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Polling Booth in Loni Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Loni

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Loni Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Mandaula-1Room No.1782Madaul
2Primary School Mandaula-1Room No.2676Madaul
3Shri Ghandhi Inter College Mandaula Room No.11406Madaul
4Shri Ghandhi Inter College Mandaula Room No.2734Madaul
5Shri Ghandhi Inter College Mandaula Room No.3748Madaul
6Primary School Panchlok Room No-11314Madaul
7Primary School Nanu Room No-1751Nanu
8Primary School Noraspur Room No-1530Nauraspur
9Primary School Hindu Room No-11062Mirpur Hindu
10Primary School Hindu Room No-2840Mirpur Hindu
11Primary School Sungarpur291Nanu
12Primary School Alipur578Allipur
13Primary School Lutfullapur Navada609Lutfulapur Navada
14Primary School Pachayara1307Panchayara
15Primary School Khanpur Japti1173Khanpur Japti
16D.P.Modern Secendri School Rampark1149Khanpur Japti
24Primary Hakikatpur Khudabas991Khanpur Japti
26Primary School Badarpur1200Badarpur
28Primary School Ilayachipur1125Ilaichipur
30Primary Nasib Bhiar648Ilaichipur
34Primary School Sadabad Dugrawali961Sadabad Durgavali
35Primary School Sadullabad1132Loni (NPP)
38Junior High School Sadullabad942Loni (NPP)
40Primary School Sadullabad-11727Loni (NPP)
44Primary School Vikas Nagar Loni1340Loni (NPP)
47Primary School Salehnagar861Loni (NPP)
49Primary School Prem Vihar1030Loni (NPP)
51Morel Public School Chaman Vihar821Loni (NPP)
58J.R.Inter National School Ashok Vihar1018Loni (NPP)
65Primary School Gadhi Jassi887Loni (NPP)
68Primary School Gadhi Kattiya916Loni (NPP)
72Mata Gyanwati Model School Nanda Colony783Loni (NPP)
78Primary School Mandla750Loni (NPP)
82Primary School Bagranap1315Loni (NPP)
86Dr.Bhimrav Ambedkar School Bagranap1381Loni (NPP)
90Primary School Gadhi Sablu1092Loni (NPP)
91Bal Vidhya Mandir Sangam Vihar1203Loni (NPP)
98Primary School Rajiv Garden924Loni (NPP)
103Rajiv Memoriyal Junior High School Rajiv Garden1076Loni (NPP)
107Junior High School Dharoti Ghurd849Loni (NPP)
109Primary School Gharoti Khurd Loni1340Loni (NPP)
111J.P.School Laxmi Garden559Loni (NPP)
116Prakash Modal Public School Laxmi Garden1173Loni (NPP)
122Primary School Pavi Sadakpur1199Loni (NPP)
128Junior High School Pavi Sadakpur828Loni (NPP)
129New Moon Light Public School Kidwai Nagar Pooja Colony1363Loni (NPP)
132Sardar Patel Junior High School Pavisadakpur1285Loni (NPP)
137Primary School Behta Hazipur-1867Loni (NPP)
141Primary School Behta Hazipur-2832Loni (NPP)
148Shanti Niketan Junior High School Vikas Kunj787Loni (NPP)
153S.D.Vidhya Mandir Vikas Kunj Block A794Loni (NPP)
158Goldi Modern Public Scholl Sangam Vihar936Loni (NPP)
163Anand Memoriyal Inter Co.Jawahar Nagar1100Loni (NPP)
170Anand Modern Public School Jawahar Nagar Nahar Par1307Loni (NPP)
174National Public School Gulab Vatika894Loni (NPP)
176Hansdeep Junior High School Gulab Vatika1342Loni (NPP)
179Junior High School Indra Inclave Behta Hazipur1245Loni (NPP)
182Shanti Public School Rajnagar1098Loni (NPP)
