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Polling Booth in Malihabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Malihabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Malihabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Ahindar1273Ahindar
2Primary School Mahima Kheda730Ahindar
3Primary School Amrit Kheda875Amart Khera
4Primary School Khabha490Umraval
5Primary School Umrawal1092Umraval
6Primary School Bahir541Vahir
7Primary School Bagwara420Gorava Baravki
8Primary School Godwa Barauki1245Gorava Baravki
9Primary School Kalyanpur701Kalyanpur
10Primary School Kalua Kheda542Kalua Khera
11Primary School Gahdon Room No-1874Gahndo
12Primary School Gahdon Room No-2872Gahndo
13Junior High School Siswara1209Siswara
14Primary School Badkhorwa(Dholbaja)1168Barkhorava
15Primary School Rahta1184Rahata
16Junior High School Aant Garhi Saura Room No-11242Auntgarhi Saura
17Junior High School Aant Garhi Saura Room No-21395Auntgarhi Saura
18Primary School Janki Nagar349Janki Nagar
19Primary School Jindana736Jindana
20Primary School Mawai Khurd1096Mawai Khurd
21Primary School Basantpur874Basant Pur
22Junior High School Basantpur429Bhelam Pur
23Primary School Jagdishpur954Basant Pur
24Primary School Beerpur1117Birpur
25Primary School Shankarpur1241Shankar Pur
26Primary School Devrigaja799Devari Ganja
27Primary School Akbarpur795Akbar Pur
28Primary School Raipur843Raipur
29Panchayat Bhawan Kamalpur Laudhaura386Kamalpur Lodhaura
30Primary School Dighara875Didhara
31Primary School Badaiyan1376Badiya
32Primary School Tikrikala753Tikari Kala
33Priamary School Bhawanikheda612Tikari Kala
34Primary School Bahraura1204Bahraura
35Primary School Pipri1250Pipari Kurakhar
36Primary School Kurakhar245Pipari Kurakhar
37Primary School Madwana922Madwana
39Primary School Atariya432Ataria
40Primary School Raghunathpur484Madwana
41Primary School Devri Bharat746Devari Bharat
42Primary School Ranipara1127Ranipara
43Primary School Pakra948Pakara
44Priamry School Gumsena756Gumsena
45Primary School Peernagar699Peer Nagar
46Primary School Danaur898Danaur
47Primary School Atari1467Atari
48Angan Badi Centre Keraura827Kedora
49Primary School Rudan Kheda691Roodan Khera
50Primary School Cukandiya Majra Salehnagar747Harihar Pur
51Primary School Saleh Nagar Room No-11002Saleh Nagar
52Primary School Saleh Nagar Room No-2708Saleh Nagar
53Primary School Amlauli569Amlauli
54Primary School Chandwara992Chandwara
55Primary School Shahmau Naubasta1118Shahmau
56Junior High School Aant780Aunt
57Primary School Karend Room No-1721Karend
58Primary School Karend Room No-2789Karend
59Primary School Para Bhadrahi Room No-11227Para Bhadrahi
60Primary School Para Bhadrahi Room No-2433Ambha Khera
61Primary School Sutti Kheda Situated Abidnagar1024Surti Khera
62Junior High School Hasnapur696Hasanapur
63Primary School Ghungchela676Ghughchela
64Primary School Belbirwa994Saidapur
65Primary School Saidapur Room No-1741Saidapur
66Primary School Saidapur Room No-2775Saidapur
67Junior High School Thari Room No-11004Thari
68Junior High School Thari Room No-2706Thari
69Primary School Thari-1837Thari
70Primary School Sahijana Nivari1009Shhijana Nivari
71Primary School Keshripur362Saspan
72Primary School Amberkheda457Amberkhera
73Primary School Bhadauriya Kheda767Saspan
74Priamry School Saspan1046Saspan
75Junior High School Saspan Room No-11097Saspan
76Junior High School Saspan Room No-21129Saspan
77Primary School Raghunathkheda766Saspan
