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Polling Booth in Lucknow Central Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lucknow Central

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lucknow Central Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Door Sanchar Bal Shiksha Niketan Room No-11329Lucknow (M Corp.)
2Door Sanchar Bal Shiksha Niketan Room No-21112Lucknow (M Corp.)
3Door Sanchar Bal Shiksha Niketan Room No-3770Lucknow (M Corp.)
4Prathmik Vidhalaya Kerehta Room No-1 31085Lucknow (M Corp.)
5Madarsa Taleemul Quran Room No-11401Lucknow (M Corp.)
6Pioneer Montessory Room No-11460Lucknow (M Corp.)
7Pioneer Montessory Room No-21261Lucknow (M Corp.)
8Pioneer Montessory Room No-3748Lucknow (M Corp.)
9Poonam Shiksha Niketan Room No-01957Lucknow (M Corp.)
10Poonam Shiksha Niketan Room No-02936Lucknow (M Corp.)
11Prathmik Vidhyalaya Room -11456Lucknow (M Corp.)
12Prathmik Vidhyalaya Room -21439Lucknow (M Corp.)
13Gopinath Laxmandas Rastogi Inter College Room No. 1964Lucknow (M Corp.)
14Gopinath Laxmandas Rastogi Inter College Room No. 2932Lucknow (M Corp.)
15Gopinath Laxmandas Rastogi Inter College Room No. 3834Lucknow (M Corp.)
16Gopinath Laxmandas Rastogi Inter College Room No. 4827Lucknow (M Corp.)
17Gopinath Laxmandas Rastogi Inter College Room No. 51059Lucknow (M Corp.)
18N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 11251Lucknow (M Corp.)
19N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 21035Lucknow (M Corp.)
20N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 31230Lucknow (M Corp.)
21N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 41376Lucknow (M Corp.)
22N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 51014Lucknow (M Corp.)
23N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 6897Lucknow (M Corp.)
24N.C. Chaturvedi Badhir Vidhyalay Room No. 71076Lucknow (M Corp.)
25Prathmik Vidhalaya Pandey Ka Talab Room No-11090Lucknow (M Corp.)
26Prathmik Vidhalaya Pandey Ka Talab Room No-21148Lucknow (M Corp.)
27Madhav Kalyan Mandap Room No-11112Lucknow (M Corp.)
28Madhav Kalyan Mandap Room No-21020Lucknow (M Corp.)
29Madhav Kalyan Mandap Room No-31141Lucknow (M Corp.)
30Siddharth Shiksha Niketan Room No-11161Lucknow (M Corp.)
31Siddharth Shiksha Niketan Room No-21220Lucknow (M Corp.)
32Siddharth Shiksha Niketan Room No-31011Lucknow (M Corp.)
33Chacha Nehru Memorial High School Room No-11333Lucknow (M Corp.)
34Chacha Nehru Memorial High School Room No-21246Lucknow (M Corp.)
35Ayaurvedic College Room No-11425Lucknow (M Corp.)
36Ayaurvedic College Room No-21270Lucknow (M Corp.)
37Ayaurvedic College Room No-31327Lucknow (M Corp.)
38Sunny Inter College Room No-11169Lucknow (M Corp.)
39Sunny Inter College Room No-21072Lucknow (M Corp.)
40Sunny Inter College Room No-31051Lucknow (M Corp.)
41Sunny Inter College Room No-41338Lucknow (M Corp.)
42Shia College City Branch Room No-11281Lucknow (M Corp.)
43Shia College City Branch Room No-2988Lucknow (M Corp.)
44Shia College City Branch Room No-3825Lucknow (M Corp.)
45Shia College City Branch Room No-41123Lucknow (M Corp.)
46Shia College City Branch Room No-51225Lucknow (M Corp.)
47Shia College City Branch Room No-6980Lucknow (M Corp.)
48Shia College City Branch Room No-71073Lucknow (M Corp.)
49St.Jyudeas K.G And Primary School Room No-011185Lucknow (M Corp.)
