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Polling Booth in Mehnagar Assembly Constituency

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Mehnagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mehnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mehnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-11415Ranipur Rajmo
2P.V. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-21258Ranipur Rajmo
3J.H.S. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-11135Ranipur Rajmo
4J.H.S.Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-2558Ranipur Rajmo
5K.P.V. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-11146Ranipur Rajmo
6K.P.V. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-21155Ranipur Rajmo
7K.P.V. Ranipur Rajmon R.N.-31304Ranipur Rajmo
8P.V. Kalandarpur R.N.-1911Kalandarpur
9P.V. Kalandarpur R.N.-2691Kalandarpur
10P.V. Kalandarpur R.N.-31149Kalandarpur
11P.V. Thanauli R.N.-11089Thanauli
12P.V. Thanauli R.N.-2570Muzaffarpur
13Mini Sachivalay Mangrava Raipur1317Magraon Raipur
14P.V. Mangrava Raipur1198Magraon Raipur
15Madarsa Arbiya Kasim Ulum Mangrava Raipur R.N.-1984Magraon Raipur
16Madarsa Arbiya Kasim Ulum Mangrava Raipur R.N.-2900Magraon Raipur
17I.K. Mangrava Raipur R.N.-1666Magraon Raipur
18I.K. Mangrava Raipur R.N.-2600Magraon Raipur
19P.V. Umari Ganeshpur R.N.-1917Umari Ganeshpur
20P.V. Umari Ganeshpur R.N.-2746Umari Ganeshpur
21P.V. Jafarpur R.N.-1943Jafarpur
22P.V. Jafarpur R.N.-2673Jafarpur
23P.V. Katra575Katara
24P.V. Visham Mirjapur R.N.-11099Visham Mirjapur
25P.V. Visham Mirjapur R.N.-21194Visham Mirjapur
26K.M.V. Visham Mirjapur1358Visham Mirjapur
27P.V. Surjanpur R.N.-1674Surjanpur
28P.V. Surjanpur R.N.-2913Surjanpur
29P.V. Banave890Banawen
30P.V. Gauri948Gauri
31P.V. Bahorpur Bhaddaur1041Bahorapur Bhadaur
32P.V. Makhdumpur1351Makhdumpur
33P.V. Shivrajpur1198Shiv Rajpur
34P.V. Vajeermalpur391Vajirmal Pur
35P.V. Madarpur766Madarpur
36P.V. Jamalpur R.N.-11084Jamalpur
37P.V. Jamalpur R.N.-2776Jamalpur
38P.V. Rampur Andoi723Rampur Andoi
39P.V. Pitamberpur1016Pitambarpur
40P.V. Molnapur R.N.-1461Molnapur
41P.V. Molnapur R.N.-2429Molnapur
42P.V. Koilari Bujurg R.N.-11082Koilari Bujurg
43P.V. Koilari Bujurg R.N.-2862Koilari Bujurg
44P.V. Koilari Khurd1050Koilari Khurd
45P.V. Sapnahar Rudrapur R.N.-11074Supnahar Rudrapur
46P.V. Sapnahar Rudrapur R.N.-2996Supnahar Rudrapur
47P.V. Devait R.N.-11293Deoiat
48P.V. Devait R.N.-21065Deoiat
49Panchayat Bhawan Devait1158Deoiat
