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Polling Booth in Laharpur Assembly Constituency

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Laharpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Laharpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Laharpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.Raipurganj R.No. 1787Raipurganj
2P.S.Raipurganj R.No. 2788Raipurganj
5P.S.Lachcchannagar R. No 1996Lachchhan Nagar
6P.S.Lachcchannagar R. No 21000Lachchhan Nagar
7P.S.Badayu Tola R. No. 11431Laharpur (NPP)
8P.S.Badayu Tola R. No. 21093Laharpur (NPP)
9K.J.H.S Tandasalar398Kuli Mohammadpur
10P.S.Badayu Tola R. No. 31108Laharpur (NPP)
11P.S.Badayu Tola R. No. 41122Laharpur (NPP)
12P.S.Tadasalar R.No. 11152Tada Salar
13P.S.Tadasalar R.No. 2988Laharpur (NPP)
14P.S.Tadasalar R.No. 31147Laharpur (NPP)
15Misbahul Uloom R.N.1 Nakkarcitola981Laharpur (NPP)
16Misbahul Uloom R.N.2 Nakkarcitola1086Laharpur (NPP)
17Misbahul Uloom R.N.3 Nakkarcitola672Laharpur (NPP)
18P.S.Mahjidiya H/O Tadasalar575Laharpur (NPP)
19Misbahul Uloom R.N.4 Nakkarcitola615Laharpur (NPP)
20Islamiya School R.N. 1 Gandhinagar1337Laharpur (NPP)
21Islamiya School R.N. 2 Gandhinagar1163Laharpur (NPP)
22Islamiya School R.N. 3 Gandhinagar1278Laharpur (NPP)
23Islamiya School R.N. 4 Gandhinagar967Laharpur (NPP)
24Islamiya School R.N. 5 Gandhinagar663Laharpur (NPP)
25Islamiya School R.N. 6 Gandhinagar1040Laharpur (NPP)
26Nagar Palika Office Gandhinagar R. No 1502Laharpur (NPP)
27Nagar Palika Office Gandhinagar R. No 2858Laharpur (NPP)
28Nagar Palika Office Gandhinagar R. No 3869Laharpur (NPP)
29Nagar Palika Office Gandhinagar R. No 4975Laharpur (NPP)
30Nagar Palika Meeting Hall Gandhinagar993Laharpur (NPP)
31Nagar Palika Office Room No 5 Gandhinagar1194Laharpur (NPP)
32K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 1938Laharpur (NPP)
33K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 2872Laharpur (NPP)
34K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 31388Laharpur (NPP)
35K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 41077Laharpur (NPP)
36K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 5821Laharpur (NPP)
37K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 61473Laharpur (NPP)
38K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 71009Laharpur (NPP)
39K.K.I.C. Gannitola, Laharpur R.N. 8812Laharpur (NPP)
40J.H.S. Lachannagar Laharpur R. No 11510Laharpur (NPP)
41J.H.S. Lachannagar Laharpur R. No 21496Laharpur (NPP)
42J.H.S. Lachannagar Laharpur R. No 31017Laharpur (NPP)
43P.S.Khanpur Sadat1385Khanpur Sadat
44Ps Goriya H/O Prahladpur1461Pahladpur
