Nagara454Nagara
25Primary School Mirchwara841Mirchwara
26Primary School Mirchwara Extra Room732Mirchwara
27Primary School Surikalan879Surikalan
28Primary School Dangrana991Dangrana
29Girls Primary School Dangrana847Dangrana
30Primary School Bartala367Bartala
31Primary School Khakron717Khakron
32J.H.S Gangasagar439Gangasagar
33Primary School Chakora1262Chakaura
34Primary School Surikhurd678Suri Khurd
35Primary School Badokhara1034Badokhara
36New J.H.S Billa772Billa
37Primary School Billa828Billa
38Primary School Gugarwara1243Gugarwara
39Primary School Bharoni328Bharoni
40Primary School Dailwara752Dailwara
41Primary School Chhilla865Chhilla
42J.H.S Kuaagaun North Part809Kuwagaon
43J.H.S Kuaagaun South Part854Kuwagaon
44Primary School Banpur East Part809Banpur
45Primary School Banpur North Part Extra Room797Banpur
46Primary School Baanpur West Part1431Banpur
47New J.H.S Banpur North Part1133Banpur
48New J.H.S Baanpur South Part1092Banpur
49J.H.S Banpur North Part1085Banpur
50J.H.S Banpur South Part1158Banpur
51Primary School Ajnora646Ajnora
52Panchayat Bhavan Gangchari1117Gangchari
53Primary School Banoni794Banoni
54J.H.S Banoni729Banoni
55Primary School Paah East Part828Pah
56Primary School Paah West Part792Pah
57New Primary School Umari781Umari
58Primary School Udaya539Umari
59Primary School Veer1090Bir
60Primary School Sunwaha North Part790Sunwaha
61Primary School Sunwaha South Part732Sunwaha
62New Primary School Naiguvan869Nauguna
63Primary School Daroni889Daroni
64Primary School Simariya672Simariya
65Primary School Baaryo743Baryo
66J.H.S Amora1053Amora
67Primary School Bhera811Bhaira
68J.H.S Bhaira829Bhaira
69Primary School Didora1033Chidaura
70Primary School Dhawari1015Dawari
71Primary School Padva North Part785Padwan
72Primary School Padva South Part825Padwan
73J.H.S Bamhaurighat1097Bamhorighat
74Primary School Nivari587Niwari
75C-B- Gupta Intar College North Part Mehroni1129Mahroni (NP)
76C-B- Gupta Intar College South Part 1 Mehroni1185Mahroni (NP)
77C-B- Gupta Intar College South Part 2331Mahroni (NP)
78C-B- Gupta Intar College West Part Mehroni514Mahroni (NP)
79Primary School Mehroni North Part824Mahroni (NP)
80Primary Balmiki School North Part Mehroni710Mahroni (NP)
81Primary School Mehroni South Part928Mahroni (NP)
82Old Girls Primary School Mehroni674Mahroni (NP)
83Gov- Girls -Inter College North Part Mehroni1410Mahroni (NP)
84Gov- Girls -Inter College South Part Mehroni1156Mahroni (NP)
85Gov- Girls -Inter College East Part 1793Mahroni (NP)
86Gov- Girls -Inter College East Part 2 Mehroni1020Mahroni (NP)
87Primary School Bhorat400Bhaunrat
88New Primary School Kurora939Kuraura
89Primary School Sukadi1257Sukadi
90Primary School Silawan838Silawan
91J.H.S Silawan1277Silawan
92Primary School Samogar721Samogar
93J.H.S Samogar793Samogar
94Primary School Charpat1014Chhaprat
95Primary School Kisarda791Kisarda
96Primary School Pali461Pali
97Primary School Jakhaura1400Jakhaura
98Primary School Agora691Agora
99M-M-Mohan M- Intar College North Part Gurha1384Gurha
100M-M-Mohan M- Intar College South Part Gurha1367Gurha
101Primary School Bhadora1317Bhadaura
102Primary School Chapchol1377Chhapchhol
103Primary School Maiguvan1122Maiguwan
104Primary School Bangruva576Bangaruwa
105Primary School Lehran615Lahrain
106Primary School Sakdora702Sarkaura
107J.H.S Khatora787Khatora
108New Primary School Rukwaha1283Rukwaha
109Primary School Bamhauribahadursingh1365Bamhori Bahadursingh
110Primary School Quolari1056Keolari
111Primary School Khiriyalatkanju1192Khiriyalatkanju
112Primary School Kuaaghoshi1172Kuwanghosi
113Primary School Pachoda682Pachaunda
114Primary School Digwar417Digwar
115Primary School Choki726Chauki
116J.H.S Jarya776Jariya
117Primary School Jarya770Jariya
118New Primary School Sindwaha1478Sindwaha
119J.H.S Sindwaha1270Sindwaha
120Primary School Bairwara1196Bairwara
121Primary School Gundrapur1451Gundrapur
122Primary School Pathavijaypura1405Pathabijaipura
123J.H.S Pathavijaypura North Part842Pathabijaipura
