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Mant Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mant

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mant Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Nagla Mev524Phalain
2Primary School Rajagharhi1320Phalain
3Primary School Badha1137Barha Bangar
4Primary School Rampur684Barha Bangar
5Primary School Ujhani1396Rampur Bangar
6Junior High School Husaini R.N. 1819Husaini
7Junior High School Husaini R.N. 2976Husaini
8Primary School Jatwari R.N. 11348Jatwari
9Primary School Jatwari R.N. 2698Jatwari
10Primary School Sahab Nagar556Jatwari
11Primary School Basai Shergarh613Basai Shergarh Bangar
12Primary School Kharvai648Husaini
13Primary School Adampur882Adampur
14Panchayat Ghhar Shergarh1249Shahpur Bangar
15Sardar Patel Inter College Shergark R.N. 11156Shahpur Bangar
16Sardar Patel Inter College Shergark R.N. 2579Shahpur Bangar
17Sardar Patel Inter College Shergark R.N. 31064Shahpur Bangar
18Sardar Patel Inter College Shergark R.N. 4535Shahpur Bangar
19Khelanvan Inter College R.N. 1949Shahpur Bangar
20Khelanvan Inter College R.N. 2648Shahpur Bangar
21Primary School Sherghar698Shahpur Bangar
22Primary School Janghawali R.N. 11183Shahpur Bangar
23Primary School Janghawali R.N. 2496Shahpur Bangar
24Primary School Khurshi613Khursi
25Puniya Rumali U.M.Vidayalay Ranhedra R.N. 11287Ranhera
26Puniya Rumali U.M.Vidayalay Ranhedra R.N. 21331Ranhera
27Junior High School Sainva R.N. 11269Sainwa
28Junior High School Sainva R.N. 21492Sainwa
29Primary School Astauli940Astauli
30Primary School Gharhi Bheema R.N. 1865Garhi Bheema
31Primary School Gharhi Bheema R.N. 2862Garhi Bheema
32Primary School Peerpur644Peerpur Bangar
33Primary School Owa559Oba Bangar
34Primary School Bajeedpur152Bazidpur Bangar
35Primary School Dheemri1274Gulalpur Bangar
36Primary School Babugarh529Dhimari Bangar
37Primary School Raipur R.N. 11055Raipur Banger
38Primary School Raipur R.N. 2551Raipur Banger
39Primary School Manigarhi1044Mani Garhi Bangar
40Primary School Bhagwan Garhi526Tilak Garhi
41Ra.Kra.Inter College Tilka Garhi R.N. 1569Tilak Garhi
42Ra.Kra.Inter College Tilka Garhi R.N. 2669Tilak Garhi
43Primary School Nanakpur719Faridampur Banger
44Primary School Khajpur R.N. 11180Khajpur
45Primary School Khajpur R.N. 2719Khajpur
46Shri Krishn Vansthli Inter College Managharhi R.N. 1724Managarhi
47Shri Krishn Vansthli Inter College Managharhi R.N. 21373Managarhi
48Primary School Chandpur Khurd1179Chandpur Khurd
49Primary School Birju Gharhi726Birju Garhi
50Primary School Marhala712Birju Garhi
51Primary School Sakatpur845Sakatpur
52Primary School Navipur825Nabipur
53Primary School Khanpur343Khanpur
54Adarsh Inter College Mitthauli R.N.11149Mithauli
55Adarsh Inter College Mitthauli R.N.2626Mithauli
56Primary School Chaukra322Chaukra
57Primary School Kaneka442Kaneka
58Primary School Chindauli512Chindauli
59Primary School Bhartiyaka841Bhartiyaka
60Primary School Awakhera1219Awa Khera
61Primary School Maduaka797Maduakar Banger
62Primary School Abhaypura134Abhaipura Banger
63Primary School Singouni648Sigoni Banger
64Primary School Noorpur243Noorpur Banger
65Primary School Ramgharhi363Ramgarhi Banger
66Porv U.M. Vidyalaya Musmuna1208Musmana Banger