45J.H.S. Goriya H/O Prahladpur R. No 1916Pahladpur
46J.H.S. Goriya H/O Prahladpur R. No 21236Pahladpur
47Islamia School R.N.1 Shahkulipur882Laharpur (NPP)
48Islamia School R.N.2 Shahkulipur666Laharpur (NPP)
49Islamia School R.N. 3 Shahkulipur1435Laharpur (NPP)
50H.M.H.I.C. Katra R. No 11277Laharpur (NPP)
51H.M.H.I.C. Katra R. No 21270Laharpur (NPP)
52P.S.Rudha Bhawnathpur1085Rudha Bhavanathpur
53P.S. Ahiranpurwa H/O Rudha Bhawnathpur575Rudha Bhavanathpur
54P.S. Daranagar1061Daranagar
55P.S. Basantipur1248Basantpur
56P.S. Andeshnagar856Andesh Nagar
57P.S. Patwara1441Patwara
58P.S. Digurapur1138Digurpur
59P.S. Benisarai R. No 11052Benisarai
60P.S. Benisarai R. No 2812Benisarai
61P.S. Maholiya Khurd410Mohlia Khurd
62P.S. Nimouchi684Nibauchi
63P.S.Pooranpur Pande Sarai883Puranpur Pandey Sarai
65P.S. Geruha417Geruha
66P.S. Nayagaon Nevada R. No 1948Nawaganw Newada
67P.S. Nayagaon Nevada R. No 2860Nawaganw Newada
68P.S. Nyamupur Kala R. No 11009Nyamupur Kalan
69P.S. Nyamupur Kala R. No 2331Nyamupur Kalan
70P.S. Kalabahadurpur H/O Nyamupurkalan1049Nyamupur Kalan
71P.S. Talvipur622Talvipur
72J.H.S. Akbarpur R. No 11321Akabapur
73J.H.S. Akbarpur R. No 21085Akabapur
75P.S. Parsiya797Parsia
76P.S. Takela H/O Dostpur810Dostpur
77P.S. Ibrahimpur H/O Dostpur362Ebrahimpur
78J.H.S.Taranpur R. No 1767Taranpur
79J.H.S.Taranpur R. No 2922Taranpur
80P.S. Mallapur Nagai1436Mallapur Nagai
81P.S. Ganeshpur1436Ganeshpur
82P.S. Makanpur R No 1861Makanpur
83P.S. Makanpur R No 2524Makanpur
84P.S. Faridpur448Faridpur
85P.S. Mudikhera R. No 1979Muri Khera
87P.S. Pipari H/O Kanjasharifpur1262Kanja Sarifpur
88J,B.V. Gulripurwa H/O Khanpur Mohiddinpur R No 1918Khanpur Mohddinpur
90P.S. Sultanpur Hariprasad1123Sultanpur Hari Prasad
91P.S. Rawansi R. No 1778Ravansi
92P.S. Rawansi R. No 2794Ravansi
93G.P.S. Mewa Ramnagar841Ram Nagar
94P.S. Mewa Ramnagar469Ram Nagar
95P.S. Odaraha H/O Ramnagar943Ram Nagar
96P.S. Sarawan1301Ram Nagar
97J.H.S. Koraiya H/O Sarawan1260Sarawan
98P.S.Madarpur H/O Udanapur Kala917Udnapur Kalan
99P.S. Udanapur Kala1069Udnapur Kalan
100P.S. Aniyakala1165Ania Kalan
101P.S. Saraiya Uchakhera R. No 1940Saraia Uncha Khera
102P.S. Saraiya Uchakhera R. No 2569Saraia Uncha Khera
103P.S. Kamahra895Kaimhara
104P.S. Raurapur1059Raurapur
105P.S. Bhusaila565Raurapur
106P.S. Dheerpur338Dheerpur
107P.S. Khanpur H/O Sherpur843Sherpur Saravan
108P.S. Sherpur712Sherpur Saravan
109B.R.Ambedkar Shiksha Niketan Angetha H/O Sherpur650Sherpur Saravan
110J.H.S.Dhodhi R. No 1942Dhodhi
111J.H.S.Dhodhi R. No 2361Dhodhi
112P.S. Udaymallpur745Udaimalpur
