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Polling Booth in Mainpuri Assembly Constituency

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Mainpuri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mainpuri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mainpuri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Jasrau1090Jasrau
2P.P. Baghauli764Saidpur Bhagauli
3P.P. Saidpur463Saidpur Bhagauli
4P.P. Naugaon North Room1264Naugaon
5P.P. Ghatampur612Naugaon
6P.P. Durgpur742Naugaon
7P.P. Burra1036Burra
8P.P. Chandpur719Chandpur
9P.P. Baderi759Nagriya
10P.P. Kheria534Khiriyapiper
11P.P. Ghanshyampur Alias Ghuslanda1095Ghuslenda
13P. P. Paronkh Room N-2973Parokh
14P.P.Paronkh Room No. 2796Parokh
15P.P. Bharthara643Deopur Bhartha
16P.P. Devpur413Deopur Bharatha
17P.P.Ruria Room No-2840Devpur Bharthra
18J.H. School Nauner1337Nouner
19P.V. Khiriya625Nouner
20P.V. Asargadhi473Nouner
22P.P. Nagla Havilia354Nouner
23P.P.Nagla Akhai Room No. 1270Nouner
24P.P. Gopalpur642Nouner
25P.P. Kharra507Nouner
26P.V. Gargai712Nouner
27P.P. Kapurpur West Room964Nouner
28P.P.Batroli West Room451Nouner
29P.V. Gadriyan358Nouner
30P.P. Himayunpur369Nouner
31P.P. Jaramai1475Jara Mai
32J.H. School Audenya Mandal Room No-1917Auden Mandal
33J.H. School Audenya Mandal Room No-21071Auden Mandal
34P.P. Gadhiya729Nouner
35P.P. Dulhapur West Room424Nouner
36P.P. Nagla Veta395Nouner
38P.P.Devamaie1127Deva Mai
39P.P. Devamai884Deva Mai
40P.P. Maroli1166Maroli
41P.P. Badanpur465Badanpur
42P.P. Nagla Kodar657Maroli
43P.P. Gaderi1197Gadery
44P.P. Nagla Bhant686Gadery
45K.P.P. Jyonti North Room869Uddetpur Paramkuti
46Panchyat Ghar Uddaitpur783Uddetpur Paramkuti
47P.P. Paramkuti375Uddetpur Paramkuti
48P.P. Bhaupur Room No 1589Bhaupur
49P.P. Mandal Bhag Harchandpur1092Santpur
50P.P. Nagaria Room No 1772Mainpuri Khas
51P.P. Nagaria Room No 2729Mainpuri Khas
52P.P. Nagariya Room No 31043Mainpuri Khas
55P.P. Adhupur351Arupur
56P.P. Asyoli907Asyoli
57P.P. Gurubaks596Asyoli
58P.P.Lodhipur East Room676Lodhipur
59P.P. Pirpur391Pirpur
60P.M.V.Roopur Bharatpur948Ruppur Bharatpur
61J.H.School Sikandarpur Room No 1787Sikanderpur
62J.H.School Sikandarpur Room No 2856Sikanderpur
63P.P.Nagla Saraiya545Sikanderpur
64P.P. Navada971Nawada
65U.M.V. Ramaihar718Ramaihar
66P.P. Shivsinghpur590Shivsinghpur
67P.P. Uddaitpur Abhai449Udetpur Abhai
68P.P. Bahadurpur West Room517Bahadurpur
69P.P. Khatikpur473Bahadurpur
70P.P. Golabajar Room No-1990Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
71P.P. Golabajar824Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
72P.P. Golabajar Room No-3934Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
73P.P.Golabajar Room No-41124Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
74P.M.V. Golabajar Room No-11065Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
75P.M.V. Golabajar Room No-2856Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
76P.M.V. Golabajar Room No-3741Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
77P.P. Nagla Pajava Room No-1570Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
78P.P. Nagla Pajava Room No-21197Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
79P.P. Nagla Pajava Room No-31389Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
80P.P. Nagla Pajaba Room No-4266Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
81Sanatan Dharm Inter College Hasanpur North Room474Hasanpur
82P.V. Gwaltoli536Tabepur
83P.P. Jagrooppur1113Hasanpur
84P.P. Sansarpur Room No-1752Sansarpur
85P.P. Sansarpur Room No-21051Sansarpur
86P.P. Sansarpur Room No-3958Sansarpur
87P.P. Gadhia566Sansarpur
88Balniketan Pathshala Room No-1936Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
89Balniketan Pathshala Room No-2523Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
90Balniketan Pathshala Room No-31400Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
91Balniketan Pathshala Room No-4773Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
92Balniketan Pathshala Room No-5907Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
93Chandrasekhar Ajad Inter College Krishna Nagar Mainpuri Room No 11103Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
94Chandrasekhar Ajad Inter Collage Krishan Nagar Mainpuri Room No 2Chandrasekhar Ajad Inter Collage Krishan Nagar Mainpuri Room No 2964Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