78Primary School Gopalpur1013Gopal Pur
79Panchayatghar Kamaluddinnagar316Kamaluddin Nagar
80Primary School Rusena1168Rusena
81Primary School Mohajjipur752Rusena
82Primary School Saikhaikheda408Rusena
83Primary School Jhauberiya579Jhauberiya
84Junior High School Sahijana Room No-1946Sahijana
85Junior High School Sahijana Room No-2631Rusena
86Primary School Tarauna Room No-1867Tarauna
87Primary School Tarauna Room No-21185Tarauna
88Primary School Tilan669Tilan
89Primary School Gadiya Kheda355Tilan
90Primary School Chausjha411Tilan
91Primary School Jauriya1175Jauria
92Primary School Jamauliya Room No-1955Jamolia
93Primary School Jamauliya Room No-2491Hansa Khera
94Primary School Kushal Kheda430Jamolia
95Primary School Lodhai639Jamolia
96Primary School Goswa(Chandikheda)1006Chandikhera
97Primary School Belwa293Belva
98Primary School Terwa315Terva
99Junior High School Kaithuliya Room No-1779Kaithulia
100Junior High School Kaithuliya Room No-2814Kaithulia
101Panchayat Ghar Dilawarnagar Situated Chedan Kheda710Dilavar Nagar
102Junior High School Dilawarnagar1411Dilavar Nagar
103Junior High School Kehla Room No-1742Kahala
104Junior High School Kehla Room No-2773Kahala
105Primary School Kehla1077Kahala
106Primary School Mudiyara Room No-1684MUDIYARA
107Primary School Mudiyara Room No-21093Mudiyara
108Primary School Fullaur660KHANDSARA
109Primary School Khandsara Room No-1561KHANDSARA
110Primary School Khansara Room No-21221KHANDSARA
111Primary School Hariharpur951Harihar Pur
112Primary School Isapur1051Hasimpur
113Junior High School Sendharwa Room No-1795Sendharava
114Junior High School Sendharwa Room No-2764Sendharava
115Primary School Banjhi403Banjhi
116Junior High School Navipanah Room No-11493Nabi Panah
117Junior High School Navipanah Room No-2834Nabi Panah
118Junior High School Navipanah Room No-3831Nabi Panah
119Primary School Bhanpur932Ibrahimpur
120Primary School Masida Hameer1492Masirha Hamir
121Primary School Masida Ratan Room No-1830Masirha Ratan
122Primary School Masida Ratan Room No-2934Masirha Ratan
123Junior High School Mall Room No-11401Ajadnagar
124Junior High School Mall Room No-2948Mall
125Junior High School Mall Room No -3951Mall
126Junior High School Mall Room No-4898Mall
127Junior High School Mall Room No-5848Mall
128Primary School Gaagan Barauli452Gagan Barauli
129Primary School Vidhishyama514Mall
130Primary School Ramnagar1111Ram Nagar
131Primary School Naibasti951Naibasti Bhithaura
132Primary School Bhitaura330Naibasti Bhithaura
133Primary School Sukkhakheda568Sukkha Khera
134Primary School Latifpur679Latifpur
135Primary School Narainpur894Narayanpur
136Primary School Gauraiya582Gauraiya
137Junior High School Shahpur Godwa792Shahpurgorava
138Primary School Majhauwa581Majhauva
139Primary School Aaumau1034Sultanpur
140Primary School Lodhkheda586Lodhkhera
141Primary School Nikrojpur500Manjhi Nikrojpur
142Primary School Manjhi1094Manjhi Nikrojpur
143Primary School Tehtana379Kolava Bhanaura
144Primary School Kolwa Bhanaura845Kolava Bhanaura
145Primary School Bhanaura498Kolava Bhanaura
146Junior High School Gadthanbha356Garhthamma
147Primary School Jagdishpur Bujurg505Jagdishpur Bujurg
148Primary School Adampur448Adampur
149Primary School Patauna1105Patauna
150Primary School Sarthara993Sarthara
151Primary School Saimsesi790Saibasi
152Primary School Diha Dakhwa882Dhakhava
153Primary School Bhadwana1153Bhadwana
155Primary School Daudpur483Dautpur