113P.S. Madnapur1267Madanapur
114P.S. Rahi1159Rahi
115K.P.I.C. Parasarayn620Para Sarai
116P.S. Gauriya Jhal739Gauriyajhal
117P.S. Saraiya Kaysthan H/O Gauriya Jhal561Gauria
118J.H.S.Talgaon R. No 1933Talgaon
119P.S. Pachdevra H/O Talgaon360Talgaon
120J.H.S.Talgaon R. No 21324Talgaon
121J.H.S.Talgaon R. No 31373Talgaon
122P.S. Jareli R. No 1556Javeli
123P.S. Makhpur H/O Jareli827Javeli
124P.S. Jareli R. No 21308Javeli
125P.S. Kamahara H/O Jareli817Javeli
126P.S. Dughra625Dughara
127P.S. Rasoolpur R. No 1824Rasoolpur
128P.S. Rasoolpur R. No 21021Rasoolpur
129P.S. Pattisevai R. No 1550Patti Sawai
130Panchayat Ghar Shah Alampur H/O Pattisevai380Patti Sawai
131P.S. Pattisevai R. No 2801Patti Sawai
132J.H.S. Kakramau474Kakaramau Saraia
133P.S. Saraiya H/O Kakramau682Kakaramau Saraia
134P.S. Kalabahadurpur994Kala Bahadurpur
135G.J.H.S Mehdipurwa885Amaura Banai Rama
136P.S. Amaura Banairama837Amaura Banai Rama
137P.S. Aggarpur707Agarpur
138P.S. Kandheliya524Kandhaulia
139P.S. Daniyalpur Fattemalpur R. No 1962Din Dayal Pur Fateh Malla Pur
140P.S. Daniyalpur Fattemalpur R. No 2674Din Dayal Pur Fateh Malla Pur
141P.S. Badatal H/O Bhelava1080Bhelavan
142P.S. Sharifpurtalha797Sharifpur Talha
143J.H.S. Mubarakpur H/O Gokulpur1435Gokulpur
144P.S. Gokulpur1024Gokulpur
145P.S. Mirkillipur R. No 1899Mirkillipur
146P.S. Mirkillipur R. No 2694Mirkillipur
147P.S. Takeli1274Takeli
148J.H.S. Karsevara R. No 1982Karseora
149J.H.S. Karsevara R. No 21167Karseora
150P.S. Vakarnagar588Bakar Nagar
151P.S. Sharifpur Kasmanda450Sharifpur Kasmanda
152P.S. Jeetamau Kala R. No 1830Jeewamau Kalan
153P.S. Jeetamau Kala R. No 2426Jeewamau Kalan
154P.S.Khurd H/O Jeetamaukala584Jeewamau Khurd
155Panchayat Ghar Sherpur501Sherpur
156P.S. Mohammdipur H/0 Sherpur1024Sherpur
157P.S. Shahabad H/O Sherpur1039Sherpur
158Janta I.C.Kalyanpur691Kalyanpur
159J.H.S.Bahadurpur H/O Kalyanpur495Kalyanpur
160P.S.Erapur H/O Khairullapur925Khairullapur
161P.S. Khairullapur1118Khairullapur
162Panchayat Ghar Gurepara H/O Manpur1188Manpur
163P.S. Manpur R. No 1910Manpur
164P.S. Manpur R. No 2671Manpur
165P.S. Angrasi R. No 1757Angarasi
166P.S. Angrasi R. No 2721Angarasi
167P.S. Sekhwapur H/O Angrasi1420Angarasi
168P.S. Shadipur654Shadipur Fattepur
169P.S. Fattepur H/O Shadipur945Shadipur Fattepur
170P.S. Udaybhanpur H/O Samaisa765Samaisa
171P.S. Samaisa670Samaisa
172P.S. Mohaddeenpur R. No 1571Mohiuddinpur
173P.S. Mohaddeenpur R. No 21208Mohiuddinpur
174J.H.S. Itari1401Etari
175P.S. Imaliya R. No 1810Emlia
176P.S. Imaliya R. No 2773Emlia
177P.S. Mohraiyakalan1060Mohraia Kala
178P.S. Amauramoti Singh794Amora Moti Singh