50P.V. Mustafabad1137Mustafabad
51P.V. Paliya Sofiganj1098Paliya Sofi Ganj
52P.V. Pakadiya Ranipur1148Pakaria Ranipur
53P.V. Narsinghpur900Narsinghpur
54P.V. Vijaipur1322Bijyepur
55U.P.V. Chakvara R.N.-1577Chak Wara
56U.P.V. Chakvara R.N.-21069Chak Wara
57P.V. Chakvara1186Chak Wara
58P.V. Diha R.N.-1921Deha
59P.V. Diha R.N.-2981Deha
60P.V. Samshuddinpur1111Shamsuddin Pur
61J.H S. Nai R.N.-11179Naie
62J.H S. Nai R.N.-21220Naie
63P.V. Dholapatti1260Dholapatti
64P.V. Hathaudi928Hathauri
65P.V. Gaddipur772Gaddipur
66P.V. Tilsada1139Chak Firozpur
67K.P.V. Tilsada269Haridaspur
68J.H.S Ahiyai776Ahiai
69P.V. Dholapur Isthit Balelpur576Balelpur
70P.V. Katat Chak Katat R.N.-11002Katat Chak Katat
71P.V.Katat Chak Katat R.N.-2563Katat Chak Katat
72P.V. Dama R.N.-1704Dama
73P.V.Dama R.N. -2941N/A
74P.V. Laudah Imadpur R.N.-11395N/A
75P.V. Laudah Imadpur R.N.-21373N/A
76P.V. Pandha R.N. -1968N/A
77P.V. Pandha R.N. -21119N/A
78P.V. Saidpur179N/A
79P.V. Thothiya1117N/A
80P.V. Dharnipur Ranipur R.N. -11096N/A
81P.V. Dharnipur Ranipur R.N. -21046N/A
82J.H.S Dharnipur Ranipur1403N/A
83P.V. Ganjor R.N.-1931N/A
84P.V. Ganjor R.N.-2548N/A
85P.M.V. Ganjor1417N/A
86P.V. Gaura -21194Gaura
87P.V. Gaura -1 R.N-1994N/A
88P.V. Gaura -1 R.N. - 21150N/A
89Samudaik Milan Kendra Chakjainuddinpur873Mehnagar (NP)
90K.P.V. Mehnagar R.N. -11106Mehnagar (NP)
91K.P.V. Mehnagar R.N. -21335Mehnagar (NP)
92K.J.H.S.Mehnagar R.N.- 11227Mehnagar (NP)
93K.J.H.S.Mehnagar R.N.- 21028Mehnagar (NP)
94K.J.H.S.Mehnagar R.N.- 3751Mehnagar (NP)
95I.P.V. Mehnagar R.N. -11010Mehnagar (NP)
96I.P.V. Mehnagar R.N. -21018Mehnagar (NP)
97P.V. Khutva Chak Khutva1425Khutwa Chak Khutawa
98P.V. Daulatpur1180Daulatpur
99P.V. Basila1265Basila
100P.M.V. Veerbhanpur818Birbhanpur
101P.V. Veerbhanpur R.N. - 1294Birbhanpur
102P.V. Veerbhanpur R.N. - 2992Birbhanpur
103P.V. Bhorampur882Bhorampur
104P.V. Rahila731Rahila
105P.V. Barva Sagar R.N. - 1628Barwa Sagar
106P.V. Barva Sagar R.N. - 21124Barwa Sagar
107P.V. Muhammadpur Niyamatpur777Muhammadpur Niyamatpur
108P.V. Patna Ahiyai946Patna Ahiyai
109P.V. Rasoolpur1489Rasulpur
110P.V. Shekhoopur - 1612Ramdaspur
111P.V. Shekhoopur - 21203Shekhupur
112P.V. Inval791Inwal
113P.V. Bachhval R.N. - 11091Bachhawal
114P.V. Bachhval R.N. - 21085Bachhawal
115P.M.V. Bachhval1143Bachhawal
116P.V. Jiyasad900Jiyasar
117P.V. Hatva Aima R.N. -1872Hatawa Aima
118P.V. Hatva Aima R.N. -21213N/A
119P.V. Gahuni R.N. -1777N/A
120P.V. Gahuni R.N. -2910N/A
121P.V. Sardarganj R.N. -1678Sardar Ganj
