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Polling Booth in Mau Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mau

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mau Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P.Kashimpur East Part790Kasimpur
2P.P.Kashimpur West Part970Kasimpur
3H.S.School Raini East Part852Raini
4H.S.School Raini West Part1081Raini
6P.P.Vaijapur East Part1489Baijapur
8P.P.Sultanpur Urf Vanaura1283Sultanpur Urf Bnaura
10P.P.Bakhtavarganj East Part1280Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
12P.P.Barlaee East Part955Barlai
13P.P.Barlaee West Part806Barlai
14Kanya P.P. Pijada East Part909Pijara
15Kanya P.P. Pijada Midle Part1257Pijara
17P.P.Khanderaipur North Part808Khnderaypur
18P.P.Khanderaipur South Part834Khnderaypur
20P.P.Itaura East Part1092Itaura
24H.S.School Rekvardeeh West Part1085Rekwardih
25H.S.School Rekvardeeh Midle Part1402Rekwardih
28J.H.School Pipari752Pipidih
29Kanya P.P.Bhar1159Bhar
31P.P.Ranveerpur Midle Part1201Ranbirpur
32P.P.Ranveerpur South Part1440Ranbirpur
34J.H.School Saravan North Part1247Sarwan
36P.P.Sarava Midle Part-21194Sarwan
37P.P.Sarava Easr Part767Sarwan
38P.P.Sarava West Part701Sarwan
39P.P.Aadedeeh South Part1319Adedih
43Kanya P.P.Nashopur East Part1163Nasopur
44Kanya P.P.Nashopur West Part1359Nasopur
46Kanya P.P.Bhiti North Part1316Maunath Bhanjan
48Kanya P.P.Bhiti South Part1251Maunath Bhanjan
50Kanya P.P.Bhiti South Part-3837Maunath Bhanjan
51Kanya P.P.Bhiti South Part-21399Maunath Bhanjan
53P.P.Khvajajahapur South Part1524Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
54P.P.Khvajajahapur North Part348Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
56Kanya I.C.Sonidhapa North Part779Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
57D.C.S.K.D.C.Nizamuddinpura Midle Part607Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
58D.C.S.K.D.C.Nizamuddinpura South Part1173Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
59D.C.S.K.D.C.Nizamuddinpura Midle Part-3723Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
61P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part995Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
62P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part-1988Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
63P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part-2807Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
64P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part-31126Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
65P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part-4563Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
66P.P.Balnikaten Nizamuddinpura West Part-5559Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
67Sonidhapa I.C.Nizamuddinpura North Part1066Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
68Sonidhapa I.C.Nizamuddinpura North Part-1729Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
69Sonidhapa I.C.Nizamuddinpura Midle Part946Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
71Sonidhapa I.C.Nizamuddinpura Midle Part-21446Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
72Sonidhapa I.C.Nizamuddinpura South Part1153Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
73Talimuddin I.C.Badi Kamhariya1393Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
74Talimuddin I.C.Badi Kamhariya Midle Part341Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
75P.P.Shadatpura East Railway509Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
77P.P.Shadatpura Midle Part1457Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
78P.P.Shadatpura Midle Part -172Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
79R.B.P.S.Shadatpura1367Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
81R.B.P.S.Shadatpura East Part-11323Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
82R.B.P.S.Shadatpura Midle Part-2275Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
83R.B.P.S.Shadatpura West Part-21266Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
84R.B.P.S.Shadatpura West Part-31006Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
86M.I.C.Hatthimadari North Part1381Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
87M.I.C.Hatthimadari Midle Part1020Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
88M.I.C.Hatthimadari Midle Part -1976Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
89M.I.C.Hatthimadari Midle Part -21044Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
90M.I.C.Hatthimadari Midle Part -3852Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
91M.I.C.Hatthimadari West Part1247Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
93M.Darulhadish Madanpura Nort Part1135Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
94M.Darulhadish Madanpura Midle Part -1799Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
95M.Darulhadish Madanpura Midle Part -2888Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