95Chandrasekhar Ajad Inter Collage Krishan Nagar Mainpuri Room No 31147Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
96P.M.K.V. Karhal Road Nagar Kshetra Mainpuri725Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
98Free School Gadiwan Room No-1962Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
99Free School Gadiwan Room No-21504Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
100K.P.V. Free School Gadiwan885Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
101Narayan Dharamshala Agra Road1135Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
103Shah Mahmood Eslamiyan J.H.School Agra Road Room No. 11400Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
104Shah Mahmood Eslamiyan J.H.School Agra Road Room No. 21252Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
105Shah Mahmood Eslamiyan J.H.School Agra Road Room No. 31252Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
106Chhaptti Free School Mainpuri Room No. 11423Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
107Chhaptti Free School Mainpuri Room No. 21184Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
108Ganga Sahay Tiwari K. V. Chhaptti Mainpuri Room No. 1931Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
109Ganga Sahay Tiwari K. V. Chhaptti Mainpuri Room No. 2947Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
110Ganga Sahay Tiwari K. V. Chhaptti Mainpuri Room No. 31182Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
111Ganga Sahay Tiwari K. V. Chhaptti Mainpuri Room No. 4896Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
112Ganga Sahay Tiwari K. V. Chhaptti Mainpuri Room No. 51161Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
113Christian Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 1858Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
114Christian Inter College Mainpuri Room No-2727Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
115Christian Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 3843Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
116Christian Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 4917Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
117Ekrsanand Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 11171Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
118Ekrsanand Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 2492Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
119Ekrsanand Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No. 3327Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
120Pawan Sut J.H.Karhal Road Mainpuri809Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
121Naveen K.P.M.V. Awadh Nagar Tanki Room No-1918Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
122Naveen K.P.M.V. Awadh Nagar Tanki Room No. 2909Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
123Naveen K.P.M.V.Awadh Nagar Tanki Mainpuri815Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
125P.V. Awadh Nagar Mainpuri905Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
126P.V. Awadhnagar Mainpuri1224Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
127P.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No. 11210Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
128P.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No-21199Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
129P.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No-3973Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
130P.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No-4770Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
131P.M.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No-11069Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
132P.M.V. Devi Road Mainpuri Room No. 2494Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
133Rajkiya Pustkalay Near Bsa Office Mainpuri1473Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
134Navjivan Pustkalay Bagwan Mainpuri1103Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
136Tal Free School Mainpuri910Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
138K.P.P. Purotihana Mainpuri854Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
