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Polling Booth in Malhani Assembly Constituency

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Malhani Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Malhani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Malhani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P S Gaura Kala764Gaure Kalan
2P S Shekhpur492Shakhpur
3P S Barchauli North Side961Barchouli
4P S Barchauli345Bahar Patti
5P S Bhutaha775Bhutaha
6P S Chaukhada1211Chaukhanda
7P S Dadupur676Dandupur
9Jai Hind I C Teji Bazar Middle Side958Wirbhanpur
11P S Sahodarpur419Sahodarpur
12P S Barji682Barji
13P S Pipari North Side469Piyari
14P S Pipari South Side775Hingupur
15P S Donai513Donai
16Jhs Gaura Khurd1023Gaura Khurd
17P S Shekhpura797Shekhapura
18P S Kapurpur513Kapurpur
19P S Chitaudi North Side1056Chitouri
21P S Khunsapur1309Khunshapur
22P S Chitawa444Chitawan
23P S Gairi Kala709Gauri Kala
24P S Gairi Kala South Side1315Gauri Khurd
25P S Haidarpur North Side946Haidarpur
26P S Haidarpur West Side994Haidarpur
27P S Jangipur1277Jangipur
28P S Makhdoompur North Side1205Makhdumpur
29P S Sonpur (Khapraha) West Side670Khaparaha
30P S Sonpur (Khapraha)683Khaparaha
31P S Khapraha1392Khaparaha
32P S Bhuwa Kala921Bhuwa Kalan
35P S Bhuwa Khurd889Bhuwa Khurd
36Jhs Pura Mohabbat North Side1093Gara Baghrai
37Jhs Pura Mohabbat South Side911Gara Baghrai
38B P S Gadhabaghrai484Pura Mohbbat
39P S Nari394Nari
41P S Harirampur995Harirampur
42Sarvoday I C Shahpur North Side1407Shahpur
43Sarvoday I C Shahpur Middle Side157Segati
44Sarvoday I C Shahpur South Side1086Shahpur
45P S Mukundipur Middle Side742Mukundcpur
47P S Lakhesar North Side1244Lakhesar
48P S Semari482Semari
49K P S Bhuila North Side1169Khetalpur
50R I College Sirsi East Side1334Newarhia
51R I College Sirsi Middle Side479Newarhia
52R I College Sirsi West Side549Sirasi
53P S Sakardelha512Sakardehla
54P S Gohada786Gohada
55P S Chhatauli522Chatauli
56P S Chhatauli Middle Side429Raipur (Kamdeopur)
57P S Gonapar North Side886Gonapar
58P S Gonapar Middle Side698Gonapar
60P S Gonapar391Harigaon
61P S Bhilampur683Bhilampur
62P S Chandpur East Side1090Chandpur
63P S Damaruwa North Side897Damaruwa
65P S Damaruwa South Side828Damaruwa
67P S Bharsawa South Side891Bharsanwa
68Jhs Dudauli North Side1018Dudauli
69Jhs Dudauli South Side1047Dudauli
70P S Chak Mahita657Chak Mehta
71P S Babhanauli566Saiyadpur
72P S Babhanauli East Side986Babhanauli
73P S Babhanauli West Side1410Babhanauli
74P S Manshahpur North Side812Firoj Pur
76P S Firojpur Middle Side1380Deopur
77P S Firojpur597Babhanauli
78P S Bisawa662Bisawan
79Ajhurai U M V Sherawa North Side1081Sherawan
81Ajhurai U M V Sherawa South Side796Kalwari
82P S Kalwari1095Kalwari
83Jhs Baghaura746Baghaura
84P S Alishahpur1085Alishahpur
85P S Sikrara East Side924Sikarara
87P S Sikrara West Side558Sikarara
88P S Bharatpur723Bharatpur
89P S Durgapar1183Durgapar
90P S Dehjuri South Side1258Dehjuri
91P S Khanapatti993Khan Patti
