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Polling Booth in Lalitpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lalitpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lalitpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School East Part Kandharikalan758Kandhari Kalan
2Primary School West Part Kandharikalan743Kandhari Kalan
3Primary School Bhaisanwarakhurd719Bhesanwara Khurd
4Primary School Purakhurd695Pura Khurd
5J.S.S School Ugarpur918Ugarpur
6Primary School Gaivra987Gloragundera
7Primary School Gundera1065Gloragundera
8Primary School Varmavihar1039Barama Bihar
9Primary School Virdha1467Vidra
10J.H. School Virdha1350Birdha
11Primary School Jhanwar1196Jhawar
12Primary School Kandharikhurd665Kandhari Khurd
13Primary School Natthikheda1075Natthi Khera
14Girls Primary School Natthikheda1435Natthi Khera
15Primary School Sarkhadi491Sarkhandi
16Girls Primary School Pawa1219Pawa
17Primary School Jamunjheri Pawa1292Pawa
18Primary School Rekna Kadesrakalan1052Kadesra Kalan
19Girls Primary School Kadesrakalan754Kadesra Kalan
20Primary School Bajar Kadesrakaln784Kadesra Kalan
21J.H. School Kadesrakaln1332Kadesra Kalan
22New Primary School Thana1181Thana
23Primary School Matateela976Thana
24Primary School Bigari706Bigari
25Primary School Banguwakalan957Banguwan Kalan (CT)
26Girls Primary School Banguwakalan1433Banguwan Kalan (CT)
27Primary School Gadaryana Khandi1114Khandi
28Primary School Bandeshra Khandi1130Khandi
29Higher Primary School North Part Khandi1214Khandi
30Higher Primary School South Part Khandi996Khandi
31Primary School Ganeshpura East Part Khandi948Khandi
32Primary School Ganeshpura Naya Bhawan Khandi653Khandi
33Primary School Ganeshpura West Part Khandi505Khandi
34Primary School Karila890Khandi
35J.H. School Karila Khandi848Khandi
36Mardan Singh Inter College Room No.3 Khandi Talbehat1115Khandi
37Mardan Singh Inter College Room No 16 Khandi879Khandi
38Mardan Singh Inter College Room No 4 Khandi844Khandi
39Mardan Singh Inter College Room No 15 Khandi Talbehat1485Talbehat (NP)
40Primary School Naya Bajar North Part Talbehat1205Talbehat (NP)
41Primary School Naya Bajar South Part Talbehat691Talbehat (NP)
42Girls Primary School Talbehat894Talbehat (NP)
43D.C. Road Primary School East Part Talbehat1425Talbehat (NP)
44D.C.Road Primary School West Part Talbehat1387Talbehat (NP)
45Govi. Girls Inter College New Bhawan Room No 1 Talbehat962Talbehat (NP)
46Govi. Girls Intel College New Bhawan Room No 2 Talbehat1277Talbehat (NP)
47New Primary School Piprai859Piprai
48Primary School Sunori1122Sunauri
49Primary School Khaira Sunori645Sunauri
50J.H.S Chool Purakalan1473Pura Kalan
51Primary School East Part Purakalan790Pura Kalan
52Primary School West Part Purakalan776Pura Kalan
53Girls Primary School East Part Porakalan978Pura Kalan
54Girls Primary School West Part Purakalan783Pura Kalan
55Primary School Dhamna629Dhamkana
56Primary School Saraind624Sarsen
57Primary School Vijaypura1056Vijai Pura
58J.H..School Vijaypura1037Vijai Pura
59Primary School Hasarkalankhurd1259Hansarkalan Khurd
60Primary School Hingora645Hingora
61Primary School Churavni868Churawani
62Primary School Chandrapur554Chandrapur
63Primary School Bamhorisar1496Bamhorisar
64Primary School Maau938Mau
65Primary School Bhadona631Badraun
66Primary School Rajawan873Rajawan
67Primary School Bedora398Baidora