124J.H.S Pathavijaypura South Part885Pathabijaipura
125Primary School Midarwaha763Midarwaha
126Higher Primary School Midarwaha802Midarwaha
127Primary School Azaan493Ajana
128New Primary School Chayan1081Chhayan
129New Primary School Kumhaidi1460Kumehri
130J.H.S Kumhaidi1402Kumehri
131Girls Junior High School Kumhaidi1394Kumehri
132New Primary School Khiriyabharanju987Khiriabharanju
133Primary School Sojna1477Sonjana
134New Primary School Sojna East Part852Sonjana
135New Primary School Sojna West Part869Sonjana
136J.H.S Sojna East Part786Sonjana
137J.H.S Sojna West Part858Sonjana
138Primary School Navaai474Navai
139Primary School Mainwar1313Mainwar
140J.H.S Pathrai535Pathrai
141J.H.S Bhodi996Bhondi
142Primary School Korwas1104Korwans
143Primary School Baron894Baron
144J.H.S Largan1125Largan
145J.H.S Nainwara1436Nainwara
146Primary School Badgana909Badgana
147Primary School Jagara498Jagara
148Primary School Nekora1112Naikora
149New Primary School Kusmad1107Kusmand
150Girls Primary School Gauna833Gona
151Primary School Gauna698Gona
152Primary School Chadra908Chadra
153Primary School Agodi757Agori
154Primary School Uldanakalan748Uldana Kalan
155Higher Primary School Uldanakalan758Uldana Kalan
156Primary School Gadholikalan North Part816Gadolikalan
157Primary School Gadholikalan South Part877Gadolikalan
158J.H.S Karoda920Karonda
159J.H.S Barchon867Barchon
160Primary School Gudabujurg817Gurha Buzurg
161J.H.S Gudabujurg827Gurha Buzurg
162Primary School Gadanpur1226Gadanpur
163Primary School Kakaruva East Part848Kakaruwa
164Primary School Kakaruva West Part765Kakaruwa
165Primary School Bagoni531Bagoni
166Primary School Jamuniya668Jamunia Kalan
167New Primary School Imialiyakalan1046Imilia Kalan
168Primary School Jharavata1259Jharaota
169Primary School Banyana720Banyana
170Primary School Arjunkhiriya1223Arjun Khiriya
171Primary School Bamrana1188Bamrana
172Primary School Denpura864Dainpura
173New Primary School Bhota1020Bhonta
174Primary School Saidpur North Part726Saidpur
175Primary School Saidpur South Part776Saidpur
176Girls Primary School Saidpur1414Saidpur
177Primary School Mudiya Saidpur1349Saidpur
178Primary School Rameshra1323Rameshra
179Primary School Satwasa1280Satwansa
180Higher Primary School Budni Madawara893Budani Madawara
181Primary School Dhurwara713Dhurwara
182Primary School Manikpur884Manikpur
183J.H.S Pyasa802Pyasa
184Primary School Dongrakhurd East Part935Dongra Khurd
185Primary School Dongrakhurd West Part897Dongra Khurd
186J.H.S Luhera1165Luharra
187Primary School Sukulguvan434Sukal Guan
188Primary School Kherpura447Khairpura
189Primary School Jhankar480Jhankar
190Primary School Ramgada982Ramgarha
191J.H.S Karitoran844Karitoran
192Primary School Karitoran979Karitoran
193Primary School Khutguwan569Khutguwan
194Primary School Pidar857Pindar
195New Primary School Bhikampur1267Bhikhampur
196Primary School Sunoni432Sunoni
197Primary School Ikona828Ikona
198Primary School Chhitrapur680Chhitra Pur
199Primary School Gorakalan769Gora Kalan
200J.H.S School Rajola Gorakalan799Gora Kalan
201Primary School Gorakachhya1122Gora Kachhya
202J.H.S School East Part Sadumal922Sadumal
203J.H.S School West Part Sadumal905Sadumal
204Primary School Sadumal1364Sadumal
205New Primary School Devran Khurd588Deorankhurd
206Primary School Devrankalan616Deoran Kalan
207Primary School Simiriya816Semaria
208Primary School Gadora1003Gadora
209Primary School Dholpura423Dholpura
210Primary School Bachharai922Bachhrai
211Primary School Sarkhadi1039Sarkhadi
212Primary School Gona901Gona
213New J.H.S School North Part Gona906Gona
214New J.H.S School South 1 Part Gona849Gona
215New J.H.S School South Part 2 Gona853Gona
216Primary School Makripur654Makripur
217Primary School Tarawali578Taraoli
218Primary School Maharajpura406Mahraj Pura
219Primary School Bareja594Bareja
220New Primary School Guda Madawara740Gurha Mahdawara
221J.H.S School Khiriya Uwari631Khiriya Ubari
222Primaryr School Bachhravni558Bachhraoni
223New J.H.S School Rakhwara986Rakhwara