50Rajkiya Balika Vidhalaya Inter College Room No-01 11328Lucknow (M Corp.)
51Rajkiya Balika Vidhalaya Inter College Room No-02881Lucknow (M Corp.)
52Rajkiya Balika Vidhalaya Inter College Room No-031354Lucknow (M Corp.)
53Rajkiya Balika Vidhalaya Inter College Room No-041160Lucknow (M Corp.)
54Sultanul Madaris Room No-11124Lucknow (M Corp.)
55Sultanul Madaris Room No-21322Lucknow (M Corp.)
56Sultanul Madaris Room No-31200Lucknow (M Corp.)
57Goverment Jubli College Room No-01861Lucknow (M Corp.)
64Mansadeen Shukla Inter College Room No-011075Lucknow (M Corp.)
65Mansadeen Shukla Inter College Room No-021129Lucknow (M Corp.)
71Prathmik Vidhalaya Bheem Nagar Room No-011377Lucknow (M Corp.)
72Prathmik Vidhalaya Bheem Nagar Room No-02906Lucknow (M Corp.)
73Prathmik Vidhalaya Bheem Nagar Room No-03700Lucknow (M Corp.)
74Jai Hanuman Shiksha Niketan Junior High School Room No-011318Lucknow (M Corp.)
75Jai Hanuman Shiksha Niketan Junior High School Room No-021444Lucknow (M Corp.)
76Hanuman Prasad Rastogi Inter College Room No-11042Lucknow (M Corp.)
77Hanuman Prasad Rastogi Inter College Room No-2766Lucknow (M Corp.)
78Hanuman Prasad Rastogi Inter College Room No-31137Lucknow (M Corp.)
79Laxmi Narayan Baghwati Vidhya Mandir Room No-01960Lucknow (M Corp.)
80Laxmi Narayan Baghwati Vidhya Mandir Room No-021250Lucknow (M Corp.)
81Laxmi Narayan Baghwati Vidhya Mandir Room No-031097Rastogi Tola
82Laxmi Narayan Baghwati Vidhya Mandir Room No-041145Lucknow (M Corp.)
83Collegeof Teacher Education C.T E Room No-11178Lucknow (M Corp.)
84Collegeof Teacher Education C.T E Room No-21385Lucknow (M Corp.)
85Collegeof Teacher Education C.T E Room No-31330Lucknow (M Corp.)
86Collegeof Teacher Education C.T E Room No-4900Lucknow (M Corp.)
87Collegeof Teacher Education C.T E Room No-51161Lucknow (M Corp.)
88Play Way School Room No-011360Lucknow (M Corp.)
89Play Way School Room No-021167Lucknow (M Corp.)
90Play Way School Room No-031489Lucknow (M Corp.)
91Play Way School Room No-041490Lucknow (M Corp.)
92Play Way School Room No-051169Lucknow (M Corp.)
93Play Way School Room No-06903Lucknow (M Corp.)
94Rani Rasoolpur Public School Room No-01887Lucknow (M Corp.)
95Rani Rasoolpur Public School Room No-02707Lucknow (M Corp.)
96Rani Rasoolpur Public School Room No-03905Lucknow (M Corp.)
97Rani Rasoolpur Public School Room No-041120Lucknow (M Corp.)
98Christion College Room No-011200Lucknow (M Corp.)
99Christion College Room No-021208Lucknow (M Corp.)
100Christion College Room No-031061Lucknow (M Corp.)
101Christion College Room No-041243Lucknow (M Corp.)
102Christion College Room No-05563Lucknow (M Corp.)
103Christion College Room No-06537Lucknow (M Corp.)
104Christion College Room No-071353Lucknow (M Corp.)
105Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-01834Lucknow (M Corp.)
106Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-02987Lucknow (M Corp.)
107Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-031354Lucknow (M Corp.)
108Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-04755Lucknow (M Corp.)
109Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-051378Lucknow (M Corp.)
110Lucknow Christion Traning College Room No-061230Lucknow (M Corp.)
111Prathmik Vidhalaya Bajar Jhaulal Room No-011131Lucknow (M Corp.)