96M.Darulhadish Madanpura South Part722Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
99M.F.Maliktahirpura West Part1148Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
100M.F.Maliktahirpura Midle Part -11078Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
101M.F.Maliktahirpura Midle Part -2973Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
102M.F.Maliktahirpura Midle Part -3545Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
104M.F.Maliktahirpura Midle Part -4543Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
105J.A.B.S.M.V.Maliktola1288Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
106J.A.B.S.M.V.Maliktola Midle Part-1995Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
107J.A.B.S.M.V.Maliktola East Part1089Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
108J.A.B.S.M.V.Maliktola West Part1493Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
110M.N.Islam Chandpura North Part1216Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
111M.N.Islam Chandpura North Part -1407Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
112M.N.Islam Chandpura South Part1073Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
113M.N.Islam Chandpura Midle Part854Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
114Sarswati S.M.Brahmanpura North Part1331Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
115Sarswati S.M.Brahmanpura South Part1338Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
116Sarswati S.M.Brahmanpura North West Part1030Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
117J.H.School Mugalpura South Part651Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
118J.H.School Mugalpura Midle Part-1950Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
119J.H.School Mugalpura Midle Part-21321Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
120J.H.School Mugalpura Midle Part-3324Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
122D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi East Part1057Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
123D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi East Part-11269Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
124D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi North East Part-1743Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
125D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi North Part738Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
126D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi West Part1359Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
127D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi Midle Part-31274Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
128D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi1209Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
129D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi Midle Part-11102Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
130D.A.V.I.C.Puraballi Midle Part-21122Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
132Kanya P.P.Astupura1409Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
134M.D.U.Mirzahadipura Nort Part1371Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
135M.D.U.Mirzahadipura Midle Part915Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
136M.D.U.Mirzahadipura South Part1137Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
138M.Talimuddin Khiribag Nort Part1460Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
139M.Talimuddin Khiribag Nort Part -170Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
140M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -11416Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
141M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -2597Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
143M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -31285Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
144M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -4800Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
145M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -51211Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
146M.Talimuddin Khiribag Midle Part -61235Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
147M.H.A.S..V.U.Khiribag1238Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
149M.H.A.S..V.U.Khiribag Midle Part-1861Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
150M.H.A.S..V.U.Khiribag Midle Part-2831Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
151M.H.A.S..V.U.Khiribag South Part798Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
153D.U.N.I.C.Kashimpura South Part731Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
154D.U.N.I.C.Kashimpura South Part -1901Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
155D.U.N.I.C.Kashimpura North Part1382Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
156M.D.S.M.B.Pokhra East Part1314Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