224Primary School Dhawa1219Dhawa
225Primary School Rangaon1122Rangaon
226Gilrs Primary School Rangoan1468Rangaon
227Primary School Madawra1166Madawra
228Girls Primary School Madawra1282Madawra
229J.H.S School North Part Madawra1272Madawra
230J.H.S School South Part 1 Madawra1002Madawra
231J.H.S School South Part 2 Madawra927Madawra
232Primary School Tisgana469Tisgina
233Primary School Dangali594Dangli
234Primary School Gangchari424Gangchari
235J.H.S School Gidwaha1267Gidwaha
236Primary School Balna740Balna
237J.H.S School East Part Girar853Girar
238J.H.S School West Part Girar848Girar
239Primary School Manpura752Manpura
240New Primary School Kurrat1007Kurrat
241Primary School Lakhanjar457Lakhanger
242Primary School Uldana Khurd998Uldana Khurd
243Primary School Thangana425Thangana
244Primary School Banguwan355Banguan
245Prmary School Siron1125Siron
246Primary School Lidhora1042Hansari
247Primary School Pisnari814Pisnari
248New Primary School Hansara412Hansara
249Primary School Dhorisagar820Dhauri Sagar
250Primary School Sakra Dhorisagar761Dhauri Sagar
251New Primary School North Part Bamhorisagar867Bamhori Kalan
252New Primary School South Part Bamhorikalan874Bamhori Kalan
253Primary School Sorai1307Sonrai
254J.H.S School Sorai1476Sonrai
255Primary School Jandhar883Jalandhar
256Primary School Hansera686Hansero
257Primary School Garrolimaf906Garrolimauf
258Primary School Tori919Tori
259Primary School Bhotimadawara738Bhonti Madawra
260New Primary School Didoniya1378Didonia
261New Primary School Madanpur1017Madanpur
262Primary School Pahadikalan982Pahadi Kalan
263Primary School Neemkheda996Neemkhera
264Primary School Piprat544Piprat
265Primary School Kabrata432Kawrata
266Primary School Bahadurpur1118Bahadur Pur
267Primary School Barodiya713Baraudiya
268Primary School Sigarwara476Singarwara
269Primary School East Part Parol1101Parol
270Primary School West Part Parol1097Parol
271J.H.S School Patnamadawra1399Patna Mahdawara
272Primary School Chandora338Chandora
273Primary School Guryana787Guryana
274Primary School Devri496Deori
275Primary School Dograkalan Khurd1078Dongra Kalan
276New Girls Primary School Dograkalan Khurd920Dongra Kalan
278Higher School North Narahat1110Narahat
279Higher School South Part Narahat1463Narahat
280Primary School North Part Narahat857Narahat
281Primary Schoo South Part Narahat912Narahat
282Girls Primary School Narahat849Narahat
283Primary School Pachoni1046Pachauni
284Primary School Dhowankheri654Dhowan Kheri
285Primary School Barkhiriya1367Barkhiriya
286J.H.S School Kadowara1436Khadowara
287New J.H.S School East Part Birari863Birari
288New J.H.S School West Part Birari760Birari
289New Primary School Gogla Birari580Birari
290Primary School Tera1264Tera
291Primary School Khokhra612Kachnoda Kalan
292Primary School Kachnodakalan826Kachnoda Kalan
293Higher Primary School Kachnodakalan1480Kachnoda Kalan
294J.H.S School Tikratiwari1050Tikra Tiwari
296J.H.S School North Part Khiriyachhatara1230Khiriya Chhatara
297J.H.S School South Part Khiriyachhatara645Khiriya Chhatara
298Primary School Tor911Tor
299J.H.S School North Part Kalyanpura1312Kalyanpura
300J.H.S School South Part Kalyanpura1213Kalyanpura
301New Primary School Kalyanpura1395Kalyanpura
302J.H.S School North Part Jharkon864Jharkon
303J.H.S School South Part Jharkon797Jharkon
304Primary School Raghunathpura1001Raghunath Pura
305Primary School Bamhorinagal342Bamhori Nagal
306Primary School Mailwarakhurd883Mailwara Khurd
307J.H.S School Mailwarakalan954Mailwara Kalan
308J.H.S School East Part Rajwara831Rajwara
309J.H.School West Part Rajwara774Rajwara
310J.H.S School North Part Rajwara1060Rajwara
311Primary School Panari975Panari
312Primary School East Part Masorakalan904Masora Kalan
313Primary School West Part Masorakalan874Masora Kalan
314Primary School Jiyawan976Jijyawan
315J.H.S School Jijyawan1179Jijyawan
316Primary School Anora1041Anora
317J.H.S School Bhaorda880Bhonrda
318J.H.S School Tenga1331Tenga
