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Polling Booth in Manikpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Manikpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Manikpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Tulshi Inter College Rajapur Uttari Bhag1159Rajapur (NP)
2Tulsi Inter College Rajapur South Part1118Rajapur (NP)
3Tulsi Inter College Rajapur North West Room520Rajapur (NP)
4Government Girls Inter College Rajapur North South Part1088Rajapur (NP)
5Government Girls Inter College Rajapur North South Room1167N/A
6Government Girls Inter College Rajapur South West Room1398N/A
7Prathmik Vidyalay East Roomrajapur965Rajapur (NP)
8Prathmik Vidyalay West Room Rajapur557Rajapur (NP)
9Prathmik Vidyalay North Room Rajapur801Rajapur (NP)
10Prathmik Vidyalay South Room Rajapu700Rajapur (NP)
11Prathmik Vidyalay Khatvara North Part1211Khatawara
12Prathmik Vidyalay Khatvara South Part525Khatawara
13Prathmik Vidyalaymalvara588Malawara
14Prathmik Vidyalayparako695Parakon
15Purva Madmyamik Vidyalay Soti Purwa1481Kusiya Purwa
16Prathmik Vidyalay Nadin Kurmiyan North Prat1373Nadin Kurmiyan
17Prathmik Vidyalay Nadin Kurmiyan South Part792Nadin Kurmiyan
18Prathmik Vidyalaynadin Kurmiyan South Part834Nadin Kurmiyan
19Prathmik Vidyalaybenaura611Binaura
20Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaychorha366Choraha
21Purv Madhyamik Vidyalaybhabhet1361Bhambhet
22Prathmik Vidyalayragauli1453Ragauli
23Prathmik Vidyalayrupauli761Rupauli
24Purv Madmyamik Vidyalay Rupauli955Rupauli
25Prathmik Vidyalaybhadevra405Bhadevra
26Prathmik Vidyalay Amavan New Billding841Amawan
27Prathmik Vidyalayaman700Aman
28Purv Madyamik Vidyalaysikri1195Sikari
29Prathmik Vidyalay New Billdingkaraodi Kla North Part1152Karaundi Kalan
30Prathmik Vidyalay Karaundi Kla South Part1253Karaundi Kalan
31Prathmik Vidyalaysinghpur471Singhpur
32Prathmik Vidyalayghurehta1013Ghurehta
33Prathmik Vidyalay Khajuriha Kla1428Khajuriha Kalan
34Prathmik Vidyalaykhajuriha Khurd526Khajuriha Khurd
35Prathmik Vidyalay Amar Pur498Amarpur
36Prathmik Vidyalay Piariya Mafi918Vishahi Purwa
37Gowami Inter Colleg West Room Chibo1213Chhibon
38Gowami Inter Colleg East Room Chhibo1346Chhibon
39Prathmik Vidyalay Chhibo732Chhibon
40Prathmik Vidyalay Nonagar Purwa Mazra Atrsui834Atarsui
41Prathmik Vidyalay Gobaraul736Gobraul
42Prathmik Vidyalay Tirmau1220Tir Mau
43Prathmik Vidyalay Shivelaha Purwa Mazra Baruwa448Shivlaha Purwa
44Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Baruwa1114Baruwa
45Prathmik Vidyalay Ganj Mazra Baruwa322Gobrawla
46Prathmik Vidyalay Siraval Mafi1345Sirwal Mafi
47Prathmik Vidyalay Tikra Mazra Sirawal Mafi323Tikra
48Prathmik Vidyalay Kataiya Khadar1392Kataiya Khadar
49Prathmik Vidyalaybarachhi578Barachhi
50Prathmik Vidyalay Suhel959Suhel
51Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Hannabinaika1278Hanna Binaika
52Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Hannabinaika952Hanna Binaika
53Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Balhaura1099Balhaura
54Prathmik Vidyalay Ufrauli1006Ufarauli
55Prathmik Vidyalay Bariya1112Bariya
56Prathmik Vidyalay Chak Bhnadesar517Ganesh ka Purwa
57Prathmik Vidyalay Pipraund1104Piparaund
58Prathmik Vidyalay Dadri732Dadari