68Primary School Muktora465Smhasa
69Primary School Targuwan1143Targuwan
70J.H. School Udguwan462Udguwan
71Primary School Budawni1073Budaoni
72Primary School Sunora498Sunaura
73New Primary School Karenga565Aivani
74Primary School Radhapur495Radhapur
75Primary School Ewani860Aivani
76J.H. School Bhuchera780Bhuchera
77Primary School Bhuchera806Bhuchera
78Primary School Chobaro1030Balarguwan
79Primary School Baghora696Baghaura
80Primary School Hajariya510Hajariya
81Primary School Kakrela697Kakrela
82New Primary School Chandro682Chandro
83New Primary School Kadesrakhurd405Kadesra Khurd
84Primary School Hasguwan468Hasguwan
85New Primary School Kadesrabansi678Kadesra Bansi
86Primary School North Part Rampur823Rampur
87Primary School South Part Rampur837Rampur
88Primary School Terai1261Terai
90Primary School Tindra322Terai
91J.H. School North Part Serwaskalan928Serwans Kalan
92J.H. School South Part Serwanskalan956Serwans Kalan
93Primary School Kakdari1168Kakrari
94Primary School Rara636Rara
95Girls Primary School North Part Myanw823Miyao
96Girls Primary School South Part Myanw831Miyao
97J.H. School Rajpur641Rajpur
98Primary School Vadiwarkalan559Badiwar Kala
99Primary School Vigha831Bigha
100Primary School Khadri Bijrotha1282Bijrotha
101Primary School Bolai669Bijrotha
102Girls Primary School Bijrotha1409Bijrotha
103J.H. School East Part Bijrotha798Bijrotha
104J.H. School West Part Bijrotha706Bijrotha
105Primary School Dolta612Daulta
106Primary School Dhamkana756Dhamkana
107Primary School Barikhurd884Bari Khurd
108Primary School Barikalan415Bari Kalan
109Primary School Barodadang1493Barauda Dang
110J.H. School Barodadang1366Barauda Dang
111Primary School Khairadang815Khaira Dang
112Primary School Khairidang364Khaira Dang
113J.H. School Paron766Paraun
114Girls Primary School Paron741Paraun
115Primary School Bhailonisuba800Bhailonisuba
116Primary School Devgrh Bhilonisuba728Bhailonisuba
117New Primary School Rajpura1038Baswaha
118Primary School Rampurakathwar1107Rmpur
119Primary School Mavlain382Mavlain
120Primary School Chungi728Chungi
121J.H.S School Dhangol1182Dhangoul
122Primary School Bamanguwan563Bamanguwan
123Primary School Ladwari697Ladwari
124Primary School Neemkheda Ladwari874Nimkhera
125New Primary School Bamhorikhadet864Bamhori Kharait
126J.H. School Semradang1157Saimra Dang
127Primary School Mathradang708Mathura Dang
128Primary School Kasar Mathradang795Mathura Dang
129J.H. School North Part Jamalpur1006Jamalpur
130J.H.School South Part Jamalpur989Jamalpur
131Primary School Teta961Teta
132J.H. School Asaupura1219Asao Pura
133New Primary School Harshpur1109Harshpur
134J.H. School North Part Harshpur1059Harshpur
136Primary School Lalon879Lalaun
137Primary School Kotra876Kotara
138Primary School Budhedi520Budheri
139J.H. School Dhurwara816Dhurwara
140Primary School Bandron598Badrauna
141New Primary School Gulenda1077Bhawar Kali
142Primary School North Part Jakhora1454Jakhora
143Primary School South Part Jakhora1299Jakhora
144New J.H. School Jakhora1404Jakhora
145Girls Primary School Jakhora1490Jakhora
146Primary School Nagwas941Nagwans
147New Primary School Budera390Budera
148J.H. School North Part Pipra893Pipra
149J.H. School South Part Pipra939Pipra
150New Primary School Chhipai1185Chhipai
151Primary School Karipahadi650Karipahari
152Primary School Khiriya Khurd352Khiriya Khurd