112Prathmik Vidhalaya Bajar Jhaulal Room No-021147Lucknow (M Corp.)
113Prathmik Vidhalaya Bajar Jhaulal Room No-03979Lucknow (M Corp.)
114Prathmik Vidhalaya Bajar Jhaulal Room No-041342Lucknow (M Corp.)
115Aminabad Inter College Room No-011436Lucknow (M Corp.)
116Aminabad Inter College Room No-02871Lucknow (M Corp.)
117Aminabad Inter College Room No-031274Lucknow (M Corp.)
118Aminabad Inter College Room No-041290Lucknow (M Corp.)
119Aminabad Inter College Room No-051017Lucknow (M Corp.)
120Aminabad Inter College Room No-061166Lucknow (M Corp.)
121Aminabad Inter College Room No-07541Lucknow (M Corp.)
122Aminabad Inter College Room No-08619Lucknow (M Corp.)
123Liberty Convent School Room No-01670Lucknow (M Corp.)
124Om Mandir Nagar Arya Samaj Room No-011032Lucknow (M Corp.)
125Amar Convent School Room No-011428Lucknow (M Corp.)
126Amar Convent School Room No-021234Lucknow (M Corp.)
127Prathmik Vidhalaya Fatehganj Room No-01979Lucknow (M Corp.)
128Prathmik Vidhalaya Fatehganj Room No-021079Lucknow (M Corp.)
129Prathmik Vidhalaya Fatehganj Room No-031179Lucknow (M Corp.)
130Prathmik Vidhalaya Fatehganj Room No-041021Lucknow (M Corp.)
131Pra.Vi.Kundari Rakabganj Balak Balika Room No-01879Lucknow (M Corp.)
132Pra.Vi.Kundari Rakabganj Balak Balika Room No-02937Lucknow (M Corp.)
133Saraswati Shiksha Niketan Room No-01867Lucknow (M Corp.)
134Saraswati Shiksha Niketan Room No-02996Lucknow (M Corp.)
135Saraswati Shiksha Niketan Room No-031179Lucknow (M Corp.)
136Lalita Shashtri Montessory School Room No-01962Lucknow (M Corp.)
137Lalita Shashtri Montessory School Room No-021059Lucknow (M Corp.)
138Awadh Public School Room No-011044Lucknow (M Corp.)
139Awadh Public School Room No-021089Lucknow (M Corp.)
140Awadh Public School Room No-03980Lucknow (M Corp.)
141Awadh Public School Room No-04616Lucknow (M Corp.)
142Lal Bahadur Shashtri Samarak Balak Balika Vidhalaya Room No-01903Lucknow (M Corp.)
143Lal Bahadur Shashtri Samarak Balak Balika Vidhalaya Room No-021471Lucknow (M Corp.)
144Narayan Prakash Pathsala Jonier High School Room No-01967Lucknow (M Corp.)
145Narayan Prakash Pathsala Jonier High School Room No-021190Lucknow (M Corp.)
146Narayan Prakash Pathsala Jonier High School Room No-03901Lucknow (M Corp.)
147Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-011237Lucknow (M Corp.)
148Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-021160Lucknow (M Corp.)
149Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-031481Lucknow (M Corp.)
150Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-041053Lucknow (M Corp.)
151Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-051375Lucknow (M Corp.)
152Navyug Degree College Rajendra Nagar Room No-061184Lucknow (M Corp.)
153Navyug Kanya College Room No-011213Lucknow (M Corp.)
154Navyug Kanya College Room No-02423Lucknow (M Corp.)
155Navyug Kanya College Room No-03985Lucknow (M Corp.)
156Navyug Kanya College Room No-04723Lucknow (M Corp.)
157Hindu Bal Vidhalaya Room No-011281Lucknow (M Corp.)
158Hindu Bal Vidhalaya Room No-021289Lucknow (M Corp.)
159Hindu Bal Vidhalaya Room No-03847Lucknow (M Corp.)
160Hindu Bal Vidhalaya Room No-04782Lucknow (M Corp.)