92S P S Khanapatti West Side1334Khan Patti
93P S Ramnagar North Side447Mominpur Kalan
94P S Ramnagar South Side1435Ramnagar
95P S Ramnagar Naktubir North Side660Hirapur
96P S Pura Baghaila942Pura Baghaila
97P S Rampur508Rampur
98P S Ledhuwa West Side1464Ledhuva
99P S Gadahara522Gareraha
100Shri Higher Secondary School Reethi East Side688Reethi
102Shri Higher Secondary School Reethi Middle Side1431Reethi
104P S Belsadi939Belsari
105Basant Vidyapeeth Higher Secondary School Kakohiya Middle Side844Kakohia
107P S Utaru Khurd913Utaru Khurd
108P S Gadaseni529Garaseni
110Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Utarukala941Utaru Kalan
112P S Tarsada1137Tarsara
113Jhs Pura Mohabbat1143Alhadia
114P S Dachhin Patti905Dakhin Patti
115P S Dachhin Patti South Side1344Pura Sher Khan
117P S Mahimapurdeeh480Mahimapur Deeh
118P S Barrepatti766Barrre Patti
119Jhs Barpur North Side1146Bairipur
121P S Belahata North Side1357Belahata
122P S Newada Kazi802Newada Kazi
123P S Kartiha North Side1035Kartiha
124P S Uttarpatti766Uttar Patti
125P S Sadaruddinpur1136Sadaruddinpur
126P S Magresar South Side1249Magresar
127H S School Nepal Nagar West Side824Mai
128H S School Nepal Nagar East Side1113Mai
129P S Pura Hemu997Pura Hemu
130P S Dariyaonganj East Side852Dariyawganj
132P S Dariyaonganj West Side821Dariyawganj
134P S Dariyaonganj Middle Side969Dariyawganj
135P S Sultanpur North Side1171Sultanpur
137Dr Bhagwandas Inter College Hindi Baghaila1311Hindu Baghaila
138P S Turki Baghaila522Turki Baghaila
139P S Salhadipur1120Salahadipur
140P S Uttarpatti North Side807Uttar Patti
141P S Uttarpatti South Side873Uttar Patti
142P S Baraiyakazi East Side1081Baraiyakazi
143P S Baraiyakazi South Side1011Baraiyakazi
144P S Narauli1219Narauli
145P S Adampur East Side1071Adampur
146P S Adampur West Side1060Adampur
147Jhs Malhani East Side1485Malhani
148Jhs Malhani West Side1349Malhani
150P S Baraipur417Baraipur
151P S Nasiruddinpur887Nasaruddinpur
152P S Bhaisani1449Bhaisani
153P S Dachhinpatti North Side1025Dakhin Patti
154P S Dachhinpatti Middle Side678Dakhin Patti
155P S Babarkha1049Babarakha
156P S Majhali Patti1385Machhali Patti
157P S Karsawa1194Kersawa
158P S Rampur Dawan Singh South Side1187Rampur Dawan Singh
159P S Baijapur1069Baijapur
161Inter College Rampur Dawan Singh413Akbalpur
162P S Newada Ishwari Singh1493Nawada Ishawari Singh
163P S Chak Mirmirapur814Chak Mirmiriapur
164Jhs Jalalpur North Side737Jalalpur
165Jhs Jalalpur South Side1053Jalalpur
166P S Harakhmalpur692Harakhamalpur
167P S Jalalpur664Basaratpur
168P S Chhunchha West Side1496Chhunchha
169P S Harbaspur837Harbaspur
171P S Chak Gopalpur933Chak Gopalpur
173P S Mominpur1067Gayaspur
174P S Hamjapur912Hamzapur
176P S Hamjapur West Side1379Hamzapur
177?801Karanja Kalan
178P S Karanjakala East Side715Karanja Kalan
179P S Karanjakala Middle Side1353Bhateora
180P S Jethpura1335Jethpura
181P S Manwal West Side814Manwal
183P S Sultanpur920Sultanpur Hai