153Primary School Sorai700Saurai
154Primary School West Part Bansi858Bansi
155Primary School Govindpura Bansi683Gobindpur
157Inter College Tulsi Bhavan Bansi850Bansi
158Inter College Samne Ka Room Bansi762Bansi
159Inter College Room No 4 Bansi1126Bansi
160J.H. School East Part Vasatguwan1162Basatguwan
161J.H. School West Part Vasatguwan948Basatguwan
162J.H. Scool Pulwara1134Pulwara
164Pamary School Shouth Part Bar1299Bar
165Paramy School Shouth Part Bar1048Bar
166J.H.School Balak North Part Bar756Bar
167Primary School East Part Bar743Bar
168Primary School Motikhera Bar476Motikhera
169J.H. School Block South Part Bar1091Kachhawana
170Primary School Gaindora1163Gendaura
171J.H. School Turka679Turka
172Primary School Kathwar358Kathwar
173Primary School Khaira1024Khaira
174Primary School Bhawni988Budaoni
175Primary School Bachhrawni1161Bachhrawni
176Primary School Dashrara1014Dashrara
177Primary School Bhailonilodh1342Bhelonilodh
178Primary School Bamhorisahana668Bamhorisar
179Primary School Todi906Todi
180J.H. School Todi985Todi
181J.H. School East Part Karmai888Karmai
182J.H.S School West Part Karmai796Karmai
183Primary School Purapachoni455Dulawan
184Primary School Dulawan890Dulawan
185J.H. School Dulawan909Dulawan
186Primary School Gadyana1134Gadyana
187J.H. School Gadyana1398Gadyana
188J.H. School Khajra1094Khajara
189New Primary School Karitoran552Karitoran
190Primary School Imiliya555Imiliya
191Girls Primary School Devran1415Deoran
192J.H. School Devran1448Deoran
193J.H.School Hanupura1110Hanupura
194Higher School Vastravan1385Basatrawan
195Primary School Gadiya1411Gadiya
196J.H. School Kalyanpura1294Kalyan Pura
197J.H. School Muharo1303Muhara
198Primary School Muharo850Muhara
199Primary School Raipur1470Raipur
200Primary School Jamoramafi697Jamoramafi
201Primary School Bajno851Bajano
202Primary School Sirsi1115Sirsee
203Primary School Brajnagar Sirsi519Barjnagar
204Primary School Vinekamafi759Vinekamafi
205Primary School Ghisoli1358Ghisauli
206Primary School Chitra462Ghisauli
207Primary School Aagar445Agar
208J.H.S Mainwara North Part898Mainwara
209J.H.S Mainwara South Part919Mainwara
210New J.H.S Nanora East Part797Nanaura
211New J.H.S Nanora West Part796Nanaura
212Primary School Tilhari556Tilhari
213Higher Secondry School Barodaswami North Side951Baroda Swami
214Higher Secondry School Barodaswami South Part1049Baroda Swami
215Primary School Bhadra630Bhadra
216Primary School Vinekatoran331Benakatoran
217New Primary School Nauharkalan963Nauhar Kalan
218Primary School Nauharkhurd500Nauhar Khurd
219Primary School Gora877Gora
220Primary School Sankarwarkala457Sankarwar Kalan
221Primary School Ekalguvan448Ikal Guwan
222Primary School Karari407Karari
223Primary School Panchora667Panchora
224Primary School Basvan1338Karari
225Primary School Kisalwas905Kisalwas
226J.H.S Kisalwas703Kisalwas
227Primary School Gursora1212Gursora
228J.H.S Karmuharo990Karmuharo
229Primary School Lagaun779Lagaon
230J.H.S Lagaun813Lagaon
231Primary School Seeronkalan1034Siron Kalan
232Primary School Seeronkhurd923Siron Khurd
233Primary School Rasoi369Rasoi
234Primary School Banoli567Banoli
235Primary School Satgata919Satgata
236Primary School Manguvan673Manguwan
237Primary School Panchampur918Pancham Pur
238Primary School Adwaha806Adwaha
239J.H.S Adwaha712Adwaha