156Primary School Dakhwapur1163Dhakhava
157Primary School Hamirapur Room No-1906Hamira Pur
158Primary School Hamirapur Room No-2828Hamira Pur
159Panchayat Bhawan Hamirapur1126Hamira Pur
160Primary School Hasnapur835Hasanapur
161Junior High School Kasmandi Khurd Room No-11443Kasmandi Khurd
162Primary School Kasmandi Khurd Room No-21026Kasmandi Khurd
163Aangan Baadi Centre Madhwapur802Kasmandi Khurd
164Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Kasmandi Khurd Room No-11336Kasmandi Khurd
165Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Kasmandi Khurd Room No-2662Kasmandi Khurd
166Primary School Hatauli659Ghusauli
167Primary School Ghusauli1194Ghusauli
168Primary School Bhadesarmau946Bhadesar Mau
169Primary School Tikrikhurd579Tikari Khurd
170Primary School Sarawan979Sarava
171Primary School Phoolchand Kheda Room No-1728Madhopur
172Primary School Phoolchan Kheda780Fullchandra Khera
173Primary School Urdu Mediam Ahamdabad Katauli Room No-11406Ahmedabad
174Primary School Urdu Mediam Ahamdabad Katauli Room No-2922Ahmedabad
175Primary School Rasoolabad306Rasulabad
176Primary School Ranikheda989Jindaur
177Primary School Garhi Jindaur1414Jindaur
178Primary School Musibatganj749Musibat Nagar
180Junior High School Rahimabad Room No-1989Jindaur
181Junior High School Rahimabad Room No-2983Jindaur
182Junior High School Rahimabad Room No-3752Jindaur
183Junior High School Rahimabad Room No-4801Fatehpur
184Primary School Bakinagar948Jindaur
185Primary School Bhatoiya Room No-1740Khushal Pur
186Primary School Bhatoiya Room No-2848Bhatoia
187Primary School Mankauti Room No-11455Mankauti
188Primary School Mankauti Room No-2229Mankauti
189Primary School Surgaula854Surgaula
190Junior High School Mawaikala Room No-11156Mavai Kalan
191Junior High School Mawaikala Room No-2953Mavai Kalan
192Primary School Saraiya693Mavai Kalan
193Primary School Narainpru Daulatpur1011Bhat Purva
194Junior High School Tirgawan945Tiragavan
195Primary School Gaunda Mu Nagar Room No-1666Gaunda Muajjam Nagar
196Primary School Gaunda Mu Nagar Room No-2617Gaunda Muajjam Nagar
197Primary School Dhana Kheda643Gaunda Muajjam Nagar
198Primary School Auliyakehda659Gaunda Muajjam Nagar
199Primary School Nai Basti Basti1043Gaunda Muajjam Nagar
200Primary School Khadauha Room No-1958Khar Kuwa
201Primary School Khadauha Room No-2910Khar Kuwa
202Primary School Chinhuta1036Bhavakhera
203Primary School Baank699Keraura
204Primary School Pahadpur447Paharpur
205Primary School Mahdoiya1302Mahdoia
206Primary School Nabinagar1344Navi Nagar
207Primary Shool Ataura701Ataura
208Primary School Bakhtiyar Nagar Room No-11303Bakhtiyar Nagar
209Primary School Bakhtiyar Nagar Room No-2462Bakhtiyar Nagar
210Primary School Dularmau728Dular Mau
211Junior High School Dhedemau1191Dheremau
212Primary School Bhulsi592Bhulsi
213Junior High School Purwa1063Purava
214Primary School Tilsua1092Tilsua
215Primary School Garhi Sanjar Khan1158Garhi Sajar Khan
216Junior High School Garhi Sanjar Khan751Garhi Sajar Khan
217Primary School Rampur Basti291Rampur Basti
218Primary School Sherpur Bhausa887Bhausa(Sherpur)
219Primary School Kundara Kala808Kundra Kala
220Priamary School Sahjadpur623Shahjad Pur
221Primary Shool Khadta1058Kharata
222Junior High School Datli751Datali
223Primary School Rasoolpur820Rasulpur
224Junior High School Birahimpur674Virahim Pur
225Primary School Badaura587Badaura
226Office Nagar Panchayat Malihabad Room No-11175Malihabad (NP)