179J.H.S. Mohraiyakhurd632Amora Moti Singh
180H.S.S.Parsendi R. No 11314Parsendi
181H.S.S.Parsendi R. No 2589Parsendi
182P.S. Kaimahrawajeerpur705Kamhra Vajir Pur
183P.S.Parsendipurwa R. No 1856Parsendi
184P.S.Parsendipurwa R. No 2721Parsendi
186P.S. Janipur H/O Chandpur507Chandanpur
187P.S.Hilalpur H/O Chandpur444Chandanpur
188P.S. Umariya Khanpur708Umaria Khanpur
189P.S.Jamunapur H/O Godriya R. No 1953Gauriya Dih
190P.S.Jamunapur H/O Godriya R. No 2934Gauriya
191P.S. Godriya453Godria
192P.S. Dhimaura908Dhimora
194P.S. Lakhaniyapur547Lakhniapur
195P.S. Khajura1092Khajura
196P.S. Dugana R. No 11209Dugana
197P.S. Dugana R. No 2926Dugana
198P.S. Umarakalan1098Umra Kala
199J.H.S. R.N.1 Kalli1189Kalli
200P.S. Chilhiya1251Chiliha
201J.H.S. R.N.2 Kalli382Gegalapur
202P.S. Madanapur467Madanapur
206P.S. Raighata H/O Palauli780Raighata M. Palauli
207P.S. Kadbada862Kadbada
208G.P.S. Itauwa R. No 1934Etova
209G.P.S. Itauwa R. No 2964Lakhanapur
210J.H.S.Sakaran R. No 11023Sakaran
211J.H.S.Sakaran R. No 2970Sakaran
212J.H.S.Sakaran R. No 31057Sakaran
213P.S. Kajipur1067Kajipur
214P.S.Umarakhurd623Umra Khurd
215P.S. Bariyari685Bariari
216P.S. Pyarapur674Pyarapur
217P.S. Tarpara1151Tarpara
218P.S. Lakhuvabehad1372Lakhua Behad
219P.S. Saidapur R.No 1711Saidapur
220P.S. Saidapur R.No 21295Saidapur
221P.S. Jalimpur Mador R. No 1426Jalimpur Mandor
222P.S. Jalimpur Mador R. No 21190Jalimpur Mandor
223P.S. Karmudeeh739Karmoodih
224P.S. Matuvasauraiya1116Matua Saraia
226P.S. Setuhi284Setuhee
228P.S. Kutisupauli1108Supauli
229P.S. Sultanapur1075Sultanpur
230P.S. Rihar R. No 11095Rihar
231P.S. Rihar R. No 21275Rihar
232P.S. Dalesinghpurwa H/O Rihar567Rihar
233P.S. Sundarpurwa H/O Rihar644Rihar
234P.S. Kalhanapur H/O Bhawanipur R. No 1982Bhawanipur
235P.S. Kalhanapur H/O Bhawanipur R. No 2928Bhawanipur
236P.S. Rajanapur H/O Rohiyashivpur R. No 11090Rohiya Shivpur
237P.S. Rajanapur H/O Rohiyashivpur R. No 21042Rohiya Shivpur
238P.S. R.N. 1 Basantapur1031Rohiya Shivpur
239P.S. R.N. 2 Basantapur713Nanuhi
240P.S. Meetmau1275Parewa
241P.S. Chandibhanpur1341Chandi Bhanpur
242P.S. R.N. 1 Dubai936Sapaha
243P.S. R.N. 2 Dubai700Duwai
244P.S. R.N. 1 Akbarpur1183Akabarpur
245P.S. R.N. 2 Akbarpur603Lakhaneepur
246P.S. Biswakhurd1412Bisawan Khurd
247P.S. Devdhideeh1099Dayodhidih
248P.S. Manpur Mallapur714Manpur Mallapur
249P.S. Seehpur857Sihapur
250P.S. R.N.1 Raimador1027Ray Mador
252P.S. Khanamador686Ray Mador
253P.S. Ichchha H/O Tambaur Dehat1225Tambaur Dehat
254S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 1805Tambaur Dehat
255S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 2777Ahamadabad