122P.V. Sardarganj R.N. -2841Sardar Ganj
123P.V. Rajdharpur377Rajdharpur
124P.V. Devariya1117Dewaria
125P.V. Jamki R.N. -1797Jamaki
126P.V. Jamiki - 21519Jamaki
127P.V. Karnehuva R.N. -11208Asrafpur
128P.V. Karnehuva R.N. -21146Karnehuan
129P.V. Kusmuliya1030Kusmulia
130P.V. Gopalpur R.N. -11059Gopalpur
131P.V. Gopalpur R.N. -21132Gopalpur
132P.M.V. Gopalpur1229Gopalpur
133P.V. Ghatiya1400Ghatiya
134P.V. Sisva R.N. - 11308Sisawa
135P.V. Sisva R.N. - 2607Sisawa
136Panchayat Bhavan Mauli799Mauli
137K.P.V. Singhpur R.N. - 11004Singhpur
138K.P.V. Singhpur R.N. - 2406Dhannipur
139P.M.V. Singhpur Dhanni794N/A
140P.V. Ummarpur608N/A
141P.V. Kathan R.N. - 1728N/A
142P.V. Kathan R.N. -21039N/A
143P.V. Ramgarh900Ramgarh
144P.V. Dhirjipur624Nagamalpur
145P.V. Madhuban1348N/A
146P.V. Gurehatha614N/A
147K.P.V. Gurehatha1122N/A
148K.P.V. Kharagpur R.N. - 1673N/A
149K.P.V. Kharagpur R.N. - 2794N/A
150I.K. Kharagpur821N/A
151P.V. Kharagpur Isthit Kanghari1199Kajhari
152P.V. Chandani314N/A
153P.V. Amari R.N. -11002N/A
154P.V. Amari -2816N/A
155P.V. Pilkhuva1005N/A
156P.V. Ghinhapur R.N. - 11249N/A
157P.V. Ghinhapur - 2720N/A
158P.V. Kamhariya Ii R.N. - 11165N/A
159P.V. Kamhariya Ii R.N. - 21240N/A
160P.V. Kamhariya I R.N. - 1734N/A
161P.V. Kamhariya I R.N. - 2527N/A
162Gram Panchayat Bhawan Roshanpur1383N/A
163P.V. Bhikhampur672N/A
164P.V. Khajura1147N/A
165P.V. Sidhari968N/A
166P.V. Khevasipur700N/A
167P.V. Karauti1069N/A
168P.V. Khajuri R.N. -11244N/A
169P.V. Khajuri R.N. -21335N/A
170I.K. Jigni989N/A
171P.V. Jigni1038N/A
172P.V. Benoopur R.N. 1440N/A
173P.V. Benoopur R.N. 2826N/A
174P.N.V. Benoopur559Benupur
175P.V. Tisaura625N/A
176P.V. Usari412N/A
177P.V. Pithaurpur R.N. -1865N/A
178P.V. Pithaurpur R.N. -2954N/A
179P.V. Bhitkaso926N/A
180H.S. Reda403N/A
181P.V. Fatehpur Bhatauli1358N/A
182P.V. Mahuvari R.N. -11210N/A
183P.V. Mahuvari R.N. -21059N/A
184P.V. Kabootra R.N. -11099Kahutara
185P.V. Kabootra R.N. -2806N/A
186P.V. Maholi R.N. -11134N/A
187P.V. Maholi R.N. -21120N/A
188P.V. Asausa R.N. -11370N/A
189P.V. Asausa R.N. -2514N/A
190P.V. Singhpur R.N.- 11262N/A
191P.V. Singhpur R.N.- 21137N/A
192P.V. Rakaicha385Rikaicha
193P.V. Muhammadpur1243N/A
194P.V. Chauki Maniyara862N/A
195P.V. Rajha Ajmatpur725N/A
196K.P.V. Pavani Khurd R.N. -1778N/A
197K.P.V. Pavani Khurd R.N. -2241N/A
198P.V. Basoopur R.N.-11127N/A
199P.V. Basoopur R.N.-2275N/A
200P.V. Katai R.N. -1696N/A
201P.V. Katai R.N. -2995N/A
202P.V. Pavani Kala R.N. -11033N/A