140Chitragupt Digree Collage Naveen Bhawan Chauthiyana Mainpuri867Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
141Chitra Gupt Digree Collage Naveen Bhawan Chauthiyana Mainpuri1341Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
143Madardarwaja Free School Mainpuri Room No. 31422Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
144Madardarwaja Free School Mainpuri Room No. 1943Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
145Madardarwaja Free School Mainpuri Room No. 2733Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
146G.G.I.C. Mainpuri Room No-11357Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
147Kaccha Adhati J.H. School Devi Road Mainpuri1156Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
148Kaccha Adhati J.H.School Devi Road Mainpuri1131Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
149Christian K.G. Mainpuri Room No-11406Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
150Christian K.G. Mainpuri Room No-21285Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
151Christian K.G. Mainpuri Room No-31130Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
152Christian K.G. Mainpuri Room No-41335Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
153P.P. Awas Vikash Mainpuri1187Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
155P.M.V. Awas Vikash Room No. 11021Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
156P.M.V. Awas Vikash Room No. 21108Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
157Rajkiya Pashu Chikitsalay Station Road Mainpuri826Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
159K. Ramchandra Singh Lal Singh Kanya Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No-6430Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
160K. Ramchandra Singh Lal Singh Kanya Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No-7537Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
161P.P. Dhalauapur945Dharau
162P.P.Nagla Mule447Dharau
163Government Inter College Mainpuri Room No 1773Mainpuri Khas
164Government Inter College Mainpuri Room No 2775Mainpuri Khas
165Government Inter College Mainpuri Room No 31198Mainpuri Khas
166Government Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No 4821Mainpuri
167Government Inter College Mainpuri Room No 5519Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
168Government Inter College Mainpuri Room No 6987Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
169Government Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No 71279Mainpuri (NPP + OG)
170P.P. Kheeja498Khija
171Chitragupt Inter College Mainpuri888Mainpuri Khas
172Chitragupt Inter Collage Mainpuri Room No-11389Mainpuri Khas
173P.P. Lahara Mahuan Room No-11030Lahra Mahuan
174P.P. Lahara Mahuan Room No-2860Lahra Mahuan
175P.P. Dharau1682Dharau
176P.P.Madhau Room No-1457Madhau
177P.P.Madhau Room No 21030Madhau
178Rajkiya Politechnic Mainpuri537Madhau
179P.P. Chaurasi889Madhau
180Gautam Buddh Inter College Power House Road Mainpuri1448Nouner
181P.P. Kharpari Room No. 21375Kharpari
182Prashikshan Kendra Kshetriya Gramya Vikas Sansthan Mainpuri1334Kharpari
183Prashikshan Kendra Kshetriya Gramya Vikas Sansthan Mainpuri North East Room1283Kharpari
184Prashikshan Kendra Kshetriya Gramya Vikas Sansthan Mainpuri South Room1041Kharpari
185P.P. Ganeshpur633Devpura
187P.P. Kumharaua Naveen Bhavan621Kumhraua
188P.P. Nagla Ramsingh969Kumhraua
189P.P. Dilippur437Dalippur
190Panchyat Ghar Thorva1343Thorwa
191P.V. Nagla Andhra1245Thorwa
192P.P. Chaupera225Thorwa
193Virendra Bhartiya Inter College Jyonti East Room887Jayoti
194Virendra Bhartiya Inter College Jyonti West Room1060Jyoti
195Virendra Bhartiya Inter Collage Jyonti North Room1320Jyoti
197P.V. Kichaura593Kichaura
198P.P. Ekari1071Ekar
199P.P. Jeegana592Ekar
200P.P. Dattpur478Ekar
201P.M.V. Ujhaiya1387Ujhaiya Fakirpur
202P.V. Fakirpur884Ujhaiya Fakirpur
203P.P. Sirauliya Room No. 2752Siroliya
204P.P. Sharifpur North Room944Sharifpur
206P.P.Timanpur Naveen Bhavan790Timanpur
208Anganbadi Kendra Prempur438Timanpur
209P.P. Kalyanpur1079Kalyanpur
210P.P. Hatau Mubarikpur East Room1014Hatu Mubarakpur
211P.P. Nagla Jula610Hatu Mubarakpur
212P.P. Jakhaua North Room813Jakhaua
213P.P. Bharatpura733Bharatpur
214P.P. Panvah611Panwah
215P.P. Nagala Dhani Room No. 21464Panwah