319J.H.S School Bhadrau442Bhadrau
320New Primary School Talgaon760Talgaon
321J.H.S School Mirchwara1278Mirchwara
322Primary School Patsemra1344Patsemra
323Primary School Khadera957Khadera
324Primary School Bhaisai410Bhainsai
325Primary School East Part Masorakhurd1033Masora Khurd
326Primary School West Part Masorakhurd1075Masora Khurd
327Primary School Ghatwar908Ghatwar
328Primary School Jamundhanakhurd940Jamundhana Khurd
329New Primary School Niwai1112Niwai
330Primary School Niwaho894Niwai
331New Primary School Kumrol1312Kumrola
332Primary School Bamrola312Bamrola
333Primary School Satarwas1212Satarwans
334New Primary School Satarwans746Satarwans
335J.H.S School North Part Chadrau1304Charhrau
336J.H.S School South Part Chadrau699Charhrau
337Primary School Chilla799Chhilla
338Primary School Bajarra978Bajarra
339Primary School School Khajuriya1408Khajuriya
340J..H.S School Khitwas838Khitwans
341Primary School Khitwas851Khitwans
342Primary School Andela998Andela
345Primary School North Part Virdha847Birdha
346Primary School South Part Virdha734Birdha
347Girls Primary School Virdha821Birdha
348J.H.S School Virdha725Birdha
349Primary School Tagar Ariya Virdha759Birdha
350Primary School Magarpur540Magar Pur
351Primary School Kaithora664Kaithora
352Primary School Reechhpura422Richh Pura
353Primary School Satora977Sataura
354New Primary School Sigepur1224Singepur
355Primary School Kalothra1165Kalothara
356Primary School Kalrav618Kalro
357Primary School Pipriyapali664Pipriya Pali
358Primary School Neemkhera770Neem Khera
359Primary School Patauwa1238Patauwa
360Primary School Karmara1211Karmaro
361Primary School Bangariya834Bangariya
362Primary School Salaiya677Salaiya
363Primary School Betna592Betna
364Primary School Pipriya Dogra479Pipariya Dongra
365Primary School Umriya Dogra853Umariya Dongra
366Primary School Barodiyarain793Barodiya Raen
367Primary School Thagari520Thagari
368Girls Higher Primary School Pipri East Part Pali819Pali (NP)
369Girls Higher Primary School Pipri West Part Pali735Pali (NP)
370Girls School Pali1170Pali (NP)
371Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 2 Pali824Pali (NP)
372Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 16 Pali756Pali (NP)
373Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 5 Pali1149Pali (NP)
374Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 1 Pali817Pali (NP)
375Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 17 Pali773Pali (NP)
376Jila Parishad Intar College Room No 3 Pali1293Pali Rural
377J.H.S School Simardha879Simardha
378J.H.S School North Part Bant1039Bant
379J.H.S School South Part Bant974Bant
380Primary School Bamhoripathar516Bamhori Pathar
381Primary School Dhojri436Dhojri
382J.H.S School North Part Madon737Madon
383J.H.S School South Part Madon766Madon
384Primary School East Part Dhorra748Dhorra
385Primary School Wesr Part Dhorra780Dhorra
386New J.H.S School Dhorra1320Dhorra
387Primary School Piprai1282Piprai
388Primary School Kapasi527Kapasi
389Primary School Pipriya Jhagir490Pipariya Jagir
390J.H.S School Padna685Padna
391Primary School Chandera691Chandera
392Primary School Dongrakalan1164Dongra Kalan
393Girls Primary School Dograkalan1497Dongra Kalan
394J.H.S School Dograkalan1168Dongra Kalan
395Primary School Kiyolari574Kewlari
396Primary School Dugariya1073Dungriya
397Primary School Dudhai683Dungriya
398Primary School Bamhoribansha496Bamhori Bansha
399Primary School Rasoi773Rasoi
400Primary School Maholi1491Maholi
401J.H.S School Balabehat1488Balabehat
402Girls Primary School Balabehat1233Balabehat
403New Primary School East Part Balabehat1177Balabehat
404New Primary School West Part Balabehat743Balabehat
405Primary School Bharon627Bharon
406Primary School Mudari683Mudnari
407Primary School Banspur519Mudnari
408Primary School Piproniya270Piproniya
409Primary School Danwar556Danwar
412Primary School Pathari718Pathari
413Primary School Pura385Pura
414J.H.S School Giltora460Giltora

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