161Bihari Lal Rastigi Dharmsala Hall No-01995Lucknow (M Corp.)
162Bihari Lal Rastigi Dharmsala Hall No-02656Lucknow (M Corp.)
163Radhika Devi Dharmsala Hall No-011322Lucknow (M Corp.)
164Radhika Devi Dharmsala Hall No-021355Lucknow (M Corp.)
165Radhika Devi Dharmsala Hall No-031448Lucknow (M Corp.)
166Vishnu Nagar Shiksha Niketan Kanya Inter College Room No-01891Lucknow (M Corp.)
167Vishnu Nagar Shiksha Niketan Kanya Inter College Room No-02870Lucknow (M Corp.)
168Vishnu Nagar Shiksha Niketan Kanya Inter College Room No-03965Lucknow (M Corp.)
169Vishnu Nagar Shiksha Niketan Kanya Inter College Room No-04780Lucknow (M Corp.)
170Vishnu Nagar Shiksha Niketan Kanya Inter College Room No-051155Lucknow (M Corp.)
171Prathmik Vidhalaya Aminabad Room No-011116Lucknow (M Corp.)
172Prathmik Vidhalaya Aminabad Room No-02677Lucknow (M Corp.)
173Prathmik Vidhalaya Aminabad Room No-031079Lucknow (M Corp.)
174Prathmik Vidhalaya Aminabad Room No-041361Lucknow (M Corp.)
175Mumtaz Inter College Room No-011189Lucknow (M Corp.)
176Mumtaz Inter College Room No-02477Lucknow (M Corp.)
177Centeneal College Room N0-011304Lucknow (M Corp.)
178Centeneal College Room N0-02979Lucknow (M Corp.)
179Centeneal College Room N0-03983Lucknow (M Corp.)
180Centeneal College Room N0-04753Lucknow (M Corp.)
181Centeneal College Room N0-05854Lucknow (M Corp.)
182Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-011349Lucknow (M Corp.)
183Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-021263Lucknow (M Corp.)
184Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-031318Lucknow (M Corp.)
185Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-041295Lucknow (M Corp.)
186Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-05988Lucknow (M Corp.)
187Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-06703Lucknow (M Corp.)
188Nari Shiksha Niketan Room No-071492Lucknow (M Corp.)
189Mahila Inter College Room No-011181Lucknow (M Corp.)
190Mahila Inter College Room No-021107Lucknow (M Corp.)
191Mahila Inter College Room No-03420Lucknow (M Corp.)
192Mahila Inter College Room No-04828Lucknow (M Corp.)
193Mahila Inter College Room No-05910Lucknow (M Corp.)
194Kasturba Ghandhi Vidhalaya Room No-011292Lucknow (M Corp.)
195Kasturba Ghandhi Vidhalaya Room No-021074Lucknow (M Corp.)
196Kasturba Ghandhi Vidhalaya Room No-03855Lucknow (M Corp.)
197Kasturba Ghandhi Vidhalaya Room No-041142Lucknow (M Corp.)
198Boys Englo Inter College Room No-011454Lucknow (M Corp.)
199Boys Englo Inter College Room No-02669Lucknow (M Corp.)
200Boys Englo Inter College Room No-031110Lucknow (M Corp.)
201Boys Englo Inter College Room No-04870Lucknow (M Corp.)
202Boys Englo Inter College Room No-06729Lucknow (M Corp.)
203Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-011446Lucknow (M Corp.)
204Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-02936Lucknow (M Corp.)
205Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-03809Lucknow (M Corp.)
206Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-041477Lucknow (M Corp.)
207Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-05959Lucknow (M Corp.)
208Nagar Nigam Model Montessory School Room No-06720Lucknow (M Corp.)
209St.Tresa Day School Room No-01889Lucknow (M Corp.)
210St.Tresa Day School Room No-02789Lucknow (M Corp.)
211Vidhant Degree College Room No-011425Lucknow (M Corp.)
212Vidhant Degree College Room No-02792Lucknow (M Corp.)