184P S Khatirpur Bhaisa1441Khateerpur Bhainsa
185K Jhs Churawanpur West Side1186Churawanpur
186P S Goriyapur940Gauriyapur
187P S Bhatpura816Bhatpura
188B P S Kevtali Kala East Side1130Keutali Kalan
189P S Khushahupur1153Keutali Khurd
190P S Saderi East Side765Saleri
193P S Sujiyamau East Side891Sujiya Mau
195P S Sujiyamau West Side528Sujiya Mau
196P S Ardhpur609Adampur
197P S Sadanpur991Sadanpur
198P S Vishesharpur612Bishesarpur
199P S Bibipur505Bibipur
200P S Jagdishpur597Jagdishpur
201B P S Umarpur Shiv Gulamganj1270Umarpur
203P S Chak Pataila768Chak Pataila
204P S Bhairopur1047Chak Pataila
205P S Sawansa501Sawansa
206B P S Bhivraha South Side993Bhakura
207P S Majhauli969Majhauli
209P S Basaratpur West Side1021Basaratpur
210P S Basaratpur Middle Side1104Basaratpur
211Jhs Baksa East Side598Jaganpur
213Jhs Baksa505Baksha
214P S Saddopur929Saddopur
215P S Lakhamipur1098Lakhanpur
216Yadavesh I C Belapar725Belapar
221P S Brahmanpur Barkhandi North Side1098Telitara
222B P S Babura1175Babura
223B P S Kauli985Kouli
224B P S Kauli South Side409Sikara
225P S Gopalpur912Gopalpur
226P S Pattirav812Patti Rao
227B P S Umarchha West Side1019Patti Rao
228B P S Khampur West Side1169Khampur
229B P S Khampur East Side1141Khampur
230Janta I C Birbhanpur North Side837Wirbhanpur
232Janta I C Birbhanpur South Side1368Wirbhanpur
233P S Sarailoka791Sarai Loka
234P S Pura Teji554Purateji
235B P S Malikanpur1104Malikanpur
236B P S Hasrauli West Side1072Hasrouli
238B P S Hasrauli Middle Side1019Prempur
239P S Hirapur472Hirapur
240P S Belchha1077Belchha
241Higher Secondary School Masida North Side1082Maseeda
242P S Bharthipur351Bishunpur Pul
243P S Bishunpur1011Bishunpul Gujara
244P S Chaura Mohandas1007Chora Mohandas
245P S Ram Sahaipatti400Ramsahai Patti
246P S Tahirpur Middle Side984Tahirpur
248P S Tahirpur North Side692Tahirpur
249P S Lazipar986Lazipar
250P S Bathuawar East Side598Fazayalpur
251P S Bathuawar West Side1096Bathua
252P S Bathuwa488Bathua
253P S Banki North Side1335Banki
254P S Banki South Side323Banki
255P S Satalpur1028Chak Samarjati
256B P S Hasanpur East Side1309Hasanpur
257B P S Pandepur West Side1288Pandeypur
258B P S Pokhariyapur North Side1008Pokhariya Pur
259B P S Pokhariyapur South Side877Pokhariya Pur
260Jhs Sikandara1412Sikandara
261B P S Sithapur West Side939Seethapur
263B P S Rasulpur Urf Kalipatti712Rasoolpur Urf Kali Patti
264P S Janewara North Side1443Janapur
265P S Janewara South Side925Firozpur
266P S Jaam East Side1060Zam
267U M V Fatehganj1026Barhauna
268U M V Fatehganj West Side1308Barhauna
269P S Birpalpur1041Chak Kodhiyatara
270P S Suruwarpatti785Survar Patti
271P S Deeh Jahaniya1284Diha Jahania
272P S Kanakpur701Kanakpur
273Jhs Utarejpur Middle Side1224Shri Rampur
275B P S Lakhauwa East Side842Lakhauaun
276B P S Lakhauwa Middle Side1013Lakhauaun
277B P S Lakhauwa West Side696Uchaura
279P S Sarai Raichand999Sarai Rai Chand
280B P S Kharauna East Side1036Kharouna
281B P S Kharauna West Side1397Kharouna