157M.D.S.M.B.Pokhra West Part1189Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
158Sansahkrit P.Rajputana Nort Tola West Part1035Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
159Sansahkrit P.Rajputana Nort Tola East Part1166Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
160Sansahkrit P.Rajputana Nort Tola Midle Part1399Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
161Islamiya School A. East Part1477Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
162Islamiya School A. Midle Part946Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
163Islamiya School A. West Part1240Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
164Madrsha Aliya Domanpura South Part1126Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
165Madrsha Aliya Domanpura Midle Part1272Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
166Madrsha Aliya Domanpura Midle Part-1360Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
168Madrsha Aliya Domanpura Midle Part-21394Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
169Madrsha Aliya Domanpura North Part573Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
170Aliya G.H.S.Domanpura South Part1213Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
171Aliya G.H.S.Domanpura South Part -1133Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
172Aliya G.H.S.Domanpura Midle Part986Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
174Aliya G.H.S.Domanpura Midle Part-1308Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
175S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur North Part1316Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
176S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur Midle Part1029Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
177S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur Midle Part -11365Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
178S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur Midle Part -21437Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
179S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur Midle Part -376Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
180S.A.P.J.H.School Domanpur South Part1471Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
181M.S.I.C.Bhdesara West Part1424Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
182M.S.I.C.Bhdesara Midle Part1258Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
183M.S.I.C.Bhdesara East Part1219Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
184A.L.J.H.School Bhatkuapattidayarai1430Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
185A.L.J.H.School Bhatkuapattidayarai West Part1451Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
186A.L.J.H.School Bhatkuapattidayarai West Part-1144Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
187A.L.J.H.School Bhatkuapattidayarai North Part778Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
189P.P.Hakikatpura East Part1411Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
190P.P.Hakikatpura West Part1297Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
191P.P.Achar East Part1421Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
192P.P.Achar Midle Part-11331Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
193P.P.Achar Midle Part-2511Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
194P.P.Rampur1044Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
196P.P.Thakurmanpur East Part150Thakurmanpur
198P.P.Belchaura West Part120Belchaura
199P.P.Salahabad North Part1124Salahabad
200P.P.Salahabad Midle Part1222Salahabad
201P.P.Salahabad South Part942Salahabad
202P.P.Pardaha691Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
203Khand.B.Office Pardaha Midle Part-11434Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
204Khand.B.Office Pardaha Midle Part-1-2107Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
205Khand.B.Office Pardaha Midle Part-21349Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
206Khand.B.Office Pardaha North Part-11371Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
207P.Bhwan Pardaha1322Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
208P.Bhwan Pardaha Room-2328Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
209P.P.Galibpur1131Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
210P.P.Rastipur East Part1464Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
211P.P.Rastipur East Part-1162Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
212P.P.Rastipur West Part737Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
213R.K.K.Ka.Imilya North Part1030Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
214R.K.K.Ka.Imilya North Part-11261Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
215R.K.K.Ka.Imiliya Midle Part1241Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
216R.K.K.Ka.Imiliya Midle Part-1638Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
217J.H.School Indarpur Imiliya1183Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