213Vidhant Degree College Room No-031026Lucknow (M Corp.)
214Vidhyant Degree College Room No. 41240Lucknow (M Corp.)
215Baba Thakurdas H.S. School Room No. 11213Lucknow (M Corp.)
216Baba Thakurdas H.S. School Room No. 21166Lucknow (M Corp.)
217Baba Thakurdas H.S. School Room No. 3952Lucknow (M Corp.)
218Baba Thakurdas H.S. School Room No. 41018Lucknow (M Corp.)
219Baba Thakurdas H.S. School Room No. 5812Lucknow (M Corp.)
220Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 1936Lucknow (M Corp.)
221Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 2642Lucknow (M Corp.)
222Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 31325Lucknow (M Corp.)
223Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 41209Lucknow (M Corp.)
224Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 5726Lucknow (M Corp.)
225Karyalaya Upnideshak Samaj Kalyan Room No. 61071Lucknow (M Corp.)
226Queens Inter College Room No. 1786Lucknow (M Corp.)
227Queens Inter College Room No. 2682Lucknow (M Corp.)
228Queens Inter College Room No. 31346Lucknow (M Corp.)
229Queens Inter College Room No. 41134Lucknow (M Corp.)
230Nagar Mahapalika Karyalaya Room No. 11183Lucknow (M Corp.)
231Nagar Mahapalika Karyalaya Room No. 2533Lucknow (M Corp.)
232Nagar Mahapalika Karyalaya Room No. 31329Lucknow (M Corp.)
233Nagar Mahapalika Karyalaya Room No. 4922Lucknow (M Corp.)
234Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No. 1985Lucknow (M Corp.)
235Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No. 2622Lucknow (M Corp.)
236Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No. 31415Lucknow (M Corp.)
237Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No.41380Lucknow (M Corp.)
238Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No. 5837Lucknow (M Corp.)
239Amiruddaula Islamiya College Room No. 6885Lucknow (M Corp.)
240Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-01920Lucknow (M Corp.)
241Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-02727Lucknow (M Corp.)
242Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-031372Lucknow (M Corp.)
243Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-04789Lucknow (M Corp.)
244Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-05724Lucknow (M Corp.)
245Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-061292Lucknow (M Corp.)
246Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-071337Lucknow (M Corp.)
247Emma Thompson School Lalbagh Room No-08615Lucknow (M Corp.)
248Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-01445Lucknow (M Corp.)
249Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-021101Lucknow (M Corp.)
250Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-03899Lucknow (M Corp.)
251Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-041220Lucknow (M Corp.)
252Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-051451Lucknow (M Corp.)
253Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-061063Lucknow (M Corp.)
254Lucknow Mont.Inter College Room No-071357Lucknow (M Corp.)
255Lamartiniere College Room No-011493Lucknow (M Corp.)
256Lamartiniere College Room No-021324Lucknow (M Corp.)
257Awadh Girls Degree Room No-011033Lucknow (M Corp.)
258Awadh Girls Degree Room No-02830Lucknow (M Corp.)
259Awadh Girls Degree Room No-03863Lucknow (M Corp.)
260Prathmik Vidhalaya Ziamau Room No-011293Lucknow (M Corp.)
261Prathmik Vidhalaya Ziamau Room No-021281Lucknow (M Corp.)
262Prathmik Vidhalaya Ziamau Room No-03993Lucknow (M Corp.)
263Karyalay Pramukh Abhiyanta Lok Nirman Vibhag Room No-011002Lucknow (M Corp.)
264Karyalaya Pramukh Abhiyanta Lok Nirman Vibhag Room No-02907Lucknow (M Corp.)
265Karyalay Pramukh Abhiyanta Lok Nirman Vibhag Room No-031233Lucknow (M Corp.)
266Rajkiya Balika Inter College Room No-011186Lucknow (M Corp.)
269Prathmik Balak Vidhalaya Besic Shiksha Parisad Room No-01988Lucknow (M Corp.)
270Prathmik Balak Vidhalaya Besic Shiksha Parisad Room No-02960Lucknow (M Corp.)