67Primary School Bhagat Bhakrailiya187Bhagat Bhakrelia Banger
68Primary School Bhairai1372Bhairai Banger
69Primary School Baghai948Bhairai Banger
70Primary School Kaulana1292Kolana Banger
71Primary School Jafarpur496Jafarpur Banger
72Naveen Primary School Dilupatti Mudliya R.N. 11071Dilu Patti
73Naveen Primary School Dilupatti Mudliya R.N. 2709Dilu Patti
74Primary School Badhouth1160Badoth
75Primary School Kankar Gharhi268Kankar Garhi
76Primary School Ahamadpur1326Ahamadpur
77Primary School Vijay Gharhi705Garhi Kolaher
78Primary School Jatpura653Kolahar
79Primary School Kolahar1078Kolahar
80Primary School Udiyagharhi851Kolahar
81Primary School Shankargharhi1061Shankar Garhi
82Primary School Chintagharhi287Chinta Garhi
83Primary School Aajnouth827Sultan Patti
84Janta Janardan Inter College Adalgharhi727Sultan Patti
85Primary School Dhhalgharhi479Sultan Patti
86Primary School Nayawas570Sultan Patti
87Brij Hitkari Inter College Bajna R.N. 1821Bajna (NP)
88Brij Hitkari Inter College Bajna R.N. 21225Bajna (NP)
89Brij Hitkari Inter College Bajna R.N. 31072Bajna (NP)
90Brij Hitkari Inter College Bajna R.N. 41450Bajna (NP)
91Brij Hitkari Inter College Bajna R.N. 5715Bajna (NP)
92J.H.School Parsauli R.N. 11427Parsauli
93J.H.School Parsauli R.N. 21486Parsauli
94Primary School Bhootgharhi170Saeo Patti Banger
95Primary School Maharamgharhi447Saeo Patti Banger
96Primary School Jarailiya986Saeo Patti Banger
97Janta Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 1998Nauhjheel Banger
98Jawahar Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 2867Nauhjheel Banger
99Jawahar Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 3668Nauhjheel Banger
100Janta Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 5983Nauhjheel Banger
101Janta Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 4376Nauhjheel Banger
102Janta Inter College Nauhjeel R.N. 61313Nauhjheel Banger
103Primary School Nauhjheel R.N. 11096Nauhjheel Banger
104Primary School Nauhjheel R.N.2680Nauhjheel Banger
105Primary School Nauhjheel R.N. 3990Nauhjheel Banger
106Primary School Firojpur401Firozpur Banger
107Primary School Mangalkhoh771Firozpur Banger
108Primary School Dedana508Dedna Banger
109Primary School Marhala Mukkhha437Marhalamukha Banger
110Primary School Enayatgharh562Firozpur Banger
111Primary School Makhdoompur476Makhdumpur Banger
112Primary School Daulatpur1046Daulatpur Banger
113Primary School Basau207Daulatpur Banger
114Primary School Chhinparai1183Chhinparai Banger
115Primary School Adda Mllah Chinpari231Chhinparai Banger
116Primary School Baghharra368Bagharra
117Primary School Adda Mllah Baghharra855Bagharra
118Primary School Nausherpur833Nausherpur
119Primary School Andhre Ki Gharhi297Nausherpur
120Primary School Mubarikpur811Mubarikpur
121J.H.S. Barauth R.N. 11314Baroth Bangar
122J.H.S. Barauth R.N. 21141Baroth Bangar
123J.H.S. Barauth R.N. 3362Baroth Bangar
124Primary School Bhoorgharhi467Baroth Bangar
125J.H.S. Suhagpur1485Suhagpur
126Naveen P.S.Saddekpur1032Saddikpur
127Primary School Lalpur Mant841Lalpur Mat
128Shanti Niketan U.M.Vidhyalay Shall R.N. 11019Shall
129Shanti Niketan U.M.Vidhyalay Shall R.N. 2676Shall
130Primary School Balipur308Balipur