216P.P. Naveen Bhavan Midhavali Khurd875Mithawali Kalan
217P.P. Naveen Bhavan Midhavali Kalan1128Mithawali Kalan
218P.P. Chandai Naveen Bhavan666Jigan Chandai
219P.P. Jeegan536Jigan Chandai
220P.P. Barkheda North Room997Barkhera
221P.P. Pahadpur890Paharpur
222P.P. Sarai Lateef North Room1475Saray Latif
223P.P. Nagla Kinner456Lakhaura
224P.P. Lakhaurakhurd914Lakhaura
225K.P.P. Lakhaura Kalan678Lakhaura
226P.P. Nagla Chhidu566Lakhaura
227P.P. Trilokpura401Lakhaura
228P.P. Barauliya East Room729Barauliya
229P.V. Madhukarpur313Madhkarpur
230P.P. Rajapur746Rajapur
231P.P. Akbarpur Jhala743Akbarpur Jhala
232P.V. Gangajamuni262Ganga Jamuni
233P.V. Khiriya Peepar992Khiriyapiper
234P.P. Balrampur745Balrampur
235P.P. Ashokpur East Room1138Ashokpur
236P.P. Gokulpur609Gokulpur
237P.P. Jamlapur880Jamlapur
238P.P. Gangapur Mohammadpur1244Gangapur Muhabatpur
239P.P. Divrai North Room766Divrayi
240P.P. Fatehjungpur952Fatehjangpur
241P.P. Jamuniyan650Sujrai Dehat
242J.H.School Kurawali Room 1921Kuraoali (NP)
243J.H.School Kurawali Room 2723Kuraoali (NP)
244J.H.School Kurawali Room 3764Kuraoali (NP)
245J.H.School Kurawali Room 4858Kuraoali (NP)
246Swami Vivekanand Inter Collage Kurawli459Kuraoali (NP)
248Swamivivekanand Inter Collage Kurawli981Kuraoali (NP)
250Malikhan Singh Inter Collage Kurawali1154Kuraoali (NP)
252K.J.H. School Kurawali974Kuraoali (NP)
254Town Aria Hall Kurawali1127Kuraoali (NP)
255Lallu Singh Inter Collage Kurawali1189Kuraoali (NP)
257P.P. Kurawali Room 11329Kuraoali (NP)
258P.P. Kurawali Room No. 1702Kuraoali (NP)
259P.P. Sidhpura1043Sidpura
260P.P. Devi Nagar1298Devinagar
261P.P. Naurangpur North Room721Naurangpur
262P.P. Nijampur658Nijampur
263P.P. Khirna Kala723Khirna
264P.P. Khirna Khurd666Kishanpur
265P.P. Rustampur573Rustampur
266J.H. School Aloopura900Alupura
268P.P. Ummedpur504Alupura
269J.H.School Salempur East Room1285Salempur
270P.P. Jyoli Jhigurpur546Jiyoli Ghingarpur
271P.P. Nagla Harnagar408Salempur
273P.M.V. Junheasa Room 11189Junhensa
274P.P. Nagla Summer441Junhensa
275P.P. Nagla Usar712Nagla Usar
276P.P. Nagla Hariyana303Hafizpur
277P.P. Hafijpur404Hafizpur
278P.P. Roshinghpur Room 1977Rosingpur
279P.P. Adhpura758Athpura
280P.P. Sirsa Room No. 1855Sirsa
281P.P. Sirsa Room No. 21092Sirsa
282P.P. Mahadeva Jagatpur Room 21403Mahadeva Jagatpur
283P.P. Rasemar817Rasemar
284P.P. Makboolpur North Room777Makboolpur
285P.P. Beekapur583Beekapur
286P.P. Sujanpur669Sujanpur
287P.P. Reechhpura North Room1070Richpura
288P.P. Nasratpur (Lukharpura)403Nasratpur Dehat
289P.P. Dhivaiya546Dhivaiya
290P.P. Dagau North Room677Dangan
291P.P. Vishunpur624Vishunpur
292P.V. Devkali645Devkali
293P.P.Belahar North Room444Belahar
294P.P. Nagla Soopa377Belahar
295P.P. Rajepura551Belahar
296P.P. Shahadatpur779Sahadattpur
297P.P. Virsinghpur814Birasinghpur
298P.P. Nagla Rate176Rampura
299P.P. Nagla Khumani221Rampura
300P.P. Basura Sultanpur North Room908Basura Sultanpur
301Panchayatghar Punupura462Basura Sultanpur
302P.P. Bichhiya Vikrampur North Room1016Bichiya Vikrampur
303J.H.School Dharainda809Dharendra
304P.P. Esai Mahloi North Room768E. Mahloyi
305P.P. Nagla Moti487E. Mahloyi
306P.V. Nagla Daya395E. Mahloyi
307Veerendra Singh Yadav Inter Collage Vannadal Vallampur905E.Sari
308P.P. Antpur580E.Sari
309P.P. Esai Madhupuri1150Esaimadhupuri
310P.P. Dulhapur608Dulhapur
311P.P. Esai Gopalpur918E.Gopalpur
312P.P. Heerapur339E. Hirapur
313P.P. Esai Manjhpati1135E. Manjhpati
314P.P. Esai Khas816E. Khas
315P.P. Rajalpur1064Soni
317P.P. Ashokpur West Room557Ashokpur
318P.P. Nagla Gusai771Khichauli
319P.P. Manauna East Room707Manauna
320P.P. Manauna West Room1465Manauna
321P.V. Nagla Surajpur1257Manauna
322P.V. Nagla Bag781Manauna
323P.P.Sonai East Room1212Soni
324P.V. Kalakhet550Soni
325P.P. Kookamai690Kookamai
326P.P. Gulabpur621Kookamai
327P.P. Bhanpur898Bhanpur
328P.P. Tarauli876Tarauli
329P.P. Gulalpur986Naugaon
330P.P. Nanamau Naveen Bhavan876Naugaon
332P.P. Narayanpur652Narayanpur
333P.P. Nagla Harkeshi925Narayanpur
334P.P. Nagla Gadhu802Nagla Garu
335P.P. Kamalpur528Nagla Garu
336P.P. Kuberpur1221Narayanpur
337J.H. School Kareemganj East Room1214Karimganj
338J.H. School Kareemganj1193Karimganj
339P.P. Lahouripura592Karimganj
340P.P. Shahalampur786Karimganj

Last Updated on November 15, 2014