271Prathmik Balak Vidhalaya Besic Shiksha Parisad Room No-031348Lucknow (M Corp.)
272Butler Palace Colony Club Hall No-011452Lucknow (M Corp.)
273Butler Palace Colony Club Hall No-021255Lucknow (M Corp.)
274Butler Palace Colony Club Hall No-031478Lucknow (M Corp.)
275Butler Palace Colony Club Hall No-041321Lucknow (M Corp.)
276Red Hill School Room No-011036Lucknow (M Corp.)
277Red Hill School Room No-021072Lucknow (M Corp.)
278Red Hill School Room No-031488Lucknow (M Corp.)
279Red Hill School Room No-041166Lucknow (M Corp.)
280Red Hill School Room No-051355Lucknow (M Corp.)
281Red Hill School Room No-06374Lucknow (M Corp.)
282Red Hill School Room No-071449Lucknow (M Corp.)
283Red Hill School Room No-08964Lucknow (M Corp.)
284Red Hill School Room No-09991Lucknow (M Corp.)
285Basant Bihar Prathmik School Room No-01987Lucknow (M Corp.)
286Basant Bihar Prathmik School Room No-02639Lucknow (M Corp.)
287Basant Bihar Prathmik School Room No-031408Lucknow (M Corp.)
288Basant Bihar Prathmik School Room No-041432Lucknow (M Corp.)
289National Inter College Room No-011028Lucknow (M Corp.)
290National Inter College Room No-021058Lucknow (M Corp.)
291Vishun Narayan Inter College Room No-01877Lucknow (M Corp.)
292Vishun Narayan Inter College Room No-02630Lucknow (M Corp.)
293Vishun Narayan Inter College Room No-031071Lucknow (M Corp.)
294Vishun Narayan Inter College Room No-041157Lucknow (M Corp.)
295Vishun Narayan Inter College Room No-051216Lucknow (M Corp.)
296Prathmik Pathsala Jugaouli Room No-011198Lucknow (M Corp.)
297Prathmik Pathsala Jugaouli Room No-021257Lucknow (M Corp.)
298Prathmik Pathsala Jugaouli Room No-031495Lucknow (M Corp.)
299Prathmik Pathsala Jugaouli Room No-041154Lucknow (M Corp.)
300Prathmik Pathshala Ujriyav Room No-01753Lucknow (M Corp.)
301Prathmik Pathshala Ujriyav Room No-02761Lucknow (M Corp.)
302Prathmik Pathshala Ujriyav Room No-031433Lucknow (M Corp.)
303Prathmik Pathshala Ujriyav Room No-041011Lucknow (M Corp.)
304Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vidhalaya Room N0-011346Lucknow (M Corp.)
305Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vidhalaya Room N0-02806Lucknow (M Corp.)
306Central Vidhalaya Room No-01966Lucknow (M Corp.)
307Central Vidhalaya Room No-02741Lucknow (M Corp.)
308Central Vidhalaya Room No-031039Lucknow (M Corp.)
309Central Vidhalaya Room No-041218Lucknow (M Corp.)
310Central Vidhalaya Room No-051309Lucknow (M Corp.)
311Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-011452Lucknow (M Corp.)
312Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-021472Lucknow (M Corp.)
313Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-031129Lucknow (M Corp.)
314Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-041223Lucknow (M Corp.)
315Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-05913Lucknow (M Corp.)
316Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-06857Lucknow (M Corp.)
317Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-071279Lucknow (M Corp.)
318Sanskrit Vidhya Peeth Room No-081299Lucknow (M Corp.)
319Scalor Home School Room No-011271Lucknow (M Corp.)
320Scalor Home School Room No-02706Lucknow (M Corp.)
321Scalor Home School Room No-031161Lucknow (M Corp.)
322Prathmik Pathshala Gwari Ka Purwa Room No-011191Lucknow (M Corp.)
323Prathmik Patshala Gwari Ka Purwa Room No-021179Lucknow (M Corp.)
324Prathmik Pathshala Gwari Ka Purwa Room No-031268Lucknow (M Corp.)

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