218J.H.School Bakval East Part1455Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
219J.H.School Bakval Midle Part753Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
220P.P.Hardaspur766Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
221P.P.Hardaspur West Part948Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
223K.Path.Tajopur1297Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
224Kanya Path Tajopur West Part1370Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
225Kanya Path Tajopur West Part-1267Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
226S.M.K.Tajopur East Part1263Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
227S.M.K.Tajopur West Part1223Maunath Bhanjan (NPP)
229P.P.Lakkhupur South Part735Lkkhupur
231P.P.Harpur North Part1234Harpur
232P.P.Harpur Midle Part1338Harpur
233P.P.Harpur South Part517Bibipur
235J.J.H.School Kushmaur West Part1102Bibipur
236J.J.H.School Kushmaur East Part1200Kushmaur
237P.P.Onhaich East Part1354Onhaich
238P.P.Onhaich Midle Part876Onhaich
241P.P.Suarabojh East Part953Suara Bojh
243P.P.Usmanpur East Part717Usmanpur
245J.H.School Kahinaur West Part1187Tajpur
246J.H.School Kahinaur East Part1169Kahinaura
247J.H.School Sarya681Sarya
250J.H.School Naseerpur1379Nasirpur
251P.P. Badhuagodam East Part1419Baduwagodam
252P.P.Badhuagodam East Part-182Baduwagodam
253P.P.Badhuagodam West Part1084Baduwagodam
254P.P.Imiliyadeeh East Part762Imiliyadih
256P.P.Dumraon North Part1442Dumaranw
257P.P.Dumraon East Part225Chamrianw
258P.P.Dumraon South Part1300Dumaranw
259P.P.Jamadara North Part1014Jamdra
260P.P.Zameenberukhi793Jamin Beruki
265P.P.Kiratsaray New Building1173Kirat Saray
266P.P.Jamalpurbuland1276Jamalpur Buland
268J.H.School Chakara North Part1373Chakra
269J.H.School Chakara South Part350Chakra
273P.P.Sahpur West Part521Sahupur
274P.P.Bhuvalpur West Part357Bhuwalpur
275P.P.Zameenshaharullah West Part815Jaminshahrullah
276P.P.Zameenshaharullah East Part882Jaminshahrullah
278P.Bhwan Gahani848Gahni
281P.P.Mustafabad West Part1135Mustfabad
283P.P.Madailibhuranpur East Part1310Mustfabad
285Kanya J.H.School Makhana North Part1144Makhna
286Kanya J.H.School Makhana South Part520Makhna
288P.P.Itaura North Part1430Itaura
289P.P.Itaura North Part-1138Itaura
290P.P.Itaura South Part1244Itaura
291P.P.Ardauna East Part1341Itaura
292P.P.Ardauna Midle Part1320Ardauna
293P.P.Ardauna West Part734Ardauna
295P.P.Pilkhivaruna1254Pilkhi Baruna
296P.P.Meudikala West Part1424Meudi Kala
299P.P.Haldharpur East Part1273Haldharpur
300P.P.Haldharpur West Part561Haldharpur
302P.P.Baharvar West Part800Baharwar
304P.P.Bakuchidadideeh North Part1113Bakuchi Dandidih
305P.P.Bakuchidadideeh South Part607Bakuchi Dandidih
307P.P.Molnapur -1702Gotaha
311J.H.School Khalispur North Part998Khalispur
312J.H.School Khalispur South Part470Khalispur
317J.H.School Maukuber1323Kharargadi
318P.P.Muhammadpurbarhiya938Muhammadpur Barhia
319P.P.Parmanandpatti1240Parmanand Patti
322P.P.Pahasamohiuddinpur1313Pahsa Mahiuddinpur
323P.P.Pahasamohiuddinpur West Part1410Pahsa Mahiuddinpur
328P.P.Piparsath East Part911Pipersath
329P.P.Piparsath West Part1169Pipersath
331P.P.Bibipur North Part1160Bibipur
333P.P.Nagvan South Part1365Nagawa
334N.I.C.Ratanpura East Part1222Ratanpura
335N.I.C.Ratanpura Midle Part1568Ratanpura (CT)
336N.I.C.Ratanpura Midle Part -1161Ratanpura (CT)
337N.I.C.Ratanpura West Part1320Pah Dulam
340J.H.School Aeelakh East Part1104Ailakh
341J.H.School Aeelakh Midle Part1303Ailakh
343P.P.Vilaujha North Part1365Bilaujha
344P.P.Vilaujha Midle Part1288Bilaujha
345P.P.Vilaujha South Part748Bilaujha
347P.P.Taravan North Part482Tarwa
351S.B.H.P.P.Nasirabadkala North Part1276Nasirabad Kala
352S.B.H.P.P.Nasirabadkala South Part1467Nasirabad Kala
353Dayanand I.C.Itaili East Part1074Itauli
354Dayanand I.C.Itaili West Part548Itauli
355P.P.Atraulpandey685Aturaul Pandey
356P.P.Umarpur East Part1140Umarpur
357P.P.Umarpur West Part1196Naseerabad Khurd
359P.P.Kanso East Part1032Kanso
360P.P.Kanso West Part1168Kanso
361J.H.School Gadha North Part1201Gara
362J.H.School Gadha South Part1025Gara
365P.P.Datauda East Part1251Datauda
367P.P.Datauda East Part-11330Datauda
368P.P.Datauda East Part-2179Datauda
369Panchayat Bhwan Mubarakpur652Datauda
370P.P. Gulauri952Gulauri
371Panchayat Bhavan Gulauri912Gulauri
372P.P. Gahana North Part871Gahna
373P.P. Gahana South Part1038Gahna
374P.P. Ratohi1375Ratohi
375J.H. School Chhichhor Karaudi North Part920Chhichhor Karaudi
376J.H. School Chhichhor Karaudi Midle Part-2639Chhichhor Karaudi
377J.H. School Chhichhor Karaudi Midle Part1089Chhichhor Karaudi
378J.H. School Chhichhor Karaudi South Part1001Chhichhor Karaudi
379P.P. Badagaon East Part1208Baraganv
380P.P. Badagaon West Part706Pakadhua
381P.P. Malpur Loharaee715Malpur Lohrai
382P.P. Kadvara573Kadbara
383P.P. Vibhauli737Bibhauli
384P.P. Vilaspur467Bilaspur

Last Updated on June 11, 2020
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