59Prathmik Vidyalay Hatva1288Hatawa
60Prathmik Vidyalay Suraundha Naveen1163Suraundha
61Prathmik Vidyalay Matiyara Ka Purva Mazra Dhdhwar1164Dhadhawar
62Prathmik Vidyalay Kopa1131Konpa
63Prathmik Vidyalay Sikraun1113Sikraun
64Prathmik Vidyalay Sakhauha896Chamrori
65Prathmik Vidyalay Chakaur1358Chakaur
66Prathmik Vidyalay Rendi Bhusauli786Redi Bhusauli
67Prathmik Vidyalay Basrehi404Basrehi
68Prathmik Vidyalay Biyaval West Room831Biyawal Ahatmali
69Prathmik Vidyalay Biyawal East Room721Biyawal Ahatmali
70Prathmik Vidyalay Kashinath Ka Purwa Mazra Biyawal753Kashinath ka Purwa
71Prathmik Vidyalay Tadi1243Tadi
72Prathmik Vidyalay Chakalaiya418Mohra
73Prathmik Vidyalay Barvar1063Barwar
74Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Mavai Kla East Part832Mawai Kalan Ahatmali
75Purv Madymik Vidyalay Mavai Kla West Part812Mawai Kalan Ahatmali
76Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Mavai Kla South Part423Barambaba ka Purwa
77Prathmik Vidyalay Mandaur East Part1430Mandaur
78Prathmik Vidyalay Mandaur West Part826Mandaur
79Prathmik Vidyalay Dubari465Dubari
80Prathmik Vidyalay Bambura441Bhitriya
81Prathmik Vidyalay Dhavada[Kolhuwa]705Ahiran Purwa Dhawara
82Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Ahiri East Room1002Ahiri
83Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Ahiri West Room623Ahiri
84Prathmik Vidyalay Chhivli410Chiwali
85Prathmik Vidyalay Maidana Mazra Mau514Geruha
86Mahamati Pran Nath Mahavidyalay Room N0 1 Mau313Mau Ahatmali
87Mahamti Pran Nath Mahavidyalay Room N0 2Mau1260Mau Tikra Tola
88Mahamati Pran Nath Mahavidyalay Room N03 Mau917Mau Tikra Tola
89Mahamati Pran Nath Mahavidyalay Room N0 4 Mau1080Mau Ahatmali
90Mhamti Pran Nath Mahavidyalay Room N0 5Mau1056Mau Ahatmali
91Kaushambi Inter Collage North Part Mau310Dak Bangla
92K I C South Part1197Mau Tikra Tola
93Prathmik Vidyalay Mau Soth Part814Aspatal Road
94Prathmik Vidyalay Mau North Part1052Mau Aspatal Road
95Prathmik Vidyalay Mau West Part1198Tehsil Road
96Prathmik Vidyalay Mau Room No 2857Thana Mau
97Prathmik Vidyalay Baoshada Mazra Mau893Bawsra
98Prathmik Vidyalay Chhipiha Mazra Mau612Chhipiha
99Prathmik Vidyalay Patori1376Patori
100Prathmik Vidyalay Bhitari1089Nawbsta
101Prathmik Vidyalay Shive Pur Mazra Sesasubkra1188Shivpur
102Prathmik Vidyalay Mankuvar1165Man Kunwar Ahatmali
103Prathmik Vidyalay Tikra924Tikara
104Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhivalha East Part833Chhiolaha
105Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Chhivalha West Part834Chhiolaha
106Prathmik Vidyalay Tilauli656Tilauli
107Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Chandai Mazra Tilauli1212Chandai Tilauli
108Prathmik Vidyalay Kotara Khambha1290Kotara Khambha
109Prathmik Vidyalay Ghadhva1375Gadhawa
110Prathmik Vidyalay Purab Ptai East Part1051Pathak ka Purwa
111Prathmik Vidyalay Purab Ptai West Part956Purab Palai Ahatmali
112Panchayat Bhavan Paschim Ptai523Purab Palai Ahatmali
113Prathmik Vidyalay Bariyari Kla1033Bariyari Kalan
114Prathmik Vidyalay Bilha Ka Purva Mazra Bariyari Kala949Rangoli ka Purwa
115Prathmik Vidyalay Bariyari Khurd439Bariyari Khurd Ahatmali
116Prathmik Vidyalay Benipur Pali341Benipur Pali
117Prathmik Vidyalay Pardava1320Pardawan
118Prathmik Vidyalay Baraha Kotra869Barha Kotara