240Primary School Aalapur1375Ala Pur
241J.H.S Lakhanpura1398Lakhan Pur
242Primary School Bhorsil442Bhonrsil
243Primary School Nadanwara1425Nadan Wara
244Primary School Bandpura503Band Pura
245New Primary School Andher734Andher
246J.H.S Gainchwara427Genchwara
247Primary School Mahronikhurd759Mahroni Khurd
248New Primary School Vighamahavat653Bigha Mahawat
249Primary School Bakhtar895Bakhtar
250Primary School Boocha1155Bucha
251Primary School Andhiyari822Andhiyri
252J.H.S Thanwara East Part1165Thanwara
253J.H.S Thanwara West Part997Thanwara
254Primary School Minora677Minora
255J.H.S Devri955Deori
256Primary School Chamrauva669Chamarauwa
257Primary School Mailar1276Mailar
258Primary School Bharatpura1400Bharatpura
259Primary School Ranipura932Rani Pura
260Primary School Ranipura Rajghat North Part660Rani Pura
261Primary School Ranipura Rajghat South Part892Rani Pura
262Primary School Kalapahad1403Kala Pahar
263J.H.S Madwari East Part833Madwari
264J.H.S Madwari West Part791Madwari
265Primary School Naigankalan548Naigaon Kalan
266Primary School Toriya364Toriya
267Primary School Dailwara1054Dailwara
268J.H.S Dailwara East Part877Dailwara
269J.H.S Dailwara West Part1177Dailwara
270Primary School Jairwara992Jaikhara
271Primary School Kargan962Kargan
272Primary School Vighakhet632Bigha Khet
273Primary School Maharra406Maharra
274Primary School Amarpur433Amarpur
275Primary School Ronda1126Ronda
276J.H.S Ronda1216Ronda
277Primary School Sivnikhurd621Siwani Khurd
278Primary School Khura696Khura
279Primary School Silgan North Part1203Silgan
280Primary School Silgan South Part1024Silgan
281J.H.S Gangaura1324Gangora
282J.H.S Budwar793Burhwar
283Primary School Budwar723Burhwar
284Primary School Haripura Budwar799Burhwar
285Primary School Dhanga Budwar816Burhwar
286Primary School Kuaatala833Kuantala
287J.H.S Kuaatala889Kuantala
288Primary School Bairwara509Bairwara
289Primary School Ramnagar Lalitpur1283Lalitpur (NPP)
290Primary School Near By Kashiram Awas Vikas Colony528Lalitpur (NPP)
291Shriram Convent School North Part Ramnagar1039Lalitpur (NPP)
292Shriram Convent School North Part Ramnagar South Part616Lalitpur (NPP)
293Primary School Narayanpura1675Lalitpur (NPP)
294Saraswati Sishu Mandir East Part Chobyana934Lalitpur (NPP)
295Primary School Badapura1362Lalitpur (NPP)
296Ravindranath Taigore Primary School Badapura856Lalitpur (NPP)
297G0Vi. City Medical Center Raidaspura745Lalitpur (NPP)
298Saraswati Sishu Mandir West Part Chobyana1480Lalitpur (NPP)
299Government Girls Primary School Mahaveerpura797Lalitpur (NPP)
304Government Adarsh School North Part1403Lalitpur (NPP)
305Primary School Manyavar Kashiram Awas Vikas Colony Near Government Iti817Lalitpur (NPP)
306Government Adarsh School South Part1423Lalitpur (NPP)
307G.D.Memorial Public Convent School Room No. 21057Lalitpur (NPP)
308G.D.Memorial Public Convent School Room No. 3797Lalitpur (NPP)
309G.D.Memorial Public Convent School Room No. 4835Lalitpur (NPP)
310Swadad Varni Jain Convent School East Part1162Lalitpur (NPP)
311Swadad Varni Jain Convent School West Part783Lalitpur (NPP)
312Ggic Lalitpur1411Lalitpur (NPP)
313Primary School Civil Line921Lalitpur (NPP)
314Gic East Part1477Lalitpur (NPP)
315Gic West Part1200Lalitpur (NPP)
316Purusottam Narayan Inter College North Part717Lalitpur (NPP)
317Purusottam Narayan Inter College South Part1287Lalitpur (NPP)