282K B P S Dhirajpur North Side429Dhirajpur
283P S Parasurampur Middle Side1236Parasrampur
284P S Mustafabad1260Mustafabad
285B P S Kohada Sultanpur North Side1067Kohara Sultanpur
286B P S Kohada Sultanpur Middle Side763Kohara Sultanpur
290P S Harbaspur North Side720Harbaspur
291P S Sungulpur1056Sungulpur
292B P S Khwaja Urf Darbanipur South Side1231Sarai Khawaja Jamluddinpur Urf
293Jhs Hakaripur1298Hakaripur
294B P S Kalichabad East Side729Kalichabad
296B P S Kalichabad West Side891Kalichabad
297B P S Kalichabad Middle Side1050Kalichabad
298Jhs Aliganj East Side950Kulhanamaun
300Jhs Aliganj West Side868Kulhanamaun
302P S Abhaichand Patti1496Abhay Chand Patti
303Neharu Inter College Kuwarda1312Kuwarda
304Shri Krishna U M V East Side Meerganj1089Meerganj
305P S Muradganj North Side1371Muradganj
306P S Muradganj Middle Side1292Muradganj
307P S Muradganj South Side665Karauti
308K B P S Ibrahimpur North Side882Chak Mirzapur
310B P S Sadat Binduli North Side1296Sadat Benduli
311B P S Sadat Binduli South Side1296Sadat Benduli
312P S Badauli Noniyan North Side882Badouli Ahiran
313P S Badauli Noniyan South Side1265Badaouli Noniyan
314B P S Ahirauli North Side1120Ahirauli
315B P S Ahirauli South Side677Bazar Khair Khah Urf Hariya
316P S Birhadpur643Birhadpur
317B P S Pachokhar North Side1161Pachokhar
318B P S Pachokhar South Side1424Pachokhar
319B P S Harakhpur North Side1077Harakhpur
320B P S Harakhpur South Side613Kukuriyawan
321P S Chakdhus1275Gahora
323Maharana Pratap I C Ramdayalganj South Side839Asman Patti
324P S Indariya864Indaria
325B P S Kandharpur1371Chak Maksudan
326B P S Madarpur North Side837Madarpur
327B P S Madarpur South Side1171Chak Rajepur
328B P S Fulpur1302Phoolpur
329P S Saidanpur1326Saidanpur
331P S Ramraipatti340Kanhaipur
334Jhs Palpur Middle Side845Palpur
335B P S Sihipur North Side918Sihipur
336B P S Sultanpur Darwesh Ali960Chak Mahan
337P S Ismaila397Ismaila
338P S Kadipur1235Kadipur
340P S Newada749Newada
343P S Saidabad1201Saidabad
344P S Ilimpur692Ilimpur
345P S Godhana896Godhana
346P S Ramnagar Bhadsara1031Ram Nagar Bharasara
349Jhs Ranjitpur East Side1274Ranjeetpur
351Jhs Ranjitpur West Side1304Harbanspur
352Jhs Kuddupur East Side1239Kuddupur
353Jhs Kuddupur West Side736Kuddupur
355B P S Kuddupur North Side887Kuddupur
357B P S Kuddupur South Side947Kuddupur
358B P S Belawa Ramsagar North Side862Belwa Ram Sagar
359B P S Belawa Ramsagar South Side627Belwa Ram Sagar
360P S Amdaha1031Jai Rampur
361P S Kudawa (Pariyawa)1159Pariyawan
363P S Pariyawa West Side867Pariyawan
364P S Pariyawa Middle Side933Pariyawan
365Shri Shastri P M V Pariyawa Banpurwa932Pariyawan
367Gandhi Inter College Gaddipur East Side514Gaddipur
368Gandhi Inter College Gaddipur West Side1371Gaddipur
369Gandhi Inter College Gaddipur Middle Side686Gaddipur
371B P S Kajgaon East Side924Sadatmasaura (CT)
373B P S Kajgaon West Side973Sadatmasaura (CT)
374B P S Kajgaon Middle Side887Sadatmasaura (CT)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014