119Prathmik Vidyalay Murka East Part920Muraka
120Prathmik Vidyalay Murka North Part881Muraka
121Prathmik Vidyalay Murka South Part887Kurmi ka Purwa
122Prathmik Vidyalay Arvari Naodhiya440Arawari Nawdhiya
123Prathmik Vidyalay Ovari945Obari
124Prathmik Vidyalay Lalai686Lalai
125Prathmik Vidyalay Lodhauta Kla751Lodhauta Kalan
126Prathmik Vidyalay Hardi Kla779Haradi Kalan
127Prathmik Vidyalay Bojh860Bojh
128Prathmik Vidyalay Semra999Semara
129Prathmik Vidyalay Dhaoneha Mazra Semra946Dhawneha
130Prathmik Vidyalay Kitahai Mazra Khohar733Kithai
131Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Khohr1107Khohar
132Prathmik Vidyalay Madha1456Madaha
133Prathmik Vidyalay Hadaha Mazra Goiya Khurd683Hadha
134Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Naveen Goiya Khurd [On Road]975Goiya Khurd
135Prathmik Vidyalay Bargadh North Part731Bargadh
136Prathmik Vidyalay Bargadh776Bargadh
137Prathmik Vidyalay Bargadh East Part1268Bargadh
138Prathmik Vidyalau Bargadh West Part1344Bargadh
139Prathmik Vidyalay Bargadh Stesion East857Kol Majara
140Prathmik Vidyalay Bargadh Stesion West1011Bargad Station
141Prathmik Vidyalay Kalchiha447Kalchiha
142Purva Madyamik Vidyalay Kalchiha554Sucheta Coloney
143Prathmik Vidyalay Jamira616Jamira
144Prathmik Vidyalay Manka Chhataini1384Manka Chhataini
145Prathmik Vidyalay Kaniyad791Kaniyadh
146Prathmik Vidyalay Koniya669Koniya
147Prathmik Vidyalay Matiyar Mazra Gahur471Matiyar
148Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Gahur1197Gahur
149Prathmik Vidyalay Raipura1082Raipura
150Prathmik Vidyalay Dodiya Mafi895Dondiya Mafi
151Prathmik Vidyalay Kotva Mafi754Kotwa Mafi
152Prathmik Vidyalay Bamburi1010Bamburi
153Prathmik Vidyalay Kataiya Dadi East814Kataiya Dandi
154Prathmik Vidyalay Kataiya Dadi West718Kataiya Dandi
155Prathmik Vidyalay Lapav712Lapaon
156Prathmik Vidyalay Aojhar1208Aunjhar
157Prathmik Vidyalay Khaptiha North Part814Khapatiha
158Prathmik Vidyalay Khaptiha South Part744Khapatiha
159Prathmik Vidyalay Neebi East Part861Nibi
160Prathmik Vidyalay Neebi West Part1184Nibi
161Prathmik Vidyalay Chaitravar1091Chitawar
162Prathmik Vidyalay Labed Chaturbhuji Mazra Khandeha991Labed
163Prathmik Vidyalay Arjunpur Mazra Khandeha1232Laxmi Pur
164Prathmik Vidyalay Ahiranpur Mazra Khandeha727Ahiran Purwa
165Prathmik Vidyalay Mohanpur Mazra Khandeha860Mohan Pur
166Prathmik Vidyalay Khandeha North Part795Khandeha
167Prathmik Vidyalay Khandeha South Part775Khandeha
168Balyamik Ucchatar Madyamik Vidyalay Khandeha Room No Two507Khandeha
169Balyamik Ucchtar Madyamik Vidyalay Khandeha Room No One899Khandeha
170Prathmik Vidyalay Chakva Mazra Khandeha968Chakwa
171Prathmik Vidyalay Mavai Khurd707Mawai Khurd
172Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Tendua Mafi511Tenduwa Mafi
173Prathmik Vidyalay Nevra601Newra
174Prathmik Vidyalay Lauri Fast Room N0 11005Lauri
175Prathmik Vidyalay Lauri Fast Room N0 2570Jaywanti Bandh
176Prathmik Vidyalay Hanuman Ganj Mazra Lauri1177Vishwnath ka Dera
177Prathmik Vidyalay Sambhu Ka Purva Mzra Lauri298Shambhu ka Purwa
178Prathmik Vidyalay Khor838Khor
179Subhash Inter Collega Itwan North Part1443Itwan
180Subhash Inter College Itwan South Part1384Itwan
181Prathmik Vidyalay Rokhri Purva Mazra Itwan696Rawkhari Purwa