318Purusottam Narayan Inter College East Part1022Lalitpur (NPP)
319Purusottam Narayan Inter College Azad Park East Part758Lalitpur (NPP)
320Purusottam Narayan Inter College Azad Park West Part755Lalitpur (NPP)
321Atal Vidya Mandir Azadpura1237Lalitpur (NPP)
322Primary School Azadpura East Part1238Lalitpur (NPP)
323Primary School Azadpura West Part930Lalitpur (NPP)
324Lady Bekin Junior High School Govindsagar Dem North Part1115Lalitpur (NPP)
325Lady Bekin Junior High School Govindsagar Dem South Part1001Lalitpur (NPP)
326Purusottam Narayan Inter College Azad Park North Part1109Lalitpur (NPP)
327Shree Varni Jain Inter College Room No. 101096Lalitpur (NPP)
328Shree Varni Jain Inter College Room No. 111247Lalitpur (NPP)
329Shree Varni Jain Inter College Room No. 12851Lalitpur (NPP)
330Shree Varni Jain Inter College Room No. 36658Lalitpur (NPP)
331Lady Bekin Junior High School Govindsagar Dam East Part899Lalitpur (NPP)
332Lady Bekin Junior High School Govindsagar Dam West Part859Lalitpur (NPP)
333Ma0 Sharda Hayar Secendri School Room No 101493Lalitpur (NPP)
334Ma0 Sharda Hayar Secendri School Room No 51307Lalitpur (NPP)
335Girls Inter College Rawar East Part910Lalitpur (NPP)
336Girls Inter College Rawar West Part1079Lalitpur (NPP)
337Girls Inter College Rawar North Part833Lalitpur (NPP)
338Girls Primary School Rawar997Lalitpur (NPP)
339Primary School Chobyana No. 2 North Part1057Lalitpur (NPP)
340Primary School Chobyana No. 2 South Part1217Lalitpur (NPP)
341Primary School Chobyana No. 1 North Part1056Lalitpur (NPP)
342Primary School Chobyana No. 1 South Part1356Lalitpur (NPP)
343Primary School Laxmipura East Part1232Lalitpur (NPP)
344Primary School Laxmipura West Part1261Lalitpur (NPP)
345Balika Kanya Paathshala Saraypura North Part1141Lalitpur (NPP)
346Balika Kanya Paathshala Saraypura South Part1052Lalitpur (NPP)
347Balika Kanya Paathshala Saraypura East Part1028Lalitpur (NPP)
348Primary School Talabpura East Part1007Lalitpur (NPP)
349Primary School Talabpura West Part1290Lalitpur (NPP)
350Primary School Talabpura North Part1495Lalitpur (NPP)
351Primary School Talabpura South Part824Lalitpur (NPP)
352Rotary Public Junior High School Talabpura East Part834Lalitpur (NPP)
353Rotary Public Junior High School Talabpura West Part818Lalitpur (NPP)
354Sudhasagar Balika Inter College Talabpura Room No. 101113Lalitpur (NPP)
355Sudhasagar Balika Inter College Talabpura Room No. 9878Lalitpur (NPP)
356Saraswati Gyan Mandir Junior High School Talabpura East Part1082Lalitpur (NPP)
357Saraswati Gyan Mandir Junior High School Talabpura West Part1026Lalitpur (NPP)
358Saraswati Gyan Mandir Junior High School Talabpura North Part891Lalitpur (NPP)
359Saraswati Gyan Mandir Junior High School Talabpura South Part670Lalitpur (NPP)
360Primary School Govind Nagar North Part1349Lalitpur (NPP)
361Primary School Govind Nagar South Part524Lalitpur (NPP)
362Prashanti Vidya Mandir Ravatyana1431Lalitpur (NPP)
363Nanhe Khan Junior High School Ravatyana North Part1382Lalitpur (NPP)
364Nanhe Khan Junior High School Ravatyana South Part1407Lalitpur (NPP)
365K.V Vidya Mandir Junior High School Rawatyana East Part1104Lalitpur (NPP)
366K.V Vidya Mandir Junior High School Rawatyana West Part1407Lalitpur (NPP)
367Kanya Primary School Chandimata Gandhinagar1472Lalitpur (NPP)