131Primary School Pachahara R.N. 1971Pach Hara
132Primary School Pachahara R.N. 2934Pach Hara
133J.H.S. Nawali R.N. 1932Nawali
134J.H.S. Nawali R.N. 2739Nawali
135J.H.S. Nawali R.N. 3641Nawali
136Primary School Gharhi Samanta1044Nawali
137Nehru Inter College Chandpur Kalan1107Chandpur Kalan
138Primary School Ramnagla1025Ram Nagla
139Primary School Shadgharhi611Said Garhi
140Primary School Palkhera1487Pal Kherha
141Primary School Pithaura477Pithora Bangar
142Primary School Gharhi Raykaran402Pal Kherha
143Primary Lukhatiyapar413Pal Kherha
144Radha Krishna Inter College Hasanpur R.N. 11454Hasanpur
145Radha Krishna Inter College Hasanpur R.N. 2693Hasanpur
147Primary School Makrand Gharhi809Hasanpur
148Primary School Bhooreka437Bhureka
150Primary School Masandgharhi467Ekhu
151Primary School Ekhu744Ekhu
152Primary School Mueuddeenpur977Moiuddinpur
153Gandhi Smarak Inter College Bera R.N. 11030Moiuddinpur
154Gandhi Smarak Inter College Bera R.N. 21149Bera
155Primary School Sikandarpur R.N. 11309Sikanderpur
156Primary School Sikandarpur R.N. 2845Sikanderpur
157Primary School Nagla Jagroopa959Sikanderpur
158Primary School Mehandipur480Sikanderpur
159Primary School Thaunua362Thainua
160Primary School Bulakpur199Bulakpur
161Primary School Lamtauri1006Lamtauri
162Primary School Meerpur788Meerpur Bangar
163Naveen P.S. Tehara Mant R.N. 11066Tehramat
164Naveen P.S. Tehara Mant R.N. 2553Tehramat
165Primary School Sultanpur484Sultanpur Bangar
166Rashtriya Inter College Surir Kalan R.N. 11142Surirkalan Bagar
167Rashtriya Inter College Surir Kalan R.N. 21277Surirkalan Bagar
168Rashtriya Inter College Surir Kalan R.N. 3407Surirkalan Bagar
169Purva U.M. Vidhyalal Gharhi Parsauti Part Surirkalan1082Surirkalan Bagar
170Primary School Nagla Mauji R.N. 1652Surirkalan Bagar
171Primary School Nagla Mauji R.N. 2730Surirkalan Bagar
172Jamuna Prasad Shriram Inter College Surir Bijau R.N. 1883Surir Vijaru Bangar
173Jamuna Prasad Shriram Inter College Surir Bijau R.N. 21101Surir Vijaru Bangar
174Jamuna Prasad Shriram Inter College Surir Bijau R.N. 3705Sihavan Bangar
175Jamuna Prasad Shriram Inter College Surir Bijau R.N. 4649Surir Vijaru Bangar
176Primary School Bhagat Nagriya608Surir Vijaru Bangar
177Primary School Nagla Sapera164Surir Vijaru Bangar
178Primary School Bhidauni R.N. 1871Bhidauni Bangar
179Primary School Bhidauni R.N. 21136Bhidauni Bangar
180Poorva M. Vidyalaya Ohawa1452Auhawa Bangar
181Primary School Nagla Gadhariya Part Ohawa552Auhawa Bangar
182Primary School Irauli Gujar550Iroli Gujar Bangar
183Primary School Sarkoriya Part Irauli Gujar746Iroli Gujar Bangar
184Primary School Samauli539Auhawa Bangar
185Brij Krashak Inter College Taintigoun R.N.1 Akbarpur1140Akbarpur
186Brij Krashak Inter College Taintigoun R.N.2 Akbarpur1477Akbarpur
187Primary School Nagla Hariya528Akbarpur
188Primary School Baikunthpur495Baikunthpur
189Primary School Sudama Gharhi780Khawal
190Janta Inter College Rajagharhi R.N. 11291Khawal
191Janta Inter College Rajagharhi R.N. 2389Khawal
192Primary School Tulagharhi1247Khawal
193Primary School Bhadanwara R.N. 11061Bhadanwara
194Primary School Bhadanwara R.N. 21054Bhadanwara
195Primary School Nayabans937Bhadanwara
197Primary School Shisha Gharhi396Bhadanwara