203P.V. Pavani Kala R.N. -21129Pauni Kalan
204K.J.H.S. Malpar R.N. -1839N/A
205K.J.H.S. Malpar R.N. -2952N/A
206P.V. Ismailpur Bharthipur R.N. -1624N/A
207P.V. Ismailpur Bharthipur R.N. -21039N/A
208P.V. Ismailpur Bharthipur R.N. -3826N/A
209P.V. Miyapur Basdeva769N/A
210P.V. Bahorikpur1247N/A
211P.V. Asdhirpur1382N/A
212S.S.S. Vishunpur324N/A
213P.V. Hansrajpur614N/A
214P.V. Kharihani R.N. -11010N/A
215P.V. Kharihani R.N. -21051N/A
216P.M.V. Vishunpur1023N/A
217P.V. Vishunpur R.N. -11065N/A
219Panchayat Bhawan Serra1087N/A
220P.V. Serra Isthit Katta719N/A
221J.H.S Shivrampur1422N/A
222P.V. Manpur R.N. -11116N/A
223P.V. Manpur R.N. -21053N/A
224P.V. Jagdishpur810Jagdishpur
225P.V. Raghunathpur1039N/A
226P.V. Devkali1098N/A
227P.V. Faridpur358N/A
228P.V. Raipur R.N. -1424N/A
229P.V. Raipur R.N. -2950N/A
230P.V. Finihini934N/A
231P.V. Jhauva853N/A
232P.V. Mauliya903N/A
233P.V. Kudhapar R.N. -11060N/A
234P.V. Kudhapar R.N. -21218N/A
235P.V. Sultanipur1068N/A
236Panchayat Bhawan Rasepur834Darropur
237Panchayat Bhawan Todarpur1136N/A
238P.V. Saraitrilochan R.N. -1969N/A
239P.V. Saraitrilochan R.N. -21351N/A
240P.V. Bansganv R.N - 1954N/A
241P.V. Bansganv R.N - 21083N/A
242P.V. Khuthan R.N. -11372N/A
243P.V. Khuthan R.N. -2932N/A
244P.V. Narainpur605N/A
245P.V. Hadaura927N/A
246P.V. Musva R.N. -1933N/A
247P.V. Musva R.N. -2453Sisari
248J.H.S. Nadva Sisidi795N/A
249P.V. Jamuva757N/A
250P.V. Jiyapur1432N/A
251P.V. Aira Bujurg R.N. -1876N/A
252P.V. Aira Bujurg R.N. -2498N/A
253P.V. Aira Khrud1315N/A
254P.B. Khajura776N/A
255S.P.J.H. Araji Fulaich620N/A
256P.V. Fulaich634N/A
257P.V. Saraibhadi1282N/A
258P.V. Bhadiya1060N/A
259P.V. Rasda666N/A
260P.V. Bhuvalpur R.N. -1620N/A
261P.V. Bhuvalpur R.N. -21239N/A
262P.V. Rastipur R.N. -11117N/A
263P.V. Rastipur R.N. -21201N/A
264P.V. Junva R.N. -1698N/A
265P.V. Junva R.N. -21127N/A
266P.V. Budhanpur Urf Jameerpur R.N. -1919N/A
267P.V. Budhanpur Urf Jameerpur R.N. -2573N/A
268J.H.S. Hankarpur734N/A
269P.V. Pithaupur841N/A
270P.V. Saraivrindavan1286N/A
271P.V. Hasanpur Urf Bharthipur1187N/A
272P.V. Bhagvanpur954N/A
273P.V. Faddoopur1043N/A
274P.V. Asmalpur359N/A
275P.V. Bibipur R.N. -11200N/A
276P.V. Bibipur R.N. -21236N/A
277P.V. Visani287N/A
278P.V. Murarpur1220N/A
279P.V. Belhadih R.N. -11207N/A
280P.V. Belhadih R.N. -21369N/A
281P.V. Jaichandpur1214N/A
282P.V. Bhiti1300N/A
283P.V. Uchahuvan R.N. -11025N/A
284P.V. Uchahuvan R.N. -21398N/A
285J.H.S. Uchahuvan1131N/A
286P.B. Birnaiya604N/A
287P.V. Kota618N/A