368National Convent Junior High School Gandhinagar North Part1212Lalitpur (NPP)
369National Convent Junior High School Gandhinagar South Part844Lalitpur (NPP)
370Little Flower Convent School Gandhinagar East Part1014Lalitpur (NPP)
371Little Flower Convent School Gandhinagar West Part632Lalitpur (NPP)
372Prashanti Vidya Mandir Gandhinagar1270Lalitpur (NPP)
373Saraswati Shishu Mandir Gandhinagar East Part1295Lalitpur (NPP)
374Saraswati Shishu Mandir Gandhinagar West Part837Lalitpur (NPP)
375Saraswati Shishu Mandir Gandhinagar North Part661Lalitpur (NPP)
376Maharshi Bal Vidya Mandir Devgarh Road Nehrunagar North Part1366Lalitpur (NPP)
378Jai Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir Primary School Nehrunagar East Part1248Lalitpur (NPP)
379Jai Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir Primary School Nehrunagar West Part915Lalitpur (NPP)
380Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir Nehrunagar North Part861Lalitpur (NPP)
381Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir Nehrunagar South Part842Lalitpur (NPP)
382Primary School Nehrunagar North Part1140Lalitpur (NPP)
383Primary School Nehrunagar South Part1028Lalitpur (NPP)
384Primary School Nehrunagar East Part1264Lalitpur (NPP)
385Primary School Nehrunagar West Part952Lalitpur (NPP)
386Primary School Patorakalan970Patora Kalan
387Primary School Jugpura782Jug Pura
388J.H. School Jugpura805Jug Pura
389Primary School Patorakhurd724Patora Khurd
390Primary School Gangari608Gangari
391Primary School Kakruwa746Kakruwa
392J.H. School Maheshpura459Mahesh Pura
393Primary School Dawni1011Deori
394New J.H.S School Dawni1406Deori
395Primary School Nakwana496Nunawali
396J.H.S Pipariyavansha1129Pipariya Bansha
397J.H.S Bamhaurikalan East Part1113Bamhori Kalan
398J.H.S Bamhaurikalan West Part926Bamhori Kalan
399Primary School Paronda640Paroda
400Primary School Nayagaon1182Naya Gaon
401Primary School Bardehi740Bardehi
402Primary School Nunawali731Nunawali
403Primary School Barkhera846Barkhera
404Primary School Mairtikalan1122Mairti Kalan
405J.H. School Jiron1040Jiron
406Primary School Bhailwara329Bhailwara
407Primary School Barod878Baraud
408Panchyat Bhavan Barod625Baraud
409New Primary School Aira1126Earo
410Primary School Padoriya608Padoriya
411Primary School Alapur566Alapur
412Primary School Kumrola359Kumrola
413Primary School Uttamdhana1024Uttam Dhana
414Primary School Eravani923Erawni
415Primary School Bachhalapur878Bachhala Pur
416Primary School Niwauwa530Niwauwa
417Primary School Baroda Bijlon1023Baroda Bijlon
418Primary School Jamundhanakalan1358Jamundhana Kalan
419Bundel Khand Inter College North Part Jakhlon1214Jakhalon
420Bundel Khand Inter College South Part Jakhlon865Jakhalon
421Bundel Khand Inter College Eastpart Jakhlon1397Jakhalon
422Bundel Khand Inter College West Part Jakhlon864Jakhalon
423Bundel Khand Inter College South Part 1 Jakhlon667Jakhalon
424Seth Shivprasad J.H. School East Part Jakhlon892Jakhalon
425Seth Shivprasad J.H.S School West Part Jakhlon931Jakhalon
426Primary School Bandarguda734Bandar Gurha
427Primary School Devgrh798Deogarh
428Primary School Saipuramujapta465Sepura Munjafta
429New Primary School Jamuniya711Jamuniya
430Primary School Sagoriya925Chandpur
431Primary School Maikhuwa457Maikhuwan
432Primary School Gadoli682Bandar Gurha

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