198Primary School 1 Jarara R.N. 1990Jarara
199Primary School 1 Jarara R.N. 21111Jarara
200Primary School 2 Jarara596Jarara
201Primary School Nagla Pati871Jarara
202Primary School Khayara1262Khaira
203Primary School Asafabad312Asfabad
204Primary School Amanullapur943Amanullapur
205Primary School Badanpur1044Badanpur
206J.H.S. Lohai R.N. 1938Lohai
207J.H.S. Lohai R.N. 2856Lohai
208Primary School Nagla Jaysingh1366Lohai
209Primary School Bhalai R.N. 11134Bhalai
210Primary School Bhalai R.N. 2932Bhalai
211Primary School Bayohi263Bhalai
212Primary School Dadisara1131Dadisara
213Primary School Dadisari447Dadisara
214Naveen P.S. Karahari R.N. 11437Karahari
215Naveen P.S. Karahari R.N. 21454Karahari
216J.H.S. Karahari175Karahari
217Primary School Basdhaukla513Karahari
218Primary School Nagriya Birji710Karahari
219Primary School Pabbipur831Pabbipur
220Kanya P.S. Erauli Junnardar1252Irolizunnardar
221Primary School Sirrela886Sirrela
222Primary School Lalgharhi490Lal Garhi
223Primary School Kudhwara1116Kurhvara
224Primary School Nagla Khema217Kurhvara
225Primary School Nagla Shayam Part Bakla990Bakla
226Primary School Manikawas674Neem Gaon
227J.H.School Neemgoun R.N. 1710Neem Gaon
228J.H.School Neemgoun R.N. 21417Neem Gaon
229Primary School Neemgoun277Neem Gaon
230Primary School Nagla Maina Part Neemgoun542Neem Gaon
231Primary School Musariya Part Neemgoun713Neem Gaon
232Primary School Peeri625Piri
233Primary School Bivabali712Biballi
234Primary School Dhaku736Biballi
235Primary School Parasar469Biballi
236Primary Schol Andua825Biballi
237J.H.School Bahadeen1040Bahadin
238Primary School Milk Kalan318Nagla Himaun
239Primary School Nagla Dani329Nagla Dani
240Primary School Jaisavan R.No.11215Jaiswan
241Primary School Jaisavan R.No.2606Jaiswan
242Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Javara R.No.1911Javara
243Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Javara R.No.21010Javara
244Primary School Garhi Mansukha536Javara
245Primary School Nagla Binda672Javara
246Primary School Khurram260Javara
247Primary School Paparela756Javara
248Primary School Nagla Bari R.No.11030Javara
249Primary School Nagla Bari R.No.2175Javara
250Primary School Nagla Haradayal525Javara
251Primary School Laxminagar442Javara
252Primary School Andhiyar631Javara
253Primary School Garhi Balakishan1024Javara
254Primary School Nagla Baisala895Javara
255Primary School Naseeti R.No.11265Naseeti
256Primary School Naseeti R.No.2723Naseeti
257Primary School Garhi Bihari296Naseeti
258J.H.School Haranaul R.No.11510Hernol
259J.H.School Haranaul R.No.2267Hernol
260J.H.School Haranaul R.No.3874Hernol
261Primary School Laxmanpura303Hernol
262Primary School Miratana800Mirtana
263Primary School Bhadravan972Bhadavan Banger
264Primary School Nagla Nattha652Bhadavan Banger
265Primary School Bilandapur549Bilandpur
266Naveen Primary School Bijauli616Bijoli Banger
267Primary School Bijauli467Bijoli Khadar
268Primary School Premnagar1125Bijoli Khadar
269Shri Brij Adarsh Inter College Mant R.No.11106Mat Mula Bangar
270Shri Brij Adarsh Inter College Mant R.No.2728Mat Mula Bangar
271Shri Brij Adarsh Inter College Mant R.No.31316Mat Mula Bangar
272Primary School Chhahari849Mat Mula Bangar