288P.V. Titira R.N. -1666N/A
289P.V. Titira R.N. -21311N/A
290P.V. Lokaipur649N/A
291P.V. Tandava Khas R.N. -11233N/A
292P.V. Tandava Khas R.N. -21043N/A
293P.V. Chauki Ganjor (Tehuvan) R.N. -11078N/A
294P.V. Chauki Ganjor (Tehuvan) R.N. -2669N/A
295P.M.V. Naurasiya1131Naursia
296P.V. Naurasiya R.N -1912N/A
297P.V. Naurasiya R.N -21145N/A
298I.K. Maulanipur Tarvan1332N/A
299P.V. Chaurikhas180N/A
300V.K.K. Tarvan R.N. -1892N/A
301V.K.K. Tarvan R.N. -21272N/A
302P.V. Abbaspur389N/A
303P.V. Bhilihili R.N. -1889N/A
304P.V. Bhilihili R.N. -2838N/A
305P.V. Tarvan Saraiya R.N. -11186Tarawa
306P.V. Tarvan Saraiya R.N. -21290Tarawa
307K.P.V. Badkapura Tarvan R.N. -11183Tarawa
308K.P.V. Badkapura Tarvan R.N. -21228Tarawa
309P.V.Katai Tarvan1342Tarawa
310P.V. Avani R.N. -1938N/A
311P.V. Avani R.N. -2851N/A
312P.V. Hardaspur Hardashi R.N.-11131N/A
313P.V. Hardaspur Hardashi R.N.-2881N/A
314P.V. Pandeyatarkusha1274N/A
316P.V. Mokalpur R.N. -1903N/A
317P.V. Mokalpur R.N. -2767N/A
318Sarveshvari P.M.V. Banganva1353N/A
319P.V. Banganva -1852N/A
320P.V. Banganva -2841N/A
321P.V. Kujranva R.N. -1867N/A
322P.V. Kujranva R.N. -2834N/A
323P.V. Bela R.N. -1735N/A
324P.V. Bela R.N. -21205N/A
325P.V. Kharka329N/A
326P.V. Nathpur504N/A
327K.P.V. Patti Bhikhari1170N/A
328P.V. Jagdishpur Chaur740N/A
329P.V. Tiyara R.N. -1977N/A
330P.V. Tiyara R.N. -2775N/A
331P.V. Jamudih984N/A
332P.V. Umari494N/A
333P.M.V. Noorpur Bhavarpur1238N/A
334P.V. Pakadi Kala R.N. -11125N/A
335P.V. Pakadi Kala R.N. -21031N/A
336P.V. Haibatpur Dubhanv R.N. -11189N/A
337P.V. Haibatpur Dubhanv R.N. -2794N/A
338J.H.S. Haibatpur Dubhanva R.N. -1818N/A
339J.H.S. Haibatpur Dubhanva R.N. -21163N/A
340P.V. Jamukha R.N. -1886N/A
341P.V. Jamukha R.N. -2670N/A
342P.V. Mahuvapar1198N/A
343K.J.H.S. Barva R.N. -1789N/A
344K.J.H.S. Barva R.N. -2677N/A
345P.V. Itaili788N/A
346P.V. Lalmau1134N/A
347Janta V. Lalmau1238N/A
348P.V. Chaubah1350N/A
349U.M.V. Kuba R.N. -1941N/A
350U.M.V. Kuba R.N. -21181N/A
351P.V. Mauparasin R.N. -11356N/A
352P.V. Mauparasin R.N. -21341N/A
353P.V. Mathbaijnathpur1148N/A
354P.V. Dhakha1074Dhakha
355P.V. Duhuru812N/A
356P.M.V. Rampur Jameen Palhan965N/A
357P.V. Sakiya Bakiya R.N. -1991N/A
358P.V. Sakiya Bakiya R.N. -2278N/A
360P.V. Mehnajpur I R.N. -1690N/A
361P.V. Mehnajpur I R.N. -2769N/A
362P.V. Mehnajpur Ii1024N/A
363J.H.S. Mehnajpur R.N. -11075N/A
364J.H.S. Mehnajpur R.N. -2906N/A
365P.V. Nihula758N/A
366P.V. Bahlolpur950N/A
368P.V. Khundanpur195N/A

Last Updated on November 15, 2014