182Prathmik Vidyalay Mahuliya Purva Mazra Itwan910Ninihai
183Prathmik Vidyalay Bisaundha492Rampur
184Prathmik Vidyalay Rampur1389Rampur
185Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Ghunva522Ghunuwa
186Prathmik Vidyalay Deudha1295Sadak ka Purwa
187Prathmik Vidyalay Lodhaura1457Lodhaura
188Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Deora916Deora
189Prathmik Vidyalay Khandeora Mafi316Khandevra Mafi
190Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Ramnagar East Part1149Ram Nagar
191Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Ramnagar West Part753Mahadehi ka Purwa
192Prathmik Vidyalay Mohani867Mohini
193Prathmik Vidyalay Pura696Pura
194Prathmik Vidyalay Krahi721Karahi
195Prathmik Vidyalay Jorvara439Jorwara
196Prathmik Vidyalay Devipur838Itaha Devipur
197Prathmik Vidyalay Basingha591Basingha
198Prathmik Vidyalay Rerua574Reruwa
199Prathmik Vidyalay Devani Mazra Budhwal372Budhawal
200Prathmik Vidyalay Nonmai426Nonmai
201Prathmik Vidyalay Pahadi622Pahadi
202Prathmik Vidyalay Bhakharvar905Bhakharwar
203Prathmik Vidyalay Bandhi East Part967Bandhi
204Prathmik Vidyalay Bandhi West Part1152Kachhi ka Purwa
205Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Raipura East Part1248Raipura
206Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Raipura West Part1386Raipura
207Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Raipura North Part1115Raipura
208Prathmik Vidyalay Barhat135Barhat
209Prathmik Vidyalay Gahorakhas1007Raipura
210Prathmik Vidyalay Dhan238Dhan
211Prathmik Vidyalay Arwara812Arwara
212Prathmik Vidyalay Bagrehi937Bagrohi
213Prathmik Vaidyalay Lalapur Majra Bagrehi298Lalapur
214Krishak Inter College Bhauri Room N0 1868Bhawri
215Krishak Inter College Bhauri Room N0 2623Bhawri
216Krishak Inter College Bhauri Room N0 31198Bhawri
217Krishak Inter College Bhauri Room N0 4731Bhawri
218Krishak Inter College Bhauri Room N0 5606Laxmi ka Purwa
219Prathmik Vidyalay Biru Ka Purwa Situated Gharghana Ka Purwa Majra Bhauri770Barkot
220Prathmik Vidyalay Mudauhan Purwa Majra Bhauri999Mudawha Purwa
221Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Byur1476Byour
222Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Rampur Taraunha1096Rampur Tarawha
223Prathmik Vidyalay Kauthilahai1016Kothilihai
224Prathmik Vidyalay Baghauda317Baghawra
225Prathmik Vidyalay Khoh - East Part1274Khoh
226Prathmik Vidyalay Khoh - West Part1167Khoh
227Prathmik Vidyalay Rehutiya1001Rehdiya
228Prathmik Vidyalay Semariya Charandasi1044Semara Charandasi
229Prathmik Vidyalay Shitalpur Taraunha1187Sheetal Tarawha
230Tyagi Inter College Aichawara - Northpart1458Achawara
231Tyagi Inter College Aichawara - South Part725Achawara
232Prathmik Vidyalay Laughata Majra Aichawara512Lawghata
233Prathmik Vidyalay Kharaundh1157Kharawdh
234Prathmik Vidyalay Bhagatsingh Ka Purwa Majra Kharaundh1287Ganga ka Purwa
235Prathmik Vidyalay Semradaha - North Part1288Lohsariya
236Prathmik Vidyalay Semradaha - South Part358Kukurhai
237Prathmik Vidyalay Khancha Purwa Majra Semradaha804Nukwahi
238Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Char1361Char
239Prathmik Vidyalay Vasavanpur217Basawanpur
240Prathmik Vidyalay Chardaha858Lahri Purwa
241Prathmik Vidyalay Pawari495Madna