256S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 3972Tambaur
257S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 41154Tambaur
258S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 5746Tambaur
259S.P.H.S.Tambaur R. No 6544Tambaur
260P.S. Chhatagur1470Kakrha
261P.S. Ahamadabad R. No 1783Tambaur
262P.S. Ahamadabad R. No 2855Tambaur
263P.S. Ahamadabad R. No 3928Tambaur
264G.H.S.Ahamadabad R. No 1977Tambaur
265G.H.S.Ahamadabad R. No 2894Tambaur
266G.H.S.Ahamadabad R. No 31112Tambaur
267J.H.S.R.N.1 Ahamadabad714Tambaur
268J.H.S.R.N.2 Ahamadabad969Tambaur
269J.H.S.R.N.3 Ahamadabad1422Tambaur
270J.H.S.R.N.4 Ahamadabad1428Tambaur
271P.S. Aurangabad R. No 1973Aorangabad
272P.S. Aurangabad R. No 21013Aorangabad
273Vikas Khand Office Behata368Sikrohar Kala
274P.S. Sumali1227Sumali
275P.S. Behta Pakauri R. No 1774Behta Pakori
276P.S. Behta Pakauri R. No 2893Behta Pakori
277P.S. Rohachadikhera883Roha Chandi Khera
278P.S. Sohariya1082Sohria
279P.S. R.N.1 Sikroharkhurd H/O Mohammadpur Usiya963Mohammadpur Usiya
280P.S. R.N.2 Sikroharkhurd H/O Mohammadpur Usiya820Mohammadpur Usiya
281P.S. R.N.1 Sahijarkala981Sahijar Kala
282P.S. R.N.2 Sahijarkala896Sahijar Kala
283P.S. Narna714Narna
284P.S. Soorepara524Saure Para
285P.S. Datuni739Datooni
286P.S. Navinagar H/O Ismailganj1478Esamael Ganj
287P.S. Aurishahpur1085Aureeshahpur
288P.S. Hajaratpur1278Hajaratpur
289P.S. Kathura981Kamhria Kathura
290P.S. Gorkhapur H/O Sumer R. No 1492Sumer
291P.S. Gorkhapur H/O Sumer R. No 2947Sumer
292P.S. Makkapurwa H/O Sumer1483Sumer
293P.S. Sikari901Sikari
294P.S. Mudeela975Mudila
295P.S. R.N.1 Advari1157Advari
296P.S. R.N.2 Advari1011Advari
297P.S. Karehka Unchgaon882Karehka Unchgarh
299P.S. R.N.1Sumrawa886Sumrava
300P.S. R.N.2 Sumrawa860Sumrava
301P.S. Sohariya H/O Mohari1131Mohari
303P.S. Pakariyapurwa H/O Mohari615Mohari
304P.S. Barbara H/O Jalimpur660Jalimpur
305J.H.S.Mador R. No 11283Mador
306J.H.S.Mador R. No 21093Mador
307P.S. Kamhariya Katesar721Kamhria Kathura
308P.S. Mankauda H/O Mador602Mador
309P.S. R.N.1 Bohara765Bohra
310P.S. R.N.2 Bohara908Bohra
311P.S. Rudrapur R. No 1628Bohra
312P.S. Rudrapur R. No 21001Rudrapur
313P.S. Jalimnagar R. No 1885Jalim Nagar
314P.S. Jalimnagar R. No 2987Jalim Nagar
315P.S. Haripur H/O Kyotana Hardopatti600Kyotana Hardo Patti
316P.S. Kyotana Hardopatti846Kyotana Hardo Patti
317P.S.Sonava H/O Manpur Sikari1130Manpur Sikari
318P.S. Manpur H/O Manpur Sikari538Manpur Sikari
319J.H.S. Bedaura H/O Manpur Sikari833Manpur Sikari
320P.S. Patrasa838Patrasa
321P.S. Mahola621Mahola

Last Updated on December 19, 2014