227Office Nagar Panchayat Malihabad Room No-21113Malihabad (NP)
228Junior High School Malihabad Room No-1757Malihabad (NP)
229Junior High School Malihabad Room No-21055Malihabad (NP)
230Junior High School Malihabad Room No-3821Malihabad (NP)
231Junior High School Malihabad Room No-4948Malihabad (NP)
232Junior High School Malihabad Room No-51319Malihabad (NP)
233Primary School Mirjaganj Malihabad679Malihabad (NP)
234Primary School Old Malihabad1260Malihabad (NP)
236G.I.C Malihabad Room N0-1520Malihabad (NP)
237G.I.C Malihabad Room N0-2666Malihabad (NP)
238Primary School Kewalhar Room No-1946Malihabad (NP)
239Primary School Kewalhar Room No-2875Malihabad (NP)
240Primary School Mahmood Nagar1245Mahmoodnagar
241Primary School Mahmood Nagar Nejabhari1272Mahmoodnagar
242Primary School Mujasa Room No-11243Bhujasa
243Primary School Room N0-2568Bhujasa
244Primary School Firozpur487Firozpur
245Primary School Kanar1171Kanar
246Primary School Sahilamau Room No-11044Sahilamau
247Primary School Sahilamau Room No-2951Sahilamau
248Primary School Badi Garhi1404Barhi Garhi
249Primary School Belgada903Belgarha
250Primary School Ludhausi578Belgarha
251Primary School Khalispur1387Khalispur
252Primary School Imiliha564Kanar
253Primary School Allupur1107Habibpur
254Panchayat Bahwan Rasoolpur447Allupur
255Junior High School Mandauli1458Mandauli
256Primary School Budhadiya549Budharia
257Primary School Tikaitganj Mandauli664Tikaitganj
258Panchayat Bhawan Dugauli679Dugauli
259Primary School Mo. Nagar Rahmatnagar1306Mohammadnagar Rahmatnagar
260Primary School Mithe Nagar774Meethenagar
261Primary School Nai Basti Dhanewa1097Nai Basti Dhanewa
262Priamary School Katauli1006Katauli
263Primary School Lilakheda629Katauli
264Junior High School Baniyakheda399Katauli
265Priamary School Jamal Nagar592Katauli
266Primary School Malha Room No-11101Malaha
267Primary School Room No-2642Malaha
268Kanya Primary School Kasmandi Kala Room No-11410Kasmandikala
269Kanya Primary School Kasmandi Kala Room No-21236Kasmandikala
270Junior High School Kasmandi Kala741Kasmandikala
271Primary School Hafijkheda725Kasmandikala
272Primary School Kithaipara732Kithai Para
273Primary School Baheliya929Gukhaura
274Primary School Mo.Nagar Tallukedari936Mohammadnagar Talukedari
275Primary School Ramgada497Ramgarha
276Aangan Baadi Centre Mau536Ramgarha
277Junior High School Fatehnagar1179Fatehnagar
278Primary School Wajidnagar529Vajidnagar
279Junior High School Thawar Room No-11246Thavar
280Junior High School Thawar Room No-21218Thavar
281Primary School Kushbhari Room No-1315Padra Thavar
282Primary School Kushbhari Room No-2714Kusmari
283Primary School Manbhauna586Man Mauna
284Primary School Jagtapur838Jagtapur
285Junior High School Gopramau Room No-1885Godramau
286Junior High School Gopramau Room No-21183Godramau
287Primary School Raniyamau487Raniya Mau
288Priamary School Sarsanda Room No-1446Bighapur
289Primary School Sarsanda Room No-2968Sarsanda
290Primary School Sirgamau1491Sirsa Mau
291Primary School Kakrabad Room No-1808Kakrabad
292Primary School Kakrabad Room No-2724Kakrabad
293Primary School Banshi Garhi1034Banshigarhi
294Priamary School Jehta-2 Room No-1857Jehta
295Primary School Jehta Room No-2790Jehta
296Junior High School Jehta Room No-1930Jehta
297Junior High School Jehta Room No-2685Jehta
298Junior High School Saitha Room No-1816Saitha
299Junior High School Saitha Room No-2759Saitha