242Prathmik Vidyalay Nayachandra1312Gadi Kalaw
243Prathmik Vidyalay Agarahunda819Agarhunda
244Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Agarahunda - North Part994Agarhunda
245Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Agarahunda South Part981Agarhunda
246Prathmik Vidyalay Girdharapurwa Majra Agrahunda298Girdhara Purwa
247Prathmik Vidyalay Udaki612Uddki
248Prathmik Vidyalay Laudhiyamafi802Lawdiyamafi
249Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Kaubara-East Part894Kawbra
250Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Kaubara-West Part818Kawbra
251Prathmik Vidyalay Pokhari Majra Kaubara995Kamrawha Purwa
252Prathmik Vidyalay Barachhi416Barachhi
253Prathmik Vidyalay Gauriya1149Gawriya
254Prathmik Vidyalay Gadhchapa-East Part1258Gadchapa
255Prathmik Vidyalay Gadhchapa-West Part870Gadchapa
256Prathmik Vidyalay Chherihayi618Gora Kachhar Gadchapa
257Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Pateriya1239Katha Purwa Garchapa
258Prathmik Vidyalay Hanuwa-East Part1141Hanuwa
259Prathmik Vidyalay Hanuwa-West Part738Rehniya Purwa Hanuwa
260Prathmik Vidyalay Gadariyan Purwa654Gadriyan Purwa
261Prathmik Vidyalay Saraiyan1169Sarainya
262Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Bagaicha Purwa Majra Sarainya North Part899Bagawch Purwa Sarainya
263Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Bagaicha Purwa Majra Sarainya South Part729Belawha Purwa Sarainya
264Prathmik Vidyalay Muslimpurwa Majra Sarainya559Muslim Purwa Sarainya
265Prathmik Vidyalay Rampuriya680Rampuriya
266Prathmik Vidyalay Dudhbaniya Mazra Chandramara439Dudhwaniya Chandara Mara
267Prathmik Vidyalay Chandramara703Chandara Mara
268Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Chandramara684Atari
269Prathmik Vidyalay Gadakhan Majra Chandramara444Gadakhan
270Prathmik Vidyalay Bahilpurwa1466Bahil Purwa
271Prathmik Vidyalay Karka Padriya599Shivlochan ka Purwa
272Prathmik Vidyalay Rukmakhurd North Part930Nai Duniya
273Prathmik Vidyalay Rukmakhurd South Part991Bandri Purwa
274Prathmik Vidyalay Chandramara Kailha1091Kawlha
275Prathmik Vidyalay Chhoti Madaiyan818Choti Madaiyan
276Prathmik Vidyalay Seharin682Sehrin Risaji Purwa
277Prathmik Vidyalay Bandhin734Twdua
278Prathmik Vidyalay Badi Madaiyan1108Badi Madaiyan
279Prathmik Vidyalay Kolgdahiya East Part1046Kol Gadhiya
280Prathmik Vidyalay Kolgdahiya West Part626Kachharpurwa
281Prathmik Vidyalay Kachharpurwamajra Kolgdahiya383Kumharan Purwa
282Prathmik Vidyalay Pahi1246Pahi
283Prathmik Vidyalay Siddhapur972Siddhpur
284Prathmik Vidyalay Banadi925Banadi
285Prathmik Vidyalay Rukamabujurg696Khawch
286Prathmik Vidyalay Sapha723Sapaha
287Prathmik Vidyalay Naubasta Majra Rukamabujurg840Barui
288Prathmik Vidyalay Lakhanpur627Lakhanpur
289Prathmik Vidyalay Lankapurwa Majra Dadarimafi877Dadari Khas
290Prathmik Vidyalay Chhoti Belahari963Badi Belhari
291Prathmik Vidyalay Tikariya Jamunhai1198Tikaria Dandi
292Prathmik Vidyalay Mangavan1083Bisahna Purwa
293Prathmik Vidyalay Badi Patin Majra Itavan Dudaila944Badi Patin
294Prathmik Vidyalay Dudauli497Dudawli
295Prathmik Vidyalay Itavan Dudaila539Itwa Tudaila
296Prathmik Vidyalay Bagraha Kolan Majra Itavan Dudaila466Bargaha Kolan
297Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Itavan Dudaila Room N0 1 Weast Part701Itwa Tudaila
298Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Itavan Dudaila Room N0 2 East Part820Itwa Tudaila
299Prathmik Vidyalay Bamiya741Bambia
300Purva Madhyamik Vidyalay Dondamafi Situated Dondakhas1375Bada Kolan
301Prathmik Vidyalay Markundi First Situated Kihuniya North Part836Kihunia
302Prathmik Vidyalay Markundi First Situated Kihuniya South Part299Payasi Purwa
303Prathmik Vidyalay Navin Kihuniyan978Deep Gaw
304Prathmik Vidyalay Amchur Neruva868Markundi Kolan
305Prathmik Vidyalay Chheriya Khurd1180Gajodhar ka Purwa
306Prathmik Vidyalay Chheriya Bujurg509Chhechheriha Bujurg
307Prathmik Vidyalay Jaromafi617Jaro Mafi
308Prathmik Vidyalay Gopipur Majra Karaunha941Gopipur
309Prathmik Vidyalay Karaunha Kolan439Karouha kolan
310Prathmik Vidyalay Barahmafi828Ahiran Purwa
311Prathmik Vidyalay Dandimafi Kolan Majra Barahmafi527Dandi Kolan Bara Mafi
312Prathmik Vidyalay Chulhi373Choolhi
313Prathmik Vidyalay Rampur Kalyangadh1277Rampur
314Prathmik Vidyalay Shekhapur220Sekhapur
315Prathmik Vidyalay Kalyanpur359Chaki Kalyanpur
316Prathmik Vidyalay Nagar Majra Kalyanpur600Nagar
317Prathmik Vidyalay Lakshmanpur Majra Kalyanpur571Laxman Purwa
318Prathmik Vidyalay Hardidandi Majra Kalyanpur419Khadra Purwa Kalyanpur
319Prathmik Vidyalay Nihi807Chiraiya Purwa
320Prathmik Vidyalay Bagdari849Bagdari
321Prathmik Vidyalay Umari865Umari
322Prathmik Vidyalay Hela533Hela
323Prathmik Vidyalay Khichari795Khichari
324Adarsh Inter College Manikpur-East Part1268Manikpur Sarhat
325Adarsh Inter College Manikpur-West Part1016Manikpur Sarhat
326Adarsh Inter College Manikpur-North Part1013Manikpur Sarhat
327Adarsh Inter College Manikpur-South Part620Manikpur Sarhat
328Prathmik Vidyalay Manikpur First-East Part976Manikpur Sarhat
329Prathmik Vidyalay Manikpur First-North Part770Manikpur Sarhat
330Government Inter College Manikpur North Part913Manikpur Sarhat
331Government Inter College Manikpur South Part716Manikpur Sarhat
332Prathmik Vidyalay Manikpur1043Manikpur Sarhat
333Kanya Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Manikpurr Room N0 1859Manikpur Sarhat
334Kanya Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Manikpurr Room N0 2916Manikpur Sarhat
335Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Manikpur956Manikpur Sarhat
336Prathmik Vidyalay Sarhat1300Manikpur Sarhat
337Prathmik Vidyalay Sukhrampur Majra Chureh Kesharuwa769Kesarua
338Prathmik Vidyalay Harijanpur Majra Chureh Kesharuwa480Harijanpur
339Prathmik Vidyalay Kekramar R Majra Chureh Kesharuwa550Kekramar
340Prathmik Vidyalay Guraula Majra Chureh Kesharuwa1263Dondi Ahiran
341Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Darai Majra Chureh Kesharuwa1050Mau Gari
342Prathmik Vidyalay Singawa Kota Kandaila1073Kota Kandaila
344Prathmik Vidyalay Unchadeeh1225Panhai Railway Station
345Prathmik Vidyalay Murkata837Tedwa
346Prathmik Vidyalay Chmraunha Majra Unchadeeh1071Chawr Tedwa
347Prathmik Vidyalay Ailaha Badhaiya1099Ailaha
348Purva Madhymik Vidyalay Sakraunha1138Sakrouha
349Prathmik Vidyalay Maugurdari660Mau Gurdari
350Prathmik Vidyalay Giduraha659Giduraha
351Prathmik Vidyalay Ranipur Kalyangadh1241Ranipur Kalyangar

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