273Primary School Mant Raja R.No.1828Mat Raja Bangar
274Primary School Mant Raja R.No.21139Mat Raja Bangar
275Primary School Mant Raja R.No.955Mat Raja Bangar
276Primary School Mant Raja R.No.4630Mat Raja Bangar
278Primary School Arrua677Arruwa Banger
279Primary School Chaukada1359Arruwa Banger
280Primary School Jasauli Kalan1067Arruwa Banger
281Saradar Patel Inter College Darabai626Arruwa Banger
282Primary School Darabai1103Arruwa Banger
283Primary School Kasera Kalan1024Arruwa Banger
284Primary School Nand Nagariya1073Arruwa Banger
285Primary School Janakpur464Arruwa Banger
286Primary School Garhi Asha890Arruwa Banger
287Primary School Bheem1102Bheem Bangar
288Primary School Jahangeerpur949Jahangirpur Banger
289Primary School Begampur649Begampur Banger
290Primary School Dangauli1270Dangoli Bangar
291Primary School Panigaon R.No.11320Panigaon Banger
292Primary School Panigaon R.No. 21382Panigaon Banger
293Primary School Bhootiya1068Panigaon Banger
294Primary School Pokhar Hirdaya803Pokher Hirde
295Primary School Guddar Khand Saura757Saur
296Primary School Baldevgarh492Choorahansi
297Primary School Koopgarh102Piproli Bangar
298Primary School Piparauli327Piproli Bangar
299Primary School Nagla Hansi541Choorahansi
300Panchayatghar Nagla Ambu620Choorahansi
301Primary School Saradargarh1079Gaiyara
302Barat Ghar Ant Nagariya368Gaiyara
303J.H.School Lohagarh1112Kakrari
304Panchayatghar Nagla Siriya1006Kakrari
305Primary School Nagla Ganga Bhag Kakarari286Kakrari
306Primary School Nagla Maharu804Nagla Mahru
307Primary School Surraka954Surraka
308Primary School Nagla Deha422Nagla Deh
309Primary School Nagla Himayun479Nagla Himaun
310Primary School Dunaitiya696Dunetiya
311Shrimati Urmiladevi J.H.School Udhar1039Udhar
312Adarsh Ucchatr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Ayarakheda R.No1876Bindu Bulaki
313Adarsh Ucchatr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Ayarakheda R.No21118Bindu Bulaki
314Adarsh Ucchatr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Ayarakheda R.No31179Bindu Bulaki
315Adarsh Ucchatr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Ayarakheda R.N. 4634Bindu Bulaki
316Primary School Bhainsara844Bindu Bulaki
317Primary School Bhankarpur Basela1063Bhankerpur Basela
318Primary School Pannapur397Bhankerpur Basela
319Kanya J.H.School Maninabalu974Manina Balu
320Primary School Nagla Sampati473Sampat Jogi
321Primary School Suthariya1175Lalpur Mahavan
322Primary School Lalpur Mahavan651Lalpur Mahavan
323Primary School Bhoodasani950Bhooda Sani
324Primary School Nagla Chikan332Bhooda Sani
325Primary School Sherani663Sherni
326Primary School Nagariya385Sherni
327Primary School Bhadhaun1188Sherni
328Primary School Dhakpura530Barhaun
329Primary School Jogpura423Barhaun
330Primary School Gaiyara1179Gaiyara
331Primary School Dhagoi1007Gaiyara
332Primary School Kharba1372Kharwa
333Primary School Nagla Ganga612Kharwa
334Naveen Primary School Keshopur455Gaiyara
335Karyalay Gram Panchayat Thana Amarsingh931Thana Amarsingh
336Primary School Koyal857Koyal
337Primary School Nagla Amarua414Koyal
338Primary School Nagla Pirasua481Pirsuwa
339Primary School Pirasua1134Pirsuwa
340Primary School Bisawali1479Pirsuwa

Last Updated on November 15, 2014