300Primary School Sarai Premraj1247Saraipremraj
301Primary School Lalnagar804Lalnagar
302Primary School Maura1446Maura
303Junior High School Amethiya Salempur Room No-11084Amethiasalempur
304Junior High School Amethiyasalempur Room No-21052Amethiasalempur
305Junior High School Amethiya Salempur Room No-31047Amethiasalempur
306Junior High School Amethiyasalempur Room No-4897Amethiasalempur
307Primary School Pahiya Azampur1323Pahiaajampur
308Primary School Kushmaura Room No-11125Kushmora Dhaluapur
309Primary School Kushmaura Room No-2765Kushmora Dhaluapur
310Babu Triloki Singh Inter College Kakori Room No-11318Kakori (NP)
311Babu Triloki Singh Inter College Kakori Room No-21423Kakori (NP)
312Babu Triloki Singh Inter College Kakori Room No-31175Kakori (NP)
313Babu Triloki Singh Inter College Kakori Room No-41185Kakori (NP)
314Nagar Panchayat Kakori Room No-11343Kakori (NP)
315Nagar Panchayat Kakori Room No-2905Kakori (NP)
316Nagar Panchayat Kakori Room No-3801Kakori (NP)
317Nagar Panchayat Kakori Room No-41309Kakori (NP)
318Kanya Junior High School Kakori Room No-11441Kakori (NP)
319Kanya Junior High School Kakori Room No-21162Kakori (NP)
320Kanya Junior High School Kakori Room No-31035Kakori (NP)
321Primary School Katra Bazar Kakori Room No-1804Kakori (NP)
322Primary School Katra Bazar Kakori Room No-2846Kakori (NP)
323Primary School Bhawani Kheda1171Kakori (NP)
324Priamry School Dasdoi1322Dashdoi
325Primary School Bighu618Birahu
326Primary School Bhatau Naveen546Bhatau Jamalpur
327Primary School Bhatau Jamalpur660Bhatau Jamalpur
328Primary School Gohramau1042Gohra Mau
329Primary School Basraila613Basrela
330Primary School Bhagmat Kheda Basraila395Basrela
331Primary School Sarai Alipur710Basrela
332Primary School Shahpur889Shahpur
333Primary School Bakhtawar Kheda(Bhulai Kheda)327Shahpur
334Primary School Kushmi661Kusmi
335Junior High School Behru Room No-1684Behru
336Junior High School Behru Room No-2764Behru
337Junior High School Behru Room No-3851Mehandi Nagar
338Primary School Khanpur Mau493Khanpur Mau
339Primary School Shermau Mau789Sherpurmau
340Primary School Saifalpur750Saiphalpur
341Junior High School Tand Kheda Majra Gosalalpur Room No-11019Goshalalpur
342Junior High School Tand Kheda Majra Gosalalpur Room No-2600Dariyapur
343Primary School Bhaliya1251Bhaliya
344Primary School Semramau352Bhaliya
345Primary School Karjhan1219Karjhan
346Primary School Jaliyamau1117Jaliyamau
347Primary School Madhaupur(Jaliyamau)313Madarpur
348Primary School Karimabad996Karimabad
349Junior High School Bada Gaon Room No-1964Baragoan
350Junior High School Bada Gaon Room No-21076Baragoan
351Primary School Tedwa504Tendava
352Primary School Mehtawa843Gvalpur
353Junior High School Kathigara1097Kathigera
354Primary School Mubarakpur907Chiloki
355Primary School Saidpur Mehri(Mohiuddinpur)720Mahiuddinpur
356Primary School Saidpur Naveen1226Saidpur Maheri
357Primary School Mujaffar Nagar779Muzaffar Pur
358Primary School Paliya716Paliya
359Primary School Bedauna627Bithona
360Primary School Dasehri832Dashaari
361Panchayat Ghar Raipur582Raipur
362Primary School Salempur Pataura Room No-11296Salempur
363Primary School Salempur Pataura Room No-2793Salempur
364Primary School Salempur Pataura Room No-3872Salempur
365Primary School Rampur Majra Salempur Pataura596Salempur
366Primary School Narauna Room No-1775Narona
367Primary School Narauna Room No-2772Narona

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