188Abhilasha Public School Panchwati1205Loni (NPP)
192Mother India Public Junior Hingh School Uttranchal Colony1079Loni (NPP)
196Anamika Memoriyal Shiksha Niketan School Ganga Enclav1267Loni (NPP)
201Behta Inter College Behta Hazipur1098Loni (NPP)
207Gyan Jyoti Public School Amar Vihar517Loni (NPP)
211Primary School Madhuban Chauk1309Loni (NPP)
213Junior High School Amit Vihar697Loni (NPP)
217Dharm Memoriyal Public School Junior High School Dhama Enclav604Loni (NPP)
224Spring Field Public School Rameshwar Park1193Loni (NPP)
226Mahipal Public School Giri Market552Loni (NPP)
232Indrabal Vidhya Mandir Rishi Market1229Loni (NPP)
236Vardhman Saraswati Sishu Mandir Balramnagar926Loni (NPP)
244B.R.S.Convent School Indrapuri942Loni (NPP)
247Gyandeep Public School Indrapuri556Loni (NPP)
250Little Star Public School Indrapuri680Loni (NPP)
253Loni Inter College Loni893Loni (NPP)
259New Adarsh Bal Nirman Junior High School Premnagar1217Loni (NPP)
261Sain Smarak Vidhya Mandir Naipura1060Loni (NPP)
268Gyan Ganga Public Junior High School Naipura162Loni (NPP)
274S.V.Vidhya Mandir Saraswati Vihar1013Loni (NPP)
282Sun Shine Public School Naveen Kunj1284Loni (NPP)
286Deep Modal Public School Prasant Vihar950Loni (NPP)
292J.D.Shshtri Public Junior High Schol Indra Market870Loni (NPP)
295Sun Rise Public School Rashid Gate Loni892Loni (NPP)
299Hari Singh Bhati Public School Jamalpur994Loni (NPP)
301Primary School Aper Cot Loni-1981Loni (NPP)
304Junior High School Moh. Toli Loni451Loni (NPP)
308Primary School Aparkot Lonio-11553Loni (NPP)
309Moon Star Public School Mustfabad1055Loni (NPP)
316Junior High School Bagranap874Loni (NPP)
319B.K.Mejar Public School Kanchan Park687Loni (NPP)
327Primary School Agraula1075Agraula
329Primary Schook Kharkhadi1325Nasaratabad Kharkhari
330Primary School Fatiyabad Nithaura933Fatiyabad Nithaura
332Primary School Shakalpura-11154Shakalpura
334Primary School Chirodi-2701Chirauri
337Primary School Chirodi-11271Chirauri
338Janta Inter College Badshahpur Siroli753Badshahpur Sirauli
342Primary School Jafrabad Ganauli1068Jafarabad Ganauli
344Primary School Mewla Bhatti-11242Mewala Bhatti
345Primary School Dhripur476Dharipur
346Primary School Murtzabad Bhupkhedi1273Afjalnagar Siti
347Panchayat Ghar Sirora Salempur824Sirora Salempur
349Primary School Kotwalpur1020Kotwalpur
350Primary School Ristal1329Aurangabad Ristal
352Primary School Rajpur1122Sharifabad Rajapur
354Primary School Nistoli-1911Nistauli
357Primary School Afjalpur921Afzalpur
359Primary School Tila Shahbajpur1390Tila Shahbazpur
360Tila Shahbajpur1126Tila Shahbazpur
363Primary School Sharfuddinpur Jawli718Sharfuddinpur Javli
367Junior High School Sharfuddinpur Jawli710Sharfuddinpur Javli
371Primary School Sikhrani1088Sikhrani
372Primary School Banthla-11226Banthla (CT)
376Primary School Mahmudpur1473Mahmoodpur
377Primary School Bhaneda Khurd873Bhanera Khurd
378Primary School Asalatpur1408Asalatpur Farakh Nagar
380Nav Jeevan Inter College Farrukhnagar689Asalatpur Farakh Nagar

Last Updated on June 10, 2020
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